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12-20-19                               Going Free | No White Guilt | My Thoughts on the Mark Collett and James Goddard Debate

2:50 – 7:01                           Tactics employed moderating the debate & What was at the core of the debate?:   –  Referee  a debate the same way you would a fist-fight  –  If one party starts absolutely pummeling the other, verbally, step in and break them apart & let them each decide at that point if they want to keep ‘fighting’. 

It became clear when NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) sought clarification during the debate that James Goddard defines people as British in the Civ-Nat (Civic Nationalism) sense of the term; British by paper, not by heritage.  He used as an example more than once the “important” and “wonderful” contributions made by the Hindus and the Sikhs, as well as the Indians  — everybody except Islam.  This is one group he is willing to define all members of as the same; undesirable. 

                                                Key points:      ● NWG’s respectful treatment of all parties of the debate    ● Step in to obtain clarity on a point where needed     ● One important example; NWG stepped in to determine what exactly Brian meant by “British people”     ● James believes the British are a people in the Civ-Nat sense of the term; British by paper, not by heritage  –  This is an “abstractionist” position, which contends that you can “learn” to be an ethnic Briton through a sort of osmosis by being steeped in British culture     ● Both men want a United Kingdom (U.K.)  that is not being inundated with immigrants     ● A big salute to James, for stepping up and coming on the show to debate 

7:02 – 9:59                           James was okay with defining a group of people, Muslims,  as a monolith  –   EXCEPT when he has a loved one in a group of people.  This is very often the case with Civ-Nats.  When you dig into their personal history, they have a loved one who is of another group, and are thus compromised.  THAT is the real motivation for Civic Nationalism.  Abstractionists take the same point of view as Civic Nationalism; that a nation is an idea rather than a people.     

                                                Key points:      ● James has an Aunt who is half non-White  –  Therefore, he is compromised & unable to think purely in terms of what is best for White Wellbeing     ● James also has cousins who are Jews in the Israeli defense forces  –  Therefore, he is doubly compromised on what is best for White Westernkind    ● The fatal fallacy of the Abstractionist position is that we have invested literally trillions of dollars across the Western World trying to bring non-European peoples up to our level of civilizational competence  –  And this has FAILED

10:00 – 10:57                      A Solution for Compromised Civic Nationalists such as James:  –  ALL are welcome in the service to White Wellbeing — which is what we do here —  regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, etc.    

                                                Key points:      ● The different races exist  –  Embracing this reality, instead of teaching non-Whites to hate White people, and to despise White Westernkind as the perennial inflictors of harm on their communities, would be a start to finding real solutions to Anti-Whitism  (Anti + White + ism). 

13:34 – 19:49                      Could James come over to our point-of-view with ‘guidance’?   –  Is it a matter of simply following the evidence and facts to where they lead?   NWG:  “I think he (James) has all the facts he needs.”   The issue is loved ones; and being compromised by loved ones.  That prevents a lot of the Civic Nationalists from coming over to embracing White Wellbeing.  

                                                Key points:      ● Civ-Nat/Abstractionist position is touted as the most moral & ethical position; when in fact, it is often being used to shield loves ones from a misperception pushed by the Anti-White Narrative that serving White Wellbeing means harming Non-Whites     ● The Anti-Whites (A/W’s) have perniciously planted far & wide the fantasy that White-positive leadership would lead to military tanks in the streets, rounding up & harming masses on Non-Whites  
● CivNats do have the heroic drive to serve their Bio-Spirit and prevent White Erasure; but they are eternally compromised by the mistaken notion that it would mean harm to their loved ones    ● An Abstractionist, Civ-Nat outcome will be harmful to us in the end  –   “There is no Western Civilization without White Westernkind.”   ● You cannot change a person’s race/Bio-Sprit with a piece of paper       ● A person doesn’t need to be White to serve White Wellbeing! 

19:50 – 22:50                      The False Globalism versus Nationalism Debate:  –   Globalist, Anti-White elites have been able to defeat us BECAUSE of Nationalism.   Nationalism causes us to put the interests of the United States above the interests of our brothers and sisters in other Western nations. 

                                                Key points:      ● The position we need to get to is, that we are working for ALL of Westernkind; ALL around the globe  –  We will accept no position that would harm one group of us to favor another    ● Being a Nationalist presupposes that you won’t come to the aid of other Nationalists around the globe for the benefit of the whole of Westernkind  

22:52 – 23:25                      Mark Collett’s assertion in debate that Jeffrey Epstein was used as a “honey-pot” trap by Mossad:  —  This may or may not be a verified theory.  Investigate for yourselves. 

23:49 – 29:16                      James want the “alt-Right” to Cooperate; When in fact, it is the Civ-Nats that demonize us:  –  The Tommy Robinson problem – Tommy Robinson refers to us as “Nazis”.  The same anti-White slurs that are used on us are used on the Civ-Nats:  bigot, hater, anti-Semite, homo-phobe…..Racist.  No matter even if you are non-White yourself! 

                                                Key points:      ● The reason why Civ-Nats come out so strongly against those of us who serve White Wellbeing is that we choose to see the truth – We have the courage to admit that different races have different Bio-Spirits, different instincts that are a matter of biology, as does every other animal on the planet    ● Culture is just a projection of that ‘instinct’ (the Bio-Spirit) onto our environment  –  Different races create different environments   ● Another form of compromise by some of the Civ-Nats:  Being funded, or ‘paid off’; being threatened or blackmailed     ● Civ-Nats misunderstand Anti-Whites; Communists, Marxists, (whatever name the Anti-Whites give themselves.   The objective of the A/W’s is to inflict harm on Westernkind.     The Civic Nationalism “principled” position is meaningless to the Anti-Whites if it gets in the way of destroying Westernkind!

29:28 – 32:13                      An important point of clarity for Civ-Nats:   –   If you are a Civic Nationalist, and think you are not compromised because you have no non-Whites relatives, you are trying to protect…. NWG:  “Simply know this:  You are misunderstanding the entities & individuals and groups that are inflicting harm on Westernkind and Western Civilization.”   

                                                Key points:      ● If you believe them to be the names of their taking, if you believe them to be the pretexts they give for their actions, you will never come to the truth    ● The reaction of Civ-Nats to being slurred is to come out strongly against us to try to differentiate themselves from those of us who are courageous enough to acknowledge the truth about human racial differences  –  Whereas everyone is able to acknowledge differences do exist for all the other creatures on the planet;  it’s not just about “ideas” !    NWG:  “We cannot undo with a piece of paper what nature or the Creator did with the Bio-Spirit.” 

35:20 – 36:22                      A Conclusive Vote on the outcome of the Debate  –  The winner is Mark Collett!    A poll has been taken on the Entropy chat & donation server (link at Gardening with NWG channel) and the clear winner according to popular opinion is Mark Collett.  To be fair to James Goddard, he was in “Collett country” and there is a huge Mark Collett fan-base on this channel.    Kudos to James for his courage and willingness to cone on the channel and  have an open & fair debate.  

38:33 – 48:47                      James willing to blame Islam for the UK’s immigration assimilation troubles  –  NWG points out: What are the chances James does NOT have a loved one who adheres to Islam or is of Middle-Eastern descent?   NWG: “About 100%, I would say!”  

                                                Key points:      ● Not every single Muslim is going to be a threat to us  –  This does not mean we want our countries inundated with them…  Different Bio-Sprit, different instincts     ● Are the other groups no problem whatsoever?   Would everything be fine if the immigration to the U.K. was 90% Nigerian?     ● Money comes in to Civ-Nat organization from ‘groups’ who are starting to have a problem with Muslim immigration, especially in Europe     ● Civ-Nats are critics of people like Mark Collett, sayng he is too focused on just blaming the Jews  –  While Civ-Nats themselves are hyper-focused on Muslims/Islam     ● Anti-Whitism is the super-set; within that set are sub-sets of Anti-Whites  –  And Islam/Muslims is just one of them    ● All that matters from our perspective is whether or not they are Anti-White     ● We don’t label a group as the enemy  –  We allow the individual to decide whether or not they are going to be Anti-White; and we simply acknowledge their decision   

50:28 – 55:22                      Is Miscegenation inevitable if we live in close proximity to Non-Whites?  –  NWG responds that we can teach our children to make the choice of a White mate by encouraging them with love and appreciation of our own glorious people.  Also, NWG recounts a conversation he had with a White, Anti-White girl who idolizes the Japanese culture.      

                                                Key points:      ● Our children today are not really given a choice   –  They are constantly propagandized that our race is evil, goofy, pathetic    ● Responding to an idea about some sort of law or policy against miscegenation – Forcing people to do, or not do, something is not a stable situation.  Education & encouragement are far more effective.

1:03:49 – 1:08:15               NWG plays Outrageously Inoffensive’s Video, “Europe as Eternity”  –   One of many powerful & entertaining White-positive video selections available on the No White Guilt channel under ‘White Wellbeing Community Vids’. 

1:10:08 – 1:12:20               Save Africa – Feed the (African) Children & unintended consequences:   –   Many people fell for the appeals for “help” for Africa in the 1980’s.  Mostly, White people.  A commenter discusses how he even had money directly deducted from his paycheck for the cause. 

                                                Key points:      ● The money & resources that weren’t stolen directly by corrupt African leadership only served to increase the African population & make the population pressures there even more unsustainable, driving the migration of Africans into Western countries that we have seen now for the past decade    ● An illustration of the preposterous Civ-Nat position; or, does contributing to Africa make us “Africans”?

1:13:21 – 1:18:39               Question for NWG:  What would be the one point you would make to bring James Goddard over to our side?   –   NWG responds; the main point to make is that James does not have to worry about his non-White loved ones being victimized by the service to White Wellbeing.

                                                Key points:      ● NWG:  It is the same as in the sales profession; the real objection someone has to buying from you is the one thing they rarely reveal.  It is something they want to keep secret.  This is human nature.     ● Often the case is, the one thing that is keeping the person from serving White Wellbeing is that someone close to them is adamantly anti-White  –  This person most likely cannot be reached, so you should just move on to someone who can

1:18:40 – 1:22:26               Who does James think dominates our political system?   –   NWG:  All that matters about who dominates us is that they are anti-White.   If we are to succeed in recapturing our destiny, we must adopt a holistic approach; are they anti-White or not?  

                                                Key points:      ● Follow-up questions for NWG:  What Meme Pathogen (MP) would you say James is most infected with?    ● James seems to support White Erasure  –  That the U.K. will be fine as long as the ‘New’ Britons support British values …. And are not adherents of Islam.

1:24:13 – 1:27:19               NWG on the nature of debates:   –  ‘Blood-sports’ on YouTube were not debates; they were shouting matches.

                                                Key points:      ● A ‘debate’ can only happen when the participants share a common goal & they are arguing about what methods will arrive at that common goal      ● If they don’t share a common goal, and they have different systems of morality, it’s not a debate  –  It’s a shouting match      ● The Collett vs. Goddard event was much closer to a real debate than the YouTube Blood Sports

1:27:34 – 1:29:48               NWG on matters of Christian Faith & ‘Brothers in Faith’…  Churches have become so anti-White that Jason was driven away from Christianity.  NWG:  “But I am open to God himself coming down and asking me to return.“   

1:34:22 – 1:39:14               How is the LGBT Agenda Anti-White when it is targeted at all races?  –  Harm done to non-Whites by the Anti-Whites is just collateral damage.  Whites are the real target; and it is virtually impossible for them to inflict great harm on us without some others getting in the way. 

                                                Key points:      ● We don’t care, in the service to White Wellbeing, what sex you find attractive  –  ● Just keep it in the privacy of your bedroom and don’t broadcast it for special attention; whether you are heterosexual of homosexual    ● NWG on the South Africa example of non-White collateral damage    ● Many sub-sets of the super-set that is Anti-Whitism

1:39:16 – 1:40:57               Put the onus of defining “Who is White?” on the Anti-Whites  –    Defining “who is White” is a moot non-starter; it is used by the A/W’s to trip you up.  They don’t ask other groups to define themselves…

                                                Key points:      ● Time & conflict are going to funnel out who is White and who is not     ● No one who can identify as not being White and get away with it will want to be the target of the Anti-Whites    ● Westernkind has a great heterogeneity that we want to identify and expand

1:41:27 – 1:42:39               NWG Closing Remarks:   –   Virginia is currently under siege by the Anti-Whites who want to take away your right to self-defense. 

                                                Key points:      ● The fatal flaw of our system of governance:  Once you are outnumbered demographically, your interests will be voted right out from under you!


