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Apr. 5, 2020:                       Going Free | No White Guilt | Treasonous Heimbach | Michelle Malkin | Your Calls

3:16 – 19:03                        Intro Video feature (by Goundhog Fury) plays to start tonight’s Going Free stream:   –  A glorious spring day in Virginia!   @3:52 – No White Guilt/NWG/Jason Kohne welcomes those who are showing up in the chat/comments for the live-stream, and welcomes all who will be watching the stream later in replay.   Concerning the current pandemic, does this qualify as the context-altering event that will open up new opportunities for us in the White-positive sphere?   We are seeing upheavals in our daily routine that would have been unimaginable even a month ago.  To run a simple errand for essential items, the minimum requirement is gloves, a face-mask, perhaps even goggles and a face shield.   The message we need to get out, to all those we encounter, is that we are having to live this way because of Anti-Whiteism

                                                Key points:      ● Today’s show will continue the new feature of taking calls via Skype     
●  Learning from each other  –  Helping the individuals who call in, and thereby helping all who are watching to Go Free     ● Coronavirus  –  This is not just the flu & it’s not make-believe  
● Using the consequences of Anti-Whiteism to reach our Brothers & Sisters who are ‘vagues’
or ‘normies’  

19:21 – 28:51                      NWG shares pictures from the area of Virginia he resides in, taken the day of this stream:   –   In coping with what is going on in the world during this panic, the best strategy is to be one who is level-headed and calm.  Get outside and enjoy a beautiful spring day and remember how amazing the world is; and how wonderful it is to be alive!    Also, Simon Harris on teaching his daughter to Go Free; her words to him:  “I know you’re one of the good guys, Daddy.”

                                                Key points:      ● Jason shows photos of a clear blue sky; exquisitely lovely cherry blossom trees; daffodils showing their sunny blooms; a stunning Andromeda flower   –   This is the real world!     ● Our Bio-Spirit is one with the beauty of the earth      ● Attention men:  NWG shares the secret for capturing a woman’s fancy forever   –   Phlox!   A beautiful flowering plant that can be purchased at any gardening store; literally a bed of flowers.   NWG:  “When women see it, they will melt!”     ● Upcoming how-to video from NWG on changing your battery  –  Learning to do simple car repairs can make you more self-sufficient and save you a lot of money    ● The endangered Bluebird  –  Like Westmen, it cannot be replaced!

29:14 – 31:47                      On Being a Man of Many Interests:     –    Jack of all trades; master of most.  Firearms, the tools of self-defense, is just one of the areas of NWG’s interest and expertise.   NWG addresses why he is not making videos on the YouTube channel about self-defense (instant removal of the NWG YouTube channel) and discusses being a well-rounded person in the spirit of Westmen.       

                                                Key point:      ● Being a person of many interests and cultivated knowledge defies the Anti-White stereotype of what it means to be White-positive   

31:49 – 35:10                      Warmest thanks for card & letters received at the P.O. Box:   –   Jason thanks those who have sent mail to the contact address P.O. Box.  (Follow the link for crypto-currency information and you will also find the P.O. Box address)  Anti-White censorship has created difficulty receiving donations, so any crypto-currency donations are greatly, greatly appreciated.    Also discussed briefly, it is likely the Coronavirus will become a seasonal illness that never quite goes away.  

                                                Key point:      ● Final Blossom’s fabulous No White Guilt business cards  –  A word of caution while we are on pandemic lockdown; the Anti-Whites might try to say you are spreading the virus     

35:30 – 38:37                      Taking Advantage of Opportunities:   –   Coronavirus will inevitably cause many ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’ to come to see the truth of the world we are living in.   Along with many other disruptions to daily life, schools have been closed for the rest of the school year.  And parents are seeing up-close for the first time the Anti-White curriculum their children are being exposed to. 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG shares an image of all the pages one parent tore out of her children’s school books that contained Anti-White messaging  –  It’s quite a pile!    ● It is not normal for children to want to rebel & destroy everything their parents stand for  –  This is a product of Anti-Whiteism 

42:45 – 44:43                      “Welcome to White Wellbeing”  NoWhiteGuilt video censored in Sweden:   –   The censorship of NWG’s work and that of other White-positive messages that are empowering and uplifting, rather than craven doom & gloom, speaks to the motives of the Anti-Whites censors.  They know that ‘Going Free’ WORKS —  And anything that is effective, and builds a positive sense of Community and Identity is the REAL threat to the Anti-Whites. 

                                                Key point:      ● Those who provide answers to Anti-Whiteism are the ones who are getting censored by governments & private entities across the West   

49:50 – 1:07:06                  Matt Heimbach  –   Treasonous TRAITOR:    Heimbach has joined an Anti-White group that goes by the name “Light upon Light”; or perhaps more accurately,  Darkness upon Darkness.  And now he is saying he once embodied the “face of “Hate”, effectively making his earlier life a false witness in the interests of propping up the Anti-White Narrative.  

Jason met Matt Heimbach years ago when Heimbach was trying to set-up a White student’s union.  The conversation Jason had with Heimbach revealed a self-aggrandizing, attention seeker who was playing a caricature of the villain in the Anti-White Narrative.  

                                                Key points:      ● Differentiate the honest & dishonest players when you meet them  –  Spread the word in the White-positive sphere and be unified as one against craven attention-seekers   
● Traitors like Heimbach provide massive fodder to prop-up the Anti-White Narrative    
● Cartoon-character (Anti-White slur) “Nazis” will become the go-to imagery the Anti-Whites use to justify further infliction of harm on those who are White-positive      ● Reject those who support such egoists      ● Self-elevation does NOT elevate our People!     ● If you meet someone who wants to get in front of cameras & reporters, do not support them  –  Nothing good will come from someone who is seeking attention for themselves from the Anti-Whites    ● Bizarre interpretation of Christianity  –  One of the warning signs about Heimbach     ● When attention-seekers can no longer garner attention by being White-positive, they will ‘flip’ and become traitors so that they can gain attention once again      ● We have see others do this  –  And there will be more in the future    ● How many more White children will suffer in our schools & academia because of the false confirmation Anti-Whiteism is given by traitors like Heimbach??   This false confirmation gets added to the official Anti-White Narrative     ● A lot of our most vulnerable People are going to be harmed by this   

1:07:20 – 1:15:48               The Heimbach Maneuver  –  Commenters weigh in about Matt Heimbach:   –   Traitors to the Truth present themselves as “Hate whisperers”; these grifters will make the media and college tour rounds to feed the Anti-White Narrative, and present themselves as “saviors” for those poor misguided wretches caught-up in the “Hate” movement. 

Key point:      ● Heimbach’s mercenary move as an attention seeker   –    NWG reads from his book, “Go Free”, page 81, about “Mercenaries”.  (“Go Free” by Jason Kohne, is available in print or Kindle download on Amazon.com)  

1:20:26 – 1:22:24               On Being Victimized versus Being a Victim:   –    We are a victimized People; victimized by the Anti-Whites.  This does not mean, however, that we are scared or powerless or weak.  Indeed, we are a Heroic People who are saying “enough is enough!” 

Key points:      ● Disagreements about never referring to ourselves as “victims”   –   Some in the White-positive sphere take this short-sighted position      ● Anti-Whites want us never to talk about our victimization because they know the power of acknowledging the victimization of a group     ● Meme-Curative (MC):  “For every diversity hire, there us a diversity fire”    ● If you
are part of a Community that recognizes it is being harmed, suddenly you are a part of group instead of a deracinated individual    ● This is why hyper-individualism is pushed on the Whites   

1:22:33 – 1:24:45               NWG on the tactic of using historical events to prove a point about a Non-White group:   –   Using the argument, “You wouldn’t say that about _________(any other Non-White group).  This can be done superficially, as long as you are not challenging a narrative that is accepted as fact by White people of normal sensibilities.  You cannot win with ‘normies’ by telling them everything they have been taught is fake history (even if it is). 

1:24:46 – 1:28:58               We are a movement of Redemption:  What are the limits?   –  NWG discusses the case of Matt Heimbach.  When is someone beyond redemption in our movement?  

1:32:49 – 1:47:27               Michelle Malkin:   –   Malkin recently participated in an interview with the fantastic Lana Lokteff  of Red Ice Radio.  It is important to be skeptical.  What are the motivations of Michelle Malkin?   (Note:  Lana & Henrik Palmgren are doing fantastic work in the White-positive sphere, and are also growing a beautiful young family.  Please consider becoming a member of Red Ice Radio.  They are truly doing incredible work that brings many people over to the White-positive sphere, and they face heavy censorship:    https://redice.tv/about#support )

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t be a gullible White person  –  Approach any mainstream/establishment figure with due skepticism; ask a lot of questions     ● What are the motives of someone who is facing a struggle with a major illness; or someone who has had a lifetime of towing the Establishment line and becomes completely fed up?    ● “Historic Demographic Balance” –  What exactly does Malkin mean by this?     ● NWG:  “Give credit where credit is due” –  Praise for those in the public eye when they do or say White-positive things; but keep an eye on the entirety of what they say and do  –   “Know them by their fruits”  

1:47:42 – 1:53:23               Musical Interlude:   –   Check out the White Wellbeing Community Vids for great White-positive music and other entertainment videos, and a series called the Chuck Martel Garage Party.  NWG plays one of the selections, “Traversing the Divide”.  Video plays @ 1:48:45 – 1:53:09

1:53:26 – 2:02:45               NWG reads from Community Comments & shares messages and testimonials recently received:   A Community member from Newfoundland!  A mother of five, soon to be six, appreciates the intelligent ‘clean’ content on the channel;  A listener comments on the astuteness of the observation that women do not like the instability of a multi-racial society and are instinctively unsettled by it;  The growing spirit of solidarity – We are one as Westmen;  ‘Conservative Texas Chick’ will be a guest on TAP (The After Party) soon, and comments on NWG’s work that is giving inspiration for our men to stand up & be men, and for our women to be the women we were meant to be;  Jason Kohne is destined for our history books as one of the men who made our People whole again.

Key points:      ● Teach your children well, to be White-positive  –  They may be a future hero in our midst, who will be one who gets us to the point where we recapture out Destiny      ● Tap into all the greatness and glory that is the Western Spirit  –  It is in each of us!     ● Be proud to be a part of Westernkind      ● Spreading the word about Going Free by sharing a link in comment sections with others  –  NWG hears from a thankful listener who found the channel that way     
● A listener has successfully used the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free to reach her family members    ● YouTube is continuing to create technical difficulties, shadow-banning & glitches during NoWhiteGuilt streams    ● A Spiritual salve in this insane world   –  Life keeps getting better and better every day in our White-positive Community!  

2:02:50 – 2:32:26               Skype Call-In Section of the Stream:    –   NWG is still in the process of fine-tuning the Skype call-ins; and invites the first caller in tonight’s stream to be ‘Brantdanger’, a sterling member of the Going Free Community.  This will be an opportunity to reconnect and finish the conversation with Brantdanger, after the call on last week’s Go Free stream was interrupted with technical difficulties.  Also, NWG announces future Going Free streams will be about 2 hours in length; streams will feature community news, Skype calls, and one or two major current event topics. 

                                                If you have suggestions for news items to be addressed during the Going Free streams, please use a separate message for each news items with a link to the item in the body of the message, and the title of the news item as the subject of the message to NWG.  Your suggestions are welcomed and greatly appreciated! 

                                                Key points:      ● ‘Brantdanger’ speaks to the safety of living in a high-trust neighborhood and NWG reminisces about America when it was more like Mayberry  –  ‘Brantdanger’ also discusses working from home as a teacher, now that classrooms are closed      ● ‘Tall Kevin’ calls in to discuss a ClownWorld health official in Pennsylvania (she’s a beauty!) & the New Abnormal we are living through with the Coronavirus Plague  –  ‘Tall Kevin’ also talks about finding new opportunities to talk to others about Going Free, with everything turned upside-down in our multi-racial environments    ● Non-White areas are proving to be not too receptive to public safety measures during the virus lockdown & multiply the spread of the pandemic    ● We will see more Plagues  –  This current one is not going away soon     ● The Great Roi Danton calls in!  A more manly version of Arnold Schwarzenegger  –  Roi talks about conducting his daily activities while self-quarantining  & sheltering in place  –  Roi also shares thoughts on moving to a more rural area in the countryside & optimism for the future  

2:37:17 – 2:39:04               Luke Mason –  Talented Musician & Artist Extraordinaire!   –  Luke is creating an entire album dedicated to telling the story of “Prometheus Rising”, a mythopoetical story contained in the book, “Born Guilty”, by Jason Kohne.    The stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising” is expected to be released in the coming weeks.  Luke posits a riddle:  “How many Anti-Whites does it take to screw in a light-bulb…?”  And Brantdanger reiterates his recent experience about accidentally leaving his garage door open, and coming home to find nothing missing.   Luke Mason also sends “Promethean Hails!” and notes that his spirits are always lifted during the Going Free streams. 

2:39:05 – 2:52:52               Final Skype call-ins for the stream & Closing Messages from NoWhiteGuilt:   –   The fantastic ‘Final Blossom’ calls in!  ‘Final Blossom’ is doing incredible creative work in the cause for White Wellbeing and has made sacrifices in many ways to contribute to our Community.  ‘Final Blossom’ has created highly effective No White Guilt business cards, and a how-to video on making and distributing them.  The business card format is highly efficient & effective in getting the word out about Going Free to our Brothers & Sisters.   NWG:  “Truly magical!”   Small things come together to change the course of history.  

NWG ends the stream with the closing thoughts, we have much reason for optimism and excitement.  On a humorous note, he recommends looking up the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health to get a good look at who our opposition is!  NWG:  “We are growing stronger while they grow more depraved and sick.”

                                                Key points:      ● ‘Final Blossom’ made his first video for the “Last Message to the West”
contest organized by Jared George (The Great Order) and ‘Lovely Porridge’      ● ‘Final Blossom’ recommends Twitter as the most effective way to get a message out to the most people 
● More ideas on how people can participate in the one-on-one Skype discussions without having to speak live on the air     ● The Skype call-in shows make the members of our Community seem even more real to us    ● Become one with Nature  –  Stay Positive !!


Mar. 29, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt | Coping with Coronavirus and Winning for White Wellbeing


3:46 – 11:34                        No White Guilt/NWG/Jason Kohne welcomes all who are showing up in the chat, and everyone who is watching the stream live or in replay:     And we are Going Free!!  NWG:  “Everything is magnificent!!”   It is Day 14 of NWG’s daily health updates, after having potential exposure to the Coronavirus on his trip to the United Kingdom to be a speaker at the Patriotic Alternative Conference.  Jason is Corona-chan free!   More proof that the NoWhiteGuilt channel is shadow-banned is that NWG’s virus watch, at a time of hyper-intense interest, failed to go viral! 

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-White / Non-Whites in Mexico don’t want the Coronavirus crossing the border from our country to theirs – Indeed, the border with Mexico does need to be closed…FOREVER!      ● 100% censorship & shadow-banning  –  Absolute proof that the Anti-Whites do not want our people to get the message of Going Free   ● Much confusion & disinformation is out there about the virus   –  NWG: “These are definitely the ‘plague’ years and we will look back on them as such.” 

11:45 – 15:12                      That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger:   –   It doesn’t always make you stronger, though.  What can also happen under great duress, is that one comes out much weaker & more damaged than before; with permanent physical and psychological wounds.  NWG:  “We’re serving White Wellbeing; and we are going to come out of this much stronger than everyone else in the White-positive sphere.”  We will definitely come out of this stronger than the Anti-Whites, who are going to have their faith in Anti-Whiteism badly shaken. 

                                                Key points:      ● This virus crisis presents us with a great opportunity to reach the ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’   –  And it is the normies & vagues that make Anti-White rule possible by not mounting any opposition to it    ● We all need to be Apostles of Going Free

19:21 – 21:52                      Gifting White Wellbeing:   –   NWG discusses the various methods by which you can make a financial gift contribution to support the around-the-clock work he is doing, on his own time, and on his own money.   It is profoundly appreciated that we are all working-class men and women and that each contribution we make represents a personal sacrifice for  us — something we will go without.  Therefore, all financial gifts are treated with the utmost scrupulous stewardship and will go directly to spreading the word of Going Free and building a real-life entity to ensure this work continues.  Monetary gifts are never used for the personal expenses of NWG.

                                                 Key point:      ● Crypto-currency now accepted   ● Other donation methods, including CashApp and a physical mailing address for a P.O. Box, are found in the links on the NWG channel’s page or on the donate tab at https://nowhiteguilt.org and https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com    ● D.C. area post offices, such as the one that serves NWG’s area, have heightened  & security measures in place for those who are considering sending mail that is not very nice  

21:53 – 22:41                      Dr. Patrick Slattery update:    –   No longer a panelist on the Patriot Weekly Review, Dr. Slattery was a bit over-extended and has ended his involvement on the weekly stream to focus on other work and activism, and his personal life.  He still produces content on other outlets, including Republic Broadcasting and on the Rense Radio platform for Stormfront Radio. 

23:13 – 33:24                      New Focus for the Show:   –    A new focus of the show at this time will be in Community building; helping others to Go Free, and hands-on help with the process of going free from Anti-Whiteism yourself. 

Today’s show will feature for the first time “call-in” participation, from a just couple of audience members to start with, via Skype.  This will be on an experimental basis in real-time, and so we will all have to stay tuned to see how it turns out!  

Key points:      ● The focus will be on you, the audience  –  Are you doing well?  Are you getting stronger & having successes with helping others Go Free of Anti-Whiteism?   ● Of special importance will be addressing the concerns& challenges of those in our Community with children  –  How can you make sure your children grow up free of Anti-Whiteism?    ● Callers will be given somewhere between 5-15 minutes to discuss specific scenarios with NWG     ● White Noir causes a lot of pain and a great deal of harm to our People with no safe outlet available for relief  –  You can find relief HERE!    ● Trolls & Troublemakers will be edited out of the stream, along with all the comments, before it is ever seen on the YouTube channel     ● ‘Cruel to be kind’  –  Not looking to humiliate anyone; but NWG will give it to you straight      ● NWG will also be focusing more on what is going on in the ‘chat’ for better interaction with the participants 

33:34 – 36:25                      The Instinctual Concern in Westmen for the Outsider; the Other:   –    Non-Whites immigrants can be used as a weapon against compassionate White people, disarming and confounding them from protecting their own best interests.   As we who are Westmen evolved in harsh, cold climates where we were reliant on help from others outside our immediate family to survive, it can be speculated that White people are hard-wired for altruism.  When altruism becomes suicidal to the survival of our race, however, it is no longer a strength and has become self-destructive.   

                                                Key points:      ● We are a beautiful People; a truly magnificent People  –  We have evolved with the gifts of empathy, compassion, and a keen sense of fairness     ● We are surrounded by Anti-White Non-Whites who take advantage of this instinct    ● On the downside, there are many gullible White people who actually WANT to be duped   –  This can & must be overcome –  NWG:  “If we can walk on the moon, then we can learn to be less gullible.”

41:29 – 43:37                      We are a Single People (Race) with Many Countries:   –   The special case of our Brothers & Sisters in Spain, who have been White-guilted as we all have been, is discussed.  In an attempt to assert their independence, they are now declaring that they are a separate race altogether from the rest of Westernkind.   NWG addresses how to unite us all as a single People, speaking with passion and conviction to advance the Spirit of the West:  “It will magnify your voice.” 

                                                Key points:      “United together we form a much stronger united whole than we do apart.”
● When our help us needed, we will support those who see us as a Single People

44:04 – 47:07                      How do you respond to the statement:  “Race is just a social construct”   –  This is usually a bad-faith maneuver to try to drag you into an argument about who & what is “White”.   Don’t engage in it!  One of the most effective ways to respond to this is to say, “Fine, it’s a construct.  We believe the White race is a People, and we are going to secure our Wellbeing.”   That is, “Okay — let’s say it is completely invented.  We are going to go ahead and fight for who and what we are — this social construct –anyway!”    

                                                Key points:      ● This is actually a common meme-pathogen (MP)  –  Many common MP’s are covered in the Second Edition of the Going Free manual, “Go Free” (by Jason Kohne); available for download at Amazon.com   https://www.amazon.com/Go-Free-Aligning-Archetype-Westernkind-ebook

50:20 – 53:55                      Bird Watching with NWG for White Wellbeing:   –    NWG:  “What motivates me is love for our People.”    Our People, and Western Civilization, are beautiful and worth preserving.   Also, all sincere messages and contact sent to NWG are deeply valued and appreciated.  Jason will respond to everyone who reaches out, even if it takes a couple of months. 

                                                 Key points:      ● Gardening, home improvement projects, enjoying & appreciating nature  – These are all things that can be done to enrich life while living under the Coronavirus plague
● Jason will be catching up on messages and getting back to people as his ‘normie’ professional work has slowed due to restrictions in place from the virus   

53:59 –1:00:35                   Congratulations to Lana & Henrik of Red Ice!  & Other Community News    –   Another Prince, a healthy baby boy, has been born to the King & Queen of the White-positive sphere, Henrik & Lana Palmgren.  Congratulations, much love, and best wishes to the entire family.   And, a very happy birthday to a special young lady over in the United Kingdom.   In other news:   American Renaissance’s annual conference has been cancelled due to Coronavirus, as has the Awakening Conference in Finland that was to be held this April. 

                                                Key points:      ● In future, plans for “piggy-back” conferences for ‘Going Free’ participants when our People are gathered for a conference or other event    ● Plans are in the works to later reschedule conferences & meetings that have been cancelled due to plague    ● NWG will be debuting the video of the speech he gave at the Patriotic Alternative Conference a couple of weeks ago in the U.K. on his channel this coming Wednesday (4/1/20) at 1pm EST, which is 6pm in the United Kingdom, right before the weekly PWR (Patriotic Weekly Review) live-stream  –  Special thanks to ‘Lucy’ and Millennial Woes for ensuring that the video of the speech was captured      

1:00:37 – 1:04:45               Amazon Book Special:   Coronavirus sale prices on books by NWG (Jason Kohne):   –   Take advantage of any extra time you may have during the virus shutdown to read the wide-ranging, powerful & empowering books written by NWG.  For a limited time, prices have been radically reduced on Amazon.com  

                                                Key points:      ● A special message on personal & Community safety has been added to the verbiage describing the books  –  An outreach of love during these trying & frightening times
● Jason’s books:  “Go Free”, “Born Guilty”, and “It’s a Comedy Dammit” –  Each book is a completely unique treasure that will make a permanent impact upon you    ● Books are also available in Kindle version for download with no worries of SARS-CoV2 contamination from the delivery chain

1:06:18 – 1:07:13               Keep the Spirits of all Our People High!    –    We are going to come through this Coronavirus plague stronger than ever.  This current crisis is not going to undermine the work for White Wellbeing; instead, it will provide us with new opportunities which we will capitalize on.   

                                                Key points:      ● Plague or no plague, this is the first year of the decade in which we recapture out destiny  –  The Roaring Twenties!  

1:07:22 – 1:18:23               The Plague is a Side-Effect of Globalism:   –    With the free movement of people, and with porous and for all intents & purposes non-existent borders, comes the obvious risk that many in the White-positive sphere had warned about for decades:  Terrorism, gang violence, and a deadly virus that could act like a wrecking ball on the demographics of the older White population.   NWG:  “This is not only NOT the world we asked for; this is the exact opposite of the world we asked for!!”  

                                                Key points:      ● Tell your Friends, Family & Strangers – from a 6 foot social distance – that this is the reason we are trapped in fear in our own homes     ● None of us is safe in a world where the borders are open to the sewers of the world    ● The power of Anti-Whiteism  –  Most of our People are afraid to even think the thoughts they need to be thinking for self-preservation, out of fear of being (Anti-White slur) “Racist”      ● Anti-White municipalities like New York City should be forced to face the consequences of their Anti-White policies now that it has come home to roost     ● Who gets the respirator and who get the body bag?  –  The blood form all the deaths due to the virus is on the hands of the Ant-Whites

1:18:56 – 1:20:52               On the ‘Question Widget’:   Can we create other merchandise independently using  ‘No White Guilt’ slogan?    –   Create your own, or find the cheapest way possible, and NWG will get it up on the NoWhiteGuilt Collectibles website:    https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com   One note of caution:  Please do not create designs or use symbology that conflates the work for White Wellbeing with the villain in the Anti-White Narrative.  

1:21:01 – 1:28:00               Video-Book Interlude:   –   Introducing to the White-positive sphere a book by Jason Kohne, “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”  A light-hearted novelette (by Jason Kohne) that is perfect for these fraught times while you are stranded at home.  The book is available in print or in the Kindle version at Amazon.com   (And is banned in Europe?!)   NWG reads a sample from the book. 

1:30:22 – 1:31:51               Anti-Whiteism is literally killing us:   –   ‘White guilt’ is the deadliest pathogen of all.  Our leaders and health officials are not even allowed to think the thoughts that would protect us from this deadly pandemic.  Anything that does not arrive at an Anti-White conclusion is off the table.  

1:32:20 – 1:33:30               Rob from the Middle-class of White Countries and give to the Rich Heads-of-State in Africa:   
In the midst of a deadly pandemic in our country, as Congress votes on emergency spending, our Government STILL continues to ‘villainy- signal’ by inserting provisions to send money outside of our nation where it is desperately needed.   As our People sink into despair & suicide, and White & Non-White Americans are losing their jobs, our Anti-White regime continues sending money to Africa & other non-White governments.

                                                Key points:      ● No matter how much we do for Non-Whites, no matter how much we give, it will never be enough infliction of harm on us to satisfy the Anti-Whites

1:40:42 – 1:41:52               Make a bumper sticker for your local Anti-White:    –   Search for websites that will let you create your own customized bumper stickers as a powerful way to call-out local Anti-Whites in your area.   The perfect target are the government officials whose Anti-White polices are wreaking destruction.  Or, simply stick with the powerful, no-fail:  “No White Guilt”.   Tall Kevin suggests the idea, and mentions a company called “Build-a- Sign” that produces low cost custom items.   

1:42:47 – 1:44:39               There is so much more than money you can give in service to White Wellbeing:   –   Everyone has different circumstances; and when times are too tight for you to contribute financially, there is still so much more you can do!  Be creative; donate your time and talents.  Make simple fliers.  Help out others in your community as you spread the word of Going Free.  Whatever you can do will be brilliant!  Even a simple and sincere word of support.

1:45:40 – 1:47:57               Ideas for a new way of structuring the live-streams:   –   To address relevant news items, a new idea is for those in the chat to provide current event items that they are interested in discussing.  NWG would then do a quick video, of perhaps 5-10 minutes, to address specific news topics and the most powerful White-positive way to discuss them with those in your circles of influence. 

1:48:00 – 1:54:27               Sharing Comments,  Questions, Testimonials & Community Feedback:    –    NWG has notes taped up everywhere!  Please know:  your communication with Jason is highly valued and greatly appreciated.  It may be a little while before NWG gets to address it, but rest assured; all notes & communication are read and responded to as soon as humanly possible!       

                                                Key points:      ● NWG addresses Anti-White family members  –   We are a movement of redemption….  Try to save the relationship; sever it if repair is impossible     ● NWG:   “You do not want to continue in an environment where a person is poisoning you on a regular basis.”
● Never compromise your principles   –   Let the Anti-White in the family be the one forced to keep the peace in the home  

1:55:56 – 2:20:01               A couple of Female critics:    –     NWG shares some feedback and criticism he received on his recent keynote speech at the Patriotic Alternative Conference in the United Kingdom.  Some cat-ladies were quite displeased!   NWG:  Being ‘gentlemanly’ is being a man.”

                                                Key points:      ● Jason humbly asserts that all the many positive comments he received on the speech are merely positive excitement for White Wellbeing; of which he is merely a life-long servant    ● Feminism is a sub-set of Anti-Whiteism  –  Gender loyalty is another characteristic of Anti-Whiteism  

2:20:02 – 2:36:23               ‘McKayla’ –  A Lady from our Community has caught the Coronavirus:   –   A lot more intense than “just the flu”…. A healthy 55-yrs. old lady from our Community, who was in fantastic overall health and had no underlying health problems, caught the deadly virus while on a flight layover.  NWG details her harrowing struggle with the virus.  Your support & prayers for McKayla are deeply appreciated. 

                                                Key points:      ● COVID-19 /SARS CoV2 affects different ages & races of people differently   
● NWG predicts Western countries will roll out a “dimmer-switch” methodology to slowly turn the economy back up (or down) as cases diminish (or skyrocket), slowly reopening non-essential businesses     ● Some public activities that would make it impossible to maintain a “social distance”, such as Sportsball, will probably not be coming back on-line    ● Civilizational collapse is not predicted at this time     ● Coronavirus may be like a rolling blackout, coming and going for years     ● Don’t hoard  –  Let other people get what they need also   ● Governments are working on immunizations & vaccines & therapeutics   –   This is a minimum of a year out; there will be no ‘herd immunity’ until then    ● All your personal virus precautions — social distancing masks, etc. – has the very positive side effect of also preventing catching the common cold & flu

2:36:25 – 2:43:06               Preppers Building “Elaborate Mausoleums” for Themselves & More Community Comments:   –   When ‘Preppers’ emerge from their personal redoubts, what kind of society do they think they will be coming back too??

                                                Key points:      ● Sensible prepping is sensible  –  But elaborate prepping is a waste of money & resources that could be better spent on growing and strengthening White Wellbeing    ● We will not be able to survive as a selfish, individualistic society   –  We are only going to survive by thinking communally    ● Anti-Whites are looking for more ways to inflict harm on Westernkind, even as we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic    ● White people are waking up  –  But is it fast enough??     ● NWG: Remember, when you pray to God, you stand for what you believe in.   Don’t get down on your knees.  There is no God that listens to a beggar.”     ● The attack on Westernkind  –   Flights still coming into the United States from Non-White countries, even as our law-abiding citizens are forbidden from going out to a bar at night, and in many places ordered home from school and work     ● Invaders have brought the plague with them many times throughout history

2:44:13 – 2:45:36               A note on sensible ‘Prepping’:   –   Prepping for short-term emergencies is practical & quite  laudable.  Anything beyond 3 months is simply not sustainable.  You will not be able to survive long-term without a Community.  Hyper-individualists will have no world to come back to.  

2:47:00 – 2:50:30               Tips on Legal Leafleting:   –   Only LEGAL distribution of fliers, sticker, bumper-stickers & other White-positive materials is acceptable.  

                                                 Key points:      ● Keep all your Coronavirus precautionary safety measures intact  –  Be careful not to touch or spread contagion via the paper materials  

2:52:40 – 2:54:22               “Go Free” being used for Home-schooling material:    –   Parents who use the foundational text of “Go Free”, by Jason Kohne, are giving their children a life-long inoculation against Anti-Whiteism. 

2:54:47 – 2:57:25               How do I get my older parents to stop using the “R” word?   –   Older people, and some younger people, who are still using the Anti-White word “Racist”; how do you respectfully encourage others not to attempt to use Anti-White in an attempt to “gotcha” our Victimizers?  (A tactic that never works, as the Anti-Whites simply redefine terms to defeat you!)

3:01:47 – 3:10:05               NWG prepares to take call-in’s via Skype – Musical Interlude to set-up:   –   From Chuck Martel’s Garage Party; “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, Nullus & Donald Kent @ 3:04:08 – 3:09:50  

3:13:00 – 3:45:50               First Skype call on the No White Guilt Going Free program:   –    ‘Seaver’ the Achiever! 
@Seaver Hamlin calls in first for the test-run.  Seaver discusses how the Coronavirus is affecting him and his community…  So far, so good; he reports.  Other callers follow.  An important message for all of us:  Use this time to create an opportunity out of this deadly health crisis.  Use this opportunity to spread the word of Going Free, and to work on Going Free yourself.   Reject the lifestyle of being nothing more than a producer/consumer.  

                                                Key points:      ● Skype callers will be asked what name they want to use to be referred to for the protection of their identity     ● A caller discusses the Anti-White curriculum children are exposed to and alternatives we can create     ● A caller discusses activism during the Coronavirus; getting the word out that the virus is the result of Anti-White policies   
●  A suggestion to post video clips and comments in productive places, such as ‘Conservative’ & ‘normie’ forums    ● It is very important to avoid depression during this time  –  Keep a schedule; exercise; keep a healthy food regimen & avoid junk food and overindulging    ● Do some reading you never had time for; and give yourself projects to work on     ● A BIG round of applause for the chat moderators!

3:47:52 – 3:59:40               Final Skype call for this Going Free stream  –  @BrantDanger:    –   BrantDanger discusses how the Coronavirus epidemic is affecting his small desert community & his teaching profession.   Despite technical difficulties & call blocking issues, the gentlemen have an interesting discussion on living in the new reality.  

4:00:18 – 4:07:23               NWG Closing Messages  –  “Service to Nobility”:    –    Current plans are for shorter Sunday ‘Going Free’ streams, that will feature interaction with a couple of Skype callers per show.  This will make it a very personal, community-oriented show that will also be very welcoming to newcomers.    As the show closes, Jason acknowledges a very kind gift investment in White Wellbeing from ‘Arsenio Harrison’.   Also, participants in the chat speculate on Skype issues.   

                                                Key points:      ● To best protect yourself from this virus, cover your face with a mask  –  If you don’t have a mask, use a bandanna or scarf; anything is better than nothing    ● Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth before washing and sanitizing your hands     ● Stay as happy and healthy as possible  –  Stay in touch and let everyone know how are doing    ● STAY STRONG – 
We are going to get through this and come out stronger than ever!


Mar. 24, 2020:                    Why You Are Suffering From The Coronavirus Plague

00:01 – 1:34                        What is the best way talk about the Coronavirus to Friends, Family & Strangers?   –  What is the most powerful and effective way to get the message to ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’ about what is really going on here — which is, Anti-Whiteism?  Think of your latest trip to the grocery store.  When you were in the store, waiting in line, no doubt the fear and tension over the Coronavirus epidemic pandemic was palpable.  Everywhere around you were stark visual reminders:  Shelves completely emptied of essential cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer & rubbing alcohol.   Everyday staples, produce & meat sections completely desiccated.   The next opportunity you have, chat up the person nearest to you.  And if they seem receptive to you, start with the obvious observation that everything is gone….And then say, “let me tell you why that is.”  Then, move
on to the next person.   Talk about the integrity of our countries and why we have borders.    NWG: “These are great opportunities.” 

                                                Key points:      ● The borders are open because of Anti-Whiteism    ● Not having a border, or having porous borders, is effectively not having a country  –  It is giving away citizenship, which makes citizenship valueless & immaterial     ● Open borders deprives us of the Government’s role in the social contract  –  We have no protection    ● Without Government protection, we have obligations but the government has no obligation to us     ● Our country is open to the “sewers” of the world  –  And the sewers of the world are flooding into our Western countries  
● Borders are somewhat shut now  –  Which proves it can be done when there is a will to do it 
● When this crisis is over, the borders will be opened right back up     

2:35 – 4:40                           Fear of the ‘Smear’:    –   Fear of the smear – Anti-Whiteism – continues to inhibit decisive action.  The sane thing to have done, when the Coronavirus first started spreading through China, would have been to shut down flights from the entire region.  Chinese nationals should have been prevented from entering the United States regardless of where they were coming in from.   Because we were not able to take these steps, people are going to die.  Some people are going to become very ill and go through hell; perhaps, injured for life by the virus.   The disease can also leave permanent lesions in the lungs and throat, and there is no guarantee of immunity after recovering from it. 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG personally knows a healthy individual, under age 60, with no underlying health issues who has contracted the virus and is physically & mentally “going through hell!” 
Most of those people who die from Coronavirus are going to be our People  –  Our White senior citizens will be the most affected demographic & represent a huge portion of the remaining White population

4:42 – 6:03                           Every time you discuss the Coronavirus assert that Anti-Whiteism is the cause:   –   It’s not the Chi-Comms, not the Red Chinese; Anti-Whites are responsible for this.  Trump was afraid of being called an anti-White slur & was otherwise engaged in a phony impeachment trial, and he did absolutely nothing to protect us. 

6:05 – 9:36                           Anti-Whiteism is the cause of critical & common medications being produced in a place like China  –  China is a hostile, Non-White Anti-White nation & considers itself always at war with the United States.  Why have they been allowed to control the manufacture of medications that are a matter of life and death to many of our citizens??   NWG:  “Tell them who’s to blame.  It’s not a ‘Chi-comm’ on the other side of the world.  It’s the cat-lady with the ‘Hate Has No Home Here’ sign out front (in her yard)!”  That is who to blame.  

                                                Key points:      ● Incentives & disincentives  –  It would have been very easy to disincentivize the outsourcing of medication manufacturing     ● This is not an economic issue nor is it about stupidity or shortsightedness  –  It is an Anti-White issue!     ● Economic incentives have been put in place to capitalize on the harm inflicted on Westernkind by manufacturing our goods in Non-White countries     ● Other incentives could have been put in place to equally enrich these companies by keeping the manufacturing in the United States   

9:39 – 12:06                        So-called “Non-Felonious” crimes are being decriminalized all over the country:   –   Letting the rampantly criminal element of our society out of jails and prisons for their own protection (!!) leaves us with no protection from the inevitable rapes, robberies and other injury that will be inflicted on mostly WHITE PEOPLE.   Having wasted all the resources of the formerly White nation on a multiracial farce, we now do not have the resources to even enforce the law. 

                                                Key points:      ● Unleashing the demons of crime to prey on us    ● Wasted taxpayer dollars, time, talent & energy that have been spent on Anti-White schemes in a failed attempt to prop up the fantasy that we are all the same regardless of our race/Bio-Spirit      ● “The White race is fleeced and they’re willing to pay for the peace”    ● If you think the stores were barren before, wait until the looters and mobs of “youths” go rampaging through them!     ● Our communities are destroyed for the benefit of the Non-White communities   

12:09 – 14:16                      Economic Destabilization:   –   Anti-Whiteism is to blame for all of this:  There will be economic destabilization.  People are going to lose jobs.  No, this is not the end of the economy.  Those who are pushing that narrative are feeding your fear and wasting your time.  The question to always ask the doomsayers is, “And what?”  What can I/am I supposed to do about it?   If the answer is do nothing & be fearful, or buy product, STOP listening to them! 

                                                Key points:      ● Will Non-Whites be hired to replace those who have been displaced by the crisis?    ● Stock market losses affecting those with pensions & 40l k’s  –  The wealth of some of our People evaporating     ● People falling into arrears on debts; defaulting on mortgages   ● The fear in the hearts of our children as they are not allowed to go out to play, or to go back to school  –   Our children afraid of not having a future    ● All of this is more evidence that we, White People, do not control our destiny     

                                                NWG:  “None of this would have happened with a sane government, manned by our heroes, for the Wellbeing of our People.”  


Mar. 23, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt | Western Civilization Lurching Toward Oblivion/Opportunity

1:27 – 10:55                        Welcome to Going Free!     –    No White Guilt (NWG/Jason Kohne) Welcomes and greets those who are viewing the live-stream, those who are showing up in the chat, and those who will see the stream in replay at a later time.  Jason is recovering from intercontinental travel and a bad cold but is on the way to recovery; and, of course, he is not taking a rest from working for White Wellbeing.  NWG apologizes for having a cough that will be with him throughout the stream:  “Yes; it sounds like the plague…. But, it’s just a cold!”   

 One thing that does try his patience, NWG admits, is people wasting time by buying into Alex Jones-tier conspiracy theories.  

                                                Key points:      ● It is noted by someone in the chat that notifications are again being turned-off  by the censors at YouTube & that subscribers are not being alerted when Going Free streams begin   ● If you are subscribed to the No White Guilt Channel  & want to received notifications, please make sure you are still subscribed & that notifications are on    ● Some older YouTube channels like Alex Jones and other conspiracy channels, are putting out content that would get many channels banned and are allowed to carry on while channels talking about the truth are being deleted by YouTube       ● The only solution conspiracy channels come up with is spreading fear  –   Advocating for doing nothing, but crawling in a hole and hiding      ● By the way, is it a good idea to buy vitamins & supplements from someone (Alex Jones!) who is obese and appears very unhealthy?     ● Coronavirus is a big family  –  COVID-19 is just one of its children

13:10 – 17:39                      People who are selling fear & exploiting tenuous connections:     –   When you hear someone who is pushing a narrative unsupported by facts, reason, logic & evidence; ask the question “and?” at the end of every theory they push.   NWG:  “These people are selling you non-starters.  They absorb your time; they frighten you.”  And what ends up happening when you are frightened is one of two things:  You either have to dismiss your fear, or you have to act upon it.  It consumes all of your time and energy. 

                                                Key points:      ● We must see the world as it actually is      ● Time not spent working for White Wellbeing is time not spent reclaiming our Destiny     ● Mysterious forces that cannot be named cannot be fought  –  This engenders absolute apathy & terror   ● People who obfuscate & mislead are doing the work of the Anti-Whites for them!     ● If the ‘action’ they recommend is buying products from them, you are wasting your time & money 

17:46 – 22:05                      Senator Rand Paul tests ‘positive’ for COVID-19:     –    The actual disease is SARS-CoV-2.  The Senator is asymptomatic and is currently under quarantine.  He was tested out of an abundance of caution after extensive travel.   NWG notes it is a very sad age we live in, when those who are considered the outspoken ‘heroes’ are as gelded as Sen. Rand Paul.  “It’s time for White men to be White men; there’s no argument otherwise.”              

                                                Key points:      ● Congress is at work on a relief packing but of course was unable to pass anything at the time of this stream       ● Relief package could cost as much as $4 Trillion    

22:10 –25:31                       China Stops Testing & Shortens Quarantines    –   Which is probably the reason for no new cases reported there lately.   A large number of patients returned to society without completing treatment to give the appearance that the Coronavirus has been halted in that country. 

                                                Key points:      ● No need for special names (like “Chi-Comms, Red Chinese, etc.) for the Chinese who are inflicting harm on us  –  Just call them “Anti-White”    ● The Chinese government is Anti-White and you cannot trust any of their numbers   

25:32 – 28:24                      Welcoming ‘worse’ times so that we can create better times together:   –   The leader of the Nordic Resistance expresses optimism that something good can come from the free-fall our society is already in, which is escalating as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic panic.  There will be far-reaching consequences of the pandemic that we can use to work for our benefit. 

Key points:      ● Things getting “worse” is only good if there is something to replace it with  –  Otherwise, worse is just worse!  (Zimbabwe, South Africa)    ● We need a psychological defense for the psychological warfare that is being waged against us    ● If we do not have the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free we will FAIL  

28:25 – 30:17                      “Youths” looting, fighting and rampaging in grocery stores in London and Paris:   –   Just some children at play?  No, of course not.   And, it is all utterly, utterly predictable.  Anything that stands in the way of the Non-White, Anti-White’s ability to consume freely at our expense, any hiccup in the system, is met with rapacious destruction by the “teens” are who no longer teenagers. 

30:32 – 33:58                      Musical Interlude:   –   Chuck Martel’s Garage Party, White Wellbeing Community Vids; Traversing the Divide’s “Touch the Sky”, from the No White Guilt Channel. 

Key point:      ● No support shaming!  Please support all of our White-positive artists and creators.

34:03 –36:26                       What price should China pay for unleashing a global pandemic?   –   China should not be producing all of our medical supplies and medication.  “Bring all of that back home!”  That would inflict proper harm on China for all the destruction they have wrought on the world economy, including the devastation of our economy that was in play even before the Coronavirus was unleashed.  

                                                Key points:      ● China is not merely a ‘sleeping giant’ – They have ambitions of world dominance    ● China wants to build a military base on the moon  

36:27 – 38:24                      Getting strange looks from others while wearing protective masks and goggles:   –   Give this ZEO concern.  If verbally pressed or questioned, simply let the person know how little you care for their input on your safety measures.

38:57 – 40:20                      NWG’s countdown to Coronavirus Freedom:   –    NWG gives a big “Thanks!” to everyone who has been following his 14-day countdown to being Coronavirus free after travel abroad, and since developing a cold upon return to the United States.  

                                                Key points:      ● Much appreciation and thanks to all who had kind & courteous words to say about the fantastic speech Jason gave at the Patriotic Alternative Conference.  The speech by NWG/Jason Kohne can be found on the Radio Albion website link here:
 ● The conference was masterminded by Mark Collett, and could not have been more successful

41:22 – 43:33                      Sportsball cancelled??!   Then it must be time for the ‘normies’ to clean out the grocery store shelves!   –   Good luck finding any of your normal purchases; the “orbicular hordes” have already bought up everything.  Including all the milk!  Also discussed, when you apply a little science, things lose their mystery. 

45:47 – 51:55                      SPLC releases fear-mongering hate map during Coronavirus Crisis:   –   While the sheep are at their most fearful & mentally vulnerable, leave it to the Anti-Whites to attempt to fleece them.  The SPLC hate-hoaxers never let a good crisis go to waste in their endless quest for witch-hunting Heretics. 

                                                Key points:      ● If you disagree with Anti-Whiteism, you too could be added to the “hate” map!
● The Anti-Whites are aware that millions of our People are terrified about what is happening in the world right now    ● We no longer live in a homogenous society where we care about other people & other people care about us  –  In a multiracial society, it’s everyone for themselves  
● How do we take the context in which we now find ourselves to help others Go Free?    
● We need the agility to be able to adapt & take advantage of new contexts as they develop and to overcome new obstacles that arise   

52:00 – 57:55                      How ‘Social Distancing’ could lead to a spike in White-Positivity (“White Nationalism”):   –   The SPLC Year in Heresy Report.   Anti-White Rolling Stone magazine acts as mouthpiece for the SPLC (the $PLC again — surprise!) to invent something nefarious in the practice of “social distancing” to blame White people for.   They are “quite concerned”….  Your children are at home from school due to the Kung-flu, and the Anti-Whites are “quite concerned” about “violent” rhetoric. 

                                                Key points:      ● Why do the Anti-Whites want to silence us?  –  Because if people hear a White-positive message, the Anti-Whites will lose control over their minds and what they think & will therefore lose control over their actions     ●  An important MC (meme-curative):   White-positive ideas are convincing to those who are receptive to the message and breaks the spell of Anti-Whiteism  –   This the reason the A/W’s de-platform us and will not debate us    ● The average ‘vague’ and ‘normie’ think that the reason we are silenced is because we have something terrible (“hateful”) to say  –  MC:  If you hear our White-positive message, the Anti-Whites will lose control over your thinking    ● If you are White & you care about the future of White children, your speech is considered “violence” in the Anti-White Narrative  –  Conversely, the actual physical violence inflicted upon you by Anti-Whites is considered “speech”    When you Go Free, you step out of the pages of the Anti-White Narrative  –  That is the real power the Anti-Whites fear 

58:00 – 1:04:25                  Cross-Eyes on the Right:    –    “Cross-eyes” is back; and he also fears an up-tick in people being White-positive.    With another article about NWG, he is actually having the reverse effect of making Jason look better and better to the average ‘normie’.   NWG:  “Please write some more stories about me, my friend.  Please tell the world!”   Cross-Eyes has been listening carefully to Jason’s talking points on how the abortion industry targets White women for birth-rate suppression, and he helpfully repeats NWG’s evidence for any readers of the site. 

                                                Key points:      ● Special “portrait” of Cross-Eyes is displayed onscreen @ 1:00:25    ● Cross-Eyes article is about NWG declaring that the goal of the abortion industry is to kill White babies   
● Does one have to be considered ‘hard Right” to be opposed to abortion?     ● One correction to the Cross-Eyes piece on Jason, just for the record:  NWG is not a “White Nationalist”  –  He is an advocate for White Wellbeing    ● NWG: “There is nothing wrong with protecting White babies; except for people like you (Cross-Eyes) who want to harm White babies.”

 1:04:30 – 1:05:36              Sweden Announces Travel Ban  –  Asylum Seekers are EXEMPT:   –   Invaders will still get keys to hotel rooms at the border.  Befuddled feminism; Anti-Whiteism, run amok:  This is what happens when women are in charge of nations and all that matters are “feelings”. 

1:06:20 – 1:07:47               Could Leaflets be found in grocery stores in the near future?    –    While grocery stores are filled with terrified shoppers, and employees are busy re-stocking the shelves, how about leaflets that explain why we are in the current state of emergency that we are?  Include the website information for No White Guilt.org on your fliers or stickers.     

1:08:29 – 1:11:42               Never wish for anything  –  A wish is a curse:    –   Could Western Civilization be rebuilt to save it from globalism after the Coronavirus plague?  London was rebuilt after the great fire of 1666; can we hope for the same today?  NWG outlines concrete action that can be taken today.    

                                                Key points:      ● “Hope” is not a strategy     ● You can only wish for things as a child  –  The moment you become and adult, a wish becomes a curse that the thing you wish for will never happen    ● Look for the Coronavirus to eventually fade out and then come back seasonally each year to varying degrees of severity   

1:13:20 – 1:15:40               A brilliant idea & a public service announcement video by ‘Final Blossom’  –  ‘Final Blossom’ a true hero in our Community, has released a short Public Service Announcement style video of one of NWG’s orations & made it happen in real life.  In the video, ‘Final Blossom’ demonstrates the brilliant, simple & powerful business size cards for distribution with the No White Guilt/Going Free message.  Simply walk up to a potential prospect, hand them the card; say “I love you”, and walk away.   Show them the love you have for your fellow Westmen!  
Video @ 1:13:44 – 1:14:59

                                                Key points:      ● The business card sized message is on plain stock and simply says:  “No White Guilt” and “nowhiteguilt.org”   ● Our Brothers & Sisters out there are searching for answers  –  Hand them a card & let them know they are not alone!    ● Advantages to the simple & brilliant cards:  Cheap to print in large numbers.  Easy to carry in a wallet or a purse.  Receiver of the card is more likely to investigate further & follow up than they are something they see posted on a flier someplace    ● Being handed a card personally makes it personal to the receiver    ● You might create a variation on the message of the card that speaks to the Coronavirus plague we are currently suffering under   

1:16:21 – 1:19:31               What’s going on over there with Jason Kohne at No White Guilt?   –  Check in with your favorite content creators and let them know about the successes happening with Going Free.  Suggest they give the channel a mention.   Also, Jason details the exciting, real-life successes & energy that we are all creating in  working together for White Wellbeing  —  We are a movement of redemption! 

Minutes/Show Notes for Going Free streams are available:   –   Check the link a the top of the NoWhiteGuilt.org website or on the YouTube channel under the No White Guilt thumbnail, directly beneath the video stream, for show minutes that summarize different topics covered during the stream.  It is a quick way to find information about the hours-long streams that is of interest to you, or that may be useful to others you are helping to Go Free.   

                                                Key points:      ● A big salute & round of applause for Final Blossom for his genius idea with the business cards & to everyone who participated in flier distribution in various locations of Western Civilization around the globe    ● Special “Congrats!” to the lovely Miss Laura Tower & her finance’ on their upcoming nuptials!!     

1:19:35 – 1:21:22               The ‘Crucible’:    –    Soon to be released as a stand-alone novel, “The Crucible” is one of the books-within-a-book of Jason Kohne’s epic work, “Born Guilty”.   As a young man, Jason was regularly attacked by Non-Whites for his fearlessness in standing up for White people & White Wellbeing.  Jason was shunned and ostracized by his White classmates at a very young age, and somehow found the courage and fortitude to endure.   Before he even coined the term White Wellbeing, NWG was put through a trial-by-fire at a very young age; a trial that few adults could be expected to withstand.   He literally learned to fight in the school of ‘hard knocks’.   NWG:  “My nickname was K.O. (knock out)!”

                                                Key point:      ● Don’t fight if you can avoid it  – You don’t want to physically hurt someone over an argument  

1:21:30 – 1:25:35               Another treat from ‘Final Blossom’   –    A hilarious, uplifting, and entertaining video put together with a timeline of “predictions” for our People and our future.  (See the No White Guilt Twitter feed to replay any of the Final Blossom videos)  Video plays @ 1:22:09 – 1:24:22  

                                                Key point:      ● We need optimism  –  Set those goals in the sky and then achieve them 

1:27:20 – 1:29:41               Supporting the work of Jason Kohne/No White Guilt:     –   Tips on using the various methods, from crypto-currency to snail mail (physical P.O. Box), to support NWG’s White-positive advocacy & to help spread the curative-contagion (CC) of Going Free.   All financial gifts given to NWG go strictly for the work of White Wellbeing, with the utmost stewardship given to the very meaningful personal sacrifices our working men & women make to be able to donate to this work.   

1:30:39 – 1:41:43               Jason’s football stories:   –    A first-hand tale of the down-and-dirty tactics of American football & retroactive penalties.   

1:41:59 –1:48:34                Home-schooling during the Coronavirus—And, after:   –   Let’s hope we have a White baby boom as a result of this quarantine!  In the meantime, we must inoculate our children against Anti-Whiteism.  The textbooks, more like “trash-books”, that our children are using in school are FULL of Anti-Whiteism and MP’s (meme-pathogens). 

Key points:      ● We must teach our little boys and little girls exactly what it means to be a proud White man & a proud White woman    ● Look for an upcoming episode of Going Free dedicated to home-schooling    ● White-positive parents taking more than a cursory look at textbooks for children find the pages full of Anti-White poison    ● The text of Jason Kohne’s “Go Free” is available for download purchase on-line and is easily adaptable & suitable for children
● Make certain you teach your children before the Anti-Whites get to them  –  Tell your children in advance what to look for & they will learn to recognize Anti-Whiteism whenever they see it
● For older children who have already been exposed, tell them this knowledge is something you can keep in the family so that they are not exposed at school as Heretics  –  Share the truth with your children & give them this powerful, secret knowledge

1:49:46 – 1:50:24               NWG addresses the use of the greeting “Hail!”   –   ‘Normies’ and ‘vagues’ may well misinterpret the traditional greeting “Hail” and confuse it with a similar greeting.  Best to keep the usage within the White-positive sphere where it is perfectly acceptable and welcome. 

1:52:12 – 2:16:55               Notes of Testimony & Comment received:   –   NWG shares recently received comments, personal testimony, notes and stories of powerful changes being made in people’s lives using the lexicon and dialectics & White-positive message of Going Free.  The work we are all doing digitally will later manifest IRL (in real life).  NWG also addresses content creators who are feeding their followers “slop”. 

                                                Key points:      ● Real friendship & a sense of community and connection arise from being a part of our on-line Going Free family  –  We ARE a family!   ● Meeting old friends for the first time  –  Your on-line friendships & connections are just as real as in-person friendships     ● The hand of the Spirit of the West moves through us all  –  It is something beyond our everyday perception, moving all things to our advantage    ● Will other thought leaders pick up on the simple & effective methods of Going Free?     ● Three cheers for the ‘mods’ (moderators) in the live-chat of the Going Free streams  –  They are doing a sterling job & are always right on top of things, stopping unproductive & subversive dialog.  They also catch a lot of abuse from those they have to correct.  Much love and respect to all our ‘mods’!!     ● Those who are members of Westernkind are our Brothers & Sisters  –  Our Bio-Spirit binds us together     ● Reach out to help those you deem sincere, when & where you can, in a safe and effective manner.

2:17:33 – 2:22:47               Musical Intermission:   –    Video plays of original White-positive music by Donald Kent, “Become Who You Are”.    This and other White-positive music, art, and an incredible variety of content is available on the NoWhiteGuilt YouTube channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.

2:24:20 – 2:27:43               Is the China Coronavirus one of those “event horizon” events?   –   The “event horizon” is when the disparate groups that make up the Anti-White coalition, having marginalized & disempowered White people, begin to look at each other as primary competitors for dominance rather than Westernkind.   The Coronavirus can facilitate this, or speed it up. 

                                                Key points:      ● We do not know how events are going to unfold so we must be ready at all times to take advantage of whatever opportunities arise   ● We need to grow our numbers — quickly!     

2:31:30 – 2:34:36               A content creator with a big audience is asked:  “Why aren’t you telling your people about something that is proven to really work?”   –   NWG shares the experience a Going Free community member ‘European Truth’ had when he reached out to a popular content creator in the White-positive sphere:  With all the positive and powerful things that are happening in real lives with those who are Going Free, why not use your reach to help all those in your audience Go Free?     

2:35:00 –2:41:10                NWG of the Futility of the “Secession” Fallacy:    –   It is not feasible; and the United States government will not allow it to happen.   Those being told this by content creators and others who are promoting secession as a possibility are being seriously misled.  NWG:  “You will be Ruby-Ridged!”  They will ‘Waco’ your @ss! 

                                                Key points:      ● The first change you need to make is within yourself   ● No more excuses about conditions not being exactly right  –   NWG:  “There is no day that’s too plague!”

2:41:41 –2:45:38                Spreading ‘conspiracy theories’ & Sensible Prepping:    –   Content creators who string together ‘facts’ that have little or no concrete connection; the question to ask them is “And?”….  And what do we do about it?  Definitely do get the medical & cleaning supplies, and one to three months worth of food items that you need.  But if someone you are listening to is spreading fear & hopelessness, STOP listening to them.   Anyone who promotes the idea that being afraid & doing nothing — except perhaps buying merchandise from them — is the answer is bringing you harm.    You will not be able to create your own private civilization within your home! 

                                                Key points:      ● You can’t sufficiently prep for a ‘Mad Max’ world!      ● We will survive by relying on each other  –  No more hyper-individualism 

2:47:00 – 2:47:59               This is what a multi-racial society looks like:   –   NWG displays stark photos of what a society looks like during a time of crisis when you have people who don’t care about each other & are only looking out for themselves.  The images of row after row of store shelves emptied of basic & no-so-basic supplies are something we have all now witnessed firsthand.  Your neighbors have all the hand-sanitizer and toilet paper in their storage closets; which means that you can’t get any. 

2:50:51 – 3:08:06               How does SARS CoV-2 harm us?   –   NWG asks those in the chat:  When talking to friends, family, and strangers about the ways in which we have been harmed as a consequence of our governments allowing this pandemic to cross our borders, what are some of the most effective points you can raise?   This is a great opportunity to awaken those around you to the truth that the reason for the destruction wrought by the Coronavirus on our Western nations is because  of Anti-Whiteism. 

                                                Key points:      ● The borders are wide open because of Anti-Whiteism   –  Not having a border means not having a country & giving away citizenship    ● Our government has broken its social contract with us & made our citizenship valueless    ● ‘Fear of the smear’ continues to inhibit decisive action  –  Our borders should have been closed immediately to Chinese nationals no matter what part of the world they were coming from    ● This illness is causing people who catch it to go through hell, even if they are relatively healthy  –  Some will never be healthy again and some will die     ● Most of the deaths will be White senior citizens    ● No real action was taken to stop this death from being unleashed on us because our ‘leaders’ were afraid to be called an anti-White slur    ● Our drugs & medications are being produced in a place like China, a hostile Anti-White nation   –   This should never have been allowed to happen    ● Anti-Whites incentivize  non-White countries to produce cheap goods to inflict harm on Western Civilization       ● “Non-felonious crimes” being decriminalized & jails being opened across the nation; unleashing the dogs of crime  –  This is a recipe for rampant criminality to take hold      
● Economic destabilization  –  Anti-Whiteism is to blame   ● Children living with fear in their hearts about what is going on    ● Massive white collar crime trying to cash in on the Coronavirus     ● Gatekeepers who know what is going on in the world and continue to mislead people   

3:08:06 – 3:12:05               Musical Intermission:    –   Music video plays of Jack White & Hireath’s piece from Chuck Martel’s Garage Party.   Please support all of our White-positive artists!   

3:12:06 – 3:20:05               UBI back on the menu & Civil Unrest being served up hot:   –   As the fabric of our multiracial societies starts to unravel, politicians and authorities will be searching for a way to keep it all under control.  Universal Basic Income (UBI) is once again being bandied about for consideration, an idea NWG has analyzed before in the Going Free streams, and labels the concept “asinine”.  Civil unrest has started to break out in some majority Non-White areas, as those who do not share the Western Bio-Spirit react in the ways they are wont to do.

Key points:      ● Societal collapse is not predicted at this time  –  For now, sensible prepping
and staying away from large gatherings is the prescription.  This may change, though.   
● Governments are taking the steps they are taking to prevent a collapse scenario and to slow the spread of the deadly virus  –  It’s not a ‘conspiracy theory’ or a plot to collapse the economy
● Italy under full lockdown  –  Death rates rising in Europe      ● Criminals being let out of prison because of Anti-Whiteism  –  Why should a criminal be allowed to displace a law-abiding citizen in a hospital bed?    ● Ukraine declares total quarantine     ● Belgium sees 25% jump in cases  
● Saudi Arabia reports 10% spike in cases     ● Germany ends years of fiscal restraint in response to economic toll of virus       ● New York City air traffic control shut-down    ● New Jersey declares full state lockdown    ● FDA authorizes first 45-minute COVID-19 test    ● U.S. fiscal aid package around $2 trillion   ● Officials calling for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics    ● Iran has over 20,000 cases of Coronavirus    ● Italian doctors urge world leaders to lock their nations down    ● Open borders kill    ● Los Angeles moving homeless into recreation centers     ● Anti-White CNN:  “Don’t call it the Wuhan virus”

3:25:19 – 3:26:26               Jordan Peterson, “Platitudinarian”   –   NWG is asked by a commenter in the chat for his opinion of Jordan Peterson:  “I really detest that drug addict!”   Granted, Peterson has said some positive and helpful things, but he is speaking in clichés.  “He speaks tired statements as if they are original.”  The main criticism of Peterson is that he is causing great harm to our young White men and to our People by pushing a deracinated hyper-individualism…. Individualism for Whites, that is. 

3:28:14 – 3:32:42               That’s what good friends are for    –   NWG’s closing message:  We keep each other on track; and, we let each other know when we are getting off track.   And we are here for each other in this time of crisis.  If you have fears, concerns, comments, and/or testimony, please feel free to reach out to Jason on the contact page at No White Guilt Collectibles or on Twitter.  Mark Collett is also open to contact from any sincere individuals who need someone to reach out to.  Please remember, both men receive large numbers of messages and it may be some time before they can get back to you.  Rest assured, they DO care; and will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

                                                NWG:   “Let’s stay positive.  We’re going to get through this!”   All the measures governments are taking are about slowing down the rate of infection. 

                                                Show ends with outro video by ‘Groundhog Fury’ @ 3:32:11 – 3:32:42

                                                Key points:      ● NWG continuing work on stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising”  & working on getting the new computer system up & running      ● We serve the Spirit of the West; that is our highest authority  –  Mother of our Inception; Child of our Creation; Father of our Destiny     ● Let’s help each other; that is what Prometheans do – Keep it Promethean (KIP)


Mar. 15, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt | Back in US – thoughts on the Patriotic Alternative Conference


1:10 – 7:46                           Going Free  –  BACK IN THE USA! :   –  No White Guilt (NWG/Jason Kohne) has triumphantly & safely returned from the Patriotic Alternative Conference in the United Kingdom, and greets all who are showing up in the chat and everyone who has tuned in to the Going Free (GF) live-stream, live or in replay.  Jason has literally flown into his office to start the weekly GF message on time; and relates the phenomenon of “meeting old friends for the first time” to describe meeting IRL those he had only known before as an on-line presence. 

                                                Key points:      ● Airports are now ‘Disease Central’  –  Long lines at the airport have been reported but some efficiencies were in place    ● Television camera crews were there getting raw footage of people arriving in the USA     ● “Double-bagging” it with the protective masks when riding in a cattle-car type situation  –  And also wearing protective goggles; of course

7:59 – 9:51                           A real feeling of bonhomie with the like-minded people at the Patriotic Alternative Conference:  
We are entering a new age.  Instead of seeing each other as separate groups, as we would have in the past, we are now united with our White Brothers & Sisters in others countries as one People. 

                                                 Key point:      ● We are far more like the Englishmen than any Non-White whose family has been in the U.K. for decades  –  We share the same Bio-Spirit    

11:20 – 13:36                      Someone in the Bureaucracy hasn’t got the memo yet:   –   NWG was given a form to fill out with only 2 sexes listed on it —- the horror!  Haven’t these people received the memo yet about gender fluidity & the 57 possible genders??  On a serious note, those returning to the USA are being asked generic medical questions such as, “do you have a fever or a cough?”, and “do you feel unwell?”

                                                Key points:      ● Is the incubation period for the Coronavirus up to 2 weeks, or 3 weeks?  More?   ● Elderly & those with underlying medical conditions are most vulnerable   

15:40 – 18:13                      An amazing spirit of love:   –   As Jason was faced with the distressing possibility of having  real difficulty getting back into the United States, he received an outpouring of a spirit of genuine love and concern from all our White-positive Brothers & Sisters; with offers of a place to stay, and offers to assist in any way possible.  We are a family!  

Key points:      ● It appeared there were around 200 people at the Patriotic Alternative Conference      ● The staff were very amenable; something you wouldn’t likely find in the United States      ● This ‘plague’ is helping people to come to the truth:  NWG:  “People are really getting nervous.” 

19:15 – 28:31                      Stunning landscape in the U.K. countryside:   –   NWG describes wood pigeons and a family of pheasants walking along the side of the road, beautiful green downs, and other natural beauty of the English countryside.   Wherever we go as Westmen, we experience a deep resonance with everything that is a part of Western Civilization; everything we make, build, and create.   Foreign Bio-Spirits, and all they create, clash with us internally. 

