How to Serve White Wellbeing – Crowdsourced Suggestions:

This document represents an enormous VICTORY for our people. By way of my video, How To Serve White Wellbeing, and the participation from the No White Guilt community, we have compiled roughly 300 recommendations for those asking the question: How can I help the cause for white wellbeing?

Bravo to everyone who participated in this project! This was a real team effort and an example of how we have to come together for white wellbeing moving forward.

A most special thanks to Anne for volunteering for the arduous task of curating the suggestions made in the thread below the video. It is a powerful and splendid contribution to our people. We should all be imbued with such moral responsibility. I would also like to thank David for his superb editing contributions on this and many other documents. Please give a shoutout to these two people.




Gene Watch No White Guilt’s videos. Clip out segments that would be persuasive for different groups—white positive activists, nationalists, MAGA supporters, conservatives, 1st Amendment advocates, 2nd Amendment advocates, libertarians, etc.—and share those clips in their forums.


Way of the World Everyone get busy for our movement.


Wide Awake Art.


Semiogogue Be cold and pitiless.


Hanna3 Action to stop white privilege and “whiteness” studies at educational institutions. Send your children to colleges and universities that demonstrate our values and culture and teach our history and heritage.


Hanna3 Promote phrase white wellbeing and ensure it is understood this means protecting white people and our values, not hating others.


Hanna3 Fight the revisionist history movement.


Anthony Emrick Stand firm in your convictions, while being open minded and willing to change your opinions based on your own research. Teach your kids to do the same.


Hanna3 Don’t send your kids to university at all, instead teach them life skills that will make them independent, free-thinking adults.


BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett Engage in social media platforms.


BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett Use platforms to become more connected and more effective.


Indie Media Eastcoast Name the J.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Educate yourself on the subject of white genocide & the Great Replacement and try to redpill others.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Promote healthy lifestyles and lead by example. Continually strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be; both physically and intellectually. Strive to become an alpha and a leader.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Look good, talk eloquently and dress well. Avoid piercings and tattoos. Act as a decent human being. Focus on your love for your own people and not being hateful towards others.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Use your national flag or images of it wherever possible.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Discover what you are good at and use these skills to help the movement.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Use your religious knowledge and spirituality to help our people. Use Christianity as a tool against those who hate us; wear a cross even if you are not religious.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Get involved in some sort of local activism; join a group or create one.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Be aware of, and on guard against, the constant subliminal brainwashing.


Red-Pill Bulgaria Reject degeneracy, pornography, Hollywood trash, modern trash “art”. Invest your time and money in preserving our culture; keep the connection to your roots and to your proud ancestry.


Evil Chars Develop your spirituality by looking at our ancestors and their accomplishments. Recognise your own worth rather than that “given” by religions and ideologies.


Evil Chars Be in tune with nature; grow as a person and live with honor (being responsible). Determine for yourself where you want your life to go.


David Genestealowitz Stay away from rap and Bond.


Bob Cratchit Examine everything carefully and hold fast to that which is good.


Bob Cratchit Gain confidence rather than worry about what others think of your appearance.


Bob Cratchit Avoid placing your own personal caveats on this movement.


Jan Nem Financially support those who work for our movement.


Karl Dolphin Follow native European spirituality – Germanic paganism. Research Asatru Folk Assembly or Look for folkish kindred and not universalists.


Homomemus Achieve white wellbeing by developing relationships within your family; love and protect those closest to you.


Taylor Negrón If you are mixed race, accept who you are in a positive light and always strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be.


White Rogue Deport the multiculturalists along with the immigrants.


Ragniirox Gently open a dialogue with your family about issues concerning white wellbeing. Give them good well-sourced videos to watch and then ask them how they feel about it.


Ragniirox Stop donating to organizations or purchasing from companies that take any stance against white wellbeing.


Ragniirox Learn how to defend yourself.


Ragniirox Treat your white brothers and sisters with the respect and cordiality, demonstrating interactions with those of the same race are often more pleasant and productive.


Ragniirox Build communities for different purposes to bring our people together in a positive way. Network and advocate for people in these communities.


Ragniirox Never let anger or despair turn you away from society and the people within it that need you and the truths you can bring to them.


Johann Ludwig Stop being a spectator and start doing something productive.