12-8-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | Finishing a Conversation With a White Antiwhite Girl | Born Guilty 1Yr

7:05 – 9:32                           The “Legacy Majority” Slander:    –   As Whites become a numerical minority in our own countries, we will not be treated with the care & concern of other so-called “minorities” who are non-White people.  Instead, as predicted by NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) new MP’s (Meme Pathogens) will be created to continue our Victimization by the Anti-Whites (A/W’s):  Such as, referring to us as the “legacy majority” to push the A/W Narrative that we are somehow ‘privileged’; whereas, in reality, we are becoming increasingly demonized and marginalized.    

                                                Key points:      ● The Anti-White (A/W) Narrative that we live within is a Fiction; manufactured and controlled by the Anti-Whites     ● The A/W’s magnify reality when it suites them & they bury in underfoot when it does not     

10:08 – 11:12                      Getting out of the Anti-White Narrative:   –  It is extremely important that we use our own vernacular, the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free, to regain control of our destiny.  Refuse to see the world as the Anti-Whites want you to see the world!

 Key points:      ● If you stay within the A/W Narrative, your part has already been written by its authors to be that of the “bad guy” –  In this narrative, you are to be defeated & destroyed  
● Attempting to argue using the terms & precepts of the Anti-Whites is akin to being the author of a book and having the characters you are writing attempt to rebel against you  –  As the author, you have all the control over what happens in the story & it’s final outcome     

11:42 – 18:00                      Video Clips from NWG streams now available:   –   Jonny Scythe has undertaken the arduous task of clipping out portions of NWG Going Free orations that will move and inspire you…. A great way to share the work of No White Guilt with people you want to reach who might not be willing to sit through hours of a live stream.   These clips are very inspiring and are POWERFUL!!

                                                Key point:      ● The clips are located on the No White Guilt YouTube channel, in the Wellbeing Community Playlist,  under “Jonny Scythe”     ● A link for show notes, which breaks down the content of each Going Free stream, are also now available    ● It is our DUTY to help others go free of Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism) — And these clips are an excellent way to reach people with something that will actually work for them     ● Changing hearts & minds is how we will WIN  –   We do not currently have the power to “march through the institutions” as our Victimizers did

18:04 – 21:37                      Leaflets available for distribution:  –  A special thanks & huge round of applause  to “John”, a member of our community who has printed out 10,000 (!!)  leaflets at his own expense so that they are available — at no cost! — to anyone who wants to pass them out legally in their own area.  “John” has also made good on a pledge of donating $50 for Jason (to give $10 each to 5 of his favorite content creators) to give a token financial pat-on-the-back of recognition to people doing great work in the White-positive sphere.       

                                                Key point:      ● Direct message Jason on Twitter (NWG), or on the contact page of No White Guilt Collectibles, if you are interested in a quantity of leaflets to distribute

24:26 – 28:43                      “It’s Okay to be White” vs. “No White Guilt”:  –  NWG discusses how the Anti-White Narrative is already sewn in to the phrase “It’s okay to be White”, versus the phrase “No White Guilt, which re-fields the discussion so that your interrogator is forced to explain to you why you should feel ‘guilt’ for something you never did!

                                                Key points:      ● What the Anti-Whites do with “It’s Okay to be White” is simply explain that what that really means is something else; something to do with “White Supremacy”, or whatever  –  Thus, the disbelief & frustration that results when the A/W’s screech in protest that it’s NOT okay to be White!    ● When you say “no White guilt”, the Anti-Whites become the bad guy by telling you why you should feel guilt  –  Healthy White people still will not accept this, even at this point

31:10 – 35:01                      “White Knighting” vs. “No White Guilt Knighting”:   –   Content creator Laura Towler, a lovely & personable young women who is doing incredible, highly effective work in the White-positive sphere, has seemingly been singled out by the Anti-Whites for censorship & attack.  The A/W’s always go after our women first, as women are more easily intimidated & shut down.  NWG explains there is a biological reason for this; the reality for women is that they are more physically vulnerable and this translates mentally.

                                                  Key points:      ● We should defend & support our female content creators – This differs from “White Knighting”, wherein a male loser tried to ingratiate himself to a woman …perhaps in hopes of sexual favors from her

36:19 – 39:20                      “Proud to be White”?    –    The White Bio-spirit (or, instinct) the projection of ourselves onto our environment, is why we create Western Civilization wherever we go.  A brief discussion of how Western Civilization has benefited the world.  And how, indeed, the peoples of the world seem to vote with their feet for a preference of living in White countries —- If they could all comes to our countries, they would!   There is, however, no objective measuring stick & all races should naturally consider themselves proud of who & what they are.

41:40 – 44:23                      Is it all about the welfare benefits?   –    Many Cuckservatives & Libertarians push the mistaken idea that if we cut off welfare benefits, illegals & other immigrants would simply leave.  NWG discusses how unlikely that theory is, given the safe & clean environments (for now) in many parts of Western countries. 

                                                Key points:      ● Immigrants are highly incentivized to come to Western countries through special financing programs & other preferential treatment    ● Immigrants also vote overwhelmingly in their own group interests  

47:00 – 57:51                      The Antiquated method of citing data to bring people over to our side:  –    The data IS on our side!  So it is understandable why people think we will eventually win simply because we have the truth.  NWG passionately debunks this idea:   “The Anti-Whites have already won with the LIES!”

                                                Key points:      ● Most people are not intellectually honest enough to change their worldview when presented with data      ● Data can be effective with people who are already Going Free & need  the  information to bolster their positions     ● Data might also be effective with a general public audience wherein you are  not addressing individuals – Most people with health instincts  lean towards reality     ● Don’t engage Anti-Whites who will cite bogus studies with a predetermined narrative  –  You will not move them by contradicting their false reality … Mock them for being Anti-White & MOVE ON to someone you can reach.

58:52 – 1:12:10                  Fantastic Testimonials & Positive Comments on Going Free & White Wellbeing:   –   NWG reads a fabulous testimonial on using the White-positive lingo.  “White lady ‘vagues’ love & respect a White positive man.”  All in all, it is fulfilling to see the gleam of respect in the eyes of other people when you openly love your own people!   NWG also gives powerful pointers on reaching your teenage children.

                                                Key points:      ● It’s not just about reaching new people; it’s also about supporting & strengthening people who are already White-positive    ● For people who say casting non-Whites in movies, commercials, etc., is just a ‘coincidental’ decision….  The disingenuous argument, ”What difference does it make?”   The Anti-White material in fiction, films, commercials, advertisements & all media is not an accident; it is an intentional decision
● Teams of people sign off on each casting & narrative decision – And the decision they are making is White erasure    ● People are afraid of speaking out for good reason – They fear being punished as Heretics by the Anti-Whites….Which only happens because the is not “White people” in power; it is Anti-White people in power!

1:12:21 – 1:15:00               The conflicted Bio-Spirits of mixed-race peoples:  –    Multi-racial individuals often experience conflict in their different Bio-Spirits; an imbalance that can lead to mental and emotional problems.  Interestingly, many seem to identify more with the White Bio-Sprit within themselves.  Look to the advertisements for psychiatrists to see who their target audience is.  

1:15:09 – 1:19:00               Non-White models in advertising  —- EVERYWHERE!   –   Blacks appear in vastly disproportionate numbers in ads for places such as Cabela’s Sporting Goods where the main consumer demographic is White people.  A psychological warfare is being waged against us.   As long as we are not in control of our destinies, we will not be allowed to control any area of our lives.     

                                                Key points:      ● The goal is to deny us any sphere of existence to ourselves  –  This is to disrupt our Bio-Spirits      ● A/W’s even have their eye on our families as a place where we should not be allowed freedom of association    ● Blacks are a small percentage of the population but we see them literally everywhere in the media  –  This is by intentional design

1:19:55 – 1:44:19               Conclusion of a Conversation with a Self-Loathing Anti-White Girl:  –   (This discussion is continued from last week’s Going Free)   Horrific, life-long consequences result when young women who are self-loathing seek to White flight from who they are.    NWG concludes the back-and-forth conversation he had via Twitter with an Anti-White girl from Australia who idolizes Japanese culture.    The young woman is clearly Anti-White & suffering from White Noir, and she reached out in an adversarial manner to NWG.   NWG’s reply to her:  “There is no Japanese girl out there who is betraying her people like you are yours.

                                                Key points:      ● Females especially feel the need to shut-down all objections to them or their behavior     ● NWG destroys the A/W tactic of saying it’s all about love & equality — not about victimizing White people.  “It’s just really a syrupy lie that doesn’t work any more.”   ● NWG reads his entire response to her rejection of her own culture & all the sacrifices that were made to provide it to her by her ancestors    ● This young woman is White-flighting into White Erasure

1:44:21 – 1:47:25               NWG segues into a video by the talented & magnificent ‘Lovely Porridge’, who also hails from Australia  –   Clip of the Lovely Porridge video, “The boy who didn’t like White people” plays.   This video, and many others, can be found on the No White Guilt channel under “White Wellbeing Community Vids”

1:47:26 – 1:55:10               Musical selection plays:  Luke Mason’s “Prometheus Part One”- “Creation and the Birth of the Gods”.  This music video selection is also available for viewing at the No White Guilt channel under “White Wellbeing Community Vids”

2:05:13 – 2:13:59               White Noir or Being Considerate of Non-Whites?   –    A commenter (Roi Danton) asks NWG: “Is it White Noir or just being consideration if I turn off the Going Free audio stream when I am in a taxi with a non-White driver?”   NWG:  ALL are welcome in the service to White Wellbeing, regardless of any physical characteristics!  NWG also discusses the mutated view of who is intelligent that has been transmitted by the media. 

                                                Key points:      ● On a serious note, don’t “dox” yourself around someone who is potentially Anti-White and in a position to use information against you; consider each situation you are in carefully     ● Some mixed-race people feel they never fit in; Shazia Hobbs, activist & content creator in the United Kingdom,  is a wonderful person in the service of White Wellbeing    ● An alien people has given us a distorted view of physical & mental capacities

2:17:30 – 2:32:06               One Year Anniversary of the publication of “Born Guilty” by Jason Kohne (NWG):  –  The cover art alone of this book is an extremely powerful statement.  The searing image of an innocent, tender white baby who has been, literally, branded with Anti-White slurs burned into its flesh.  This image is devastating in its ramifications of how we are ALL branded as “guilty” simply for being born White. 

Key points:      ● Many distributions of the book are planned    ● NWG describes the experimental literature concept he utilized in writing the book, shows actual sketches from the book, and reads a key passage from the book…  ”Atonement can not be made for a grievance never committed”    ● A video stream of NWG with Jared George (The Great Order) celebrating the one-year release anniversary is available at TAP TV  –  The After Party television

2:32:49 – 2:35:53               NWG addresses the futility of violence – And of voting:  Is violence an option against White Genocide?  Someone in the chat asks & Jason responds:  “Non-violence is all we have; and, it is the fastest route to victory.”  It’s not voting; it’s not violence; it’s Going Free  —  It’s the psychological empowerment of our people & it’s building community…..  That is the path to victory. 

2:36:04 – 2:38:54               How do you stay positive when dealing with all of Anti-Whites day after day?    Knowing that there are people you CAN reach is what provides motivation to keep reaching out & to continue the work of Going Free. 

Key point:      ● There are people whom you can reach & lives you can save  –  Don’t waste your time on those you can’t!

2:39:58 – 2:52:09               “Born Guilty” is about saving our people:   –  NWG gives powerful testimony of the people who have reached out to him after their lives were changed by the message of Going Free.  NWG relates an incident from his personal history, from preschool, that opened his eyes to the Anti-White Narrative we are living in and shaped the course of his life, leading to his decision to live his life for White Wellbeing.

Key points:      ● Awakened at a very early age by a gift for noticing anomalies in patterns –  Having good instincts even before knowing what is actually going on     ● Jason also details his personal story from “The Crucible”   ●There was the actual threat & the reality of physical violence to him as a young man, simply for caring about his people 

2:54:10 – 2:59:22               Jason reads from “The Crucible”:  –   One of the books within the book, “The Crucible” details Jason’s personal story as a very young person deciding to dedicate his life to the service of our people, to the service of White Wellbeing. 

Key point:      ●  A star athlete & very  popular student, NWG became subject to relentless & unceasing social ostracization;  losing all his friends and facing the scorn & rejection by his female classmates  –  And outright violence by Anti-White Non-Whites in his school    ● Inspired by the greatness of Westernkind and the sacrifices of his ancestors, Jason found the strength to stay true to himself & defend the truth despite many moments of doubt  –  An incredible feat for a young Middle-school aged boy

3:00:57 – 3:02:40               “Real bravery is chosen”   –    The choice to overcome your fear must be made again, and again, and again.  If you can perceive all that can go wrong, all of the ramifications, all of the potential hurt, and you decide that you are going to be brave anyway —- “THAT is real bravery!”