                                                Key points:      ● The real men are in the White-positive sphere  –  Seeking the ultimate goal of glory in recapturing the destiny of the West    ● White-positive men are markedly different from the Civ-Nats and other lukewarm males     ● NWG made videos for people who could not attend the conference      ● The miracles of the creations of Westernkind  –  An airplane that can take you half-way around the world & safely return you in time to carry on your life as normal …
”There I was; just this morning.”      ● The rare pleasure of being served by a staff of people with the same Bio-Spirit  –  Old World energy and charm abounded 

30:14 – 34:29                      There were a lot of women at the conference:   –   The women were attractive; healthy-looking and polite.  And the men were too.  Lots of photos taken!   NWG:  “A lot of bright people were there; bright faces, bright minds.”

36:00 –39:28                       NWG Unscripted at the Conference:   –  NWG:  “I told a few jokes.”   (NoteIndependent sources indicate that Jason is being very modest; I have heard it described as a real “barn-stormer” of a speech that absolutely brought the house down.  Reports also say the speech was very White-pilling and incredibly powerful.)  Link to the speech here:  https://www.radioalbion.com/2020/03/patriotic-alternative-conference-jason.html

                                                Key point:      ● The incredible Sven Longshanks of Radio Albion.com provided the technical wizardry that made everything happen  

41:08 – 41:52                      Daffodils were out everywhere:   –  The English countryside was blooming with NWG’s favorite flower.  

42:19 – 44:32                      Diversity and Heterogeneity: –   NWG:  “We had magnificent diversity!”  WE are the true people of color; with many different hues of White skin, and an entire spectrum of hair and eye colors.  How is it “adding diversity” to bring in people with uniformly black hair and brown hair & skin color & eyes??

51:18 – 1:00:19                  Super-Chats & Financial Gifts:   –   NWG personally paid all the taxes on Super-chats that were received the past year; even those shared with others on the stream.  Going forward, you can still financially gift to support Jason’s work for White Wellbeing.  Give the benefit of your support to Entropy, instead of YouTube.   

                                                Key points:      ● Other ways of gifting:  Ko-fi, CashApp, and via direct mail to the Post Office Box  
● Noble character & integrity in the White-positive sphere  –  Mark Collett makes a gesture to help out the staff at the conference venue, who will be suffering financial losses from the Coronavirus scare     ● NWG steps up to make an appeal for financial support for Mark Collett in return 

1:03:01 – 1:03:30               Prometheus Rising!   –   Stand-alone version scheduled to be released very soon.

1:04:05 – 1:04:54               Press “One” for Mark Collett:   –   A big salute to Mark Collett; a stand-up guy who always comes through and gets it done.

1:07:40 – 1:10:12               Union Jack No White Guilt Shirts:   –  Jason shares memories of an experience he was able to confirm with Matk Collett.  The two great men had actually met once before years ago at an American Renaissance Conference.  Also, Union Jack No White Guilt t-shirts are available at No White Guilt Collectibles.  https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com

1:10:13 – 1:12:38               Countries under Quarantine:   –   Life under quarantine is becoming a strange new normal.  NWG plans a triumphant return to the U.K. as soon as the plague is over.  NWG:  “I will talk to absolutely anyone about White Wellbeing; and, I couldn’t care less whether they like it or not!” 

1:14:35 – 1:21:25               Living under Quarantine in Spain:   –   Simon Harris was scheduled to speak at the Patriotic Alternative Conference but was unable to leave the house due to strict quarantine measures in the country of Spain where he resides.  NWG discusses how now during this time of crisis, it is the exactly right time to reach out to our People.   Also, a mention to all our White-positive artists about Jeff Winston’s White Art Collective.    https://www.whiteartcollective.com 

                                                Key points:      ● Governments want the virus to hit their populations slowly, so that they can prevent large numbers of people from dying unnecessarily  –  Doesn’t have to be a bizarre theory to figure out the logic of this     ● Wild, speculative theories create an unhealthy fear in our people      ● If the Government decides to kill everyone who is White-positive, there is nothing we could do to stop that in the current context   –   We need to get to a place where we can!  

1:21:45 – 1:32:02               How long do you think this new state of ‘crisis-normal’ is going to last?   –   NWG:  “The plague?  Forever.  The quarantines and that sort of thing?  Hard to say.”    Governments of the world are doing their best to slow down the Coronavirus as it seeps into the population.  This new restricted way of living may last a lot longer than we are going to want it to.  “I don’t see it diminishing whatsoever, like flu (does) when the season warms up.”  Any diminishing in the spread of the virus in Northern hemisphere during the warmer months will likely be due to the government’s restricting large gatherings. 

                                                Immediate measures that have been taken to slow the spread of the virus have already affected the daily lives of us all; including closings of schools, libraries, and government offices and measures such as drive-thru only services at banks and restaurants. 

                                                Key points:      ● Governments are not trying to “wreck” the economy on purpose  –  It is in their best interests to keep everything calm and under control     ● Exploring questions and “conspiracy theories” can be a useful & stimulating mental exercise    ● Economy will naturally be repressed by the quarantines & shortages    ● The virus itself will probably become endemic  & behave like a seasonal serious illness, like pneumonia     ● It will be the weaker strain of the virus that survives  –  The stronger strain will kill people too quickly to survive and be passed on    ● The virus is “novel”, meaning there aren’t any people out there who are immune to it  
● Wetter, warmer months will have some slowing effect on the length of time the virus can live on surfaces

1:32:50 – 1:38:47               White Wellbeing Music:   –   Chuck Martel’s Garage Party; Traversing the Divide’s “Falling through the Clouds”, from the White Wellbeing Community Vids on the No White Guilt channel.  This song/video premiered on March 13, 2020.   Look forward to more songs, comedy, drama and a wide variety of entertainment from the incredibly talented pool of White-positive artists who are Going Free!  [Music/video plays @ 1:33:59 – 1:38:22]

1:39:15 – 1:40:10               It’s just like in Sales  –  If a person cannot be reached; don’t waste your time:   –   If you recommend someone come over to Going Free at the No White Guilt channel, and it’s not for them, don’t worry.  They will self-select to reject the message and you can move on to someone who will benefit from it. 

                                                Key point:      ● “Well, I actually agreed all along” –  When Going free achieves a certain momentum, even the more cowardly will find the courage to come aboard and do what is working for their own self interests. 

1:45:30 – 1:49:06               The Benny Hill Show & Closing Messages from NWG:   –   Ah, those were the days in British television…  Who could resist the comic genius of Benny Hill?  Not to mention, all the lovely women running around in their underwear as a part of the show!  And a big “thank you” to Mark Collett and everyone who was at the Patriotic Alternative Conference.  Also, a big salute to everyone in the chat tonight; and a salute to those who followed NWG via live-stream on his journey to the United Kingdom.    NWG:  “Hopefully, we’ll get this little plague issue out of the way.”


Mar. 13, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt | In UK for the Patriotic Alternative Conference – despite plague

Video #74

00:01 – 7:21                        Going Free in the U.K.!  –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) has arrived somewhere in the United Kingdom and greets those who have joined the live-stream in the chat.  Jason is attending the Patriot Alternative Conference, and has met the great Mark Collett and other luminaries.  The event is an opportunity to celebrate the tremendous positive momentum that is happening in the cause for White Wellbeing. 

                                                Key points:      ● Are the Thought Police in the United Kingdom too preoccupied with people dying of the Coronavirus to catch Heretics at the border?      ● Planes not carrying full capacity due to virus    ● Airports on both ends of the flight were rather barren     ● Some taking a cavalier to the deadly virus  –  Others hunkered down in fearful precaution     ● U.S. President ‘Donald’ addresses the nation about a state of emergency due to Coronavirus  –  Many say it was a very poor performance by Trump and that he did not look good at all    

7:23 – 14:20                        What is the Remedy for the state Westernkind is in?  What is it we personally can do right now?  The concrete thing that you can do right now is Go Free personally, treat your MP’s (meme-pathogens), and talk to others about Going Free.   It is analogous to the instructions given when traveling by air in the pre-flight preparations:  Put on your oxygen mask first; and then help others around you put on theirs.  This is how we build community and connections so that we reach a point where we have enough influence to cause a societal shift; and a pandemic such as the Coronavirus is definitely one of the unforeseeable events that will create a change in the context, something that could not have been foreseen. 

                                                Key points:      ● You can’t help others if you are infected with MP’s yourself    ● Coronavirus pandemic is far more deadly than flu    ● This does not mean it’s the “end of the world”  –  Governments are taking drastic steps to attempt to control the rate of the virus spreading in an attempt to soften the impact     ● The virus is “novel”; so the real danger is great numbers of people catching it at the same time and entire industries shutting down     ● Especially critical is the healthcare industry

14:30 – 17:39                      Understandable risk-avoidance and sensible precautions:   –   NWG is taking every precaution possible to carry out what he views as his proper role in serving White Wellbeing.  It is perfectly understandable that many people are canceling travel and not attending meetings in order to avoid what is at the very least a terrible flu-like illness.   One major concern:  Getting stranded in the U.K. and having work for White Wellbeing and daily life interrupted. 

                                                Key points:      ● Healthy people most likely will defeat the virus if infected    ● Even if there is a global pandemic and economic chaos, we still have to work for White Wellbeing  –  Recapturing our Destiny depends upon it    ● Concerns over being quarantined for up to 45 days upon return to the U.S. if displaying any signs or symptoms of illness  

17:42 – 18:41                      Welcome to Londonistan!   –    There is still some absolutely splendid English countryside and small towns filled with the native stock.  Even so, many of the White people residing in the more pristine areas are ‘vagues’; aimlessly wandering around, worried about the new flu reaching them rather than recognizing the ”bete noire” in the form of Anti-Whites that is the truly deadly virus.   Someone in the chat advises staying away from London’s No-o Zones.

19:00 – 21:41                      Will the Patriotic Alternative Conference be recorded for replay?   –   Video should be posted by Mark Collett on his BitChute channel, although probably not live-streamed.   Some speeches by other attendees may not be suitable for YouTube’s censorious Anti-White standards.

                                                Key point:      ● Where in the U.K. is the conference being held?  –  This information cannot be revealed due to Anti-White terrorist tactics   

22:01 – 30:16                      It’s a “planned-demic” rather than a pandemic:   –   A commenter named “Simon” has come up with a clever pun; “planned-demic” instead of “pandemic”…   It would not have to be a conspiracy or a planned bio-weapon for those in power, especially the Anti-Whites, to make use of the Coronavirus to seize power and control in a variety of ways.   In the service of White Wellbeing, we should do the same —  use whatever power we have to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a crisis to our advantage.   

                                                Key points:      ● Never let a good crisis go to waste    ● Alex Jones types misguide and mislead by taking an event and creating a back-drop for it to fit into some planned narrative that never existed in the first place     ● In reality, events happen in the real world  –  And then those in power use those events to their own benefit     ● Thought chains that lead you into erroneous conclusions and away from the Truth    ● NWG discusses the most likely scenario of the appearance of the virus

30:30 – 33:41                      There is a real positive energy at the Patriotic Alternative Conference:   –   NWG: “We know that we are the tomorrow.  We know that we are the winds of change!”  

                                                Key point:      ● Civic Nationalism is dying in the U.K. –  People are realizing for themselves that there is no way it will lead to them recapturing their country and their destinies

34:17 – 34:51                      So what happened with the Police Officer from the earlier stream?   –   While live-streaming from the waiting area at the Dulles Aiport, and audibly discussing White Wellbeing, NWG caught the attention of a nearby police officer who was keeping an eye on the proceedings.  When NWG got up to leave to resume his journey, he received an almost imperceptible grin and a wry wink from the law officer.  …”And (he) didn’t say anything at all.” 

34:53 – 41:59                      Trump has banned flights from Europe: but not the United Kingdom   –   Not yet, anyway, at the time of this live-stream.   Fortunately, NWG received no hassles at customs as far more pressing issues are occupying the Governments across the West.  With an attitude of jubilance, if not defiance, Conference attendees enjoyed a loud & jovial meeting at a British pub.  NWG and Mark Collett were able to finally meet in person.    

                                                Key points:      ● American citizens getting stranded in Europe  –  American Government considering adding the U.K. to the closed-border list    ● Coronavirus reaction “hype” is all about containment  –  It will in all likelihood become endemic like HIV   ● The future may hold rolling travel bans as the virus sweeps back and forth across continents    ● Certain businesses may be barred from allowing patrons to enter during certain periods of high virus activity  

42:12 –44:20                       IQ check:  How smart is it to get on a cruise ship right now?   –   Quarantines versus being held for observation.   You’ll find out which is which if you attempt to leave a quarantined area.

                                                Key point:      ● There are Americans still being confined/quarantined in the United States after attempting to re-enter the country while presenting flu symptoms  –  And no; they are not free to just walk away and resume their lives     

44:24 – 46:04                      “We are a Global People; A single People with many countries”:   –   We are not many Peoples with many countries.  We all share the Western Bio-Spirit.  As such, we must maintain and strengthen our ties to another and developer stronger bonds.  We must fight against the inertia of falling back into the old ways that the Anti-Whites have already defeated, and can defeat again. 

                                                Key point:      ● Antiquated Nationalism that allowed for harming our Brothers & Sisters in other White nations, such as during the World Wars   

46:58 – 47:52                      “Quit touching your face!”  –  A commenter notes that Jason is making the mistake of touching his face.  NWG responds that it seems to only happen while he is video-streaming.  Is there something about having others watch us that provokes us to unconsciously touch our face?   NWG briefly goes over safety precautions. 

47:58 – 48:45                      The phenomena of meeting people you feel as if you already know:   –   Being an on-line Community, we really do already know one another.  NWG describes the experience of turning a corner and suddenly seeing people he had only met on-line via video before.  Jason describes it as quite a wonderful moment:  “It’s wonderful meeting old friends for the first time.” 

49:14 – 50:35                      Spreading White Wellbeing to ‘normies’ in the U.K.:   –   Some people are more open to the message than others.  Also, will speakers at the conference be uploading their own speeches? 

51:11 –  53:13                     Is a HazMat suit appropriate attire for the future?   –   NWG considered wearing his distinctive yellow ersatz painters “HazMat” suit from an earlier stream on the Coronavirus to the conference.   It would be an easy way for your friend or driver to spot you at the airport: “I’m wearing yellow; you’re not going to be able to miss me!”   And sleep is necessary — even for those who are saving our race. 

53:30 – 1:06:15                  Final thoughts – Closing Messages:   –   Is Alex Jones right??  Maybe not….   And, NWG is going to go ahead with the Going Free stream this Sunday, if he is physically back in the United States.  Jason also discusses how women “choose” in the mating game. 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG reviews safety measures beyond not touching your face  –  You are not safe once you get home until you wash & sanitize your hands!     ● Border on Sweden still wide open     ● Avoid large crowds   


Mar. 12, 2020:            Going Free | No White Guilt | In Dulles – headed to Patriotic Alternative Conference –despite plague

Video #73

00:41 – 8:29                        No White Guilt On the Road on a Secret Journey:   –  Greetings from NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) who is on the road during the Wild West Coronavirus…..Welcome to the maiden voyage of joining NWG on the move!   NWG welcomes those who are showing up in the stream, and adjusts to technical difficulties.    

                                                Key points:      ●‘Donald’ has banned travel from Europe while NWG heads to the United Kingdom (UK)    ●‘Donald’ has no problem banning travel from Europe, while others countries cannot be excluded from the US no matter what!     ● Grocery store shortages across the U.S.  –  Especially toilet paper!    ● New video up by ‘Final Blossom’

8:30 – 14:26                        Lots of new information coming out about the Coronavirus:   –   ‘Donald’ easily banned flights from Europe; and although he hasn’t added the United Kingdom to the banned list yet, the situation is very fluid.   Internal flights within the United States could become limited within the next few days.   (Please note that NWG appears “side-ways” as he attempts to read the stream.)  

                                                Key points:      ● People being quarantined in the United States for a month when showing symptoms  –  What will happen to their lives?     ● Is NWG on a toilet paper run ??      ● NWG reconnects right-side-up    ● Does NWG need reading glasses, or are printers intentionally making things blurry?  

14:58 – 22:47                      “If I’m going to be out here in this disease-laden world”…:   –   NWG:  “I thought I’d take my closest friends along with me.”    People in the chat speculate where Jason could possibly be streaming from.

We may be entering a new landscape for White Wellbeing (WWB).  The Coronavirus may be something that becomes endemic; something that we will deal with in some variety from here on out.   Things may be changing on a more fundamental level.  This may be the societal context shifting scenario that NWG has spoken of many times.  A change of context that is unpredictable and that we are unable to see beyond at this time.    

                                                Key points:      ● County offices and businesses closing or going to minimal operations    ● Are we to believe the official line that this is really no worse than the flu?    ● If the issue is that the virus is “novel”, it may be that officials want the infection to enter the population slowly    ● If infection happens all at once, everything will shut down and those who could have been saved would be lost    ● Are we ready to make use of the new challenges and opportunities?  –  Do we have enough people Going Free to be able to make use of those new realities?      ● The events that are unfolding now before us are the reason why we need to be spending all of our time reaching out to others with the message of WWB, rather than indulging in endless hypothetical scholarly arguments or snarky ‘psyche nationalism’    ● A pandemic that may become endemic  –  Are we going to be seeing massive numbers of our White elderly passing away because of this?  

23:07 – 26:06                      NWG’s Travel Precautions:   –   Is the virus transmissible via the mucous membranes of the eyes?

                                                 Key points:      ● What will the new advocate for WWB look like?    ● Biological European White Erasure is worse than any Coronavirus!

26:34 –29:16                       Utterly Predictable:   Anti-Whites all around the globe speculating that the Virus is the fault of Americans; i.e, White People   –    The mood on the ground is somewhat pensive; and tense.  (Note:  This stream will only be on YouTube; others streams to follow will be on other platforms as well)  And, a police officer quietly has an eye on NWG’s streaming activity…..

                                                Key point:      ● Further precautions:  When you get home, wash your hands — then wash your face as well    

29:34 – 30:50                      “Keep me in your thoughts”:   –   NWG asks everyone to keep him in their thoughts as he wraps up an impromptu stream.  Also, should we change out culture in the West to adopt wearing masks in public on a permanent basis?   NWG on wearing a mask & ‘goggles’ when a hired driver from a foreign land picked him up:  “I don’t give a damn what he thought.”

                                                Key points:      ● Keep an eye out for further impromptu streams as events play out    ● Don’t be embarrassed or self-conscious about putting on a mask, protective eyewear, or any other protective measures available to you  –  Protect yourself above all else

31:01 – 31:45                      NWG thanks everyone for joining the stream:   –    And he will not be inviting the nearby police officer onto the stream! 

34:08 – 38:28                      NWG signing off the stream:  –   Is the police officer a fan of Going Free?  Or will NWG be red-flagged for being a Heretic?  As NWG continues to live-stream and speak into the phone, he observes:  “I’ve actually acquired quite a bit of an audience across from me.” 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG signs off and advises there will be updates and more information soon about his secret journey!     ● Final advice about staying as safe as possible from the virus  –  Wash your hands; don’t touch your face; wear a face mask if in a group or around someone who is coughing   


Mar. 8, 2020:                      Going Free | No White Guilt | Coronavirus | Slovakia Nat | Abortion | Greek vs Xerxes | Hungary

Video #72

1:27 – 5:03                           Opening Show Sequence:   – Greetings from No White Guilt (NWG/Jason Kohne) @ 1:54
We have ‘leapt forward’ with the advent of Spring, and the springing forward by one hour of the clock!   In the first news item, “The Donald” has pardoned a Non-White female auto thief and former reality TV star.  It seems a future in politics is in her plans.  Of course! 

                                                Key points:      ● Laura, is a hero in our Community who is also the heart & soul and engine of NatConnect (with Way of the World).  Reach out to find like-minded Nationalists in your area (or elsewhere) with whom you can meet or correspond  @  NatConnect@protonmail.com  
● Do your due diligence and establish trust before meeting anyone face-to-face & never divulge personal information about yourself to someone on-line    ● Laura recommends “Dissident Flight Radio” on SoundCloud    ●  Watch the video on the NatConnect project at https://www.bitchute.com/video/24RKnHq37Lcn

5:05 – 8:03                           Afghanistan  –  The Graveyard of Empires:   –   After 19 years of war and (at least) $1 trillion, an unknowable numbers dead, the U.S. is declaring ‘victory’ in Afghanistan.  As NWG predicted back in 2001, “We will win until we lose.”    We were never going to win the war in Afghanistan because the United States lacked the will to turn the desert country into a sheet of glass. 

                                                Key points:      ● Shameful lies & propaganda were used to get us into the war  –  This is the same phenomena as what gets us into all wars    ● Oil pipelines a more likely reason  –  And as long as the pipelines don’t get destroyed, the U.S. and the world will turn a blind eye to what the Taliban do in that country

8:05 – 9:50                           Slovakia Nationalism:   –    The People’s Party – Our Slovakia Nationalist Party (LSNS) is now the fourth-strongest in Parliament.     

9:54 – 14:24                        Recently Published & Free to Download E-Book:   –    “How to Organize a Traditional Dance”, by Jeff Winston at the White People’s Press.  Special credit to Jared George (The Great Order), Liv Heide of WhiteDate.net, Josh Neal (author of “I’m a feminist and 10 other things women never want to hear ) and John Young, WVM News.net    Purchase the book here, for a mere .99 cents for the Kindle download:   https://www.amazon.com/Organize-Traditional-Dance-Jeff-Winston/dp/1733602631/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0

                                                Key points:      ● Non-political social events a great way to build Community     ● White-positive dating at White Date.net   https://www.whitedate.net/      ● Our men & women in times past often met at traditional dance halls  

14:30 – 18:47                      Musical Interlude:   –   ForNull’s “Their Game & Guilt in my Heart” and “Take Fight”; from White Wellbeing Community Vids, on the No White Guilt Channel.

18:49 – 20:44                      Anti-White Hate Crimes have become an everyday phenomena in Denmark:    –    A campaign against Anti-White violence in Denmark…. “This will be stopped.”    Non-White Anti-Whites in recent weeks have been assaulting Danes in a wave of “domination crimes.” 

                                                Key points:      ● Extremely brutal crimes where Non-Whites attack a random White person & force them to do humiliating acts      ● This same phenomena is seen in  every major city across the Western when Non-White communities are agitated        ● Ask those is your circles of influence:  Why are the news agency not reporting on these things?      ● These crimes do not fit the Anti-White Narrative  –  Therefore they are buried from the public view; “Hush Crimes”  

20:45 – 21:57                      Irish students fool Antifa with fake Twitter Account:   –    A fake Twitter account, Irish Students Against Fascism, was actually a honey-pot account to collect information on the Antifa doxxers themselves and expose them. 

                                                Key points:      ● This is actually a clever and effective way to serve white Wellbeing if you have the time to devote to it     ● Trying to be of higher morality than your Enemies, or “above this sort of thing” is how you LOSE!   NWG:  “There is nothing good or moral about being a loser for any reason.”    

21:58 – 22:45                      People should accept that American power comes from (anti-White slur) “Racism” ??  :   
U.S. history built on the oppression of “Black bodies”, according to Anti-white Ilhan Omar at an Anti-White “Radical Racial Justice Seminar”.   NWG:  “You can never atone for a crime or sin that you have not committed.”

22:46 – 23:40                      Hungary’s Day of Honor:   –    Hundreds of men and women from Hungary and beyond pay their respects to the fallen heroes who fought at Fortress Budapest in 1945.  In that historic tragedy in Budapest, Hungarian citizens were lured out into the open by false promises of food and aid by Soviet forces, who then mercilessly slaughtered them on the spot.  A lesson to be learned here:  Our Victimizers have no honor; and therefore, deserve none in return.

24:01 – 24:59                      Two self-professed supporters of AFPAC hurl accusations at NWG:   –   NWG attacked for casting an analytical eye on the entry of Michelle Malkin into the White-positive sphere at AFPAC.  NWG has come under fire from certain AFPAC (America First Political Action Conference) supporters. 

                                                Key point:      ● Supports claim AFPAC is actually a CivNat (Civic-Nationalist) organization 

25:00 – 28:00                      Abortion Industry & Lax Safety Standards:   –   Safe, legal, and rare??  Non-Whites obtain a higher percentage of abortions that Whites.  This is simply collateral damage to the abortion industry; and this not a good talking point to use.  The real target of the abortion industry is White women. 

28:02 – 32:21                      Coronavirus comes to NWG’s neighborhood:   –   And coming soon to a neighborhood near YOU.   Interestingly, those who contracted the disease were attending AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).  And in related news, a Bernie Sanders rally was interrupted by an idiotic play-actor from the Anti-White Narrative waving a “Nazi” flag behind him on the stage….  ADL reacts with delight; Holocaust WW2 religion makes obligatory appearance.  

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whites are framing the discussion of the virus to blame it on White People 
● We will place the blame for the spread of the Coronavirus firmly on Anti-Whiteism  –  Which is where it belongs! 

32:23 – 37:19                      Facebook Group known as “No White Guilt” changes name:   –   To avoid misunderstandings and to remove any confusion that NWG is somehow involved in, or advisory, to this group, the name of the Facebook group has been changed to “Adrian’s Go Free & No White Guilt Discussion Group.”

                                                Key point:      ● There are other Facebook groups that focus on Going Free if the above group doesn’t particularly suit you  

37:23 – 40:55                      Greek Government attacked by Migrant Invaders:   –   Tear gas & mayhem ensue as migrants attempt to invade Europe via Greek.  Long-suffering and infuriated citizens of Lesbos set fire to militant migrant resort centers in protest of the Destruction of Europe via Xerxes – i.e., Erdogan of Turkey….  Hail to our Greek Brothers and Sisters!  

                                                Key point:      ● Do not mistake the defensive actions of the Greek government as a new attitude of resistance across the West   –   It is simply a matter of Turkish ‘President’ Erdogan being too openly Anti-White and fouling up the Anti-White’s Victimization Narrative

40:58 – 41:41                      Happy Birthday, NWG  –  Whenever your Birthday is ?   –  Jason receives a beautiful & elaborately constructed ‘random’ birthday card from wonderful Community member, Fraulein Dresden, for whenever his birthday is!  Inspired by the recent birthday celebrations for TAP (The After Party), the dear Fraulein sent a card and incredibly aromatic gourmet coffee beans to Jason. 

41:42 –45:03                       Fire rips through “Refugee shelter” on the Greek Island of Lesbos:   –   Tension over invasion from Turkey rises.  The “One Happy Family” center…..  Anti-White press reports “hostility” towards innocent, helpless, virtuous “migrants”.   Turkish President Erdogan, knuckles having been rapped for being so openly Anti-White, is now expressing “concern” about the “safety” of the migrant invaders.  This still represents no change in his actions. 

                                                Key point:      ●  “Dys-synergistic”  –  Making us less than the sum of our parts      

45:05 – 56:50                      Further discussion of Going Free Testimonials & Facebook Groups:   –   If you join a Going Free Facebook group, the main objective should be to focus on what is working instead of old symbols and events in history.  Talk with each other about what is productive and useful for today; share successes and failures.  What works & what doesn’t work so that you can learn from one another.  And ‘Lady Sagehawk’ shares her success story using the lexicon & dialectics; even though she had not yet completed the book, she deployed the tactics successfully against the Anti-Whites.

                                                Key points:      ●  Do not engage the Anti-Whites using their own terms    ● Verisimilitude:  The appearance of being real or true  –  If what you are saying does not seem plausible to ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’ it is not going to work on them, no matter how factual your statements  ● Breaking the shackles of addiction  –   ‘Luke’ and his life-changing testimonial to Going Free    ● Building a real and lasting Community that is resilient and enduring  

58:10 – 1:03:38                  Musical Interlude:    –   ForNull’s “Their Game & Guilt in my Heart” and “Take Fight”; from White Wellbeing Community Vids, on the No White Guilt Channel.   Country music the way it was meant to be!  And, a few words on the identity of Southerners. 

1:05:10 – 1:09:25               The story of the Lady who had to leave NWG’s car quite suddenly:   –   Jason shares an anecdote on dating and a note on being a real man when it comes to dating.  No matter how incredibly beautiful the woman, Anti-Whiteism will not be tolerated!    

1:11:39 – 1:13:27               This is what our People do BEST:   –   Meeting and overcoming challenges, like the Coronavirus, and finding ways to meet the logistical demands of any situation.  This is when the Bio-Spirit of Westernkind shows its true magnificence.  There has never been a better time than NOW for Going Free!

                                                Key point:      ● Spread of the Coronavirus and all the challenges that will result, also provides an excellent opportunity to spread the curative-contagion (CC) of Going Free as people question more and more the ability of the government to protect them.   

1:17:17 – 1:22:44               Ambition coupled with Naïvete: –    Jason shares on anecdote from his youth.  In an empty firehouse where old-fashioned town hall dances had long ago been held, a young Jason Kohne had an entrepreneurial idea.    

                                                Key point:      ● A big salute to the White Art Collective people on their efforts to revive a wholesome and proven way for our people to meet one another; a tradition that we should not have allowed to fall out of fashion:  “How to Organize a Traditional Dance”, by Jeff Winston at the White People’s Press

1:22:45 – 1:25:16               Google and Corporate Welfare:   –   The American Government is indirectly subsidizing YouTube via Google.  Since we have the First Amendment in our Constitution, and the USA regularly accuses other countries of censorship, how does that square?   The reality, of course, is that White people have no legal protection of government representation.  NWG:  “Excuses do not matter.  ‘It shouldn’t be this way’, does not matter.” 

                                                Key points:      ● All of the Big Tech entities receive corporate federal welfare  –  Therefore, discrimination and censorship should be impermissible   ● College campuses also receive federal dollars and routinely censor, ban, and discriminate against White-positive speakers and messages   –  While arguing that every Anti-White voice should be fully protected against any discrimination 

1:25:31 – 1:27:38               Another Community member finds White-positive literature in her area:   –   ‘Lill Frig’ is out putting her experience in the White-positive sphere to work for White Wellbeing.   Ladies, be cautious when you are out legally distributing, or finding, leaflets and stickers or other materials.    Also, kudos to ‘Irish Ice’ who is having the same experience! 

1:27:40 – 1:35:24               NWG on Ronny Cameron:   –   “Propaganda TV” host had reached out to NWG for advice and counsel in the past.

                                                Key points:      ● The folly of plans for secession. i.e., “taking over an area”  –  The Anti-Whites are not going to simply leave us alone and allow us to peacefully separate.  Their goal is to inflict harm and destroy us    ● Figuratively speaking, right now we are in the Alamo and the enemy is at the gates  –  This is not a time for sectarian division   

1:41:12 – 1:49:34               Further discussion on why the Anti-Whites will never allow us a separate, peaceful Ethno-State: It is incredibly naïve, foolish, and dangerous to misunderstand the motives of the Anti-Whites.   When have the Anti-Whites ever been “fair”??

                                                Key points:      ● You have to demonstrate rational and logical consistency in your arguments before making an appeal to evidence     ● The motivation of the Anti-Whites is not to be away from us  –  Their motivation is to harm us!     ● A “beneficial” cult ??

1:55:50 – 2:37:04               Twin Coronavirus and Infection Rate Discrimination by Race?:   –   Asians have a higher susceptibility to the disease, but this fact is being kept hidden by the Anti-White Regime.  Nothing can be allowed to interfere with the religion of equality.   NWG analyzes the aspects of the disease that are knowable by observing human nature, and weighing it against what little official information we have:  “Observe the behavior of the elites.”  And remember, you are not going to be able to live without society. 

                                                NWG:  “The reason we can’t stop something like this (Coronavirus) dead in its tracks is because of Anti-Whiteism.”   Get this message out to everyone in your circles of influence.   Make sure the world knows who is responsible  —  the Anti-Whites. 

                                                Key points:      ● Quarantined individual in Italy, Coronavirus patient zero, is an Anti-White Non-white who refused to stay isolated and continued delivering Chinese food and spread the outbreak there     ● Northern Italy to quarantine 16 million people  –  Hospitals overrun? 
● Flights still leaving Italy (!)  –  Leaving borders open to inflict harm on Westernkind
● Some officials claim people are over-reacting   –   “Stop hoarding masks and food!”
● Practice not touching your face  –  Use hand sanitizer of at least 60%  and hand lotion to avoid cracked hands    ●Make your own hand sanitizer if it is all sold out    ● Worry can be crippling  –  Either dismiss the worry or take concrete steps to protect yourself     ● Since virus is new, very few people will have an immunity to it    ● Virus unlikely to diminish in warmer months   
● Elderly and those with compromised health are the most at-risk    ● Shortages of hospital beds and medical staff the main danger rather than food shortages    ● Most likely to die:  Elderly WHITE People  –  It is going to be our elderly who are not going to be able to get into OUR hospitals    ● As people become fearful and lose faith in their government NOW is the time to reach people with the message of Going Free    ● What about the flu shot?   –  Get one or not? 
● Flu shot will not help you with the Coronavirus   –   Keep your hands away from your face; stay away from the public or wear a face mask in crowds of people, especially when someone is coughing or sneezing    ● Financial impact on the markets and the massive losses of revenue from events shutting down  

2:39:08 – 2:41:30               Reason, Logic & Evidence versus those putting out fantastical theories about the Coronavirus:  –  InfoWars and other programs putting out wildly speculative content about the reason this virus has been released on mankind are doing a disservice to the urgent need to stay level-headed and take concrete steps to protect yourself and your family — Nor does it help to unite us as a People. 

                                                Key points:      ● KIP  –   Keep it Promethean.  Once you have treated your MP’s (meme-pathogens) you can arrive at the correct conclusions about every challenge that is put forth
● Those who are Going Free will be the ones to make it through this bottleneck and survive whatever comes next  

2:41:43 –  2:44:04              Some personal hygiene tips to keep you safe:   –   A couple of excellent pointers on keeping your hands sanitized and how to avoid touching your face. 

2:45:41 – 2:47:34               A Powerful Sermon on who is Responsible:  The Anti-Whites!   –  NWG gives a passionate pep-talk on shaping the message about the deadly Coronavirus.   NWG:  “This is why your loved ones are going to die:  It’s going to be because of the Anti-Whites!”

2:56:03 – 2:56:37               NWG closing words:  –   “Please stay healthy…Be safe”.   Make sure everyone you speak to knows why we are facing the destruction from a virus that should have never left China.  It is because of Anti-Whiteism.      


Mar. 01, 2020:      Going Free | No White Guilt | Coronavirus Deadly Twin? | Turkey’s War on Us | Milkin’ Mommy Malkin

3:30 – 13:43                        Welcome to Going Free – Opening Remarks & Items in the News:   –   Coronavirus in the news; does it have a deadly twin?   Governments around the world & here in the U.S. are reporting (or under-reporting) new cases & growing fatalities.   There are several reasons governments of the world are trying to play this down…. They don’t want people to start questioning the value of multi-racialism.  There’s nothing like a disease that kills you to open the eyes of the sleeping to the dangers of Anti-Whiteism!  

                                                Key points:      ● Round of applause for ‘Groundhog Fury’  –  New opening audiovisual sequence created by the talented Groundhog Fury specially for the No White Guilt Going Free streams     
● Sprinkling of Coronavirus cases across the U.S. — that they are admitting to — especially in Washington state, which has declared a state of emergency    ● Growing cases in South Korea & China  –  Numbers surging in Italy; Germany finally monitoring border  –  Large public gatherings banned in France & Switzerland    ●Another doctor dies in China    ● Dogs and even migratory birds infected?    ● U.S. Surgeon General admonishes, “Stop buying face masks!”    ● Trump blasting “Dems” for “hoax-virus”     ● Quarantine period 14 days; sometimes no symptoms for perhaps for up to 4 weeks    ● Travel banned from Iran, parts of Italy & South Korea  –  Trump “looking very strongly at” closing the border with Mexico  –  NOT going to happen!    ● WHO (World Health Organization) raises threat-level assessment to its highest level  –  Seeing linked epidemics across the globe –  Buy, hey, they’re not trying to “scare” anyone!    

13:45 – 18:13                      This is the place where we are building the shield of Going Free:   –   Welcome to the Community that is here to provide you with a psychological defense against the psychological warfare that is being waged against us.   Going Free is about spreading a contagion —- The Curative Contagion (CC)! 

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whites are again talking a lot about the spread of “Xenophobia”  –  The term Xenophobia” is a meme-pathogen (MP) – And that is why they use it:  to provoke a certain response in you that will short-circuit your natural objections to multi-racialism    
● When you are called “fearful” or any of the “phobias” (homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, etc.) your response should be, “that term is Anti-White.  Only an Anti-White would say that.”     ● Do not attempt to argue an Anti-White our of their premise    ● What the heck is “Xenophilia”??  –  The opposite of our position is NOT love!     ● What the Anti-Whites are suffering from is a mania; a psychosis for the Outsider  –  Not a “love” of the Other   

18:20 – 24:09                      Beyond the Immediate Contagion  –  What are the long-term effects of the Coronavirus?  -.   There is a high probability world governments are lying about the severity and spread of the Coronavirus.  The Anti-Whites that control Western Civilization want all the ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’ out there to continue to accept Anti-Whiteism and embrace multi-racialism.   What we should be questioning, beyond the official infection rate and body count, is the long-term effects of the virus.  Will it damage your nervous system for life or chronically weaken the body’s immune system? 

                                                Key points:      ● More than one virus or not a specific virus?      ● Another possibility …. is there
a far more deadly twin virus ?  –   A militarized version that only the governments know about?    
● Governments of the world are panicking  –  Why the shutting-down of global commercial and sporting events, schools, mass gatherings and the resulting huge revenue losses   ● Effects of NAFTA and cheap labor globalism  

24:10 – 28:22                      Anti-White, Non-Whites in Paris – Burning it to the Ground!   –    “Migrants” setting fire to Paris; and when the firefighters show up to put out the flames, the Non-Whites start attacking them.  “Migrants” from the Democratic Republic of Congo (light on the ‘Democratic’; heavy on the ‘Congo’)  were in Gare De Lyon “protesting” A concert by “singer” Fally Ipupa, one of their countrymen who is accused of being “in bed with” (too close to) the Congolese government, sparked the rioting. 

                                                Key point:      ● This is very similar to what we see in the United States when the Non-Whites become angry about something and start rioting, looting, and burning down areas of our major cities. 

28:12 – 39:33                      Turkey’s War on Westernkind:   –   Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Anti-European, Anti-Christian, Anti-Westernkind —- Anti-White.  The country of Turkey has effectively declared demographic war on the West, releasing the bio-weapon of migrant invaders onto the shores of Europe, especially at the entry point in Greece.   The great thing about this is how out in the open Turkey is being about this.  NWG provides analysis and how to frame this to reach others about Going Free. 

                                                Key points:      ● Turkey trying to shake-down the European governments for billions of dollars
● Turkey is a NATO member     ● Mass rape gangs, diseases coming to our shores     ● Greek governments for now are putting on a front that they are going to fight back against this because their people are FED-UP!    ● The Invaders are openly violent  –   NGO cameras out looking for most sympathetic Non-Whites

39:35 – 50:11                      ‘Mommy Malkin’ & AFPAC:   –   Having the message of “America First” will just lead us back to defeat again & again.  All the Anti-Whites have to do is frame things as being “good for America”…. As they frequently already do.   We must put Westernkind first!

                                                Key points:      ● Michelle Malkin referred to herself as “mommy”  –   Asian woman put front and center of AFPAC    ● Theater of the absurd  –  Is ‘America first’ a bunch of young White men wildly cheering an Asian woman ??    ● You will get no reprieve from the Anti-Whites for having a Non-White on your side    ● Malkin uses the Anti-White lexicon  –   Her husband is 100% Ashkenazi Jew    ● Is Malkin just controlled opposition?

50:12 – 51:10                      Charlottesville Virginia Government staff heavily infiltrated by Anti-Whites:  –   What a surprise…
Staff of the judge who was ruling on the case of UTR (United the Right 2017) organizer Jason Kessler is compromised with Anti-White Antifa who are entangled and complicit in the debacle that ensued on that day in August of 2017. 

                                                Key points:      ● In how many cities across the West has this pattern been repeated  –  Our judicial system is top-to-bottom Anti-White    ● Stay very far away from the edge of the law  –  You will not be treated fairly  

51:11 – 53:01                      Mediocre male athletes dominating women’s sports by posing as ‘gender’ confused:  –  By becoming “transgendered” men can effectively take over women’s sports. 

                                                Key points:      ● In reality, college-level scholarships, sports facilities and programs for women’s sports are effectively paid for by the men’s sports anyway     ● Young women are being indoctrinated at colleges to be Anti-White and Anti-male

53:02 – 53:39                      Russian Woman College Professor writes about the “Sovietization” of the U.S.  –  This is an ongoing theme, and doesn’t help us recapture our destiny.  Do not call it communism or “Sovietization”; call it what it is.  It is Anti-Whiteism.   What we do need to talk about is what will be effective is spreading the word and helping others Go Free.   

53:40 – 54:07                      Iranian death toll from Coronavirus growing:   Is a certain little country in the Middle East helping that number grow? 

54:09 – 1:01:28                  Antagonists in the Anti-White Narrative are Arrested:   –   Atomwaffen upholding the Anti-White Narrative by “Swatting” journalists.   All they are doing is affirming the Anti-White Narrative.    The way to refer to those who appear to care about doing something for White Wellbeing, but who dress and behave like the villain in the Anti-White Narrative, is to call them “Antagonists in the Anti-White Narrative”

                                                Key points:      ● These kind of people are welcome to come to our Community if they want to learn how to be truly effective and get off the path to self-destruction and off the path that is  harming our People    ● Put the old symbols and ideologies away in a place of private
veneration  –   Symbols that have been co-opted and thoroughly demonized by the Anti-Whites cannot be redeemed to be acceptable to the sensibilities of the average White person     ● Anti-Whites use our old symbols and ideology as a way to silence everyone who is White-positive    
● Democrats & Republicans both agree it’s time to throw White people into Gulags

55:38 – 1:04:00                  Linda & Peter Brimelow of V-Dare:  “We got the keys to the Castle!”  –   Congratulations to everyone over at V-Dare!  Fantastic, positive news as the V-dare team purchase a real castle to be used for White-positive work, gatherings and events in the Berkeley Springs area of West Virginia.  A beautiful property in a historic area.  NWG’s only concern; after V-Dare has spent all this money on a castle, are there room accommodations?  Will hotels in the area deny service to anyone attending a gathering at the castle? 

1:04:03 – 1:07:07               Musical Intermission – Video plays of ForNull’s “No White Guilt Piece”  –  A musical interlude from the White Wellbeing Community Vids collection. 

1:07:08 – 1:20:34               NWG addresses those in the Chat :    Gifting NWG’s work is no longer possible on YouTube as the No White Guilt channel has been demonetized.  NWG lists various ways to support his work.
”No apologies; no surrender!”   NWG also shares testimony received on the success of the lexicon and dialectics of Going Free.   Never back down! 

                                                Key points:      ● No White Guilt stickers & leaflets are being found and starting conversations  – Never apologize and never back down!       ● Incredibly moving new work by Snow Shadow
● Message to the Anti-Whites:  You are not going to stop us!  

1:22:32 – 1:27:03               Do Turkey’s actions represent an Act of War against Greece?   –   Absolutely.  White Noir runs so deep that most cannot see an actual invasion of our countries as an Act of War.   Erdoğan has declared war on White Western countries, and on White Westernkind. 

                                                Key points:      ● The way you frame this conversation with others is crucial      ● The Going Free lexicon is constructed to employ the use of “thought chains”  –  A device by which to create a fail-proof way to communicate the key concepts  

1:27:06 – 1:30:09               Service to White Wellbeing and Medical Marijuana/CBD Oil  –   You are responsible for yourself; keep it private and don’t hurt others with it. 

1:30:10 – 1:32:18               Is Turkey Western?   –   No!  Turkey is launching these migrant invaders at us like a weapon.  Also, Fidel Castro & warfare that is not waged the way it should be.

1:32:19 – 1:40:10               Prepping for the Coronavirus:  –   There is no preparation you can make that will enable you to  live for an extended period of time without societal support systems.  NWG: “You won’t be able to create a mini-civilization at your house.”   Do take sensible steps are you would in preparation for a natural disaster.   Also, does the Coronavirus act in any way like HIV?

                                                Key points:      ● One very important piece of advice:  Get in the habit of not touching your face  ● Most viruses and germs you pick up from surfaces via your hands  –  Train yourself to not touch your face by wearing a pair of rubber gloves     ● Also wash your hands frequently & use hand sanitizer     

1:40:11 – 1:42:52               Overwhelming number of current crises  –  Is this by design?   The Anti-Whites can press any event into service to push the agenda of Anti-Whiteism. 

                                                Key point:      ● Being ‘reactionary’ means you continue to lose  –  You must be armed with a psychological defense for the psychological warfare that is being waged against us  

1:51:05 – 1:54:22               Beautiful comments and testimony received from the wonderful Mrs. Jesse Horst:   –   NWG shares testimony, comments and heartfelt messages recently received from the Community.  A special highlight is a message received from Mrs. Jesse Horst, an outstanding hero and contributor to White Wellbeing.  Her words are a brilliant endorsement of the power of Jason’s book and life’s work,  “Go Free”. 

2:06:42 – 2:09:56               A Gift from Norway:   –   Going Free continues to grow in reach, spreading to our Brothers & Sisters in various Western countries around the globe.  Jason shares a special gift received from a young lady from Norway who has discovered Going Free…. Some lovely hand-knitted socks and other items. 

                                                Key point:      ● NWG will be attending the “Awakening Nova Europa” conference in Southern Finland, April 18th, 2020, and will be a keynote speaker.  Other luminaries of the White-positive sphere participating will be Mark Collett, Edward Dutton, Laura Towler and others. 

2:17:33 – 2:20:54               Is it safe for our Ladies to distribute pamphlets and stickers (legally, of course)?  –   The first things is, do not put yourself in physical danger.  Secondly, always distribute materials in a legal manner. Go to the most ‘pristine’ areas in your locality; that is where you are going to find the most of our People who will be receptive to our message.  You are NOT going to win any converts among the Non-White, Anti-Whites. 

Key points:      ● Be mentally & emotionally ready to be confronted by an Anti-White whenever you are distributing materials   –  They may well be quite verbally abusive, and even destroy the leaflet in front of you.  Remind yourself:  You are dealing with sick individuals     ● It is best to go in pairs rather than go alone; preferably go with a man    ● Make it fun   –   Have an exhilarating and enjoyable experience doing something for White Wellbeing       

2:21:16 – 2:28:00               What is Art?   –   Art speaks to our Bio-spirit, as a White person.   Art takes training, as well as innate ability.  Art is not universal to all races.  It is not on a scale of beauty at the top and ugly at the bottom.  Art is a matter of what makes you feel something. 

                                                Key point:      ● Why aren’t there more people doing what works?  –  Using the lexicon and dialectics of Going Free      ●What needs to happen to get everyone on the same page with Going Free? 

2:28:48 – 2:30:32               NWG on Dairy:    –   NWG:  “I don’t eat anything that comes out of a cow’s udder …..That is meant for calves.”

2:32:37 – 2:35:05                More on dairy and an intensely healthy diet:    –   Alternative ways to get calcium; and a diet of low carbs, natural fats, eat plenty of meat, drink lots of water.                                                              . 

                                                Key points:      ● The most important thing overall is a healthy mind  –  If you are not going free, your subconscious mind will be undermining your health     ● MP’s (meme-pathogens) cause stress   –   Stress causes disease, and stress kills

2:35:50 – 2:48:44               NWG reads from “Go Free”, 2nd Edition:    –   Meme-pathogens (MP’s); what are they?   A meme-pathogen (MP) is a thought or idea that produces physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disease in Westernkind.  An MP is a belief that is destructive for White people.  It is a lesion on our bodies, minds and spirits.  And, MP’s are everywhere

                                                MP’s consist of two parts:  1) An Anti-White precept that slanders & harms Westernkind   2) An interpretive mandate as to what you are to think and feel about the precept, those who hold it, and those who oppose it. 

                                                Meme-curatives (MC’s) are the countervailing narrative you put into your head to short-circuit the MP’s. 

                                                Key points:      ● An MP is anything that “White-guilts” or imposes one-sided moral obligations on us & weakens our People in any way    ● We are all infected/indoctrinated with MP’s    
● MP’s can be superficial or pernicious; such as, White people are uniquely evil    ● Some of the classic MP’s:   Diversity is our greatest strength.  We are a nation of immigrants.  We all bleed red.  Structural/Institutional racism.  There is no White culture. 

2:49:00 – 2:52:48               The Decline of Western Civilization:    –   Testimony from a lady with the pseudonym ‘Radical Politics’:  “Today, I wept for White people.”  Deaths of innocent White people ‘celebrated’ openly by Anti-White Non-Whites who purport that the White people “deserved it.”  This is a dangerously growing sentiment.

2:53:14 – 2:55:01               The Great Demonetization by YouTube:    –    What happens to the money subscribers to membership have already paid?   YouTube will be offering you a refund.   Just take it; and get your money back as soon as possible.  The likelihood of the membership feature being reinstated even if all the ‘offending’ videos were to be deleted is slim to none. 

2:55:36 – 2:57:51               Comments from a Hero in the Going Free Community:    –    Message from a single father who is raising a toddler to be White-positive.  “Once we Go Free, it’s our duty to help others Go Free!” 

2:59:19 – 3:01:42               Industrial scale rape of White girls by Anti-White Non-Whites in United Kingdom:   –   A commenter inspired to gift White Wellbeing after NWG’s reaction with righteous fury on  last week’s Patriotic Weekly Review (PWR) stream.  PWR is Mark Collett’s weekly White-positive political show available on BitChute or downloadable as a podcast  at the RadioAlbion.com website.  The links are at:  https://www.youtube.com/redirect?event=live_chat&q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bitchute.com%2Fchannel%2Fmarkcollett%2F&redir_token=P82WZDItz3Xgt93taTpfLwuqGjJ8MTU4MzQ5NTcxM0AxNTgzNDA5MzEz      and

Key point:      ● NWG:   “To me, they’re my sisters.”    Jason’s righteous rant about the militaristic rape gangs was simultaneously moving and infuriating; a devastating commentary on the situation Anti-Whites are purposely creating to victimize our people. 

3:09:25 – 3:13:02               Peaceful Protests against Anti-White Corporations:   –   The Anti-White Mega-corporations can be a useful foil to help wake others up to Going Free others go free; create a sign with the Going Free language that will help you to reach our People and wake them up.  

                                                Key point:      ● Corporations have more money than God and you will not be able to inflict any real harm on these entities   –  What you can do is make it your goal to reach others with your protest

3:20:00 – 3:23:45               Snail-Mail:   Cards and letters to the NWG P.O. Box    –  NWG reads from items received in the post office box, physical mail.  Look in the contact information for the No White Guilt social media, mailing address, and other contact information.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of their past.  “We are a movement of redemption.” 

3:29:30 – 3:30:03               Plans for translations of the books by Jason Kohne into other languages:   –   Plans are to first get the stand-alone and audio books released, and then the possibility of getting the works translated into other languages.  NWG wanted to get the “medicine” out; the curative-contagion (CC) that will heal our People. 

3:31:46 – 3:33:29               The misuse of the word “HATE”:   –   “Hate/Hater” as it is used in the current vernacular is an Anti-White slur.  The word “hate” has been co-opted by the Anti-Whites to mean some nursery school sentiment and moral misjudgment of those in the White-positive sphere.  “Hate” is used as a smear word against anything remotely White-positive.  Anger with those inflicting harm on us is an entirely legitimate sentiment.  NWG strongly advises dropping the word “hate” from your lexicon and substituting it with “love for our People”.  

                                                Key point:      ● Take your anger, and wed that to love for our People.  And let that provide the fuel to inspire you into taking action to work to save Westernkind. 

3:35:51 – 3:42:09               Musical Interlude:   “Traversing the Divide’s The Void”, featuring the poet Nullus:   –    Available on the No White Guilt channel in the White Wellbeing Community Vids playlist.

                                                Key point:      ● NWG:  “We are a single People with many countries; and, we all bend a knee only to one master — The spirit of the West.

3:43:04 – 3:49:11               Thoughts on Regional “Compounds” where our People gather to network?    –    Yes, and No.  NWG advises never using the word “compound” – call it anything but that.   We should organize and share ideas.  That can happen in chat groups, on-line forums.  It should all be in the open; no secret compounds, flags, or old symbology.  Just be normal.      

                                                Key points:      ● Every young man should know certain things:  How to defend himself, how to tie knots & do other such practical things, and how to fix a car     ● Do not wear masks or other uniforms, make videos of yourselves training to fight, or anything else that will portray you as a villain in the Anti-White Narrative  –  And possibly in the role of villain in a court of law      

3:50:16 – 3:56:30               “Hail!”  A word we should be using more often:    –   More community comments including an endorsement of the incredibly powerful video recently created by Jared George, The Great Order, and produced by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.    (Watch it here:   https://redice.tv/red-ice-tv/hail-the-great-order

                                                Key points:      ● Culture is a manifestation of the Bio-Spirit that is race  –  Without race, culture doesn’t exist     ● Archives of Going Free streams can be a balm to the soul   –   It would be a shame to take them down in an attempt (probably futile) to regain monetization from YouTube  
● The Going Free lexicon is spreading like a curative-contagion (CC) to even the Civ-Nat websites
● If other content creators are interested in something that is truly having success, changing lives & saving lives — Please start spreading the word about Going Free to other audiences

3:56:56 – 4:01:47               Personal Anecdotes trump cold hard Data:  –   NWG shares a personal anecdote from a recent trip to the grocery store… Norms of behavior change as areas become increasingly Non-White.  Part and parcel of living in a multi-racial Western Civilization.

4:03:13 – 4:04:28               “Be safe out there”:   –   When it comes to the Coronavirus, and protecting yourself from illnesses in general, the most important thing to remember is don’t touch your face.  Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.     

                                                Key points:      ● Viruses live on surfaces and they don’t immediately die     ● Practice not touching your face  –  Wear plastic or rubber gloves for a day to interrupt yourself every time you start to touch your face     ● Bring a protective medical face mask with you to put on in case you are out in public and someone is sneezing & coughing around you      

4:04:35 – 4:09:03               Closing words of inspiration from NWG:   –   We have one mission; and, it is not taking over the government or building a parallel society.  You won’t be able to accomplish that.  What you can do is treat yourself for your meme-pathogens (MP’s) and improve yourself physically, mentally and spiritually by tapping into the spirit of Westernkind that is in all of us. 

                                                Key points:      ● Begin recapturing the destiny of our People by recapturing your own destiny
● Keep your children as safe as possible by not exposing them to Anti-White entertainment 
● We must recapture our music, our art, our glorious history    ● We must defend ourselves psychologically against the psychological warfare that is being waged against us or else we will not have a People    ● Talk about the Coronavirus to friends, family, and strangers relative to White Wellbeing  –  If we didn’t have a multi-racial Anti-White society we would not be so exposed to this deadly virus    ● Border wide open no matter how deadly the disease
● Stream ends with a replay of Groundhog Fury’s powerful opening audiovisual sequence


Feb. 24, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt – The Great Demonetization | Crowdsourcing Thoughts

1:05 – 24:01                        NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) Greetings & opening remarks:   –  NWG starts the stream with an interesting perspective on taxes; and a word of caution for those in the White-positive sphere.  Be very, very careful with the accuracy of your tax filings as running afoul of the tax codes is one of the ways the Anti-Whites target those who are White-positive for destruction.  

                                                Also, NWG discusses the process that led to the demonetization of the No White Guilt YouTube Channel and reads from the cancellation correspondence sent by YouTube.   

                                                Key points:      The Great Demonetization!   –   YouTube has demonetized the No White Guilt channel    ● Nebulous YouTube policies that can be interpreted in any way allows them to selectively censor    ● NWG ponders what exactly the violation was  –   YouTube states the content is “harmful” or “hateful”   ● Monetary gifts to NWG  –  Gifts $15,000 and under (per annum) do not involve the IRS     ● In contrast to a gift donation, a YouTube channel is considered a ‘sole proprietorship’  –  And donations made therein are considered ‘income’  
● Entropy super-chats are not considered ‘income’ to the best of NWG’s knowledge    ● Should NWG try to regain monetization and pull down most of the videos shortly after they air?   
● Also discusses English speakers enamored by the words of French intellectuals

25:32 – 27:42                      Video animation by ‘Groundhog Fury’:   –   Introduction video plays @ 26:26 – 27:12.  This will be used as the introductory video on NWG Going Free streams. 

31:25 – 37:13                      BitChute:    –    NWG; “I DESPISE BitChute!”  Inconsistent up-loading, and other feature bugs.  BitChute is not fit for professional content creation at this point, from the perspective of NWG. 

38:29 – 45:31                      NWG seeks input on future of channel:    –    “Demeaning content”??  “Promoting hate or violence”??  This is YouTube-speak for supporting White wellbeing and protecting White children!    NWG seeks crowd-sourcing ideas.   Delete all the archived videos and delete new videos 24-hrs after streaming? — Would this be in accordance with YouTube rules; or, is YouTube incapable of intellectual honesty and would demonetize the channel again anyway?   

                                                Key points:      ● How would deleting videos affect internet searches for content?    ● YouTube takes 30% of the super-chat money off the top  –  US.Gov is given the gross amount (not the net after YouTube’s cut) as reportable taxable income    ● Individual gift amounts of up to $15,000 per annum and gifts sent to the NWG P.O. Box are not reportable income  

48:20 – 55:30                      Is the terms-of-service battle even worth engaging in?   –   NWG speaks to YouTube algorithms, A.I., and language used to protect the Channel, and the vagaries of human dynamism.   “We don’t condemn any whole group.”  Individuals decide on their own if they are Anti-White, neutral, or White-positive.  We simply acknowledge their decision.    

58:02 – 1:02:21                  D-Live not much of an option:   –   NWG denied affiliate status, despite meeting all the criteria, when new Non-White, Anti-White from China purchased the platform.   Stewardship of gifts from our Community is taken very seriously by Jason. 

1:10:25 – 1:18:47               YouTube shenanigans an attempt to control any dissent:   –   Also, more discussion of crypto-currency…. Is it reportable to the U.S. Government?  Will it be in the future?  Is crypto practical for immediate use of critical purchase needs? 

                                                 Key points:      ● All gifts received by NWG go directly to work for White Wellbeing & to establish the organizational entity that will make it possible    ● Possible member subscriptions?
● NWG censored off of PayPal  –  Numerous times! 

1:19:31 – 1:25:14               The importance of having comments available and keeping the archived videos on YouTube:   –   People just discovering the channel & those who have watched it many times frequently turn to the comment section first to see what is going on; what the channel content is about, and the testimony of those who watched it in the comments they left.  Many in the chat weigh in with a recommendation to keep the content up on YouTube so that it can be seen by ‘normies’. 

                                                Key points:      ● Will YouTube be issuing refunds for those who already paid a fee for the channel membership?    ● NWG leaning towards just accepting the demonetization and leaving all the archived content & comments up

1:27:54 – 1:30:38               NWG at the mall with a friend….in high school    –     A story of “dude looks like a lady”. 

1:37:10 – 1:37:49               Ancestry of Jason/No White Guilt:   –  Primarily, northwest Europe.  German, Scandinavian, English.  And other parts of Europe. 

1:37:55 – 1:48:55               NWG plays video by Drake, the fantastic illustrator content creator extraordinaire:    Jason’s oration during a stream with Millennial Woes, “Flipping the Anti-White Narrative”.    Video plays @ 1:39:12  – 1:48:40.   “You cannot make amends for a grievance you never committed.”    

1:48:56 – 1:55:59               This is really Beautiful; This is Who We Are:    –   Members of the Going Free Community have shown up to this impromptu video for the purpose of brain-storming a way around the Great Demonetization… And not only have they put forth great ideas, they have voted for White Wellbeing with their pocketbooks; with generosity & support to NWG and the channel with donations, in spite of the fact YouTube seeks to ultimately shut it down. 

                                                Key points:      NWG: “My life’s mission has been to serve White Wellbeing”    ● Going Free is something new & different than the ideas that have come before   –   Something new that is required to recapture our Destiny as a People     ● A great many White people have a hard time understanding that money is power    ● In the analysis of NWG, Bloomberg, although he will most likely not win the Dem. nomination, could beat Trump with his money ($60 Billion +)   –  Bernie Sanders will not be able to     ● It takes liquidity to operate  –  This is why the Anti-Whites shut off all dissident access to cash flow   

2:01:20 – 2:04:07               Is there any possibility of suing YouTube?   –   Given the current reality, the possibilities of suing YouTube, and succeeding, are “slim to zero”.  It would have to be some sort of Cuckservative group with unlimited funds & support.  Those who are White-positive, however, have no representation, no law & order, no countries, no power – No rights! 

                                                Key point:      ● February  –  It’s Anti-White History month!    

2:05:22 – 2:07:09               The Right to Life Movement versus Gun Rights:    –    The Right-to-Life movement got it right….with terminology to shape the debate.  Those who argue for “gun rights”, however, are coming at it from the wrong angle —- The Narrative to win with is, “The right to self-defense”. 

2:10:08 – 2:15:37               How do you respond to a family member who will be marrying a Non-White in the near future? –  Do you stand up during the ceremony and say, “I object!”   NWG advises not attending, and letting the family member know why you will not be attending.  Unions with Non-Whites that result in reproduction represent White biological erasure. 

                                                Key points:      ● Most people in this situation are trying to escape being White     ● The couple could always come over to serving White Wellbeing     ● Don’t shut the door all the way on a family member unless they are openly Anti-White  –  We are a movement of redemption  

2:16:59 – 2:20:18               Is there any possibility at all of channel memberships being reinstated?   –   At this point, it is all still up in the air. 

                                                Key point:      ● NWG leaning away from deleting things in order to get the channel reinstated   –   Will probably just appeal the decision     ● NWG dances!  And sings! (…Quite well, in fact) Check out the video clips from the 2nd Anniversary of the TAP (The After Party) extravaganza!
● Super-chats have also been taken away in the Great Demonetization 

2:20:37 – 2:26:27               The Nature of Debate:    –   Gentleman’s conversation versus blood-sports kill-stream shouting match.  NWG asserts that you cannot properly have a ‘debate’ with someone with whom you have fundamental disagreements on principles. 

                                                Key point:      ● White Erasure versus White Genocide  –  White Erasure best used person-to-person; White Genocide best used as a meme or a post in which the viewer cannot respond with objections to the concept     ● In a debate you have a common destination  –  For example, White Wellbeing

2:28:16 – 2:31:25               Should anyone ‘dox’ themselves?   –   No!!  There is no real threat after things die down, if your name & face are already out there are as Heretic…  But why paint a target on your back that could hamper your effectiveness?  Use a nom de guerre, instead.  And, you don’t have to use your real name even if you are public. 

2:37:40 – 2:39:01               E. Michael Jones versus Jared Taylor:   –   Upcoming debate on whether or not race is real….. Is this an actual debate, or are the areas of disagreement too fundamental to be bridged?   Will anyone’s mind really be changed by this?   

                                                Key point:      ● The debate will descend into religion versus race  –  It will still be interesting though!  

2:39:55 – 2:41:28               NWG’s closing message:    –   The difference with Going Free is that it appeals to the sensibilities of normal White people who still have good instincts.  Seeing White-positive messages attacked by the Anti-Whites as evil incarnate can inspire the ‘normies’ to rescind their loyalties to institutions and entities that are Anti-White. 


Feb. 23, 2020:          Going Free | No White Guilt | Amazon’s Hunters | NJ Targeting White Positivity | Heretical Teacher

1:33 – 10:43                        Greetings to those in the Chat:   –  Something magical that is happening here!  Also, a BIG thank you to all of those who are donating via crypto-currency.   

                                                Key points:      ● A tiny group of powerless people wields enormous power by always putting the interests of their group first   –   As individuals they support ‘doing what works’ for the benefit of the whole; supporting in words, deeds and RESOURCES.    ●In the White-positive sphere we have seen far too many individuals driven by their egos instead of by what is for the good of our People    ● What we are doing differently here is that everyone who contributes is considered a Hero!!    ● Jared George – The Great Order – sub count almost to 3,000 from the Valentine’s Day effort!  

10:44 – 22:58                      TAP – The After Party Birthday Extravaganza:   –    NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) has a couple of video clips of the triumphant celebration.   A lot of normalcy & just having fun.

                                                Key points:      ● NWG sings and dances!       ●Anti-Whites show up & troll the efforts of those in the White-positive sphere  

23:04 – 34:38                      Round of applause for Groundhog Fury:   –   The Spirit of the West is at work; and we are feeling the wind at our backs.   Groundhog Fury, a professional artist IRL (in real life), has stepped up to the plate after an artist who was hired to do illustrations for NWG’s book fell through. 

                                                Key points:      ●Artist edition of Prometheus Rising’     ● We have been chosen to be here, in this moment; and to never turn our backs on the Spirit of the West  

34:39 – 36:52                      Something special for viewers – And something even more special for Channel members:   “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune” ….
NWG teases a sneak-peek blurred image of what will be the cover for the upcoming stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising”; a mytho-poetical stand-alone book contained within NWG’s epic tome, “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne) 

39:30 – 42:49                      Vegan diet part of the Anti-White agenda?    –     Anything that undermines the strength of our People, especially our White men, should be carefully scrutinized.    NWG:  “Anything that undermines the strength and virility of Westernkind is Anti-White.”  It truly depends upon the individual’s health, though.  Human dynamism — The answer can be both “yes” and “no”. 