David C Richard Spencer article about not being a spectator and doing something productive instead radixjournal d o t com /2018/02/stop-watching-football/


bonecanoe86  If you are a pro-white business owner, train and mentor white folk.


bonecanoe86  Get yourself together so you are in a good position to marry and have white children.


RUINATION Don’t throw out appliances that can be fixed: mend them yourself using YouTube tutorials.


Praetorain Crush your enemies.


Praetorain Develop ideas of where we need to be, and how to get there.


Cinema-4D Identify how we get white people to be concerned with their own well-being, rather than the wellbeing of other races.


Don Foster Deny yourself, take up your shield and serve white wellbeing.


David Drummond Become a patron.


David Drummond Give up those technologies and comforts which are detrimental to us and be prepared to work harder to get beyond the easy, simple solutions.


RADLEY VINCENT Barnett Everyone is as important as anyone else. There just has to be enough of us.


Robyn Pruitt Re-educate our youth and our people on our history and the greatness of our ancestors. Speak the truth of our history calmly without anger. Help people understand the truth about slavery.


Brother Judas Destroy myths about white colonialism, slavery and European technological backwardness in the middle ages.


Sydplayson Stop supporting Hollywood and their anti-white agenda. Spend your money wisely.


Sydplayson Strengthen ties with your family. Take an interest in the younger members of your extended family; guide them away from degenerate culture and instil pride in them about who they are.


casa JB Stop supporting professional sports and leagues and surrounding hype / marketing organizations. Funnel your money into something more meaningful.


Diggity Dank Wake up your friends and family, so they can do the likewise.


Diggity Dank Do your own car maintenance.


PissedFechtmeister When possible buy from local white-owned businesses.


Cory Woehlke Find out where we as individuals belong in this fight and do something to help our cause.


Anthony Emrick Live by the creed of “love, honor and wisdom”. Rediscover our roots and our pre-Christian European spirituality.


Anthony Emrick Develop our tribal identity and a cohesive culture for us to identify with. Pride in our race and heritage can unite and strengthen us.


Ster Ling Disseminate our knowledge to others and be fearless in speaking out.


Ant Man Break out of the mindset that caring about our race and ourselves is “wrong”.


Todd Wayland Be sceptical so as to be able to discern reason from madness.


Taylor Negrón Be proud of who you are and remember you have the opportunity to be part of something much greater than yourself; your race.


Bruno The Doberman Do “real life” pro-white work such as save the Boer stuff and banner drops.


Jan Nem First, fix yourself by re-connecting with nature and who you really are. Then fix your family, your community and finally fix your country.


Jan Nem Stop consuming low-quality entertainment; cut down on all entertainment and start creating it instead.


Jan Nem Stop financially supporting Hollywood, instead do something worthwhile and constructive like visit a museum, buy a book for you or your friends, write a book or write articles.


Jan Nem Learn your people’s history and spread it. Use historical facts to better spread the truth.


Jan Nem Connect with your spiritual ancestry by paying respect to soldier’s graves, your grandparents that fought in WW2 or sites of historical battles. Take your friends with you.


Jan Nem Don’t watch sports; do sports. Become fit and maintain it. Have a daily schedule and daily rituals (e.g. morning workout and evening meditation).


Jan Nem Have goals, write them down, complete them. Don’t live day by day, without a plan or a goal to work towards.


Jan Nem Try to be independent regarding your income / job. Team up with like-minded people and start a business. Reinvest some profit into those fighting on the frontline.


Jan Nem Homeschool your kids & connect with like-minded families. Don’t send your kids to brainwashing colleges / universities.


Jan Nem Learn “bush craft” and survivalism and teach it to your kids.


Jan Nem Grow plants, fix stuff, build stuff.


Jan Nem Buy guns, learn to shoot with responsible gun usage.


Jan Nem Become a community organizer (women are very good at this).


Jan Nem Become tough and sharp again by becoming self-sufficient, having high self-esteem, a will for constant improvement, a network of reliable friends and family, a tribe, and financial prosperity.


Jan Nem Fight the propaganda but also re-construct our society, starting with our individual bodies and spirit.


Scipio Africanus Spread white pill news.


Sin526 Focus on entrepreneurship and business development so that the movement will have greater financial and organizational support in the future.