                                                Key points      ● Every single person among us can make the decision to be brave for our people   ● Those who claim they feel no fear, are either ignorant of possible consequences or they are lying  

3:03:21 – 3:24:33               NWG reads a vignette from “Born Guilty”:   –   Jason reads a selection from his book in which he takes the reader on a guided tour of the apartment he was staying in at the time of its writing.  The portion of the book is constructed in such a way that it is as if the reader is there with NWG  person.  Here, he is speaking to the reader about the deception and lies of the media in shaping the Anti-White Narrative.

                                                Key point:      ● NWG also reads from “Prometheus Rising”, a mytho-poetical construct he created as an allegory  –  This is yet another unique & creative device from the book, “Born Guilty” & is a tool to understand our social phenomena   ● NWG also discusses more of his true personal story that is in “Crucible”  


12-1-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | A Conversation With a White Antiwhite Girl | Antiwhite Terror Attacks

7:29 – 10:38                        The Limited Perspective of Youth:   –   Were things really “okay” (i.e., not so Anti-White) just five years ago?  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason):  “No!  Even 50 years ago, things were not okay!”  Our country hasn’t been serving White well-being (WWB) for a very, very long time.

                                                Key points:      ● The exact date we lost control of our destiny can be determined in each Western nation by the day the banking was taken over by people who are Anti-White (A/W) – And the people in control are still Anti-Whites today   ● There is also a tendency in young people to latch onto antiquated ideas that have already been proven to fail  

15:55 – 23:55                      What are we doing in the work of learning the Lexicon & Dialectics of Going Free?  –  To be the most powerful and effective that you can in helping others Go Free (GF) of the Anti-White Narrative, and to become the greatest agent for change in the service of White Well-being (WWB).  Becoming fluent in this lingo will help you be most the powerful & effective you can be in your circles of influence.  

                                                What we can do right now:     Treat ourselves for all our various Meme Pathogens (MP’s) with the Meme Curatives (MC’s) and help inoculate all of those around us with the Curative Contagion (CC) of Going Free – That is how we change the context to one in which we CAN reclaim our destiny! 

                                                Key points:      ● We are NOT trying to change the government or get people elected   ● We are not trying to turn back the totality of all of Anti-Whitism (Anti + White + ism)  or return to some time in the past    ● The feeling of being overwhelmed at the current state of White people and the forces arrayed against us does more harm than to us than anything the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) could ever do     ● It is impossible to remove all the Anti-Whites that are in every level of society    ● Find something you can do every single day to work for White Well-being (WWB)  –  This will give your life real purpose & meaning and overcome defeatism …. No act is too small!

24:17 – 24:54                      NWG now able to receive crypto-currency:   –   Anyone who wishes to invest in Jason’s work in with crypto can now do so. 

29:46 – 30:31                      Going Free is working for people IRL (in real life):  –  NWG receiving more & more messages and testimonials from those who are applying the lexicon & dialectics that speak to a situation they are dealing with and winning the arguments with Anti-Whites.

34:21 – 35:32                      NWG shares with the viewers a beautiful sprig of holly from his back yard.   –   NWG is a great friend & excellent steward of the beauty of nature; plants and animals!

37:40 – 43:34                      A Hero in the Community  –   Roi Danton:   –    A working glass gentleman who has seen his life change with Going Free.  Jason gives a warm thanks for the generous & very gracious support he has received from Roi.    Mr. Roi Danton believes in the potency of the Going Free message, and wants to see the message multiplied.   Much love & appreciation and respect to Roi Danton! 

43:38 – 46:43                      Thanksgiving & Jamestown and the Anti-White Revisionist Narrative  –  We will someday have a ‘Hall of Heroes’ to all of those who are showing up now to Going Free, at a time when there is a great cost to being White-positive (WP).

46:50– 1:00:00                   Mimir’s Brunnr Video  &   e-Communities are REAL communities!   –   Contest for “Last Message to the West” has a dedicated website (Last Message to the West. com).  The contest has attracted submissions of incredibly powerful and stunning videos.  Every video is an absolute diamond – be sure to watch them all & to get your vote in before the end of the day on Thanksgiving.

                                                Key points:      ● The theme “Last Message to the West is not meant to be a fatalistic farewell  –  It is a rallying cry to awaken Westernkind while there is still time to reach our brothers & sisters
 ●  A special round of applause for Gerhard Tersteegen for his video, which perfectly uses the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free     ● Using the lexicon is the best way to win over  the ‘vagues’ who are just villainy-signaling (‘virtue signaling’) and repeating the Anti-White lines    ● Always go with what works best for White Well-being   ● In a world of collectivism individualism is suicide    ● Big round of applause for ‘Cokeunut’ – Very impressive work on perhaps her first video ever made    ●  Our on-line communities are REAL communities!  –  And that is the reason A/W governments want to shut them down.

1:04:00 – 1:08:14               Question for NWG:  I’m winning the debate with my Anti-MP (Meme Pathogen) skills; but, now how do I win the person?  –   Once you are skilled in using the Going Free lexicon & dialectics to conquer any MP that comes your way, showing the person how to see anti-Whitism  in the world around them will help them more than anything to come over to Going Free

                                                Key points:      ● Most people will not capitulate their position right there on the spot – Give them room to arrive at the truth through on their own.   After their thoughts have been set in motion, the conclusion will be when they are awakened to the truth.    ● Coming awake to a truth of this magnitude, after having been wrong or simply unaware, can be an earth-shattering experience when a person finally sees how bad things really are.  

1:10:42 – 1:14:45               Avoid arguments about historical events:  –   You only have so much time to reach someone in a conversation or argument.  Avoid being distracted & meeting resistance by going into great detail about the interpretation of historical events.

                                                Key points:       ● Exact & minute details of particular historical events are superfluous when you are trying to reach someone and change their perspective about what is happening right now.    ● Don’t look in the rear view mirror while we are driving off a cliff!      ● If someone wants to talk about a historical event, use it to vector them into a discussion about a Meme Pathogen that is related to it.

1:19:22 – 1:29:57               NWG reads positive comments of support:   We are a real community!   NWG shares communications from those who have reached out to Jason recently about how their lives are being empowered and transformed.    Every effort counts — every little thing people hear, or read, or see, brings them closer to the truth.

1:31:24 – 1:35:22               Musical Interlude:  –   Donald Jackson’s “Thought Police” plays.   

1:37:34 – 1:38:29               NWG’s Upcoming Travels:  –   Jason will be speaking at the upcoming Awakening Conference in Finland. 

1:41:51 – 1:54:47               Mimir’s Brunnr video:   –   A slight clarification/disagreement compels Jason to discuss a line from the video…”For a warrior to be complete, he must not hide from death; but seek it.”  Dichotomy between what sounds poetic & dramatic and what is more realistic.   NWG advises using instead: “For a warrior to be complete, he must not hide from GLORY….” 

                                                Key points:      ● Moving towards glory is the real purpose of a man’s life  –  Not moving towards death    ● Glory can also be on the rhetorical battlefield  –  Don’t use the fantasy of some final battle you are waiting for to give yourself an excuse for doing nothing    ● Put your energy into saving our people; not preparing physically or stockpiling weapons for some final battle that will benefit no one & probably is never going to materialize…. And that you would lose anyway.   That is defeatism

1:58:37 – 2:01:55               What are the best arguments to use against Anti-Whites:   Winning in arguments…. Reject everything that leads to an Anti-White conclusion!  

                                                Key points:      ● If the person is so A/W that they are immovable, stop talking to them.  Don’t waste your time on someone who is truly Anti-White & not just a ‘normie’ or a ‘vague’    ● Move on to someone who will benefit from what you have to say. 

2:03:30 – 2:32:25               Conversation with a White, Anti-White girl:  –    An important discussion for everyone with a girl or with young women in their life.   NWG relates a recent back & forth conversation he had via messaging, and the very telling revelations about an Anti-White young woman who sees nothing to be proud of in her own culture but is  enamored with the culture of Japan & finds much to admire there.  

                                                 Key points:      ● Our job is to protect our children – Your intervention & teaching might be the only chance they have     ● Start a conversation with those in your care; are they infected with Anti-White MP’s?     ● A/W girl stated there was nothing to be proud of in White culture, and therefore she is not worried about what happens to us –  That she has been raised to think this way is the darkest child abuse in all of history   ● This is part of the sickness of White Noir; thinking you have no culture & seeking an identity elsewhere     ● This girl knows nothing about the negative & violent parts of Japanese culture and their treatment of our people during the Bataan death march     ● We are taught that all aspects of other cultures are special & good and that our culture is all bad    ● We are raised to think we have no culture …Our culture is everything all around us; the myriad norms that you take for granted.  What do you say to someone who can’t see the Grand Canyon when they are looking right at it?!      ● Our culture created the scientific method & countless other wondrous advancements to health and prosperity.  NWG:  “Culture is not dancing around a fire naked!”    ● What kind of monstrous immorality causes an animal, in this case a human animal, to want to destroy its own kind?     
● A/W girl was robbed of her choices by the Anti-Whites    ● NWG’s final message to an Anti-White girl who idolizes Japanese culture:  “There is no Japanese girl betraying her people like you are yours.”   

2:32:36 – 2:35:22               How to get beyond the demoralizing effect of seeing the worst of our people:   –   On any trip to Walmart or a similar establishment to shop for essentials, you will inevitably see a discouraging sample of what has become of our people thought degeneracy, race-mixing and Anti-Whitism.  You will see Whites erasing themselves in one form or another.  This sort of experience can be very, very demoralizing and can drain you of the motivation to work for White well-being.

                                                Key points:      ● Although you will be disgusted by degenerate Whites, you can fuel your motivation by seeing what Anti-Whitism has done to our people   ● Look to the little children with them for your inspiration  –  They are innocent; they can be saved from growing up to White erasure.

2:39:17 – 2:51:03               The Anti-White Narrative in Fiction   –   NWG discusses how the A/W Narrative is crafted & amplified in fictional works – books, movies, television, advertising etc.  Nothing in the plot happens by accident! 

                                                Key points:      ● Teams of writers & other people sit down to hash these ideas out – They are consciously infecting us with anti-White Meme Pathogens (MP’s)     ● Pointing this out to people you are trying to reach can be a very effective way to illustrate Anti-Whitism

2:52:56 – 3:04:28               Anti-White Terror Attack in London:    –   Another terrorist atrocity in London.   The psychological trauma of this to White people in our own homelands is of no interest to the Anti-Whites….They are focused instead on the ‘hurt’ feelings of non-Whites who might feel a moment of discomfort in our midst, or a hate hoax.   ‘Way of the World’ created a video called “Stab City” and YouTube yanked it right away.   A few days later, a non-White ‘border crosser’ did exactly what was discussed in this video.  Is the truth something that doesn’t meet YouTube’s  “community standards” ? 

                                                Key points:      ● Two of our Westmen – they were Polish men – were heroes and rushed in valiantly in response to physically stop the attacker    ● Terror attacks are happening daily in the Western world, and yet the Anti-Whites can’t stop talking daily about a single accidental death in Charlottesville — in the year 2017!    ● The Anti-Whites don’t want you to know how bad it is getting out there for White people     ● Things getting worse is not “better” for us  –  Worse is only “better” when you have an alternative.  And right now, we do NOT.     ● All of the Anti-Whites who made this possible; the blood is on THEIR hands!     ● Parents of the young man murdered are so sick with White Noir that they offer up their own child as sacrifice to Anti-Whitism    ● We will remember those who died with the love we have for all of our people     

3:04:30 – 3:08:00               Heroism that is STILL in our White Men:   –    Two Westmen who still have enough masculinity in them to defend humanity & decency took heroic action.  One of the men grabbed a narwhal tusk to put a stop to the non-White terrorist. 

                                                Key points:      ● Use this terror attack as an example to illustrate the damage that Anti-Whites are inflicting on Western Civilization & Westernkind.  The terrorist is not just the A/W non-White attacker, but ALL of the Anti-Whites who made this possible!     ● NAXALT:  “Not All X Are Like That”  –  The deadly banal argument that “It’s not all of them!”   

3:15:51  – 3:18:13              NWG Closing Words of Inspiration:   –   A challenge for this week; reach out to somebody new!   And also, be careful out there.   There is no bravery to be proven by going to an area that has been taken over by non-Whites.  We have to recapture our destiny to reclaim all that is ours.  Spread the word of White well-being…..And carry a narwhal tusk! 