52:50 – 57:29                      “Prometheus Rising” Launch:    –    March 1st launch date & an artist’s edition on the way.  All artists are warmly invited to reach out with artwork, songs, poems, etc.  

                                                Key point:      ●Put your money where your mouth is & support our White-positive artists –  If you are unable to afford even a token amount, please do be sure to offer our sincere words of gratitude to our artists! 

1:03:01 – 1:11:29               The Curative Contagion (CC) works around the World!   –   People are ‘waking up’ with the message of Going Free.  The word — and the CC — is spreading to places like Norway….  Our Brothers & Sisters in other parts of the world are using the lexicon & dialectics to spread the word in news article comment sections & other forums.  And, NWG is asked “what is the lamest Cuckservatice argument you have heard of?”     

                                                Key points:      Special price on the Kindle version of “Go Free” extended to the first 399 downloads at $2.99  –  Buy it once & receive any future updates electronically after your initial purchase    ● Using the term “race realist”  –  Use the term “Anti-White”; People will know what it means as soon as you say it     ● Add “ism” to Anti-White & you have “Anti-Whiteism” to encompass the concept of the Anti-White agenda in action

1:18:00 – 1:45:17               NWG Addresses the term “The Great Replacement”  –  (Note:  This topic was discussed in depth on last week’s  – Feb. 16, 2020 – Going Free Stream, “AFPAC, Camus & Replacism, White Nationalism is Not Increasing in the Military”).   The term “The Great Replacement” was intended for an academic audience; not for use & misuse by laymen, who will not grasp the entirety of the meaning of the concept.   It was NOT intended for sloganeering.

                                                Key points:      ● The use of the word “Great”  –  The definition of the word normally means “wonderful, fantastic”     ● The word “Replacement” usually connotes a positive event  –  The word also allows our People to escape their duty; a seemingly easy way out    ● “Great Replacement” is an abstract term  –  It could be applicable to any people, instead of meaning it is happening to YOU; White people     ● Abstract terms and concepts do not activate the individual’s self-preservation instincts     ● The term “Great Replacement” does not name a Victimizer    ● Camus had to coin the phrase in such a way as to avoid severe anti-free speech laws   –  The term “The Great Replacement” is constructed as a euphemism that is acceptable to Anti-Whites     ● We should call it what is really is  –  “WHITE ERASURE”    ● Specific uses for the term “White Genocide”  –  Best when posting comments rather than face-to-face     ●  The Appeal to Authority Fallacy:  Academic degrees do not make a person “correct” or even effective in doing what will work in the real world      ● Academic snobbery in the White-positive sphere 

  1:48:09 – 2:04:53             Testimonials on using the Lexicon of Going Free:   –   NWG shares inspiring  & beautiful recent positive testimony received from members of our Community. 

                                                Key points:      ● Jonny Scythe  –  Doing great work with clipping out videos & also showing great humanity and generosity and embodying the Spirit of the West, with a face-to-face encounter with an alcohol dependent homeless woman    ● A message we must all heed if we are to reach our Brother & Sisters:   ”Be kind to each other; and give each other the benefit of the doubt.  You never know what has happened in someone else’s life.”    ●   Special Animation by ‘Watch Ryder’ plays @ 2:00:43 – 2:04:00.  An animated short version of “Prometheus Rising”, NWG’s mytho-poetical work that is available in “Born Guilty” and soon to be released as a stand-alone version. 

2:04:54 – 2:12:00               United States Govt. Working on Brokering ‘Peace’ with the Taliban (?!)   –   NWG predicted this back in 2001!  Now after countless years, countless dollars, countless deaths & destruction with a fanatical religious group who is devious & dedicated, the only way to win would be to kill every single person in Afghanistan.   Until we lose and sign a peace deal.   NWG: “We ‘won’ for years; and now, finally the loss.”

2:21:25 – 2:26:17               The visceral power of the term:  White Erasure    –   “What about continental White Erasure”?  Go with the easiest term:  White Erasure.  The ‘hook’ is already in the mind to hang it on.  It needs only to be heard once; it is immediately understood & never forgotten. 

2:27:43 – 2:33:46               ‘Friends’ that ask us to be not so openly White-positive    –     A commenter feels that he has to hide who & what he is from his politically correct friends.  NWG asks:  Would your friends sacrifice who and what they are for you??   Start finding friends who are White-positive like you & you won’t have to hide who and what you are. 

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t discard all the people in your life   –   Those that you potentially can reach, reach out to & help them to Go Free      ● A good place to start is pointing out the Anti-Whiteism that is so rampant in advertisements  

2:33:47 – 2:36:20               Futility of Arguing the ‘Facts’:   –   Memorizing facts, stats and other data is futile when speaking with Anti-Whites and ‘Vagues’…. The facts just roll right off of them, as they offer up contradictory ‘studies’ that have been constructed to twist the facts for an Anti-White conclusion.   Also, “Roosh V” has reportedly “unpublished” his Pick-Up Artist books; says he’s a Christian now. 

2:37:49 – 2:39:29               A Commenter notes that he gets very little support from other Whites:    –   Find a White-positive Community like Going Free.    Take the right steps & be fair to those involved. 

                                                Key point:      ● The key, as in all human endeavors, is to replace what is familiar but not working with something new that does work  –  Even a situation in which you are suffering can be difficult to leave  

2:40:41 – 2:46:08               NWG is asked; Do people from your past ever reach out to you & ask you about Going Free?  –  What is the general reception you get?   NWG responds that “yes”, although it is not a surprise to them, as he has always been White-positive.    Also, our Community continues to grow.  The YouTube numbers do not reflect the number of people reaching out to NWG in an every-growing number. 

2:52:08 – 2:58:51               U.S. & Taliban Peace process?   –  NWG reads from NYT articles & discusses.    Are “good-faith” negotiations even possible with those to whom “good-faith” is an alien concept to their Bio-Spirits?

                                                Key points:      ● What a “peace agreement” actually means is that the U.S. has added sweeteners, bribes, and other concessions to declare a “peace” that is not even real
● How do you get a peace deal with people who will not even communicate with you?  

2:59:53 – 3:10:34               A young person in the Community reaches out about a dreadful personal dilemma :   The parents of this young person (who indicated at age 12 they are a minor) have brought into the home a minor female, who is Anti-White and Non-White.  When the young person voiced opposition to the idea, he or she was called an Anti-White slur word, “racist” by the parents.  NWG addresses & discusses this terrible situation, and advises:  Focus on the great Western Bio-Spirit that is within you. 

                                                 Key points:      ● In almost all situations like this, the outcome is extremely deleterious to the White children     ● The parents are attempting to make amends for being White People  
● Equip yourself with the power of Going Free  –  You will know in advance what Anti-White things your parents will say & let that fuel you to create something White-positive out of the situation    ● NWG gives a legal disclaimer that he does not create content for children & that the young person, as a minor, must let his parents know he is watching this stream and must also let his parents know what NWG advised him     ● If you know White people who are thinking of adopting a Non-White child ask them sincerely   –  There are plenty of needy White children out there for adoption; why aren’t you adopting a White child who shares the same Bio-Spirit as you??     ● We have NOTHING to atone for; nothing the recompense for  –  And it does White children a great deal of harm to have a Non-White child brought into the family     
● If you do have Non-White children (adopted or biological) teach them to be White-Positive    

3:12:15 – 3:31:45               The Times of Israel on ‘The Hunters’:   “Murder of Mitzvah?”    –    Sinking into the absolute mire of Anti-White hatred towards Westmen:    “Hunters (series) grapples with the morality of Jews killing ‘Nazis’ “.     NWG reads an article from the Anti-White publication and analyzes the dark depths of Anti-White hatred contained therein; and even more so in the Amazon propagandistic series that openly encourages the hatred and killing of White people.  Use this series as a talking point to help your friends, family & strangers become aware of the Anti-White agenda and to Go Free.

                                                Key points:      ● As is the case with most insidious Anti-White propaganda, the series is created in a way that serves Anti-Whiteism while still allowing for ‘plausible deniability’ in calling for the outright slaughter of Whites     ● The people who are celebrating this series ‘out’ themselves as Anti-White monsters       ● Over-the-top violence and gore against White people  –  Again, all with insidious built-in plausible deniability     ● Teaching White children self-hatred     ● There are no Nazi’s  –  “Nazi” is an Anti-White slur word for White People who are not Anti-White  
● Revenge for the so-called “Holocaust”    ● Amazon series legitimizes murdering White People who are not Anti-White     ● Actors are not great actors  –  They are just vehemently ANTI-WHITE
NWG:  “This isn’t entertainment, it’s ‘indoctainment’ … Indoctrinating viewers into hating White People and irresponsibly encouraging inflicting harm on White People   ● Do not call this “revenge porn” – Call it Anti-White; we have done NOTHING to our Victimizers    ● This series will result in violence against our People  –  And the creators will not be cited for invoking terrorism, as our people would be for any such creation      ● The subconscious mind, which is engaged during “entertainment” material, cannot differentiate between fiction and fact

3:34:28 – 3:37:03               War & Peace –  Parallels between Afghanistan and Viet Nam:    NWG discusses parallels and policies of the two no-win conflicts with his great foreign policy perspective.  

                                                Key point:      ● Wholesale warfare was never waged in either case  –  And the most interesting aspects of each ‘conflict’ are in that detail    

3:39:45 – 3:43:29               Coronavirus and the ‘Regular’ Flu Virus:   –   What are the real numbers and how legitimate are they?  And, what about all those hospitals they were supposedly building overnight with that great Communist ‘efficiency’??

3:49:00 – 3:53:07               EVERYONE involved with this “Hunters” project at Amazon is Anti-White    –   Be certain to relentlessly point out — -to everyone everywhere — there is no such thing as “Nazis”.  Nazi is just the Avatar for White People who are not anti-White

3:53:18 – 4:01:59               Song by ForNull and Phoenix Fire:   –   “The White Man”.  Please go to Phoenix Fire’s channel to watch the video & be sure to hit the ‘subscribe’ button while you are there to and support her great work.   Song plays @ 3:55:04 – 4:01:25 

4:02:21 – 4:21:53               Entertainment and the Subconscious Mind:    –     NWG reads from “Go Free”, 2nd Edition, page 15,  about the subconscious.  This is crucial information to have when discussing the Amazon “Hunters” series.  (Note:  NWG does not use the distorted definition of “subconscious” as put forth by Sigmund Freud.)  NWG also points out the reality we all must face if we are to recapture our destiny:  You do not have a country if you are White. 

                                                Key points:      ● Those in the Anti-White paradigm who consider themselves “far Left” self-report high rates of mental illness  –  These are very sick people    ● The ‘conscious’ mind is self-directive; self-reflective  –   It requires the most effort to use & to learn something new    ● The subconscious mind is ‘auto-pilot’; it is lightning speed relative to the conscious mind    ● The subconscious mind  takes over the tasks that have been learned by the conscious mind  – And it requires no effort from you to operate     ● We are able to overcome our subconscious mind with conscious effort  –  That is a big part of Going Free    ●  Entertainment is the most powerful form of MP (meme-pathogen ) infection      ● You cannot ‘delete’ MP’s (meme-pathogens) from your subconscious mind  –  All you can do is provide countervailing triggers    ● The subconscious mind cannot differentiate fact from fiction   –  And we live the majority of  our lives believing narratives that we did not consciously examine for truth or lies    ● What you put in your mind (what you consume as entertainment) is far more important than what you put in your body

4:29:14 – 4:31:14               Big Brother is listening to you …. On your smartphone:   –   U.S.gov & Advertisers are listening for keywords & storing everything about you in a database. 

4:31:15 – 4:33:55               Cut the ‘cable’ and stay away from the disgusting Anti-White movies shown in cinemas:   –  Try the very old Disney cartoons for children, and old versions of classic board games, magazines, etc.   Tell your children they are getting to watch the original, the “real” version; something their peers are not privy to. 

4:44:00 – 4:54:34               New Magazine being pushed on teachers mandating Anti-White indoctrination of school children:   –    Our top-to-bottom Anti-White education system has dictated that White teachers are not doing ‘enough’ in their classrooms to promote so-called “anti-racism” because of their “White fragility”.   Translation:  White teachers are not doing enough to promote Anti-Whiteism in our schools because they are too White-positive; which is Heretical!   White female teachers particularly targeted for shaming, with their emotional reactions taunted by the Anti-Whites as “going to White tears”.   NWG also discusses an Indiana teacher in the news for going to her school’s administration to express concerns about the Anti-White agenda.  She was immediately terminated.  Video of the teacher’s statement plays @ 4:48:01 – 4:50:32

                                                Key points:      ● Home-school, home-school, home-school  –  Get your children OUT of these anti-White schools!!   Even religious-based schools are rapidly all becoming Anti-White  
● Children are being indoctrinated and manipulated  –  Sexual deviancy and perversions are being pushed on young children.  And the curriculum is top-to-bottom Anti-White

4:55:27 – 5:12:36               NWG shares touching comments & testimony recently received from the GF Community:   –  
Someone reaches out about the Boy Scouts commentary….What happens to a molested child?  This person who commented in the thread is one such survivor of a similar type of horrific Victimization and shares his story.

                                                 Key points:      ● On being White-positive  –  We never sacrifice the Bio-spirit, the person, on the altar of our Ideals     ● Reservations about retiring our classic revered symbols to a place of reverence in the home   –   A community member who works in healthcare underscores the importance of doing so     ● Secession of the heart & mind  –  Rescind your loyalty to the Regime inwardly instead of outwardly, reject attempts of geographical secession from the U.S. Govt.  
● No planning for a Civil War!  –  Any attempted physical secession will be promptly crushed by Anti-White Western governments  

 5:28:12 – 5:42:33              New Jersey raises “Terror Threat Level” for “White Supremacists”:   –   New Jersey office of Homeland Security & Preparedness has raised the threat level for White people who are not Anti-White to its highest level possible, ‘high’.   NWG analyzes & decodes this latest iteration of the criminalization of White people who care about White Wellbeing; White people who are not Anti-White.  And, eventually it will just be ALL White people. 

                                                Key points:      ● The definition of ‘credible threat’ used to reach the highest numbers ever are very, very dubious   –   Was a Non-White (or Anti-White) called a bad name?  Did someone find a White-positive leaflet??     ● FBI entrapment of braggadocio people  –  One who “planned vandalism”; One who “considered” on attack by sitting in his car at a mall in New Jersey  
● ISIS, Al Qaeda & Hezbollah given a lower threat level  –  These are people who decapitate infidels & burn people alive and destroy antiquities   ● Do NOT be fooled by the MIS of pretext the Anti-Whites  –  These are not people who simply misunderstand us & want what’s best for ‘everybody’   ● Beware the MIS of Pretext –  Moralization, Intellectualization, and Sentimentalization      ● The 20’s:  This will be the decade we will ROAR!!  –  Or there will not be another decade for our People

5:43:16 – 5:46:30               Bulgarian Supreme Court upholds ban on annual “Neo-Nazi” procession:   –   Hundred of White-positive activists were prevented from marching in the country’s capitol, Sophia

                                                Key points:      ● Marching in the name of a historical figure of the past allows those who are White-positive to be painted as demonic “hateful” people who represent an evil from WW2   
● Historical figures and events cannot be redeemed for the sensibilities of normal White people   

5:49:04 – 5:53:38               NWG speaks to the technicalities & legalities of West Virginia vs. Virginia:   –   Basically, there is no legal basis for counties to secede from states. 

                                                Key point:      ● This sort of feckless endeavor, an intellectual exercise of something that simply will not happen, subverts the energy that we should be using to help our People go free of Anti-Whiteism

5:57:33 – 5:59:19               NWG Closing Remarks & Words of Inspiration:   –   We are all Brothers  & Sisters in our Bio-spirits…. Let’s all Go Free together!


Feb. 16, 2020:         Going Free| No White Guilt | AFPAC |Camus & Replacism |White Nat. has NOT increased in Military

5:39 – 12:52                        Crypto-Currency Donation & A Building Momentum:   –   Our individual Wellbeing is wrapped up in the Wellbeing of our People.  NWG has received a very generous crypto-currency donation from an anonymous donator & invites that person to reach out.  Jason also remembers the Holocaust of Dresden; a horrendous crime of fire-bombing innocent women & children in a war that was already over.  (A member of the Going Free Community, Psmanthe Fox, is the daughter of a survivor of the Dresden Holocaust.  Her heroic Mother is still with us today, most fortunately, a witness to history and to the TRUTH.)

                                                Key point:      ● Jonny Scythe playlist of short clips from the Going Free streams on the No White Guilt channel    –  Jonny is doing incredible work & is donating the token payments of his by NWG to a worthwhile charity in South Africa 

12:54 – 18:23                      A Valentine’s Day gift:   –   Membership drive for subscribers to Jared George’s (The Great Order) YouTube channel.  Currently at 2,700; let’s get it up to 3,000 before the end of today’s stream.  Don’t miss Jared’s absolutely magnificent video, “Hail”, which was produced by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio.  A powerful & moving celebration of our heritage, this video will inspire you & will give you chills!  https://thegreatorder.com  https://www.bitchute.com/video/3LRHIuVhrcDy    
Also, someone in our community stumbled across a, White-positive message while out on a much-traveled walking path.  “Go Free,” the message in the snow urges! 

                                                Key points:      ● Special thanks again to “Kay”, who donated a sum of $1,000 because she is truly impressed with the power & potential of Jason’s work     ● Any artists who have reached out to NWG about the ‘Prometheus Rising’ project & are awaiting a reply, please be assured Jason will be in touch as soon as possible  

21:36  – 27:04                     “Doing the Jobs that Americans (read: White People) Won’t Do”   –   As someone who has managed businesses, NWG has first-hand professional experience in dealing with the matter of “jobs that Americans won’t do.”.  NWG lays bare the false narrative that border-crossers are so much more virtuous & such better workers than Americans.  The fact is, many Americans who want to work end up on welfare because wages are undercut by our “guest” workers who do not demand, or receive, the wages necessary to live in a first-world country.   Any reduction is labor costs is music to the ears of a business owner.  ‘Orange Man’ (Trump) is of this same mentality…

27:06 – 36:35                      Notes on Building an Organization Entity:   Possibility of a big billboard with the “Going Free” message going up in a high-traffic area with great visibility from the generosity of a contact NWG made a while back.   And, NWG speaks about different White-positive entities finally starting to come together in the service of White Wellbeing.

                                                Key point:      ● Lesson from a very small group of “powerless” (immensely powerful!) people who use their best & brightest and focus their considerable resources on one thing:  What is good for the welfare of their people   –   Doing what WORKS!

45:42 – 48:27                      What about demanding “safe spaces” for White people?    –    That is not how Anti-Whiteism works!   If we were operating under a fair system, this would be a fair demand.  We are, however, living in an Anti-White system top-to-bottom, and any request for a “safe space” for White people will be treated with scorn & outrage and considered a Heresy.   

                                                Key points:      ● Never refer to Non-Whites as “minorities”  –  The term “minority” was purposely engineered to evoke feelings of sympathy & concern for what is portrayed as a noble but downtrodden group that is in a precarious state, and needs special care & coddling   
● Going Free provides you with the psychological defense you need to fight the psychological warfare that is being waged against us   

48:31 – 49:58                      The Firebombing of Dresden  –  Never forget what was done to our People!   –   “The fire-bombing of Dresden burns in the deepest depths of our Bio-Spirit.”    No particular group of White people is to blame more than another group of people; we are all guilty of what was done to our Brothers and Sisters that day.

51:27 – 57:49                      In-fighting in the White-Positive Sphere:   –   NWG addresses some ‘drama’ involving other content creators, Nick Fuentes being banned from YouTube, and puts into perspective the highest & best use of our energies  — serving White Wellbeing.  (Not in-fighting!)

57:51 – 1:09:30                  One Victory after Another!   –    NWG will be speaking at a White-positive conference of over a hundred people about White Wellbeing within the next couple of months within the United States.  Also upcoming; the “Awakening Nova Europa” conference in Finland, April 18th 2020.  Jason will be one of the featured speakers.  He will also be attending the America Renaissance conference in May of this year outside the Nashville, Tennessee, area. 

                                                Key points:      ● This is the great challenge of our time  –  Healing our People & putting an end to White Noir & freeing the great, glorious Spirit of the West that is within each of us    ● This is a global movement     ● Possible plans for a billboard in a high-traffic area & more leafleting

1:12:27 – 1:34:58               Poem by ‘Snowshadow’; “Too many Heroes”, with ‘Poseidon’:  The contributions of our Great White Men  –  The Heroes & builders of Western Civilization. 

Key points:      ● Poem by ‘Nullus’; “You were never there”    ● Membership drive – NWG issues the challenge to get the subscriber count up to 3,000 on the “Great Order’s YouTube channel before the end of the day for a Valentine’s Day gift.

1:35:01 – 1:42:35               March 1, 2020  –  Soft launch date for the stand-alone version of “Prometheus Risinng”  –   A mythopoetical work contained within NWG’s monolithic work, “Born Guilty”, Prometheus rising is a legend for our People; an epic that will teach you about who you are as a member of Westernkind.  

                                                 Key points:      ● Plans also for a special “artists edition” to be released  –  A novelty version featuring all the talented artists who reached out to Jason, so that all of these much appreciated talented individuals will be included      ● ForNull & Luke Mason’s futuristic & visionary work will also be included!     ● Poets are also invited to reach out for inclusion of works related to the narrative arc, which spans from the beginning of time to the present      ● An exciting way of magnifying the work & talents of all of our White-positive artists  

1:48:40 – 1:54:04               YouTube streams are gun-free zones:     –   Always do your due diligence….  After attending a gun show in the Washington, DC, area NWG has discovered that even just appearing with a firearm, of any variety, on a YouTube stream is an instant strike for the channel. 

                                                Key points:      ● Anyone with knowledge of the parameters YouTube rules & regs about streams related to firearms & self-defense please reach out to NWG via direct message on Twitter or on the NoWhiteGuilt Collectibles website      ● Special outreach for our women’s self-defense  

2:11:55 – 2:16:49               What is the best strategy for avoiding accusation of being an Anti-White slur, “Racist”:    The term and concept of “racist/racism” is an Anti-White invention and is engineered to shut you down & put you in a losing position.   When you are advocating for White Wellbeing & encounter this slur from Anti-Whites or ‘vagues’’, immediately charge them with using an Anti-White slur.  

                                                Key points:      ● By identifying the tactic you undermine the use of this concept of “racism”  –  You are asserting that you do NOT agree with the concept of “racism” & that the concept is Anti-White    ● If you try to assert that you are “not a racist”, you have fallen into the anti-White paradigm and you automatically lose the conversation    ● NEVER accept the legitimacy of an Anti-White slur  –   These slurs are tools used by the Anti-Whites to make it immoral to serve White Wellbeing  

2:24:00 – 2:40:41               America First PAC:    –    Patrick from AIM & Nick Fuentes and others will be there.  NWG advocates freedom of speech for all of the in the White-positive sphere & encourages cooperation from those who are now being shut-down.  Many of those same people for decades were unconcerned with those who are explicitly White-positive facing censorship, threats & open attacks.  White-positive activists have faced persecution for YEARS…. It is nothing new. 

                                                Key points:      ● Michelle Malkin being put front & center – Shades of Conservatism, Inc.?   
● Is this another example of the only Non-White person in the room being on the stage?     
● Is Michelle Malkin explicitly White-positive?      ● We are advocating for White Wellbeing  –  We do not need Non-Whites to legitimize us      ● MIS of pretext   –  Moralization, Intellectualization, and Sentimentalization

2:40:44 – 2:42:39               Hello to all out Lithuanian Brothers & Sisters!   –   A big “Hello!” to all those in Lithuania who are celebrating their Independence Day.  Many of them also want to Go Free!

                                                Key points:      ● “Go Free” 2nd Edition Kindle version (by Jason Kohne)   –   Special offer of $2.99 per download has been extended beyond the first 299 purchasers & is now extended to the first 399 downloads     ● Major advantage of the electronic version (Kindle format) is that the text can be updated as new editions are released

2:45:42 – 2:47:05               Immutable Physical Characteristics Not A Cause for Exclusion:   –   Any Non-White who wants to serve White Wellbeing is WELCOME here.  We do not label any group the “enemy”.  We let each person decide for themselves whether or not they are going to be Anti-White.

                                                Key points:      ● Given all the White people who work for the well-being of Non-Whites, through countless organizations and charities, we would expect there to be masses of Non-Whites joining in to save Westernkind      ● Regrettably, it is very rare that we see any reciprocity

2:47:55 – 3:09:56               Michelle Malkin    –    Conversation returns to Michelle Malkin; is she, or is she not, White-positive?  NWG reads from her Wikipedia page….  Is she an ‘anchor baby’??

                                                Key points:      ● Michelle Malkin is a Mainstream/Regime figure  –  She has her books marketed in the mainstream & appears on corporate television networks    ● She would lose all her fame, acceptance & money if she were to consort with people who are referred to by Anti-White slurs  
● An establishment figure shows up & is met with wide-eyed enthusiasm   –   She should be viewed with suspicion, as controlled opposition    ● Stalking Horse/Co-opting Strategy  –  Celebrity shows up and ‘gelds’ the leaders… and then leads the rebellion right back into the mainstream    ● Conservatism, Inc.  & people like Michelle Malkin endorse an Abstractionist ideology:   Nothing that has anything to do with blood & Spirit…..“Anyone can be an American”

3:11:40 – 3:17:49               Intermission & Music Video by ForNull   –    “Take Flight”, by ForNull.   A superb, white-pilling & uplifting song.   This video & many others in a variety of genres available on the No White Guilt YouTube channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.  

3:21:54 – 3:23:04               Speak Softly and carry a Dragoon    –    The original handgun is a BEAST, as witnessed by NWG at a gun show today….   NWG:  “If you ran out of firepower, you could just throw it at someone!”

3:26:00 – 3:34:52               More discussion on Michelle Malkin:   –   What is she playing at; and, what is her exit strategy?  If this what happened with Lauren Southern? 

                                                Key points:      ● Malkin has never said that she supports White Wellbeing or that she wants American to remain White    ● What to make of her sudden appearance in the White-positive community?   –   Questions, caution & skepticism  

3:37:00 – 3:40:37               The Real Motivation of the Anti-Whites:   –    Punishing the avatar of the Westman for the feelings of jealousy and inferiority that the achievements & grandeur of Westernkind triggers in the Anti-Whites; be they White or Non-White Anti-Whites.  

                                                Key points:      ● Due to the difficulty of inflicting harm on the entirety of Westernkind, individual Whites serve as a proxy target for the Anti-Whites    ● Point out to the Anti-Whites what they are doing  –  Ignore their “facts” and pretexts

3:41:17 – 3:43:44               White-positive Non-Whites are welcome in Going Free:   –   Unlike the Cuckservatives though, we will not elevate the endorsement of Non-Whites as a way to validate our viewpoints.    

                                                 Key point:      ● We have so many magnificent White people who are serving White Wellbeing – We want to spotlight them FIRST  

3:44:00 – 3:52:00               The top states for suicide are the most White states:   –   Anti-suicide training at a school one commenter attended reveals that the states with the highest suicide rates are those states in which Whites are a high percentage of the population.  What does this reveal? 

                                                Key points:      ● Things are getting worse for White people as Non-Whites thrive in our
societies  –   The lie of the Anti-White Narrative is that Non-Whites are oppressed & suffering  
● NWG:  Non-Whites live better in Western Civilization than our kings did just a couple of hundred years ago!    ● An alternative to despair  –  GOING FREE     ● NWG attending upcoming AmRen Conference  –  If you are going also, please let Mr. Jared Taylor know you were inspired to attend by Jason & Going Free

3:43:33 – 3:57:11               Whites not yet being devoured in some majority Non-White countries:   –   NWG speaks to why the Anti-White elites in countries where Whites are a minority, such as South Africa & the Dominican Republic, go to great measure to ‘hold back the day’ and conceal the rampant murder of White People. 

                                                Key points:      It is important to emphasize whatever the demographics that are being analyzed:  Many of the Anti-Whites are WHITE people    ● As long as Whites in the United States have the right to self-defense, Anti-White elites will refrain from devouring their White populations, especially the Heretics, for fear of repercussions  

3:59:30 – 4:02:22               NWG reads J.C. Adams poem:   –   “Under the Mask”, by J.C. Adams.  Illustration that appears on screen is by ‘The Man who hates balloons’.  

4:06:17 – 4:35:22               Report that (Anti-White slur) ‘White Nationalism’ is on the rise in the U.S. military:   –   Spoiler alert:  This is fake news.  ‘White Nationalism’ is NOT increasing in the U.S. military.   NWG reads from and analyzes an article in “Military Times” about a recent poll that claimed this.   Also, NWG observes that at the gun show he attended today outside our nation’s Capitol, over half of those in attendance were Non-Whites; many absolute thugs  —- purchasing the top-of-the line weaponry.  The meme that the Whites have all the guns is absolute NONSENSE.  And the majority of Whites that were there were senior citizens! 

                                                Key points:      ● Words like “White Nationalism” have been totally demonized in the Anti-White Narrative and cannot be reformed      ● White Nationalists now targeted as being the same threat level of ISIS  –   “White Nationalists” to be denied travel & the right to self-defense      
● No Heretical views allowed  –  Those who advocate for White Wellbeing are considered extremist       ● Poll has glaring self-selection bias for Anti-Whites  –  In their Narrative, “White Supremacy” is ALWAYS on the rise     ● What the poll proves is that what is actually growing is Anti-Whiteism!    ● The spin from those who are reporting this poll as “good news” is that you actually don’t have to do anything yourself; this is being taken care of   –   The OPPOSITE is true    ● “Racism” & “White Supremacy” are non-existent in today’s military     ● What the increase in the usage of these Anti-White slurs and the reporting of it everywhere indicates is the Anti-White Inquisition is growing  –  And will continue to grow as we get stronger      ● Things are not going to suddenly get better; things are going to get much worse      ● The Anti-White Inquisition will grow until they find “racism” and Heretics everywhere….  More bodies for the gallows  –  The numbers in these surveys prove it    ● Our heroes are the ordinary men and women who get out there and spread the word of White Wellbeing

4:35:42 – 4:39:22               NWG Reads from “Go Free” 2nd Edition (by Jason Kohne)   –   If you are listening to anyone who is a thought leader and that person is telling you no action is required of you, stop listening to that person!   NWG:  “You’ve got a job to do.”   And, it starts with facing Anti-Whiteism
NWG reads from “Go Free”, ‘Facing Anti-Whiteism’, page 153. 

                                                Key points:      ● Learn to withdraw the moral authority you have given to the Regime (US.gov) 
● Continue to obey the Regime’s laws  –  Highly selective law enforcement against those who are White-positive     ● Secede mentally & spiritually    ● Practice your ‘Going Free’ skills on the internet using various forums for discussion on websites of all stripes    ● Build emotional strength and composure when under attack for your viewpoints 

4:47:20 – 4:55:02               No Civil War in Virginia:   –   Those who are reporting a civil war is about to happen in Virginia are lying to you.   What is happening in Virginia, as predicted, is that the Anti-White government is continuing apace with legislation to restrict the right to self-defense of law-abiding Virginians.   Also, take heed of the lessons of Charlottesville, Ruby Ridge, etc.   This notion that our police & military are full of Patriotic Christian White males who are “on our side” is LUDICROUS.  White or Non-White, our police and military are the literal foot-soldiers of the Anti-White Regime.  And our court systems are the ultimate enforcers.   These are those God-fearing, law-abiding “White guys” who will do what they are told to do to by the authorities who are their paymasters to take care of themselves and their families.   

                                                Key points:      ● Caution must be used in the comment section when framing questions or discussions of a “civil war” scenario    ● Talk of the imminent collapse of US.gov has been going on in the White-positive sphere for over 60 years  –   Much time & money wasted that could have been put towards something real      

5:00:00 – 5:08:21               What is the motive of those pushing the “Civil War” meme?    –    Some pushing the “Civil War 2.0” meme are government provocetuers…. Under the guise that they need to “draw out” those who “would” commit violence.  Some are just braggarts and idiots.  These are adults still playing fantasy games form childhood.  Don’t listen to anyone who is telling you that you need do something violent, or conversely that you need to nothing.

                                                Key points:      ● Civil War talk is an excuse for doing nothing  –  While bragging about how big their personal arsenal is and all they are going to do when the conflict starts     ● The Anti-White persecution of us, the conflict, already HAS started!      ● Do engage in legitimate prepping & adequate self-defense

5:10:25 – 5:12:19               The ‘Bonus Marchers’ of Anacostia    –   A lesson from the history books:  You cannot rely on the Constitution to protect you from the actions of the U.S. Government. 

                                                Key points:      ● The only way to recapture our destiny is to reach out People at ALL LEVELS with Going Free  –  A psychological defense for the psychological war that is being waged against us     ● The only way our People in the military & law enforcement will side with us is if we come together psychologically in a unifying pole 

5:18:26 – 6:20:59               Renaud Camus & The Great Replacement:   –   Camus came up with the phrase “The Great Replacement”, described on Wikipedia as “a White Supremacist conspiracy theory”.   NWG does advocate support of, and stands by, all people who are serving White Wellbeing.  But arguments are necessary in areas that get us off track from recapturing our destiny.   Where would we be today if the serious flaws in the old ideas of those adorned with doctorates & masters degrees hadn’t been put to the forefront of our intellectual leadership?

                                                Key points:      ● Do not live your life by the Anti-White Narrative  –  Professorial, detached academics  representatives will gain you ZERO legitimacy from the Anti-Whites     ● More discussion of the upcoming AmRen Conference; precautions and doxxing  –  There have been no problems with hotel staff, etc., doxxing participants    ● Camus calls our Victimizers by the name of their choosing; a HUGE error  –  This will never win in arguments with the Anti-Whites   
● Camus accepts the legitimacy of and validates anti-White slurs, like “racists”    ● Nothing is legitimate because it’s “Universal” doctrine  –  This is just projection of our Bio-Spirit onto other groups that do not share our Bio-Spirit    ● Abstractionist ideology does not have a People  –  This appeal to “fairness” gains ZERO legitimacy with the Anti-Whites     ● The Wellbeing of our People must be placed above any type of idealism    ● NWG:  “When this Universalist creed & philosophy is going to undermine the thing that creates itself, it is now VOID.”    ● Camus doesn’t identity our Victimizers as Anti-White     ● Anyone with wealth & power is removed from the body of their people and view people as fungible  –  This is not confined to Communism   
● Camus’s abstractionism does not unite us as a People nor does it elicit the individual’s instinct for self-preservation    ● Anti-Whites are harming us intentionally because we are White  –  NOT because we are fungible with other peoples   ● Use of the word “Great” has a positive connotation in English     ● “The Great Replacement” was Camus’ euphemism employed as a way not to run afoul of speech code laws   –  “The Great Replacement” is Anti-White approved speech

6:35:46 – 6:38:21               What do we call *this* thing that’s happening, if not “The Great Replacement”?  –  You call it White Erasure.   Hearing about “White Erasure” elicits the self-preservation instinct that is in all of us.  Biological White Erasure .…”It is visceral; and it can be understood by every single person as something that is coming for THEM.”


Feb. 09, 2020:                    Going Free | No White Guilt | FBI Targets White Positive Activists & How to Protect Yourself

2:34 – 17:05                        This Moment in Going Free is Dedicated to ‘Theresa’:    –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) starts the live-stream with a message he has just received from ‘Olivia Key’, an artist who is creating beautiful White-positive music.   And next reads a message from, and his response to, ‘Theresa’; to whom this episode is dedicated.   A heart-breaking message from a woman whose husband, ‘David’, had tragically chosen the ultimate ‘White-flight’ before he could break free from the Anti-White programming, as Theresa has recently done.  The feelings of isolation & frustration experienced by our people, the numbness & despair we resort to, and all the while there is no understanding or support from so many of our own families & friends, as we are judged by the official Anti-White Narrative we have all been living under …. In ‘Theresa’s words, “They don’t want to know.”

                                                Key points:      ● NWG:  Dedicate your journey in Going Free to those who did not make it  –  We can’t go back in time; but we can make a difference going forward by reaching out to others
● Song plays in dedication by Olivia Key, “With Grace”   @ 7:23 – 11:34     ● Empower our People with the proper lexicon & dialectics    ● Stand up to the White Guilting!!     ● White Noir is a brain disease our People must defeat   –   Not just to help others but to save your OWN life
● Anti-White Regime in Washington puts White-Positive Activists in same category as ISIS !!

24:45 – 34:17                      NWG shares pictures of himself at the Jefferson Memorial, in Washington, D.C.  –  A still shot of Jason, from an outing shooting a video at the Jefferson Memorial, overlooking the Tidal Basin.   Tourist areas in D.C. are safer than other cities, but be careful when the sun goes down… As is the case with all our cities now.   Also, NWG issues a tease about a comical dream he had about Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio legend. 

                                                Key points:      ● Other announcements:  The great Jonny Scythe has clipped & posted 10 more clips from Going Free live-streams  –  You can find those clips on the NWG YouTube Channel under the Jonny Scythe Playlist     ● A celebration of rising-star, Olivia Keys & her beautiful White-positive work!     ● Connecting with other Bio-Spirits  –  Connecting to an adopted child who is of the same Bio-spirit; it is every bit as deep & true 

38:32 – 44:03                      NWG speaks about the Jordan Peterson “situation”:   –   “The thing about Jordan Peterson is, I really don’t like him very much.”  Self-help gurus like Peterson take all the accumulated wisdom of the Western tradition, and they simply repackage it; again, and again, and again.  Unfortunately, these things are often re-packaged as some mystical Eastern tradition.   

                                                Key points:      ● Peterson is the worst kind of gatekeeper:   He has given some of our People basic truisms & constructive ideas (clean your room) but attempts to divert our People into hyper-individualism instead of having a White-positive identity     ● “In a world where you have groups working together as groups, individualism is SUICIDE.”    ● Your group identity gives you the inspiration and strength to do the things you need to do & to do great things!

44:16 – 51:12                      NWG shares a classic dream-sequence starring him & Henrik of Red Ice Radio:   –   You’ll have to hear it for yourself….!    A key lesson to take-away:  We are always better than we perceive ourselves to be; we have so much great potential beyond our subjective self-criticisms.  ‘Open the tap’ to the Great Western Bio-Spirit that is inside each and every one of us. 

1:07:33 – 1:15:03               Give up the old Strategies & Verbiage:   –    NWG:  “It’s not violence; it’s not voting.  It’s Going Free!”    This is the psychological defense we need for the psychological warfare that is being waged against us.  This is how we change the context. 

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t use the Anti-White’s verbiage   –  The A/W’s control all the megaphones:  media, social media, education, corporations, etc., top-to-bottom    ● Jordan Peterson:  A member of, and pushed by, the Anti-White Elite     ● Jordan Peterson:  Is  an ADULT & a man  –  Don’t make excuses for him     ● Call them by their name:  “Anti-Whites”  –  You are calling them something that undermines them AND works for us     ● Cancer is a dreadful disease  (NWG speaks of Peterson’s wife & others in his own family with cancer)   –  We would have cured it by now were we not always paying the price in time, talent & money of “harmonizing the diversity”

1:17:30 – 1:23:43               New computers coming to serve the technical needs of the NWG YouTube Channel:   –   A GIANT thanks to “D” who has made a generous donation to make upgrading the live-streams a reality via improved computer equipment.    Also, NWG asks how many in the live-stream chat or in replay are planning to attend the upcoming AmRen (American Renaissance) conference?  NWG is considering attending.  Perhaps there could be a “Going Free” after-party if enough of our Community are going to attend…

                                                Key points:      ● The annual AmRen conference is usually held at Montgomery Bell State Park, which has its own on-site Inn, near the Nashville, Tennessee area     ● Perhaps in the future there will be Going Free conferences      ● NWG slated to attend the “Awakening Nova Europa” Conference,  in Southern Finland, coming up April 18, 2020 –   He will be one of the featured speakers among other luminaries 

1:23:45 – 1:37:14               No White Guilt Leafleting spreads to MORE States & Other Community News:    –  The get-out-the-message grassroots effort continues with leaflets, and more stickers, being distributed in Washington State and Wisconsin, in addition to the other locations across the U.S. and worldwide!   And, keep the applause going with a giant heart-felt thanks for ‘Kay’.  She has been so moved by the power & life-changing success of Going Free that she has decided to donate $1,000 to the cause of White Wellbeing.   This donation, like others by ‘Roi Danton’, ‘Final blossom’ & others, is hard-earned money that represents a massive sacrifice from these individuals.

                                                Key points:      ● Going Free is about actions & deeds:  Lives of our People being changed and saved   –   It ‘s not just about speeches & conferences     ● “We are a living and breathing family that is growing; making a People out of a deracinated Race.”    ● “Thanks” to all the marvelous artists who reached out in response to last week’s call for an artist to do sketch-work for “Prometheus Rising”     .● ‘Righteous Groundhog Fury’ – The artist’s rendering of the Groundhog Day component of “It’s a Comedy Dammit” (by Jason Kohne) plays @ 1:35:51 – 1:36:33

1:38:10 – 1:55:09               Message from ‘Tom’:    –    Some concerns about the difference between “It’s Okay To Be White” and “No White Guilt” …. Won’t our enemies call it just another ‘dog whistle’ for “hate”??   NWG responds that some Anti-Whites willsubvert the phrase “No White Guilt” in this manner; but explains how the “thought chains” work in our favor.   We have to get OUT of the Anti-White Narrative! 

                                                Key points:      Respectful disagreements, such as Tom’s, are always welcome!     ● Anti-Whites are going to do this  –  We are targeting the ‘Normies’ and ‘Vagues’     ● Anti-Whites never say openly that “it’s NOT okay to be White”  –  Therefore, the average White ‘Vague’ does not feel they are being personally condemned      ● Anti-Whites DO say everywhere that all White People should feel guilty    ● The Anti-Whites NEED you to feel “White Guilt” because it is their main weapon against us    ● One of the most satisfying aspects of saying “No White Guilt” is the rage in an Anti-Whites face when you say it!

1:55:11 – 2:00:19               The Great Challenge of Our Day:  Correct & Cure White Noir   –   As a People, we have mastered ALL things throughout history.  Westernkind has conquered the known world & created the modern world as we know it today.  We have conquered Disease and the unknown.  We have mastered Art, Architecture, Music, Poetry, Prose, Quantum Physics…. And we’ve walked on the moon.    “All of that greatness is in each of you!”    Today we have a new challenge to conquer:  It is to cure the White Noir in our People.  

                                                Key points:      ● A lifetime of infections by MP’s (meme-pathogens), White Guilt, and White shame; all cause the mental, spiritual & physical sickness that is White Noir    ● It is stupefying — how mentally & physically ill we have become as individuals & as a people    ● The forgotten, those who have stumbled & fallen, will be the one who rise from the ashes of Anti-Whitism to accomplish truly great things     ● We will be the really great heroes  –  We all have a role to play

2:00:23 – 2:12:35               Our own content creators, artists & musician will be our Inspiration:   –  NWG plays a reflective White-positive musical selection by ‘Nullus’, ‘Donald Kent’ & ‘American Zarathustra’, “The man who knew too much”.   Although melancholy in mood, this piece is not about ennui; it has a vein of fiery resilience.   A big round of applause for this magnificent piece!   Please support these wonderful people and all our other White-positive artists.  For more information please visit NoWhiteGuilt.org  

2:19:05 – 2:21:18               Any thoughts on copyrighting the phrase “No White Guilt”?   –    “Technically, it’s copyrighted by my use of it.”  NWG welcomes all to use the phrase on leaflets, in songs, in every what that is White-positive, unless someone is looking simply to make money off something that he popularized.  Jason also salutes again our artists & all those using their talents in the cause of White Wellbeing. 

2:23:05 – 2:27:35               Plans for an Organizational Entity dedicated to the work of Going Free:   –    “When this is functioning and working, you are going to be really surprised at how truly different it is.” 
NWG also discusses, how benefiting the whole benefits the individual; in reference to recapturing our destiny & achieving our goals in light of the individualism that is inherent in our Bio-spirit.  “Our (individual) wellbeing is achieved by our group’s well-being; and our (individual) ill-being is caused by the ill-being of our entire group.”   

2:28:43 – 2:37:36               White-positive Stickers spotted by a Hero in our Community:   –    NWG displays a screen image of No White Guilt stickers that were found by one of our heroes while he was out & about in his area.  Hundreds of these handwritten stickers, that are simple & powerful and highly effective!  NWG displays images of the various stickers found  (@2:29:05 – 2:37:25)   ….We will not be White-erased!

2:41:40 – 2:59:14               Anti-Whitism and how it causes White Noir:    –   White Noir causes aberrant, self-destructive, even psychotic behavior that manifests in varying degrees in our People. And people cope with it to varying degrees, the same as with any other illness, and “treat” it with a variety of coping mechanisms.  What we do in Going Free is treat the illness itself – which is the MP’s (meme-pathogens).  NWG plays a video of Non-White Anti-Whites (be they actors or not, it is typical behavior) and a group of White People who are totally psychotic with White Noir to illustrate a very disturbing but typical manifestation of Anti-Whitism.  Video plays @  2:47:49 – 2:51:10    White People kissing the boots of Anti-Whites  (Note of caution:  This is very difficult to watchNWG:  “This is what the Anti-Whites want for you in this world; this is what they want for your children, if we do not recapture our destiny!” 

                                                The Anti-White sickness that is illustrated in the featured video clip is the SAME Anti-White sickness that is causing the FBI to classify people who care about the White race as being at the same threat level as ISIS

                                                Key points:      ● MP’s come to you by way of Anti-Whitism & they undermine your PTP (Potential to Power)     ● The White Noir is the spiritual, mental & physical sickness that we see manifested in our People    ● WE BEND A KNEE TO ONE MASTER – THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST!  
● We see the Stockholm Syndrome of a People severely sickened by the lying Anti-White Narrative     ● We ALL will be made to get on our knees if we lose the right to self-defense    
● THIS is what we are up against  –  Anti-Whitism is a form of religious fanaticism     ● Use this infuriating video to inspire you  – Let this BURN into your heart…..”Build that fire so high that the sun has to squint!”  

3:04:09 – 3:24:01               Protect yourself by discarding the old verbiage:   Words like pro-White, White Nationalist, etc..  Although we know these words represent White-positive ideas, our enemies have subverted the definitions & redefined these words to now mean “hate” and “terrorism”.  It is imperative that you protect yourself, and your friends and family.  

Key points:      ● Our only objective is to serve White Wellbeing  –  If using a certain word or symbol muddies our objective & keeps us from serving WWB we must discard it     ● Anti-Whites are looking for the personification of the Villain in their story  –   Using old words & symbols makes YOU the perfect target for the Anti-Whites      ● Old words & symbols do not attract new people to the cause of serving White Wellbeing      ● No travel & no right to self defense lists,  Targeted Violence Lists   –   FBI now elevating us to the threat  level of ISIS    ● You will not be able to secede or to retreat to an ethno-state of your own  –  You will go to JAIL 

3:24:02 – 3:41:54               “A deliberate insult”  –  What happened in the aftermath of the Virginia 2A rally?   –   NWG reads from & analyzes a media account of the action of the Virginia legislature in the aftermath of the 2A Rally, which participants thought of as a ‘show of force’.  In actual fact, the very next day the Anti-Whites deliberately plodded right on ahead with their anti-self defense, Anti-White agenda.

                                                NWG reads from “Going Free”, page 91 (2nd Edition; by Jason Kohne), about White Noir from @3:35:56 – 3:39:40

Key points:      ● Guns are a ‘tool’ of self defense  –  In a world where there are firearms, the only equalizer in fighting for your self-defense is a firearm     ● You will not stop the Anti-White agenda by begging & pleading for your rights    ● There is no political solution  –  The only solution is Going Free! 

3:48:12 – 3:49:48               Public Enemy Number One:   –   The most effective and charismatic White-positive thought leaders & content creators, like NWG, are the ones that come under the most scrutiny by the Anti-Whites; who are looking for any pretext to shut them down.  A commenter suggests posting a disclaimer rejecting all violence.   NWG affirms this, and confirms in all of his work:  We reject violence!  There’s no voting out our way out of this; and, there’s no violent solution out of this. 

                                             Key point:      ● Not only do we reject violence, we reject that any good could come out of it  –  And we assert that only BAD will come to us with any violence committed by the misguided or unhinged. 

4:02:17 – 4:05:07            The Subconscious & Fiction versus Reality:   –   …”Haven’t you seen the movie??”  The subconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between fiction and reality.  And we live the vast majority of our lives via the subconscious mind, as our conscious mind is busy with many other in-the-moment tasks.          

                                             Key point:       ● Physical reactions (pulse, heartbeat, etc.) when watching a movie scene of a car chase or a horror movie, mirror the physical reaction of a person during an actual stress event  
 ● People speak of television & movie characters as if they were real people with real motivations rather than fictional beings acting out a script    ● Women in movies perform tasks and physical feats that they could not possible do IRL (in real life)   –  This gives young women a false impression of their limitations   

4:14:09 – 4:44:12            The FBI puts (Anti-White slurs) ‘White Nationalists’ & ‘Neo-Nazis’ on same threat level as ISIS:  –  This is coming from Trump’s Administration:  Those who care about White Wellbeing are as much a terrorist threat as ISIS in terms of the resources that will be allocated for fighting the “threat of far-Right extremism”.  NWG provides commentary & analysis.

This move by the FBI is one step away from criminalizing us as a race.  The bottom line:  The Anti-Whites are terrified.  They would not be moving heaven and earth to stop those who care about White Wellbeing if they did not see us as a challenge to Anti-White domination.    

                                             Key points:       ● This is a sign the Anti-Whites are panicking  –  They are terrified of us unifying 
● This indicates we are reaching the Event Horizon; wherein the Anti-Whites believe they have conquered Westernkind & the coalition of Anti-Whites start to turn on each another     ● We are running out of time to get the word out about Going Free  –  Providing a psychological defense for the psychological warfare being waged against us     ● FBI working with Anti-White “Hate” groups like the ADL, SPLC, etc.,  on enacting pre-crime measures against thought criminals   –  International coordination & cooperation      ● Our power lies in the hundred of millions of ‘Normies’ and ‘Vagues’ waking up when they see people criminalized for caring about White Wellbeing    ● White advocacy groups are being defined the same as are foreign terrorist organizations    ● We have to make this decade ROAR with light & love  –  Because this is going to be it; the end for us   

4:44:15 – 4:50:14               Final Song of Tonight’s Stream:   –   NWG plays Xurious & Hiraeth’s “Keep in Mind”, from the White Wellbeing Community Vids on the No White Guilt YouTube channel.   It’s a beautiful song with a mellow 80’s vibe.  Afterwards, NWG gives some words of encouragement to our White-positive artist and some words of inspiration to us all & a message to the Anti-Whites:  “We are NOT going to stop; you will not stop us!”

4:56:38 – 5:01:35               What to do if you ever find yourself in an encounter with law enforcement or the FBI:   –   Remember – You are a law abiding citizen.  Be cooperative by simply & pleasantly saying, “I will be happy to speak to you with my attorney present and/or through my attorney.”   Do not talk about anything else.  These people are not interested in being your friend & they are NOT your friends! 

                                                Key points:      ● Get a business card & tell them your lawyer will be in touch     ● Do not talk to them.  Be polite; get their information; but do NOT talk to them      ● And remember, this is just some person showing up with a badge and doing their job; they have no real power  –  They just want to stay employed and earn their paycheck  

5:08:30 – 5:11:42               No White Guilt Stickers are Available &  ‘Boomers’ are Welcome Here!!  –  Check out the No White Guilt Collectibles website for fabulous “No White Guilt” stickers.  Also, we do not disparage our elders in Going Free.  Older people still have the talents, wisdom & resources to give to White Wellbeing in their golden years and they are a priceless asset.  Older people who have paid their dues & have little to fear can be an immeasurable asset to our People. 

5:19:20 – 5:21:52               NWG reads from “Born Guilty” for an inspiring conclusion to the program:   –   This is a very exciting time to be alive, an opportunity to be real heroes for our People.   Jason reads a short passage from his book, “Born Guilty”:   At some point in the past, White people were a single tribe; a single People.  That is where we are today; making a People out of this deracinated race. 


Feb. 02, 2020:        Going Free | No White Guilt | Super Bowl-Mind-Control | Help Carlisle | It’s Groundhog Day Dammit!

1:52 –  2:53                          Opening Public Service Announcement from No White Guilt:  Never mind the Coronavirus & my protective bio-hazard gear…Just keep shopping, America!   –NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) starts the stream dressed in an alarmingly authentic HazMat costume, and with a satirical rant depicting the messaging of TPTB (the powers that be), because there’s nothing to worry about folks; it’s fine.  It’s all fine.  “No; this is not tyranny – It’s Democracy!  And we must spread it like a virus!”   And we must keep the borders wide-open to China; and to everyone else.  Because caring about the health and safety of your People and trying to prevent them from being infected by a deadly virus is…….(Anti-White slur:) ‘Racist!’    Not to mention the hit the GDP would take.

                                                Key point:      ● This openness only applies to Western countries & White People  –  Of course!  

3:25 – 7:10                           Musical Prelude:   –   “ForNull’s Valindeal’s Long Night  –  Prometheus Rising ref.”, from White Wellbeing Community Vids.  This and many other empowering and entertaining White-positive videos of various genres are available on the No White Guilt YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUWNvBwlnr7l29TT8MUYOG6Kds-cW4PrI

7:11 – 11:34                        Welcome to Going Free!   –    NWG welcomes all to the stream, and greets the Community showing up in the chat.   NWG announces that a stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising” is in the works, with an expected release date of March 1st.  “Prometheus Rising” is a mythopoetical story, a book within a book contained in NWG’s masterpiece, “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne).  SPOILER ALERT:  The HazMat suit was actually protective gear used while painting….

11:35 – 13:24                      Super Bowl Mind Control Day:    –    NWG:  “Don’t watch this garbage!”  Viewership of the NFH and the Super Bowl is down among White people, but even so this remains one of the most useless wastes of time and money for far too many of our People. 

                                                Key points:      ● If your children are going to be exposed to this Super Bowl Mind Control make certain that they are inoculated against the MP’s (meme-pathogens) they will be exposed to during the game, half-time “show”, and especially the Anti-White commercials    ● Tell your children in advance the kinds of things they are going to be hearing   –   Things that are being said not because these things are true; but because those saying it are Anti-White    

15:46 – 21:51                      World-Wide Leaflet Drop:   –    Together we made it happen!    Leaflets & stickers all bearing the No White Guilt message have gone up in states around the country, and even in other countries.  This is a first ever – it’s never been done before!   Members of our Community, working individually for the collective effort of spreading the curative-contagion (CC).

                                                Key points:      ● We are the Apostles of the message of Going Free     ● This is only the first month of the first decade of the Roaring ‘Twenties  –  We will make this entire decade roar !
● Check you local laws to be certain the leaflets are being distributed in a legal manner

22:01 – 31:16                      Muted celebrations in the U.K. for Brexit Day   –   Congratulations to all those in the United Kingdom who are celebrating finally serving the divorce papers for legal separation from the European Union (EU).  This, however, in only the beginning of what is purposely being made into an arduous, drawn-out process  –  So celebrations are muted. 

                                                Key points:      ● The rise of a Global Nationalism  –  We are one People with many countries  
● Brexit is one very small step in us being able to reclaim our destiny     ● However much the Anti-Whites have stalled the process of Brexit, they did allow it to happen  –  This indicates they still have a measure of fear about how the populace would react      ● The Anti-Whites saw there was something to be afraid of in the unwavering depth of dedication & determination Brexiteers have displayed since the referendum in 2016       ● Power struggles between different Anti-White elite factions     ● Societal context shifts   –   We must be ready to push through

31:55 – 36:19                      Ideas for White-positive ways to entertain children (and yourself!):    –    A member of the Going Free community, ‘Ronald’, is looking for resources and ideas that we could compile to come up with White-positive ways to entertain our children that celebrates our People.  Perhaps even a White-positive line of toys. 

                                                Key points:      ● The older the materials, books, toys, films, imagery, etc., the better!  (Note:  Archive.org is an absolute treasure house; all the classics, numerous audiobooks, films, old radio programs, and remarkable finds such as PDF’s of wholesome, beautiful storybooks and even paper-dolls can be found there — all for FREE)      ●  Even in these materials there will be some meme-pathogens (MP’s)  –  These will be much milder and much less damaging, though, than the MP’s of today     ● The writing styles & the language used in older materials is far superior to anything you will find written today     ● Tell your children in advance, as always, of the MP’s they will encounter & explain why the MP’s are Anti-White   ● Explaining the MP’s in advance  also empowers your children to feel they are in on the hidden knowledge of the adult world & that you are their source of wisdom      ● Create your own entertainment  –  If you have talent as a writer, or skills in toy-making and can perhaps even collaborate & create with others in the Community     ● Create White-positive channels & Spreaker accounts with audio material & we will all spread the word  

42:30 – 46:12                      Secular Humanism  –   Another Subset of Anti-Whitism:    A commenter notes that the West has replaced Christian values with worship of secular humanism and that loyalty to sports teams & the rise of  Islam is surging in the fill the void.  NWG notes that secular humanism is another subset of the superset that is Anti-Whitism. 

                                                Key points:      ● It’s not the West that replaced Christian values   –  It is the Anti-Whites who have usurped control of the West      ● Passion for a Sportball team is a coping mechanism of White Noir  –  We are not allowed to have pride in ourselves as White people, so we project our passion for glory instead onto a sports team to represent our symbolic battles     ● Visions of a different kind of “Super Bowl” when we recapture our destiny   –   Pageantry & Celebrations of the great achievements of Westernkind; for example, the incredible achievement of the technological wonders & rocket science that resulted in a Westman walking on the moon

46:43 – 50:41                      Going Free:  A Person is either White, or they are Non-White:    –     In the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free, a person is either White or they are Non-White.  Avoid any further descriptors of race, etc., unless there is a very specific reason to use it.  This is empowering to us on several different levels; and it makes our story about us.  NWG discusses another Diversity Attack that has just occurred in the United Kingdom. 

                                                Key points:      ● In the media Narrative, if the description of a person (and sometimes the name) is left out, it generally means the person is Non-White   –   If a White person commits a crime, you will see the descriptor “White” in the headline, as well as speculation of their motives   ● When having any discussion about the harm inflicted by Diversity, always put the blame squarely where it belongs:  On the Anti-Whites who made it possible

50:47 – 52:53                      Nothing more pathetic than getting emotional over a Sportsball team:   –    A commenter & NWG speak to the phenomenon of working-class White men (and some White women) who spend massive amounts of money to walk around with the name of an overpaid Non-White Sportsball figure on their back, and the pathetic spectacle of supporting Anti-White professional sports leagues… getting emotional over a sports team.  Stop buying over-priced Sportsball accoutrements!   

53:49 – 57:05                      Help Wanted:  NWG seeks White-positive sketch artist   –   A professional level sketch artist is needed for artwork in the new stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising”.  Jason will be paying a reasonable fee to the artist for the work, as is his customary practice with those who make material contributions to his work.   The work will need to be completed fairly quickly, and past experience has shown some difficulty in working with artists.   If you or anyone you know might be interested, and can be dedicated to doing the work within a very short time constraint and to the quality of the work specs as required, please do reach out to NWG. 

                                                Key points:      ● Only a few sketches are needed, unlike in the original version of the book which had over 200   –   The artist could be one person, or a couple of different artists doing the work       ● NWG shows an example of the portrait quality work he is seeking @ 55:12 – 55:19  & an even more highly-skilled spec of a work sample @ 55:51 – 55:56    NOT this!  @ 56:21 – 56:25     ● If interested, contact Jason at No White Guilt Collectibles, direct message on Twitter, or reach out to one of the moderators in the livestream chat

57:06 – 58:08                      Jared George / The Great Order; Masterful video on the word “Hail”  –   It is word with deep meaning for Westernkind; “Hail!”.  And with the masterful production work of Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice, this powerful video will resonate deeply with you — It is about who we are as a People.  And it will give you chills!     https://redice.tv/red-ice-tv/hail-the-great-order

58:10 – 1:04:59                  It’s Okay To Be White!    –    NWG:  “Great slogan; one-hundred percent endorse it.”  But ‘No  White Guilt’ is infinitely better!” 

                                                Key points:      ● The countervailing Anti-White response to “It’s Okay to be White” is:  Of course it’s okay to be White….But what you really mean by that is something else    ● In contrast, “No White Guilt” forces the Anti-Whites to be in a position where they lose the moral high-ground  –  It forces them to admit they want to inflict harm on you     ● Use both slogans on your fliers  –  Always distribute leaflets and fliers in a safe & LEGAL manner

1:06:48 – 1:10:18               NWG on being “tongue-tied”:   –   What it is like to be literally tongue-tied*?  NWG explains the very real condition in which a person is born with their tongue rooted to the bottom of the mouth.  And an anecdote about a speech therapist who perhaps was going by the Ebonics model.    (*The tongue has now been partially freed; unfortunately, Jason has lost his ability to whistle.)

1:10:33 – 1:18:32               Update on the Coronavirus:   –   NWG reads an article from the New York Times and provides commentary.  Chinese officials put order & control above safety… This virus is a specter of things to come in the future of multi-racial America. 

1:21:05 – 1:22:48               NWG shows video he took of a Red-shouldered Hawk   –   Always embrace the care & preservation of the beautiful and magnificent creatures of the Animal Kingdom; it will feed your Western Bio-spirit and nourish your soul!

1:30:43 – 1:32:32               It’s Groundhog Day, Dammit!     –    Groundhogs play a role in the comedy novelette, “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”  Written by Jason Kohne (NWG) the book is available at No White Guilt Collectibles, for a signed copy, and also on Amazon.  Readers of the book have found it to be absolutely hilarious, which was the point in writing it NWG says.  To put a little laughter and fun back into our lives. 

1:34:18 – 1:40:20               An audio of the introduction to the book, “It’s a Comedy Dammit~”   –   Introducing to the White-positive sphere a book by Jason Kohne/NWG.   Jason plays an audio sample of the comedic novelette.

1:50:18 – 2:14:12               Carlisles’s Story:    –     Carlisle is a White-positive, lovely young lady who has been through hell… A couple of years ago, she was riding in a car with her Mother and her son, when a Non-White – an illegal alien Non-White, who was also driving illegally – plowed into their car.  Tragically, she and her family were severely injured.  And that devastating event was only the beginning of the nightmare for Carlisle, which has utterly changed her life….   NWG plays video about Carlisle from a Great Poseidon’s YouTube live-stream  @  2:08:59 – 2:12:20

                                                Key points:      ● These type of events committed by Non-Whites are increasingly common and yet the local news is burying these stories     ● Thanks to peer-to-peer communication we are able to get the word out about this devastation being inflicted upon our People   ● Carlisle has been left in constant pain, with severe complications & with mounting medical bills    ● A Go Fund Me has been set up for Carlisle @  https://www.gofundme.com/f/carlisle-medical-fund     ● The main thing we in the White-Positive community can do is get the word out & MAKE THIS STORY GO VIRAL !!    

2:16:14 – 2:23:11               What countries look like for women when Westmen are not in charge:    –   Neighborhoods become no-go zones for women when Non-Whites achieve numerical courage in an area, and their Bio-Spirits start to project the culture & customs from their countries of origin onto the environment.  Check the (real) history books to see how poorly women are treated in every country except Western countries.

                                                Key points:        ● The Anti-White Whites, who are responsible for filling our country with these people, of COURSE flee to the most White areas to live.  Preferably in a gated community. 
● Confusing ‘emotions’ with ‘thinking’ undermines many of our women  –  And some men; but, mostly our women who unfortunately through voting & activism have influenced the acceptance of Non-White refugees & immigrants in our countries    ●  Women:  Feeling is not thinking!    ● We have to get the word out to our Sisters; the real world is very different from the safety of the “nursery” we are living in here in the West     ● Men:  Stand up & be a man; women do not respect a ‘pussy-cat’

2:24:30 – 2:26:11               Let the outrage of Carlisle’s story fuel you to do more for our People!   –   Don’t just watch this video & get angry….. Turn this OUTRAGE into something productive & powerful.  NWG issues a  challenge for each & every one of us to post a link to the story in at least 10 places frequented by ‘Normies’ & ‘Patriots’ — like Breitbart, Republican Groups, Trump MAGA groups, immigration information sites like FAIR, etc.   

2:26:27 – 2:28:01               You have to make the internal decision to be Brave:   –   And you have to make it over, and over, and over….. NWG:  Anyone out there who says they have no fear, they’re either lying or they’re a psychopath.”   You can read about the internal struggle that made NWG the man he is today in his personal story, “Crucible”, which is contained within his epic work, “Born Guilty”.  

                                                Key points:        ● Bravery is not ‘accidental’  –   You have to be able to perceive what all can go wrong; and then go ahead and do it anway, to truly be said to be a hero      ● Like NWG, you will have internal struggles  –  Some you will not be proud of       NWG:  “Thankfully, there was a voice inside me that said, You never surrender; you never give up!” 