Robert Roth Stop caring about the opinions of those who want us silenced, replaced and dead.


Robert Roth Make no apologies; no equivocation; no retreat. Gather your inner strength and get ready to take back your heritage, your identity, your country, and your destiny by any means necessary.


Crashbanksbuysilver Make a homestead. Get off the grid and be self-sufficient. Once your need for money is very low, donate to the front lines. Encourage others to do the same, and have a large family.


Western World Wakes Become a teacher / professor / scientist to retake our education system and state the truth with authority.


Western World Wakes Become a pro-white business owner or invest in strictly white start-ups.


Western World Wakes Help a white brother out.


KingOfTheShill Create a digital archive, owned by us, of our greatest literary works, history, philosophy, etc., as well as scientific documents that describe the reality of racial differences.


Gabby Mouse Create a physical library too.


Bruno The Doberman Donate to community 1st outreach.


Ian Moone Research family trees and genealogy for people of European descent.


JodaJK Build yourself, both physically and mentally. Develop your speaking skill so you can wake up family and friends.


RADLEY VINCENT Barnett Research and spread true Western history.


James Barling Stay together and move forward peacefully with an open minded and intelligent manner.


Lauren Mia Ladies focus on your men and home. Have as many children as you can and homeschool them.


A Shekel For The Good Goy Pro-white YouTuber’s who get shoah’d should start 10 more channels in response and fill them with pro-white content.


The Supreme Gentleman When spending money or making investments stay away from companies that have anti-white policies.


HB2014 Have a DIY mentality.


Victor Segovia Palacios Be self-sufficient, industrious and hard-working, smart, strong, skilled, moral and even handsome / beautiful. Do not be lazy, entitled or purely intellectual.


Celtica MacLeod Give support to children, parents and friends as a teacher, guide, friend or carer in real life and online.


Celtica MacLeod Learn and cherish the ways of old; our heritage, our ancestors; and how to cherish your kin. Instil this understanding in your children and grandkids.


Celtica MacLeod Hold sacred that which you hold dear to your heart and help carry it forth for future generations.


Todd Wayland Use Skype and self-help books to assist others to produce a self-therapy plan for emotional and mental wellbeing.


molon labe Carry a gun 24/7.


Whipping Post Carry a gun legally.


Turn The Tide Community organising.


Bo Dayshus Build networks of trustworthy people with different talents to facilitate pro-white initiatives, such as a mini barter system, a new business, or a support system in case someone loses their job.


Bo Dayshus Don’t dismiss all soy boys: help them out.


First Last Heathy thinking. Great auto-mechanics.


Schlomo Kikelbern A life of purpose.


The Great Order Circle the wagons.


Taylor Negrón Identify a unifying factor to stop in-fighting that is destructive to the cause of white wellbeing.


Taylor Negrón Create an “” so identitarians can form their own communities and eventually become a voting block at the local level.


Leon hanford Love your people and look after those close to you.


Leon hanford Try to red pill as many people as possible.


canadian boy Spread the 14 words and the importance of our survival as the most dominating man to ever walk the earth. Keep our blood pure, excel at all you do, stay true to your family heritage.


Think 4 Yourself Be and stay as mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually fit as possible.


Think 4 Yourself Remember who you are and strive to become your best.


Think 4 Yourself Raise your children wisely and to exceed you in every way possible.


Think 4 Yourself Never apologize or feel guilt for who you are; celebrate it. Display your gifts, don’t hide them or remain overly modest.


Think 4 Yourself Understand how the world works, and don’t follow the crowd of immorals.


Think 4 Yourself Do your best work even when it will never be seen, for it will be.


Think 4 Yourself Live logically, not emotionally. Make the most of what remains, only thinking back to recall lessons learned and strength gained. Leave the losers behind.


Think 4 Yourself Stop worrying about others’ flaws and focus on perfecting yourself and yours.


Think 4 Yourself Keep it right, be proud to be white.


Dainty Brighton Think of donations as a tithe.


Elena Haskins’ contribution are from her website: 55 suggestions are detailed at:


Elena Haskins As “leaders” and “activists”, be courteous to others in the movement.


Elena Haskins Study and develop courage. Be alert for courageous people and seek out their company.