11-20-19:                             Going Free | No White Guilt | Brief Definition of a Cult and Brief Thoughts on Secession

5:55 –10:24                         How to Handle Discord:  –  Militant anti-White disruptors are actively sowing division among our ranks.  Some of the discord is also coming from individuals in our circles with character flaws.  We do not have the luxury of time to suffer the bad behavior of dysfunctional individuals — and we must cut them loose.

13:20 – 14:13                      NWG anecdote of his work on ‘The Hill’:  –  Lesson from Jason, a Capitol Hill insider…”It’s better to be simple and sharp, as a well-dressed man.”

15:15 –17:34                       Give a round of applause – No support shaming!     As an example, “Anonymous” is giving $5 each to ten of NWG’s favorite White-positive content creators.  Appreciation of the good works of others is the ‘moral’ thing to do.

19:20 – 42:30                      What is a Cult? :  –   NWG discusses a 10-point checklist, compiled by an anti-White group, that details the characteristics & markers of what signifies that an organization is a Cult.  Any group that opposes anti-Whitism is considered a cult by the Anti-Whites.  (Spoiler alert:  Going Free is NOT a cult!)    

                                                Key points:     ● There are numerous Anti-White cults.  They are downplayed by using the Equivalency Factor.  A countless number of White people have been tortured & killed by Anti-White cults    ● GF & working for White well-being is NOT a cult!  There is no “center pole” in this movement; no one person that holds up the entire entity.  We encourage debate.  NWG always yields to reason, logic & evidence.

                                                Identifiers of a Cult:     ● Zealous commitment to a leader & his ideology, whether he is dead or alive    ● The group is elitist & the leader has an exalted status- the figurehead is considered a messiah by adherents    ● Questions, doubts, and discussion are discouraged or even punished
● Mind-altering techniques such as chants, speaking in tongues, & exhaustion through extreme physical labor – Adherents are subjected to privations    ● Leadership exerts iron control over all aspects of the lives of followers; micro-managing even small decisions like where they live and the clothing they wear    ● Supportive symptom:  A polarized “us” vs. “them” mentality which may cause conflict with the wider society    ● Leadership is not held accountable to any authority    ● Whatever ‘means’ necessary justifies the exulted ‘ends’    ● Members are controlled by shame, guilt and often peer pressure    ● Followers cut ties with friends & family and radically alter personal goals that they held before joining the cult     ● A pre-occupation with bringing in new members    ● Pre-occupied with making money    ● Adherents devote an inordinate amount of time to the group   ● Members are encouraged to socialize only with other group members   ● ‘Loyal’ members have no life outside the group

46:08 – 48:08                      Are Climate Change Activists Anti-White?    –    One of the virtues of Westernkind is an affinity with nature and good stewardship of the environment.  Anti-White activists are those who aim the blame at & demand solutions only from White countries.  

                                                Key points:     ● Climate activists become anti-White when they harm Westernkind & Western Civilization   ● Those pushing the Environmental agenda have been WRONG in their dire predictions time & time again, for decades.

50:55 – 55:35                      A/W Carbon Taxes, Finances, Fiat Currency:  –  How close are we to a system-wide collapse?

                                                Key points:     ● Being conscious versus unconscious   ● What you can do now:  Take charge of yourself, your thoughts, your life

55:44 – 1:03:53                  NWG coined the term White Well-Being:  –  NWG constructed the lexicon & dialectics of Going Free as simplified terms to be a ‘hook’ to hang other concepts on – like train cars that connect together.   NWG discusses the construction of the powerful word “Anti-Whitism” as an extension of the now widespread use of “Anti-White”.

                                                Key points:     ● NWG also coined the terms Westernkind and Westmen    ● The power of concept:  We are a single people with many countries around the World.

1:04:20 – 1:06:17               Putting your best foot forward in all things:  –  NWG on the true qualities of a winner; you don’t have to be the most qualified & skilled…Be someone who always puts their best foot forward.  ”You don’t have to be rich – you just have to try!  You just have to have a heart.”

                                                Key point:     ● TAP.TV  (The After Party television) is our community gathering spot; be sure to sign up for e-mail updates on all that is going on there.

1:10:09 – 1:39:50               Thoughts on Secession  –  It is impossible; an irrational idea:  –  “The moment you can defeat the U.S. Govt. at war, you can secede.  Period!  And, you would also have to defeat every other Govt. that is dominated by Anti-Whites!”  NWG also discusses the history of the previous attempt at secession by the Southern States at a time in history when the U.S. was much less Anti-White.  The U.S. Govt. was willing to slaughter a million people to prevent it…The equivalent today would be almost 300 million. 

                                                Key points:     ● The key to success is supporting those who are effectively working for White well-being — Those who are acting the part of the villain in an A/W script are harming WWB.
● NWG insight on personal dynamism:  Never “wish” for anything.  “A wish is actually a curse…The moment you ‘wish’ it, you have cursed yourself to never have it.”

1:40:29 – 1:55:00               Re: Secession is impossible —  “You’re Black-pilling us, NWG!”:    Jason responds – “It’s only ‘Black-pilling’ if you have the delusion that secession is the route to success.” 

                                                Key points:     ● Nothing stays static – In a new context, there will be other opportunities that we cannot foresee in our current context     ● Anyone attempting secession from the U.S. Govt. will be tried for treason – or get the Waco treatment    ● The Event Horizon for us to take back our destiny is approaching – We cannot divide ourselves into sects!

1:57:17 – 2:00:06               Using the Holodomor Remembrance Day as a Talking Point:  –   A commenter asks if this event can be used when reaching out to help others Go Free.  NWG responds.

                                                Key point:     ● Most people have never even heard of it; and if you give them a history, their eyes will glaze over & your message will be lost.

2:12:12 – 2:42:43               What are we doing here with Going Free? :   –  The purpose of the work here is to advocate for White well-being.  “We’re going to walk the safest path we can walk through this anti-White jungle.” 

                                                Key points:      ● All are welcome here; even non-Whites who want to work for WWB  
● We don’t demonize any particular group – We allow others to decide whether or not they are Anti-White; by their actions we know them    ● Sedition Laws – The Patriot Act as a vehicle to clamp down on Nationalists; the word “Nationalist” in on the targeted violence list   ● Internal discord – Our highest morality is “does it serve White well-being”.  Every other virtue comes below that    ● We area motivated by love for our people    ● ‘Richard’s rant’, and an element in the WP sphere who has decried NWG as a ‘cult’ for rejecting secession  –  Couching insults in praise and sowing dissension

2:50:29 – 2:55:01               What about ‘Segregation’? :  –  Segregation is as non-viable as secession.  “It is a question of power; do we have the power, or not?” 

                                                Key points:      ● Other people, A/W’s and A/W Non-Whites do NOT think like us.  The concept of Westernkind is “what you do in your own backyard is your business” and “live and let live”.    The Anti-Whites do NOT operate that way!     ● Would the A/W’s settle for separate but equal?  Never.  They don’t even want you alive!

2:58:02 – 3:01:38               You are not Alone!  –    NWG on the psychological warfare against those who are White positive.  “They want you to feel alone.” 

                                                Key points:       ●The crippling effects of MP’s and White Noir   ● The Groypers are creating a valiant trend…Questioning the Anti-Whites

3:10:50 – 3:11:54               Home-Schooling in the GF Circle  –  Anti-White curriculum is everywhere, even in private and Christian schools.  There is no place you can send your children where they are not being brainwashed & infected with MP’s. 

                                                Key point:        ● Clarion Wakefield is doing incredible work developing and teaching a White-Positive curriculum and sharing it with a growing circle of Home-schoolers

3:18:27 – 3:20:31               NWG Closing Remarks:  –  “The highest morality to us is White well-being.”

                                                Key point:       ●Be cautious about those who are engaging in reckless behavior in the White-positive sphere


11-17-19:                               Going Free | No White Guilt | Noel Ignatiev | Jesse Lee Peterson | Handling Internal Discord

6:55 – 11:55                        Going Free is a Lasting Community – Not a Fad :  – “We will be the living body that continues.”  NWG introductory remarks.

                                                Key points:     ● We are a community on the basis of our Bio-Spirits…The only thing that can claim your life is that which gave you life; the Bio-Sprit of Westernkind   ● Culture is not a ‘costume’ that you take on and off   ● We are all crippled with MP’s (Meme Pathogens) that we must fight for the entirety of our lives  – Going Free (GF) is the Curative Contagion (CC)
● Even non-Whites “White-flight” to Western Civilization  –  By voting with their feet, the rest of the world proves that  Western Civilizations are the finest places on earth.

13:35 – 15:25                      ‘Last Message to the West’ website is now up:  – Get your votes in now!   The deadline for voting is Thanksgiving Day.  Vote for your favorite contest entries, those that most powerfully portray the last message the creator of the video wants the Western world to heed.  Which video most poignantly and effectively speaks to our White brothers and sisters and will move them to join the White-positive sphere?   The website is:

15:35 – 23:17                      We are running out of places to White-flight to:  – There is no place left on earth that is White only.  Westernkind find it easier to rebuild and start over in a new place than they do to be harsh with – to be ‘rude’ to, or make uncomfortable – the ‘Other’.      

                                                Key points:     ● We evolved over the centuries to be welcoming to strangers as part of our survival strategy in harsh, northern climates where survival depended upon cooperation and sharing     ● Our welcoming spirit has not been reciprocated  

25:26 – 27:21                      We heal people here:   –   A testimonial from a member of the GF Community who escaped a 6-year abusive relationship with the help of White Well-being (WWB).

                                                Key point:     ● No such thing as a small donation!  We are all working-class people here; and every penny given is incredibly meaningful.

27:42 – 32:12                      NWG Anecdote:  A rare vacation for Jason is bedeviled by a chronic headache  –  NWG reveals his secret for working through pain & illness…”Pretend you’re not sick!”  Tell yourself over& over, “this is great!”, and eventually you begin to believe it.

33:56 – 37:13                      A simple sales tactic & the truth of our current situation:  – “We’re running out of time…”  The event horizon  —  the window of opportunity to take back our destiny — is fast approaching. 

                                                Key points:     ● Money is the most powerful tool for influence; money and the power over the means of communication.  The control of the money supply is the ability to print what people need and want.   ● ‘Christianity’ has been defeated, and will not be our salvation.  The co-opting of religion is part of the reason why we are in the state we are today.    ● If you are mired in context, if you are at the wrong ‘starting point’, your conclusions will be incorrect.

37:15 – 40:27                      The Launch of TAP Television:  –   Massive thanks and appreciation to Jared George, The Great Order, for the launch of a powerful new resource for our people,    TAP television is your one-stop platform for a variety of fantastic White-positive media.  

                                                Key points:     ● Sign-up for the mailing list to stay abreast of all that is new & exciting…And to stay in touch with our Community for WWB    ● TAP TV is one of the ‘work-arounds’ for the rampant & escalating censorship of those who are White-positive    ● WP content empowers and inspires; while the Anti-White Narrative is very precarious & contradicts reality.

41:47 – 50:29                      Support our Artists in the White-positive Sphere:   “I lead by example.”  NWG on the attitude of appreciation and thanks – Always make thanking & supporting our WP content creators and artists the first thing you do; give them a pat-on-the-back with sincere words and financial support, however humble, if you are able to afford it. 

                                                Key point:     ● ‘Merchant Right’ versus working for White Well-being.

52:53 – 55:59                      Why do Whites take so much abuse from Anti-White Non-Whites? –   Part of the reason is that tolerance and empathy are in our DNA.  Another reason is that we have been infected with MP’s.  GF addresses the psychological basis of the damage to our peoples’ spirits and bodies the Anti-Whites have poisoned us with. 

                                                Key point:     ● Reclaiming ‘who’ and ‘what’ we are.

57:43 – 1:00:46                  Handling MP’s in Conversation:   Reach out to co-workers who can be reached; those who are not blatantly anti-White, by pointing out the anti-Whitism in a news story narrative.   There is always something in the news that can be a starting point. 

1:01:15 – 1:05:12               Our people turn to materialism to fill a void:   As White people, we are taught from birth to deny, hate, and ultimately reject our Identity.  Materialism in all its many forms is presented to us by the media & advertising as a way to fill the void.    

                                                Key point:     ● Going Free fills the void with something REAL.

1:05:52 – 1:08:44               NWG Anecdote:  Dirt-bike riding and his Father’s example  –  The mindset of a real man is determination over pain.  Our men, and our women, can all reach inside of themselves for the determination to overcome the roadblocks put up by the Anti-Whites.

1:08:53 – 1:12:08               Winning:  The Power of Positive People with a Positive Message  –  “We don’t give up here!”  Those who are positive are the ones who are always victorious. 

