Born Guilty is Available

“Stop the downward spiral of the white race into irreversible nothingness.”
– Althaea Promethiea, nurturer of the fertile future for white children.

Born Guilty, Jason Köhne’s latest book and magnum opus, launched Sunday, December 9, 2018. Despite the heart wrenching, haunting, sometimes unbearable sadness and disillusionment that colored Köhne’s world, Born Guilty vivifies the reader and inspires the hopeful reawakening of the beautiful white race.

Like its predecessor, Go Free: A Guide to Aligning With the Archetype of Westernkind, his latest achievement exposes damaging meme-pathogens inflicted on the white race by the antiwhite Regime. Born Guilty is guaranteed to cut deeply within one’s soul. In a book contained within Born Guilty, Köhne depicts his personal coming-of-age story as a true tale of his tormented youth—simply for the “crime” of existing as a white male. His short story is appropriately named Crucible.

If you haven’t realized that being born white equates to being born guilty, your perception of reality will be forever changed after imbibing the bitter-sweet nutrients of Born Guilty—dismantling every lie you once held as undeniable truth.

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