Elena Haskins Search out sources of information to educate yourself and others. Visit Foreign websites for information that is censored in the USA.


Elena Haskins “Choose your battles”; let your passions inform your choices of what to fight.


Elena Haskins Allow and acknowledge your natural feelings of rage and revulsion, utilize your anger in productive ways.


Elena Haskins Follow the money: ask incisive questions to identify who is getting rewarded for what treachery against white “gentiles”.


Elena Haskins When communicating, cite your sources and insist others do too. Learn how to convey the most important points quickly and efficiently


Elena Haskins Use your camera, tape recorder and video camera to get photos and tapes exposing our enemies.


Elena Haskins Find your allies and beware of imposters; keep your radar on for any enemies who have infiltrated our organisations. Watch out for people who seem to be working on an issue, but produce very little; who produce chaos or contrary results.


Elena Haskins Let your respect and trust be earned, not freely given.


Elena Haskins Share the activism techniques that have been proven to be effective.


Elena Haskins Share valuable information as fast and as widely as possible.


Elena Haskins Reach out to people who are so poorly informed or in such heavy denial that they don’t understand what danger we’re in.


Elena Haskins Desensitize yourself to insults and accusations such as “racist!”.


Elena Haskins Identify the opposition in every branch of government, non-governmental organizations, advocacy groups, lawyers, spokespersons, etc.


Elena Haskins Track down the financial details of those who perpetrate genocide against our race. Summarize your findings and make them public.


Elena Haskins Record anti-white “gentile” propaganda; who, what, where, when and how it was disseminated and who were the sponsors. Make a complaint. Share the information.


Elena Haskins Tell your elected representatives, bureaucrats, editors of papers, television and radio program hosts, etc., how you have been betrayed and document or, if legal, record the conversation. If appropriate make copies of the call and distribute.


Elena Haskins Feed relevant information to talk shows, newspapers, television programs and other media. Cite your sources, so they can verify your findings.


Elena Haskins Set up a website or use a friend’s website to put up photos, resource documents and summaries for easy access by many people.


Elena Haskins Discuss the hypocrisy and manipulation used on white “gentiles” with friends and family. If you get resistance, ask: “Why are you afraid to talk about this? Was there ever a time when you could talk about being White without fear?”


Elena Haskins Buy informational videotapes, audio tapes and books and lend them to friends and acquaintances.


Elena Haskins Demand that the rape of white “gentile” women by Jewish, black, Hispanic and Asian men be prosecuted as “hate crimes” in line with the hate laws legislation. Ask why white “gentiles” are disproportionately prosecuted for supposed hate crimes. Ask why hate crime hoaxes by Jews and not-whites are generally ignored.


Elena Haskins Demand reparations for white “gentiles” made victims by criminals of other races.


Elena Haskins Deglamorize other cultures and advertise their horrors.


Elena Haskins De-sanctify and demystify Jewish and not-white immigrants.


Elena Haskins Give the breath of life to our heritage and culture by reading and singing. Alone and with friends.


Elena Haskins Motivate young members of the family to study and appreciate the best of our heritage and culture.


Elena Haskins Establish the hierarchy for social status that ascribes highest status for persons who embody truth, integrity, nobility, responsibility, loyalty and other attributes of excellent character. Praise excellent character traits when you encounter / experience them.


Elena Haskins Help young white “gentiles” create their own safe routes through the anti-White “gentile” degradation experiences; through pride in the accomplishments of our race; character and values of our ancestors; coping strategies to counter the insults and defeat the brainwashing; awareness of the propaganda of collective guilt for White “Gentiles”.


Elena Haskins Whenever possible, buy American; boycott goods made in other countries that have trade imbalances with our nation and explain to stores why you are doing this.


Elena Haskins Put together your own “traitors and parasites who’s who” to keep records of who is creating misery for white “gentile” Americans. Watch for subtle and blatant anti-white “gentile” bias.


Elena Haskins Talk to white “gentiles” in line at the bank or store about anti-white “gentile” bias.


Elena Haskins Study the banking and money creation systems of the USA.


Elena Haskins Study treaties such as NAFTA and GATT that have been used to destroy the sovereignty of our country. Publicise them to others.


Elena Haskins Study the local, state and federal taxes and fees to identify illegal taxation.