1:12:43 – 1:18:06               Confronting Anti-Whites:   In front of a group; when others are watching… Calling out A/W’s will set a powerful example.  Make the point to the White Anti-White that they are the only one who wants to harm their own kind.  Tell them,  “YOU are the only unhealthy one in this scenario!”

                                                Key points:     ● It’s not the IQ difference; it’s the difference in instincts, the difference in the Bio-Spirits.    ● MP:  “Whites control society; they don’t need any help.”  MC: Anti-Whites are in control of society — Anyone who is White is only in a position of power if they are Anti-White.

1:18:40 – 1:23:14               A Hero in the GF Community – D.B. Cooper!   –   D.B. Cooper has purchased a dozen copies of the Second Edition of “Going Free” in a spirit of life-saving generosity, to reach out to our people who are suffering from White Noir.

                                                Key point:     ● If you want to make a similar magnanimous gesture, reach out to Jason and he will work with you to make it as affordable as possible.

1:23:15 – 1:24:10               Mrs. Horst of the Going Free Community:   “I can never have enough money to make myself happy… children are my diamonds, emeralds and pearls.”  Our children are our riches; our treasures. 

1:24:15 – 1:30:07               Anti-White, Non-White head of the National Teachers Union:  –  The Anti-White agenda is shoved down the throats of teachers, who are in turn expected — required — to indoctrinate the children in their classrooms.  The message is that we have an “inherently racist system” and that the teachers are failing their non-White students.  

                                                Key points:     ● A/W Religious zealots are in charge of our school systems; their religion is Anti-Whitism    ● The real racist system/structure is the Anti-White system that operates AGAINST White people.

1:33:47 – 1:36:51               A Gift from Esoteric Creations:   NWG has received a gift, “Create your own book”, from Esoteric Creations.   

                                                Key point:     ● Jason will make his P.O. Box address available in the contact information for those who want to reach out that way.

1:36:53 – 1:38:46               Re-igniting the Flame:   “Resume your path in life; go after your dreams.”  Going Free taps into the creative spirit that is in all of Westernkind. 

1:38:49 – 1:44:52               Other Contributions:  –  Baskets of hand-painted rocks… “Danny Girl” on Twitter; “Anonymous” targeted mail campaigns; Giving thanks and using the language of Going Free & WWB.

                                                Key point:     ● “Anonymous” has printed up 10,000 leaflets!  These are ‘free’ to anyone who wants to distribute them legally.  Get in touch with NWG on contact page if you are interested.

1:51:10 – 2:05:19               Genetic Potential & Environment  –  Futile Attempts to elevate IQ’s:    “We are NOT gullible here in the WWB Community!”   Many attempts have been made to elevate the inherent IQ’s of other races, including experiments with Iodine.   If we improve the environment, nutrition, etc., it still does not raise the IQ any higher than is genetically possible.   

                                                Key points:     ● Pit Bulls & French Poodles – If you improve all aspects of Pit Bulls, it just makes them better at being Pit Bulls… It doesn’t turn them into French Poodles!    ● The Flynn effect is a fallacy — Nature is nature.

2:05:20 – 2:10:10               Jesse Lee Peterson:  –   “He is getting a little cavalier.”  NWG has appeared with Mr. Peterson on other streams and found he has some good things to say.  Some aspects of his message though are problematic.  For example, Jesse Lee Peterson provokes with the pointed question:  “Where are the White men??”  (i.e., Why aren’t they standing up?)

                                                Key points:     ● When White men stand up for their people they are OBLITERATED.  They lose their jobs, their professions and their reputations.    ● One of the Moderators of Mr. Peterson’s chat section made an Anti-White statement to a regular member in our GF Community   ● NWG publicly and civilly asks JLP to come on the show and offer an explanation   

2:10:32 – 2:17:59               Music Break:  –  Luke Mason Pt. 2 , “The Merchant of Shame”   [music starts at 2:11:12 – 2:17:43]

Key point:     ● This musical selection is dedicated to the mytho-poetic story in “Born Guilty”, “Prometheus rising”

2:19:30 – 2:26:03               Spectacular Testimonials & Wonderful comments received:  –  NWG shares wonderful comments and testimonials he regularly receives and also addresses the MP of “Equality”…

                                                Key point:     MP:  Equality   –   MC: Equality means less White people; less of everything for Westmen.  Equality means getting rid of YOU!

2:26:42 – 2:43:42               The Anti-White Narrative has nothing to do with REALITY:    NWG on the cognitive dissonance that occurs as Non-Whites suffer from nothing, no discrimination or deprivation in the West, while WE are being Whit- erased! 

                                                Key point:     ● Do NOT allow the A/W’s to reduce our people-hood to a ‘color’ — We are so much more than that!

2:55:47 – 2:59:59               NWG on “Wiggers” (or, “Whiggers”):    The phenomenon of White people who behave, dress, and speak like non-Whites is one of the most easily visible manifestations of White Noir.  Why do people behave in this sickening fashion? 

                                                Key points:     ● Some adopt the behavior of Non-Whites due to the conditioning we constantly receive that White people are bland, boring, inherently evil and have no culture.    ● We also live a reality where there are significant benefits to being non-White.

3:00:07 – 3:04:30               No Political Solution for the Situation we are in:    There is only a psychological solution to the current Anti-White war on our people  –  The love for our own people, together with the Curative Contagion of Going Free, serves the Bio-Spirit of Westernkind that is inside each of us.

                                                Key point:     ● There is no religious answer to this – All religions have proven to be defective against the A/W agenda.  The only solution is ‘Bio-Spiritual’.

3:04:43 – 3:19:58               How to Handle Rumors & Internal Discord:    Internal discord arises out of malice or stupidity, and the Anti-Whites are masters at sowing discord to divide us.  There is a powerfully simple solution to this wherever and whenever it arises and will serve as a guide for our highest morality — If it serves White Well-being, it is GOOD.  If it harms WWB, it is BAD. 

                                                Key points:     ● Respect our differences; come together on that which matters – our shared Bio-Spirit   ● Handle attempts at sowing discord with the antiseptic of ‘sunshine’–  Call it out– Ask, “are you being Anti-White??”    ● Special note to our White-positive artists @ 3:13:00 – 3:19:58, All artistic works submitted to the NWG website to share with the GF Community must comport with White Well-being!

3:30:37 – 3:34:36               A Fire to Motivate You:    “Trillions of dollars wasted on ‘Diversity’!”   NWG discusses all the glorious achievements our people could have accomplished had we not been infected with and hampered by Anti-Whitism.  

Key point:     ●  The blame for countless deaths and incalculable suffering rests squarely on the shoulders of the Anti-Whites.

3:34:40 – 4:06:06               Noel Ignatiev:   Death of an Anti-White Scumbag!   –    Despicable A/W ‘Russian’ Jewish immigrant, a malcontent who dedicated his entire life to the destruction of White people, has met his demise after suffering a fitting illness that ended with an intestinal infarction.  His mission in life was to “abolish Whiteness” — that is, abolish White people.   NWG also discusses the phenomenon of Anti-White advertisements that appear during programs for audiences with nothing in common with the diversity agenda, such as fishing & outdoor programs.

                                                Key points:     ● Ignatiev came to this country and worked to destroy those who built it; as with many Russian Jews of his era, he had access to money and connections to ease his way in our welcoming & open society.   He “toiled” as a manual laborer for the sole purpose of organizing non-Whites against their White employers and to destroy the business that was writing his paycheck.  ● He also engaged in domestic terrorism in his capacity as a rabble-rouser.   ● He was a member of the Communist Party USA. & organized the appropriately abbreviated POC  (Provisional Organizing Committee to Reconstitute the Marxist–Leninist Communist Party) from which he was later expelled    ● He was rewarded for his Anti-Whitism with a Ph.D. in 1995 at Harvard University to give imprimatur to his Anti-White agenda    ● He established the concept of “Whiteness” in academia – The notion that White people are inherently oppressive and evil, and that the White race is a “social construct” that society would be better off without.  (What other race of people would ever be denigrated so hatefully??)   ● Ignatiev was lauded and praised by the Anti-White New York Times for his contributions in “Race Traitor Journal” that “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”

4:08:33 – 4:10:11               Support Red Ice Radio:    Support our good friends and the premier content creators in the White-positive sphere, Lana & Henrik.  We all come together and support one another in the service of WWB !

4:12:41 – 4:20:46               A lesson in the GF Lexicon & Dialectics — Aborigines, Indigenous & First Peoples:   Do NOT use these terms; do NOT unseat yourself as the inheritors of the victorious creation of Western Civilization…  Civilizations which benefits ALL peoples who live within them!  This is the same for Canada and Australia as well, and any other country that White people have conquered.  

                                                Key points:     ● Refer to them, in the United States for example, as “Indians” or “Amerindians” ● Our People have been honorable conquerors – We have set aside lands and funds for these people and have also left in place their names for countless places in this country  – We have honored the spirit of their heritage   ● There was NO America until White People created it!!
● A lesson for Westernkind — American Indians have a higher rate of miscegenation than any other race; and they are rapidly going extinct.

4:31:58 – 4:34:22               Closing notes and message of Inspiration from NWG:   “We know what will cure our People”… We are writing our people into the pages of our story as HEROES! 


11-10-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | Remembrance Day | NHS To Deny Care To Heretics | Equivalence Fallacy

3:03 – 6:17                           “Not enough seconds in the day!” –  We are nearing the Event Horizon:  –  The time is NOW to reach all whom we can for the first time…. New people to Going Free, who are just now coming to the website, and are surprised there is something like it out there. 

                                                Key points:     ● The WP Sphere is full of good people in need of redemption!    ● On today’s GF, a shocking development in the U.K. healthcare system, the NHS – no health care for heretics   

14:43 – 21:05                      Downtime, taking a break, is perfectly normal  –  But it is never okay to give up hope! :  When you look out & see how the Anti-Whites have decimated our great Western Civilization, it is easy to get demoralized. 

                                                Key points:     ● Take the anger you feel and wed it to love for our People; and let that fuel you to action    ● Never let anything the A/W’s say or do go without a response.

25:43 – 28:36                      A commenter going by “Tolerant Left”:    A/W in the comment thread says, “Crackers got the worst victim mentality”… NWG responds & disabuses the troll of the notion that he/she/it is the ‘good guy’ in this story.

31:53 – 32:18                      Snow Shadow RPG’s powerful new poem, ‘England’s Defiled Flowers’:  –  Up on the website now; a powerful, haunting poem beautifully delivered.

33:13 – 42:45                      More on  the A/W comment by “Tolerant Left”:  –   It is foolhardy to pretend we haven’t been purposely denigrated — We MUST talk about our victimization by the A/W’s!!   Playing it ‘tough’ is a show of weakness in this case. 

                                                Key points:     ● Why is OUR victimization a weakness?  Witness the success of Non-White groups who have used a perceived victimization to amass power.   ● Flipping the switch is the power!   

42:55 – 48:02                      Reciprocity in Friendships:  –  Losing intolerant friends when you are White-Positive; why do you tolerate people who don’t tolerate YOU?

                                                Key point:     ● NWG reads a passage from Born Guilty to illustrate the point (46:33 – 47:22)

49:16 – 53:19                      The Rise of the Groypers:   –  Trying to get a reprieve from the Anti-Whites by making religious arguments…  This is not about religion – it’s all about our Bio-Spirits! 

                                                Key point:     ● The Groypers are a FAD – and like all fads, their moment will pass

54:49 – 1:08:06                  Positive & Heartfelt Comments and a Pep-Talk by NWG:  –  We are exactly what is needed at this time in history.  We are a movement of Redemption!  We all have stumbled.  The Lexicon of Going Free is a safe & effective method for reaching friends & family – and strangers. 

1:08:08 – 1:11:06               Groypers:   –  Are doing a good thing by publicly questioning the A/W’s on the Right.   One word of caution & advice — Do not try to out-edge your fellow Groypers.  Stay safe; protect your future by choosing your points carefully.  And then come here and GO FREE!

1:11:45 – 1:17:10               A Dramatic Testimonial:  “Jason kept me from potentially committing violence”  –  NWG shares a comment in the stream by one of our People who have been saved from dead-ending in the futility of violence. 

                                                Key points:     ● What does it look like to be an advocate for White Well-Being?   ● The statement “It’s Okay to be White” vs. the power of stating “No White Guilt” and forcing the A/W’s to own up to wanting Whites to be crippled by misplaced Guilt

1:30:32 – 1:45:47               British National Healthcare System (NHS) denying healthcare for Heretics:  –  Any word, symbol, deed, or ‘gesture’(!) deemed as racist, sexist, etc., etc. by anyone, anywhere, anytime (by anyone who is WHITE, that is) will be denied healthcare beyond the most rudimentary life-saving procedures.   Ominously, this is OFFICIALDOM doing this – not an SJW social media entity or other private company.  Look for this to  be extended far beyond the NHS — and coming to your local, state and federal healthcare systems NEXT.   We will live to see our People denied food and utilities under this A/W’ism.  Already, many in the White-positive sphere are being denied access to social media, other services like ride-shares and room accommodations, and even financial services and banking. 