2:28:02 – 2:51:32               Super Bowl Mind Control:  Bread & Circuses  –    You will see Anti-Whitism everywhere in virulently Anti-White commercials & activities on & off the field.  While our history is being re-written and our statues are being town down, many are oblivious to what is going on around them.  Our people have had their natural tendencies for competition & tribalism subverted into the worship of professional athletes & teams that are cash-cows for the Anit-White agenda.  Participation in sports is very health for children & builds good camaraderie and team-playing skills, if you are participating physically – not just watching on a screen.  The problem with professional sports & events like the Super Bowl, is the way it is used by the Anti-Whites.   Our natural desire to compete is subverted by the Anti-Whites and most people are unable to find a physical outlet for meaningful physical activity. 

Key points:          ● This is NOT a denouncement of sports in general!   ● NWG is speaking from the viewpoint of a life-long gifted star-athlete who participated in sports at high levels after high school, including at the collegiate level & and an opportunity to be a professional     ● The desire to compete is healthy, productive & fun   –  We want our People to be fit and sharp physically & mentally     ● The game as it is played today is nowhere near what our people created it to be     ● Living vicariously through Non-White athletes is a very detrimental way to destroy your identity & subvert it into individualism   –  Fanaticism for a professional sport team is a sign of being very sick with White Noir        ● More & more Non-White athletes are being recruited, promoted & pushed to show White people we are being replaced      ● Game play & rules are being dumbed-down & changed to favor those with the body types & mentality of other Bio-Spirits   –   NWG: “The beast in us has always yielded to the intelligence in us; that is the way the world works.”

2:51:33 – 3:02:43               Super Bowl Commercials  –  Over-the-top Anti-Whitism:      Adverts will be for poisonous beers, unhealthy snackfoods, and absolutely vapid TV shows & series.   NWG reads a selection from “Go Free” 2nd Edition (by Jason Kohne), ‘Anti-Whitism in Commercials’, page 35  @ 2:58:16.  NWG also discusses the purpose of the book & the advantages of the Kindle format (automatic updates). 

                                                Key points:        ● A one-hundred percent guarantee: Super Bowl commercials will be scripted to make White people & White couples look stupid      ● The commercials will be encouraging biological White erasure     ● Thugs who are criminals & monsters, and who spit on our White countries and our White people, will be portrayed as quirky, normal people with a White Bio-Spirit to make our little girls (and little boys) think they are innocent, safe & cuddly     ● Anti-Whites are willing to lose money on unpopular ad campaigns to push Anti-Whitism   ● We will lose every time if we do not have a psychological defense to the psychological warfare that is being waged against us   

3:09:21 –  3:10:41              Something is taken out of the Spirit when we live in Captivity:  –   Majestic zoo animals, when returned to the wild, discover their old instincts and revert to their wild glory.  In the same way, when we recapture our glory as a People, we will return to our “wild” spirited ways.   When you realize you are in a fight for your existence – that is when something wild in us comes alive again!

3:14:29 – 3:20:36               Nothing but Victories this week when Going Free!  –   Reach out to spread the word about Carlisle;  we will not be able to afford to take care of her medical bills within our community – but what we CAN do, is spread the word so that it goes VIRAL.  

                                                Key points:      ● Please spread the word & help Carlisle  –  A Go Fund Me has been set up for Carlisle @ https://www.gofundme.com/f/carlisle-medical-fund     ● “It’s a Comedy Dammit”  –  Let people know we are a Community with a sense of humor; share the book and then share more serious topics covered by NWG    ● Tailoring the way you talk about the Super Bowl to those around you  –  People have a desire for competitions & sports fans are living it vicariously    ● Artist needed for illustrations in stand-alone version of “Prometheus Rising”   (see earlier notes in stream @ 53:49 – 57:05 for detailed information) 

3:22:05 – 3:23:21               NWG Closing Message & Words of Inspiration:     –   ….Super Bowl is more like a Stupor Bowl! “We can make this a stellar week for White Wellbeing!”  


Jan. 26, 2020:     Going Free | No White Guilt | Coronavirus – Latest & Discuss It | Antiwhite Reporter on NWG Flyers

2:23 – 11:38                        ‘Perks’/Perquisites of Being a Member of the Channel:   –   We are going to ROAR in the 20’s !!  Going Free is spreading the Curative Contagion (CC)  — The only contagion that can compete with the “other” contagion out there, the Coronavirus.  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) welcomes all and details the newly available No White Guilt YouTube channel memberships. 

                                                Key points:      ● Channel members will have access to special members only content  
● Membership badges and special ‘emojis’ created for the channel    ● NWG and others are working out instructions for those who wish to become members and also maintain their anonymity from the Google monster     ● Anti-Whites (A/W’s) target those who participate in the White-positive sphere for social lynching and personal & economic destruction   

12:54 – 22:24                      Images from Virginia; A very mild winter:   –    ‘The Cardinal Model.’  NWG shares images of winters past in Virginia; monster snowflakes, a red-belly woodpecker, a white-breasted nuthatch, and the “appropriate model” displayed by cardinals in face of terrible Anti-White times.

                                                Key point:      ● As a People, we need to come together when times are tough  –  And we have never faced a threat like we do now    ● When we recapture our Destiny, we will spread back out in our physical & psychic orientation, as those of our Bio-Spirit (racial instincts) prefer to live 

23:19 –27:38                       The No White Guilt Facebook Group:   –   A way to spread the word digitally in service of White Wellbeing.  This is a way to spread the Curative Contagion (CC) and defeat the Anti-White algorithms.  

                                                Key point:      ● “Prometheus Rising”, a mythopoetical book within NWG’s book, “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne) is being edited for release as a stand-alone novella  –  Release date of March 1st is planned

29:00 – 43:20                      The Great White Awakening is Happening HERE:    –   We do the work here; we make it happen.   We are going to roar in the twenties!   Things are conspiring for our success; but, we must all get involved to make it happen… Or else the opportunity will be lost.

                                                Key points:      ● The event horizon is approaching  –  We see the signs everywhere   
● Coronavirus is one of the context changing events that can be used by us    ● Anti-Whites attempting to break us up into factions so that we can be defeated   –  Do NOT allow this to happen in the White-positive (WP) sphere   ● The Anti-White elites at the top realize that the other Non-White groups are perceiving that the White race is not their greatest challenge –  They will then look to other grievance groups around them for defeat     ● The ‘Overton Window’: What the Anti-Whites allow to be discussed in the media    ● The Overton window is dictated by the Anti-White Narrative  –  It is irrelevant for Going Free

43:24 – 44:53                      We Cannot Win the War against White Wellbeing Individually:   –   We must think and act collectively.  We all need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and do whatever we can today and every day ; however small our individual actions may seem to be. 

                                                Key point:      “We are the molecules, that become the H20, that becomes the tidal wave that washes away all the refuse and sewage in our countries so that we can recapture our destinies.”

45:03 – 46:44                      Anti-Whites out in force in Australia to change the name of Australia Day:   This is White Erasure; the Anti-Whites want to break down and erode everything we have built & created.  It starts with an appeal to “fairness” and “inclusivity”.  These are MP’s (meme-pathogens) that appeal to the instincts of Westernkind to be heroic; which is what we are.  “Inclusivity” ends with us losing EVERYTHING. 

 49:37 – 55:47                     A Come to the Bio-spirit Moment & Animal Abuse by Non-Whites:    –   Animals are treated very differently by Westernkind than they are in the rest of the world.  We will reach out to animal rights groups, Second Amendment groups; many groups that are implicitly White but who have been indoctrinated to fear the heresy of being openly White-positive and advocating for White interests. 

                                                Key point:      ● The inescapability of being White…. White Anti-Whites who feel Westernkind is still strong & still in control are okay with some harm being inflicted on the Avatars of Westernkind  –  But when they themselves start to feel under threat, they experience a paradigm shift that can send them over to our side.    ● In real-time, increasing numbers of former Anti-Whites are contacting NWG after having seen the Anti-White reality coming at them   ● We are the Apostles of Going Free  –  Help those who are receptive to the message to Go Free

57:05 – 59:46                      The Coronavirus & the recurring specter of ‘false equivalency’ arguments:   –   How do we use this horror of a virus to shape a message that reaches our People?                 

                                                Key point:      ● Anti-White practice in argumentation of comparing the worst of the White race to the best of Non-White races  –  It is despicable; And it immediately identifies your interlocutor as Anti-White   

1:00:25 – 1:15:32               Comments received  & Heroic Activity by Members of our Community:   –   A spotlight on “Shawn” who is doing great work & getting involved with sticker activism.  NWG shows pictures of the stickers that are being found all over Shawn’s town.    John is another heroic individual who created & mailed fliers on his own initiative (an money!) to be sent free of cost to any & all  who wish to distribute ‘No White Guilt’ fliers safely and legally.  Not only that, John put himself out in public, physically,  with a sign proclaiming the message of Going Free — -And when harassed away by security, he simply relocated across the street! 

                                                Key points:      ● GET INVOLVED!   –   Avoid burn-out & black-pilling by doing something; no matter how small      ● This is a movement that is growing organically from the bottom up  –  It CAN be done!      ● Serve one Master….The Spirit of the West   –   NWG:  “I’m coming back victorious; or on my shield!” 

1:16:12 – 1:19:14               Knowing you have a PEOPLE can save your life    –    Dramatic testimony from Community member “Spencer’s Thoughts” whose sister has turned away from the path to suicide, the ultimate White flight.  She is finally finding a meaning in life through the power of the message of Going Free.  She is not the first to have been saved by the message of White Wellbeing & we all need to make sure are more that are saved. 

1:19:20 – 1:20:14               Knowing the Truth is Half the Battle:   –   And acting on it is the other half! 

1:23:59  – 1:27:49              Musical Intermission:   –     Donald Kent’s Thought Police (Live), from the No White Guilt channel’s White Wellbeing Community Vids.   A song played in honor of Spencer’s Thoughts sister; a woman saved from the path of suicide. 

1:27:50 – 1:34:58               Sportsball Figure Dies  –  Mass Media & A Young White Mother Mourn:      How to address those in your life who are “crushed” by the loss of a figure with zero personal connection to their lives?  Make your starting point being a respectful, noble person & acknowledge the loss. Condolences to the family of the sports-baller Kobe Bryant.   Next, try to bring some perspective to the young Mother’s misplaced grief….. With the state of the world for our People, living under attack by Anti-Whites & virulent Anti-Whitism, is this death really a place to put your concern?   Also, a special THANKS to “NPC162” for donating funds ear-marked for NWG to buy another monitor!  

                                                Key point:      ● Point out all the heroic people who work hard all their lives & will never make a fraction of a professional athlete’s income  –  When ordinary heroes die, their children go without     ● Do sports games matter in the grand scheme, with our civilizations being destroyed?    ● Point out to them that if their child died, the sports-ball figure/celebrity wouldn’t give a damn!   

1:36:32 – 1:38:52               We are always being interviewed by the “Vagues”   –   Many of our Brothers & Sisters are living in the Anti-White Narrative & think it’s the real world.  When they receive a link or recommendation, or just search out our Community for themselves, they are going to be hyper-vigilant for anything that matches the Anti-White’s bogeymen.  Therefore, we must always be on our best behavior in the chat & in comments. 

1:42:28 – 1:49:33               We have Skyrocketing suicide rates —Particularly among our young White Men:    And the Anti-Whites actually celebrate this.  Further proof that Westmen are no longer in charge of ANYTHING.  Diversity means less White people.   

                                                Key point:      ● The Bio-Spirit of Westernkind  –  Carving civilizations out of wilderness:  This is WHO WE ARE!

1:52:55 – 2:29:52               Coronavirus:  Infectious even during incubation   –    NWG reads an article from one of the  Regime’s official publications & discusses the pandemic in a way that you can use to help others see the Anti-Whitism embedded in the dichotomy of a no-borders world.   Asians have a very different Bio-Spirit from us; they like to consume different things than we do.  And now, all those creative food dishes are not just being served in the ‘wet markets’ of Asian countries…. They are also being served & consumed in OUR countries, because these people are in OUR countries!  The main takeaway to tell your friends, families & strangers:  These outbreaks are going to be originating in OUR counties at the same time the traditional population is stripped of its right to self-defense.    NWG:  “The Bio-Spiritual Incompatibility between the different races of man…”   We can get along on a one-to-one basis, but no two peoples that have numerical courage can get along.

                                                Key point:      ● It is in the interests of China to keep the world from knowing how devastating the outbreak is  –  Therefore it is in their interests to understate the numbers, rate it is spreading, etc.     ● U.S. Officials:  “Minimal risk.”  It’s fine; nothing to see here!      ● If our Government cared about us, WHY would they allow ANY of these people into our country – Why would they take any chances with who is allowed in this country?     ● Mortality rate grows more severe as the virus spreads  –  The perfect Bio-weapon?      ● Who knows what damage the virus does to the bodies of those who don’t die from it –  Permanently compromised and perhaps sterility?     ● Long eradicated diseases are making a come-back due to the mass influx of people from around the world into our Western countries     

2:30:27 – 2:33:33               This is what Biological White Erasure Looks Like:   –    White man trapped in China with his wife of Chinese descent, “an American couple”, because of the Coronavirus…. News photo is striking in how Non-White his children appear to be.  White genes are recessive; and when you choose a Non-White partner, the result is biological White Erasure of your genetic line.

2:36:47 – 2:40:15               Bio-Spirit versus High I.Q.   –   Regardless of I.Q., mixing with Non-Whites results in the erasure of the Western Bio-Spirit. 

                                                Key points:      ● Biological White Erasure is the one thing we cannot fix  –  We can always rebuild statues & other structures and institutions      ● The different races evolved separately with inherent traits that were beneficial to a particular race  –  Reason, logic & evidence indicate that “mixing” will not create a successful outcome

2:42:21 –  2:48:01              Musical Intermission:   –    Traversing the Divide’s “No Matter the Cost”; available on the No White Guilt channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.

2:48:02 – 2:49:26               Starting to Reap the Harvest:   –   After years of personal laboring & sacrifice by NWG, day in & day out to build something real, the success of Going Free is starting to become self-evident.   Jason remarks on the exponential growth that is happening at Going Free.  “We are a White-positive movement that is worldwide.  We are the great White ring that is circling the World.”

                                                Key points:      ● No White Guilt fliers begin distributed in many U.S. states – and even in other countries – this week!    ● This activism is on the personal initiative of different individuals, working separately for the benefit of the collective as a whole, to make a real impact 

2:49:46 – 3:12:50               No White Guilt Fliers Making News:   Article by a former Anti-White:   –  New York Times  article ….Fears of (Anti-White slur delted) White Wellbeing at the Farmer’s Market.  A White family who own  an organic farm  (Sugar Creek Farms of Bloomington, IN – Please support them!) and who participate in a Farmer’s Market in the Bloomington, Indiana, area were doxxed by way of a message board they were participating in for being White-positive.  Antifa harassed them at the Farmer’s market, where they were selling their goods; physically threatening, harassing & libeling the young couple, who were trying to provide a positive service and support their family.   The author of the article describes the No White Guilt fliers.    NWG reads from and analyzes the article.   (For background information see:  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/18/us/indiana-farmers-market-white-supremacy.html     NWG:  “We are going to be like a meteorite in 2020; impacting the planet and reaching out to our White brothers & sisters, with a hand to lift them out of Anti-Whitism! “  

                                                Key points:      ● Never use the Anti-White slurs of our Victimizers!   –   These are made-up words that only exist in the Anti-White’s narratives, academia, literature, books & movies, etc.     
● White  ‘vagues’ and ‘normies’, and even Anti-Whites, are starting to see that major harm is being inflicted on other White people  –  And they are starting to fear for themselves    ● Their conscious will start to haunt them    ● Anti-Whites are leaving Anti-Whitism in increasing numbers  –  Going Free gives them a Community to come to rather than being ostracized & isolated for being socially lynched as a Heretic…. We offer a way out.    ● The Hypocrisies of Ant-Whitism are becoming glaring!

3:13:07 – 3:14:39               Teaching others to understand the concept of Numerical Courage:   –  There is not a magic number at which the clash of alien Bio-Spirits starts to destroy Communities.  It doesn’t have to be 50% –or even 10% — before you find yourself living in the middle of a Cultural Cold War.  Our job is to awaken people to what will happen to their own communities and their lives when the alien Bio-Spirits stop trying to assimilate and start asserting their own Bio-Spirits, as they project their own very different cultures and identities onto formerly Western structures & institutions.

3:16:32 – 3:18:57               Psychological Warfare:    Fears of social lynching, “The fear of the mad dog,” causes everyone to be afraid.  Afraid to speak-out against the Anti-White Narrative.   On-line communities, such as ours, provide the anonymity that gives people the courage to speak out.  That is why censorship of White-positive messaging is so rampant & severe. 

                                                Key points:      ● The Anti-White Narrative is set up to crush all opposition  –  The lexicon & dialectics of Going Free are designed to be that one thing that can defeat it      ● IRL (in real life) events ARE planned for the future  

3:20:29 – 3:22:26               Our Victimizers are all of One Group:  Anti-White    –    Agent provocateurs for the Anti-Whites seek to sow division amongst us by casting various European groups as “not White”; or, conversely, by denying there is any such thing as White people.    It doesn’t matter if it is a lone troll or an NGO; for our purposes, they are all simply Anti-White. 

 Key points:      ● Do not fall for the divide & conquer tactics   –   A divided people is a conquered people     ● We are a single Bio-Spirit  

3:27:10 – 3:31:50               Division in the past among European Nationalists    –    NWG remarks on the failed practice of European Nationalists dividing themselves from each other due to long-past battles and grievances.  There is a much better way; and we must never again allow ourselves to be divided by petty personalities & national feuds. 

3:32:05 – 3:48:03               NWG shares messages & testimonials recently received:   –   Testimonials have come in from veterans in the White-positive sphere, who see Going Free as away forward that will actually WORK.  You will find a true purpose in life when serving White Wellbeing; however young or old you are, it is never too late.  “When the Spirit of the West reaches out to you — that is YOUR special moment.  Embrace it! “

                                                Key points:      ● Channel recommendation for ‘Vincentes’:  “Right Wing Universe” on BitChute
● Praise and recommendation for Jason’s book, “Born Guilty”  –   It’s a voluminous tome; but it is broken down into easily digestible segments    ● A family man who came to Going Free through Red Ice & AmRen   –  Reaching out in search of a real community     ● A former Northwest Front member reaches out; he doesn’t want to waste decades waiting for a ‘Black swan’ event

3:48:04 – 3:51:45               Are Greeks really White?   –    Regardless of Non-White admixture, and regardless of what percentage of Non-White DNA you may or may not have, time and conflict will determine who is really White.  As White Westernkind are increasingly marginalized & victimized, those who can deny the label will.  

                                                Key point:      ● The most important determining factor is whether or not you serve White Wellbeing

3:55:37 – 4:02:22               Personal sacrifices made in serving White Wellbeing:  –   An inspirational book within a book, “The Crucible” (from “Born Guilty”, by Jason Kohne), details the experiences, the personal sacrifices, and the heavy price paid by a young Jason Kohne.  NWG/Jason decided at a very early age to put nothing before service to White Wellbeing; losing best friends, facing physical violence, and being ostracized completely by the totality of the student body and teaching staff.  All this at a very young age, after have been a very popular athlete and student amongst his peers and at an age when all one wants to do is fit-in and be ‘liked’; especially by the opposite sex.   NWG:  “Cowardice is natural….. To do the right thing, to be courageous, is a decision you have to make.  And I had to make it again, and again, and again.”

Key point:      ● “The Crucible” will soon be available as a stand-alone book & will be an empowering inspiration to share with all the young people in your life, who are facing crucibles of their own in today’s violently Anti-White classrooms.   A moving & powerful text for anyone of any age. 

4:02:25 – 4:04:03               American Renaissance Conference (Amren.com) coming up at the end of May:   NWG recalls going to his very first  AmRen Conference, by himself, at age 18.   He recalls wearing his father’s suit, as he had none of his own at that time.   Meeting the gentlemanly elder statesman of the White-positive sphere, Jared Taylor, led to a long-standing friendship between the two men.  They found they had much in common, and that they even live within the same geographical area. 

Key point:      ● Given the momentum that is building in the Going Free Community, this would be a very fortuitous year for NWG to attend if travel funds are available

4:04:20 – 4:06:23               Those who retreat into Ethno-Nationalism are as ‘craven’ as those who retreat to their redoubts in the woods….  Even though we have different flags, different language & different cuisines, Westmen all share the same Bio-Spirit.  Also, magic & synchronicity are evident in Going Free.

4:08:51 – 4:13:22               Saving lives at getting others off Anti-Depressants:   –   This is the real miracle of Going Free; it gives our People answers, something to live for and something to believe in.  Going Free is giving people the inner strength to beat addictions and wean off the medications that numb us to living in a hostile world. 

                                                Key points      ● It’s not about the individual delivering the message  –  It’s about all us coming together & tapping into the Glory of the Western Spirit     ● We do this because we want to save our people & recapture our Destiny!

4:13:31 – 4:15:59               Nat-Connect:   –   An initiative by the fabulous content producer & thought leader ‘Way of the World’ & Laura.  Nat-Connect brings together White-positive people & families who are looking for community.  Nat-Connect can put you in touch with someone in your area, your region, or just someone you can talk to & correspond with, without divulging location-specific information.  Contact ‘Way of the World’ at NatConnect@Protonmail.com.    Watch the video here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/24RKnH…

                                                Key point:      ● As with everything you participate in on the internet USE CAUTION –  Do not divulge personal or other information unless you have established a basis for trust over time.  Do your due-diligence before you meet IRL! 

4:16:14 – 4:17:49               It’s A Comedy Dammit!   –   A hilarious quick read & another book written by NWG/Jason Kohne.  Available on Amazon and at No White Guilt Collectibles, if you want a signed copy for a donation.   https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com/product-page/it-s-a-comedy-dammit-a-new-book-by-jason-k%C3%B6hne

4:22:54 – 4:34:35               NWG reads from more letters & comments received with positive testimonials:   –  The use of the terminology of “Racists”; “juveniles” who look like us; and more on ‘who is White’….  And positive news about our young people, more and more who are coming over to our White-positive mentality and bringing with them a youthful positive attitude!

                                                Key points:      ● Never speak in the language of the Anti-Whites:  “racist, sexist, homophobe” etc.       ● Focus on OUR story  –  NOT the story of our Victimizers    

4:37:40 – 4:54:15               Eloquent testimony from an unnamed Lady:    Expressions of gratitude for  NWG’s books, “Go Free” & “Born Guilty”….  Eloquent testimonial from a former Liberal ‘vague’ & Republican who is now Going Free, and who was accused by a relative of being “obsessed” and “angry”.   The Anti-White taunt that you are “angry” or “obsessed” is an MP (meme-pathogen).  And the counter-acting MC (meme-curative) is:  Anger is a virtue when it protects the innocent!  

Key points:      ● Some friends and relatives will be upset & quite disturbed by your decision to follow the path of the truth     ● How to respond to those who say some White people have a Non-White Bio-spirit, i.e., behave like and embrace the culture of Non-Whites   –   NWG:  “Every race of people has defective members; folks who do not exemplify the Bio-spirit of their people”
● There is also a bell curve for behavior as well as I.Q.      ● The unscrupulous & unfair tactic of comparing the worst of our People with the best of another People   ● NWG makes a very insightful point about the limitations that create some of the “worst” of our people; those who are falling down & failing at life, those whom we struggle to embrace as Brothers & Sisters  –  “The White guys at the bottom don’t have anybody to step down towhen they get displaced by the after-effects of ‘diversity’.

4:58:32 – 5:04:55               NWG’s Closing Message:   –    This week in your conversations with friends, family and strangers: Talk about the Coronavirus in terms of incompatible Bio-Spirits, making it impossible for us to live side by side without hostility & discomfort.  Talk about the apocalypse & breakdown of society that can happen HERE in the West; not in some distant land.    Talk also about how former Anti-Whites are coming over to being White-positive, as they see the visceral hatred of Westernkind get closer & closer to injuring them personally.  Most importantly, talk about lives improved & lives SAVED by Going Free!    WE ARE GOING TO MAKE THIS THE ROARING 20’S !!


Jan. 22, 2020:                     Going Free | No White Guilt | New Feature – Channel Memberships

1:23 – 6:50                           Special Edition of Going Free  –  Channel Memberships Now Available:   –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) announces a new feature:  Channel memberships are now available to any and all who wish to serve White Wellbeing. 

                                                Key points:      ● We are a movement of Redemption —  Everyone is welcome here; regardless of immutable physical characteristics or ‘checkered past’ –  ● Memberships are for everyone who wishes to bring order, tranquility & safety to Western Civilization by restoring its physical, mental  and spiritual harmony     ● One of the perks of membership will be a badge  –  The badge will be a symbol in the shape of a Lynedelin;     ● The badge will darken over time, the longer subscriber is a member     ● Special member only ‘emojis’   –   Members get to create & submit ideas for emojis subject to approval    ● Community tab on the YouTube channel will have special announcements & photos for members only    ● Memberships are per month  

6:51 – 15:36                        NWG catching up on messages & requests:   –   Messages sent via the contact page, email, and at No White Guilt Collectibles are in the process of being returned.  Also, for those who requested fliers for legal distribution, these are being mailed & you should receive them shortly.  And remember to take a photo if you happen to stumble upon one of these fliers in your area! 

                                                Key points:      ● Across all platforms Going Free is a welcoming community      ● Those who come here in search of Community will not find the cartoon characters of the Anti-White Narrative     ● News articles are appearing in the media of No White Guilt fliers   ● We are creating a People out of a deracinated Race  –  We are the Apostles of service to White Wellbeing    ● NWG planning increased travels to meet & reach people  –   Seeking recommendations form anyone knowledgeable about equipment that will lend itself to mobile live-streaming while on the road  

19:34 – 20:16                      The Power of peer-to-peer Communication:   –    The Anti-Whites fear us communicating directly & in real-time with one another not just for the solidarity it builds, but also for the information we are able to pass-on; such as ways around the mounting censorship by the Anti-Whites. 

                                                Key point:      ● Direct communication magnifies ideas & intelligence many times over and prevents us from being isolated

22:10 – 25:23                      D-Live Issues:   –   NWG’s application for “Affiliate Membership” was denied after D-Live was recently sold.   In the notification’s explanation, the terms of service violation was left blank….This certainly appears to be censorship to shut-down White-positive speech.  

                                                Key points:      ● He who controls the money gets what he wants!

30:51 – 34:32                      Innocent White Men shot while working:    –    NWG shares a super-chat and also a personal anecdote about innocent White men shot by Non-Whites while on the job working; a perfect microcosm of our current Anti-White world.  Not as isolated event as one might think, this actually also happened to Jason’s own father.

38:17 – 43:20                      Arguing With Anti-Whites &  A Musical Interlude:    –    A brief comment on the predictable & typical Anti-White fallacies that try to justify inflicting harm on Westernkind.   When we recapture our Destiny, we will invite all the Anti-Whites to go live in these wonderful Non-White places they think are superior to Western Civilization! 

                                                ● NWG introduces & plays a video from the White Wellbeing Community Vids Collection; ForNull & Hiraeth’s Sleepers Dream.  [39:54 – 43:06] 

43:28 – 46:33                      Discussion continues of D-Live channel Affiliate Membership Censorship:   –   Anyone in the Community with detective skills or inside status at D-Live who can find out what is going on with this would be greatly appreciated.   Also, no support-shaming or road-blocking:  Please support our White-positive creative content creators!  Building our culture builds our Community. 

46:36 – 55:11                      NWG reviews information of No White Guilt Channel Membership:   NWG channel memberships now available… Membership badges feature the Lynedelin symbol; which is very significant & meaningful to the mythopoetical story of ‘Prometheus Rising” (a book within the book, “Born Guilty”, by Jason Kohne).  As described by the Great ForNull in the chat section:  “Lynedelin, The Mark of the King – The key that freed Prometheus.   Additionally, (the symbol) worn by the kings of the Promethean Nation as the mark of legitimate lordship.”

                                                Key points:      ● We should be as visible as possible    ● “Psyche” Nationalism is the New Conservatism:   Some content creators using ‘snarky’ material where everything is a ‘joke’ and nothing real is being built     ● Psyche Nationalism is another way of attempting to vector us down a dead-end road

57:29 – 1:03:32                  More on Arguing with Anti-Whites:   –   NWG on a typical tactic used by Anti-Whites in arguments; the Equivalency Fallacy.   For example, “Both paper-cuts and cancer hurt; therefore, they are the same thing (or equivalent).”  

                                                Key points:      ● Arguing with Anti-Whites is like having a conversation with an insane person  –  It’s not going to be productive.  Don’t do it!  

1:03:37 – 1:07:30               Why do we think Putin is any different from Trump?   –   Russian President Vladimir Putin is traveling to Israel to visit a(nother) new “Holocaust” memorial & is pushing the official WW2 Narrative in Russia….Why are people so desperate for a magical hero that they try to make leaders like Putin (and Trump) into the Great White Hope? 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG:  It is pure stupidity to think any of these outside leaders would ever come to our aid or help us in any way  –  It is in their interests & the interests of their nations that the West weaken & crumble from Diversity     ● Diversity is not a strength; it is a major weakness  –   Homogeneity is a great strength     ● Judge any figure by whether or not they are CURRENTLY serving White Wellbeing   –  The One Master Precept  

1:15:17 – 1:20:14               When ‘Vagues” listen to Anti-Whites Argue:  –  It becomes obvious even to ‘vagues’ and ‘normies’, when they are exposed to vehement Anti-Whites, that all arguments lead back to punishing & inflicting harm on Western Civilization.  There is one good reason to argue with Anti-Whites:  Not to convince the Anti-White, but to convince the audience who is observing the interaction.  

                                                Key points:       ● Anti-Whites at heart are envious of & hate Westernkind  –  By their conviction or portrayal of  themselves as a victim of Westernkind, they feel justified in seeking to destroy it    ● This hatred of Westernkind is the norm amongst Anti-Whites; not an aberration     

1:21:57 – 1:23:04               French author sentenced for Heresy:   –   A commenter in the chat notes that a heretical French author (Renaud Caus) has been sentenced to 2 months in prison & forced to donate to Non-White causes.  Punished and forced to pay restitution for saying mass immigration into Europe is an invasion.

1:23:28 – 1:50:11               What is “practical action” versus the “spiritual healing” in the Going Free?    –    A commenter challenges the notion that we should not be seeking an escape plan.  NWG responds & discusses the realities of what happens to people who isolate themselves their families and attempt to live off the grid. 

1:51:22 – 1:52:52               Our People under attack by Anti-White, Non-Whites:   –   We see it daily on Twitter, YouTube — and in person.  None of us will be treated any differently by them.  Stay alert! 

1:53:00 – 2:01:45               Just because you are living in a compound that does not mean you’re safe   –    Our People in South Africa living in compounds are still subjected to horrific physical attacks by Non-Whires…..And yet even so, they are still infected with Anti-Whitism. 

2:03:48 – 2:05:12               You CAN Secede Mentally & Spiritually:    –    Secession via ‘taking back’ territory is no longer remotely feasible – It is illegal and U.S.Gov will just come in and kill everyone anyway.  However, you can register your rejection of the Anti-White system in ways such as write-in votes for candidates (like NWG) who can’t possible win in an election in the current top-to-bottom corrupt Anti-White System.   Mentally & Spiritually secede and invest instead in something that WILL serve the Wellbeing of our People. 

                                                Key points:      ● When you secede mentally & spiritually, you are taking back the authority & respect you had invested in institutions such as the government, your alma mater, etc. ● Another meaningful way of seceding is to also withdraw your financial support where it is optional to do so  

2:05:33 – 2:06:52               A note on NWG’s oft-stated “It may, or may not, be true” during streams:   –   It’s not about ‘copyright’ worries!   The disclaimer, “It may, or may not be true; you’ll have to look it up for yourselves,” is used because no one other than the Anti-Whites in control of the YouTube platform are allowed to be the arbiters of truth on the platform.  The Anti-White Narrative is endorsed as the ‘Truth’ on YouTube. 

                                                Key points:      ● Any statements made on the platform that contradict the Anti-White Narrative are a reason for YouTube to strike and/or permanently remove the channel     ● Vocabulary word of the day:  “Apodictic”  –  Clearly established, or beyond dispute.

2:06:58 – 2:10:12               Cowardice, Apathy & Hyper-Individualism:   –   Safety in ignorance??  Many of our people seek to take the safe way out; going along to get along ….”Making a heaven for themselves; and hell for the rest of us.”    A commenter points out how much happier & more purposeful life is after making the decision to Go Free.  

Key points:      ● Point out how immoral, wrong & ignoble this sort of behavior is right after someone admits to doing this  –  Say it as if you were speaking of someone else & the point will be driven home    

2:10:13 – 2:12:43               The Coronavirus & The Curative Contagion (CC):   –      Diseases that start in animals & spread to humans are particularly deadly and pernicious.   Every year or so, it is a new pandemic after the old has already died out.  What really has the power to spread is the Curative Contagion (CC).  

Key points:      ● Each person spreads the Curative Contagion of Going Free in an ever-widening circle that cannot be contained

2:13:22 – 2:14:19               Follow the Great HB2014 on Twitter!    –   HB2014 is doing incredible work, clipping out powerful & timely NWG orations from video streams & is getting them out on Twitter in a rapid-fire fashion.  Follow this gentleman on Twitter!  ​ https://twitter.com/_HB2014  
HB2014’s work can also be found at:   https://theafterparty.tv/category/clips/

2:16:46 – 2:22:58               Addictions come in many Varieties:   –   Gaming, pornography, etc., etc.  Unlike some in the White-Positive sphere, NWG does not believe in outright bans.  Follow your community laws and standards & keep your proclivities and addictions out of the public space.  What you do in private, is private; Keep it that way. 

Key points:      ● You need to Go Free of your addictions  –  You only get one life    ● Nothing will give your life meaning like bending your knee to the Spirit of the West!    ● The Great Roi Danton  is a prime example of someone deciding to become the best of Westmen that they can possibly be!     ● Follow Roi Danton on Twitter at:   https://twitter.com/theroidanton   

2:26:04 – 2:28:12               A Commenter Asks NWG:  Do you have an Evangelical background?   –   “No; I take that as a compliment though…”   NWG details his childhood exploration of faith & the disappointing reality of Anti-White churches. 

2:28:38 – 2:31:29               Rational thinking about Secession:   –    Every time we watch someone or a group of people attempting to ‘secede’ from the U.S. Govt., we see the results are more & more disastrous.  Still our People are increasingly drawn to the idea of secession.  NWG speculates on the psychological reasons for this type of thinking; perhaps subconscious memories in humans of a parent who can “make everything better” leads to the type of thinking that seeks a simple answer to our dilemma.    

2:31:32 – 2:42:31               Old symbols & Recapturing our Destiny:   –   Verisimilitude – the ‘ring’ of truth.  When we first start to sense that something is terribly wrong & we awaken to Anti-Whitism….Perhaps we turn to what the Narrative states is the “bad guy” in WW2 in search of the opposite of Anti-Whitism.  Even though many of us find the truth is quite different than the A/W Narrative, the vast majority of people have not come to that conclusion; and they will see these “old symbols” as a caricature of the “bad guy” of the Anti-White Narrative — and therefore, inherently repulsive.  NWG:  “You set yourself up to be seen as a monster.”  

                                                Key points:      ● Keep your old symbols in a private place of reverence in your home   –  Don’t cast your ‘pearls’ before swine!  

2:52:02 – 2:54:41               NWG’s Closing Message:   –   The sky is the limit! 


Jan. 19, 2020:                     Going Free | No White Guilt | Will Richmond Virginia Burn Under False Flags

3:47 – 6:10                           How the “One-Percent” Lives  –  Horses straight from the Sport of Kings:   –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) relates a story of a brief opportunity to live a sort of dream life (one in which you clean out horse stalls and still have to pay the rent!) in the Plains, Virginia, area while renting an apartment on the estate of a very wealthy individual.  This was the type of estate where magnificent horses are quartered, and where one can gaze at a grand suit-of-armor in the palatial foyer.  While NWG was living there, he had the opportunity to spend time with the thoroughbred champion horses quartered on the property.  

                                                Key point:      ● This property is featured as the setting of the experimental literature portion of the book “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne)

8:41 – 13:27                        Welcome to Everyone who is New:   –   We are the most welcoming, friendly, and loving White-positive community that you will find; all are welcome in Going Free!    NWG gives instructions on how to get your comment in the chat section seen and read by him during the live-stream. 

                                                Key points:      ● A question that has come up in the Chat & one that Anti-Whites often use: “White people can’t be in any trouble or need any help; everywhere I look I see White people in charge and in positions of power….How can you say they are being discriminated against or victimized? “    ● The actual fact is that the ANTI-WHITES are in charge of everything  –  And any White person in any position of authority or control is an Anti-White     ● Any White person who is even remotely White-positive or who makes the most mildly White-positive statement will be hauled before an Anti-White tribunal, socially lynched, and stripped of position & power and prevented from ever working in any position of prominence again     ● White-positive content is the most censored content in the universe

17:00 – 32:32                      Topics  of Tonight’s Stream & other Announcements:  The Richmond self-defense rally & Our children under attack   –   The Second Amendment, 2A, Gun Rights; whatever it is being called, it is in Going Free, and in actuality, the right to self defense…. In a world where there are firearms, you ultimately cannot defend yourself unless you are able to acquire a firearm for yourself.  Also, our children are being attacked by Non-White Anti-Whites at schools, on school buses and on playgrounds. 

                                                Key points:      ● All things in 2020 point to the mask finally coming off the Anti-White’s agenda
● The constant psychological trauma we incur from witnessing first-hand Anti-White victimization & discrimination while the Anti-White’s pretend the opposite is happening
● Please purchase & support The White People’s Quarterly (WPQ) an absolutely brilliant quarterly magazine made with high production value & brimming with the best of our culture
● Big applause for HB2014 who recently sent Jason a thumb-drive containing all the magnificent video clips he has made of the most powerful & inspiring NWG orations  –   These clips will all be uploaded to the NWG channel   ● Jonny Scythe is also making clips of various topics from the GF streams     ● More show minutes from Cathy will be posted soon    ● “Go Free” 2nd Edition is now available in Kindle format; and after the initial purchase, updates to the text can be automatically downloaded as they are made    ● Special price of $2.99 for the first 299 downloads  

32:49 – 57:57                      Treat yourself for Meme-Pathogens & finally Go Free:   –   Going Free unites everyone in the White-positive sphere; it is an action-oriented prescription to help you realize your full potential.  We come from a Great and Glorious People!    Also, NWG plans to travel wherever he is invited to spread the Curative Contagion (CC) & shares plans for an upcoming trip to Finland to speak at “Awakening:  Nova Europa”.   Luminaries such as Tom Sunic, Laura Towler, Mark Collett, Edward Dutton & others will also be there. 

                                                Key points:       ● NWG shares a tweet about a little White girl being attacked on a school bus     ● Our children, especially our girls, area being preyed upon & victimized by Non-Whites  –  It is happening daily in our elementary schools; all the way up through the Universities    ● We must ALL take a stand against the victimization of our children                     

57:59 – 59:15                     “KIP”   –   Keep it Promethean:   –   KIP is about Keeping it Promethean; living your life and doing all things in a ‘Pristine’ way.  “KIP” also refers to a U.S. customary unit that equals 1,000 lbs. of force.  The term is used primary by American architects & engineers to measure engineering loads.   This gives an extra layer of meaning to the Going Free term. 

1:06:49 – 1:11:58               How do we as Westmen maneuver in places that are increasingly Non-White?   –  The one thing you do NOT want to do, is to be the groveling White person who is always seeking to appease.  Likewise, you do not want to be purposely inciting conflict.   Whatever the situation, do not behave like a sheep among the wolves; especially, if you are a woman. 

Key points:      ● In the workplace, if the situation becomes untenable, seek employment elsewhere if you are able to    ● Numerical Courage  –  Non-Whites are diffident in White countries until there are sufficient numbers of them to inflict increasingly unfair treatment onto us    ● Never let an insult of our people pass without challenge  –   If you let it pass, you will be marked as a ‘White-guilted’ sheep; and you will be rolled right over

1:15:09 – 1:19:02               A Newborn Baby in our Community:   –   Jason shares a photo of a newborn little angel whose  Mom has to miss the stream last week…..Because she was in labor giving birth!  Congratulations to her on the birth of her precious new baby girl.   This is one little girl who will be raised to Go Free.  NWG also shares his deep gratitude at the honor bestowed upon him by all who support him in the many ways people here do. 

1:19:30 – 1:25:31               Bitcoin:     –    NWG now has a Bitcoin Wallet and can accept 4 of the top 5 crypto-currencies.  Jason recently received his first Bitcoins donation and gives THANK YOU to those donors!

1:31:04 – 1:32:52               The Truth is on Our Side:   –   The truth IS on our side; but it takes more than truth to recapture our destiny, or we would have already done so.  “The truth is a virgin in a flowing White gown; and she must be protected by a ring of warriors, that protect her with love, in order for her to remain unmolested.  

1:34:35 – 1:36:11               Anger is a Virtue when it protects the Innocent:   –   The Great Roi Danton reminds us of a MC (meme-curative) that was introduced by NWG this past summer…. When you are accused of being “angry” (why are you so angry?  & angry White men) always reply that anger is a virtue when it protects the innocent.  And let that anger FUEL your love our people to work for White Wellbeing! 

1:36:12 – 1:43:46               What can we do about our situation in the short-term present:   –   Focus every day on treating the MP’s (meme-pathogens) inside of you.  And then, help OTHERS– friends, family & strangers –do the same and Go Free.  It is the only thing we can do in this context. 

                                                Key points:      ● Many things are coming that we cannot fathom today; events that will change the context in ways we cannot predict  –  Wars, natural disasters, political upheavals    ● Don’t worry about politics and voting   –  You have no Influence over political events 

1:49:14 – 1:57:06               Music Video Interlude:   –   Musical selection by ForNull,  “Force Seven C from Argon Vexon,” part of the Prometheus Rising musical soundtrack.  This and many other creative endeavors of all genres is available on the No White Guilt channel under ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids’

1:57:08 – 2:06:51               How to use the term “Going Free” with people who are new to the concept:   –   When & how you introduce the term depends upon your prospect.  Is it a person who is usually dismissive of inspirational terms & concepts?  What is their level of courage in pursuing the truth? 

                                                Key points:      ● A highly effective & easy thing to point our is the biological White Erasure pushed in commercials of White people with a Non-White partner   ● The doctrine of Going Free is a psychological defense system against Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism)  –  Going Free is the end result of years of research & of discarding everything except that which WORKS  

2:07:14 – 2:48:43               NWG on the Richmond, Virginia, Second Amendment (2A) Rally:     –    NWG relates a recent anecdote relating to the self-defense rally in Virginia & recounts some past and present history of the state.  NWG also described what has happened there via the electorate.  Demographics IS Destiny.   Also, NWG details what a fully-automatic weapon really is and the stringent regulations in place for acquiring one.  Will the 2A Rally in Richmond be another Charlottesville?   NWG reminds us of what really happened in Charlottesville on that day in August of 2017.

                                                Key points:      ● In a world in which firearms exist, you cannot protect yourself without one  
● Steps being taken in Virginia are the beginning of what is to come nationwide     ● It is already quite difficult to purchase a firearm legally  –  No regulations apply to illegal firearms  
● Anti-Whites are misrepresenting the realities of background checks, gun show, etc.   –  And the government already knows who owns legal firearms      ● The only thing that is preventing us and Westmen in other Western countries from being put in ‘re-education’ camps is our ability to possess and bear arms       ● Gun control via Internal Revenue Services (IRS) type tactics     
● Richmond VA, a violent Anti-White city      ● Open Carry:  based on the old-fashioned concept that if you were a ‘good guy’ you would carry your weapon where everyone could see it   
● Bad guys hide their weapons & commit drive-by shootings     ● NWG will not be attending       

2:48:55 – 2:53:55               Are all our efforts & the progress we are making being undermined by Anti-White seminars in the workplace?  We’ve all had to attend the re-education seminars and watch the Anti-White videos in our workplaces.   Anti-Whitism under the rubric of “Diversity”…. “Inclusiveness”…. “Tolerance”.  

                                                Key points:      ● If we teach people how to see the MP’s & give examples of the Anti-Whitism that they will be encountering, they will be able to see it themselves EVERYWHERE thereafter    
● The MIS of pretext:  Moralization, Intellectualization, and Sentimentalization    ● Do not accept the Anti-White pretext   

2:58:15  –  3:07:19              Secession & West Virginia – An Illegitimate State?    NWG gives a brief run-down on the history behind the state of Virginia.  Counties do not hold more rights than states, and therefore cannot secede.  It is no longer legal for a state to secede from the Federal Government of the United States. 

                                                Key points:      ● Is West Virginia an illegitimate state?   –   It was artificially created by the U.S. Federal Govt.    ● Regardless, there is no legal mechanism of redress by which a county in Virginia can declare themselves no longer part of the state and ‘secede’ to West Virginia

3:09:23 – 3:13:10               Dwayne Dixon:  The unpunished instigator of the tragic death at Charlottesville  –  Anti-White, Antifa garbage, Dwayne Dixon, is responsible for the mayhem that led to a traffic accident which indirectly caused a death & resulted in the judicial lynching of James Fields, Jr.   

                                                Key points:      ● Sobering thoughts about the potential for disaster at the Richmond, VA, Second Amendment rally     ● NWG asks for a reflective moment of silence    ● We are living in an Anti-White reality  –  Our victimizers will go to absolutely any lengths to demonize us & inflict harm upon us   

3:16:50 – 3:19:14               Video evidence exists of what really happened at Charlottesville:   –  Video evidence exists of
what really happened the day of the Unite the Right (UTR) rally in Charlottesville (Aug. 2017).               NWG personally took film footage of the event as it unfolded.  Channels were deleted & censored in an attempt to ‘scrub’ the record. 

                                                Key points:      ● Check out NWG’s channel on BitChute for the video footage

3:19:40 – 3:32:14               Richmond 2A Rally & the Potential for False Flags:   –   Anti-White ‘Breitbart News’ refers to a White man who was in our country illegally as an “illegal alien”….. and uses other Anti-White slurs while employing the Anti-White Narrative.   The arrests of “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists Militia” called “The Base” who were planning to attend the 2A rally, and the over-the-top media coverage of it, is meant to fabricate an event for their Anti-White Narrative. 

                                                Key points:      ● Bravado & talk of violence will land you in PRISON   

3:36:35 – 3:39:30               ALWAYS have Great Situational Awareness:   –   Be alert, stay alert.  Always have a superior  situational awareness.   Always know where you could take cover, what your escape route would be, how to get out of a crowd & where you could hide.   

3:40:23 – 3:57:46               NWG shares positive comments received recently:   –    “Apex Predator, T-Rex Alpha Virginian”…. Words of appreciation and commendation for the passion, dedication & inspiring orations Jason brings to his work for White Wellbeing.  And a colorful disclaimer about planting one’s mouth in a very unpleasant place!

                                                Key points:      ● NWG:  Everyone can all use the lexicon & dialectic of Going Free  –  And everyone can have those powerful conversation & win them all    ● A moving message from Lovely Porridge, one of the creators of the ‘Last Message of the West’ contest, about ‘novelty takes’ versus the basic messages that will set our People free!   ● Porridge has been censored many times; please follow him on YouTube & social media     ● Guard your Reputational Investment by not sharing novelty takes that change with the wind     ● Easy enough to get people to agree with White Wellbeing  (WWB)   –  Close the deal by giving them a little at a time & then letting them ‘stew’ on it; and the, come back with more  reinforcement   ● Overcoming Individualism to work for the Wellbeing of our People as a whole  –  “We are all going to survive together & thrive together; or we are all going to DIE together.” 

4:01:01 – 4:05:13               Tactical Retreats  –  A commenter’s remarks on retreating to gather our strength:   –   Is “running North to escape” a tactical retreat which we will need to win this metaphorical war?    If you are in an area that is unsafe area for your & your family, then yes, you need a tactical retreat.  Living off-the-grid while you also serve WWB is also an excellent tactic.  But NO ONE can really live “off the grid” for long.  We need “the Grid” for the survival of our People!  

4:05:23 – 4:09:34               Question from an Anti-White?  –   A commenter or challenger asks; “Do you know a single person who has immigrated to the West?”    NWG:  Of course!  Dozens & dozens over the years….  But the implication of the question attempts to invalidate the work of those who are working for White if they do not personally know an ‘immigrant’.   And whether or not you personally know an immigrant is absolutely immaterial!  

                                                Key point:     NOTHING in the world can invalidate the work for White Wellbeing

4:10:21 – 4:39:19               NWG shares more comments:  The fate of all our nations is tied together; we sink or swim together   –    The same Anti-White messaging is being inflicted upon all our pan-European nations.  

                                                Key point:     ● I.Q., Intelligence & choosing a mate     ● Nuance in speaking about homosexuality in the White-positive sphere  –  If you serve White Wellbeing & keep your private acts private and don’t harm others, then you are welcome here in our Community     ● We strive for what is ideal but accept those who fall short  –  You can serve WWB regardless of your immutable physical characteristics     ● Anti-Whitism pushes & promotes deviancy from the norm because it destroys Western Civilization     ● Avoid ‘sea rabies’ from little sea lion pups!  –  There is a great harmony between the Animal Kingdom and Westernkind     ● Seaver Hamlin, chat moderator extraordinaire!  –  Big applause for Seaver the Achiever!     ● They can only doxx you once  –  Let’s all stand with and support those who are being socially lynched by the Anti-Whites.   Someday, it could be all of us   

4:43:35 – 5:06:59               The Rest of the Story:  “A Man You Know”   –   NWG reads from a story by a gentleman who works behind the scenes for White Wellbeing and is a friend and confidant.   A brilliant & succinct expose’ on the FRAUD that is the Anti-White deity, MLK, jr.  ….”The real truth about one of their phoniest and most dishonest icons!”   [letter is read @  4:59:32 – 5:06:59]

                                                Key points:      ● Breaking us up by generations (Boomers, Zoomers) is a tactic of the Anti-Whites
● Those who blame previous or successive generation for our dire situation are only looking to pass-the-buck     ● Recapturing our destiny will take many different forms   ● Dealing with family members who will not accept your working for White Wellbeing  –  Sometimes, tragically, you have to cut people loose     ● Healthcare profession giving preference to Non-Whites & recent arrivals  –  Also beginning to refuse healthcare to Heretics  

5:07:00 – 5:09:04               NWG’s Closing Message & Words of Inspiration:   –   Don’t the White Anti-Whites know they are also targeted for White Erasure??   NWG:  It’s not about long-term goals with the Anti-Whites.  It’s about a human weakness; a sickness that is the envy & jealousy resulting from their feelings of inferiority. 


Jan. 12, 2020:                     Going Free | No White Guilt | Precept One Master | KIP | Your Questions on Iranian War

3:17 – 6:47                           Rapidly circling the drain….Greetings from Virginia on a very warm day in January:   –   NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) resides outside the nation’s Capitol where a few days earlier temperature’s were in stark contrast to a usually very wintry state.  As our nation begins its transition into a Third-World nation, via it’s imported Third-World population, NWG observes examples of how even in one the wealthiest counties in the nation, things just don’t run as smoothly as they used to.  We are seeing this in all areas of the West; and this is only the beginning. 

8:35 – 9:59                           Daughter of Albion’s appearance rescheduled on TAP (The After Party):   –   Due to technical difficulties experienced during the stream, the appearance of ‘Daughter of Albion’ with Jason and The Great Order, Jared George, had to be rescheduled.  Daughter of Albion is coming from the Civic-Nationalist (Civ-Nat) sphere, and is progressing into a far more healthy White-positive viewpoint. 

11:05 – 15:34                      Welcome to Going Free & today’s show topic, Iran:  What’s going on there?   –   Welcome, to everyone who is new!  If you are not getting your news & analysis from the White-positive sphere, you are being misled & misinformed.   As you become familiar with the show, you will learn the lexicon & dialectics that will enable you and empower you and SET YOU FREE from Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism).   It is critically important to talk about more than politics, and here you will find the focus is on empowering YOU as an individual. 

                                                Key points:      ● A concise, empowering & brilliant little book, “Going Free”; 2nd Edition (by Jason Kohne) is now available for download in Kindle format on Amazon at a special very low price of $2.99 for the first 299 downloads    ● This is a welcoming & positive community  –  You will be embraced by friends here     ● More and more people, especially our young people, are finding being White-positive & Going Free  –  This is a life-changing & life-saving path out of degeneracy, meaninglessness, drugs & alcohol abuse     ● People are even getting off the path to suicide – the ultimate “White-flight”.    

15:35 – 23:01                      Show Minutes Available:  –    For those who don’t have time to watch the entire Going Free Streams  live or in replay, you can now find show minutes for each individual show linked at the top of each page on the YouTube channel.  Cathy is taking show minutes & Jonny Scythe is cutting out the relevant clips.  Look for the video clips under the Jonny Scythe playlist on the Wellbeing Community Playlists.   This is a great way to share with friends & loved ones the information they NEED to empower themselves and to introduce them to Going Free!

                                                Key points:      ● All we need do is simply this:   Treat ourselves for the Meme-Pathogens (MP’s ) we have been infected with & help others around us to the same  –  This is how we save Westernkind   ● It’s not a matter of “taking back the government”  –   It’s a matter of Going Free!

28:32 – 30:45                      We stand together in defense of each other:  –   A generous super-chat from ‘Sloths’, a Hero in our Community for all our men, women & children.  We protect our weakest members first; but we circle the wagons to come to the defense of even the strongest men among us. 

                                                Key points:      ● We are not individualistic when it comes to White Wellbeing  –  Nor do we adhere to antiquated ideas      ● Our men & women come together as nature & the Western Bio-Spirit intended in defense of those who are truly innocent; our children

31:03 – 35:05                      NWG Travel Plans to take the Going Free Show on the Road:   –   Nothing quite surpasses the energy activated and the ability to truly reach people with whom you have common cause like meeting them in person.  A dynamic & powerful speaker, NWG has plans to travel in the United Sates & abroad to do outreach in spreading the message of Going Free.  

                                                Key points:      ● As the message is being throttled & censored at every turn, this is one way to spread the doctrine of Going Free     ● Any recommendations for a tablet device that will be effective for video streaming on location?  ● Reach out to Jason at the contact page of No White Guilt Collectibles if you have a recommendation:  https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com   

35:07 – 40:50                      “Go Free” now available in Kindle format:   –   Receive “Go Free”, the 2nd Edition, via Kindle download at Amazon for a special very low cost of $2.99 (for the first 299 downloads purchased) and you will own an ‘evergreen’ document that will can be automatically updated as new information is added.  NOTE:  You do not need a Kindle to read Kindle books!  A free app is available for all smartphones, tablets, PC’s, etc.

                                                Key points:      ● We are all like the Apostles of Going Free  –  This is just the beginning of spreading the word    ● The Spirit of the West has chosen YOU –  You are a participant; you have value   

40:51 – 45:27                      New Edition of The White People’s Quarterly (WPQ) is available:   – The WPQ is a professionally produced, high quality magazine that is brimming with the best of all things White-positive.  We need our own publications, music, art…. We need to surround ourselves with things that are OURS!   https://www.whitepeoplepress.com/quarterly

49:54 – 52:16                      Your Marching Orders:  –  You are an Apostle of the most important Doctrine the world has ever known.   This is the doctrine that will secure the Wellbeing of Westernkind; which has given the world everything.

52:18 – 59:44                      NWG shares cards & well-wishes received:   –  Best wishes for Christmas, birthdays.  Also received is a message that aptly describes Conservatism, Inc. as a holding pattern; and Republicans as the “opiate for the White people”, who think they are voting for their survival.

59:48 – 1:01:54                  Channel Recommendation  –  Budapest Babe & NWG shares a ‘Bullseye’:    Budapest Babe is posting video clips of some of NWG’s most powerfully & inspiring moments from live-streams.  Be sure to check out the channel & hit the subscribe button!   https://www.youtube.com/channel/Budapest Babe
Also, Jason shows off some handiwork from a recent target practice session….

1:02:36 – 1:04:39               ‘Psyche’ Nationalism:  –   What is going on with our People who cant’ be serious about anything?  NWG speaks about the hole that has been put in their hearts by Anti-Whitism:  “You’re seeing somebody that is devoid of heroism, courage, integrity… The ability to be serious about things that deserve seriousness.” 

1:07:38 – 1:11:55               It’s not just about the ‘Benjamins’:  –   Businesses do not “villainy-signal” (a term used in Going Free for “virtue-signaling”) against the interests of White people because they will lose money if they do not.  Quite the opposite!  Corporate America is willing to lose untold sums of money in the name of “Diversity” & Anti-Whitism.   ANYONE or ANYTHING who will not bow down to the Anti-White Agenda will be crushed by Big Corporate.  It’s not about making money; it’s about taking money.  

1:12:25 – 1:14:39               NWG shares a special Calendar gifted to him by a member of our White-positive Community  –  Displaying the natural beauty & wonder of our planet & the creatures on it, a specially created calendar with motivational sayings for each month.  Happy 2020!

1:16:28 – 1:27:48               Problems with D-Live:  –    “D-Live is not going to be the future for us.”  NWG shares the details of what appears to be discriminatory censorship of White-positive content & observes that we should get used to everything we try to build being destroyed.  There is going to be no ‘safe’ place for us; so don’t get your hopes up.  How we adapt is to use things while they are useful, and then move on to something new the moment they no longer are. 

                                                Key points:      ● Our enemies are implacable and they will not be giving up on seeking to silence & destroy us     ● We adapt by being quick & nimble; by being everywhere & nowhere

1:30:05 – 1:31:47                NWG shows off fabulous “Save Europe” T-shirt   – …”It comes with the muscles.”  A great-looking T-shirt with great symbolism, the T-Shirt is white with a contrasting black/grey Rorschach-test image that is actually a depiction of the land mass of Europe.  The defining feature on the shirt is a red warning label:  “Save Europe.”  The shirt is a promo of The Great Order, Jared George – one of our great Heroes!   Be sure to check out all the ‘beautiful things’ that truly celebrate our culture on Jared’s incredible website:  https://thegreatorder.com/tshirts

1:35:17 – 1:36:50               Book Recommendations:   –  Someone in the chat asks:  What are some foundational books that will increase my knowledge of the White-positive sphere?   NWG recommends starting with “Born Guilty” and “Go Free”.   In the past, NWG would recommend an exhaustive go-to list of books that he would give to all who asked.  The problem was, “Most people just aren’t going to read that any books, or get intimidated and don’t read any of your recommendations.”  Stick with the two aforementioned very engaging, gripping and critically informative books for yourself and those you want to help. 

                                                Key point:      ● Absolutely start with “Go Free”   –   That will give you everything foundational that you need in clear & concise text   

1:39:10 – 1:42:03               NWG shares a photo from his personal life:   –    Great friend and advocate of all our beautiful animal creatures, Jason shares a photo of a beautiful Carriage horse.  “Splendid beasts!”

1:42:05 – 1:56:22               Taking Non-White mates as a form of White-Flighting:   –   For the purposes of Going Free, the proper term for someone who takes a Non-White mate to try to escape being White is “White-Flighting”.  Those who have are infected with “White Guilt” desire to escape who & what they are; this is almost always at least partially the motivation for choosing a Non-White partner.  

                                                Key points:      ● Taking a Non-White mate is biological White Erasure     ● When you see it, you know it’s wrong  –  Because it is NOT just about “love”    ● When you see it, call it what it is – White Erasure!      ● Don’t misunderstand what dominant & recessive genes are    ● Using racial epithets plays into the hands of the Anti-Whites & paints you as the villain in the Anti-White Narrative    ● You are welcome here no matter what immutable physical characteristics you have  –  As long as you are willing to serve White Wellbeing

2:05:00 – 2:06:56               The Beautiful Plumage of what it means to be Westmen:   –   The Anti-White Narrative is so superficially inane it fails to realize that our different hues still contain the same Bio-Spirit!  For instance, the Anti-White logic “We can’t have a country of all White people because then all the red-heads would go to war with the blondes!”   Wha-a-at?  NWG gives an eloquent exposition on the beautiful varieties of Westernkind:  “Service to White Wellbeing presupposes that we embrace all of these beautiful differences.”

2:10:06 – 2:26:33               Are you ‘KIP’ing?  And, “Blow-fishing” & Using the Lexicon so that we are Change Agents in the White-Positive Sphere:    (KIP:  Keep it Promethean!)  Speaking to the attacks on our women in the White-positive sphere, NWG discusses the phenomena of women being subjected to blackmail & doxxing when ‘romantic’ suitors on-line (using “sock” accounts) turn out not to be genuine.  For the purposes of Going Free, we are going to use the term “Blow-fishing”.   This descriptor is based on the cute but deadly little puffer fish. 

                                                Key points:      ● Regrettably, far too many of our young women are ‘playing the field’ and fall for this scam  –  Women end up being ‘used’ and suffering grievous personal harm    ●This is akin to a rape; a virtual rape    ● A similar term & phenomenon in dating is called “Cat-fishing”   ●Be “pristine” when is comes to all things that service White Wellbeing   

2:33:42 – 2:38:43               NWG plays White-positive music video:  –  The featured video is  “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”, by ‘Synthicide” featuring oration by NWG.   Many more White-positive creations of many different genres are available on the No White Guilt YouTube channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.

2:43:07 – 2:45:35               Anti-White Organization ADL declaring our Ancient Symbols to be “Hate”  –  Instead of using our ancient and not-so-ancient revered symbols in public, keep them in a place of honor in your home.  Use the symbols of our nation instead; the American flag & other such symbols, and force the Anti-Whites to try to declare these as “hate”.   

                                                Key points:      ● When Anti-Whites counter-signal or declare symbols like the American flag to be “Hate” it will backfire on them   –   Americans of normal sensibilities are rightly alarmed & angered when this happens      ● The Anti-Whites have the power   –   We have to be careful about the symbols we use in White-positive videos and other Wellbeing creations  

 2:51:25 – 2:56:11              NWG shares comments that have come in over the past week:  –  Heart-warming & inspiring words from those whose lives are being changed by the message of Going Free.  NWG speaks on setting an example for serving White Wellbeing:  “Make sure that every morning when your feet hit the floor, that the hearts of the Anti-Whites tremble!”   

2:56:13 – 3:15:16               The Skeleton Key that unlocks our Success  –  The Precept of the One Master:   –    We often engage in lengthy discussions and have disagreements about historical figures, current figures, content creators, thought leaders, etc.  “For those service White Wellbeing, there is ONE thing that matters:   That you always bend your knee to the Spirit of the West; there is nothing else that matters.”

                                                Key points:      ● What is good for Westernkind is good; What is bad for Westernkind is bad  –  This is the Precept of the One Master    ● If we can agree on that one concept we cannot go wrong    ● Where we often DO go wrong is in putting loyalty to a person or a movement above doing what is best in service to the Spirit of the West    ● What motivates & controls a figure on the world-stage is irrelevant  –   Judge them by their current actions    ● When they do something that serves White Wellbeing (WWB), we see them as good  –  When they do something that harms WWB, we see them as bad     ● Do you laud or do you condemn?  – 
Do not answer to Anti-White hypotheticals!

3:16:45 – 3:23:23               A Commenter asks:   What is the ‘Spirit of the West’?   –   Look to all the greatest things our people have created & achieved, and that inspiration will start to awaken the Spirit of the West that is inside of you.   NWG gives a brief summation & plans to address this topic further in a future stream.  “We are standing on the shoulders of those who came before us.” 
Also discussed, IRL (in real life) meetings – are they a good idea?

3:30:42 – 3:32:46               Attention Ladies:  A big secret from NWG   –   Ladies; if you want to find out if the guy you are ‘interviewing’ for partner, husband, father of your children is a real man, watch his reaction when he hears of glorious acts of bravery & selfless service to our people.  A real man will feel a catch in his chest and a quickening of his heart.

3:40:50 – 3:42:07               What would you do with 5 minutes on the Tucker Carlson show?   –  A Commenter asks NWG what he would say to our White people if he were given 5 minutes of airtime on the popular Tucker Carlson show.   Depends on what angle Mr. Carlson would take….NWG predicts it would be the typical conservative, “I don’t agree with what you are saying, but I don’t think you should be silenced” that true conservatives used to take. 

3:44:26 – 4:11:07               Questions about War with Iran:   –   The United States, Israel & the United Kingdom, for all itents and purposes ARE at war with Iran.  Economic sanctions, blockades, assassinating leaders, and every other measure being taken, is designed to cripple and destroy Iran.  There are acts of WAR.  And, it’s going to get worse until we recapture our destiny.  Basically, our Regime does not like that they cannot control Iran’s currency, culture & leadership.  Iran is not good or bad; they only care about what is good for Iran.  We should only care about what serves White Wellbeing! 