Elena Haskins Insist that the people who have betrayed our nation make amends.


Elena Haskins Do not feel guilty about slavery.


Elena Haskins Create “affirmative action damage reports” by visiting local fire stations, police stations, and universities and find out how standards have been lowered for the sake of affirmative action for immigrants and not-whites. Tell the white “gentiles” working there that you oppose affirmative action and the lowering of standards. If you know of support organizations for white “gentiles”, distribute the information.


Elena Haskins Read the materials on the Holocaust “revisionist” web sites and decide for yourself what happened before, during and after WWII.


Elena Haskins Look at pro-white “gentile” web sites, books and magazines and allow yourself to feel the joy of being with people like yourself who are unabashedly pro-you.


Elena Haskins Use your right of free speech affirmed by our Bill of Rights.


Elena Haskins Be partisan for yourself, your family, your nation and your race. Consider public actions such as demanding a refund of your money when you go to movies that have depictions of white “gentile” Americans as gratuitously evil and violent.


Elena Haskins Learn to safely and responsibly use a gun and defend your 2nd Amendment rights and personal privacy and security.


Elena Haskins Familiarize yourself with the official definition of genocide and the genocidal techniques being perpetrated against white “gentile” Americans. Talk about this.


Elena Haskins Identify where is unsafe for white people, insist local officials explain why you should pay taxes to support the people and services in these areas.


Elena Haskins Challenge people who make sentimental statements about immigrants.


Elena Haskins Study the history and culture of your race, find and participate in organizations that fight the defamation of white “gentile” Americans.


Elena Haskins Point out examples of members of Congress or the President being “generous” at the expense of taxpayers.


Elena Haskins Differentiate between race, nation and government; bestow loyalty only to your race and nation.


Elena Haskins Be a pro-white “gentile” activist utilizing your skills and resources and/or support the pro-white “gentile” activists with money and other forms of support.


Elena Haskins Prepare for the predictable days when the anti-whites will rewrite history; on that date distribute true information on the subject.


Elena Haskins Study the United Nations.


Elena Haskins Stop giving money to charities until you have researched their administrative costs and how the funds are used. Let the charities’ administrators know why you are not giving them donations.


Elena Haskins Challenge “we Americans” statements. When someone says “we Americans” ask who do they mean by “we”? Differentiate between the actions of greedy bureaucrats or government functionaries and the ideals and actions of white “gentile” American citizens.


Elena Haskins Start impeachment campaigns against activist judges who make law by rulings.


Elena Haskins Take pride in the art and history of our race and our nation; decide whether you want the decorative images and symbols of other cultures in your household.


Elena Haskins Use the powers of meditation, clear intent, visualization and inspirational communication to facilitate the awakening and strengthening of white “gentiles”, the securing of our borders, the deportation of the illegals, and the punishment of the betrayers.


Elena Haskins Claim your freedom.


Khoa Cao Read some books (e.g. The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds).


gmjones3110 Teach or learn self- / weapon defence.


J E Bring subjects up with friends and co-workers and make them think outside the media’s brainwashed box. Don’t have to drop everything at once, just start the conversation.


shell Teach children the violin–on a sliding scale for parents who are struggling.


ChefEarthenware Stop watching or reading mainstream media. Get your news from places like


ChefEarthenware Create a daily news channel with a white nationalist perspective.


ChefEarthenware Learn how electoral politics works in your country in order to influence the floating vote.


ChefEarthenware Contact your local democratic representative and let them know your opinions on important issues, ensure they know you are in a position to influence others.


ChefEarthenware Avoid purity-spiralling. If you are hard-right, don’t dismiss potential allies like libertarians, MGTOWs or old-fashioned socialists as long as they also want to stop white genocide.


ChefEarthenware Establish a vetted network of contacts. Nothing “underground” or illegal, but so people can make contact and ask: “do we know anyone who knows anything about xyz?”.


ChefEarthenware Devote an episode of The Afterparty to discussing the ideas suggested here.


Western World Wakes Make at least 4 white babies.


symbolsandsystems Show respect for cleaning and repair workers.


Laura Smith Ignore the feminist hype.


Laura Smith Raise children to be loyal to our European tribe / ancestry and to never trust anything (((others))) try to indoctrinate them with.