                                                Key points:     ● Basically anything can be deemed one of the A/W slurs (sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, etc., etc)   ● This is an entirely subjective judgment & will play to the biases of many Non-Whites   ● This determination will be retroactive, as is increasingly the case for all heresy — You will have to be Anti-White enough for ALL time in the eyes of the A/W’s to escape persecution    ● Already in the U.S. mother’s must submit to the dictates of the doctor of their children, or their children will be denied healthcare….And then perhaps taken away from the parent’s on charges of neglect?? 

1:47:07 – 1:48:50               Elderly care & child care by non-Whites:  –  Not all Non-Whites, of course; but we have seen an attempt to hush-up the multitudinous documented examples of criminal mistreatment of our precious children and elderly.  The reporting has ceased; and now these have become HUSH-CRIMES.

1:48:56 – 1:52:22               How do our men ‘win’ Females of our political persuasion? :  –  Rather than focus on the small number of women who are already in our movement, find a woman who can be persuaded to see things in a White-Positive way.    Women have evolved to be agreeable and to get along with others due to many factors, including their smaller body frames and lighter bone & muscle density.  That is why so many of our women are ‘Vagues’ or simply go along with the Majority in espousing the A/W Regime’s Narrative.

                                                Key points:     ● When you meet a woman you are interested in partnering with, let her know up front that you love our People and are dedicated to working for WWB.  If she makes aggressively A/W statements in response, it’s time to thank her for letting you know that – and MOVE ON!  It’s best to find out EARLY.

1:54:40 – 2:05:27               Music Break    –    Music by UberFolk.  NWG asks listeners to listen for a line in the song that speaks to him… “This death will not win”.  Music starts @ 2:00:42

2:11:11 – 2:24:00               How do you handle Family members who have been compromised by Anti-Whites:  –  A question comes in from the chat about family gatherings that include non-White friends or family members.  How do you keep from becoming the problem yourself in the eyes of your family??

                                                Key points:     ● Create the context —  Be assertive; make it clear that you support & work for WWB.    ● Do not sit silently and let others use A/W slurs or rhetoric  ● Remember, it’s your family; YOU have the right to be there! 

2:28:34 – 2:30:29               Remembrance Day & the Iron Curtain:  –  What effect did the Iron Curtain have on our people in Eastern Europe? 

                                                Key points:     ● What effect will visas for Poland have on the homogeneity and cohesiveness of the Polish people?   ● NWG predicts pressure will be brought to bear on business & political leaders as commercial interests and tourist dollars take priority & demands will mount for the dismantling  of the conservative outlook of the country. 

2:30:55 – 2:36:55               A commenter asks for more clarification on the earlier discussion:  –  How exactly does one bring White Women over to being White Positive?  NWG discusses the MP’s of White Guilt on women and on all us.

                                                Key point:     ● We ALL suffer from White Noir – and we will need treatment for MP’s for the rest of our lives to overcome it.

2:29:39 – 2:37:20               Sharing tips for Going Free with Friends, Family & Strangers:  Don’t be two-dimensional!  If you talk about nothing else & talk incessantly to those who don’t want to listen, you will come across as an A/W stereotype.  And a bit of a kook.

2:40:19 – 2:45:16               NWG shares the amazing true story of the ‘Hoppy Monster’:   A very fine friend and protector of the majesty & beauty of the animal kingdom, Jason relates a dramatic & touching story about the time he rescued a baby rabbit from a crow that was carrying it away.  The rabbit, an Eastern Cottontail, lived to thrive & prosper – and produce many progeny — on the property where NWG was residing, making the most of its life by eating every prized tender plant it could get a-hold of!

2:47:24 – 3:02:07               The Equivalency Factor:   When the Anti-Whites draw tenuous equivalencies between White and Non-White behavior in order to play-down objectionable non-White behavior.  In its simplest form, it is like saying:   paper-cuts hurt and cancer hurts; therefore, one is no worse than the other. 

                                                Key points     ● Our instincts are different from those of other races  — our Bio-Spirits create different standards and cultures than other races do    ● Instinct is NOT a choice; it is a biological imperative   ● How to respond:  Point out the use of the (false) equivalency factor —  we are DIFFERENT, not the ‘same’    ● Abstractionists seek to sacrifice our flesh on the altar of A/W ideals.

3:02:30 – 3:04:26               We are a Single People with Many Countries:  –  All of Western Civilization is in all of our Bio-Spirits… We are not ‘immigrants’ to the West; the West is inside each of US.

3:05:15 – 3:06:36               No Support Shaming:     No support-shaming of WP content creators and no ‘road-blocking!’ 

3:08:19 – 3:23:29               Remembrance Day – Memorial Day – Veteran’s Day:   We give honor to those who answered the call of duty for what they saw as defending their way of life & the ideals of the West.  How ever their sacrifices were subverted by forces outside of their control, they were answering the noble call to duty.  REJECT the push to shame our soldiers for the crimes of the A/W Regime!

Key point:     ● Freedom indeed isn’t free; and we no longer have Freedom   ● Being gullible is an unfortunate trait that only Westernkind suffers from; other races to not share our altruistic outlook    ● We have been duped on a massive scale; and we must make sure that never happens again     ● Let the red Poppy flower remind you of the supreme villainy of the A/Ws   
● A promise & a warning:  No more Brothers’ Wars    ● The red of the Poppy symbolizes our Blood; our Bio-Sprit.

3:29:55 – 3:34:18               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration  –   NWG reads from the Poem, ‘The Solder’, by Rupert Brooke….”For all of us; we are one People.”

If I should die, think only this of me:
That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever England. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware,
Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam,
A body of England’s, breathing English air,
Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.
And think, this heart, all evil shed away,
A pulse in the eternal mind, no less
Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given;
Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day;
And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness,
In hearts at peace, under an English heaven.

-Rupert Brooke, 1914


11-6-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | Richard’s Rant

4:28 – 9:53           Why we are being censored by the Anti-Whties:  –   Deplatforming those working for White Well-being prevents us from reaching our people who are in danger & cleansing them of Meme Pathogens (MPs).  The reason for censorship is that the A/Ws WANT Westernkind to be sick & unable to fight against their victimization. 

                                Key points:     ● All who support WWB are welcome here regardless of immutable physical characteristics  ● We allow others to define themselves by their words & deeds as White-positive or Anti-White   ● The work we do for WWB is putting ourselves between the A/W’s and access to our children   ● Don’t wear the ‘clown costume’ that makes you the caricature of the A/W Villain   ● We condemn violence   ● Put old symbols of reverence away someplace private – they cannot be redeemed in the public opinion

9:54 – 13:57        New heightened levels of censorship possible as a result of the Richard Spencer audio:  –  Audio can be manipulated & manufactured to perfectly match a person’s voice.  The technology has existed for decades; so, nothing can be accepted at face-value.  However, for the purposes of today’s conversation, we will assume the audio is genuine. 

17:14 – 18:32      Signs of Our Event Horizon Approaching  –  We will need to have a strong sense of Community.  Also, a message ominously appears from Google not to use Entropy…

20:40 – 22:46      NWG to the Anti-Whites:   Censorship is futile; we are not stopping!

25:44 – 27:34      How did you feel when you heard the audio of Richard’s rant?  –  Did you have a visceral response?  Will this audio be wed to, or used as a tool to bash, the Trump re-election campaign; or that of other Nationalist leaning leaders?   

                                 Key point:     ● They’ll say this is what we REALLY say (and think) when we are in private.

30:43 – 33:50      In Honor of those who were slaughtered by Mexican drug cartel criminals:  –  A superchat by ‘Mestizo’ for $100 is made in memory of the White Mexican-American family who were in a convoy of SUV’s and were gunned down in cold blood, South Africa-style…

                                Key point:     ● Media down-playing the incident; rationalizing it and giving excuses — because it was a WHITE family and the incident does not support the Anti-White Narrative

35:07 – 37:00      A Single People with Many Countries  –  There is no stopping the march of Globalization.  We will form a great White ring around the earth!  The French will be more French; the German will be more German…

39:03 – 42:30      Trump’s empty rhetoric:  –  What a real leader would do; in the case of the White family slaughtered in Mexico. 

                                Key points     ● Trump could shut off the Mexican economy like a light-switch, and send in a military force to take out the perps.  Instead, he makes an inadequate, off-hand remark    ● Sadly, the Mormon family itself is suffering from White Noir.

45:16 – 59:15                      To the Point of Richard Spencer’s Rant  –  The key questions to ask yourself & those you discuss it with:  Does Richard’s rant invalidate the well-being of White children?? 

Key points     ● ‘Milo’ Yannopilus  –  The worst of the worst!  He knew the damage that would be caused by releasing this audio, and did it anyway for personal revenge & sick vanity.  He should be treated as dead to our movement    ● The real story here is not the rant  –  The real story is the people who are celebrating the revelation of the audio of the rant

59:31 – 1:11:51                  Richard’s rant audio makes real the Anti-White Narrative which is patently FALSE.  Be the Hero in OUR story, rather than the Villain in the Anti-White Narrative.

1:12:42 – 1:15:56               Richard’s rant – This is NOT what goes on in the W/P Sphere!  –  We embrace everyone who accepts and support White Well-Being.  Period!

Key points     ● In the heat of the battle, especially in a group of guys, there is a tendency towards up one-upsmanship that can lead to words that are intemperate and regrettable   

1:17:22 – 1:19:51               A Bad Moment in an Individual’s life:   A bad moment is not the totality of a person’s character.  In WWB, we embrace one another; and bring one another back in when we go astray….

1:30:23 – 1:33:04               NWG Mini-Rant:   “Unleashing the great Western spirit that is inside each of us.”

1:33:11 – 1:35:45               “We are World Wide”:   –  Big plans in the works for the future of  and also  – “We are building something for the ages.”

                                                Key point:     ● Have faith that the Community we build will lay a foundation for the future that will not pass away.  In the future, others will carry on to find resolutions and build upon what we have started here.

1:36:47 – 1:41:37               Doing what works:  –  The ‘old’ systems have all been defeated; Nationalism & Patriotism have failed.  Going Free is about doing what works in our current paradigm.

                                                Key point:     ● GF Lexicon  –  say “Bio-Spirit” instead of “race”

1:52:37 – 1:55:00               Theater of Illegality:  – ……”The police are investigating!”   Heretical opinions are NOT illegal! 

                                                Key points:     ● On leaflet drops; it is vital to not have any verbage, symbols, or websites that confirm the Anti-White Narrative    ● Keep using what works & cannot be re-framed as illegal

1:59:21 – 2:01:33               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  –  There is always going to be another hurdle; no road-block will stop us!  WE are the change.


11-3-19:                Going Free | No White Guilt | The Event Horizon and our Destiny

3:14 – 10:44                        You are welcome in the Community for White Well-being:  –  NWG recalls the recent IRL meeting of the 15 –year anniversary of The Political Cesspool, and the reaction of people hearing about Going Free for the first time… NWG invites everyone who supports WWB to join in and participate.

                                                Key points:     ● 2nd Edition of Going Free has been released!!   ● MP’s are deeply embedded in our identity and can be crippling to an individual    ● Anti-Whitism is a POISON  – Teach your children well and save their lives

11:15 – 12:35                      You’re Either Going Free — or You’re Going to Hell!!  –  There is no middle ground.

Key point:     ● Anti-White’s are making a living hell of our communities

17:35 – 27:02                      The Evidence that the A/W’s are in Charge:   The only White people of “privilege” are the Anti-Whites.

                                                Key points:     ● Those who are White-positive have to whisper and cast furtive looks around when simply speaking up about White Well-being    ●  “It’s okay to be White” signs ripped down from overpass by rabid Anti-White   ● A point that  can be made when talking to ‘Vagues’ is the false narrative that Whites are in charge and running things for our benefit.

27:46 – 30:55                      When in public and at family get-together, feed them some truth:     It takes courage to stand up, even with family.  Don’t fear the A/W family member! 

                                                Key points:     ● Be prepared in advance    ● Find a way to verbalize that this kind of hostile Anti-White environment is not good for our people.

31:17 – 33:56                      “Thank you” to the Groypers:   –   Groypers attending TPUSA sessions on college campuses and pushing back on the talking points of the Cuck-servative organization.  The Cuck-servatives are every bit as Anti-White as the so-called “Progressives”.