                                                Key points:      ●Don’t get bogged down in the ‘minutiae manure’     ● Avoid the Logorrhea  (verbal diarrhea?)   –   Talking endlessly about the details of geo-politics is pointless & obscures the Bigger Picture     ● We cannot control our own environments  –  We have NO control over what the United States is doing is various regions    ● Trump’s gloating comment about destroying Iran’s cultural sites was a very big ‘tell’ about what is really going on here   ● Take a clue from the great ‘Ecce Lux’  –  Call those people in ‘authority’ by their first name to cut them down to size (not some silly slur) & deny them their authority    ● Watch out for the media Narrative that these are ‘crazy people’; or ‘pure evil’  –  This is a dehumanizing tactic that is also used on us in the White-Positive sphere   

4:11:10 – 4:19:52               KIP –  Keep it Promethean!     What does it mean to ‘KIP’ — Keep it Promethean?  As an advocate for White Wellbeing, it basically means that you want to keep all things “pristine” & in harmony with our Bio-Spirit.   We use “Pristine” in every sense of the word & also in reflecting and serving the Bio-Spirit of Westernkind.  [Refer to “Go Free”, 2nd Edition, by Jason Kohne for in-depth detail & understanding of the concept.  See also “Born Guilty”, for the novel within a novel, “Prometheus Rising”; soon to be released as a stand-alone book]   NWG reads a selection from the book, “Go Free”.  

                                                Key points:      ●Reason, Logic & Evidence are at the core of decision making & interpretation
● Why ‘Promethean’  –  It tells the story of our creation as a People; from the very beginning up to the present       ● Advocacy for White Wellbeing is central to our lives  –  The compass of all we do     ● Reputational Investment   –  Guard your reputation with your life; don’t burn it to ashes by espousing wild conspiracy theories to those is your circles of influence  

4:34:50 – 4:41:02               Civilizational Incompetence:   –   Even as we observe the incompetence and top-to-bottom dysfunctionalities of nations like Iran, don’t feel smug.  We are steadily devolving to Third-World levels of incompetence ourselves, as nations across the West clamor to import masses of people from civilizationally incompetent nations.  In the coming decade, things are going to continue to get worse.  Our Victory is only going to be seen in growth in our numbers, talents, resources and our ability to influence the Context.  We need to be prepared for what is coming.   NWG:  “In a street fight…the guy who gets hurt first loses.  The easiest way for you to lose is to get caught unawares.”

                                                Key points:      ● Hiring practices are tailored to remove “barriers” for the incompetent  –  Most remarkably in the area of radar & air traffic control    ● Corporate policies calling for more “diversity” are in fact calling for less WHITE people    ● This is taking place EVERYWHERE –  Doctors, law enforcement, firefighters     ● Example of the Notre Dam fire  –  What really happened there? 

4:43:56 – 4:45:38               Why isn’t anyone warning our women – Or even talking about this??    The psychological trauma inflicted by “blow-fishing”, the Going Free term for our women who are psychologically raped by trolls,  is not being written about or even discussed.   (“Blow-fishing” is akin to “Cat-fishing” in the on-line dating world.)   Why aren’t our women being warned about these devious Anti-Whites who pose as impossible-dream love interests?  The “Blowfish” obtains compromising information on a woman, which is then used to threaten to doxx or blackmail her out of the White-positive sphere.

4:47:34 – 4:53:20               Crippled with the Ideas of the Past:   –   When searching for resources to learn about the White-positive sphere, don’t start with the past.   History is always of interest; but the most important thing to equip yourself with is the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free.  Start your journey there, and you will be exactly where you need to go.

                                                Key points:      ● Lengthy reading lists of historical texts are better for later after you are grounded in what will work in the present      ● NWG sums up the thought history of the White-Positive movement:   “It’s all wrong; they all failed.  Now, let’s move forward!”    ● There are two kinds of people in the world   –   Those who read history, and those who make history  

4:57:52 – 5:04:44               We are going to move forward this week with a New Energy!   –   NWG’s closing remarks & message of inspiration.    Go out this week and practice your oratorical battle skills!  WE are the West; wherever we go.   We will bend our knee to only one master; the Spirit of the West.

                                                Key points:      ● All that matters about any person; any thought leader, content creator, world leader….. Are they serving White Wellbeing or are they serving White ill-being?    ● Talk to family, friends & othesr in your circle about the White-flighting of choosing Non-White mates  –  Biological White Erasure is the one thing we cannot undo     ● We ARE at war with Iran – And it’s going to get worse    ● Stay out of the “minutiae manure”     ● Protect our women, our elderly, and our most vulnerable members, our children   –   And protect & respect our men!  
● Remember to always “KIP”  –  Keep it Promethean!     


Jan. 5, 2020:        Going Free | No White Guilt | The Antiwhite Personality Type | Oratorical Combat Training | EuroMix?

2:56 – 13:28                        NWG Opening Remarks  –  Touched by the Spirit of the West:   –  Welcome to the roaring 20’s &  Welcome to Going Free!  This is something totally new; something totally unique.  We are seeing more & more signs of the great Western sunrise…..Welcome to the rhetorical battlefield!

                                                Key points:      ● Everyone is Welcome here – Jump right in, or sit back & listen    ● “Go Free” 2nd Edition, now available on Kindle at a special price of $2.99 for the first 299 downloads     ● Learn about MP’s (Meme-Pathogens) and MC’s (Meme-Curatives) & practice the techniques  
● The lexicon & dialectics of Going Free will make your verbal defeats of Anti-Whites (A/W’s) absolutely glorious & utterly victorious!     ● This is how we make a People:  Empowering the individual, forming healthy families & Communities  –  The ultimate goal:  Reclaiming our Destiny

13:32 – 19:21                      NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) speaks to White-positive art:   –  The power of art that speaks to the Western Bio-Spirit is one of our most powerful assets.  ‘Imminent Reign’ is creating music to accompany NWG’s “Prometheus Rising”; a novel within the novel “Born Guilty, by Jason Kohne.  Prometheus Rising is a mytho-poetical story that is OUR story.  Many names will be written in our Hall of Heroes – Including the heroic chat moderator “Seaver Hamlin”

                                                Key points:      ● Going Free is a n approach that combines the psychology of our people with the psychological warfare that is being waged against us  –  Going Free creates a psychological defense against it    ● Guns, votes & politicians are not the answer    ● We are a People who have a Culture that reflects our own Bio-Spirit 

21:50 – 24:58                      CENSORSHIP!  ADL declares our ancient & revered symbols “Hate”:   –   Be very, very cautious in content creation of White-positive art.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) is programmed to recognize symbols associated with our history —  that are sincerely revered by some of us – as a reason to shut-down the YouTube channel …. And without the channel, the message simply will not get out.   NWG addresses content creators. 

25:50 – 28:27                      Video Clips from Going Free Streams now available:  –  Jonny Scythe has used his time & talents to skillfully to clip out segments of the Going Free streams into easily digestible ‘clips’.  These clips are ideal for sharing with those whom you are trying to reach with the message of Going Free, as many people will be unable or unwilling to watch hours of video stream for something that speaks to their particular interest.   See the ‘Jonny Scythe’s playlist’ on the NWG YouTube Channel under ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids’.   More clips coming soon! 

28:28 – 31:27                       We are Three-Dimensional People; Not cardboard cut-out Devils!   –   The Anti-White Narrative portrays those who are White-positive as basement dwelling demons.   NWG shares some of the more mundane, and human, aspects of his life.  On a trip to an antique flea-market, NWG ponders what his “dream house” – or as he humorously notes, perhaps his “never house” – would look like.  Would your dream house have an observatory and secret doors?  

31:38 – 38:43                      A young man in the comments reaches out to thank Jason & Going Free:   –  Another absolutely heart-swelling & heart-warming testimony of one of our People saved from the ultimate White-Flight; getting off the path to suicide with the healing & empowering message of White Wellbeing.  Going Free is saving LIVES!

                                                 Key point:      ● Everything we do here is for the protection & future of our children and grandchildren

39:48 – 46:46                      A Commenter has a question relating to the Richard Spencer appearance on the PWR (Mark Collett) stream:   NWG is asked about Richard Spencer’s remarks about not wasting time trying to red-pill ‘normies’.  NWG clarifies his position on confronting people in a public forum such as a live-stream. 

                                                Key points:       ● Confronting someone & embarrassing them publicly is not a good way to win them over  –   And it also turns off people of good character who are watching the confrontation     ● A strategy of “just seizing power” as recommended by Spencer is a good way to find yourself charged with sedition  

47:52 – 52:16                      CPAC:  Fleecing  Good White Americans:  –  Is the upcoming CPAC convention worth the price of admission??    Many attendees will be ‘vagues’, who are very skittish already about being socially lynched as Heretics for their vaguely White-positive views.  NWG: “Nothing good will come out of CPAC…They do nothing.” 

                                                Key points:       ● NWG spent time working behind the scenes on Capitol Hill and saw the inner-workings of the Republican party     ● NWG:  “I don’t have a political affiliation”  –  There is no political solution to our situation    ● There is only a psychological solution that is bolstered by building a sense of Community   ● Possible NWG publicity stunts in the future at events like CPAC?

53:01 – 54:54                      White-Guilt Denial:   –   We all know the kind of reality we are living in; the real pain that is out there.  Let your love for our People be the fuel that motivates you.   NWG: “The moment we begin, truly as a People, separating ourselves from Anti-Whiteism, that Western spirit will shine through us with the power of Gods!”

                                                Key points:       ● The “White-Guilt” that has been inflicted upon us by the Anti-Whites, and the resulting ‘White Noir’, are very real things.   “White Noir” is a term coined by NWG for the pervasive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual trauma suffered by Westmen —
A psychological & physical sickness that results from a lifetime of being infected by Anti-White MP’s (meme-pathogens)

55:08 – 59:22                      NWG on a date with an Anti-White….  “I invited her to leave the vehicle!”  Often with a ‘vague’, or even with an Anti-White, they will respond with violent emotions when they are feeling themselves persuaded by what we are saying.  Their voice may rise, they may use Anti-White slurs; they respond in an aggressive way out of fear of becoming a Heretic.

1:01:30 – 1:05:55               Public versus Private Confrontation:    –  Another question about the Richard Spencer stream… NWG gives his thoughts on the difference in addressing those in your close circles, who know your character intimately, versus those in the public sphere who know little of you.  Many different people with many differing agendas are observing in the public arena.   

1:05:55 – 1:12:04               On the recent Assassination of the Iranian General, Soleimani:   –   Trump at his most……brilliant?  Qasem Soleimani was an Iranian major general in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps whom Trump assassinated to please and/or divide a tiny group of “powerless” people who oppose him. 

                                                Key points:      ● What does the escalation of tensions really mean?     ● Iran has too much to lose by going to war with the U.S.  –  They don’t want to lose power and die    ● A culture of hyperbolic machismo illustrated by the statements coming out of Iran   ● If the U.S. wants a ‘casus belli’ with any nation, they don’t need an authentic pretext  –  Prime example:  Iraq

1:16:51 – 1:29:12               Women in the White-positive (WP) Sphere targeted by Anti-Whites:  –   A social media version of 
“Cat-fishing”, as it is called in the dating world, wherein women in the White Positive (WP) sphere are cultivated, by what is actually a “sock-account”, for a what seems a genuine romantic interest.  This ‘interest’ later turns into a blackmail of a public doxxing & humiliation after she divulges personal & perhaps compromising data.   NWG shares an image of the deadly & venomous creature associated with the term proposed for this phenomenon in the WP-sphere:   “blow-fishing”.  

                                                Key point:      ● NWG personally knows of over 100 such victims who have been silenced and/or destroyed by this tactic

1:29:14 – 1:41:12               Black Forest Boxes  –  NWG shares images from a recent trip to an antique market:  –  Truly miraculous little boxes, created by OUR People.  Take a look at, and, truly appreciate, what Westernkind have created; and will create again.   NWG also reads and responds to comments.

                                                Key point:      ● Be dogmatic when it comes to Going Free  –  But pragmatic on how we get there

1:45:38 – 1:49:36               Revolution, Secession & Our Ever-Changing Context:    –    A commenter remarks that revolution & secession are the only ways out of our current dilemma.    This is an error in thinking that even high-IQ individuals make in attempting to plot a remedy for our current situation. 

                                                Key points:      ● The only Revolution that is needed is a revolution of thought   –  The only Secession that is needed is a secession of thought     ● We are not going to be able to recapture our Destiny in the current societal context      ● Wars, natural disasters & political upheavals could all lead to change of context that we cannot currently predict  

1:58:30 – 2:09:17               What is Euro-Mixing?   Is it even a thing??  –    “Euro-mixing” is when Europeans of one phenotype ‘mix’ with different European phenotypes.  At a fundamental level, all of Westernkind shares a single Bio-Spirit.  And that Bio-Spirit creates Western Civilization wherever it goes.   NWG concludes:  There is no such thing as “Euro-Mixing” –  It is a term we should discard.   

                                                Key point:      ● There are many different hues of Westernkind  –   Differences in our eye and hair colors, skin tones & slight differences in our skull types     ● We are a TRULY diverse People of great & varied beauty  –  This is what we seek to preserve & protect     ● The “Bio-Spirit” is most easily understood as ‘instinct’     ● Since all of us who are Westmen share the same Bio-Spirit, we cannot properly call it “mixing” if we reproduce among our own kind      ● It is a tragedy beyond repair that certain phenotypes, such as blonde-hair and blue-eyes are disappearing  –  And we DO want to make sure to preserve all of our phenotypes    • We need to take special care to protect our recessive traits

2:18:18 – 2:26:10               Stunning poem by Snow Shadow  –  Video narrated by NWG:   Video plays of NWG reading Snow Shadow’s poem, “What will the children say?”   This poem, along with many other magnificent White-positive videos, is available under “White Wellbeing Community Vids” on the NWG YouTube channel.  NWG:  “Don’t bind the hands of the Spirit of the West.”

2:26:36 – 2:31:11               Words pressed into use by the Anti-Whites…..Like “Respect”  –  …You have to ‘respect’ their ways, their culture; their dominance over you.   Anti-Whites use words to define behaviors that are expected from you to control you.  They will give you a way to be “good” by complying with the Anti-White dictates. 

                                                Key points:       ● MP (meme-pathogen):   “ You must ‘respect’ the Black community”    
MC (meme-curative):  Respect is a reciprocal concept.  If is isn’t granted, it isn’t given

2:35:25 – 2:40:16               How to handle Parents who have made grievous errors with our upbringing:  –  All parents do some things good and some things bad; some parents, very bad things.  The situation is different for everyone.  Many of us have been raised with Anti-White ideas instilled in us by our parents.  NWG:  “I don’t advocate revenge, or punishing them.”  They are not even the same person anymore that they were in your childhood; the same as you are not.

                                                Key points:       ● You are an empowered individual now  –  Move forward      ● If your parents are vehemently Anti-White, of course you may decide to get away & stay away from them

2:40:40 – 2:45:13               Are Greeks White?   –  NWG addresses the concerns of those who want to preserve all of our variety, especially as blonde hair (and red hair) & blue eyes become rarer & rarer.   And of course we do want to preserve this expression of Westernkind.  We need not worry if Greeks or Italians are White; they are Westmen. Their Bio-Spirit is the SAME.

                                                Key point:       ●As with all we do, we want the preservation of our people to be based on an educated choice              

2:47:23 – 3:05:42               The Great Roi Danton & his conversation with an Anti-White You-Tube Content Creator:   –   There is no “gone free”; we are always Going Free…. It is a life-long process.  You find where your limitations are by practicing confronting the Anti-Whites in an anonymous “safe” setting.   NWG details the exchange & responses Roi Danton had with an Anti-White. 

                                                Key point:       ●The right attitude is to always be improving     ●Look for every learning opportunity  –  Remember: you are also educating those who are watching the exchange
●In arguments with Anti-Whites, always point out their A/W behavior    ●You will seem imminently reasonable & sane to sensible people, by speaking in terms of White Well-being, while your interlocutor becomes unhinged and begins hurling Anti-White slurs at you    ●Always point out that the A/W is Anti-White  –  Demand that they at least admit they are Anti-White as they devolve into straw-manning you with insults  

3:14:32 – 3:23:39               The Great Roi Danton himself weighs in with an astonishing super-chat from a Working Class Man:  –   Roi himself is in the chat & makes an absolutely heroic gesture with the munificent gift of a $1,000 super-chat endorsement in the service White Well-being.  Any sum of money means a LOT to working-class people, as we all are here.  Roi Danton gives a beautiful testimony about how finding Going Free in 2019 changed his life.  From meaningless pursuits & living in fear of the Anti-Whites, to now Going Free:  “2019 had the most profound improvements of my entire life!” states Roi.  “I am now truly optimistic about the future.”

                                                Key points:       ● It’s not about dollars being exchanged  –  It’s about LIVES being changed! 
● We have a People  –  We ARE a People 

3:23:46 – 3:31:17               Music Video of Luke Mason’s “A Will to Power Awakened” (with ‘Imminent Reign’)  –   NWG shares another video from the ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids’ on the No White Guilt website & YouTube channel.   Creation of culture is not a small thing; be sure to support our artists & give them a pat-on-the-back and also financial support, if you are able.  A Fantastic start to 2020!  We will come together in love for our People; we will build a People again out of our race.  

3:42:02 – 4:03:09               Another lesson in Oratorical Combat –  “Hero” versus Anti-White scum:   –   Another Anti-White who wants to inflict harm on Westernkind by importing non-Whites from around the world, versus a Hero for White Wellbeing.  Also, a note on the Kindle edition of Going Free, which is now available:  As updates & additions are made, the newer version will be available to those with the Kindle version automatically via download without additional charge.   NWG gives a point-by-point epic take-down!!

                                                Key points:       ● False pretext:  In order to  ‘help’ impoverished peoples, we need to import them into Western Civilization    ●  A/W’s use the MIS of pretexts to arrive at Anti-White conclusions:  Moralization, Intellectualization, and Sentimentalization     ● You will learn to speak to the hidden motivations of the Anti-Whites     ● Never ‘defend’; always be on the advance for WWB (White Wellbeing)  –   ‘Defending’ is what the Cuckservatives  do & how they always LOSE     ● Anti-Whites want you to attempt to atone for all time for any real or imagined transgressions of Westernkind     ● Always argue from the point-of-view of OUR Wellbeing  –  Do NOT tolerate or grant the Anti-White’s their pretexts    

4:04:05 – 4:05:55               #NO WHITE GUILT:   –   When you spread the memes #It’s Okay To Be White and the inversion #It’s Not Okay to Be Anti-White, be certain to include #No White Guilt.  “It’s okay to be White” is very effective in reaching the ‘normies’ but it can still be hijacked by the Anti-Whites.  Using the phrase “No white guilt” takes things to a whole other level, a quantum level, that the Anti-Whites cannot counter with their A/W Narrative.   

                                                Key point:       ● #No White Guilt makes it impossible for the A/W’s to frame it as a victimization of Non-Whites  –   The A/W has to then justify why you should feel guilt   

4:09:37 –  4:10:57              The Myth of the Melting-Pot:   –   The ‘melting pot’ bromide is a total fabrication; a master-stroke of propaganda that originated in a theatrical play by a Non-White.  It has become a weapon of White Erasure, posing as some version of the Golden Rule.  NWG debunks! 

4:11:02 – 4:13:32               Comment from a Non-White Gentleman:  –  A kind word of support and appreciation from a brave Kenyan who appreciates the value of White Westernkind.  NWG observes there is nothing quite like a White Anti-White being called-out by a Non-White for being a traitor to their own people. 

4:15:54 – 4:18:59               This episode of Going Free is dedicated to ‘Pianist Groyper’   –   A young man who is a student; he got off the path of suicidal thinking, the ultimate White-flight, by Going Free.   NWG reflects on and thanks all those who through their generosity & service to White Wellbeing are improving their lives and improving their Communities.  Special mention to ‘Chuck Ford’ and everyone else who has super-chatted during this episode.    

                                                Key point:       NWG: “We are coming together; realizing for the first time something very unnatural for our People  –  That our individual survival is only achievable by way of our People’s Wellbeing.   

4:19:16 – 4:32:10               Anti-White Personality Types:   –  You will encounter many people who have an Anti-White personality type but are not necessarily Anti-White yet.  These are injurious people; and you have to protect yourself.  This leaves you with a difficult choice.  Can they be remedied?  Offer them one chance to improve.      

                                                Key Traits of the Anti-White Personality Types:     ● They continually argue positions that you are a villain, or have been villainous     ● They ascribe to you heinous motives, and heinous objectives     ● They demand you accept these heinous motives as your motives & objectives 
● They refuse to cease such argumentative attacks until you comply with their demands and you adopt their positions & their version of history in which you are the villain  –  This is in effect raping you of your own will; your own definition of yourself    ● Regularly citing your villainous acts, present & historical to condition you as the villain  –  Solidifying you as a supplicant morally required to atone & accept mistreatment as justified retaliation    ● They will not bend to any fairness or any societal norms of reasonableness      ● They refuse to take responsibility, unless they are displaying counterfeit responsibility  –   Saying that they are guilty of something that someone else, or something else, caused them to do  

4:43:59 – 4:53:47               Communicating Going Free at Work:   –   You don’t want to lose your employment; or if a student, your place in the University or College.   Give those in authority over you what they want; and in your private life, work as hard as you can for White Wellbeing.  The victory is yours when you continue getting your paycheck; all the while working for WWB. 

                                                Key points:       ● Make sure that everything you say is something that could be said before a judge in an Anti-White tribunal      ● Be a reasonable & honorable person  –  Don’t behave like a Cuckservative & apologize and grovel about how you’re all about the Non-Whites too

4:58:44 – 5:01:09               Anti-White By Proxy   –   The Attack on Christianity:  –  Christianity historically was the White man’s religion.  NWG gives points on how to reach a ‘normie’ or ‘vague’ with this easily illustrated example of Anti-Whitism  (Anti + White + Ism)  

5:06:19 – 5:11:49               Talking to your children about Race-Mixing:   –  This is a very difficult scenario.  We can no longer be reconciled to just accepting it, and letting it prevent us from making a moral judgment when it happens in a family close to us or in our own families.   You MUST be open and honest with your children about the harm this inflicts on Westernkind — Such unions cause White Erasure, and you must educate your children about this.     

                                                Key points:       ● It would be a tragedy if ANY of the races were to disappear:  Including OURS
● We are in a psychological war  –   And in a war, people are sometimes going to have their lives ruined & face other injurious circumstances    ● The damage inflicted on our families by things like race-mixing is not our fault  –  It is the fault of the Anti-Whites   ● Cutting family members out of your life  –  Not the approach for everyone but sometimes the best path  –  It’s your choice to make; what is best for you and your family

5:14:56 – 5:16:40               The Story of the picture in the background:   –   In case you were wondering, NWG details his rotating gallery of three pictorial images that appear over his shoulder in the background…. Each one has a meaning & significance.

5:24:24 – 5:37:56               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  “The Curative Contagion has been unleashed on the World!”   –   There is no stopping us now!!  We are at peak excitement with much to be celebrated. 

                                                Key points:       ● Do your best to pass on “Going Free” to everyone around you   ● Placing  a book or leaflet, anonymously, into the possession of someone you think is receptive to the message is highly effective  –  But only when it is safe; always use caution     ● Spread the word about all the testimonials about lives being improved & lives being SAVED        


Jan. 1, 2020                         Going Free | No White Guilt | Hello 2020

2:59 – 11:45                        A BIG Hello to 2020!!  Not just a New Year –  A  New Decade:   –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne):   “I am exuberant!”  A sign of the increasing awareness; a donor in the United Kingdom made an openly White-positive public gesture by announcing a large donation earmarked for aid to White under-privileged schoolboys. 

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t be too black-pilled by the hypocrisy of the predictable outrage and refusal of the money  –  The gesture of the donor is a sign the Context is changing    ● The donor obviously is in a social realm wherein this was considered acceptable     ● Go Free this year   –  Learn that there is no hypocrisy in the Anti-White Narrative;  Everything the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) do is designed to arrive at an A/W conclusion     ● “Go Free” (by Jason Kohne)  –  The 2nd Edition is now available in Kindle format on Amazon       ● No support shaming here!  Give a pat-on-the-back & small (or large) financial contribution to those in the White-Positive (WP) sphere like Imminent Reign (artist who created the music at beginning of stream) are making amazing content contributions     ● Links available at No White Guilt website  https://nowhiteguilt.org  & much, much more White-positive content available there & on this YouTube channel

13:03 – 25:06                      Talking about ‘Politics’ is the same as talking about Sportsball  –  Just a waste of time!  
NWG follows up some loose ends from his earlier appearance as a panel regular on Mark Collett’s Patriotic Weekly Review (PWR) stream in which Richard Spencer was the special guest.   (Show link on Bitchute is:  https://www.bitchute.com/video/mCai8hKAAGc )  NWG has an insider’s view from years spent working on Capitol hill.   Also addressed, it is time to stop considering “incels” as losers, or just a funny meme — These are young men who are going without companionship, empathy, compassion… And, they are not producing White families. 

                                                Key points:      ● When has talking about politics ever changed things for us?     ● Politicians meet behind closed doors to get their marching orders  –  And they are not talking those orders from you!     ● NWG discusses the real plight of men & women in the dating game in contrast to the Richard Spencer take

31:17 – 35:18                      The Great State of Virginia; handed over to Anti-Whites    –   Demographics is destiny.  NWG finds the silver-lining in the transformation of the State of Virginia, a land for which his ancestors fought, and bled and died, to an Anti-White/Non-White stronghold.   Victory for us will be recapturing our Destiny. 

                                                Key points:      ● When states like Virginia start to take egregious steps against the founding stock of this nation, Westernkind,  our people begin to rescind their loyalty to these misbegotten institutions & start to look elsewhere for leadership     ● Our numbers will start to grow exponentially as people start looking for solutions that give them answers  –  And they will start Going Free!   

36:06 – 38:31                      Here’s To the Year of the First Western Sunrise & A Bright Future!   –   Cherish these days.  This is only the beginning, the start of something NEW.  We are now a right a cozy little group, a real community; and yet, this is only the beginning of something new – something different.  2020 is a year we will all look back on! 

                                                Key points:      ● Community members like the Great Roi Danton practicing the lexicon and dialectics of Going Free     ● Community members like Jada, meeting on Liv Heide’s site, White Date.net, and starting families    https://www.whitedate.net/articles-interviews-altright-dating-site

40:03 – 48:40                      Speaking to Women in the cause:  –  NWG addresses the contentious topic of Women in the cause for White Wellbeing.  There need be no question at all:  We need and value our women.  Without women, we do not have a Community.  

                                                Key points:      ● No ‘schoolyard’ treatment of women here; no summary denouncing of women!    –  We are building something real     ● Making everything a joke after which you say you didn’t mean it (“psyche!”) or wise-cracking comments that are later ‘taken back’ is NOT an effective tactic when we are under siege and our children are being taught to hate themselves    ● We DO loves memes & humor as very effective tactics to use on our enemies      ● Advice for ‘Groypers’ and others engaging in the most edgy humor:  Do not do something that will ruin your life just to get a laugh    ● To Shame or not to Shame  –  NWG:  No hesitation to vector those women (or men) who are on the wrong path back to a healthy one  

51:07 – 58:19                      A commenter asks about ‘tame’ questions to ask on a first date:   –   What are some comments, and questions that a gentleman can ask a lady (or, a lady a can ask a gentleman) on a first date to get a feel for whether the person is potentially White-positive, or if instead they are virulently Anti-White.  NWG offers commentary and guidelines for the dating-interview process. 

                                                Key points:      ● Almost certainly the prospective partner that you meet will be a ‘normie’ or a ‘vague’ who is conditioned to mouth the Anti-White Narrative…. As almost all of us were taught to do     ● Don’t come across as overly zealous, militant or dangerous    ● Drop a statement, casually, about examples of White Erasure which are EVERYWHERE & easy to think of    ● See how this type of comment lands on the prospect  –  Then change the subject to something benign     ● You will definitely get a reading on whether or not the person is very unsettled by what you said earlier

1:00:30 – 1:05:01               “Can you define ‘White’ for me?”   –   …..”And, please don’t call me Anti-White for asking.”  
 A Commenter asks The Question, which is often used by Anti-Whites as a disruptor.   Is ‘White” strictly European descent, etc., etc.?   NWG responds that the answer is actually quite simple:  “We don’t need to decide (who is ‘White’).  It is superlative.  Time and conflict will decide for us.  No one is going to identify as White in a world that is declaring WAR on Westernkind.”

                                                Key points:      ● As things become more and more virulently Anti-White, those who can flee identifying as White will     ● Genetics and DNA can definitely identify who is Westernkind  
● Going Free has a Meme Curative (MC) for this:  If being White (Westernkind) is simply a social construct then we are simply going to survive; and this is the “construct” that we are going to protect!  

1:06:04 – 1:10:31               Are most White people in ‘race-mixed’ relationships acting out of “White guilt”?   –   Some people will genuinely fall in love with a person of another race & Bio-spirit.  This has happened throughout time.   But you cannot be a White person today and escape being infected with MP’s (Meme Pathogens) and suffering grievously with White Noir (A spiritual sickness in White people).  To the vast majority of Whites who race-mix, it is a way to partially escape who and what they are.    Note:  A Meme-Pathogen is a thought or idea that produces physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disease in WesternkindA Meme-Curative is the antidote to short-circuit the MP.   [terms from Going Free, 2nd Edition, by Jason Kohne]

                                                Key point:      ● This type of White Noir/White-Flight is an especially prevalent phenomenon in young White GIRLS  –  Many are choosing Non-White males for partners out of hatred of being White

1:12:42 – 1:15:05               When helping others to Go Free remember:  YOU are the Message   –   You don’t have to be rich; you don’t have to be good looking; all you need to do is embody all the best qualities of Westernkind by making the absolute best of what you are and everything you do

                                                Key points:      ● Be known as a person who is always moving towards improvement     ● Self-help books and seminars are for losers  –  Don’t be that!     ● Be a healthy, normal person who is literate, well-spoken, well-read & knowledgeable    ● This is NOT a New Year’s Resolution – This is something REAL: Going Free!     ● NWG received a testimonial message from someone who said AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) didn’t work for him but Going Free did!

1:16:01 – 1:17:32               So….. What’s the Plan??   –   NWG addresses the mistaken thinking that we will “just take power”…Somehow?   What does “taking power” even look like on a practical basis?   Do not waste your time with thoughts about how do we take back power, because there are no answers to this; there is no solution in our current context that ends with us “just taking power”.  

                                                Key points:      ● Start with yourself  –  Go Free, and then help others around you to do the same
● Once we take power of ourselves, the rest of the Solution will follow     ● What matters most is taking control of our Destiny  

1:18:59 – 1:20:18               NWG Closing Message:  –    Let’s accept everyone who wants to serve White Well-being, regardless of where they have been in life.   We have ALL fallen short at one time or another.  This will include allowing others to have their privacy; and at the same time keeping the public space a place that is wholesome & conducive to White Well-being….. Keep what’s in your private life behind closed doors.

                                                Key point:      ● Don’t miss the TAP (The After Party) appearance by Tim Murdoch of White Rabbit Radio legendary fame  –  A powerful & empowering discussion of the revolutionary effect of meme magic & White-positive lexicon & dialectics   https://theafterparty.tv/2020/01/02/tim-murdock-meme-magic-tap


12-20-19                               Going Free | No White Guilt | My Thoughts on the Mark Collett and James Goddard Debate

2:50 – 7:01                           Tactics employed moderating the debate & What was at the core of the debate?:   –  Referee  a debate the same way you would a fist-fight  –  If one party starts absolutely pummeling the other, verbally, step in and break them apart & let them each decide at that point if they want to keep ‘fighting’. 

It became clear when NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) sought clarification during the debate that James Goddard defines people as British in the Civ-Nat (Civic Nationalism) sense of the term; British by paper, not by heritage.  He used as an example more than once the “important” and “wonderful” contributions made by the Hindus and the Sikhs, as well as the Indians  — everybody except Islam.  This is one group he is willing to define all members of as the same; undesirable. 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG’s respectful treatment of all parties of the debate    ● Step in to obtain clarity on a point where needed     ● One important example; NWG stepped in to determine what exactly Brian meant by “British people”     ● James believes the British are a people in the Civ-Nat sense of the term; British by paper, not by heritage  –  This is an “abstractionist” position, which contends that you can “learn” to be an ethnic Briton through a sort of osmosis by being steeped in British culture     ● Both men want a United Kingdom (U.K.)  that is not being inundated with immigrants     ● A big salute to James, for stepping up and coming on the show to debate 

7:02 – 9:59                           James was okay with defining a group of people, Muslims,  as a monolith  –   EXCEPT when he has a loved one in a group of people.  This is very often the case with Civ-Nats.  When you dig into their personal history, they have a loved one who is of another group, and are thus compromised.  THAT is the real motivation for Civic Nationalism.  Abstractionists take the same point of view as Civic Nationalism; that a nation is an idea rather than a people.     

                                                Key points:      ● James has an Aunt who is half non-White  –  Therefore, he is compromised & unable to think purely in terms of what is best for White Wellbeing     ● James also has cousins who are Jews in the Israeli defense forces  –  Therefore, he is doubly compromised on what is best for White Westernkind    ● The fatal fallacy of the Abstractionist position is that we have invested literally trillions of dollars across the Western World trying to bring non-European peoples up to our level of civilizational competence  –  And this has FAILED

10:00 – 10:57                      A Solution for Compromised Civic Nationalists such as James:  –  ALL are welcome in the service to White Wellbeing — which is what we do here —  regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.    

                                                Key points:      ● The different races exist  –  Embracing this reality, instead of teaching non-Whites to hate White people, and to despise White Westernkind as the perennial inflictors of harm on their communities, would be a start to finding real solutions to Anti-Whitism  (Anti + White + ism). 

13:34 – 19:49                      Could James come over to our point-of-view with ‘guidance’?   –  Is it a matter of simply following the evidence and facts to where they lead?   NWG:  “I think he (James) has all the facts he needs.”   The issue is loved ones; and being compromised by loved ones.  That prevents a lot of the Civic Nationalists from coming over to embracing White Wellbeing.  

                                                Key points:      ● Civ-Nat/Abstractionist position is touted as the most moral & ethical position; when in fact, it is often being used to shield loves ones from a misperception pushed by the Anti-White Narrative that serving White Wellbeing means harming Non-Whites     ● The Anti-Whites (A/W’s) have perniciously planted far & wide the fantasy that White-positive leadership would lead to military tanks in the streets, rounding up & harming masses on Non-Whites  
● CivNats do have the heroic drive to serve their Bio-Spirit and prevent White Erasure; but they are eternally compromised by the mistaken notion that it would mean harm to their loved ones    ● An Abstractionist, Civ-Nat outcome will be harmful to us in the end  –   “There is no Western Civilization without White Westernkind.”   ● You cannot change a person’s race/Bio-Sprit with a piece of paper       ● A person doesn’t need to be White to serve White Wellbeing! 

19:50 – 22:50                      The False Globalism versus Nationalism Debate:  –   Globalist, Anti-White elites have been able to defeat us BECAUSE of Nationalism.   Nationalism causes us to put the interests of the United States above the interests of our brothers and sisters in other Western nations. 

                                                Key points:      ● The position we need to get to is, that we are working for ALL of Westernkind; ALL around the globe  –  We will accept no position that would harm one group of us to favor another    ● Being a Nationalist presupposes that you won’t come to the aid of other Nationalists around the globe for the benefit of the whole of Westernkind  

22:52 – 23:25                      Mark Collett’s assertion in debate that Jeffrey Epstein was used as a “honey-pot” trap by Mossad:  —  This may or may not be a verified theory.  Investigate for yourselves. 

23:49 – 29:16                      James want the “alt-Right” to Cooperate; When in fact, it is the Civ-Nats that demonize us:  –  The Tommy Robinson problem – Tommy Robinson refers to us as “Nazis”.  The same anti-White slurs that are used on us are used on the Civ-Nats:  bigot, hater, anti-Semite, homo-phobe…..Racist.  No matter even if you are non-White yourself! 

                                                Key points:      ● The reason why Civ-Nats come out so strongly against those of us who serve White Wellbeing is that we choose to see the truth – We have the courage to admit that different races have different Bio-Spirits, different instincts that are a matter of biology, as does every other animal on the planet    ● Culture is just a projection of that ‘instinct’ (the Bio-Spirit) onto our environment  –  Different races create different environments   ● Another form of compromise by some of the Civ-Nats:  Being funded, or ‘paid off’; being threatened or blackmailed     ● Civ-Nats misunderstand Anti-Whites; Communists, Marxists, (whatever name the Anti-Whites give themselves.   The objective of the A/W’s is to inflict harm on Westernkind.     The Civic Nationalism “principled” position is meaningless to the Anti-Whites if it gets in the way of destroying Westernkind!

29:28 – 32:13                      An important point of clarity for Civ-Nats:   –   If you are a Civic Nationalist, and think you are not compromised because you have no non-Whites relatives, you are trying to protect…. NWG:  “Simply know this:  You are misunderstanding the entities & individuals and groups that are inflicting harm on Westernkind and Western Civilization.”   

                                                Key points:      ● If you believe them to be the names of their taking, if you believe them to be the pretexts they give for their actions, you will never come to the truth    ● The reaction of Civ-Nats to being slurred is to come out strongly against us to try to differentiate themselves from those of us who are courageous enough to acknowledge the truth about human racial differences  –  Whereas everyone is able to acknowledge differences do exist for all the other creatures on the planet;  it’s not just about “ideas” !    NWG:  “We cannot undo with a piece of paper what nature or the Creator did with the Bio-Spirit.” 

35:20 – 36:22                      A Conclusive Vote on the outcome of the Debate  –  The winner is Mark Collett!    A poll has been taken on the Entropy chat & donation server (link at Gardening with NWG channel) and the clear winner according to popular opinion is Mark Collett.  To be fair to James Goddard, he was in “Collett country” and there is a huge Mark Collett fan-base on this channel.    Kudos to James for his courage and willingness to cone on the channel and  have an open & fair debate.  

38:33 – 48:47                      James willing to blame Islam for the UK’s immigration assimilation troubles  –  NWG points out: What are the chances James does NOT have a loved one who adheres to Islam or is of Middle-Eastern descent?   NWG: “About 100%, I would say!”  

                                                Key points:      ● Not every single Muslim is going to be a threat to us  –  This does not mean we want our countries inundated with them…  Different Bio-Sprit, different instincts     ● Are the other groups no problem whatsoever?   Would everything be fine if the immigration to the U.K. was 90% Nigerian?     ● Money comes in to Civ-Nat organization from ‘groups’ who are starting to have a problem with Muslim immigration, especially in Europe     ● Civ-Nats are critics of people like Mark Collett, sayng he is too focused on just blaming the Jews  –  While Civ-Nats themselves are hyper-focused on Muslims/Islam     ● Anti-Whitism is the super-set; within that set are sub-sets of Anti-Whites  –  And Islam/Muslims is just one of them    ● All that matters from our perspective is whether or not they are Anti-White     ● We don’t label a group as the enemy  –  We allow the individual to decide whether or not they are going to be Anti-White; and we simply acknowledge their decision   

50:28 – 55:22                      Is Miscegenation inevitable if we live in close proximity to Non-Whites?  –  NWG responds that we can teach our children to make the choice of a White mate by encouraging them with love and appreciation of our own glorious people.  Also, NWG recounts a conversation he had with a White, Anti-White girl who idolizes the Japanese culture.      

                                                Key points:      ● Our children today are not really given a choice   –  They are constantly propagandized that our race is evil, goofy, pathetic    ● Responding to an idea about some sort of law or policy against miscegenation – Forcing people to do, or not do, something is not a stable situation.  Education & encouragement are far more effective.

1:03:49 – 1:08:15               NWG plays Outrageously Inoffensive’s Video, “Europe as Eternity”  –   One of many powerful & entertaining White-positive video selections available on the No White Guilt channel under ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids’. 

1:10:08 – 1:12:20               Save Africa – Feed the (African) Children & unintended consequences:   –   Many people fell for the appeals for “help” for Africa in the 1980’s.  Mostly, White people.  A commenter discusses how he even had money directly deducted from his paycheck for the cause. 

                                                Key points:      ● The money & resources that weren’t stolen directly by corrupt African leadership only served to increase the African population & make the population pressures there even more unsustainable, driving the migration of Africans into Western countries that we have seen now for the past decade    ● An illustration of the preposterous Civ-Nat position; or, does contributing to Africa make us “Africans”?

1:13:21 – 1:18:39               Question for NWG:  What would be the one point you would make to bring James Goddard over to our side?   –   NWG responds; the main point to make is that James does not have to worry about his non-White loved ones being victimized by the service to White Wellbeing.

                                                Key points:      ● NWG:  It is the same as in the sales profession; the real objection someone has to buying from you is the one thing they rarely reveal.  It is something they want to keep secret.  This is human nature.     ● Often the case is, the one thing that is keeping the person from serving White Wellbeing is that someone close to them is adamantly anti-White  –  This person most likely cannot be reached, so you should just move on to someone who can

1:18:40 – 1:22:26               Who does James think dominates our political system?   –   NWG:  All that matters about who dominates us is that they are anti-White.   If we are to succeed in recapturing our destiny, we must adopt a holistic approach; are they anti-White or not?  

                                                Key points:      ● Follow-up questions for NWG:  What Meme Pathogen (MP) would you say James is most infected with?    ● James seems to support White Erasure  –  That the U.K. will be fine as long as the ‘New’ Britons support British values …. And are not adherents of Islam.

1:24:13 – 1:27:19               NWG on the nature of debates:   –  ‘Blood-sports’ on YouTube were not debates; they were shouting matches.

                                                Key points:      ● A ‘debate’ can only happen when the participants share a common goal & they are arguing about what methods will arrive at that common goal      ● If they don’t share a common goal, and they have different systems of morality, it’s not a debate  –  It’s a shouting match      ● The Collett vs. Goddard event was much closer to a real debate than the YouTube Blood Sports

1:27:34 – 1:29:48               NWG on matters of Christian Faith & ‘Brothers in Faith’…  Churches have become so anti-White that Jason was driven away from Christianity.  NWG:  “But I am open to God himself coming down and asking me to return.“   

1:34:22 – 1:39:14               How is the LGBT Agenda Anti-White when it is targeted at all races?  –  Harm done to non-Whites by the Anti-Whites is just collateral damage.  Whites are the real target; and it is virtually impossible for them to inflict great harm on us without some others getting in the way. 

                                                Key points:      ● We don’t care, in the service to White Wellbeing, what sex you find attractive  –  ● Just keep it in the privacy of your bedroom and don’t broadcast it for special attention; whether you are heterosexual of homosexual    ● NWG on the South Africa example of non-White collateral damage    ● Many sub-sets of the super-set that is Anti-Whitism

1:39:16 – 1:40:57               Put the onus of defining “Who is White?” on the Anti-Whites  –    Defining “who is White” is a moot non-starter; it is used by the A/W’s to trip you up.  They don’t ask other groups to define themselves…

                                                Key points:      ● Time & conflict are going to funnel out who is White and who is not     ● No one who can identify as not being White and get away with it will want to be the target of the Anti-Whites    ● Westernkind has a great heterogeneity that we want to identify and expand

1:41:27 – 1:42:39               NWG Closing Remarks:   –   Virginia is currently under siege by the Anti-Whites who want to take away your right to self-defense. 

                                                Key points:      ● The fatal flaw of our system of governance:  Once you are outnumbered demographically, your interests will be voted right out from under you!


12-15-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | Sydney Watson Can’t Get A Man–Poor Dear… | Election Results in the UK

1:57 – 2:56                           Saying “Merry Christmas!” is the same as saying “No White Guilt!”   –  Whether you are a Christian or not, be sure to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone you meet.  So many of us across the West practice Christianity, or are culturally Christian, that Christianity is considered the White man’s religion.

                                                Key point:      ● That is the reason Christianity is attacked – It represents White Westernkind

3:44 – 6:15                           There is not going to be a Civil War in Virginia:   –   NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) as a Virginian gives his perspective on the backlash of gun-owners to the confiscatory anti-Second Amendment policies of the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) who are taking control of the state’s government. 

                                                Key point:      ● This is not about “gun rights” – This is about the right to self defense!   
● A group of mostly White people going to their county courthouse & demanding gun sanctuaries is not a Civil War… It is people throwing a temper tantrum

6:17 – 10:10                        Many new people coming to the Going Free Community:  –  NWG shares testimony & comments from some of the many new people who are coming to the message of Going Free.  Some of them from other places in the White-positive (WP) sphere.   Lives are being changed here — and saved!

                                                Key point:      ● Because of all the new people coming over, NWG has decided to extend the special one-year anniversary price cut of nearly 50% on his book “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne).  This lower price will be available on Amazon until the end of the year (2019).

13:44 – 17:36                      NWG shares photo of The Cutest Puppy Ever!   –   The cutest puppy ever, a little white fluffy puppy, was briefly ‘fostered’, taken care of & trained, by Jason to prepare the little doggy for his Forever Home.  The little fur-ball appeared on one of Jason’s streams.   The care & nurturing of the little canine guy is part of NWG’s larger personal mission to care for, protect, and preserve our living animal creatures and their environment.  This is a true source of joy for all who are in tune with nature, and is truly a glorious part of our Western Bio-spirit (our racial instincts; the projection of who we are onto our environment).  Also discussed; cardinals (cardinal grosbeak), the bright red birds in winter

                                                Key point:      ●  @ 16:33 – NWG shares a meme created by Western Vanguard of him on the cover of “Time Magazine” as the ‘Person of the Year’….

21:05 – 24:47                      Doxxing Troubles:  Women in the White-Positive Community targeted by Anti-Whites   –   Our women are being specially targeted by the Anti-Whites for on-line attack.  These attackers are probably being paid.   They deploy odious tactics of gaining a woman’s trust to garner information that they then threaten will be used against her, if she continues to work for White Wellbeing.  NWG plans to further address this topic in a Going Free stream next week. 

                                                NWG advice for women in the WP sphere:      ● If you are looking for a love relationship, pick a man whose looks are commensurate with your own    ● Be very careful about who you are talking to…. Be especially cautious of contact with a very attractive man who asks you for a picture  – This is a tactic that is being used again & again     ● A/W’s attack our women because women are much more vulnerable, physically & mentally, and are understandably much more easily intimidated         ● Without our women, we can’t have a community  –  That is the goal of the Anti-Whites; to destroy our communities  

26:46 – 33:21                      NWG reads a selection from his book, “Going Free”:  Page 105   –  “Going Free” by Jason Kohne is a book about the lexicon and dialectics that he created as an effective & powerful way each of us individually can be empowered to defeat Anti-Whitism  (Anti + White + ism) – and then to teach others in our circles of influence to do the same.  The book is available on Amazon and also is available in e-book format. 

                                                Key point:      ● We must NOT speak with, or use, the language of Anti-Whites!  –  This is a symptom of White Noir; and will lead to your defeat every time you do it.  (White Noir is the condition of being so infected with Anti-White MP’s [Meme Pathogens] that you have internalized all of the negative stereotypes & messaging and are controlled by the Anti-White Narrative)    ● Using the A/W language is granting them their premise  –  Even if your intention is irony or irreverence    ● Most of us have made this mistake –  Stop now  –  Make a commitment to yourself to never again speak or write like an Anti-White! 

34:19 – 42:50                      Success story of a Community member who has an Anti-White family member:  –  Jason relates a story of a woman who had success using the Going Free lexicon on a family member who made an Anti-White remark about Christmas in front of the woman’s children.  Her relative used the word “racist” in remonstrating against enjoying the Western tradition of celebrating Christmas, or thinking it anything special compared to other cultures. 

                                                Key points:      ● In front of your children is where it is most important to use the lexicon of White Wellbeing….. Do not let anyone White-Guilt your children!    ● The woman from our community  responded to her relative powerfully: “No!  You will NOT use that Anti-White slur in front of my children!”    ● Always stand up for White children, wherever they are – Whether they are your children or someone else’s

43:00 – 54:03                      Election results in the United Kingdom:  –  The 2019 United Kingdom general election was held on December 12, 2019.  Boris Johnson, Conservative won.   Jeremy Corbyn, Labour was soundly defeated.  There is basically no difference between the end results that both parties are working towards – Labour is simply driving the country off the cliff at a more accelerated rate.   All of the political parties are Anti-White; the only differentiation is that some are more so than others.

                                                Key points:      ● Talking about the intrigue of politics is absolutely meaningless – It as meaningless as talking about sports    ● Put your attention & energy onto something that matters!    ● Labour’s loss indicates the dissatisfaction their base has with the direction that party is taking – Determine how this knowledge can be used to reach out to them for WWB   
● When the more rabidly A/W parties win elections, it tells you time is running out for us  — But it also means that the soil is richer for reaching out to our people    ● When less Anti-White political parties win, it means we have more time to spread White Wellbeing – But this makes it harder to reach people for Going Free because people feel they are safe     ● Most people know actually very little about the real policies of any of the political parties 

57:39 – 59:17                      The Psychological Battle for the heart & minds of our People  –   The battle over the thoughts in people’s heads is so important that the Government has spent billions trying to brain-wash people to accept the Anti-White Narrative. 

                                                Key point:      ● It is a lot easier to control people by controlling their thoughts than it is to point a gun at them & demand compliance    

1:00:48 – 1:04:53               How do we reduce the out-group preference found among many White people?  –   The focus on the welfare of Non-Whites by White people, to the detriment of our people, is a coping mechanism that is exactly what Anti-Whites want to happen.   The reason for this behavioral mindset is that White people are attempting to unload some of their “White guilt”. 

                                                Key points:      ● Start by addressing the Meme Pathogens (MP’s) they are infected with that are causing them to behave this way    ● Make no mistake, the Anti-Whites have no program in place that benefits Non-Whites without harming us!

1:05:23 – 1:11:56               An impassioned expose’ on why Anti-Whitism must be thoroughly defeated if we are to ever recapture our destiny  –   If we are ever to recapture our destiny, the highest morality for our people must be strict adherence and allegiance to whatever serves White Wellbeing.  That which harms WWB, must be considered the blackest immorality.   Without the lexicon and dialectics of Going Free, we will fail again and again.  Anti-Whitism MUST be defeated!

1:12:08 – 1:15:59               No support shaming!   –   We never support shame here!  We always give a pat-on-the-back and as much token financial support as we can to White-positive artists, content creators, and all those contributing their time & talents to serving White Wellbeing.

                                                Key points:      ● John, a hero in the Going Free Community, has generously contributed 10,000 fliers for distribution – legally – and has also donated $50 for NWG to give $10 each to five of his favorite content creators.  Contact NWG at NoWhiteGuilt Collectibles if you would like fliers to distribute     ● ‘Budapest Babe’ has a YouTube channel on which she is posting clips of No White Guilt orations from the Going Free streams

1:17:41 – 1:24:35               NWG shares positive comments he has recently received:  –   Testimonials & notes of heartfelt appreciation from those who have discovered the transformative power of Going Free.  Lives are being changed; truly, lives are being saved when people become empowered and recognize the spirit of Westernkind is also inside of THEM.  We come from a great and glorious people!!

1:24:40 – 1:30:42               NWG plays a video:   –   A creative collaboration between Jared George (The Great Order) & Philosophicat entitled, “The Land of Free Shipping”.  

Video Stream fails at 1:30:43 and returns at 1:36:02

1:40:16 – 1:53:16               Trump’s Executive Order that now identifies Jews as a People:  –  The executive order opens up more tools to be used to pursue dissenting voices, as no entity will be able to turn down the federal funding they are reliant on.   NWG analyzes the ramification of the First U.S. President of Israel moving heaven and earth to aid this supposedly powerless, tiny group of people. 

Key point:      ● Trump ran for office on “American First” but should have run on “Israel First”  –  Trump has done more for Israel than any other U.S. President    ● NWG asks:  Why now?    
● DNA – A cornucopia of biological data and potential financial gain for those with access to start-up capital, as a new frontier in human advancement has opened up     ● The DNA information is now available  –  It is clear the Jews are a people; a race     ● Civil rights law now opened up to another protected group to our detriment     ● This will not end with the limited scope of this Executive Order  –  Every company and entity across the country, and even around the world, will adopt these new standards  

1:56:37  – 1:58:30              No Western Culture without our People:  – A commenter brings up an egregious use of timid language you often hear from ‘vagues’ is when they say that want to “save our culture” but what they really mean is “save our PEOPLE”.   NWG:  “The culture is just the projection; if you don’t have the Bio-Spirit, there is no culture!    

                                                Key points:      ● This is the power of Going Free – As you start treating the MP’s in yourself, everything becomes more clear; and you are able to make the connections between what the A/W Narrative is and what the Meme Curative (MC) for it is.  

1:59:56 – 2:01:12               (Cont’d) Discussion continues of Trump’s Executive Order:  –  Roi Danton asks, how does it really change anything if Jews are already protected under religious freedom grounds….   NWG responds.

                                                Key points:      ● The new protective classification frees up more tools of the government to be used against those who criticize Jews – They do not have to be religious Jews to seek protection; now it’s a People you can’t criticize.

2:08:29 – 2:45:40               Discussion of Sydney Watson; Can’t get a man…..This will probably insult a few a people; and that’s good!    –   This discussion is about an attitude that women have been infected with; not about Sydney Watson as a person.  This is an illness in our society that must be addressed.
NWG reads her tweet about the misery of dating as a millennial…. And responds to it! 

NWG:  The 35,000 women who “liked” this Tweet are more loyal to their gender than they are to our People….”And that is despicable!”   We MUST help our young women go free of this poisonous attitude; it is critically important.   Without our women, we don’t have a chance of regaining our destiny.  

                                                Key points:      ● Sydney Watson is an ‘abstractionist’ in the vein of being a Nationalist  –  She doesn’t really care about our people, she just believes in the concept of our Nation     ● We do not worship our women –  There are good women and bad women    ● Women are wasting their good years as concubines to the top 10-20% of men     ● There are good men – great men – out there everywhere; interview one that is commensurate with your looks and general status    
● This is not about women’s intellectual capacities  –  It is about the limited sexual market value women have that is a reality of nature & the small window of opportunity to find a life partner and start a healthy family     ● The “pretty” guys will use you and then lose you, while you use up the best years of your life     ● Aging and losing her looks is directly proportionate with how soon a woman will start looking at the men who were of no interest to her earlier  –  And they will have lost interest in HER      ● Our men have started to give up; and they are retreating  –  They have become physically and emotionally damaged.   And do not get the chance to have WHITE FAMILIES     ● This is why we have MGTOW  –  Men Going Their Own Way     ● We also don’t ‘virtue-trap’ in Going Free  – Women who cannot have children, or who are not suitable for marriage & children, are still valued and welcome here!    ● NWG:  “If you are doing something that is harmful to yourself, that is harmful to our people, you SHOULD be shamed — male or female!”

2:46:34 – 2:49:52               NWG gives the real-deal on Young Men:  –  “There’s nothing on plant earth that young men want more than sex.”  Men will always look at a pretty woman, and, they will date almost any woman on their level, as well as those below.   But if a young woman will give them a chance, the potential to have a companion as well as a mate, our men will step up to the challenge.  Our young women must be willing to give our young men the opportunity. 

                                                Key point:      ● Far more women than men pass on their genes  –  Women decide; women are in charge of the mating game    ● So, women —- give our men an opportunity!  

2:52:40 – 2:59:07               The Complementary Nature of Men & Women:   –   Have men and women become too far removed from nature?   NWG:  “Men and women are not only meant to fit together physically; they’re meant to fit together intellectually, fit together spiritually, fit together emotionally…”

                                                Key point:      ● The magic & purpose of the complementary fit of men and women is to bring forth the next generation of life     ● The pool of young men now available is a ‘sickened’ pool  –  And it has been made sick by the young women who gave only attention to the smallest group of extremely attractive – “pretty” – men  

3:03:02 – 3:07:33               A message to men in the MGTOW movement from NWG:   –  “You are not going to find happiness there.”  Come to White Wellbeing & Going Free — and leave the death cult!  

                                                Key point:      ● You are a White man – Better yourself!    ● You can still be of service to White Wellbeing  –  We will stand with you.

3:11:25 – 3:18:00               Why is everybody so afraid to criticize women:  –   NWG shares an anecdote from his dating life and how he handled a female who decided to be Anti-White while riding in his car….. “I invited her to leave the vehicle!”

                                                Key point:      ● The MEN of Western Civilization gave women all the rights they currently enjoy
● We give our women the option to do what’s right  –  That means they have to know what’s right; what’s best for our People     ● Every young woman thinks, somehow she’s the special one; that it will somehow be different with her & the “pretty” guy will fall in love with her – He won’t!       ● We must teach our women; and, yes – shame them when they make bad choices that hurt our people.  And that hurt the woman as an individual    ● If there are no consequences for bad female behavior, the destructive pattern will never change

3:18:13 – 3:28:30               A tough but loving message we hope those 35,000+ women will heed:  –   Women did not earn their beauty.  The natural beauty of any young woman, regardless of her level on the attractiveness scale, is an outer ‘suit’ given to her by nature.  And she should use it to its highest purpose to secure true happiness for herself by making the right choice — To NOT be, bluntly speaking, a whore.   

                                                Key point:      ● Our young men and women both make errors in their choices  –  Help all the young people in your life Go Free and achieve true happiness for themselves    ● NWG:  “I am giving advice that has to be harsh; but, I want to shake you out of this inertia.”    ● If we don’t have a strong Western society, women will have absolutely no safety or happiness

3:34:10 – 3:36:26               The wonderful Mrs. Jess Horst, sterling member of our Community, gives her personal testimony   –   Mrs. Horst in the chat shares her own story about finding true happiness in her large, loving family:   Mrs. Horst is the mother of nine (!) children and a grandmother at age 43.

3:53:33 – 3:59:56               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:   –  NWG on all the times he stood alone in trying to spread the word about Going Free because most people out there “fear the smear”; being branded as a Heretic.  But now, none of us has to stand alone – We stand shoulder to shoulder.  We are a rapidly growing Community in service to White Wellbeing.

                                                Key point:      ● The stronger one of us gets, the stronger we ALL are!


Dec. 29, 2019                      Going Free | No White Guilt | To Shame or Not to Shame | Cross Eyes on the Right is Back

14:19 – 21:01                      Can we reverse White population decline & Is it a part of the Anti-White (A/W) Agenda?   –  There is not some master controller orchestrating behind the scenes and controlling every single thing that is happening in the world.   The reality is, there does not need to be an over-arching control mechanism if all parts of the ‘machine’ are operating on an Anti-White framework. 

                                                Key points:      ● When discussing White Erasure, take care not to sound like an Alex Jones-tier conspiracy nut-case     ● Verisimilitude  –   If something doesn’t have the ‘ring of truth’, whether it is true or not, you’re not going to win anyone over with it     ● You have to read the signals of your audience  –  What is the framework within which they are mentally operating    ● Think of the wordless & instinctive orchestration of a pack of animals hunting  –  That is the mindset of the Anti-Whites

22:07 – 29:41                      There are no “dumb” questions in Going Free (GF)!   –    This is a different concept than that in any other space in the White-positive (WP) sphere.  The realization that you are living in an Anti-White Narrative, intentionally constructed by the Anti-Whites to harm you & your people, is quite a mental paradigm shattering concept.

                                                Key points:      ● This is a movement of redemption  –   Everybody has their own path to the truth; everyone is going to stumble    ● Genetic purity is not a requirement to be a part of this Community   –   Your past, your spouse, your physical or mental issues; none of these are a barrier if you are willing to serve White Wellbeing (WWB)  –   We all have skeletons in our closets
● The only thing that will get you ostracized in this Community is being Anti-White  –  Stepping off the path of working for White Wellbeing, turning your back on the truth once you have found it is unacceptable   ● Your personal proclivities & preferences are not a barrier but are NOT for the public square  –   If your lifestyle doesn’t hinder you from Going Free, it’s not a problem here    ● In the future, we will construct cyclical systems that best serve the human animal  

38:04 – 39:28                      Our Resolution for the New Decade:  Bringing people over to White Wellbeing  –  Let’s all make it our resolution that we will spend the next ten years working to bring people over to Going Free.

                                                Key point:      ● For every person you bring over, they bring over more  –  This is how the Curative Contagion (CC) of Going Free works  & it is infinitely more powerful than the ‘six degrees of separation!     

39:32 – 44:45                      General advice for young people:  Go Free!  –  In the coming decade, we will find ourselves living in an increasingly openly hostile Anti-White world, with legal & other discrimination against us in the job market becoming especially perilous for our White men.  Empower yourself with knowledge, and inoculate yourself against the Meme Pathogens (MP’s ) that will otherwise destroy your life.  A Meme-Pathogen is a thought or idea that produces physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disease in Westernkind. [from Going Free, 2nd Edition, by Jason Kohne]

                                                Key points:      ● Copies of the digital version of the book, “Going Free”, 2nd edition will be available early in 2020 at a very reduced cost to make it accessible to everyone    ● For the university bound:  Keep your head down, appear to give them what they want to get you what you need as far as grades & degrees   –   And then get the hell out of there & make it your mission in life to work diligently for White Wellbeing    ● Adopting the Anti-White morality will not save you, or get you ahead  –  You can never be Anti-White enough for all time   

45:11 – 49:09                      Changing the Context for us, without a change in the overall Anti-White Context:   –  In actuality, changing the context for us DOES change the overall context. 

                                                Key points:      ● Increasingly being able to be openly White-positive in response to the virulently Anti-White things that are increasingly being said     ● We are moving rapidly towards the Event Horizon as the A/W’s continue to inflict more injury on us  –  There will be no cessation in the Anti-Whiteism (Anti + White+ ism)    ● This is when we must have a critical mass of individuals and communities of our people who are Going Free to take advantage of the brief window in which we will be able to recapture our destiny    ● This is the greatest challenge our people has ever faced  –  “If we do not surmount this challenge, we cease to be.” 

51:04 – 54:09                      What is the best way to follow-up with people who have recently seen the truth of our Anti-White Society?    You may have to tread carefully; it depends upon the individual. 

                                                Key points:      ● Nudge them to go at a pace that is just slightly faster than they are comfortable with    ● Introduce other areas that are Anti-White which they have not thought of before  
● Don’t display a weird, fanatic zeal    

54:11 – 1:00:26                  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason Kohne) shares Christmas Greeting cards he received from our GF Community:  –  And a fabulous vintage issue of Life Magazine from Psamanthe Fox!  

                                                Key point:      ● Sharing vintage books and magazines from earlier decades with the young people in your life can give them a dazzling view of the beauty of the Westernkind in earlier eras
● These publications provide a stark contrast to the current White Erasure that permeates literally everything    ● The images you will see in older publications   –  This was what our country was like… This was what our people created; and fought and died for    ● Happy Birthday to Psamanthe Fox’s Mother  —   A dear and regal Lady.   ● This remarkable woman is a survivor of the Firebombing at Dresden.  Let’s remember and talk about the Survivor’s in OUR Story! 

1:01:48 – 1:02:48               Jonny Scythe adding more clips of NWG’s most powerful orations from the Going Free streams:  These video clips are perfect for the person who will only spend a few minutes watching a video. Now there are many clips posted to the NWG channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids,  Jonny Scythe’s Playlist.  Each video short was selected from longer streams and is designed to pack a powerful punch of inspiration.  A GREAT way to introduce someone to Going Free!

1:02:50 – 1:08:31               Hilarious Promo Video from The NWG & The Great Order/Jared George:   Must-see fun video by Jared George of an animated cartoonish version of the ‘Three Amigos”. The Great Order (Jared) created the promo clip for their appearance on the iconic annual Millennial Woes’ Millenniyule Stream… Feliz Navidad!  

                                                Key points:      ● ‘Lovely Porridge’ Christmas photo of the “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne/NWG) book cover decked out in lights     ● And – Santa Claus makes an appearance! 

1:08:33 – 1:13:44               A note received by a young Mother who is Going Free:  –   A beautiful testimony & success story in the form of a note from an innocent young child, who is being raised by her Mother to be White-positive and to love her own People.    Also, a box full of copies of the book “Going Free”, 2nd Edition, purchased by someone in the GF Community  to pass out to friends and family.   

                                                Key point:      ● Children want to have a positive identity wherein they are part of a People who are the ‘Good guys’; who are HEROES       ● Everything around our children is telling them they are the BAD guys  –  A People without a story     

1:16:41 – 1:18:12               (Subject Cont’d)  Teaching our Children to be White-positive & to GO FREE!   –  Our children cannot help but to hate themselves if they are taught they should hate our people, as is absolutely the case in almost every educational system across the West.   As a parent, you simply must not tolerate allowing your children to become infected with MP’s (Meme Pathogens). 

                                                Key points      ● Many of our children will spend their lives trying to escape being White & will try to make ‘amends’ by performing obeisance to the Anti-Whites for the totality of their lives    ● Give your children an IDENTITY  –  Allow them to be the heroes that they actually are  

1:19:28 – 1:23:51               Musical selection by Olivia Keys   –  A magnificent artist who has just come to the Community within the past few months.  NWG plays the musical selection by Olivia Keys entitled “Petals”, which is available on the No White Guilt channel under ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids.’

1:23:52 – 1:34:40               ANOTHER great victory using Going Free:   –   NWG relates a testimony received from a woman who is serving White Wellbeing and who had a face-off with a cousin at a family holiday party.  The cousin leveled the accusation at her, “I hear you have some White Nationalist views.”  She used the perfect come-back:  “How dare you call me that Anti-White slur!”