Vincent Work for our people as a “secret agent” within your community, organizing community events or helping at an old folks home, etc. Being the person others in your community aspire to be, your views on white advocacy will be more receptively received.


Grungepuppy 99 Change starts with the self; work on making yourself a prime pristine example of what you believe the rest of your people should be.


Grungepuppy 99 Expand your mind, read some books, take classes to learn a new skill.


Grungepuppy 99 Get off your games and away from the TV!


Grungepuppy 99 Look after your yard and neighbourhood; grass cut, pick up trash, cut down weed trees.


Purple Pill Guy Create a widely known, trusted system for finding, vetting and connecting our people with one another in real life.


Purple Pill Guy Once we know and bond with our own, find out what skills individuals have.


Purple Pill Guy I would love to work with a small group of people on such a project. Something like this: might be useful.


Ryan Smith Concentrate time on learning the skills we need to win, in particular, around the tech industry to fight the “battle of ideas”.


Purple Pill Guy Don’t waste your time learning things that just make you feel good.


Sakkoira Be kind to white folk.


Sakkoira Challenge individual whites but don’t scapegoat an entire generation, females, childless, etc.


John the Confederate Think of all parts as a collective white identity movement including old timers and people who have recently joined the white nationalist movement.


John the Confederate Make sure people know about the white nationalist groups and conferences, e.g., the Faith and Freedom Conference in Harrison, Arkansas.


John the Confederate Never take each other down.


Taylor Negrón Create and attend Alt-Right conferences in order to present and exchange ideas with other identitarians. Holding physical gatherings will build moral support.


Anonymous Raise awareness of the war on whites.


Gabby Mouse Visit to see how the white South Africans are preparing themselves.


Gabby Mouse Start to take your future into your own hands.


Gabby Mouse Develop local groups to provide support in case of trouble.


Gabby Mouse Relearn how to help and stick up for one another.


Gabby Mouse Speak out and express yourself freely to encourage others to do the same.


tspike Disconnect from the mainstream.


tspike Become self-reliant.


tspike Be righteous for who and what you are and encourage others to do the same.


tspike Don’t expect the sheeple to change overnight.


tspike Do not fear those who oppose you.


Cinema-4d Use the fact that we are superior and they fear us, to our advantage.


Infame Knowing Fathers, raise your boys to be honourable white men.


LOUIS XVII Raise your boys to have self-control, be physically fit, have self-pride, comprehension of the world that was, that currently is and that likely will be.


LOUIS XVII Raise thinkers, doers, solvers.


David Raynard Defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic by any means possible.


Smash Ensure good optics.


Smash Be a normal, healthy white person who others want to listen to and emulate.


Smash Eat well, learn mixed martial arts, exercise and red pill others.


J P Shun non-whites and boycott non-white businesses. If you don’t know who runs a business you patronise, find out.


J P Boycott businesses that make antiwhite ads and criticise them at every opportunity.


Broadsword Calling Create a list of well-known, top 25 companies to boycott, with 25 alternatives for the movement.


Debbie F. Share / trade skills, hire selectively, mentor younger ones, learn skills and pass them on, create micro economies, form communities, share information and become politically active.


Debbie F. Uplift young white men who are under relentless attack.


Debbie F. Arm yourselves.


Taylor Negrón Make music video parodies of 80’s songs with new lyrics that reflect the alt-right’s troll humor and philosophy.


Taylor Negrón Take a page out of Weird Al Yankovic’s book by waging asymmetric cultural warfare. Start by recreating: “More Than This” by Roxy Music.


White Ice Tv Breakthrough from online to real world.


White Ice Tv Gather attention and create powerful and well-funded real world movements.


White Ice Tv Create resources needed to fund activities that will lure people in.


White Ice Tv Make our own commercials, newspapers, plays, rallies, businesses, movies, etc.


White Ice Tv Donate real world resources to people that make a difference. Red Ice TV, “”, Mark Collet, Patrick Slattery, and the Great Order.


White Ice Tv Form real-world connections and establish real-world white communities with long lasting friendships.


White Ice Tv Set up people of our ideological view with girlfriends.


White Ice Tv Make sure that white children live in safe, white areas.


White Ice Tv Help our people to have the motivation, hope, perseverance and will to change.



For No White Guilt

20 August 2018