                                                Key points:       ● A/W Conservatives have been a false flag for years    ● Burn them down with irreverence – Make fools of these people!    ● There is no hope for us in the Anti-White Cuck-servative movement

38:34 – 41:03                      Anti-Whitism is a FAITH:  –  Reality contradicting the A/W narrative only makes them cling tighter  to their Faith.

43:34 – 44:21                      Common Sense isn’t common anymore:  –  The A/W Narrative is FAKE. 

                                                Key point:     ● ‘Racism’, ‘Hate’, ‘Anti-Semitism’ are ALWAYS on the rise… and always will be reported as on the rise.  Because that is what is required to maintain the Anti-White Narrative. 

48:20 – 49:19                      Anti-White Slurs:   NWG on how to react when called “racist”, etc.  React strongly and with outrage – “how dare you call me an A/W slur!!”

57:34 – 59:08                      Our community are the absolute best in loyalty & in working for WWB.  

59:13 – 1:03:58                  NWG shares an observation about a phenomenon he has noticed is becoming increasingly common:    The public face of the ‘Conservative’ movement is increasingly a Non-White face, while the face portrayed by the media for Progressivism is increasingly WHITE. 

                                                Key point:     ● Psychological warfare:  The A/W Avatar being WHITE is a small but powerful tactic to cause those not fully aware to identify with the Anti-White.

1:03:59 – 1:06:11               The ‘Glitch’ in our Thinking:   –   There is a broken switch in many people’s minds:  redo quia absurdum; I believe it because it is absurd.”    When something that is obviously wrong, paradoxically it seems it must be right.

1:07:16 – 1:13:38               An Example of the ‘Glitch’/absurdum:  “The West is wealthy because it had slavery.”  This is simply illogical; because, if it were the case that slavery made a nation wealthy, then ALL nations that had slavery would have become wealthy… This is clearly not the case. 

                                                Key point:     ● We need to be aware of this glitch, because we are told incessantly that multi-racial societies do better than mono-racial societies. 

1:13:49 – 1:21:02               NWG at the Virginia Gold Cup:  –  Jason reveals a photo of himself attending the traditional, elite event that he received invitation to by virtue of living on a rental property of a wealthy individual. 

Key point:     ● An anecdote about the ultra-wealthy building walls around their property rather than preventing an area from becoming increasingly multi-racial.  NWG queried:  “What about those who can’t afford walls??”

1:23:35 – 1:27:09               Comments & Testimonials:   The importance of community on the road to success… One person Going Free has managed to break a 30-year smoking habit!

1:27:47 – 1:33:13               An Insidious MP in the Teaching Profession:   Teachers in the A/W cesspool of the educational profession are being programmed with the MP that the poor performance of non-White students, most specifically Blacks, are the result of the “intergenerational trauma” caused by —- White people!  
The MC:   Our “system” was created by and for those with our Bio-spirit… of COURSE we do better in it! 

                                                Key point:     ● Atonement cannot be given for a grievance never committed!

1:33:33 – 1:34:34               Cultural Differences:   Those with different Bio-Spirits create enclaves that reflect their own Bio-Spirits.

1:35:02 – 1:38:32               A Hall of Heroes:   ‘Final Blossom’ (and Roy Danton & Edgar Allen Poll) makes a tremendous sacrifice for the cause of White Well-being…  “We are all working class people here.”

                                                Key point:     ● Bravery in the face of fear – This is when heroes are made out of ordinary people!

1:39:09 – 1:45:49               Bad Encounters when you let Anti-Whitism “slide”:   –  It will happen; if you are not prepared, it is better to walk away & come back when you are prepared rather than make an ineffective, losing  argument.  One exception to this:  Do NOT ever let anti-Whitism slide in the presence of White children…yours or anyone else’s!

1:50:25 – 1:53:26               MUSIC BREAK:     White-Positive music by Fornull

1:58:05 – 1:59:44               No Support Shaming!   –   More WWB art coming & announcement of an exciting new channel:  TAP.TV

2:01:30 – 2:24:58               The Event Horizon:   This is a term from astrophysics that refers to the point at which you can’t see beyond that point.   It is rapidly approaching —  And we have to be powerful enough at that moment to recapture our Destiny!

                                                Key points:       ● Anti-Whites only appear to be united because they have a common victim …US!   ● Every year more & more A/W’s are saying with increasing confidence that the White race is finished; and as they say that, they start to look for the next competitor to their dominance.  ● The moment the A/W’s shift their focus from us is the moment of our opportunity.

                                                Signs of the Event:   1) Hyper-censorship    2) Rising socio-political & thought oppression and persecution   3) Purity spiraling   4) Programs in institutions that compel you to be Anti-White 
5) Disunity and increasing schisms

                                                SUMMARY:    ● Every element is needed for the Event Horizon to be right for us.  Now is the time that we have to be building Community   ● Intelligence and money equal POWER.  If you have enough, you rule the world    ● The one thing that can substitute for money is Community!  Community, faith & and an iron will.     ● Voting and violence are NOT going to work !!

2:28:34 – 2:31:17               You Never know how White you are Until you go into a Very Non-White Part of Town:    Making non-Whites comfortable is making us UNCOMFORTABLE in our own countries. 

 Key points:       ● We should not have to forfeit one inch of Western Civilization   ● The blood sacrifice of our ancestors built Western Civilization ….. And we have no place else to go.  This is OUR INHERITANCE!!

2:37:18 – 2:39:29               Regret over Missed Opportunities:    Wed your anger, or sadness, over missed opportunities to love for our People; and you will have unlimited fuel to work for White Well-being.

2:41:53 – 2:43:18               All are Welcome Who Support Well-Being:    Regardless of immutable physical characteristics. 

                                                Key point:     ● Your race is your extended family

2:43:55 – 2:44:48               We don’t put others in a ‘box’:   WE allow others to define by their words & deeds whether they are serving White Well-being, or whether they are Anti-White.

2:46:00 – 2:47:00               We are a People with many Countries:   –  White Well-being is a global phenomenon… We are not merely many countries with something in common. 

2:47:59 – 2:49:04               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:   –   “This Community; This is it!”


10-27-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | Is it The Antiwhite Laws or The Antiwhite “Morality”

3:17 – 5:59                           “A real Bonhomie … A real feeling of Family:  –  NWG starts the show straight off of a full day of travel, after spending the weekend in Mississippi at a very convivial group celebration of the 15th Anniversary of The Political Cesspool.  With its inimitable host, James Edwards, and the entire supporting cast, Jason was a special guest, along with other luminaries in the White-positive Sphere:  Sam Dixon, Kevin MacDonald & others.  Jason also notes the room was full of attractive White families, and beautiful White children.

7:07 – 21:13                        More commentary on the PCS celebration  –  NWG traveled with Laurel, one of the heroes behind Nat-Connect; an initiative she coordinates with Way of the World that brings together like-minded people in the WP Sphere, with others in their geographic location to foster supportive IRL relationships.

Others at the PCS meeting:  Lacey Lynn, Keith Alexander, Eddie the Bombardier Miller, Sam Bushman & others..

Key point:     ● Anti-White’s cartoonish portrayal of us versus the room full of positivity & love, the magical energy when our people gather together.

29:19 – 38:28                      “This Curative Contagion (CC) is released!”  –  NWG reads comments from people who are Going Free.  More people are coming over to GF every day.

                                                Key point:     ● One barrier to overcome:  Fear of victory.. Fear of winning.

44:50 – 51:20                      The so-called Morality of the Anti-Whites:  –  There is no Justice for White people in our Western nations.  Anti-White preference laws make it legal to discriminate against & exclude White people.  The A/W “morality” informs the application of laws, rules & policies. 

51:22 – 54:13                      NWG Subscription count at 16,000!  –   People are regularly unsubscribed & even deleted.  Keeping an eye on the numbers prevents the censors from monkeying around with it too much.

54:59 – 1:03:45                  ‘Roy Danton’ A Superstar in the GF Community on a Meme Pathogen:   –  “Are you holding a brick, or are you building a cathedral?:
MP – Inclusion       MC – Exclusion!!

1:04:48 – 1:07:33               NWG inspired & awed by a beautiful baby girl at the PCS celebration  –  We must make sure our innocent babies are not harmed as we were harmed by anti-Whitism.

1:08:58 – 1:10:49               Prometheus Rising to be released as a stand-alone book:  –  Luke Mason will be doing a soundtrack for an entire album relating to the project.  Exciting things are happening!

1:12:10 – 1:14:37               We CELEBRATE our peculiarities & differences  –   The people in the WP Sphere are the people we want to be around – we will never again damage or harm our own kind.  

1:14:47 – 1:19:42               MC’s  –   Inclusion & Equality:   The A/W’s apply ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Equality’ whenever it equates to harm to US.

                                                Key point:     ● Using the MC’s  –  Memorize the MC’s & stay close to verbatim to keep the discussion on your ‘field’

1:20:53 – 1:23:16               The Ability to Keep Going:  –  At the PCS gathering, James Edwards remarked on NWG’s verbal stamina & ability asking, “Where do all the words come from??”

1:28:36 – 1:41:03               Incredible Testimonials:  –  NWG reads from testimonials received; from those inspired by GF, a reply of support from a “bottom-heavy woman” who lives White positive; one of our young White men who had his life turned around by Going Free; and an incredible note of appreciation from the mother of Annette Keneally, the young White woman killed in South Africa.

1:42:38 – 1:45:47               Jack Hwite & Fornull – Western Apocalypse Now:  –  MUSIC BREAK.

1:46:30 – 1:52:33               ‘Prometheus Rising’ by Jason Kohne:  –  This mythical novella within “Born Guilty” to be released as a stand-alone book.  

                                                Key points:     ● NWG announces a contest for the cover art – $100 prized to be awarded or split among those who come up with the winning concept   ● You don’t have to be an artist….just have a great idea or vision for something really gripping   ● Present your ideas in the Chat

1:52:42 – 1:55:27               NWG – Our Community is the Best!  –  The courage to Love our people when it is called “Hate”

1:55:28 – 2:04:50               Issues of Disagreement  –  Old, out-dated uniform & symbols that still have some genuine personal meaning for some…”Don’t go to a job interview dressed in a Halloween costume!”

                                                Key points:     ● Constructive & destructive ways to disagree – It’s okay of we have disagreements; just don’t be disrespectful!   ● You’re not going to “set people straight” on the meaning of historic symbols   ● You can always revere these things in the privacy of your home

                                                MC:   Pressured to  disavow those who aren’t Anti-White enough
MC:   AVOW White Well-being!

2:04:57 – 2:06:05               Lead by Example:  –  Lift each other up

2:06:17 – 2:15:08               An oppositional comment on giving up symbology of the past:   Symbols from other era that have been demonized by the Anti-Whites are NOT a way to project power — We don’t have any power to project!  

                                                Key point:     ● Doing whatever it takes for Victory – There is nothing honorable in LOSING.

2:17:01 – 2:18:25               Infighting is RIDICULOUS:  –  We must have unity & amicable relationships… Infighting at this critical point is like two guys in the Alamo fighting about the future economy of Texas!

2:21:30 – 2:28:35               Luke Mason’s Prometheus Part I:  –  MUSIC VIDEO BREAK.

2:30:25 – 2:34:00               No Support Shaming!  –  Get into the habit of supporting & appreciation of our content creators.

2:35:46 – 2:36:54               Anger is a Virtue when it Protects the Innocent.

2:36:59 – 2:38:22               Direct purchases of the New Edition of ‘Going Free’:  –  The new, updated & expanded version is now available and can be direct purchased at No White Guilt Collectibles.  Signed copies are available on the Collectibles site.

2:40:40 – 2:42:46               More notes on purchasing Going Free:  –  Amazon suppressing the newest title?…Be sure to check the publishing date when you make your purchase on that site.

                                                Key point:     ● Jason planning to do a dramatic reading for an audio version of ‘Prometheus Rising’   ● Only the 2nd edition is available on the NWG Collectibles site; the original first edition is still available on Amazon

2:46:11 – 2:50:40               An Exhilarating Evening  –  Closing words of inspiration by NWG…”Exciting times are coming!”


10-20-19:             Going Free | No White Guilt | NOW Is Our Chance To Shape Our Future!

7:37 – 20:17        “Mixer” – Gaming Website Censorship Hypocrisy:  –  Despite the (literal) graphic violence that is a common feature of video games, the censors at Mixer have decided that the cover of “Born Guilty” is too graphic for their standards. 