                                                Key points:      ● To the average ‘normie’ “White Nationalism is synonymous with Evil  
● State your position as caring about our people … Wherever they are around the world
● Give examples of Anti-White behavior that is observable on a daily basis    ● The lady in this example so impressed her cousin using the Going Free message that her cousin called her children over to listen to what was being said  –  THIS is true success! 

1:34:43 – 1:56:09               Positive messages recently received:  –  NWG shares messages & testimonials from people who are reaching out with the success they are having since discovering Going Free.   We will all join together to form a Great White Ring around the planet to save our People. 

                                                Key points:      ● Women in the White-positive sphere are being targeted by would-be Romeo’s who later threaten to doxx and expose them  –  “White-fishing” is a possible term for it  
● MP3’s of Going Free streams and other NWG content are a fantastic way to listen & get inspired while you do work and other tasks & chores  –  NWG has a Spreaker account with MP3’s available for all related programming   https://www.spreaker.com/user/nowhiteguilt    
● A Community member is helping a young lady to Go Free  –  You are also giving someone purpose & true meaning in their lives when you reach out with the GF message     ● Espirit de corps    ● Talk of Civil War and the “Boogaloo”  –  We don’t have the numbers, the power, or any unity; “Civil War” talk is a path to DEFEAT     ● Anti-Whiteism is EVERYWHERE, even in television game shows   –  Give people “permission” to discuss the A/W Agenda and the flood gates open up!      ●Pulling people back from the brink of destruction caused by alcohol & drug abuse

2:02:06 – 2:03:59               The Roots of Addiction:  Anti-Whiteism!!    –   Addiction & substance abuse is another form of “White-flighting” (the ultimate form being suicide).   It is impossible for a White person to NOT be grievously injured, and to not have that injury somehow influence their decision to ruin themselves.   “There are lots of addictions out there; drugs and drink are not the least of them”

Key points:      ● The blame goes on the Anti-Whites, who have inflicted grievous injury on our people      ● Make the decision that this is the day that the A/W’s are not going to victimize you any further     ● Stand up for our Brothers & Sisters who are suffering form addictions   

2:04:15 – 2:12:13               Where does the Anti-White Agenda come from?   –    The basic thing to keep in mind is that Anti-Whiteism is based in jealousy.  Whether they are White or Non-White, the A/W’s feel inferior in the face of Westernkind.  “They want to revenge themselves.”   Anti-Whites make the decision for themselves to believe that they have been “wronged” in some way.   Seeing oneself as a ‘victim’ frees them to consider it ‘moral’ to retaliate. 

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whiteism is an inappropriate response to JEALOUSY    ● Jealousy is a normal emotion  –  But the appropriate response is to use envy of others to fuel your own determination to succeed and create something of your own     ● Destroying out of jealousy what others have built is not what people who are successful do – It is what losers do!    
A grand, demonic ideology has grown up over time around this base sentiment of Victimization by Westernkind  –  This is Anti-Whiteism    ● The average White person is an avatar of Westernkind, and is thus where the A/W’s inflict injury on an individual basis    
● It doesn’t matter for our purposes that some groups have a higher percentage of A/W’s than other groups  –  What matters is that our lives are no less valuable than theirs    ● An entire Anti-White morality has been constructed in order to serve this agenda  –  This is called the MIS of pretext:  The Moralization, Intellectualization, and Sentimentalization of the pretext they use to arrive at the infliction of harm

2:12:59 – 2:15:32               Feminism & Black culture rap thugs:   –   If feminism is so concerned about the safety & well-being of women, why aren’t the rap culture thugs taken to task for their heinous degradation of women?  Why is all the ire of feminism aimed at White men? 

Key points:      ● Do not call them by the name of their choosing; “feminists” or even “femi-nazis”  –  What they are is ANTI-WHITE    ● Feminism is a sub-set of the super-set that is Anti-Whiteism    ● Seeing that on the surface there appears to be hypocrisy in the A/W positions is the first step  –  But you have to go much deeper to understand that there is no hypocrisy in the Anti-Whites… Because what they are always serving is the victimization of Westernkind.

2:15:44 – 2:16:57               ‘Bloods’ (street gang) versus the Muslims in New York City  –  A sign of the “Event Horizon”?   –  NWG discusses concept of the “Event Horizon” as it relates to Going Free. 

Key points:      ● The unity of the Anti-Whites is just an illusion    ●  The different Non-White factions will start to turn on each other as they consider that they have finally defeated White people       ● We will be seeing more and more of this Narrative clash as time goes on  

2:19:45 – 2:22:20               Live Every Day in Service of Westernkind:  –   NWG gives a brief inspirational pep-talk:  Give your time and your life to something profound!

2:23:56 – 2:26:49               A Future of Interconnected Communities….NOT begging for scraps of OUR INHERITANCE:  –  Never surrender the territory our ancestors fought, bled and died for!!   The Anti-Whites will never allow you your own little corner to use for an Ethno-state anyway!  

2:26:56 – 2:33:18               This is a Movement of Redemption:  Women are WELCOME here   –   Even if you were on the wrong path all your life & made terrible choices; or, maybe you lack of ability to pair-bond or have children.   If you have come to the truth of this message, whatever is in your past will not prevent you from serving White Wellbeing & being welcomed in our community.  

Key points:      ● Your time, your talents – you – are valued in Going Free    ● Women attract other women to our Community  –  And we need women so that we have a Community  
● Do not refer to the “pretty boys” as Alpha males  –  There is nothing ‘Alpha’ about guys who whore around    ● If you are striving for glory, you ARE an Alpha male !

2:38:55 – 2:48:43               The Folly of Planning for Inconceivable Contexts:   –  You can only work out a viable strategy for a context that actually exists.  A context for geographic separation by race simply does not exist at this time.  Discussion of it is a waste of time at this point.  What you CAN do in our current context is work on Going Free & helping others to do so. 

                                                Key points:      ● A change of context can come by the actions of the Anti-Whites or by our increasing numbers      ● When the context changes, new opportunities that we cannot currently conceive of will open up      ● There isn’t going to be a “forever” moment; a time in which all things will be set in place forever  –  That is not how things work in the real world  

2:53:15 – 3:06:58               Shaming  –  To Shame or Not to Shame:      Shaming and ostracism are very effective methods of punishment.  Studies of the brain have found that feelings of shame, or of being ostracized, light up the same pain centers of the brain as does an infliction of physical injury. 

                                                Key points:      ● You cannot shame a person or group of people who do not have the same moral ‘yardstick’ that you have    ● For someone who shares a similar morality & values that you are trying to help, you never want your shaming to be virulent or acrimonious  –  ‘Lightly’ shame them; course-correct them    ● Teach your children by pointing out the shameful behavior of others as an example    ● Women, much more than men, care a great deal what people think and say about them  

3:10:19 – 3:12:10               Being surrounded by Non-Whites is a form of extreme White Erasure:   –  Do not stay in an environment that has become physically dangerous to your family & yourself.  A strategic withdrawal to a safer area is the best option in this case.  NWG:  “There is nothing heroic about losing in a battle that can’t be won.”  When we recapture our destiny, we will return to all we have left.   

3:13:02 – 3:15:06               NWG’s reality-based & life-saving advice for young women:   1) Don’t go into a 100-percent Non-White area alone at night…   And,  2) Never date a ‘pretty’ man; don’t become a concubine of the ‘pretty men’.

                                                Key point:      ● Shame with love; encourage dignity  –  Let them know you are on their side

3:15:15 – 3:20:14               A commenter asks NWG:  What is your opinion of Nick Fuentes confronting Ben (Shapiro)?

3:20:18 – 3:20:50               ‘Shaming’ discussion continues…. In the past, shame was tied to social status.  Shameless people today know they won’t be ostracized by society because degenerate behaviors are widely accepted; even celebrated. 

3:22:05 – 3:23:16               The truth about Japan:  –   Now lauded by many as a morally superior nation; research uncovers some pretty heinous behavior in the past.  Just like every other nation. 

3:23:23 – 3:26:43               We can’t project power we don’t have:   –  NWG mini-rant on having power as necessary to projecting power:  “Ladies and gentlemen, we are in control of NOTHING!..  We dominate NO powers of structure.” 

Key points:      ● The best way to defuse those who want to self-portray as the bad-guy in the Anti-White Narrative is light mocking    ● Futile attempts at displaying power, including violence, achieve NOTHING & create the wrong impression of what working for White Wellbeing is about

3:27:12 – 3:29:08               Why and How did the Anti-Whites get in charge of our Western Civilizations?   We failed to make it our highest morality, that which is good for Westernkind is the ultimate virtue; and what harms Westernkind is the ultimate evil and is immoral.

                                                Key point:      ● We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by nation-based nationalism of various religious denominations  

3:30:22 – 3:43:06               ‘Cross-Eyes’ on the Right is ba-a-a-ack!   –    Angry White men!  Cross Eyes is at it again with an attempt to vilify and demonize NWG; a very awkward effort giving the positive message of Going Free.  NWG reads & analyzes the article….

Key points:      ● Cross-Eyes personally slanders Jason with an Anti-White slur    ● “Cutting Anti-White people out of your life”  –  And that’s a bad thing?      ● The ‘horror’ of loving your own people   –  Attempts to demonize us for caring about our children    ● Clumsy & clownish attempts to turn NWG into Satan incarnate  –  NWG shares video that Cross-eyes used for his ‘evidence’    ● A clean-cut man in modest business-casual clothing will only add to the attraction of Going Free     ● More and more people are coming over every day as witnessed by messages and testimonies received

3:48:13 – 3:52:03               A debate versus a war of words:   –   … “A gentlemen’s discussion.”  NWG receives more praise for the debate he refereed between Mark Collett, and the Civ-Nat James Goddard. 

Key point:      ● If the debaters have a different objective & conflicting principals they are not actually debating  –  They are having a war of words   

4:04:35 – 4:09:51               A Success Story from Commenter ‘Tipsy McStaggr’   –   At family gatherings, don’t allow yourself to be the one who is expected to keep their mouth shut to keep the peace.

                                                Key point:      ● Most of our family members are ‘normies’ who are deeply infected with Anti-White MP’s & obtain  their opinions and attitudes from a steady diet of the toxic Anti-White mainstream/legacy media.

4:15:15 – 4:18:21               NWG’s Closing Message of Inspiration:  –   Participants in our Community are finding meaning and value in their lives with the message of love & redemption …”Something ineffable and magical!

Key point:      ● NWG shares again the beautiful spontaneous note, handwritten with love, from a little girl to her mother; thanking her mother for teaching her about White-Wellbeing.


Dec. 25, 2019                      Going Free | No White Guilt | Christmas Day Soirée

1:50 – 3:01                           Merry Christmas, Everyone!   –  “This definitely is not Bing Crosby’s Christmas special..”  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) is taking a break from the work routine to spend some time with the Going Free (GF) Community!   Today’s Christmas Day Soiree’ will perhaps be the humble beginnings of what will become a gala annual celebration in the White-positive (WP) sphere

6:32 – 8:43                           Gaining some Ground   –   NWG announces he hopes to have the digital version of the 2nd edition of Going Free available around the first of July.  Jason also discusses using the holiday, when many are caught up in celebrating, as a time to achieve meaningful gains in important work you are doing.  What are you doing while the opponents you will face someday are preparing for battle?  

13:40 – 18:21                      A very heartfelt “Thanks” to all who sent Merry Christmas wishes:  –   Going Free (GF) is truly saving lives and reaching people at a fundamental level.   Some absolute miracles have resulted, as proven by the many new people who are reaching out to Jason with their stories and testimony.

                                                Key points:      ● This is the moment  –  2020 will be the year this grand revolution of thought started that leads the way for us to save our communities and recapture our destiny  
● ‘Nationalism’ is antiquated & needs to be discarded      ● GLOBALSIM  for Westernkind —  we are a single people with many countries    

18:35 – 24:21                      We are Family:  –  If you don’t have a family; and even if you do, you have a family here too.  We are a rapidly growing family, even though Anti-Whites (A/W’s) are working day & night, like zombies, to try to find new ways to shut it down. 

                                                Key points:      ● “Born Guilty” (by Jason Kohne/NWG) is available at Amazon.   Or, receive a signed copy by giving a gift donation for the book at  No White Guilt collectibles:  https://www.nowhiteguiltcollectibles.com/       ● The book also details the mercenary efforts & endless destructive activities of the Anti-Whites, paid terrorists, attempting to shut down this message of love & redemption; Going Free    ● Ultimately victory will be ours!   –  This is a real revolution of thought, rather than a physical war or a manufactured, astro-turfed revolution       

26:16 – 41:12                      New Year’s Resolutions for 2020:    – What can we do better in 2020?  We must make a far bigger effort to reach those in the White-positive sphere.  Even if others want to insist on indulging in fantasies of Civil War & Ethno-states, why not also Go Free?  Make your resolution to reach out to everyone with the transformative power & change-agent success of Going Free.  The more people we bring in; the more will come.     

                                                 Key points:      ● Without Westernkind, Western Civilization – the world as we know it — does not exist!      ● Give up the obsession with the theatre of politics, or craven plans to hide-away with a stockpile of weapons & MRE’s in an isolated redoubt    ● Miracle-levels events are happening through the doctrine of Going Free  –  Testimonials are being received of White families and people getting off the path of self-destruction, and even the suicide  –  This is the  real proof that Going Free works!    ● Content creators who are trying to reach the masses through YouTube & other platforms are being de-platformed & censored on an industrial scale  –  WE must get out ourselves and reach people on a person-to-person basis     ● Get in the comment sections of other stream, blogs, etc., at least a couple of times a week   

41:12 – 44:51                      If Trump wins/or loses what comes next?    –   If Trump wins in 2020, it will be more difficult to  reach the ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’, as the perception becomes that ‘their guy’ is in office; so he’ll take care of everything, and they can just relax and do nothing.  On the plus side of a Trump win, it buys us a little more time. 

                                                Key points:      ● Bringing people into Going Free is more important than who wins or loses an election     ● All political parties are Anti-White  –  In the United States, the Republicans are just less anti-White than the Democrats    ● One positive of a Trump loss is that the ‘soil’ becomes richer  –   People are rightly frightened for their well-being & start looking for a different system for answers and are more open to the message of GF    ● Things can change very quickly in this country if vehemently Anti-Whites take office at the Federal level  

47:19 – 48:26                      A Commenter asks NWG:  What did you get for Christmas?   –  Jason responds that his Christmas gift is all the people of this Community who showed up to be heroes for Westernkind.   NWG:   “We don’t care how powerful the anti-Whites are; we’re going to take back our destiny!”

49:12 – 57:17                      A Commenter asks:  How can we face those vehemently Anti-White family members at Christmas?    NWG:  “Tell it just like it is!”  Do it with honor, with integrity, and with the absolute knowledge that you are the moral one in that conversation.  The hour is too late for silence.

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t fall for the Anti-White ploy about the holidays being a time you shouldn’t talk about controversial subjects that might upset with harmony with your loved ones    ● Don’t let the Anti-Whites in your family get away with spouting Anti-Whiteism (Anti + White + ism) while you sit fuming in silence –  Especially if there are children present!    ● If this causes ‘problems’, remember:  YOU are in the right; YOU are the moral and sane person  –   Not the genocidal Anti-White! 

57:18 – 1:00:18                  What Percentage of White people in a poll would identify as Anti-White?  –   Not many people would be willing to identify themselves as Anti-Whites, because A/W’s pretend to be the morally superior hero … They do not like to think of themselves as villains, even as they work for White Erasure.   It is our duty to force them to see themselves as Anti-White; as inflicting harm on Western Civilization.

                                                Key point:      ● Only a small percentage of people are vehemently Anti-White  –  A much larger percentage would be willing to villainy-signal that they are A/W for social approval

1:01:34 – 1:13:40               “Slack-tivists” vs. Activists in the White-positive Sphere:   –    Passing out leaflets, etc., are  ways of actively doing something real; something revolutionary.  “Slacktivists” are doing NOTHING for White Wellbeing by just consuming content, fantasizing about Civil War, or creating pie-in-the-sky plans for Fourth Generation Warfare.  This is simply giving people a formula to end up in JAIL. 

                                                Key points:      ● The ‘Merchant Right’ falls into the “slacktivist” category, as they are not giving people anything productive to do to recapture our destiny –  They are just making money off of people who are searching for answers to our demographic demise    ● Another term is “quietism”   –  Doing nothing but getting  on your knees & begging your heavenly father to do it for you      ● Another form of “slacktivism” is escapism into  consumerist activities   

1:16:39 – 1:20:17               NWG Discusses the War for Southern Independence:  –  A quick historical sketch of the misnamed American Civil War, or more appropriately, the War of Northern Aggression.  And an epic take-down of the Anti-Whites who push brother to fight against brother. 

1:21:00 – 1:23:19               A White-Pill:   A Pew Research Survey found that approximately 15% of White People consider their race to be an important part of their identity  –   That’s 30 million White people!

                                                Key point:      ● Keep in mind, most White people will answer a survey in the response that is considered in keeping with the A/W morality for fear of appearing racist  –  So that number most likely could be a lot higher!   

1:24:05 – 1:29:42               Non-Whites who are White-positive are WELCOME in the service of White Wellbeing:   –  There are masses and masses of White people around the world who are toiling & funding & proselytizing for the well-being of Non-Whites…..  It is therefore the right, moral & ethical thing for Non-Whites who value Western Civilization to work for OUR well being in return!     

                                                Key points:      ● If you have non-White loved ones, you can still work for White Wellbeing  – You and your loved ones who support White Wellbeing are WELCOME in the community of Going Free    ● Unlike ‘Conservatives’, we do not need to be validated by Non-White people

1:31:45 – 1:33:20               First Rays of the First Western Sunrise:   –   NWG had predicted that 2019 would be the year that we would see the first rays of the first Western sunrise crest our horizon — And it absolutely has been!   Leading ladies in the White-positive sphere are pregnant, and anticipating the births of beautiful White babies. 

1:38:59 – 1:40:50               Beaming the Signal of Life, Love & Justice in a World of Darkness:   –   White Erasure is seen everywhere, even in a televised broadcast of a choir of innocent children.  NWG:  “It’s not a mistake, it’s not meaningless, it’s not harmless; it’s not accident; it’s not a coincidence.  It is intentional; and, it’s aimed at White erasure.”                

1:47:55 – 1:52:49               Speech Therapy for the Tongue-tied Eloquent Orator:  –  Being ‘tongue-tied’ is more common than you might think!   A personal anecdote from Jason; and, something for parent’s to keep in mind if you are getting a speech therapist… You might want to pay close attention to how the therapist speaks!                 

2:00:16 – 2:06:35               Musical Intermission:    –   Music selection played is by ‘ForNull’, entitled “No White Guilt”.  All music videos and other White Wellbeing Community Vids are available on the NWG YouTube channel. 

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t let the Anti-Whites steal the ‘rainbow’ or Christmas decorations from us!
● More on being ‘tongue-tied’  –  More common than you might think! 

2:11:06 – 2:15:08               Progress in Gatherings in the White-positive Sphere:   –   We need to have events that are fun; exhilarating even.  In the past conferences have been ‘soporific’ – people literally falling asleep in their chairs! 

                                                Key point:      ● NWG:  “We’ll have party conferences everywhere!”  How about a giant rock-fest that will draw more & more people in?

2:22:36 – 2:25:33               NWG Childhood Anecdote:   –   Praying to the ‘Snow Gods’ for a day off school for his little brothers.  Spoiler alert:  A miracle occurred! … Sort of.   

2:27:30 – 2:37:28               Musical Intermission & True Diversity:  –  “Winter Wonderland” (lounge wwb style).  Available at Community Wellbeing Vids on the No White Guilt channel.   It’s a new Christmas Classic!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAq72WN2FiQ

                                                Key points:      ● The joy in having a Peoplehood  –  You will see a spark in people’s eye 
● Westernkind is not just a skin color; we are a truly diverse People   –  We are a REMARKABLE people with a great variety of hair and eye colors and skin tones      ● Adding non-White, monochromatic people REDUCES our diversity  –  The Anti-Whites aren’t very good at math!
 ● “Diversity” is just a code word for Anti-White

2:41:08 – 2:43:55               Why won’t any politician, not even Trump, name the ‘White’?   –   Rather than call us European-Americans, Canadians, Americans, etc. — We are simply WHITE people.  None of Western Civilization exists without US!   

                                                Key points:      ● The A/W’s control all the Western government’s regimes  –  And to name us would be to give us a legitimate identity    ● Any positive acknowledgement of White people as a group elicits the extreme ire of the Anti-Whites, who are always seeking to punish Heretics   
● No political figure in the current system is ever going to stand up for White people  –  It would be far too costly to them & their continued existence in this Anti-White system  

2:46:12 – 2:47:36               It’s quite telling that the Anti-Whites have the power to deny a People an Identity:  –  There is only the inverse of White Identity that the A/W’s permit:  A White-guilted, self-loathing desire to escape who & what we are.  This insane sickness is promoted & rewarded.  That is why the purpose of Going Free is to work for White Wellbeing.  

                                                Key point:      ● Going Free frustrates the psychological weapons that the Anti-Whites have created, and forces them to defend opposing White Wellbeing

2:49:43 – 2:56:12               Judeo-Christianity teaching Anti-Whiteism:   –   NWG’s experience as a very young man is detailed in “Crucible”; one of the novels within a novel of his, Jason Kohne’s, book “Born Guilty”.  Every preacher at every denomination he searched out and attended had been infected with MP’s (Meme Pathogens) 

                                                Key points:      ● What they are teaching is NOT Christianity    ● Churches are thrilled to hand out funds & go on mission to ‘help’ Non-Whites  –  But are unable to help to White people without access to any other resources     ● Much of Paganism is in the same Anti-White state of affairs as the mainstream churches      ● On a global scale Going Free will restore order, tranquility & safety to Western Civilization by restoring mental , physical & spiritual harmony to Westernkind

2:57:01 – 3:02:07               Musical Intermission:    –   Music selection played is by ‘Hiraeth’ and is titled “Evergreen”.  This selection, as are all music videos played, is available at the No White Guilt channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.   

3:05:00 – 3:15:05               A heart-wrenching & all-too-familiar scenario:  –   When your family chooses an outsider who is Anti-White over you, their own blood & kin.   NWG addresses the tragic, painful and downright shameful shunning some of our people receive from family members for being openly White-positive. 

                                                Key points:      ● YOU are the moral one in this scenario — THEY are not!     ● Being called an Anti-White slur by a family is reprehensible; call them out on it   –   Do NOT back down

3:26:28 – 3:30:56               Discussing possible guests on the show, a mention for our Lady content creators:    Someone in the chat mentions Martin & Brittany Sellner and Blonde in the Belly of the beast as possible guests on the show.  ‘Blonde’ has recently become pregnant & is leaving her streams for the time being, due to the vicious attacks of the Anti-Whites.  Women who are creating White-positive content, or are espousing anything other than Anti-Whiteism, are special targets for attack by the Anti-Whites. 

Key points:      ● Recent Going Free stream (12/22/19) covered this subject, and was titled “A Warning for Our Women”      ● “White-fishing” is a possible term for the insidious method of attack on the most vulnerable content creators of our Community     ● Brittany is producing rather mundane content & probably doesn’t want to charge back into the minefield of more hard-hitting, White-positive content     ● ‘Blonde’ is planning to do a series of streams about pregnancy & becoming a mother and raising children  –  Content will be anodyne rather than openly White-positive

3:31:22 – 3:41:02               “Propertarianism” as espoused by John Mark and Curt Doolittle:   Propertarianism is an ethical philosophy that advocates Lockean sticky property norms, where an owner keeps his property more or less until he consents to gift or sell it.  NWG discusses how belief in this philosophy denies human nature and appeals to a very childish desire to have a system that will make everything structured and fair into perpetuity.    

                                                Key points:      ● No set of rules, document, or laws withstand the cyclical nature & reinterpretation by human beings  –   It’s all about who is doing the interpreting    
● NWG:  “There is no set of ideas that you can put on a piece of paper that is good for all time.”      ● The idea of Civil War as discussed by Mark & Doolittle is simply foolish

3:42:39 – 3:46:07               What type of economic system would work for White Wellbeing?   –  The moral framework must always be:  That which serves White Wellbeing is the highest moral and good; and that which harms White Wellbeing is immoral, and therefore bad.  

                                                Key points:      ● We want a system where we are always striving for selfish gain that benefits everyone    ● Selfish gain at the expense of our people is immoral  –  Anyone who gains at the expense of the Wellbeing of our people would be outed & ostracized    ● Selfish gain which benefits our people is rewarded & encouraged    ● The creation of mortal gods with masses of wealth would not be tolerated in this system  –   Individuals would be rewarded for their talents & labor

4:06:13 – 4:14:25               Music Intermission & Support our White-Positive Wellbeing Art Creators!   –   Music selection is by the great Luke Mason’s Part 2, “The Merchant of Shame”, which is available on the NWG channel under White Wellbeing Community Vids.  Mr. Mason, ForNull & so many others are creating brilliant Wellbeing music and art.  Please give them a token monetary pat-on-the-back, or a little more than token if you are able.  A kind word of sincere appreciation & thank you is also a wonderful token of support! 

4:14:49 – 4:18:25               A commenter asks NWG, “What is your opinion of the state of the Alt-right now?”  –   NWG responds the proper way to refer to it is, as the part of the White-positive (WP) sphere that identified with the “fad” called the “Alt-right”.  NWG: “It’s a fad, like bell-bottoms.  And you don’t want to wear it anymore, because it just doesn’t fit.  I don’t see it making a come-back.”

                                                Key points:      ● There is an entire universe of opportunities to serve White Wellbeing  –  Many who were inspired by the Alt-right have gone on to other places in the WP sphere   ● ‘Alt-right’ is another term that the Anti-Whites have co-opted and corrupted to mean oppression of non-Whites and associated with the nursery-school term “hate”  –  To White people of ordinary sensibilities, this is enough to frighten them away from having anything to do with the ‘Alt-right’

4:34:13 – 4:37:25               More music, please!  –   Plans for more & more White-positive music in 2020.  NWG: “Isn’t it great to be alive….We’re doing something that has meaning!” 

                                                Key point:      ● You can be a part of something that is real here; and has eternity stamped right in it  –  That is truly being alive! 

4:37:26 – 4:43:14               Musical Intermission:    –   Music selection played is by ‘Traversing the Divide’, entitled “No Matter The Cost”.    All music videos and other White Wellbeing Community Vids are available on the NWG YouTube channel.

4:43:46 – 4:47:01               Musical Intermission:    –   Music selection played is by ‘Jack Hwite’ & ‘ForNull’, entitled “Western Apocalypse Now”.    All music videos and other White Wellbeing Community Vids are available on the NWG YouTube channel.

4:47:13 – 4:47:36               Merry Christmas to the Great Roi Danton!   –  We all hope you are well.  (Roi Danton later shows up & joins the chat/commenters)

4:47:37 – 4:49:25               The Foolishness of Civic Nationalism:  –   An antiquated nationalism that will divide our people on the basis of  superficialities.  If we are at odds with one another, it benefits the Anti-Whites.

                                                Key point:      ● As Westmen, we come together with our Brothers & Sisters  –  No matter where we are in the world

4:59:38 – 5:01:04               The Great HB2014!  –  This fine gentleman is clipping out video shorts of NWG oratories, and important passages from the hours-long streams, for all to enjoy & benefit from.   Over 300 clips so far!!   It is de rigueur to follow HB2014 on Twitter @ _HB2014 https://twitter.com/_HB2014   HB2014 challenges NWG to do a 24-hour marathon stream on New Year’s Eve.

5:10:11 – 5:14:07               Final Musical Intermission:    –   Music selection played is by ‘ForNull’ & ‘Hiraeth’, entitled “Sleepers Dream”.    All music videos and other White Wellbeing Community Vids are available on the NWG YouTube channel.

5:14:48 – 5:16:56               NWG Closing Message:   –   We are glad to have so many of our Going Free family here today, on Christmas.  Commenter ‘Ooga Booga’ states with sincerity; “NWG is leading an awakening, and we are all fortunate to be a part of it!”  NWG:  “Things are getting better every day, even as they get worse across the West.”   We all have a lot to live for!


Dec. 22, 2019                      Going Free | No White Guilt | A WARNING For Our Women | The Coming Decade

3:41 – 5:49                           Congratulations to Liv Heide of WhiteDate.Net and Lana & Henrik (Red Ice)!!   –  Liv has just given birth to a beautiful little “White lady”, and Lana & Henrik Palmgren are *pregnant* with another little prince!   2019 has been a fabulous year in the White-positive sphere.  

                                                Key points:      ● NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) predicted:  “2019 will be the year that the first rays of the Western sunrise crack that horizon…”  And it has been!    ● The Anti-Whites (A/W’s) are very alarmed at the possibility of the paradigm shift brought about by White Wellbeing, which makes their position in openly countering it quite precarious

11:01 – 13:05                      NWG  the ‘shade-tree’ mechanic; fixing your own car:  –    Shade-tree mechanics, as they are called in some parts of the U.S., are a dying breed.   Jason has fixed his own brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust & other rather major repairs as a money saver and for the aspect of self-sufficiency & satisfaction.   But he does not consider himself a  professional mechanic.   NWG:  “When you are working class, your cars are pretty much junk; and, you have to fix them!”

15:07 – 23:00                      The great Roi Danton on a conversation he got into using the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free:   Hone your newfound skills by articulating these ideas on the oratorical battlefield.  You can engage someone while they are live-streaming by participating in the “chat” or comment section, and get a conversation started about Going Free (GF).  This subject and specific examples will be further addressed in the next Going Free episode. 

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t think you’ve somehow failed if you replay the conversation in your mind later and think you could have done better  –  Everyone feels this way at first!     ● Consider creating another completely new ‘nom de plume’ to go onto the commenting battlefield with so that you can be completely unrestrained  & without any ‘baggage’    ● An important mindset to adopt is that you are never “wrong”  –   Not getting something right, is simply another opportunity to learn.  NWG:  “There is no failing; there is no losing.  There is just improving for the next time.”     ● Your victory is not had in the mind of the Anti-White you are arguing with –  Your victory is with those who are witnessing the exchange who are persuaded or moved by your arguments     ● The A/W’s posturing & puffing themselves up as if victorious is quite transparent; see right through it!      ● Rarely if ever will an Anti-White openly admit to defeat during an argument

24:03 – 25:39                      A Couple of Frivolities:  –  On a light-hearted note, NWG shares a couple of videos….  A “racy” automotive video, and a Christmas picture of a magnificently decorated house, with the iconic Christmas decorative lights done just right.  

25:40 – 29:00                      Typical Arguments Anti-Whites use:  –  Roi Danton describes a tactic A/W’s use to try to stop you in your tracks:  “So, what are your solutions?”  Then, they wait a few seconds and say, “See!  You don’t have any.”   NWG responds. 

                                                Key points:      ● Demand of the Anti-Whites what their solutions are    ● A/W’s will also say, “what is your evidence of” or “show me some evidence of” issue ‘x’ or ‘y’     ● The onus is on THEM  –  What we are saying is an obvious thing in the real world     ● The pitfall of discussing an “ethno-state”  –  NWG:  “We are no more in a context for an Ethno-state than we are for living on the Death Star!”    

29:42 – 32:49                      YouTube deleting random NWG videos from channel without notification (shocker!)   –   Pointing out that commercials promote White Erasure is “hate speech”.   Commercials that show a White woman (or man) with a non-White mate are promoting the biological erasure of White People – White Erasure.

                                                Key points:      ● When talking to ‘normies’ or “vagues” it is more powerful & much more effective to use “White Erasure “ instead of “miscegenation”     ● Not everyone knows what miscegenation means; and using “White Erasure” forces them to argue for our biological erasure if they think there is nothing wrong with race-mixing.

39:00 – 46:06                      The most powerful thing we can do in the White-positive sphere is build Community:  –   Massive censorship, shadow-banning & suppression by the Anti-Whites is vindicating those like NWG who stated early on that the most powerful thing we can do is build a community.  The A/W’s most fear our developing a psychology that will cleanse ourselves of the MP’s (Meme Pathogens) infections that have weakened us, and will enable us defeat the Anti-White Narrative.   

Key points:      ● One of the most powerful aspects of building our Community is White-positive art.       ● Art reaches us on the deepest levels –  And that is why the A/W’s censor people like Xurious, who doesn’t even use words in his creations!      ● Tiny channels with small audiences being deleted is the indicator that top officials are stepping in to squash something they see as dangerous to their agenda      ● Decades have been lost & wasted  on ineffective methods such as donating to political parties, trying to convert people with the facts, and talk of secession from the U.S. Govt. 

51:39 – 56:01                      NWG Reads from ‘Going Free’ (2nd Edition):   –   NWG reads & discusses from page 71 of his book, “Going Free” (by Jason Kohne), which is available on Amazon in book or e-book format.   The book is also available at No White Guilt Collectibles.com.  The selection being read is titled, “The world beyond the vague. 

                                                Key points:      ● The word “vague” is used in Going Free (GF) as a noun, rather than an adjective  –  This describes a type of person who is confused, unclear and wavering      ● Two types of ‘vagues’:  Those few who have not come into contact with Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism)  & those who  are not firmly Anti-White but speak, act and write in ways that conform to the Anti-White Narrative      ● “Villainy-signaling”  –  the GF lexicon for the term “virtue signaling”  –  This refers to someone mouthing or acting out the approved Anti-White Narrative in words and/or deeds         ● Other terms  for this second, far more common type of ‘vague’:  normies,  lemmings, sheeple & NPC’s (NPC – from the reference in gaming to Non-Player Character; or, like extras on a movie set who do not have independent, fleshed-out thoughts, actions & motives)    ● By way of their submission to the A/W Narrative, ‘vagues’ constitute a subversive force  –  However they have little to no understanding or knowledge of the A/W Regime and its motivations       ● Vagues fear breaking from the herd & will often recoil and react with suspicion  & doubt when exposed to the truth     ● Most of the people you will encounter are ‘vagues’  –  They are a threat to White Wellbeing; but some can be taught to Go Free.  Some cannot.
● In contrast, the Anti-White (A/W) is ideologically committed to Anti-Whitism and relishes the infliction of harm on Westernkind.  This person cannot be reached & you shouldn’t waste your time on them  –  Move on to someone you CAN help.

57:02 – 1:06:18                  Overwhelmingly positive comments from women after last weeks GF stream:  –  NWG thanks the women who reached out to him after last week’s GF stream, entitled “Sydney Watson Can’t Get a Man, Poor Dear!”.  That stream discussed the phenomena of women wasting the best years of their lives chasing the top-tier men who use them up (riding the “carousel”, so to speak) instead of focusing on the legions of men on the same level of their general looks & intelligence.  This has done ENORMOUS harm to our men, and to our women, who should be pair-bonding and starting families while they are young.

                                                Key points:      ● Another term for this is female hypergamy  –  Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person selecting a mate of higher caste or social status than themselves.  It is a part of the evolutionary biology of women; and without proper education & guidance it can ruin a woman’s life   ● Educating our young women is the key to saving our People!    ● NWG expected a major backlash from women  –  But instead, women realized & appreciated NWG’s motive of genuine concern for saving our people   

1:07:57 – 1:11:52               The Role of Religion, Arranged Marriages & Doing things the White Way:  –  In White Westernkind, we value freedom and choice.  We also value what is essential for the survival of our People.  Religions like Islam produce large families; and so do some White religions — Unfortunately, they are often Anti-White. 

                                                Key points:      ● We want our young women to have a choice & to make the right choice  –  That entails being providing our girls with the right information & education and the right moral framework     ● NWG:  “I can’t imagine having sex with someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you – I would much rather have our women choosing our men then being forced to take (a man), not choose.”    

1:12:00 – 1:25:47               MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) numbers have TRIPLED in growth since 2015:   –   NWG shares messages & comments as discussion continues about last week’s “Sydney Watson” stream…. Men are getting fed-up with what women are doing, and are deciding not to take any more.  This group is being formed into a hammer to be wielded against us if we don’t take action to educate our young women. 

                                                Key points:      ● There is a lot of angry, frustrated energy out there  –  And these men are routinely mocked in the mainstream and elsewhere as “incels” and “basement dwellers”  
● Men are being psychologically damaged by out Anti-White, Anti-Male culture  –  To mock them is akin to mocking a ‘battered wife’    ● Sydney Watson tweet could be a launching point for talking about the media-led deception of young women    ● Talk to the young women in your life about how the “pretty” men will just use them     ● Women are welcome here in the Going Free Community     ● For the women: Become a White-positive woman worthy of starting a healthy family with  –  Start by reading “Go Free”; more than once!

1:29:19 – 1:37:10               NWG addresses ‘Porn Addiction’:    –   A commenter asks Jason for advice on struggling with an addiction to adult material….. NWG:  “I’m not one to tell you what to do in your private time”; but addictions ARE problematic. 

                                                Key points:      ● Make the decision to break the habit, tell someone you trust, and make it just for a span of time that you know you can achieve  –  Later choose a longer time span    ● An addiction creates pathways in your brain that you have to re-wire    ● Be able to forgive yourself for failure  –  And re-double your efforts!     ● Put the onus where it belongs:  The Anti-Whites have done this to you  –  And you are NOT going to allow them to victimize you any more

1:42:22 – 1:50:05               What will the coming decade bring?   –   This is going to be a decade of stark dichotomies.  There will be no mitigating or assuaging Anti-Whitism and no real push-back against it.  The Anti-White agenda is not going to be slowed down or halted.   An epic battle between Good & Evil is coming.  NWG:  “This is a runaway train and you’re going to see it crash!”    

                                                Key points:      ● Our activities & work for White Wellbeing will grow in parallel to that of the A/W’s, who will continue to grow in strength & power    ● We will see growing restrictions on our rights & freedoms, and our population numbers will continue to dwindle away    ● Our mere existence evokes feelings of jealousy & inferiority in the Anti-Whites      ● Our Victimizers cannot be dissuaded   ● There will be no repeal of Anti-Whitism  –  There will only be our Victory over it! 

1:50:10 – 1:54:52               NWG plays video of Jack Hwite’s Ballad of a SkyKing  –  This powerful & inspiring White-positive video and many others are available on the NWG channel under the tag “White Wellbeing Community Vids”.  

1:59:40 – 2:07:00               Nothing that takes place in movies, books, commercial, etc is random  –   NWG on an observation made while tuning into ‘normie’ television to get a window onto what the vagues out there are watching…… EVERTHING out there for consumption is pushing  & portraying White Erasure.  This is not random, it is not unimportant; and, it is not okay!   NWG:  “When will the day come, when seeing that elicits the outrage that genocide should elicit?!”

                                                Key point:      ● Ask anyone who thinks this is an over-reaction:  Would it be ‘okay’ to portray the reverse, which would be the erasure of any other group of people?   

2:19:09 – 2:34:59               A Warning to Our Women:   –   This keeps happening….  The Anti-White elites know Community is our greatest strength.  And to have a Community, we need our WOMEN & our female content creators.  (And our older people – we need all of us!)   The A/W elites know women are easier to intimidate than men.  There are physiological reasons for this;  women are physically weaker and smaller than men, and evolved to be highly sensitive to social pressure.

                                                Key points:      ● A/W’s contact women with a bogus photo of a very attractive male – They begin a personal interaction with her & obtain highly personal identifying & compromising information    ● The women are then threatened to quit speaking out or they will be doxxed & even physically threatened if they do not get out of the White-positive sphere   ● The sense of shame and threat is akin to being raped     ● Men are usually not susceptible to this     ● No one is speaking out against this —  And it is eviscerating the women in our movement   ● Ladies:  Please! Be on the lookout for this!!    

2:38:26 – 2:40:14               (NWG continues discussion of A Warning to our Women)  –  This is worse than a rape epidemic because it is specifically undermining our efforts to recapture our Destiny.  

                                                Key points:      ● The victims of this type of doxxing usually remain silent     ● NWG has personally heard of at least a hundred (!) cases of this over his years in the White-positive sphere   ● If you can think of a term to call this, direct message NWG on Twitter with your suggestions

2:41:40 – 2:47:43               NWG with some pointers on talking to vehemently Anti-Whites:  –   Give them a sentence or two to put them in their place & then MOVE ON.  They are fanatics who won’t be converted.  NWG provides an example on an exchange about White South Africans. 

                                                Key points:      ● If someone is absolutely poisoned with Anti-Whitism & makes grotesquely flippant Anti-White statements, you might choose to cut them off completely and have nothing further to do with them  –  It’s a personal choice     ● If you have a scenario you would like addressed, write a brief summary of the situation & send it to NWG  –  We can all learn from it! 

2:47:44 – 2:50:56               Blatant, Anti-White messaging in Criminal Minds and other television shows  –  In the upside-down world of television crime procedurals, the perp is always a WHITE male; be it rapist, child molestor, or serial murderer….  If a Black perp is portrayed, he is simply a “male”  — until inevitably found innocent when the REAL criminal is caught.  Who is a White male, of course!

                                                Key points:      ● This has become so pervasive and in-your-face that even ‘normies’ and ‘vagues’ can see it   –   And they wonder why there isn’t any push-back against it     ● The power of fiction:  the subconscious mind is unable to tell fact from fiction     ●The Anti-White agenda is to program you to feel White-guilted through television & others media

2:51:00 – 2:52:56               Nobel Prize for Literature goes to vehemently Anti-White woman:    NWG addresses a comment received from “Fred”.    A vehemently A/W female Polish writer who has just won the Nobel literature award has stated that “The one who controls the language and the discourse has the power.”  Her implication in saying it was that Heretics shouldn’t be given the power to use language to make their voices heard. 

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whites know that language is thought   –  We can only ‘think’ in words  & we cannot win in a world of A/W words; and therefore, Anti-White thoughts

2:53:00 – 2:59:53               NWG shares a couple more messages recently received from people reaching out:   –  “We are the world?”  …. An agonizing comment from “Anti-ethnic cleansing” about the massive manipulative ploy to get virtuous, guilt-ridden White people to give money to Africa.  The unintentional consequences of this push back in the 1980’s and 90’s has been a massive flood of Africans into Europe, as Africa is unable to support its own population. Anti-ethnic cleansing:  “I feel sick that I helped to fund my own current predicament.”   And another commenter remarks that ‘Proposition 187’ in California was our first modern death knell.   This marked proof that the recapturing of our destinies was not going to come by way of our government institutions.

                                                Key points:      ● We need new systems if we are going to survive – We cannot win in the current system, which has become corrupted with Anti-Whitism  

3:00:04 – 3:02:57               Is Biological White Erasure inevitable?  –  The race-mixing being pushed in the media is not a reflection of reality at the present time.  NWG:  “It’s bad, and it’s happening; but, it’s not THAT bad.” 

                                                Key points:      ● We can absolutely, without question, recapture our destiny  –  We just need to stay on the course we are charting here with Going Free      ● Talk about race-mixing with family & friends in terms of “White erasure”      ● A lot of race-mixing is the White person trying to escape the MP’s (Meme Pathogens) they have been infected with  

3:02:58 – 3:03:40               “White-fishing” as a term for what is being done to our Women:   –   A commenter (brandtdanger) suggests the term “White-fishing” be used to described the phenomena of our women being doxxed by way of the “pretty” male gaining their confidence for nefarious ends. 

3:03:42 – 3:05:31               NWG on ‘Sportsball’ and being an Athlete:   –   NWG was a high-school and college star athlete but does not follow any corporatized athletics. 

                                                Key points:      ● Enjoy sports in moderation  – Don’t invest your time, energy & identity in a sports team while civilization burns around you! 

3:07:47 – 3:11:38               Advocate for the TRUE underdogs – Westernkind:     White Westernkind has stepped up to help so many special interest groups, many of which like so-called Gay Rights are now being used as a sledge-hammer against us.  Now is the time to step up for OUR people! 

                                                Key points:      If we don’t survive, the world doesn’t survive!    ● Stand up with TWICE the vigor for our people than you have for all the others  –  If we won’t stand up for our own people, who will??

3:13:08 – 3:14:37               Anti-Whites in Seattle tech centers breeding themselves out of existence:   –   It is a tragedy that White men and women in the tech nerve center so despise the White race that they are choosing White Erasure by choosing non-White mates.   The companies they work for are extremely anti-White and are doing everything possible to inflict harm on us. 

                                                Key points:      ● This is an absolutely sick and evil state of being & we should remember and speak of it as such  

3:18:07 – 3:18:57               NWG closing remarks:  –  Imagine sharing your most intimate details & thoughts with someone you had trusted & thought you were building something real with, only to have them turn on you & threaten to dox or harm you if you did not stop working for White Wellbeing – A threat that caused you to stop working to save the very lives of your people. 

                                                Key points:      ● A possible shorthand term we will use for this is “White-fishing”  –  Let’s talk about this victimization of our women often & spread the word that it is happening 


12-8-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | Finishing a Conversation With a White Antiwhite Girl | Born Guilty 1Yr

7:05 – 9:32                           The “Legacy Majority” Slander:    –   As Whites become a numerical minority in our own countries, we will not be treated with the care & concern of other so-called “minorities” who are non-White people.  Instead, as predicted by NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) new MP’s (Meme Pathogens) will be created to continue our Victimization by the Anti-Whites (A/W’s):  Such as, referring to us as the “legacy majority” to push the A/W Narrative that we are somehow ‘privileged’; whereas, in reality, we are becoming increasingly demonized and marginalized.    

                                                Key points:      ● The Anti-White (A/W) Narrative that we live within is a Fiction; manufactured and controlled by the Anti-Whites     ● The A/W’s magnify reality when it suites them & they bury in underfoot when it does not     

10:08 – 11:12                      Getting out of the Anti-White Narrative:   –  It is extremely important that we use our own vernacular, the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free, to regain control of our destiny.  Refuse to see the world as the Anti-Whites want you to see the world!

 Key points:      ● If you stay within the A/W Narrative, your part has already been written by its authors to be that of the “bad guy” –  In this narrative, you are to be defeated & destroyed  
● Attempting to argue using the terms & precepts of the Anti-Whites is akin to being the author of a book and having the characters you are writing attempt to rebel against you  –  As the author, you have all the control over what happens in the story & it’s final outcome     

11:42 – 18:00                      Video Clips from NWG streams now available:   –   Jonny Scythe has undertaken the arduous task of clipping out portions of NWG Going Free orations that will move and inspire you…. A great way to share the work of No White Guilt with people you want to reach who might not be willing to sit through hours of a live stream.   These clips are very inspiring and are POWERFUL!!

                                                Key point:      ● The clips are located on the No White Guilt YouTube channel, in the Wellbeing Community Playlist,  under “Jonny Scythe”     ● A link for show notes, which breaks down the content of each Going Free stream, are also now available    ● It is our DUTY to help others go free of Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism) — And these clips are an excellent way to reach people with something that will actually work for them     ● Changing hearts & minds is how we will WIN  –   We do not currently have the power to “march through the institutions” as our Victimizers did

18:04 – 21:37                      Leaflets available for distribution:  –  A special thanks & huge round of applause  to “John”, a member of our community who has printed out 10,000 (!!)  leaflets at his own expense so that they are available — at no cost! — to anyone who wants to pass them out legally in their own area.  “John” has also made good on a pledge of donating $50 for Jason (to give $10 each to 5 of his favorite content creators) to give a token financial pat-on-the-back of recognition to people doing great work in the White-positive sphere.       

                                                Key point:      ● Direct message Jason on Twitter (NWG), or on the contact page of No White Guilt Collectibles, if you are interested in a quantity of leaflets to distribute

24:26 – 28:43                      “It’s Okay to be White” vs. “No White Guilt”:  –  NWG discusses how the Anti-White Narrative is already sewn in to the phrase “It’s okay to be White”, versus the phrase “No White Guilt, which re-fields the discussion so that your interrogator is forced to explain to you why you should feel ‘guilt’ for something you never did!

                                                Key points:      ● What the Anti-Whites do with “It’s Okay to be White” is simply explain that what that really means is something else; something to do with “White Supremacy”, or whatever  –  Thus, the disbelief & frustration that results when the A/W’s screech in protest that it’s NOT okay to be White!    ● When you say “no White guilt”, the Anti-Whites become the bad guy by telling you why you should feel guilt  –  Healthy White people still will not accept this, even at this point

31:10 – 35:01                      “White Knighting” vs. “No White Guilt Knighting”:   –   Content creator Laura Towler, a lovely & personable young women who is doing incredible, highly effective work in the White-positive sphere, has seemingly been singled out by the Anti-Whites for censorship & attack.  The A/W’s always go after our women first, as women are more easily intimidated & shut down.  NWG explains there is a biological reason for this; the reality for women is that they are more physically vulnerable and this translates mentally.

                                                  Key points:      ● We should defend & support our female content creators – This differs from “White Knighting”, wherein a male loser tried to ingratiate himself to a woman …perhaps in hopes of sexual favors from her

36:19 – 39:20                      “Proud to be White”?    –    The White Bio-spirit (or, instinct) the projection of ourselves onto our environment, is why we create Western Civilization wherever we go.  A brief discussion of how Western Civilization has benefited the world.  And how, indeed, the peoples of the world seem to vote with their feet for a preference of living in White countries —- If they could all comes to our countries, they would!   There is, however, no objective measuring stick & all races should naturally consider themselves proud of who & what they are.

41:40 – 44:23                      Is it all about the welfare benefits?   –    Many Cuckservatives & Libertarians push the mistaken idea that if we cut off welfare benefits, illegals & other immigrants would simply leave.  NWG discusses how unlikely that theory is, given the safe & clean environments (for now) in many parts of Western countries. 

                                                Key points:      ● Immigrants are highly incentivized to come to Western countries through special financing programs & other preferential treatment    ● Immigrants also vote overwhelmingly in their own group interests  

47:00 – 57:51                      The Antiquated method of citing data to bring people over to our side:  –    The data IS on our side!  So it is understandable why people think we will eventually win simply because we have the truth.  NWG passionately debunks this idea:   “The Anti-Whites have already won with the LIES!”

                                                Key points:      ● Most people are not intellectually honest enough to change their worldview when presented with data      ● Data can be effective with people who are already Going Free & need  the  information to bolster their positions     ● Data might also be effective with a general public audience wherein you are  not addressing individuals – Most people with health instincts  lean towards reality     ● Don’t engage Anti-Whites who will cite bogus studies with a predetermined narrative  –  You will not move them by contradicting their false reality … Mock them for being Anti-White & MOVE ON to someone you can reach.

58:52 – 1:12:10                  Fantastic Testimonials & Positive Comments on Going Free & White Wellbeing:   –   NWG reads a fabulous testimonial on using the White-positive lingo.  “White lady ‘vagues’ love & respect a White positive man.”  All in all, it is fulfilling to see the gleam of respect in the eyes of other people when you openly love your own people!   NWG also gives powerful pointers on reaching your teenage children.

                                                Key points:      ● It’s not just about reaching new people; it’s also about supporting & strengthening people who are already White-positive    ● For people who say casting non-Whites in movies, commercials, etc., is just a ‘coincidental’ decision….  The disingenuous argument, ”What difference does it make?”   The Anti-White material in fiction, films, commercials, advertisements & all media is not an accident; it is an intentional decision
● Teams of people sign off on each casting & narrative decision – And the decision they are making is White erasure    ● People are afraid of speaking out for good reason – They fear being punished as Heretics by the Anti-Whites….Which only happens because the is not “White people” in power; it is Anti-White people in power!

1:12:21 – 1:15:00               The conflicted Bio-Spirits of mixed-race peoples:  –    Multi-racial individuals often experience conflict in their different Bio-Spirits; an imbalance that can lead to mental and emotional problems.  Interestingly, many seem to identify more with the White Bio-Sprit within themselves.  Look to the advertisements for psychiatrists to see who their target audience is.  

1:15:09 – 1:19:00               Non-White models in advertising  —- EVERYWHERE!   –   Blacks appear in vastly disproportionate numbers in ads for places such as Cabela’s Sporting Goods where the main consumer demographic is White people.  A psychological warfare is being waged against us.   As long as we are not in control of our destinies, we will not be allowed to control any area of our lives.     

                                                Key points:      ● The goal is to deny us any sphere of existence to ourselves  –  This is to disrupt our Bio-Spirits      ● A/W’s even have their eye on our families as a place where we should not be allowed freedom of association    ● Blacks are a small percentage of the population but we see them literally everywhere in the media  –  This is by intentional design

1:19:55 – 1:44:19               Conclusion of a Conversation with a Self-Loathing Anti-White Girl:  –   (This discussion is continued from last week’s Going Free)   Horrific, life-long consequences result when young women who are self-loathing seek to White flight from who they are.    NWG concludes the back-and-forth conversation he had via Twitter with an Anti-White girl from Australia who idolizes Japanese culture.    The young woman is clearly Anti-White & suffering from White Noir, and she reached out in an adversarial manner to NWG.   NWG’s reply to her:  “There is no Japanese girl out there who is betraying her people like you are yours.

                                                Key points:      ● Females especially feel the need to shut-down all objections to them or their behavior     ● NWG destroys the A/W tactic of saying it’s all about love & equality — not about victimizing White people.  “It’s just really a syrupy lie that doesn’t work any more.”   ● NWG reads his entire response to her rejection of her own culture & all the sacrifices that were made to provide it to her by her ancestors    ● This young woman is White-flighting into White Erasure

1:44:21 – 1:47:25               NWG segues into a video by the talented & magnificent ‘Lovely Porridge’, who also hails from Australia  –   Clip of the Lovely Porridge video, “The boy who didn’t like White people” plays.   This video, and many others, can be found on the No White Guilt channel under “White Wellbeing Community Vids”

1:47:26 – 1:55:10               Musical selection plays:  Luke Mason’s “Prometheus Part One”- “Creation and the Birth of the Gods”.  This music video selection is also available for viewing at the No White Guilt channel under “White Wellbeing Community Vids”

2:05:13 – 2:13:59               White Noir or Being Considerate of Non-Whites?   –    A commenter (Roi Danton) asks NWG: “Is it White Noir or just being consideration if I turn off the Going Free audio stream when I am in a taxi with a non-White driver?”   NWG:  ALL are welcome in the service to White Wellbeing, regardless of any physical characteristics!  NWG also discusses the mutated view of who is intelligent that has been transmitted by the media. 

                                                Key points:      ● On a serious note, don’t “dox” yourself around someone who is potentially Anti-White and in a position to use information against you; consider each situation you are in carefully     ● Some mixed-race people feel they never fit in; Shazia Hobbs, activist & content creator in the United Kingdom,  is a wonderful person in the service of White Wellbeing    ● An alien people has given us a distorted view of physical & mental capacities

2:17:30 – 2:32:06               One Year Anniversary of the publication of “Born Guilty” by Jason Kohne (NWG):  –  The cover art alone of this book is an extremely powerful statement.  The searing image of an innocent, tender white baby who has been, literally, branded with Anti-White slurs burned into its flesh.  This image is devastating in its ramifications of how we are ALL branded as “guilty” simply for being born White. 

Key points:      ● Many distributions of the book are planned    ● NWG describes the experimental literature concept he utilized in writing the book, shows actual sketches from the book, and reads a key passage from the book…  ”Atonement can not be made for a grievance never committed”    ● A video stream of NWG with Jared George (The Great Order) celebrating the one-year release anniversary is available at TAP TV  –  The After Party television

2:32:49 – 2:35:53               NWG addresses the futility of violence – And of voting:  Is violence an option against White Genocide?  Someone in the chat asks & Jason responds:  “Non-violence is all we have; and, it is the fastest route to victory.”  It’s not voting; it’s not violence; it’s Going Free  —  It’s the psychological empowerment of our people & it’s building community…..  That is the path to victory. 

2:36:04 – 2:38:54               How do you stay positive when dealing with all of Anti-Whites day after day?    Knowing that there are people you CAN reach is what provides motivation to keep reaching out & to continue the work of Going Free. 

Key point:      ● There are people whom you can reach & lives you can save  –  Don’t waste your time on those you can’t!

2:39:58 – 2:52:09               “Born Guilty” is about saving our people:   –  NWG gives powerful testimony of the people who have reached out to him after their lives were changed by the message of Going Free.  NWG relates an incident from his personal history, from preschool, that opened his eyes to the Anti-White Narrative we are living in and shaped the course of his life, leading to his decision to live his life for White Wellbeing.

Key points:      ● Awakened at a very early age by a gift for noticing anomalies in patterns –  Having good instincts even before knowing what is actually going on     ● Jason also details his personal story from “The Crucible”   ●There was the actual threat & the reality of physical violence to him as a young man, simply for caring about his people 

2:54:10 – 2:59:22               Jason reads from “The Crucible”:  –   One of the books within the book, “The Crucible” details Jason’s personal story as a very young person deciding to dedicate his life to the service of our people, to the service of White Wellbeing. 

Key point:      ●  A star athlete & very  popular student, NWG became subject to relentless & unceasing social ostracization;  losing all his friends and facing the scorn & rejection by his female classmates  –  And outright violence by Anti-White Non-Whites in his school    ● Inspired by the greatness of Westernkind and the sacrifices of his ancestors, Jason found the strength to stay true to himself & defend the truth despite many moments of doubt  –  An incredible feat for a young Middle-school aged boy

3:00:57 – 3:02:40               “Real bravery is chosen”   –    The choice to overcome your fear must be made again, and again, and again.  If you can perceive all that can go wrong, all of the ramifications, all of the potential hurt, and you decide that you are going to be brave anyway —- “THAT is real bravery!”

                                                Key points      ● Every single person among us can make the decision to be brave for our people   ● Those who claim they feel no fear, are either ignorant of possible consequences or they are lying  

3:03:21 – 3:24:33               NWG reads a vignette from “Born Guilty”:   –   Jason reads a selection from his book in which he takes the reader on a guided tour of the apartment he was staying in at the time of its writing.  The portion of the book is constructed in such a way that it is as if the reader is there with NWG  person.  Here, he is speaking to the reader about the deception and lies of the media in shaping the Anti-White Narrative.

                                                Key point:      ● NWG also reads from “Prometheus Rising”, a mytho-poetical construct he created as an allegory  –  This is yet another unique & creative device from the book, “Born Guilty” & is a tool to understand our social phenomena   ● NWG also discusses more of his true personal story that is in “Crucible”  


12-1-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | A Conversation With a White Antiwhite Girl | Antiwhite Terror Attacks

7:29 – 10:38                        The Limited Perspective of Youth:   –   Were things really “okay” (i.e., not so Anti-White) just five years ago?  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason):  “No!  Even 50 years ago, things were not okay!”  Our country hasn’t been serving White well-being (WWB) for a very, very long time.

                                                Key points:      ● The exact date we lost control of our destiny can be determined in each Western nation by the day the banking was taken over by people who are Anti-White (A/W) – And the people in control are still Anti-Whites today   ● There is also a tendency in young people to latch onto antiquated ideas that have already been proven to fail  

15:55 – 23:55                      What are we doing in the work of learning the Lexicon & Dialectics of Going Free?  –  To be the most powerful and effective that you can in helping others Go Free (GF) of the Anti-White Narrative, and to become the greatest agent for change in the service of White Well-being (WWB).  Becoming fluent in this lingo will help you be most the powerful & effective you can be in your circles of influence.  

                                                What we can do right now:     Treat ourselves for all our various Meme Pathogens (MP’s) with the Meme Curatives (MC’s) and help inoculate all of those around us with the Curative Contagion (CC) of Going Free – That is how we change the context to one in which we CAN reclaim our destiny! 

                                                Key points:      ● We are NOT trying to change the government or get people elected   ● We are not trying to turn back the totality of all of Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism)  or return to some time in the past    ● The feeling of being overwhelmed at the current state of White people and the forces arrayed against us does more harm than to us than anything the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) could ever do     ● It is impossible to remove all the Anti-Whites that are in every level of society    ● Find something you can do every single day to work for White Well-being (WWB)  –  This will give your life real purpose & meaning and overcome defeatism …. No act is too small!

24:17 – 24:54                      NWG now able to receive crypto-currency:   –   Anyone who wishes to invest in Jason’s work in with crypto can now do so. 

29:46 – 30:31                      Going Free is working for people IRL (in real life):  –  NWG receiving more & more messages and testimonials from those who are applying the lexicon & dialectics that speak to a situation they are dealing with and winning the arguments with Anti-Whites.

34:21 – 35:32                      NWG shares with the viewers a beautiful sprig of holly from his back yard.   –   NWG is a great friend & excellent steward of the beauty of nature; plants and animals!

37:40 – 43:34                      A Hero in the Community  –   Roi Danton:   –    A working glass gentleman who has seen his life change with Going Free.  Jason gives a warm thanks for the generous & very gracious support he has received from Roi.    Mr. Roi Danton believes in the potency of the Going Free message, and wants to see the message multiplied.   Much love & appreciation and respect to Roi Danton! 

43:38 – 46:43                      Thanksgiving & Jamestown and the Anti-White Revisionist Narrative  –  We will someday have a ‘Hall of Heroes’ to all of those who are showing up now to Going Free, at a time when there is a great cost to being White-positive (WP).

46:50– 1:00:00                   Mimir’s Brunnr Video  &   e-Communities are REAL communities!   –   Contest for “Last Message to the West” has a dedicated website (Last Message to the West. com).  The contest has attracted submissions of incredibly powerful and stunning videos.  Every video is an absolute diamond – be sure to watch them all & to get your vote in before the end of the day on Thanksgiving.

                                                Key points:      ● The theme “Last Message to the West is not meant to be a fatalistic farewell  –  It is a rallying cry to awaken Westernkind while there is still time to reach our brothers & sisters
 ●  A special round of applause for Gerhard Tersteegen for his video, which perfectly uses the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free     ● Using the lexicon is the best way to win over  the ‘vagues’ who are just villainy-signaling (‘virtue signaling’) and repeating the Anti-White lines    ● Always go with what works best for White Well-being   ● In a world of collectivism individualism is suicide    ● Big round of applause for ‘Cokeunut’ – Very impressive work on perhaps her first video ever made    ●  Our on-line communities are REAL communities!  –  And that is the reason A/W governments want to shut them down.

1:04:00 – 1:08:14               Question for NWG:  I’m winning the debate with my Anti-MP (Meme Pathogen) skills; but, now how do I win the person?  –   Once you are skilled in using the Going Free lexicon & dialectics to conquer any MP that comes your way, showing the person how to see anti-Whitism  in the world around them will help them more than anything to come over to Going Free

                                                Key points:      ● Most people will not capitulate their position right there on the spot – Give them room to arrive at the truth through on their own.   After their thoughts have been set in motion, the conclusion will be when they are awakened to the truth.    ● Coming awake to a truth of this magnitude, after having been wrong or simply unaware, can be an earth-shattering experience when a person finally sees how bad things really are.  

1:10:42 – 1:14:45               Avoid arguments about historical events:  –   You only have so much time to reach someone in a conversation or argument.  Avoid being distracted & meeting resistance by going into great detail about the interpretation of historical events.

                                                Key points:       ● Exact & minute details of particular historical events are superfluous when you are trying to reach someone and change their perspective about what is happening right now.    ● Don’t look in the rear view mirror while we are driving off a cliff!      ● If someone wants to talk about a historical event, use it to vector them into a discussion about a Meme Pathogen that is related to it.

1:19:22 – 1:29:57               NWG reads positive comments of support:   We are a real community!   NWG shares communications from those who have reached out to Jason recently about how their lives are being empowered and transformed.    Every effort counts — every little thing people hear, or read, or see, brings them closer to the truth.

1:31:24 – 1:35:22               Musical Interlude:  –   Donald Jackson’s “Thought Police” plays.   

1:37:34 – 1:38:29               NWG’s Upcoming Travels:  –   Jason will be speaking at the upcoming Awakening Conference in Finland. 

1:41:51 – 1:54:47               Mimir’s Brunnr video:   –   A slight clarification/disagreement compels Jason to discuss a line from the video…”For a warrior to be complete, he must not hide from death; but seek it.”  Dichotomy between what sounds poetic & dramatic and what is more realistic.   NWG advises using instead: “For a warrior to be complete, he must not hide from GLORY….” 

                                                Key points:      ● Moving towards glory is the real purpose of a man’s life  –  Not moving towards death    ● Glory can also be on the rhetorical battlefield  –  Don’t use the fantasy of some final battle you are waiting for to give yourself an excuse for doing nothing    ● Put your energy into saving our people; not preparing physically or stockpiling weapons for some final battle that will benefit no one & probably is never going to materialize…. And that you would lose anyway.   That is defeatism

1:58:37 – 2:01:55               What are the best arguments to use against Anti-Whites:   Winning in arguments…. Reject everything that leads to an Anti-White conclusion!  

                                                Key points:      ● If the person is so A/W that they are immovable, stop talking to them.  Don’t waste your time on someone who is truly Anti-White & not just a ‘normie’ or a ‘vague’    ● Move on to someone who will benefit from what you have to say. 

2:03:30 – 2:32:25               Conversation with a White, Anti-White girl:  –    An important discussion for everyone with a girl or with young women in their life.   NWG relates a recent back & forth conversation he had via messaging, and the very telling revelations about an Anti-White young woman who sees nothing to be proud of in her own culture but is  enamored with the culture of Japan & finds much to admire there.  

                                                 Key points:      ● Our job is to protect our children – Your intervention & teaching might be the only chance they have     ● Start a conversation with those in your care; are they infected with Anti-White MP’s?     ● A/W girl stated there was nothing to be proud of in White culture, and therefore she is not worried about what happens to us –  That she has been raised to think this way is the darkest child abuse in all of history   ● This is part of the sickness of White Noir; thinking you have no culture & seeking an identity elsewhere     ● This girl knows nothing about the negative & violent parts of Japanese culture and their treatment of our people during the Bataan death march     ● We are taught that all aspects of other cultures are special & good and that our culture is all bad    ● We are raised to think we have no culture …Our culture is everything all around us; the myriad norms that you take for granted.  What do you say to someone who can’t see the Grand Canyon when they are looking right at it?!      ● Our culture created the scientific method & countless other wondrous advancements to health and prosperity.  NWG:  “Culture is not dancing around a fire naked!”    ● What kind of monstrous immorality causes an animal, in this case a human animal, to want to destroy its own kind?     
● A/W girl was robbed of her choices by the Anti-Whites    ● NWG’s final message to an Anti-White girl who idolizes Japanese culture:  “There is no Japanese girl betraying her people like you are yours.”   

2:32:36 – 2:35:22               How to get beyond the demoralizing effect of seeing the worst of our people:   –   On any trip to Walmart or a similar establishment to shop for essentials, you will inevitably see a discouraging sample of what has become of our people thought degeneracy, race-mixing and Anti-Whitism.  You will see Whites erasing themselves in one form or another.  This sort of experience can be very, very demoralizing and can drain you of the motivation to work for White well-being.

                                                Key points:      ● Although you will be disgusted by degenerate Whites, you can fuel your motivation by seeing what Anti-Whitism has done to our people   ● Look to the little children with them for your inspiration  –  They are innocent; they can be saved from growing up to White erasure.

2:39:17 – 2:51:03               The Anti-White Narrative in Fiction   –   NWG discusses how the A/W Narrative is crafted & amplified in fictional works – books, movies, television, advertising etc.  Nothing in the plot happens by accident! 

                                                Key points:      ● Teams of writers & other people sit down to hash these ideas out – They are consciously infecting us with anti-White Meme Pathogens (MP’s)     ● Pointing this out to people you are trying to reach can be a very effective way to illustrate Anti-Whitism

2:52:56 – 3:04:28               Anti-White Terror Attack in London:    –   Another terrorist atrocity in London.   The psychological trauma of this to White people in our own homelands is of no interest to the Anti-Whites….They are focused instead on the ‘hurt’ feelings of non-Whites who might feel a moment of discomfort in our midst, or a hate hoax.   ‘Way of the World’ created a video called “Stab City” and YouTube yanked it right away.   A few days later, a non-White ‘border crosser’ did exactly what was discussed in this video.  Is the truth something that doesn’t meet YouTube’s  “community standards” ? 

                                                Key points:      ● Two of our Westmen – they were Polish men – were heroes and rushed in valiantly in response to physically stop the attacker    ● Terror attacks are happening daily in the Western world, and yet the Anti-Whites can’t stop talking daily about a single accidental death in Charlottesville — in the year 2017!    ● The Anti-Whites don’t want you to know how bad it is getting out there for White people     ● Things getting worse is not “better” for us  –  Worse is only “better” when you have an alternative.  And right now, we do NOT.     ● All of the Anti-Whites who made this possible; the blood is on THEIR hands!     ● Parents of the young man murdered are so sick with White Noir that they offer up their own child as sacrifice to Anti-Whitism    ● We will remember those who died with the love we have for all of our people     

3:04:30 – 3:08:00               Heroism that is STILL in our White Men:   –    Two Westmen who still have enough masculinity in them to defend humanity & decency took heroic action.  One of the men grabbed a narwhal tusk to put a stop to the non-White terrorist. 

                                                Key points:      ● Use this terror attack as an example to illustrate the damage that Anti-Whites are inflicting on Western Civilization & Westernkind.  The terrorist is not just the A/W non-White attacker, but ALL of the Anti-Whites who made this possible!     ● NAXALT:  “Not All X Are Like That”  –  The deadly banal argument that “It’s not all of them!”   

3:15:51  – 3:18:13              NWG Closing Words of Inspiration:   –   A challenge for this week; reach out to somebody new!   And also, be careful out there.   There is no bravery to be proven by going to an area that has been taken over by non-Whites.  We have to recapture our destiny to reclaim all that is ours.  Spread the word of White well-being…..And carry a narwhal tusk! 


11-24-19:                             Going Free | No White Guilt | Famine-Genocide in Ukraine | American Stephens Says Israel First

3:29 – 11:26                        Happy Thanksgiving!  Put the old notions of keeping your politics to yourself at family gatherings in the “garburator”:  –  The idea that you do not discuss religion & politics in polite society is analogous to the idea that we should not be telling our children what to think – Both concepts have been inflicted on us by the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) to weaken our influence in the circles that matter most.  The hour is LATE – Now is the time to spread the message of White Well-being & Going Free!

                                                Key points:       ● When you are around people you love – tell them the truth!     ● Don’t destroy your life — Be reasonable.   ● When the person you are dealing with is a particularly fragile family member … give them just a little truth to start, until they are ready for more
● Example of the Holodomor; death by hunger in WW2 Ukraine – Most people have never heard of it.   ● Provide a ‘hook’ of knowledge; something they do know about that they can ‘hang’ it on    ● Also discussed in this stream will be the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

29:48 – 33:22                      Battling Censorship & Tapping Into the Great Western Spirit inside of you:  –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) “When I’m censored off one platform, I sign up for two more —- AND get back on the platform I was censored from !”

                                                Key points:       ● We are being censored so heavily at Going Free because the message is so effective & empowering     ● The Anti-Whites (A/W’s) know they don’t have a chance at all if our people get this message of empowerment  

42:13 – 43:31                      “Last Message to the West”  –  Video Contest Website:     The Last Message to the West video contest as conceptualized by Lovely Porridge with the expert assistance of Jared George of the Great Order & ‘Frogs’ will be coming to a close on Thanksgiving day.  Go to the dedicated website The Last Message to the West (.com) to cast your vote.  All contest entrants can be viewed at the website; and the videos are absolutely stunning in scope, variety, content and sheer talent. 

44:57 – 1:00:39                  NWG gives a warm public “thank you”:       Jason gives a sincere & ‘public’ thanks to those who are working behind the scenes to aid him in the work for White Well-being (WWB).   NWG is driven to create an organizational entity – that is what all forms of support area going toward…. “This has been my entire life.”  

                                                Key points:       ● Thanksgiving banner and a year’s worth of banners for all seasons, from “Julie” 
● “John”, the hero behind 10,000 NoWhiteGuilt fliers  – Contact NWG @NoWhiteGuilt Collectibles.com  if you would like some to distribute legally    ● “John” also supporting efforts to give a pat-on-the-back to content creators  –  No ‘support shaming’ / no ‘road-blocking’ in Going Free    ● “Ann”, for all her work in getting audio content available as podcasts on the NWG Spreaker account    ● “Cathy” and the other ladies who worked on time-stamps of show minutes   ● Token payments for services contributed to the work for White Well-being
 ● NWG receiving book orders from many different countries  –  Going Free is a worldwide movement; We are a  single people with many countries!

1:01:54 – 1:06:08               NWG discusses “Roosh” & ‘The Pick Up Artist’:   –    If Roosh (who is non-White) wants to serve White Well-being (WWB), and he has definitely given up his message of exploiting women who are vulnerable, then he is welcome to serve WWB.  This is not like some forms of Christianity, though, where you can be forgiven over & over for egregious transgressions.    NWG: “Once you come to the service of White Well-being, you can fall down; but, you can’t go back!” 

                                                Key point:       ● We have to be able to shed dangerous people; dumb people; destructive people      

1:06:10 – 1:10:48               Discussing the “J-Q” with Family members:  –   In Going Free we focus on US.  No need to hyper-focus on what this or that group is doing.   Spending too much time in complex arguments will cost you the opportunity to reach someone & you will lose the conversation.   Put the emphasis  on us; loving our people & serving WWB.    

                                                Key points:       ● We allow everyone who wants to make themselves our Victimizers to do so; we will just recognize their decision    

1:10:50 – 1:14:50               NWG has a good laugh at a meme that was created to poke fun at him:  –  Video of the meme delivering the classic NWG line, “Does that make sense?”,  and taking a sip of coffee with gusto!
NWG: “No one in the world laughs harder at me than me!”  Also discussed; Why the Great Western Spirit is awakening more rapidly in Europe than in the United States.

                                                Key points:       ● Eastern Europeans have not been as infected as severely with Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism) & White Noir; so the Anti-White message does not sit well with those of European ancestry. 

1:14:51 – 1:19:06               “Who is White?” as a wedge issue:  –   No immutable characteristic will prevent you from serving White Well-being.   

                                                Key points:        ●The possibilities are endless as to what we can achieve when we recapture our destiny      ● Get in the habit of saying “Westernkind” for “mankind”…”Who walked on the moon?  Westernkind!”  

1:19:29 – 1:30:10               NWG’s Personal Conservation efforts for the Eastern Bluebird:  –  Jason has made a personal effort in building a habitat & providing a food source for this wonderful little bird that has been decimated by invasive species.  Part of the spirit of Westernkind to care for the flora & fauna.  A part of you will bloom when you make being in touch with nature a part of your life.   It is our responsibility to maintain the environment so that we can flourish within it.

                                                Key points:        ● NWG shares images of Eastern Bluebird & plays musical piece by Fornull & Hiraeth’s Sleepers Dream    ● Show appreciation for our White-positive content creators & give them a pat on the back!  

1:32:31 – 1:36:41               Further discussion of ‘Roosh’ & The pick-up artist:   –    NWG:  “They are immoral as all hell; and they are stealing from young men.” 

                                                Key points:        ●What Roosh & his ilk are doing is taking basic sales tactics – find a sucker to bilk – and applying it to dating     ●Teaching our men to prey on vulnerable White women   

1:38:43 – 1:45:33               Question for NWG:  What do you mean by the Event Horizon?   –   The original reference is to a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.  In Going Free the reference is to the point at which the Anti-White coalition will decide that Westernkind has been effectively dethroned and turn the focus to the victimization of another non-White group.  Those in power know this is the point at which we have the power to recapture our destiny & are working frantically to prevent our realization of that. 

                                                Key points:        ●NWG discusses the ‘missing link’ hush hoax    ● The human animal is a religious animal; and scientists are no different. 

1:46:00 – 1:50:17               The Alt-Right was a fad  &  more discussion on Roosh:  –   “Just like ‘Groypers’ are a fad”… NWG  on the origins of the term & discussion at that time & how he  knew it was a fad & disagreed with the use of the word, as it was too easy to equate it as the other end of the horseshoe of the “Alt-Left” (Antifa, etc.) which normal people see as masked rioters attacking people in street demonstrations and destroying property.

                                                Key points:        ● NWG: If Roosh has quit making money off his pick-up artist message & quit selling his books, I’ll believe he has reformed     ● The problem with investing yourself in a fad like the alt-Right is when the fad comes to an end, you believe all hope is lost for success   
● We treat our women with respect in Going Free; we do NOT put them up on a pedestal as if they are all angels  

1:50:20 – 1:56:54               The True Meaning of Thanksgiving:  –  The Anti-Whites (A/W’s) have deformed the meaning and subverted the truth of Thanksgiving, as they have done with everything else, to fit the Anti-White Narrative.

                                                Key points:        ● NWG breaks down the Anti-White Narrative of a multi-racial paradise where noble Indians saved the benighted European Settlers from starvation & then in turn were betrayed and slaughtered by White people….  Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen that way!!     ● The failure of socialism with the early Colonists     ● Be sure to share with your friends & family how history has been re-written to fit the Anti-White (A/W)  Narrative & help them to Go Free of the A/W story, where we lose every time 

1:57:44 – 2:00:10               Further discussion of Roosh…..

2:02:58 – 2:10:47               NWG discusses how ‘old symbols’ can harm our cause  –   Our old & revered symbols, as important as they are & as meaningful as they are to many of us, have been identified and demonized  & have become part of the A/W Narrative.    Keep them in private, at home, in a place of reverence, so that you don’t look like the “bad guy” in the Anti-White Narrative. 

                                                 Key points:        ● Actual events & symbols are twisted & deformed in the Anti-White Narrative and shown to our ‘normie’ & vague brothers and sisters to be a symbol of the bad guy, and of harming the innocent      ● Always be neat, clean & at your best – Be the best representative of the normal, White sensibilities of your socio-economic class    ● Special flags & symbols makes you the avatar of the bad guy that has been presented in A/W fiction & dramas – The subconscious mind cannot determine the difference from truth & fiction 

2:17:41 – 2:25:50               Helping family members who have a spouse who is Anti-White:  –  Make sure the White-positive parents instills in the children, “You HAVE a people!”  Don’t be the angry protagonist in the A/W Narrative by expressing racial animosity. 

                                                Key points:        ● You will be a hero to your children if you teach this with the dialectics & lexicon of going free – Tell them what is Anti-White & that White Noir is a sickness     ● The Anti-White parent will realize their futility, and if it becomes an abusive situation, sometimes the difficult decision must be made to end the marriage to keep your children safe & healthy

2:30:59 – 2:49:51               NWG addresses a Tweet by @NK  –   A non-White Anti-White who is enriching Germany put out a video on how a White woman in Germany “pushes herself”  to have non-White boyfriends because her grandfather was a “Nazi”.   An impassioned NWG breaks it down…. How INFECTED our people are with White Noir.  

                                                Key points:       ● Miscegenation is the one thing we cannot fix – It is White erasure     ● Our White women who choose a non-White male are doing so because they have been victimized since childhood to hate themselves & their people for being White

2:56:54 – 3:23:43               NWG reads from a New York Times article by Bret Stephens:   –   Bret Stephens is a rabidly Anti-White, self-described secular Jewish person who does not practice the religion of Judaism.  NWG discusses the geopolitical implications of how Stephens is justifying putting Israel first over the best interests of the United States and of Westernkind ….”Israel will not be safe in an America-first world”, according to Bret Stephens

                                                Key points:       ● The problem with Bret Stephens is not that he is a Jew – It is that he has declared himself an Anti-White in our story    ● Stephens is pushing a narrative that puts the interests of another country, Israel, ahead of ours     ● Writes like a talent-less Anti-White typist     ● Trump has done countless things for Israel and yet still is not Anti-White enough for Stephens
● NWG refutes an argument made by someone else in the White-positive sphere that …”We should put America first” instead of Westernkind because Israel has nukes & masses of weapons that the U.S. has provided them with… That Israel is so strong it can defend itself  –  The argument should be that WE are the ones being Victimized — not how “safe” Israelis are and whether or not they can defend ourselves.   ●The subject matter is Bret Stehens is a TRAITOR to the country in which he has born and is putting another nation FIRST!   We should NOT put the welfare of another people ahead of ours!    ● Other groups do this too; LaRaza, NAACP     ● You can be a little bit “not Anti-white”  or go all the way to serving WWB – To the Anti-White it’s all the same!

3:23:44– 3:39:19                Video by Phoenix Fire:    –   “The Sound of Silence” –   Phoenix Fire has added music to a clip of an impassioned NWG describing why there are White shooters & how most of us would rather inflict harm on ourselves than to turn our rage outward, like the other races do.

3:39:20 – 3:42:45               The Golden One, Marcus Follin has written a book, – ‘Dauntless’:      The Golden One has written a books, ‘Dauntless’, NWG reads a passage entitled “The utility  of Beauty”

                                                Key points:       ● Architecture that does not reflect our Bio-Spirit is, to us, soulless.    ● Marcus has a wife & a young family; please help support them and his work   

3:42:46 – 3:56:13               Recent Positive Comments Received:  –   NWG shares positive comments receive from those whose lives are being changed and saved by Going Free.  Also, Jason shares a thread he and Community member “Underhill” participated in with someone named “Brett” about the recent appearance of Angelo Gage on TAP.  Brett urged, “Just be a Christian Nationalist… (Using) ‘White’ just invites the enemy to attack you with the racist canard.”  

                                                Key points:        ● NWG:  Christian Nationalism has already been thoroughly defeated by Anti-Whitism – Those like “Brett” are on a path that has already failed    ● Serving White Well-being is open to everyone     ● If you oppose Anti-Whitism, you WILL be smeared with Anti-White slurs  
 ● If your aim is to escape being called a racist, you have to be Anti-White     ● Use the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free in responding    ● If someone is just seeking to be intransigent or a subverter or they are otherwise acting in bad faith, just cut them loose   

3:58:07 – 4:01:05               Pagans, Christians & Agnostics   –  You can be any of these, or something for which there isn’t even a name, and still serve White Well-being.

                                                Key points:        ● Unless you are Anti-White, you are going to smeared with Anti-White slurs
● In the service of White Well-being, the Bio-Spirit is what matters     ● Anyone here trying to divide us is the problem; and they will have to go!

4:01:17 – 4:04:02               Discussion Resumes of Bret Stephen’s NYT Article:  –  There is a lesson here on loyalty to one’s own group….  We need to be doing the exact same thing!  Our strength has to be founded on solidarity for each other. 

                                                Key point:        ● Recapturing our destiny presupposes that we are always going to put ourselves, our people, ahead of the organizational structures that we call countries

4:13:10 – 4:18:45               What will recapturing our Destiny look like?  –    Nebulous changes in context cannot be predicted; things are changing every day.  The only thing that makes sense is to have an objective, and then plot a course within the context.  Then change course whenever appropriate to open up new possibilities that are not predictable in the present.  

4:24:53 – 4:28:23               Celebrate our people – out loud!      Teach your children, as you talk to & play with your children, to love our people.  NWG reveals his personal anecdote of celebrating our people in the presence of non-Whites

4:33:09 – 4:35:03               Question for NWG:   What kind of music are you into? 

4:35:05 – 4:37:20               Technology & Inventions by Brilliant White People.

4:45:30 – 4:47:19               The War for Southern Independence:  –  Misnamed the Civil War.  The battle of Lookout Mountain was fought on this date in 1863.  NWG has ancestors who fought valiantly for the Confederacy.                    

4:51:53 – 4:54:14               ‘Landen’, the little boy who was thrown from a balcony by a vicious Anti-White Non-White inside the Mall of America –   Landen Hoffman is making great strides towards recovery. 

                                                Key points:        ● Bring this up at your family gatherings over Thanksgiving, how thanks to the medical advances of Westernkind, our people, the life of this little boy who was targeted because he is White was saved.

4:55:00 – 5:12:05               The Holodomor in Ukraine:  –   The Holodomor was a genocide of Westernkind in Ukraine that occurred in the early 1930’s.  (Holodomor is a compound of the Ukrainian words holod meaning ” hunger ” and mor meaning ” plague “. The expression moryty holodom means “to inflict death by hunger”. )  Tell your friends, family & strangers – NWG:  “All of us together, as molecules of H20, will form this tidal wave.  And the Anti-Whites won’t be able to stop their just deserts!”

                                                Key points:        ● Bring this up at your Holiday gatherings and ask for a moment of silence to spread awareness of this event in the history of OUR story      ● The word “Holodomor” will be a strange foreign sounding word that people will have difficulty grasping or relating to – Refer to it instead as the “famine genocide of Westernkind in Ukraine”     ● You will need to qualify the word “genocide” with the word “famine” because people have preconceived notion of genocide as black & white photos of mass graves & piles of emaciated bodies, so we need to qualify it with the word “famine”     ● This is the same reason you don’t say “White genocide” to ‘normies’ & ‘vagues’    ● By using the phrase “famine genocide of Westernkind in Ukraine, you are also identifying the Ukrainians as part of Westernkind – As part of us; our family – to the ‘normies’ & ‘vagues’    ● Ask for a prayer of remembrance for our People   ● You can say “early 1930’s” and the only other number to remember is “12 million”   –  Because that is how many of OUR people were killed by Anti-Whites; TWICE as many as a massively memorialized killing of another group of people.  We them only to talk about us – WE are at the center of our story!
● Ask those at you holiday gathering:  How would this genocide have been treated/remembered if it had been 12 million of a non-White group?    ● Important point to emphasize:  Why is it when the Holodomor is spoken about it is treated with suspicion, whereas any criticism of  another historical event has literally been enshrined into law as “anti-Semitism”?   NWG: That is how the world works; Anti-Whites at the top, Anti-Whites all the way down to the bottom.

5:12:07 – 5:14:08               What are other important elements of our history that have been erased & stolen from us?  –   “Angharad Keltik”  in the comments/superchat makes a very important observation:   “please pray for the 7 MILLION Americans that starved to death in 1932-33 during the Great Depression, during which  5 million farmers had their land seized by banks! “

Key points:        ● How many Whites Americans have died due to the action of the anti-White bankers & profiteers?    ● We need to be talking about OUR victimization…Not that of others!  
● Whenever someone makes the counterpoint “but they (the victimizers) were White too!”  — make the absolutely clarifying retort:  “No, they were ANTI-WHITES!”    ● There are non-Whites out there who support White Well-being; and there are White Anti-Whites that do not – Just because a person has pale skin does not mean they are on our side 

5:15:36 – 5:18:50               NWG/Jason – The early years:  –  Jason relates an anecdote from growing up in  a blue collar family and working side-by-side with his father.

5:20:44 – 5:23:42               Do not use the Anti-White lexicon – Do not use the word “Gentile”  –  Using the language of other groups or of our Victimizers puts us in their story instead of ours, and undermines the premises of winning the argument by Going Free.  We are the center of our OWN story!  You cannot Go Free when you are putting yourself as a character in someone else’s story.  NWG:  “I’m not a Gentile; I’m a Promethean!” 

5:32:35 —5:41:13              We do not Anti-White slurs – Do not use the word “racist” –  The term “racist” is meant to undermine us by defining the service to White Well-being as immoral. 

                                                Key points:        ● Very important:  Do not use the word “Whiteness”  –  “Whiteness” has been defined by the Anti-Whites to mean White oppressors & White victimizers of Non-Whites   
● Don’t use the word “Alt-Right”  –  The Alt-Right is on a spectrum with “Alt-Left”  & it is a fad    ● You cannot redefine Anti-White terms  –  They own them; and you will lose every time using their lexicon

5:41:13 – 5:42:40               Questions for NWG:  Can you recommend any holiday movies that are not Anti-White?  –  Most movies are seeded with the Anti-White Narrative, even most old movies and television series that are in retrospect considered wholesome and have a positive portrayal of Whites.   

                                                Key points:        ● NWG recommendations:   The “Lord of the Rings” movies  –  No substantive & damaging MP’s (Meme Pathogens) in these movies.  Also, they have some powerful Western imagery and incredible music scores

5:43:17 – 5:44:54               Don’t spoil the meaning of your revered symbols, such as the Iron Cross  –  Keep your revered symbols in private and do not let the Anti-Whites point them out as a way to undermine your valuable work for White Well-being.

5:48:57 – 5:50:20               (Cont’d) Recommendations of Movies that are White-Positive:  –  A recommendation for “It’s a Wonderful Life”. 

                                                Key points:        ● In old movies, there are MP’s present & they may simply be formed in a different message.  Such as, displaying Non-Whites as lesser creatures towards whom we owe a sense of noblesse oblige.

5:55:34 – 6:04:08               NWG Closing Message  –  Remember the real meaning of Thanksgiving:    Don’t let anyone get away with saying it is about White oppression… At the end of all the conflict with the warring Indian tribes, we ended up on top.  And we should be very proud of that!!

                                                Key points:        ● There would not be a United States with it’s incredible advancements, which people all around the world want to flock to, had we not been victorious!     ● We also have a lot to be proud of about the humane treatment we gave the conquered peoples whom any other race would have completely genocided    ● We take pride in all we have done that is noble & glorious   ● We are not guilty of ANY crime     ● Never give up your power to those who hate you.


11-20-19:                             Going Free | No White Guilt | Brief Definition of a Cult and Brief Thoughts on Secession

5:55 –10:24                         How to Handle Discord:  –  Militant anti-White disruptors are actively sowing division among our ranks.  Some of the discord is also coming from individuals in our circles with character flaws.  We do not have the luxury of time to suffer the bad behavior of dysfunctional individuals — and we must cut them loose.

13:20 – 14:13                      NWG anecdote of his work on ‘The Hill’:  –  Lesson from Jason, a Capitol Hill insider…”It’s better to be simple and sharp, as a well-dressed man.”

15:15 –17:34                       Give a round of applause – No support shaming!     As an example, “Anonymous” is giving $5 each to ten of NWG’s favorite White-positive content creators.  Appreciation of the good works of others is the ‘moral’ thing to do.

19:20 – 42:30                      What is a Cult? :  –   NWG discusses a 10-point checklist, compiled by an anti-White group, that details the characteristics & markers of what signifies that an organization is a Cult.  Any group that opposes anti-Whitism is considered a cult by the Anti-Whites.  (Spoiler alert:  Going Free is NOT a cult!)    

                                                Key points:     ● There are numerous Anti-White cults.  They are downplayed by using the Equivalency Factor.  A countless number of White people have been tortured & killed by Anti-White cults    ● GF & working for White well-being is NOT a cult!  There is no “center pole” in this movement; no one person that holds up the entire entity.  We encourage debate.  NWG always yields to reason, logic & evidence.

                                                Identifiers of a Cult:     ● Zealous commitment to a leader & his ideology, whether he is dead or alive    ● The group is elitist & the leader has an exalted status- the figurehead is considered a messiah by adherents    ● Questions, doubts, and discussion are discouraged or even punished
● Mind-altering techniques such as chants, speaking in tongues, & exhaustion through extreme physical labor – Adherents are subjected to privations    ● Leadership exerts iron control over all aspects of the lives of followers; micro-managing even small decisions like where they live and the clothing they wear    ● Supportive symptom:  A polarized “us” vs. “them” mentality which may cause conflict with the wider society    ● Leadership is not held accountable to any authority    ● Whatever ‘means’ necessary justifies the exulted ‘ends’    ● Members are controlled by shame, guilt and often peer pressure    ● Followers cut ties with friends & family and radically alter personal goals that they held before joining the cult     ● A pre-occupation with bringing in new members    ● Pre-occupied with making money    ● Adherents devote an inordinate amount of time to the group   ● Members are encouraged to socialize only with other group members   ● ‘Loyal’ members have no life outside the group

46:08 – 48:08                      Are Climate Change Activists Anti-White?    –    One of the virtues of Westernkind is an affinity with nature and good stewardship of the environment.  Anti-White activists are those who aim the blame at & demand solutions only from White countries.  

                                                Key points:     ● Climate activists become anti-White when they harm Westernkind & Western Civilization   ● Those pushing the Environmental agenda have been WRONG in their dire predictions time & time again, for decades.

50:55 – 55:35                      A/W Carbon Taxes, Finances, Fiat Currency:  –  How close are we to a system-wide collapse?

                                                Key points:     ● Being conscious versus unconscious   ● What you can do now:  Take charge of yourself, your thoughts, your life

55:44 – 1:03:53                  NWG coined the term White Well-Being:  –  NWG constructed the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free as simplified terms to be a ‘hook’ to hang other concepts on – like train cars that connect together.   NWG discusses the construction of the powerful word “Anti-Whitism” as an extension of the now widespread use of “Anti-White”.

                                                Key points:     ● NWG also coined the terms Westernkind and Westmen    ● The power of concept:  We are a single people with many countries around the World.

1:04:20 – 1:06:17               Putting your best foot forward in all things:  –  NWG on the true qualities of a winner; you don’t have to be the most qualified & skilled…Be someone who always puts their best foot forward.  ”You don’t have to be rich – you just have to try!  You just have to have a heart.”

                                                Key point:     ● TAP.TV  (The After Party television) is our community gathering spot; be sure to sign up for e-mail updates on all that is going on there.

1:10:09 – 1:39:50               Thoughts on Secession  –  It is impossible; an irrational idea:  –  “The moment you can defeat the U.S. Govt. at war, you can secede.  Period!  And, you would also have to defeat every other Govt. that is dominated by Anti-Whites!”  NWG also discusses the history of the previous attempt at secession by the Southern States at a time in history when the U.S. was much less Anti-White.  The U.S. Govt. was willing to slaughter a million people to prevent it…The equivalent today would be almost 300 million. 

                                                Key points:     ● The key to success is supporting those who are effectively working for White well-being — Those who are acting the part of the villain in an A/W script are harming WWB.
● NWG insight on personal dynamism:  Never “wish” for anything.  “A wish is actually a curse…The moment you ‘wish’ it, you have cursed yourself to never have it.”

1:40:29 – 1:55:00               Re: Secession is impossible —  “You’re Black-pilling us, NWG!”:    Jason responds – “It’s only ‘Black-pilling’ if you have the delusion that secession is the route to success.” 

                                                Key points:     ● Nothing stays static – In a new context, there will be other opportunities that we cannot foresee in our current context     ● Anyone attempting secession from the U.S. Govt. will be tried for treason – or get the Waco treatment    ● The Event Horizon for us to take back our destiny is approaching – We cannot divide ourselves into sects!

1:57:17 – 2:00:06               Using the Holodomor Remembrance Day as a Talking Point:  –   A commenter asks if this event can be used when reaching out to help others Go Free.  NWG responds.

                                                Key point:     ● Most people have never even heard of it; and if you give them a history, their eyes will glaze over & your message will be lost.

2:12:12 – 2:42:43               What are we doing here with Going Free? :   –  The purpose of the work here is to advocate for White well-being.  “We’re going to walk the safest path we can walk through this anti-White jungle.” 

                                                Key points:      ● All are welcome here; even non-Whites who want to work for WWB  
● We don’t demonize any particular group – We allow others to decide whether or not they are Anti-White; by their actions we know them    ● Sedition Laws – The Patriot Act as a vehicle to clamp down on Nationalists; the word “Nationalist” in on the targeted violence list   ● Internal discord – Our highest morality is “does it serve White well-being”.  Every other virtue comes below that    ● We area motivated by love for our people    ● ‘Richard’s rant’, and an element in the WP sphere who has decried NWG as a ‘cult’ for rejecting secession  –  Couching insults in praise and sowing dissension

2:50:29 – 2:55:01               What about ‘Segregation’? :  –  Segregation is as non-viable as secession.  “It is a question of power; do we have the power, or not?” 

                                                Key points:      ● Other people, A/W’s and A/W Non-Whites do NOT think like us.  The concept of Westernkind is “what you do in your own backyard is your business” and “live and let live”.    The Anti-Whites do NOT operate that way!     ● Would the A/W’s settle for separate but equal?  Never.  They don’t even want you alive!

2:58:02 – 3:01:38               You are not Alone!  –    NWG on the psychological warfare against those who are White positive.  “They want you to feel alone.” 

                                                Key points:       ●The crippling effects of MP’s and White Noir   ● The Groypers are creating a valiant trend…Questioning the Anti-Whites

3:10:50 – 3:11:54               Home-Schooling in the GF Circle  –  Anti-White curriculum is everywhere, even in private and Christian schools.  There is no place you can send your children where they are not being brainwashed & infected with MP’s. 

                                                Key point:        ● Clarion Wakefield is doing incredible work developing and teaching a White-Positive curriculum and sharing it with a growing circle of Home-schoolers

3:18:27 – 3:20:31               NWG Closing Remarks:  –  “The highest morality to us is White well-being.”

                                                Key point:       ●Be cautious about those who are engaging in reckless behavior in the White-positive sphere


11-17-19:                               Going Free | No White Guilt | Noel Ignatiev | Jesse Lee Peterson | Handling Internal Discord

6:55 – 11:55                        Going Free is a Lasting Community – Not a Fad :  – “We will be the living body that continues.”  NWG introductory remarks.

                                                Key points:     ● We are a community on the basis of our Bio-Spirits…The only thing that can claim your life is that which gave you life; the Bio-Sprit of Westernkind   ● Culture is not a ‘costume’ that you take on and off   ● We are all crippled with MP’s (Meme Pathogens) that we must fight for the entirety of our lives  – Going Free (GF) is the Curative Contagion (CC)
● Even non-Whites “White-flight” to Western Civilization  –  By voting with their feet, the rest of the world proves that  Western Civilizations are the finest places on earth.

13:35 – 15:25                      ‘Last Message to the West’ website is now up:  – Get your votes in now!   The deadline for voting is Thanksgiving Day.  Vote for your favorite contest entries, those that most powerfully portray the last message the creator of the video wants the Western world to heed.  Which video most poignantly and effectively speaks to our White brothers and sisters and will move them to join the White-positive sphere?   The website is:     www.lastmessagetothewest.com

15:35 – 23:17                      We are running out of places to White-flight to:  – There is no place left on earth that is White only.  Westernkind find it easier to rebuild and start over in a new place than they do to be harsh with – to be ‘rude’ to, or make uncomfortable – the ‘Other’.      

                                                Key points:     ● We evolved over the centuries to be welcoming to strangers as part of our survival strategy in harsh, northern climates where survival depended upon cooperation and sharing     ● Our welcoming spirit has not been reciprocated  

25:26 – 27:21                      We heal people here:   –   A testimonial from a member of the GF Community who escaped a 6-year abusive relationship with the help of White Well-being (WWB).

                                                Key point:     ● No such thing as a small donation!  We are all working-class people here; and every penny given is incredibly meaningful.

27:42 – 32:12                      NWG Anecdote:  A rare vacation for Jason is bedeviled by a chronic headache  –  NWG reveals his secret for working through pain & illness…”Pretend you’re not sick!”  Tell yourself over& over, “this is great!”, and eventually you begin to believe it.

33:56 – 37:13                      A simple sales tactic & the truth of our current situation:  – “We’re running out of time…”  The event horizon  —  the window of opportunity to take back our destiny — is fast approaching. 

                                                Key points:     ● Money is the most powerful tool for influence; money and the power over the means of communication.  The control of the money supply is the ability to print what people need and want.   ● ‘Christianity’ has been defeated, and will not be our salvation.  The co-opting of religion is part of the reason why we are in the state we are today.    ● If you are mired in context, if you are at the wrong ‘starting point’, your conclusions will be incorrect.

37:15 – 40:27                      The Launch of TAP Television:  –   Massive thanks and appreciation to Jared George, The Great Order, for the launch of a powerful new resource for our people, https://theafterparty.tv    TAP television is your one-stop platform for a variety of fantastic White-positive media.  

                                                Key points:     ● Sign-up for the mailing list to stay abreast of all that is new & exciting…And to stay in touch with our Community for WWB    ● TAP TV is one of the ‘work-arounds’ for the rampant & escalating censorship of those who are White-positive    ● WP content empowers and inspires; while the Anti-White Narrative is very precarious & contradicts reality.

41:47 – 50:29                      Support our Artists in the White-positive Sphere:   “I lead by example.”  NWG on the attitude of appreciation and thanks – Always make thanking & supporting our WP content creators and artists the first thing you do; give them a pat-on-the-back with sincere words and financial support, however humble, if you are able to afford it. 

                                                Key point:     ● ‘Merchant Right’ versus working for White Well-being.

52:53 – 55:59                      Why do Whites take so much abuse from Anti-White Non-Whites? –   Part of the reason is that tolerance and empathy are in our DNA.  Another reason is that we have been infected with MP’s.  GF addresses the psychological basis of the damage to our peoples’ spirits and bodies the Anti-Whites have poisoned us with. 

                                                Key point:     ● Reclaiming ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are.

57:43 – 1:00:46                  Handling MP’s in Conversation:   Reach out to co-workers who can be reached; those who are not blatantly anti-White, by pointing out the anti-Whitism in a news story narrative.   There is always something in the news that can be a starting point. 

1:01:15 – 1:05:12               Our people turn to materialism to fill a void:   As White people, we are taught from birth to deny, hate, and ultimately reject our Identity.  Materialism in all its many forms is presented to us by the media & advertising as a way to fill the void.    

                                                Key point:     ● Going Free fills the void with something REAL.

1:05:52 – 1:08:44               NWG Anecdote:  Dirt-bike riding and his Father’s example  –  The mindset of a real man is determination over pain.  Our men, and our women, can all reach inside of themselves for the determination to overcome the roadblocks put up by the Anti-Whites.

1:08:53 – 1:12:08               Winning:  The Power of Positive People with a Positive Message  –  “We don’t give up here!”  Those who are positive are the ones who are always victorious. 

1:12:43 – 1:18:06               Confronting Anti-Whites:   In front of a group; when others are watching… Calling out A/W’s will set a powerful example.  Make the point to the White Anti-White that they are the only one who wants to harm their own kind.  Tell them,  “YOU are the only unhealthy one in this scenario!”

                                                Key points:     ● It’s not the IQ difference; it’s the difference in instincts, the difference in the Bio-Spirits.    ● MP:  “Whites control society; they don’t need any help.”  MC: Anti-Whites are in control of society — Anyone who is White is only in a position of power if they are Anti-White.

1:18:40 – 1:23:14               A Hero in the GF Community – D.B. Cooper!   –   D.B. Cooper has purchased a dozen copies of the Second Edition of “Going Free” in a spirit of life-saving generosity, to reach out to our people who are suffering from White Noir.

                                                Key point:     ● If you want to make a similar magnanimous gesture, reach out to Jason and he will work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

1:23:15 – 1:24:10               Mrs. Horst of the Going Free Community:   “I can never have enough money to make myself happy…..my children are my diamonds, emeralds and pearls.”  Our children are our riches; our treasures. 

1:24:15 – 1:30:07               Anti-White, Non-White head of the National Teachers Union:  –  The Anti-White agenda is shoved down the throats of teachers, who are in turn expected — required — to indoctrinate the children in their classrooms.  The message is that we have an “inherently racist system” and that the teachers are failing their non-White students.  

                                                Key points:     ● A/W Religious zealots are in charge of our school systems; their religion is Anti-Whitism    ● The real racist system/structure is the Anti-White system that operates AGAINST White people.

1:33:47 – 1:36:51               A Gift from Esoteric Creations:   NWG has received a gift, “Create your own book”, from Esoteric Creations.  www.esoterictraditions.net   

                                                Key point:     ● Jason will make his P.O. Box address available in the contact information for those who want to reach out that way.

1:36:53 – 1:38:46               Re-igniting the Flame:   “Resume your path in life; go after your dreams.”  Going Free taps into the creative spirit that is in all of Westernkind. 

1:38:49 – 1:44:52               Other Contributions:  –  Baskets of hand-painted rocks… “Danny Girl” on Twitter; “Anonymous” targeted mail campaigns; Giving thanks and using the language of Going Free & WWB.

                                                Key point:     ● “Anonymous” has printed up 10,000 leaflets!  These are ‘free’ to anyone who wants to distribute them legally.  Get in touch with NWG on contact page if you are interested.

1:51:10 – 2:05:19               Genetic Potential & Environment  –  Futile Attempts to elevate IQ’s:    “We are NOT gullible here in the WWB Community!”   Many attempts have been made to elevate the inherent IQ’s of other races, including experiments with Iodine.   If we improve the environment, nutrition, etc., it still does not raise the IQ any higher than is genetically possible.   

                                                Key points:     ● Pit Bulls & French Poodles – If you improve all aspects of Pit Bulls, it just makes them better at being Pit Bulls… It doesn’t turn them into French Poodles!    ● The Flynn effect is a fallacy — Nature is nature.

2:05:20 – 2:10:10               Jesse Lee Peterson:  –   “He is getting a little cavalier.”  NWG has appeared with Mr. Peterson on other streams and found he has some good things to say.  Some aspects of his message though are problematic.  For example, Jesse Lee Peterson provokes with the pointed question:  “Where are the White men??”  (i.e., Why aren’t they standing up?)

                                                Key points:     ● When White men stand up for their people they are OBLITERATED.  They lose their jobs, their professions and their reputations.    ● One of the Moderators of Mr. Peterson’s chat section made an Anti-White statement to a regular member in our GF Community   ● NWG publicly and civilly asks JLP to come on the show and offer an explanation   

2:10:32 – 2:17:59               Music Break:  –  Luke Mason Pt. 2 , “The Merchant of Shame”   [music starts at 2:11:12 – 2:17:43]

Key point:     ● This musical selection is dedicated to the mytho-poetic story in “Born Guilty”, “Prometheus rising”

2:19:30 – 2:26:03               Spectacular Testimonials & Wonderful comments received:  –  NWG shares wonderful comments and testimonials he regularly receives and also addresses the MP of “Equality”…

                                                Key point:     MP:  Equality   –   MC: Equality means less White people; less of everything for Westmen.  Equality means getting rid of YOU!

2:26:42 – 2:43:42               The Anti-White Narrative has nothing to do with REALITY:    NWG on the cognitive dissonance that occurs as Non-Whites suffer from nothing, no discrimination or deprivation in the West, while WE are being Whit- erased! 

                                                Key point:     ● Do NOT allow the A/W’s to reduce our people-hood to a ‘color’ — We are so much more than that!

2:55:47 – 2:59:59               NWG on “Wiggers” (or, “Whiggers”):    The phenomenon of White people who behave, dress, and speak like non-Whites is one of the most easily visible manifestations of White Noir.  Why do people behave in this sickening fashion? 

                                                Key points:     ● Some adopt the behavior of Non-Whites due to the conditioning we constantly receive that White people are bland, boring, inherently evil and have no culture.    ● We also live a reality where there are significant benefits to being non-White.

3:00:07 – 3:04:30               No Political Solution for the Situation we are in:    There is only a psychological solution to the current Anti-White war on our people  –  The love for our own people, together with the Curative Contagion of Going Free, serves the Bio-Spirit of Westernkind that is inside each of us.

                                                Key point:     ● There is no religious answer to this – All religions have proven to be defective against the A/W agenda.  The only solution is ‘Bio-Spiritual’.

3:04:43 – 3:19:58               How to Handle Rumors & Internal Discord:    Internal discord arises out of malice or stupidity, and the Anti-Whites are masters at sowing discord to divide us.  There is a powerfully simple solution to this wherever and whenever it arises and will serve as a guide for our highest morality — If it serves White Well-being, it is GOOD.  If it harms WWB, it is BAD. 

                                                Key points:     ● Respect our differences; come together on that which matters – our shared Bio-Spirit   ● Handle attempts at sowing discord with the antiseptic of ‘sunshine’–  Call it out– Ask, “are you being Anti-White??”    ● Special note to our White-positive artists @ 3:13:00 – 3:19:58, All artistic works submitted to the NWG website to share with the GF Community must comport with White Well-being!

3:30:37 – 3:34:36               A Fire to Motivate You:    “Trillions of dollars wasted on ‘Diversity’!”   NWG discusses all the glorious achievements our people could have accomplished had we not been infected with and hampered by Anti-Whitism.  

Key point:     ●  The blame for countless deaths and incalculable suffering rests squarely on the shoulders of the Anti-Whites.

3:34:40 – 4:06:06               Noel Ignatiev:   Death of an Anti-White Scumbag!   –    Despicable A/W ‘Russian’ Jewish immigrant, a malcontent who dedicated his entire life to the destruction of White people, has met his demise after suffering a fitting illness that ended with an intestinal infarction.  His mission in life was to “abolish Whiteness” — that is, abolish White people.   NWG also discusses the phenomenon of Anti-White advertisements that appear during programs for audiences with nothing in common with the diversity agenda, such as fishing & outdoor programs.

                                                Key points:     ● Ignatiev came to this country and worked to destroy those who built it; as with many Russian Jews of his era, he had access to money and connections to ease his way in our welcoming & open society.   He “toiled” as a manual laborer for the sole purpose of organizing non-Whites against their White employers and to destroy the business that was writing his paycheck.  ● He also engaged in domestic terrorism in his capacity as a rabble-rouser.   ● He was a member of the Communist Party USA. & organized the appropriately abbreviated POC  (Provisional Organizing Committee to Reconstitute the Marxist–Leninist Communist Party) from which he was later expelled    ● He was rewarded for his Anti-Whitism with a Ph.D. in 1995 at Harvard University to give imprimatur to his Anti-White agenda    ● He established the concept of “Whiteness” in academia – The notion that White people are inherently oppressive and evil, and that the White race is a “social construct” that society would be better off without.  (What other race of people would ever be denigrated so hatefully??)   ● Ignatiev was lauded and praised by the Anti-White New York Times for his contributions in “Race Traitor Journal” that “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”

4:08:33 – 4:10:11               Support Red Ice Radio:    Support our good friends and the premier content creators in the White-positive sphere, Lana & Henrik.  We all come together and support one another in the service of WWB !

4:12:41 – 4:20:46               A lesson in the GF Lexicon & Dialectics — Aborigines, Indigenous & First Peoples:   Do NOT use these terms; do NOT unseat yourself as the inheritors of the victorious creation of Western Civilization…  Civilizations which benefits ALL peoples who live within them!  This is the same for Canada and Australia as well, and any other country that White people have conquered.  

                                                Key points:     ● Refer to them, in the United States for example, as “Indians” or “Amerindians” ● Our People have been honorable conquerors – We have set aside lands and funds for these people and have also left in place their names for countless places in this country  – We have honored the spirit of their heritage   ● There was NO America until White People created it!!
● A lesson for Westernkind — American Indians have a higher rate of miscegenation than any other race; and they are rapidly going extinct.

4:31:58 – 4:34:22               Closing notes and message of Inspiration from NWG:   “We know what will cure our People”… We are writing our people into the pages of our story as HEROES! 


11-10-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | Remembrance Day | NHS To Deny Care To Heretics | Equivalence Fallacy

3:03 – 6:17                           “Not enough seconds in the day!” –  We are nearing the Event Horizon:  –  The time is NOW to reach all whom we can for the first time…. New people to Going Free, who are just now coming to the website, and are surprised there is something like it out there. 

                                                Key points:     ● The WP Sphere is full of good people in need of redemption!    ● On today’s GF, a shocking development in the U.K. healthcare system, the NHS – no health care for heretics   

14:43 – 21:05                      Downtime, taking a break, is perfectly normal  –  But it is never okay to give up hope! :  When you look out & see how the Anti-Whites have decimated our great Western Civilization, it is easy to get demoralized. 

                                                Key points:     ● Take the anger you feel and wed it to love for our People; and let that fuel you to action    ● Never let anything the A/W’s say or do go without a response.

25:43 – 28:36                      A commenter going by “Tolerant Left”:    A/W in the comment thread says, “Crackers got the worst victim mentality”… NWG responds & disabuses the troll of the notion that he/she/it is the ‘good guy’ in this story.

31:53 – 32:18                      Snow Shadow RPG’s powerful new poem, ‘England’s Defiled Flowers’:  –  Up on the website now; a powerful, haunting poem beautifully delivered.

33:13 – 42:45                      More on  the A/W comment by “Tolerant Left”:  –   It is foolhardy to pretend we haven’t been purposely denigrated — We MUST talk about our victimization by the A/W’s!!   Playing it ‘tough’ is a show of weakness in this case. 

                                                Key points:     ● Why is OUR victimization a weakness?  Witness the success of Non-White groups who have used a perceived victimization to amass power.   ● Flipping the switch is the power!   

42:55 – 48:02                      Reciprocity in Friendships:  –  Losing intolerant friends when you are White-Positive; why do you tolerate people who don’t tolerate YOU?

                                                Key point:     ● NWG reads a passage from Born Guilty to illustrate the point (46:33 – 47:22)

49:16 – 53:19                      The Rise of the Groypers:   –  Trying to get a reprieve from the Anti-Whites by making religious arguments…  This is not about religion – it’s all about our Bio-Spirits! 

                                                Key point:     ● The Groypers are a FAD – and like all fads, their moment will pass

54:49 – 1:08:06                  Positive & Heartfelt Comments and a Pep-Talk by NWG:  –  We are exactly what is needed at this time in history.  We are a movement of Redemption!  We all have stumbled.  The Lexicon of Going Free is a safe & effective method for reaching friends & family – and strangers. 

1:08:08 – 1:11:06               Groypers:   –  Are doing a good thing by publicly questioning the A/W’s on the Right.   One word of caution & advice — Do not try to out-edge your fellow Groypers.  Stay safe; protect your future by choosing your points carefully.  And then come here and GO FREE!

1:11:45 – 1:17:10               A Dramatic Testimonial:  “Jason kept me from potentially committing violence”  –  NWG shares a comment in the stream by one of our People who have been saved from dead-ending in the futility of violence. 

                                                Key points:     ● What does it look like to be an advocate for White Well-Being?   ● The statement “It’s Okay to be White” vs. the power of stating “No White Guilt” and forcing the A/W’s to own up to wanting Whites to be crippled by misplaced Guilt

1:30:32 – 1:45:47               British National Healthcare System (NHS) denying healthcare for Heretics:  –  Any word, symbol, deed, or ‘gesture’(!) deemed as racist, sexist, etc., etc. by anyone, anywhere, anytime (by anyone who is WHITE, that is) will be denied healthcare beyond the most rudimentary life-saving procedures.   Ominously, this is OFFICIALDOM doing this – not an SJW social media entity or other private company.  Look for this to  be extended far beyond the NHS — and coming to your local, state and federal healthcare systems NEXT.   We will live to see our People denied food and utilities under this A/W’ism.  Already, many in the White-positive sphere are being denied access to social media, other services like ride-shares and room accommodations, and even financial services and banking. 

                                                Key points:     ● Basically anything can be deemed one of the A/W slurs (sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc., etc)   ● This is an entirely subjective judgment & will play to the biases of many Non-Whites   ● This determination will be retroactive, as is increasingly the case for all heresy — You will have to be Anti-White enough for ALL time in the eyes of the A/W’s to escape persecution    ● Already in the U.S. mother’s must submit to the dictates of the doctor of their children, or their children will be denied healthcare….And then perhaps taken away from the parent’s on charges of neglect?? 

1:47:07 – 1:48:50               Elderly care & child care by non-Whites:  –  Not all Non-Whites, of course; but we have seen an attempt to hush-up the multitudinous documented examples of criminal mistreatment of our precious children and elderly.  The reporting has ceased; and now these have become HUSH-CRIMES.

1:48:56 – 1:52:22               How do our men ‘win’ Females of our political persuasion? :  –  Rather than focus on the small number of women who are already in our movement, find a woman who can be persuaded to see things in a White-Positive way.    Women have evolved to be agreeable and to get along with others due to many factors, including their smaller body frames and lighter bone & muscle density.  That is why so many of our women are ‘Vagues’ or simply go along with the Majority in espousing the A/W Regime’s Narrative.

                                                Key points:     ● When you meet a woman you are interested in partnering with, let her know up front that you love our People and are dedicated to working for WWB.  If she makes aggressively A/W statements in response, it’s time to thank her for letting you know that – and MOVE ON!  It’s best to find out EARLY.

1:54:40 – 2:05:27               Music Break    –    Music by UberFolk.  NWG asks listeners to listen for a line in the song that speaks to him… “This death will not win”.  Music starts @ 2:00:42

2:11:11 – 2:24:00               How do you handle Family members who have been compromised by Anti-Whites:  –  A question comes in from the chat about family gatherings that include non-White friends or family members.  How do you keep from becoming the problem yourself in the eyes of your family??

                                                Key points:     ● Create the context —  Be assertive; make it clear that you support & work for WWB.    ● Do not sit silently and let others use A/W slurs or rhetoric  ● Remember, it’s your family; YOU have the right to be there! 

2:28:34 – 2:30:29               Remembrance Day & the Iron Curtain:  –  What effect did the Iron Curtain have on our people in Eastern Europe? 

                                                Key points:     ● What effect will visas for Poland have on the homogeneity and cohesiveness of the Polish people?   ● NWG predicts pressure will be brought to bear on business & political leaders as commercial interests and tourist dollars take priority & demands will mount for the dismantling  of the conservative outlook of the country. 

2:30:55 – 2:36:55               A commenter asks for more clarification on the earlier discussion:  –  How exactly does one bring White Women over to being White Positive?  NWG discusses the MP’s of White Guilt on women and on all us.

                                                Key point:     ● We ALL suffer from White Noir – and we will need treatment for MP’s for the rest of our lives to overcome it.

2:29:39 – 2:37:20               Sharing tips for Going Free with Friends, Family & Strangers:  Don’t be two-dimensional!  If you talk about nothing else & talk incessantly to those who don’t want to listen, you will come across as an A/W stereotype.  And a bit of a kook.

2:40:19 – 2:45:16               NWG shares the amazing true story of the ‘Hoppy Monster’:   A very fine friend and protector of the majesty & beauty of the animal kingdom, Jason relates a dramatic & touching story about the time he rescued a baby rabbit from a crow that was carrying it away.  The rabbit, an Eastern Cottontail, lived to thrive & prosper – and produce many progeny — on the property where NWG was residing, making the most of its life by eating every prized tender plant it could get a-hold of!

2:47:24 – 3:02:07               The Equivalency Factor:   When the Anti-Whites draw tenuous equivalencies between White and Non-White behavior in order to play-down objectionable non-White behavior.  In its simplest form, it is like saying:   paper-cuts hurt and cancer hurts; therefore, one is no worse than the other. 

                                                Key points     ● Our instincts are different from those of other races  — our Bio-Spirits create different standards and cultures than other races do    ● Instinct is NOT a choice; it is a biological imperative   ● How to respond:  Point out the use of the (false) equivalency factor —  we are DIFFERENT, not the ‘same’    ● Abstractionists seek to sacrifice our flesh on the altar of A/W ideals.

3:02:30 – 3:04:26               We are a Single People with Many Countries:  –  All of Western Civilization is in all of our Bio-Spirits… We are not ‘immigrants’ to the West; the West is inside each of US.

3:05:15 – 3:06:36               No Support Shaming:     No support-shaming of WP content creators and no ‘road-blocking!’ 

3:08:19 – 3:23:29               Remembrance Day – Memorial Day – Veteran’s Day:   We give honor to those who answered the call of duty for what they saw as defending their way of life & the ideals of the West.  How ever their sacrifices were subverted by forces outside of their control, they were answering the noble call to duty.  REJECT the push to shame our soldiers for the crimes of the A/W Regime!

Key point:     ● Freedom indeed isn’t free; and we no longer have Freedom   ● Being gullible is an unfortunate trait that only Westernkind suffers from; other races to not share our altruistic outlook    ● We have been duped on a massive scale; and we must make sure that never happens again     ● Let the red Poppy flower remind you of the supreme villainy of the A/Ws   
● A promise & a warning:  No more Brothers’ Wars    ● The red of the Poppy symbolizes our Blood; our Bio-Sprit.

3:29:55 – 3:34:18               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration  –   NWG reads from the Poem, ‘The Solder’, by Rupert Brooke….”For all of us; we are one People.”

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England’s, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.
And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

-Rupert Brooke, 1914


11-6-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | Richard’s Rant

4:28 – 9:53           Why we are being censored by the Anti-Whties:  –   Deplatforming those working for White Well-being prevents us from reaching our people who are in danger & cleansing them of Meme Pathogens (MPs).  The reason for censorship is that the A/Ws WANT Westernkind to be sick & unable to fight against their victimization. 

                                Key points:     ● All who support WWB are welcome here regardless of immutable physical characteristics  ● We allow others to define themselves by their words & deeds as White-positive or Anti-White   ● The work we do for WWB is putting ourselves between the A/W’s and access to our children   ● Don’t wear the ‘clown costume’ that makes you the caricature of the A/W Villain   ● We condemn violence   ● Put old symbols of reverence away someplace private – they cannot be redeemed in the public opinion

9:54 – 13:57        New heightened levels of censorship possible as a result of the Richard Spencer audio:  –  Audio can be manipulated & manufactured to perfectly match a person’s voice.  The technology has existed for decades; so, nothing can be accepted at face-value.  However, for the purposes of today’s conversation, we will assume the audio is genuine. 

17:14 – 18:32      Signs of Our Event Horizon Approaching  –  We will need to have a strong sense of Community.  Also, a message ominously appears from Google not to use Entropy…

20:40 – 22:46      NWG to the Anti-Whites:   Censorship is futile; we are not stopping!

25:44 – 27:34      How did you feel when you heard the audio of Richard’s rant?  –  Did you have a visceral response?  Will this audio be wed to, or used as a tool to bash, the Trump re-election campaign; or that of other Nationalist leaning leaders?   

                                 Key point:     ● They’ll say this is what we REALLY say (and think) when we are in private.

30:43 – 33:50      In Honor of those who were slaughtered by Mexican drug cartel criminals:  –  A superchat by ‘Mestizo’ for $100 is made in memory of the White Mexican-American family who were in a convoy of SUV’s and were gunned down in cold blood, South Africa-style…

                                Key point:     ● Media down-playing the incident; rationalizing it and giving excuses — because it was a WHITE family and the incident does not support the Anti-White Narrative

35:07 – 37:00      A Single People with Many Countries  –  There is no stopping the march of Globalization.  We will form a great White ring around the earth!  The French will be more French; the German will be more German…

39:03 – 42:30      Trump’s empty rhetoric:  –  What a real leader would do; in the case of the White family slaughtered in Mexico. 

                                Key points     ● Trump could shut off the Mexican economy like a light-switch, and send in a military force to take out the perps.  Instead, he makes an inadequate, off-hand remark    ● Sadly, the Mormon family itself is suffering from White Noir.

45:16 – 59:15                      To the Point of Richard Spencer’s Rant  –  The key questions to ask yourself & those you discuss it with:  Does Richard’s rant invalidate the well-being of White children?? 

Key points     ● ‘Milo’ Yannopilus  –  The worst of the worst!  He knew the damage that would be caused by releasing this audio, and did it anyway for personal revenge & sick vanity.  He should be treated as dead to our movement    ● The real story here is not the rant  –  The real story is the people who are celebrating the revelation of the audio of the rant

59:31 – 1:11:51                  Richard’s rant audio makes real the Anti-White Narrative which is patently FALSE.  Be the Hero in OUR story, rather than the Villain in the Anti-White Narrative.

1:12:42 – 1:15:56               Richard’s rant – This is NOT what goes on in the W/P Sphere!  –  We embrace everyone who accepts and support White Well-Being.  Period!

Key points     ● In the heat of the battle, especially in a group of guys, there is a tendency towards up one-upsmanship that can lead to words that are intemperate and regrettable   

1:17:22 – 1:19:51               A Bad Moment in an Individual’s life:   A bad moment is not the totality of a person’s character.  In WWB, we embrace one another; and bring one another back in when we go astray….

1:30:23 – 1:33:04               NWG Mini-Rant:   “Unleashing the great Western spirit that is inside each of us.”

1:33:11 – 1:35:45               “We are World Wide”:   –  Big plans in the works for the future of NoWhiteGuilt.org  and also TAP.tv  – “We are building something for the ages.”

                                                Key point:     ● Have faith that the Community we build will lay a foundation for the future that will not pass away.  In the future, others will carry on to find resolutions and build upon what we have started here.

1:36:47 – 1:41:37               Doing what works:  –  The ‘old’ systems have all been defeated; Nationalism & Patriotism have failed.  Going Free is about doing what works in our current paradigm.

                                                Key point:     ● GF Lexicon  –  say “Bio-Spirit” instead of “race”

1:52:37 – 1:55:00               Theater of Illegality:  – ……”The police are investigating!”   Heretical opinions are NOT illegal! 

                                                Key points:     ● On leaflet drops; it is vital to not have any verbage, symbols, or websites that confirm the Anti-White Narrative    ● Keep using what works & cannot be re-framed as illegal

1:59:21 – 2:01:33               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  –  There is always going to be another hurdle; no road-block will stop us!  WE are the change.


11-3-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | The Event Horizon and our Destiny

3:14 – 10:44                        You are welcome in the Community for White Well-being:  –  NWG recalls the recent IRL meeting of the 15 –year anniversary of The Political Cesspool, and the reaction of people hearing about Going Free for the first time… NWG invites everyone who supports WWB to join in and participate.

                                                Key points:     ● 2nd Edition of Going Free has been released!!   ● MP’s are deeply embedded in our identity and can be crippling to an individual    ● Anti-Whitism is a POISON  – Teach your children well and save their lives

11:15 – 12:35                      You’re Either Going Free — or You’re Going to Hell!!  –  There is no middle ground.

Key point:     ● Anti-White’s are making a living hell of our communities

17:35 – 27:02                      The Evidence that the A/W’s are in Charge:   The only White people of “privilege” are the Anti-Whites.

                                                Key points:     ● Those who are White-positive have to whisper and cast furtive looks around when simply speaking up about White Well-being    ●  “It’s okay to be White” signs ripped down from overpass by rabid Anti-White   ● A point that  can be made when talking to ‘Vagues’ is the false narrative that Whites are in charge and running things for our benefit.

27:46 – 30:55                      When in public and at family get-together, feed them some truth:     It takes courage to stand up, even with family.  Don’t fear the A/W family member! 

                                                Key points:     ● Be prepared in advance    ● Find a way to verbalize that this kind of hostile Anti-White environment is not good for our people.

31:17 – 33:56                      “Thank you” to the Groypers:   –   Groypers attending TPUSA sessions on college campuses and pushing back on the talking points of the Cuck-servative organization.  The Cuck-servatives are every bit as Anti-White as the so-called “Progressives”.

                                                Key points:       ● A/W Conservatives have been a false flag for years    ● Burn them down with irreverence – Make fools of these people!    ● There is no hope for us in the Anti-White Cuck-servative movement

38:34 – 41:03                      Anti-Whitism is a FAITH:  –  Reality contradicting the A/W narrative only makes them cling tighter  to their Faith.

43:34 – 44:21                      Common Sense isn’t common anymore:  –  The A/W Narrative is FAKE. 

                                                Key point:     ● ‘Racism’, ‘Hate’, ‘Anti-Semitism’ are ALWAYS on the rise… and always will be reported as on the rise.  Because that is what is required to maintain the Anti-White Narrative. 

48:20 – 49:19                      Anti-White Slurs:   NWG on how to react when called “racist”, etc.  React strongly and with outrage – “how dare you call me an A/W slur!!”

57:34 – 59:08                      Our community are the absolute best in loyalty & in working for WWB.  

59:13 – 1:03:58                  NWG shares an observation about a phenomenon he has noticed is becoming increasingly common:    The public face of the ‘Conservative’ movement is increasingly a Non-White face, while the face portrayed by the media for Progressivism is increasingly WHITE. 

                                                Key point:     ● Psychological warfare:  The A/W Avatar being WHITE is a small but powerful tactic to cause those not fully aware to identify with the Anti-White.

1:03:59 – 1:06:11               The ‘Glitch’ in our Thinking:   –   There is a broken switch in many people’s minds:  redo quia absurdum; I believe it because it is absurd.”    When something that is obviously wrong, paradoxically it seems it must be right.

1:07:16 – 1:13:38               An Example of the ‘Glitch’/absurdum:  “The West is wealthy because it had slavery.”  This is simply illogical; because, if it were the case that slavery made a nation wealthy, then ALL nations that had slavery would have become wealthy… This is clearly not the case. 

                                                Key point:     ● We need to be aware of this glitch, because we are told incessantly that multi-racial societies do better than mono-racial societies. 

1:13:49 – 1:21:02               NWG at the Virginia Gold Cup:  –  Jason reveals a photo of himself attending the traditional, elite event that he received invitation to by virtue of living on a rental property of a wealthy individual. 

Key point:     ● An anecdote about the ultra-wealthy building walls around their property rather than preventing an area from becoming increasingly multi-racial.  NWG queried:  “What about those who can’t afford walls??”

1:23:35 – 1:27:09               Comments & Testimonials:   The importance of community on the road to success… One person Going Free has managed to break a 30-year smoking habit!

1:27:47 – 1:33:13               An Insidious MP in the Teaching Profession:   Teachers in the A/W cesspool of the educational profession are being programmed with the MP that the poor performance of non-White students, most specifically Blacks, are the result of the “intergenerational trauma” caused by —- White people!  
The MC:   Our “system” was created by and for those with our Bio-spirit… of COURSE we do better in it! 

                                                Key point:     ● Atonement cannot be given for a grievance never committed!

1:33:33 – 1:34:34               Cultural Differences:   Those with different Bio-Spirits create enclaves that reflect their own Bio-Spirits.

1:35:02 – 1:38:32               A Hall of Heroes:   ‘Final Blossom’ (and Roy Danton & Edgar Allen Poll) makes a tremendous sacrifice for the cause of White Well-being…  “We are all working class people here.”

                                                Key point:     ● Bravery in the face of fear – This is when heroes are made out of ordinary people!

1:39:09 – 1:45:49               Bad Encounters when you let Anti-Whitism “slide”:   –  It will happen; if you are not prepared, it is better to walk away & come back when you are prepared rather than make an ineffective, losing  argument.  One exception to this:  Do NOT ever let anti-Whitism slide in the presence of White children…yours or anyone else’s!

1:50:25 – 1:53:26               MUSIC BREAK:     White-Positive music by Fornull

1:58:05 – 1:59:44               No Support Shaming!   –   More WWB art coming & announcement of an exciting new channel:  TAP.TV

2:01:30 – 2:24:58               The Event Horizon:   This is a term from astrophysics that refers to the point at which you can’t see beyond that point.   It is rapidly approaching —  And we have to be powerful enough at that moment to recapture our Destiny!

                                                Key points:       ● Anti-Whites only appear to be united because they have a common victim …US!   ● Every year more & more A/W’s are saying with increasing confidence that the White race is finished; and as they say that, they start to look for the next competitor to their dominance.  ● The moment the A/W’s shift their focus from us is the moment of our opportunity.

                                                Signs of the Event:   1) Hyper-censorship    2) Rising socio-political & thought oppression and persecution   3) Purity spiraling   4) Programs in institutions that compel you to be Anti-White 
5) Disunity and increasing schisms

                                                SUMMARY:    ● Every element is needed for the Event Horizon to be right for us.  Now is the time that we have to be building Community   ● Intelligence and money equal POWER.  If you have enough, you rule the world    ● The one thing that can substitute for money is Community!  Community, faith & and an iron will.     ● Voting and violence are NOT going to work !!

2:28:34 – 2:31:17               You Never know how White you are Until you go into a Very Non-White Part of Town:    Making non-Whites comfortable is making us UNCOMFORTABLE in our own countries. 

 Key points:       ● We should not have to forfeit one inch of Western Civilization   ● The blood sacrifice of our ancestors built Western Civilization ….. And we have no place else to go.  This is OUR INHERITANCE!!

2:37:18 – 2:39:29               Regret over Missed Opportunities:    Wed your anger, or sadness, over missed opportunities to love for our People; and you will have unlimited fuel to work for White Well-being.

2:41:53 – 2:43:18               All are Welcome Who Support Well-Being:    Regardless of immutable physical characteristics. 

                                                Key point:     ● Your race is your extended family

2:43:55 – 2:44:48               We don’t put others in a ‘box’:   WE allow others to define by their words & deeds whether they are serving White Well-being, or whether they are Anti-White.

2:46:00 – 2:47:00               We are a People with many Countries:   –  White Well-being is a global phenomenon… We are not merely many countries with something in common. 

2:47:59 – 2:49:04               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:   –   “This Community; This is it!”


10-27-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | Is it The Antiwhite Laws or The Antiwhite “Morality”

3:17 – 5:59                           “A real Bonhomie … A real feeling of Family:  –  NWG starts the show straight off of a full day of travel, after spending the weekend in Mississippi at a very convivial group celebration of the 15th Anniversary of The Political Cesspool.  With its inimitable host, James Edwards, and the entire supporting cast, Jason was a special guest, along with other luminaries in the White-positive Sphere:  Sam Dixon, Kevin MacDonald & others.  Jason also notes the room was full of attractive White families, and beautiful White children.

7:07 – 21:13                        More commentary on the PCS celebration  –  NWG traveled with Laurel, one of the heroes behind Nat-Connect; an initiative she coordinates with Way of the World that brings together like-minded people in the WP Sphere, with others in their geographic location to foster supportive IRL relationships.

Others at the PCS meeting:  Lacey Lynn, Keith Alexander, Eddie the Bombardier Miller, Sam Bushman & others..

Key point:     ● Anti-White’s cartoonish portrayal of us versus the room full of positivity & love, the magical energy when our people gather together.

29:19 – 38:28                      “This Curative Contagion (CC) is released!”  –  NWG reads comments from people who are Going Free.  More people are coming over to GF every day.

                                                Key point:     ● One barrier to overcome:  Fear of victory.. Fear of winning.

44:50 – 51:20                      The so-called Morality of the Anti-Whites:  –  There is no Justice for White people in our Western nations.  Anti-White preference laws make it legal to discriminate against & exclude White people.  The A/W “morality” informs the application of laws, rules & policies. 

51:22 – 54:13                      NWG Subscription count at 16,000!  –   People are regularly unsubscribed & even deleted.  Keeping an eye on the numbers prevents the censors from monkeying around with it too much.

54:59 – 1:03:45                  ‘Roy Danton’ A Superstar in the GF Community on a Meme Pathogen:   –  “Are you holding a brick, or are you building a cathedral?:
MP – Inclusion       MC – Exclusion!!

1:04:48 – 1:07:33               NWG inspired & awed by a beautiful baby girl at the PCS celebration  –  We must make sure our innocent babies are not harmed as we were harmed by anti-Whitism.

1:08:58 – 1:10:49               Prometheus Rising to be released as a stand-alone book:  –  Luke Mason will be doing a soundtrack for an entire album relating to the project.  Exciting things are happening!

1:12:10 – 1:14:37               We CELEBRATE our peculiarities & differences  –   The people in the WP Sphere are the people we want to be around – we will never again damage or harm our own kind.  

1:14:47 – 1:19:42               MC’s  –   Inclusion & Equality:   The A/W’s apply ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Equality’ whenever it equates to harm to US.

                                                Key point:     ● Using the MC’s  –  Memorize the MC’s & stay close to verbatim to keep the discussion on your ‘field’

1:20:53 – 1:23:16               The Ability to Keep Going:  –  At the PCS gathering, James Edwards remarked on NWG’s verbal stamina & ability asking, “Where do all the words come from??”

1:28:36 – 1:41:03               Incredible Testimonials:  –  NWG reads from testimonials received; from those inspired by GF, a reply of support from a “bottom-heavy woman” who lives White positive; one of our young White men who had his life turned around by Going Free; and an incredible note of appreciation from the mother of Annette Keneally, the young White woman killed in South Africa.

1:42:38 – 1:45:47               Jack Hwite & Fornull – Western Apocalypse Now:  –  MUSIC BREAK.

1:46:30 – 1:52:33               ‘Prometheus Rising’ by Jason Kohne:  –  This mythical novella within “Born Guilty” to be released as a stand-alone book.  

                                                Key points:     ● NWG announces a contest for the cover art – $100 prized to be awarded or split among those who come up with the winning concept   ● You don’t have to be an artist….just have a great idea or vision for something really gripping   ● Present your ideas in the Chat

1:52:42 – 1:55:27               NWG – Our Community is the Best!  –  The courage to Love our people when it is called “Hate”

1:55:28 – 2:04:50               Issues of Disagreement  –  Old, out-dated uniform & symbols that still have some genuine personal meaning for some…”Don’t go to a job interview dressed in a Halloween costume!”

                                                Key points:     ● Constructive & destructive ways to disagree – It’s okay of we have disagreements; just don’t be disrespectful!   ● You’re not going to “set people straight” on the meaning of historic symbols   ● You can always revere these things in the privacy of your home

                                                MC:   Pressured to  disavow those who aren’t Anti-White enough
MC:   AVOW White Well-being!

2:04:57 – 2:06:05               Lead by Example:  –  Lift each other up

2:06:17 – 2:15:08               An oppositional comment on giving up symbology of the past:   Symbols from other era that have been demonized by the Anti-Whites are NOT a way to project power — We don’t have any power to project!  

                                                Key point:     ● Doing whatever it takes for Victory – There is nothing honorable in LOSING.

2:17:01 – 2:18:25               Infighting is RIDICULOUS:  –  We must have unity & amicable relationships… Infighting at this critical point is like two guys in the Alamo fighting about the future economy of Texas!

2:21:30 – 2:28:35               Luke Mason’s Prometheus Part I:  –  MUSIC VIDEO BREAK.

2:30:25 – 2:34:00               No Support Shaming!  –  Get into the habit of supporting & appreciation of our content creators.

2:35:46 – 2:36:54               Anger is a Virtue when it Protects the Innocent.

2:36:59 – 2:38:22               Direct purchases of the New Edition of ‘Going Free’:  –  The new, updated & expanded version is now available and can be direct purchased at No White Guilt Collectibles.  Signed copies are available on the Collectibles site.

2:40:40 – 2:42:46               More notes on purchasing Going Free:  –  Amazon suppressing the newest title?…Be sure to check the publishing date when you make your purchase on that site.

                                                Key point:     ● Jason planning to do a dramatic reading for an audio version of ‘Prometheus Rising’   ● Only the 2nd edition is available on the NWG Collectibles site; the original first edition is still available on Amazon

2:46:11 – 2:50:40               An Exhilarating Evening  –  Closing words of inspiration by NWG…”Exciting times are coming!”


10-20-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | NOW Is Our Chance To Shape Our Future!

7:37 – 20:17        “Mixer” – Gaming Website Censorship Hypocrisy:  –  Despite the (literal) graphic violence that is a common feature of video games, the censors at Mixer have decided that the cover of “Born Guilty” is too graphic for their standards. 

                                Key points:     ● This is psychological warfare.  Don’t try to divine what the exact thing is that is being censored – this will only paralyze you with internal debate  ● What matters is circumventing the Censorship    ● Red Ice CENSORED off of YouTube …A young family is essentially being starved-out and deprived of earning a living

24:13 – 25:25      Old Ways have FAILED  –  Older people in the White-Positive (WP) sphere need to be convinced that Going Free (GF) is the future; the way to succeed. 

                                Key point:     ● More older people getting on board translates into more resources, funds, donations & investments of time & talent as well as monetary investments

32:25 – 39:31      Recommendations for Following other WP Groups:   Looks into it for yourself – do they reflect the work of Going Free? 

                                Key points:     ● Don’t allow others, anyone you care about, to stay on a path that won’t work, a path with old ideas & antiquated concepts    ● We must not let this opportunity that we have right now to decide the destiny of our race slip away! 

40:22 – 42:28      If you’re afraid to even pass out a pamphlet….. You’re probably not going to take up arms in a “civil war” against ALL the governments of Western Nations!

                                Key point:     ● Big talk, big arsenal = No action when the odds become apparent

43:11 – 45:08      The Soil has Never been more Fertile:  The soils is the richest it has ever been for the WP message of Going Free.

                                Key points:     ● Anti-Whitism is shoved in the face of every White person across the West —  EVERY day  
                                ● Always use the word “anti-Whitism”

45:33 – 56:07      Special Thanks to & Letters Shared from Heroes in our WP Community  –  If you want to save the World, you first have to save Westernkind…. Don’t waste time on the A/W’s who are never going to be receptive to our Community.  Thank them for revealing themselves & not wasting your time!   And don’t debate climate change with these people.

                                Key point:     ● A letter from “W”, Pamela, Thanks to the Mods, time-stamps  

56:09 – 1:02:00                   Window of Opportunity – A favor to ask:   NWG asks supporters to 5-star review on Amazon his books:  Born Guilty, Go Free, It’s a Comedy Dammit

1:02:19 – 1:06:47               Second Edition of Go Free IS FINISHED!     

Key point:     ● Electronic version vs. print copy – The e-copy can be updated & enhanced.  The print copy can’t be ‘deleted’.

1:13:45 – 1:17:32               The Immense Power of the term “Anti-Whitism”:    We are NOT going to live by the Narrative of the Anti-Whites any longer.  The terms Anti-White & Anti-Whitism re-field the conversation & recast our Victimizers as the bad guys.  “You cannot make amends for a crime you have never committed.”

1:18:22 – 1:19:09               The one thing we can never afford to lose – is Hope:    The deletion of the Red Ice YouTube channel has many people depressed…

1:20:22 – 1:28:09               Propertarianism:   NWG discusses the concept of the Right-libertarian ethical philosophy that advocates Lockean property norms, where an owner keeps his property until he consents to gift or sell it.  Advocates of Libertarianism always moving the goalposts when losing the argument of what works.

                                                Key points:     ● What we need to be doing is serving WWB    ● The context we are in now is not the context for all-time…. Inch the context to a new context

1:28:20 – 1:37:00               Colin Flaherty Using the GF Lexicon:   ‘Raymond’ comments that Mr. Flaherty (Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry) has started using the term “anti-Whitism” and other GF terms.  Also, Mrs. Horst finds GF comforts her mind, body & soul; and, “G” a deep-network friend of NWG drains his phone battery listening to Going Free!

1:42:06 – 1:44:51               Getting Through Anti-White Training Sessions in your Professional Life:   Give them what they want, mouth the A/W talking points, if you must to gain or maintain your professional credentials —- Then go right out and fight for WWB!

                                                Key points:     ● Remember, the A/W story is a Fiction; it has nothing to do with reality 
● If you can survive it, you can take a public stand against Anti-Whitism

1:53:00 – 1:54:59               The Window of Opportunity has finally cracked open for us  –  All things are conspiring for our success!  

1:58:29 – 2:00:22               NWG on Crypto-Currency.

2:02:50 – 2:04:25               Old Habits & Going Free.

2:04:25 – 2:09:44               What is a Bio-Spirit?  –  A listener asks  & NWG responds. 

                                                Key points:     ● Every animal, including us, has a Bio-Spirit.  It is the way in which our instincts manifest in us; also, it guides ‘blind-sight’  ● It is also something magical & beyond comprehension

2:13:38 – 2:19:30               Video plays of “Western Apocalypse Now”, by Jack Hwite & Fornull…. Audio doesn’t start until @ 2:16:31

2:20:48 – 2:28:33               A New Direction with our Content Creators:   No support-shaming or road-blocking.  Anyone casting aspersions & shame — shame them back! 

                                                Key point:     ● If you can’t give financial support, give sincere & uplifting words of support

2:35:45 – 2:36:45               NWG Micro-Rant:  “You are the best of Westernkind”

2:36:45 – 3:02:15               A Letter from “F”:   NWG answers a letter detailing an MP on the delicate topic of female body types & the laws of nature when it comes to sexual attraction.   A discussion of the A/W trope that bottom-heavy women are to be relegated to non-White sexual partners.

                                                Key point:     ● Men without scruples will play upon a female insecurity of ANY type for sexual advantage – Ladies, do not fall for this! 

3:02:25 – 3:06:25               A response in the Chat to the “bottom-heavy” MP:   White women who adopt a non-White lifestyle & how to respond. 

                                                Key point:     ● Women can make any body type “work” for them…. NWG:  “Ladies, we (men) like it all!”

3:08:07 – 3:09:30               Ladies….Stay Pristine!  –  Being service of WWB means that your thoughts, deeds – everything you do — should maintain out Bio-Spirit.

3:17:02 – 3:21:23               Man who had Red Flag Laws used against him  –  Stockpiling weapons for a ‘civil war’ is a ridiculous strategy & may well end up in the loss of your right to self-defense. 

                                                 Key point:     ● NWG:  “I will never lead you in a direction that is going to get you thrown into a jail or cause you to lose your life.

3:24:28 – 3:26:11               The Meaningful Contributions of Working-class People:  The generosity of those who have little to give is truly meaningful… “We are becoming the new White race; the new Westernkind.”

3:26:52 – 3:29:20               The Great Variety of Our People  –  The TRUE people of color; a cornucopia of color!

3:35:09 – 3:38:50               Video plays of Luke Mason’s Prometheus Part One….

3:41:21 – 4:08:34               We are at an Exciting Moment in Time  –  For the next handful of years, we have a window of opportunity; as people lose faith in the electoral process, in ‘democracy’, as proven by the Trump presidency and other like events across the Western world.  At the same time, an increasing number of Thought Influencers are leaving & producing less content… This gives the GF movement an opportunity to fill that Void.

                                                Key points:     ● No more using strategies from the past that LOSE    ● Don’t be an A/W caricature – Appeal to the healthy, normal sensibilities of average White people    ● It is incorrectly concluded that the Anti-White Narrative is the real world    ● The A/W’s will always cast us as the Bad Guys in their Narrative

4:09:51 – 4:13:50               Red-Flag Laws used against a man who embraced the Anti-White Narrative of White Violence. Adorning yourself with the symbology of the past & espousing violent ideas makes you a pawn in the A/W story, to be used against all of us in the W/P Sphere.

4:17:27 – 4:18:30               (cont’d) Don’t Validate the Enemies Propaganda  –  We are writing a new story; we have a new tale to tell.  

4:18:45 – 4:41:47               Weapons Seized from Neo-Nazis:   NWG reads and discusses the article. 

                                                Key points:     ● The man had a concealed weapons permit; He was a law-abiding citizen 
● Groups like Atomwaffen provide our Victimizers with PROOF that their A/W Narrative is valid
● Those who choose a path of Violence put us ALL in danger, giving the A/W’s the opportunity to persecute & prosecute us all   ● The positive message of Going Free is changing & saving lives

4:46:20 – 4:46:57               The Answer is Neither Voting nor Violence  –  “Keep putting your shoulder behind what works.”

4:49:20 – 4:50:08               “We are in a Chrysalis….The Beginning of a Truly Glorious Future”  –   NWG closing message of Inspiration:   “Don’t be the antagonist in the Anti-White Narrative; Be a Hero in OURS!”


10-15-19  –   Going Free | No White Guilt | Jared George | Extinction Rebellion is a Fraud

6:00 – 7:58           25 Videos Submitted for Lovely Porridge / Jared George Video Contest  –  Will be premiering a website made just for the contest to feature the entry videos.  Applause for all the hard-working, talented people who submitted their work!         

8:56 – 9:38           Ablutophobia:  Fear of bathing…. The face out front of Extinction Rebellion, a White A/W decrepit creature, is an obvious sufferer of this rare condition (that usually affects women and children, by the way).

                                Key point:      ● Extinction Rebellions is not a small, genuinely grass-roots organization.  It is astroturfed!  Plans, brain-power and MONEY (in the millions) coming from organized, outside forces.

9:49 – 11:43        Jason’s Work Station:   Those who wonder what Jason’s work space looks like can request a ‘clear’ version of the shown blurry photo if they are supporters of the work of Going Free.

12:31 – 15:50      The Nature of the Volunteering in the Service of White Well-Being:   NWG applauds ‘Julie’ again for keeping her commitment for a year of providing banners. 

                                Key points:      ● Everyone can do something – Advocacy for WWB is a community of PARTICPANTS, rather than those who observe    ● NWG makes the contributors the Star!

18:18 – 26:24      Columbus Day & the Solutrean Hypothesis  –   Information is suppressed of the evidence that supports this hypothesis; ancient lore told of blonde-haired “giants” who conquered the land.   NWG proposes that Columbus Day celebrates a glorious re-taking of what was OURS.   

                                Key point:      ● If any other group of people showed any kind of evidence they had been in a land at a prior point in history, and that therefore the land belonged to their people and was their rightful homeland, it would NEVER be questioned and would be honored.

29:18 – 56:25      Extinction Rebellion:   An Anti-White Organization that appeared out of nowhere – intact – with millions of dollars behind it.   This group advocates & engages in climate terrorism; and its purpose is to inflict harm on Western Civilization and Westernkind.

                                Key points:      ● People are making a living at this as professional disruptors    ● Law enforcement has its hands tied by the political power structure; and free legal counsel is given to any token arrestees 
● Westernkind put an END to slavery; and yet are blamed for its existence.  The same is true of the environment… All conservation efforts & standards come from Westernkind; and yet we are absurdly vilified as the source of it.   ● Don’t debate climate change with the A/W’s — REFIELD the discussion.  Point out that non-White peoples pollute the MOST; and White People do the most to clean it up!   “If you want to save the environment, you have to save Westernkind FIRST.”

56:40 – 1:00:00    Jared George responds re Extinction Rebellion  –   The group is Anti-White to the core, and riddled with double-speak & double-think.   The Trojan Horse they use is to equate Western Civilization with Environmental Harm…. Attempting to create a false A/W conclusion wherein Third-World immigrants  have the “right” to a Western Lifestyle at OUR expense!!

1:00:56 – 1:02:03               Heroes in the Teaching Profession:    A teacher who is Going Free will be using NWG ‘s talking points to teach her students about ‘global warming’.    Spare a thought & a prayer for those who are trying to make a difference in this Anti-White profession….sadly it is “a squalid affair to be an educator in Western Civilization.”

1:02:29 – 1:06:15               Defining the Regime for those who are new to Going Free & WWB:    In Western countries, the A/W Regime consists of:  1) The news, media & entertainment industry  2) ALL local city, municipal,  state, & federal government entities  3) Mainstream churches of all denominations  4) Corporations & organizational entities of all stripes

                                                Key point:      ● Messaging comes from the mainstream Anti-White media who inject MP’s (Meme Pathogens) & wield the power to shape the thinking of the masses

1:03:48 – 1:06:10               Extinction Rebellion  –   The A/W anarchists plan to use a tactic employed by this type of terrorist group, blocking of a busy street or highway during rush-hour traffic, in the city of Toronto.  They will give no thought to, nor will they suffer any consequences for, the lost wages and even lives affected by this dangerous stunt. 

1:10:38 – 1:22:51               NWG & JG on speaking to people who accept the controlled-media A/W mainstream Narrative:    “How did you not know —?”   Point out to those you are conversing with that they are not getting all the information, and are perhaps even of questionable intelligence by relying on such a small pool of sources. 

Key points:      ● Everyone wants to be in the know; especially people who consider themselves educated & well-informed.  By showing them they are missing out on at least half the picture, you prod them into seeking out more information.     ● Recommend sources that are envelope-pushers but still Normie friendly, like Ann Coulter     ● Recommend also sites like NWG, perhaps with a reserved recommendation, in case the person turns out to be A/W at their core

1:23:00 – 1:40:44               Are you a Christian?  –   NWG reveals a childhood experience of attending many different churches of different denominations and finding one common thread:  Anti-Whitism.  Being White-Positive was taught to be a ‘sin’.   Jason concludes that although he is open to God, he has yet had the experience of Divine intervention appearing to reveal a supernatural truth! 

                                                Key points:      ● We all need a real understanding of the way the real world works…an understanding of the human condition    ● Big error people make is misattribution:  “Feeling is not thinking.”

                                                Jared George responds @ 1:30:46:   “No.  I am not a Christian.”   The Social vs. Theological distinction.  Jared makes an eloquent case for the importance of a spiritual life that reflects our Bio-Spirits, instead of some ancient desert religion, while also acknowledging the cultural influence of Christianity on peoples of European descent.

1:41:03 – 1:42:06               NWG on the Bio-Spirit of Western kind as it relates to Christianity:   We have made things our own, as is the case with Christianity. 

1:50:49 – 1:58:04               NWG and Jared George on Sleep  –  Listen to your body.  Most people need between 6-9 hours per night to function properly.  Also, sleep is needed to imprint learning.

2:06:43 – 2:16:30               Safest way to Invest & Participate in WWB without being Doxxed:  Use a pseudonym; use a VPN.  And remember, the Government already KNOWS who you are!

2:16:47 – 2:18:37               Jared George on the Womanly Art of Home-making:  A woman’s love is manifest in her care of her family and her home.  This is truly an art, and will be appreciated for a lifetime by all those who are on the receiving end of it. 

                                                Key points:      ● The devoted home-maker nourishes the body and soul of her family  
● Mrs. Horst of the Going Free Community embodies this virtue!

2:18:40 – 2:20:35               “Excuses are for Losers”   –    NWG & Jared share the standards they set for themselves to do the right thing; to be heroic & to not make excuses.   Live a life without regret.  

2:20:41 – 2:25:04               There is no such thing as ‘Hatred’:  The concept of ‘Hatred’ is an incorrect characterization of ‘Anger’ or ‘Rage’.   Anger – and rage – when fueled with love for our People, will ignite you with a fire that never dies!

2:26:03 – 2:27:16               Jared George on ‘Hatred’:   Study our history and the inexhaustible wealth of our stories about our history.

2:27:57 – 2:28:24               NWG on the Curative Contagion:   “Anger is a virtue when it protects the Innocent.”

2:29:05 – 2:34:38               No Support Shaming:   Give support & appreciation to our content creators, artists, and all who are working for WWB.  THIS is where we should be putting our money!

2:38:43 – 2:45:33               When Anti-Whites Attack:    Always come back two-fold!  Develop a never-give-up attitude and strive for GLORY. 

2:51:33 – 2:55:06               Jared George & the Upward Spiral:  “Life is in the details.”  Working for WWB gives us patience and respect for our White brothers & sisters.    

                                                Key point:      ● Always carry yourself nobly & display your best optimal self

2:55:45 – 3:02:10               Black-pilling versus White-pilling:  An effective way to wake up Normies or doing the enemies work for them? 

                                                Key point:      ● Too much Black-pilling engenders apathy, defeat & despair.  You are tainted by exposure to constant negativity. 

3:05:43 – 3:08:38               Jared George Closing Remarks:   “This work (for WWB) is a blessing in my life.”

3:08:39 – 3:09:41               NWG Closing Remarks:   “The first year of a new Western Sunrise.”



10-13-19  –   Going Free | No White Guilt | How to Handle Being Doxed | Girl Wishes to Live Alone as Adult

19:48 – 20:44      Thank you Lovely Porridge for the Channel Saving Info!  –  Lovely Porridge helped keep the channel safe from the Anti-Whites by reaching out to NWG with potentially channel saving info….  Porridge is the originator of the video contest, last message to Western Civilization, with assistance from Jared George.              

20:45 – 23:58      An Anti-White, “B”, reaches out to Jason:   –  As a result of back-and-forth exchanges with NWG, “B” has decided that a special monument she is creating will have quotes featured from White people, instead of virtue-signaling with quotes from Non-Whites.  “B” is currently in a very anti-White milieu.  Even so, she is getting healthier & continuing her healing with Going Free.

24:27 – 26:26      Acknowledgements & Announcements:   Recognition especially to Cultural Oncologist and Luke Mason, as well as Synthicide.  Synthicide’s music is currently back on YouTube.  Cultural Oncologist is working on a playlist of infamous Anti-White speeches rewritten as White-Positive.

26:27 – 31:47      NWG Shares Pictures of Falconry:  A fascinating glimpse into the Sport of Kings, and the exceptional beauty & majesty of the Harris’s Hawk.   NWG, in the true spirit of Westernkind, is a staunch friend and defender of nature and all her beautiful creatures, and shares more of his conservation activities.

                                Key point:      ● Harris’s hawks are exceptional creatures, with an instinct to want to work with humans & have amazing agility. 

31:48 – 35:12      Happy Columbus Day!   Recognition & Applause to “Julie”, who has completed a years of commitment to creating banners for NWG for each holiday of the calendar and has done beautiful work.

35:33 – 44:17      Columbus Day —  A White People’s Holiday:   NWG explores some interesting hypothesis behind whose land this really is.  Perhaps Columbus was simply re-taking that which was already ours!

44:19 – 51:18      Fall of Western Man – A book by Mark Collett:    Support our People!  Reject support-shaming & road-blocking.  NWG reads a passage from the book….

                                Key point:      ● We need our own ADL      

51:34 – 53:54      The Solutrean Hypothesis:   The Solutrean hypothesis posits that a population derived from the Solutrean culture of Western Europe may have crossed the North Atlantic Ocean along the edge of pack ice that extended from the Atlantic coast of France to North America during the Last Glacial Maximum.

1:02:21 – 1:05:06               Support Shaming:    Organizational entities exist for every race & are lauded and praised & recognized as a moral good with one exception  —- those for White people.

1:05:11 – 1:07:42               Women in the White-Positive Sphere:    A plethora of women in the Going Free movement!

1:08:41 – 1:11:32               NWG on the Majesty of Nature:    NWG recounts the experience of the thrilling site of a Bald Eagle while on a river outing.  The majesty of nature speaks directly to our Bio-Spirit.

1:11:40 – 1:33:25               A Little Girl Announces:  “When I grow up, I want to live alone.”  –   A mother in the WP Sphere who is raising her daughter with great care & to love our people finds her child has somehow still been infected with MP’s.   Many female lives & souls are WRECKED by the anti-Whitism that targets them with the lure of a false & hollow freedom.

                                                Key point:      ● Women are NOT made happy by larping as men; it leads to a life of depression & despair   ● The sexual market value of a woman is dictated by nature; a female has a short window of opportunity in which to attract a partner    ● The ability to pair-bond with a man is diminished by the number of sexual partners a woman has    ● It is a cruel lie that women can have ‘fun’ now and settle down later; it simply doesn’t work that way.  As a woman is used up by the world – and she WILL BE – she will grow increasingly unattractive, bitter, anti-male & undesirable.   This is a hard truth; but it is a fact.   ● Women In the WP sphere-  we will give our daughters the OPTION the A/W’s seek to deny them; a lifetime of fulfillment surrounded by her children, grandchildren &  people who love her     ● There will be women who are the exception and even so do not choose the path of family fulfillment; we need to direct them to a path of serving our people – rather than letting the Anti-Whites ruin them!

1:34:48 – 1:41:14               Teachers & the Anti-White Agenda:   Those who teach our children are put through intense Anti-White programming in order to acquire a teaching certificate & credentials… Even so, some are heroically resisting the A/W agenda.  Most, however, are not. 

                                                Key point:      ● Important note about children & a little girl who announces she wants to live alone when she grows up.

1:41:20 – 1:42:22               Christian Schools can be the most Anti-White of All!   –  Parents cannot be hands-off even if their children are in a Christian School environment.  Some of the curriculum in these schools is virulently anti-White.   It is essential to be as vigilant as if your children were in a public school.

1:43:25 – 1:50:03               A note on Comment Moderation – The A/W’s OWN the Platforms:    NWG asks all to please be patient & understanding and defer to the decisions made by Mods in the Chat.   They have to be hyper-alert to any potential violations that will get the channel get shut down. 

                                                Key points:      ● The A/W’s purposely keep rules vague to engage in a form of psychological warfare     ● The Mods are aware of YouTube rules & tactics that commenters may not be aware of   ● We want to keep conversation in the Chat productive so that it is welcoming to newcomers    ● You will NOT be singled out for unfair/personal mistreatment –  even the Mods are moderated by NWG!

1:50:54 – 1:56:08               Destructive Anti-White Messages in Country Music:    Anti-male messages that encourage alcohol abuse and are aimed at WHITE people; especially White men.

                                                Key point:      ● Jason shares a personal anecdote on dating from his personal life.

2:01:50 – 2:06:50               A Community Member turns away from a path of Anger & Potential Violence  –  A community member has turned away from considering an act of violence, out of frustration & rage, to the positive and empowering path of Going Free.  He has started working to improve himself and now wants to have a family.   “If you want to get back at the Anti-Whites, serve White Well-being; serve Going Free.”

                                                Key points:      ● Our people are goaded & encouraged by the A/W’s  to take a destructive path of violence, as it will only further inflict harm on White Well-being  — Don’t allow yourself to be used as a tool, as fodder, for the Anti-Whites!     ● Do this by shifting the CONTEXT.

2:22:39 – 2:24:55               Foreign Bio-Spirits will inevitably recreate their own Environments  –  You will only be safe if you belong to a PEOPLE.  There are no more places left to run to…

2:25:57 – 3:21:19               How to Handle Doxxing:    Lives are ruined when A/W’s expose people in the WP Sphere for a social lynching.  This is done to strike fear into those who are White Positive & an attempt to get us to silence OURSELVES.  The key to survive a doxxing is to prepare yourself in advance! 

                                                Key points:      ● Anyone who is a Heretic, anyone who are not Anti-White enough, is potentially a target of the  A/W’s     ● Do NOT dox anyone in the Chat   ● One of the most daunting aspects of being doxxed  is the ambiguity – the fear of the unknown   ● There is no shame in anonymity; we need everyone to be able to work for WWB in whatever way they can    ● You can lessen the fear of being doxxed by preparing yourself in ADVANCE.

                                                Prior to Being Doxxed:    ● Anticipate & plan for being doxxed     ● How will you respond?       
1) Make a plan as though you will be doxxed   2) Make a list of people you can reach out to in the WP sphere       ● Plan for doxxing now because you will not be clear-headed after it happens
● Prepare a response plan for your employer   1) Have an ‘excuse’ prepared that will enable you to keep your job  2) Make sure you have ‘evidence’ in place now to back you up   ● Remember, not everyone loses their job — we only hear about the ones who do    ● Create a list of jobs below your competency & training level so you are less afraid of losing a job – and less likely to lose it     ● Don’t live at the limit of your paycheck – start a dox savings account    ● Take advantage of the Social Welfare programs    ● If you live in a heavily Anti-White area, take a look at finding a place where you will not be recognized

                                                Take Steps to Prevent Yourself from Being Doxxed  –  @ 2:50:16:     ● Use a nom de guerre – use a nickname or a fake name      ● Use a VPN      ● Delete your real info from public websites that everyone has access to  — these are the sites the A/W’s use for doxxing.  Take the time & effort to do this!    ● Don’t tell any of your ‘normie’ friends & family about your alter-ego, who you are on-line; it is not safe to dox yourself even to people who you think have no interest.  ANYONE could sell you out for the dominant dogma   

                                                Prepare Yourself Emotionally   –    @3:00:48:    ● Especially important for women; keep in mind that you could be doxxed     ● Remember that A/W’s mostly go after the big-name targets; to make an example of them & to instill fear     ● Even the A/W’s do not have enough resources to go door-to-door & dox everyone who is White-positive…. Keep a sense of perspective.

                                                Don’ts — What NOT to do if you are Doxxed   –   @3:04:23     ● Don’t panic; don’t come unglued      ● Don’t be ignoble:  Don’t apologize & don’t beg for forgiveness.  YOU are in the RIGHT.  An apology is like blood in the water & it is NOT going to get you a reprieve!  There is no such thing as a ‘part’ heretic.   ● Don’t publicly or privately make yourself into an Anti-White.  No one respects a traitor.    ● Do NOT denounce the WP sphere  –  There is no redemption from the Anti-Whites     ● Don’t have overblown fears that you or your house is going to be immediately attacked.  You are probably not going to have your face on the six o-clock news!   ● Don’t break any of the laws of the A/W Regime    ● Don’t be afraid that everyone you know will condemn you for being White-positive; some will agree with you, some will be afraid to do so publicly 
● Don’t isolate yourself mentally or physically; if you are at a desperate point, reach out to a suicide hotline or some other resource available to you    ● “Don’t allow the Anti-Whites to push you into the ultimate White flight.”     ● If you decide to disappear  — If you quit — Do NOT moralize or universalize your decision. 

The Do’s:   If you stay  —  Don’t browbeat others with your dilemma.  YOU choose if you’re going to be a coward or a hero!

3:29:42 – 3:36:18               The Power of the Lexicon of Going Free if you are Doxxed:   You will be safer in your standing with your employer & in your community if you are about loving our people & not a Hollywood stereotype as portrayed by the Anti-Whites.

3:37:12 – 3:40:06               Concerns about Identity & VPNs:  The Feds are going to know your identity anyway!  Your concerns about doxxing need to be directed to the Anti-Whites who will use the easily available information out there to identify you… That information is where to focus your efforts.

3:42:39 – 3:53:50               The Do’s – What to Do if you are Doxxed:  STAND FIRM.  You are on the moral high ground.  You are doing the right thing by serving WWB.     ● DO reach out to friends in the WP sphere  
● Decide if you will serve WWB publicly, behind the scenes, or in the shadows    ● Quitting is NOT an option; don’t be a coward    ● Doxxing is a TERRORISTIC ACTIVITY – Once it no longer works, it will STOP.  

3:54:20 – 3:56:59               Tortious Interference:   Seek redress.  Be knowledgeable of the legal recourse that you have; and be sure your employers know you know your options! 

                                                Key point:      ● Be a FANTASTIC employee and you will be less likely to lose your job after a doxxing — be a White person!

3:58:18 – 4:00:46               NWG shares a positive comment by ‘Hunt’:   The power of working within the frame of Going Free.

4:05:04 – 4:06:02               NWG Closing Summation remarks.


10-8-19  – Going Free | No White Guilt | Jared George | Isolationism—Support Shaming—Road Blocking—Sabotage

7:08 – 11:24        A Big Welcome to those who are new to the channel  –  NWG  welcomes those who have come over to the NWG channel after the ‘dust-up’ about Millennial Matt from this past Sunday’s show with Clarion Wakefield.     In the meantime, Millennial Matt has reached out to Jason to clarify his position.   Unfortunately, some of Matt’s supporters have sought to sow hostility.

                                Key points:     ● The White-Positive (WP) sphere is truly ‘diverse’ & variegated; different communities are often unaware of other communities with very similar viewpoints & a lot of overlap   ● Even some non-Whites have come to the Channel     

11:24 – 19:12      Special Thanks to Community Members Actively Participating in the Work of Going Free – NWG gives warm & heartfelt special thanks to all who are helping with his work, especially behind the scenes.  A special mention is given about one of our People in New Zealand, Phil Arp, who has been imprisoned simply for sharing a video of an atrocity … Phil is a wonderful member of our Community who was frequently on the NWG streams and the Poseidon streams; and he has a wife and children who, along with him, need our support.   Please reach our on Twitter, GAB, etc., with information about Phil. 

                                Key points:      ● Still some problems with contact page on the website; please try to contact via the NWG Collectibles store, or on Twitter, etc.    ● Plans for playlists on NWG website of the special contributors who are created music, videos & memes     ● Special shout-out to Mrs. Horst!  A great example to our young women — and all of us — in raising a beautiful family of White-Positive children while still being active in the Going Free Community  

19:15 – 23:00      Jason shares Positive Testimonials form Community Members:   “I could fill five pages with the heartfelt comments I’ve received since Sunday.”    The dialectics & lexicon of Going Free are saving people from the horrors of White Noir; the devastation of a lifetime of having no identity.

23:01 – 26:06      Althaea Promethiea the Twitter Champion!   –    NWG reads from Althaea’s tweets as she came to the defense of NWG and our GF community, responding to Trolls & detractors. 

31:40 – 1:17:40  Re-cap of the Timeline of Events since Sunday’s Stream With Clarion:    NWG recounts events that have unfolded re Millennial Matt after Clarion’s passionate discussion of ‘quitters’ in the movement  — specifically the case of Millennial Matt.    This stream provoked an instant reaction from Matt’s followers.  Many engaged in spurious attacks on Jason’s character while impugning the contributions of those who are Going Free.   Very revealingly, many of the attackers used Anti-White slurs…. Matt has not denounced these attacks.   NWG to Matt’s followers:  “I forgive the friend’s of Matt for their vicious, anti-White attacks on my character.”

Key points:      ● A distinct difference between being an isolationist and the necessity to leave an area that has become dangerous due to Non-Whites and Anti-Whites.  The difference is surrendering the territory to fight another day, versus a strategic withdrawal to safety to gather strength to mount another battle    ● We need Global Interconnectivity in the White community; a Great White Ring around the world.  We will not be safe if we are isolated from one another in individual redoubts —  the Zimbabwe approach!   
● Matt followers engaging in Adult Tantrums and blaming others for their mistakes & for following bad advice    ● Matt followers admonishing people to get off social media —  from their social media accounts they are still on!    ● Hanlon’s Razor:   “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”    ● Avoid the Virtue Trap:  we can’t outbreed the non-Whites   ● Know them by their fruits – Judge those in the WP Sphere by their deeds   ●  You can’t win in the Anti-White moral system!!  

Support Shaming:  Criticizing a Leader for getting financial support from followers of their work…. This is the tactic of saboteurs & A/W’s who have no problem with non-Whites giving millions of dollars of support to groups that represent their interests, (such as the ADL & the NAACP) but balk at WP content creators who are sacrificing their time, talents – their lives – receiving humble sums of token support from those who appreciate their work.   Non-Whites NEVER to this to those working for THEM. 

                                                “The tree that is never pruned grows ugly and weak.”  ….If working for WWB and supporting
                                                those who are doing the work is too hard for you — Please just LEAVE.

1:18:10                                  Jared George brought into the show

1:21:33 – 1:21:48               The Joker movie is Anti-White!    –   Community member comments that the movie portrays the White main character, The Joker, as a loser with a non-White girlfriend —- and that all the people he kills are WHITE.

1:22:15 – 1:26:10               From the Gates of Hell to the Road to Prometheus:   Dan from Australia’s testimonial about giving up drink & bad food as a result of Going Free — White Flighting into alcoholism, junk food, and the ultimate White Flight of suicide is a result of all the MP’s we are infected with.  The power of GF is literally saving lives!  Tall Kevin also adds the comment that it is obvious the A/W’s want us to destroy ourselves….

1:28:56 – 1:29:40               ‘Thank You for Your Service’  –   We salute our People who serve in the military because they are fighting for Western Civilization.  We salute their courage, bravery in battle, and the ideals of Westernkind that they take a stand for.  

                                                Key points:      ● They are acting in service for the defense of our People    ● It’s not about support for the Power That Be, that manipulate foreign policy & start wars for their own interests.

1:30:30 – 1:32:38               The Ultimate Act Of White Flight:    Community member “Edgar Allen Poll” gives a brave testimony of his own inner battle….”I was hanging by a single thread; a love for our people.”

1:33:17 – 1:35:18               Your donations work directly for WWB:   Going Free is not a profit center.  All contributions go directly into the work of NWG. 

Key points:      ● People decry the power of groups like the ADL & then support shame NWG, a struggling figure who is sacrificing his life for White Well-Being.

1:37.15 – 1:39:00               A Dramatic Testimonial from a GF Community Member going by the name “Jason”:  Small repayment for the blessing that is White Well-Being…  A former opium addict & Cuckservative has been influenced by the work of NWG & The Golden One to pull himself of the pit of White Noir.

1:38:59 – 1:40:34               Jared George Opening Remarks

1:40:35 – 1:44:41               Jared George announces plans for the future in collaboration with NWG:  We are on the verge of something new & big.  “We will grow into this publicly.”  Jared discusses briefly the TAP (The After Party) origin story.  

                                                Key points:      ● Tuesday nights will be a regular feature & will include the announcement for TAP guest of the week    ● Different kinds of programming are coming – may do a call-in show.

1:44:42 – 2:01:31               Jared George addresses different aspect of the WP sphere & Millennial Matt:  The  White-Positive sphere is quite large, and not everyone is aware of what other leaders & activists are doing and saying; even what positions they hold in common, or differ on. 

                                                Key points:      ● Different Content Creators take different angles; some even just for shock value, to break the PC programming — and there is value in that approach.  Attacking the hypocrisy of the A/W Regime with meme posting, sh#t posting      ● Meme culture is different than the power of building a WP community – Many of our young men have not had positive male role models  

2:05:34 – 2:05:52               Recommendation of the work of Way of the World.

2:05:53 – 2:08:52               Jared George on “The Joker” movie:   The movie engenders different reactions; but it is basically about a psychologically sick guy.

2:08:59 – 2:10:28               NWG on Coffee:   Make that tea, for Jared George!

2:11:28 – 2:12:24               Using the Lexicon of Going Free with Friends, Family & Strangers:  A constant tug-of-war against Meme Pathogens.

2:13:40 – 2:14:28               Jared George asks for input for a Print-on-Demand T-Shirt supplier  –   Preferably based in the USA, who will be amenable to working with political dissidents.  Needed for T-shirts, mugs, and other merch.

2:15:20 – 2:19:28               “My parents are Anti-White, and my sister is on the wrong path….”   –   Jason & Jared discuss guiding those closest to us, especially our young people, using the MC’s and GF lexicon to re-shape their thinking.  “Teaching them how to see makes it impossible for them to close their eyes.”

                                                Key points:      ● Stress to your sister/friend/loved one that they are valuable as a person; and that you love them     ● What are the behavior norms that are to be expected from a 16-yr-old girl?   ● If you believe you are from a wretched people, you don’t know your own value

2:19:31 – 2:33:01               NWG & Jared George on another approach – Fear/Negative Motivation:    Sometimes the best approach to take with a loved one is to scare them straight.   Women know on a biological level that they are inherently vulnerable; and if you point out that of COURSE strangers are going to be nice to them….. right up until the moment they are raped…. they will understand this on a visceral level.

2:37:46 – 2:41:23               People in our Community who go without & make personal sacrifices to contribute to WWB:  Tactics like support-shaming & road-blocking undermines their sacrifice.

2:41:44 – 2:49:58               Jared George:  The internet is THE tool of Communication   –  Our on-line community is a REAL community.  We are growing deep roots & have a big vision here; we are just getting started!

                                                Key point:      ● Put out your best work, and you will attract people to you

2:49:59 – 2:54:06               NWG Responds:  Do your due diligence and be mindful of your Reputational Investment.  A sterling example is Jared George who did the hard work on himself first before starting his channel putting his face out in public.

3:00:59 – 3:21:23               The Joker —  A victim up until the moment he became a monster  –  NWG reads and deconstructs an A/W article reviewing the movie, written by CNN A/W typist Jeff Yang.   NWG & Jared discuss the A/W nuances. 

                                                Key point:      ● ‘Joker’ is Anti-White programming for our young White males    ● Young White men as a group realize they are being harmed & yet are denied their grievances and told the REVERSE is true   ● WE BUILT WESTERN CIVILIZATION

3:24:38 – 3:26:06               NWG Closing Words of Inspiration:   …”Be someone’s light; Be someone’s better tomorrow!”


10-6-19      Going Free | No White Guilt | Clarion | Dreadlock Hate Hoax and Baby Food | Excuses to Quit

12:37 – 18:37      Excuses for Quitting  –  NWG  early on predicted that the “Alt-Right” was a fad; and that like all fads, it would pass.  One thing that has not passed, and is a growing trend, is the exponential growth in the White-Positive Sphere.  In response, the Anti-White Regime is struggling to ‘hold back tomorrow.’  

                                Key points:     ● There will be ups & downs – don’t set yourself up for failure   ● We need the message of Going Free to be at the helm, steering us towards White Well-Being     ● This is not a contest between Nationalism & Globalization    ● Whatever our actions, the A/W’s will maintain the fictional narrative that our movement is about “hate”

20:14 – 26:24      NWG gives thanks to Community members who are helping with the work of Going Free – And details plans for upcoming features that will enhance the NWG website to strengthen & grow our Community.

28:15 – 30:10      NWG Reaches 17,000 Subscribers!  –  Even with all the suppression, censorship & shadow-banning, the NWG audience continues to grow as more & more people come to the message of Going Free. 

                                Key points:      ● Imagine how big the Channel would be if it were being recommended and NOT being suppressed!   ● We only grow stronger from the oppression and opposition – physically, mentally, & spiritually   ● We are only getting started!!

30:19 – 31:49      We are all Working Class People here; making sacrifices go Going Free  –  Mr. Pie is not here!  Super-chats giving testimonials to the power of the Dialectics of Going Free.

                                Key point:      ● Nobody here is rich:  the sums given are a testament of the love of our People.

33:07 – 35:29      Tips For Flyer Drops :  Go with the powerful & unapologetic message — NO WHITE GUILT.   The recent Wenatchee flyer drop was a triumph! 

                                Key points:      ● Avoid including websites & imagery that is antiquated or easily tagged by the authorities as blatantly offensive  –  Always appeal to the sensibilities of normal White people    
● One simple idea –  A leaflet with the No White Guilt wording & website & with the striking imagery of the ‘Born Guilty’ book cover on it

36:34 – 38:43      Is your phone listening to you??  –  Yes!  Big Brother Google is spying on you.

44:14 – 48:48      Trump Says…..”Blacks Built America”:  Donald Trump lies to further the Anti-White Narrative  –    This LIE is an enormous insult to all of Westernkind and an utter fabrication!  Blacks have never built Western Civilization.  Western Civilization exists in the tangible world because it exists in the Bio-Spirits of Westernkind.   Only WE can be US.

                                Key points:      ● The United States was 90% White up until the 1960’s    ● Blacks no more built this civilization than did the oxen who plowed the earth; they were merely a minor tool used to carry out the vision of Westmen.

53:13 – 58:06      Visa Free Travel for Poland:   Will this be good for the United States?  Bad for Poland?? 

Key points:      ● Poland is a Nationalistic country, and with the inflow of money from the U.S. will become subject to the destructive A/W pressures it has largely been protected from    ● Visa free travel will make it easier for A/W’s to travel to Poland & spread the degeneracy of A/W agendas like homosexual activism, etc.  

58:24 – 1:00:58                  Crazed Anti-Whites treat as serious the disturbed rant “We must eat the Babies!”  –  How WE profit from it:  Strategic Opportunism….  Making the most of events that happen in the world around us; and, bending the rules to our advantage. 

Key Quote:     “The highest genius in strategic opportunism, what we are going to be doing here, is to use the money, the investments (of time, cash, talents, efforts) by other people serving other objectives – to make that work for us.”

1:01:49                                  CLARION WAKEFIELD ENTERS THE SHOW                            

1:03:49 – 1:08:50               Making White-Positive Art – Art that serves White Well-Being:   Does not have to have a  blatantly WP message…. It simply is White Positive in spirit, and in tune with our Bio-Spirits!  The only pre-requisite is that the creator of it serves WWB.  Recommendation of the work of Jeff Winston and the White Art Collective.

                                                Key point:      ● WP art is a vast spectrum of creativity:  sculpting, painting, digital animation, music, poetry, paintings, drawings, photography, calligraphy…. Even acting skits, film, etc.

1:10:11 – 1:10:26               NWG words upon turning over to Clarion:   “We are building a People here, out of a deracinated Race…We are re-building Western Civilization.”  Not everyone is going to make it through the bottleneck. 

1:11:18 – 1:15:00               Clarion’s White-Positive Facebook Page Deleted:  The platform claims her content is “White Nationalism”.   Clarion, undaunted, is doing her own important & powerful work for the people in her home-school circle, and for all of us in the W/P Sphere!

                                                Key point:      ● Clarion has undertaken the composition of a WP European History Class for her home-schooling group and is creating video & audio clips for parents and children alike.  Her plans are to turn this into a Channel of W/P History that will be an invaluable resource for our people.

1:16:10 – 1:22:29               Clarion on Millennial Matt a/k/a Zoomer Matthew:   After getting ‘doxxed’ the content creator decided to quit — to retreat to his own personal & spiritual redoubt and leave us all to do the fighting for him.  Clarion, repulsed by his cowardice, eloquently describes this kind of capitulation & retreat as “a complete cancer in our movement.” 

                                                 Key Quote:     @ 1:18:09 – 1:20:53 Clarion reads the revealing final Tweets of @ZoomerMatthew

1:24:08 – 1:27:45               NWG Responds to Millennial Matthew Tweets & retreat:   “This is not a one-off… It happens again & again. They want an excuse to be a LOSER; and that’s what they are!”

                                                Key point:      ● After coming to the truth, what kind of person then turns their back on it??
● We MUST criticize behavior that is harmful to our people; this is not being the morality police

1:29:16 – 1:42:43               Clarion re-enters with an eloquent sermon on Zoomer Matthew:   “This is more important than one individual.”    This kind of ignoble quitting spreads like a cancer.   

                                                Key points:      ● The greatest harm done by the quitter, is that they advise our people that they can have a future if they just quit and go back to accepting the A/W Narrative —- WE DON’T have a future if we QUIT.     ● You cannot build a security fence around yourself that will be strong enough to keep the Anti-Whites out…. What about your children & grandchildren?  What about all of our children??    ● Having a life & a future is mutually exclusive, if you turn your back on the TRUTH.   

                                                “At some point you will have to take a stand and stop running.  Either you, or your children, or your grandchildren will be forced to take a stand ….And better YOU than THEM.”

1:43:00 – 1:55:04               NWG Epic Rant – Responds to points Clarion made on Zoomer Matthew:   “Quitting is never acceptable.   And it is a shameful thing to do!”    “It is your DUTY to preserve what has been handed down to us…. To preserve the flame; and to keep it as clean and safe as possible.”

Key points:      ● Your only hope for safety is in this Community for WWB — that is IT.  
● The way we protect each other is by circling the wagons….

1:58:18 – 2:04:39               NWG –  Foundational Points on Our Bio-Spirits:   Only WE can be US.  The spirit of Westernkind was not given to you randomly, as if in a lottery.   Western Civilization is our inheritance; it was handed down to us because OUR PEOPLE created it!  We must maintain it; or it is lost forever.

2:10:50 – 2:17:06               Clarion on ‘Retreat Matthew’:   If you must surrender — just disappear!  Don’t try to make quitting some “noble path”… And, don’t try to take other people with you!! 

                                                Key point:      ● Everybody needs a break from time to time; but, the only excuse to take a break is to strengthen yourself to come back refreshed & ready to continue the fight. 

2:17:11 – 2:20:50               NWG Responds to Clarion’s Points on Quitting:   Emphasizes the powerful meme she has evoked; that of handing a ticking time-bomb to your children when you quit the fight for WWB. 

2:23:33 – 2:25:30               Ladies:  Make sure your life means something!   Sacrifices for WWB and the meaningful life it will give you.

2:30:51 – 2:34:07               NWG:  There is no better place for self-improvement than the GF Movement  –  We are all infected with Meme Pathogens (MP’s); and only by attacking the MP infections within yourself will you ever stop the downhill trajectory of White Noir.  “You are the hand of God!”

2:35:56 – 2:37:08               NWG on Sportsball:   The psychological gelding of our men who wear a Non-White’s name on their back.

2:37:55 – 2:40:14               (cont’d) – NWG on Going Free is your best bet for self-improvement:  Nobody else is attacking the disease…. You must attack the MP’s to begin getting stronger. 

                                                Key point:      ● GF is a life-long process —- There is no “gone free”; you are always “Going Free”

2:42:46 – 2:47:43               NWG offers Inspiration with Testimonials of Going Free  –  We swim daily in a poison of Anti-Whitism.  Many of our people attempt escape by White-Flight into drink, drugs, etc.  

2:48:28 – 2:53:13               Dreadlock Hate Hoax:   Hate hoaxes are a way to imprison us all to the MP that we are an evil People.               

                                                Key points:      ● Hate Hoaxes are another way MP’s are created & communicated to our people 
● Hate Hoaxes cast our people in the role of the Villain    ● This is not about politics; this is about our SURVIVAL

2:53:21 – 3:04:03               Clarion on Dreadlock Hate Hoax:   “We have all been prosecuted by each Hate Hoax.”
These hoaxes are an anti-White contagion; and when inevitably debunked, the harm has already been done.  The damage is exponentially multiplied by the fact that few people ever hear the news of the retraction.   People who falsely accuse need to be held accountable!

                                                Key points:     ● Victims of the Hoax are chosen because of their race —  Media trumpets the race angle initially; but then hides the race element in the retraction   ● Hoaxes feed the fuel of Anti-White violence against us & put us ALL in danger   ● Inevitably, the defenders of the Hoaxer will call for “healing” and “forgiveness”, while sticking the knife in once again by stating that although this particular incident didn’t happen, “we all know these things happen all the time”

3:04:07 – 3:21:23               NWG on Dreadlock Hate Hoax:    NWG reads & gives analysis of the newspaper account of the Dreadlock Girl Hate Hoax.  “Hate Hoaxes are the norm; and these Hate Hoaxes become Hush Crimes. “

There are two kinds of Hate Hoaxes:
1) Anti-White fabrications to make-up Racism 
2) Individuals trying to get out of trouble by playing the Race Card and making themselves the object of sympathy. 

                                                Key points:     ● News articles about the Hoax (which if it had happened should have been no more than a playground incident) were trumpeted by the media & appeared around the world
● Police in the locality holding-up the Anti-White Narrative   ● How would a little White girl have been treated if she had FALSELY accused two non-White classmates of holding her down & cutting her hair??   ● The falsely accused White boys will STILL be prosecuted & persecuted for this incident — even though it did not happen   ● This Hate Hoax will be mouthed as truth by Anti-Whites and repeated over & over again as evidence of Racism against Non-Whites

3:32:53 – 3:35:46               NWG responds to E. Michael Jones characterization of …”What is a White person?”

                                                MP:    What is a White Person?
MC:    We’ll use YOUR definition; the one that you use when you discriminate against us and use to persecute us!

                                                Key point:      ● When responding to an Anti-White, re-field the subject matter to where White People are the ones being discriminated against & harmed by the Anti-Whites.

3:36:46 – 3:37:23               Jason & The Legendary Golden Fleece:   A Community Member recasts NWG as the hero who will, with the rest of us Argonauts, travel a long, long way to recapture our destiny! 

3:45:14 – 3:45:55               Perceived Past Racial Injustices vs. Physical Violence against White People:  Media silence.

3:46:00 – 3:46:56               Punish the Liars!   –  To the same extent as the person initially accused would have been.

3:48:16 – 3:52:48               You don’t have to be Perfect to join the fight for White Well-Being:  All are welcome who want to participate in WWB.  NWG anecdote on not being perfect.

3:52:58 – 3:57:03               The Troll Awards  –  An Oscar-worthy performance by an Anti-White at a recent AOC event, stating “we have to eat the babies”.   The real story, the big take-a-way, is that everyone in the room took her seriously and gave her earnest, attentive support. 

3:59:25 – 4:02:16               NWG & Clarion on an MP from Elementary School:  “This land is your land.”  MP’s are absolutely everywhere!


10-4-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | An Immodest Proposal AOC Acolyte “Eat the Babies!”

1:20 – 2:25                           Video of AOC Acolyte at town-hall style meeting implores:  “We have to eat the babies!”
Unhinged leftist in viral video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/ “AOC” (the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district) plays in blurred format (to avoid channel censorship)

2:20 – 6:58                           NWG enters the Video:  –  Jason/No White Guilt (NWG) gives thanks to everyone who joined the stream last night (Part 1) and helped spread the word with tweets, memes, etc.  

                                                Key points:      ● Regardless of the motive behind an incident like this, if it is real of just a great troll, we need to get out front and spread the message of Going Free & be part of whatever goes viral     ● It is a very high-level caliber of strategy to use the motives, initiatives and acts of other groups & actors —regardless of their motives — to our benefit & to serve our own purposes    
● Highest level of strategic game theory & something that has not been done before in the White-positive (WP) sphere   –   This is the difference of Going Free

7:00 – 10:00                        NWG reads aloud from a book by Dr. Jonathan Swift:   –  Written in the early 1700’s, “A Modest Proposal”, by Jonathan Swift.

                                                Key points:      ● If this woman was a troll, it was an award-winning performance!    ● Whether or not she was, if someone had come into the WP sphere and said something equally crazy, NO ONE would have given her legitimacy, whereas  AOC & her audience did  

10:03 – 12:01                      We hit a home-run last night with the AOC incident  –  Let’ get out in front of everything like this from now on!

                                                Key points:      ● The genius move is to take the effort they put into achieving their aim and goals and turn it to use for our benefit to serve White Well-being


10-3-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | AOC Acolyte “We Need to Eat the Babies!” Part 1 of 2

15:40 – 29:07                      Tucker Carlson show on Fox News Interrupted with Special Video:    –   The madness gets worse every day.   Anti-White, Non-White AOC  —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th District — had been holding a town-hall style audience participation event earlier in the day speaking on anthropogenic (man-made) climate change when a zealous Anti-White in the audience burst out with ,“we have to eat the babies” to save the plant.  This deranged individual was taken seriously by AOC and the crowd!  

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whitism (Anti + White+ ism) is a mental illness; and Anti-Whitism dominates all the governments, news & entertainment of the West   ● Opportunity to shape conversations with friends, family & strangers as everyone will be talking about this   ● This crazed woman was probably not a troll  –  Anti-Whites (A/W’s) really are this crazy!     ● People of this ilk are being wielded against us & against Western Civilization by the A/W’s who are in control     ● Climate change has religious-like adherents pushing “global solutions for global problems” – A phenomenon which at its heart is Anti-White   ● A/W’s push forward mentally ill children & other sick individuals who are impossible to attack    ● World’s most egregious polluters, like India & China, are making ZERO effort to control emissions or cut-back on pollution 

31:15 – 35:50                      Anti-Whites & their Child representative Greta NOT traveling to India or China to lecture them!  
MASSIVE polluters are never forced to cut back their reckless pollution nor are they pressured to control their populations.  Instead, they want to take the wealth from our children and our nations, and to destroy livelihoods and standard of living. 

                                                Key points:      ● The end of the world via some collapse has predicted many times  –  And the deadline passes each time     ● This does not deter the A/W’s from continuing to make predictions & tout new predictive models  

37:01  –  39:14                     Insane Anti-Whites really do say such insane things as, “We have to eat the babies!”  –  Whether or not this woman was a troll, anyone with experience with A/W’s can attest that they truly do say & hold such extreme positions and opinions.    NWG:  “Award-winning troll or AOC acolyte – you decide!”

Key points:      ● We need our people and the ‘normie’ Republicans to see this video & NWG tweets about this so that they can see what kind of people they are really up against    ● A/W’s will come up with any insane justification they can to achieve their objective  — Which is Infliction of harm on Western Civilization & Westernkind      

40:00 – 47:14                      Unhinged Woman addresses AOC  & everyone else in the room with ‘Eat the Babies’ Message:   Woman mentions Swedish scientist who has said we should all become cannibals as a means of reducing population, pollution, etc.,  to somehow save the world.   This is not going to be enough, she asserts, as she takes off her jacket to reveal a t-shirt proclaiming, “Save the Planet – Eat the Babies”.   

                                                Key points:      ● This incident is both extremely hilarious & extremely serious  –  These are the kind of people who want to destroy our children with gender confusion & destroy everything White people built. — and THEY are in charge!     ● Everyone in that room, including AOC, took this woman SERIOUSLY     ● Is it such a big step from being able to abort babies right before they are born to eating them once they are born? 

50:42 – 58:30                      This is an all-hands-on-deck Scenario –  NWG gives talking points for discussing AOC ‘Baby-eater’ Acoloyte:  –   This will be headline news; it is an opportunity to shape the conversation using the proven lexicon & dialectics of Going Free

                                                Key points:       ● People like this deranged woman are foot-soldiers for the Anti-Whites  – Given carte blanche to come into our communities and unleash chaos and destruction.  They hate Western Civilization   ● NWG:  Ask not what Western Civilization can do for you; ask what you can do for Western Civilization    ● Great Thunberg – becoming a Jesus-like symbol for the Anti-Whites  

1:09:31 – 1:25:06               (cont’d) NWG Talking points for AOC ‘Baby-eater’ Acolyte:   Be sure to emphasize that this woman is not at all unusual for the A/W’s, she is not just some random insane person.  Everyone in the room at the AOC event took her seriously & listened respectfully  – And that is one of the most telling aspects. 

Key points:       ● Typical Anti-White….Nothing extraordinary about this person    ● All the people in the room gave her their grave attention; took her seriously     ● These are the same people who say that  all White people alive today should be expected to make amends for every imagined past misdeed  –   but that the brother of a rapist today is not held accountable for the sins of his brother      ● Anti-Whitism attracts the insane  –  It is an ideology that automatically draws people who are unhinged to it & they become more unhinged while they are a part of it    ● At the heart of Anti-Whitism is jealousy and envy of Westernkind      ● White, or Non-White, A/W’s who feel they are not a part of Westernkind, that they are in some way ‘lesser’ than it, then name themselves as ‘victins’ of Westernkind  –   And therefore they see themselves as having a legitimacy to revenge     ● Anti-Whitism is the pretext  — the MIS of pretext – The moralization, intellectualization & sentimentalization of the A/W doctrine    ● Anti-Whites can’t get at who is really in charge so they attack the avatar of Western Civilizaiton; ordinary White men, women & children    ● Anti-Whites are now in positions of power in all Western governmental bodies    ● When A/W’s are amongst themselves, they say many things that we are not supposed to hear  

1:32:21 – 1:35:08               Question from a commenter:   What are the real threats to the environment?    –  Serving White well-being means we care for the environment.   Caring about the environment is best served by being good stewards of our local environments.  NWG also addresses using the lexicon of Going Free so that you are powerful & win on the rhetorical battlefield:  “We don’t call them ‘Leftists’; whatever they call themselves, we don’t give a damn —- they’re Anti-Whites!”

                                                Key points:       ● When we recapture our destiny, we may find new & innovative ways to mesh a high living standard with a pristine environment   ● Crony capitalism that exploits Third World labor, which has no ecological controls or standards, is the gravest threat to the environment

1:35:10 – 1:37:21               The Great Poseidon in the chat let’s NWG know:  –  AOC is blaming “the Right” for making fun of “a sick woman”.  

                                                Key points:      ● AOC is referring to “evil Right-wingers”  –  She means White people.   ● She’s calling the woman “sick” now, when in reality her reaction at the time was to take this person seriously.   There was no change in the expression on her face when this person said “eat the babies  ● If this kind of thing is said at a public event, imagine what is said in private 

1:37:28 – 1:38:30               Another Commenter on the Environment:  –    95% of the world’s plastic pollution has been found in 10 rivers in Asia, Indiana & Africa; not in the West!

                                                Key points:      ● In the West there are heavy penalties for pollution  – Third World has no regulation     ● EPA, IRS, etc., endlessly fine & prosecute violators, while the elite Anti-White super-rich & those in control of Western Civilization can flout the rules

1:38:41 –  1:39:59              NWG’s appearance of the JF channel & the reaction of a mentally disturbed person  –  NWG appeared on JF’s (Jean-François Gariépy) channel, the Public Space, and got a troubled response from JF’s wife.   NWG discusses an attitude of grave concern for the truly ill. 

                                                Key points:      ● The one thing you do not do with a disturbed individual is nod in assent, agree with them & give validity to their delusion 

1:44:29 – 1:45:38               When a person is hearing something that is truly ‘not right’ you can see it on their face:  – 

Key points:      ● AOC is a person who never hesitates to express her emotions via facial expression    ● AOC’s only concern was when the person would not stop talking so that she could respond to her  & regain control of the event

1:46:17 – 1:49:15               NWG announces the video stream will now move over to the “Gardening with NWG” Channel  –  To continue discussion & play video of the AOC incident.

                                                Key points:      ● White erasure is happening in (the former) Rhodesia & others parts of the world and the Anti-White media remains SILENT about it as our people go through HELL   
● Make jokes & memes about how insane AOC & others are – i.e., her assertion that the world is about to end in 12 years – and that they are insane enough to believe things can be turned around by “eating babies”  


9-29-19   Going Free | No White Guilt | TRUMP IMPEACHMENT | And the Past Week

14:55 – 20:17                      Using the Lexicon of Going Free:     …..”Jason, it doesn’t matter what you say; the Anti-Whites are still going to call you a Racist-Nazi-White-Supremacist!”  NWG responds:  Of course the A/W’s are going to say that!  This is not about caring what they think….We are trying to reach the millions of White people with normal sensibilities.   The lexicon of GF will be the absolute last refuge of safety for our people.

Key points:     ● The moment the Anti-Whites try to make caring for our people an indefensible position, a criminal matter, the game is OVER!   ● The Lexicon & Dialectics of GF are about doing what WORKS.

25:35 – 28:54