                                Key points:     ● This is psychological warfare.  Don’t try to divine what the exact thing is that is being censored – this will only paralyze you with internal debate  ● What matters is circumventing the Censorship    ● Red Ice CENSORED off of YouTube …A young family is essentially being starved-out and deprived of earning a living

24:13 – 25:25      Old Ways have FAILED  –  Older people in the White-Positive (WP) sphere need to be convinced that Going Free (GF) is the future; the way to succeed. 

                                Key point:     ● More older people getting on board translates into more resources, funds, donations & investments of time & talent as well as monetary investments

32:25 – 39:31      Recommendations for Following other WP Groups:   Looks into it for yourself – do they reflect the work of Going Free? 

                                Key points:     ● Don’t allow others, anyone you care about, to stay on a path that won’t work, a path with old ideas & antiquated concepts    ● We must not let this opportunity that we have right now to decide the destiny of our race slip away! 

40:22 – 42:28      If you’re afraid to even pass out a pamphlet….. You’re probably not going to take up arms in a “civil war” against ALL the governments of Western Nations!

                                Key point:     ● Big talk, big arsenal = No action when the odds become apparent

43:11 – 45:08      The Soil has Never been more Fertile:  The soils is the richest it has ever been for the WP message of Going Free.

                                Key points:     ● Anti-Whitism is shoved in the face of every White person across the West —  EVERY day  
                                ● Always use the word “anti-Whitism”

45:33 – 56:07      Special Thanks to & Letters Shared from Heroes in our WP Community  –  If you want to save the World, you first have to save Westernkind…. Don’t waste time on the A/W’s who are never going to be receptive to our Community.  Thank them for revealing themselves & not wasting your time!   And don’t debate climate change with these people.

                                Key point:     ● A letter from “W”, Pamela, Thanks to the Mods, time-stamps  

56:09 – 1:02:00                   Window of Opportunity – A favor to ask:   NWG asks supporters to 5-star review on Amazon his books:  Born Guilty, Go Free, It’s a Comedy Dammit

1:02:19 – 1:06:47               Second Edition of Go Free IS FINISHED!     

Key point:     ● Electronic version vs. print copy – The e-copy can be updated & enhanced.  The print copy can’t be ‘deleted’.

1:13:45 – 1:17:32               The Immense Power of the term “Anti-Whitism”:    We are NOT going to live by the Narrative of the Anti-Whites any longer.  The terms Anti-White & Anti-Whitism re-field the conversation & recast our Victimizers as the bad guys.  “You cannot make amends for a crime you have never committed.”

1:18:22 – 1:19:09               The one thing we can never afford to lose – is Hope:    The deletion of the Red Ice YouTube channel has many people depressed…

1:20:22 – 1:28:09               Propertarianism:   NWG discusses the concept of the Right-libertarian ethical philosophy that advocates Lockean property norms, where an owner keeps his property until he consents to gift or sell it.  Advocates of Libertarianism always moving the goalposts when losing the argument of what works.

                                                Key points:     ● What we need to be doing is serving WWB    ● The context we are in now is not the context for all-time…. Inch the context to a new context

1:28:20 – 1:37:00               Colin Flaherty Using the GF Lexicon:   ‘Raymond’ comments that Mr. Flaherty (Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry) has started using the term “anti-Whitism” and other GF terms.  Also, Mrs. Horst finds GF comforts her mind, body & soul; and, “G” a deep-network friend of NWG drains his phone battery listening to Going Free!

1:42:06 – 1:44:51               Getting Through Anti-White Training Sessions in your Professional Life:   Give them what they want, mouth the A/W talking points, if you must to gain or maintain your professional credentials —- Then go right out and fight for WWB!

                                                Key points:     ● Remember, the A/W story is a Fiction; it has nothing to do with reality 
● If you can survive it, you can take a public stand against Anti-Whitism

1:53:00 – 1:54:59               The Window of Opportunity has finally cracked open for us  –  All things are conspiring for our success!  

1:58:29 – 2:00:22               NWG on Crypto-Currency.

2:02:50 – 2:04:25               Old Habits & Going Free.

2:04:25 – 2:09:44               What is a Bio-Spirit?  –  A listener asks  & NWG responds. 

                                                Key points:     ● Every animal, including us, has a Bio-Spirit.  It is the way in which our instincts manifest in us; also, it guides ‘blind-sight’  ● It is also something magical & beyond comprehension

2:13:38 – 2:19:30               Video plays of “Western Apocalypse Now”, by Jack Hwite & Fornull…. Audio doesn’t start until @ 2:16:31

2:20:48 – 2:28:33               A New Direction with our Content Creators:   No support-shaming or road-blocking.  Anyone casting aspersions & shame — shame them back! 

                                                Key point:     ● If you can’t give financial support, give sincere & uplifting words of support

2:35:45 – 2:36:45               NWG Micro-Rant:  “You are the best of Westernkind”

2:36:45 – 3:02:15               A Letter from “F”:   NWG answers a letter detailing an MP on the delicate topic of female body types & the laws of nature when it comes to sexual attraction.   A discussion of the A/W trope that bottom-heavy women are to be relegated to non-White sexual partners.

                                                Key point:     ● Men without scruples will play upon a female insecurity of ANY type for sexual advantage – Ladies, do not fall for this! 

3:02:25 – 3:06:25               A response in the Chat to the “bottom-heavy” MP:   White women who adopt a non-White lifestyle & how to respond. 

                                                Key point:     ● Women can make any body type “work” for them…. NWG:  “Ladies, we (men) like it all!”

3:08:07 – 3:09:30               Ladies….Stay Pristine!  –  Being service of WWB means that your thoughts, deeds – everything you do — should maintain out Bio-Spirit.

3:17:02 – 3:21:23               Man who had Red Flag Laws used against him  –  Stockpiling weapons for a ‘civil war’ is a ridiculous strategy & may well end up in the loss of your right to self-defense. 

                                                 Key point:     ● NWG:  “I will never lead you in a direction that is going to get you thrown into a jail or cause you to lose your life.

3:24:28 – 3:26:11               The Meaningful Contributions of Working-class People:  The generosity of those who have little to give is truly meaningful… “We are becoming the new White race; the new Westernkind.”

3:26:52 – 3:29:20               The Great Variety of Our People  –  The TRUE people of color; a cornucopia of color!

3:35:09 – 3:38:50               Video plays of Luke Mason’s Prometheus Part One….

3:41:21 – 4:08:34               We are at an Exciting Moment in Time  –  For the next handful of years, we have a window of opportunity; as people lose faith in the electoral process, in ‘democracy’, as proven by the Trump presidency and other like events across the Western world.  At the same time, an increasing number of Thought Influencers are leaving & producing less content… This gives the GF movement an opportunity to fill that Void.

                                                Key points:     ● No more using strategies from the past that LOSE    ● Don’t be an A/W caricature – Appeal to the healthy, normal sensibilities of average White people    ● It is incorrectly concluded that the Anti-White Narrative is the real world    ● The A/W’s will always cast us as the Bad Guys in their Narrative

4:09:51 – 4:13:50               Red-Flag Laws used against a man who embraced the Anti-White Narrative of White Violence. Adorning yourself with the symbology of the past & espousing violent ideas makes you a pawn in the A/W story, to be used against all of us in the W/P Sphere.

4:17:27 – 4:18:30               (cont’d) Don’t Validate the Enemies Propaganda  –  We are writing a new story; we have a new tale to tell.  

4:18:45 – 4:41:47               Weapons Seized from Neo-Nazis:   NWG reads and discusses the article. 

                                                Key points:     ● The man had a concealed weapons permit; He was a law-abiding citizen 
● Groups like Atomwaffen provide our Victimizers with PROOF that their A/W Narrative is valid
● Those who choose a path of Violence put us ALL in danger, giving the A/W’s the opportunity to persecute & prosecute us all   ● The positive message of Going Free is changing & saving lives

4:46:20 – 4:46:57               The Answer is Neither Voting nor Violence  –  “Keep putting your shoulder behind what works.”

4:49:20 – 4:50:08               “We are in a Chrysalis….The Beginning of a Truly Glorious Future”  –   NWG closing message of Inspiration:   “Don’t be the antagonist in the Anti-White Narrative; Be a Hero in OURS!”


10-15-19  –   Going Free | No White Guilt | Jared George | Extinction Rebellion is a Fraud

6:00 – 7:58           25 Videos Submitted for Lovely Porridge / Jared George Video Contest  –  Will be premiering a website made just for the contest to feature the entry videos.  Applause for all the hard-working, talented people who submitted their work!         

8:56 – 9:38           Ablutophobia:  Fear of bathing…. The face out front of Extinction Rebellion, a White A/W decrepit creature, is an obvious sufferer of this rare condition (that usually affects women and children, by the way).

                                Key point:      ● Extinction Rebellions is not a small, genuinely grass-roots organization.  It is astroturfed!  Plans, brain-power and MONEY (in the millions) coming from organized, outside forces.

9:49 – 11:43        Jason’s Work Station:   Those who wonder what Jason’s work space looks like can request a ‘clear’ version of the shown blurry photo if they are supporters of the work of Going Free.

12:31 – 15:50      The Nature of the Volunteering in the Service of White Well-Being:   NWG applauds ‘Julie’ again for keeping her commitment for a year of providing banners. 

                                Key points:      ● Everyone can do something – Advocacy for WWB is a community of PARTICPANTS, rather than those who observe    ● NWG makes the contributors the Star!

18:18 – 26:24      Columbus Day & the Solutrean Hypothesis  –   Information is suppressed of the evidence that supports this hypothesis; ancient lore told of blonde-haired “giants” who conquered the land.   NWG proposes that Columbus Day celebrates a glorious re-taking of what was OURS.   

                                Key point:      ● If any other group of people showed any kind of evidence they had been in a land at a prior point in history, and that therefore the land belonged to their people and was their rightful homeland, it would NEVER be questioned and would be honored.

29:18 – 56:25      Extinction Rebellion:   An Anti-White Organization that appeared out of nowhere – intact – with millions of dollars behind it.   This group advocates & engages in climate terrorism; and its purpose is to inflict harm on Western Civilization and Westernkind.

                                Key points:      ● People are making a living at this as professional disruptors    ● Law enforcement has its hands tied by the political power structure; and free legal counsel is given to any token arrestees 
● Westernkind put an END to slavery; and yet are blamed for its existence.  The same is true of the environment… All conservation efforts & standards come from Westernkind; and yet we are absurdly vilified as the source of it.   ● Don’t debate climate change with the A/W’s — REFIELD the discussion.  Point out that non-White peoples pollute the MOST; and White People do the most to clean it up!   “If you want to save the environment, you have to save Westernkind FIRST.”

56:40 – 1:00:00    Jared George responds re Extinction Rebellion  –   The group is Anti-White to the core, and riddled with double-speak & double-think.   The Trojan Horse they use is to equate Western Civilization with Environmental Harm…. Attempting to create a false A/W conclusion wherein Third-World immigrants  have the “right” to a Western Lifestyle at OUR expense!!

1:00:56 – 1:02:03               Heroes in the Teaching Profession:    A teacher who is Going Free will be using NWG ‘s talking points to teach her students about ‘global warming’.    Spare a thought & a prayer for those who are trying to make a difference in this Anti-White profession….sadly it is “a squalid affair to be an educator in Western Civilization.”

1:02:29 – 1:06:15               Defining the Regime for those who are new to Going Free & WWB:    In Western countries, the A/W Regime consists of:  1) The news, media & entertainment industry  2) ALL local city, municipal,  state, & federal government entities  3) Mainstream churches of all denominations  4) Corporations & organizational entities of all stripes

                                                Key point:      ● Messaging comes from the mainstream Anti-White media who inject MP’s (Meme Pathogens) & wield the power to shape the thinking of the masses

1:03:48 – 1:06:10               Extinction Rebellion  –   The A/W anarchists plan to use a tactic employed by this type of terrorist group, blocking of a busy street or highway during rush-hour traffic, in the city of Toronto.  They will give no thought to, nor will they suffer any consequences for, the lost wages and even lives affected by this dangerous stunt. 

1:10:38 – 1:22:51               NWG & JG on speaking to people who accept the controlled-media A/W mainstream Narrative:    “How did you not know —?”   Point out to those you are conversing with that they are not getting all the information, and are perhaps even of questionable intelligence by relying on such a small pool of sources. 

Key points:      ● Everyone wants to be in the know; especially people who consider themselves educated & well-informed.  By showing them they are missing out on at least half the picture, you prod them into seeking out more information.     ● Recommend sources that are envelope-pushers but still Normie friendly, like Ann Coulter     ● Recommend also sites like NWG, perhaps with a reserved recommendation, in case the person turns out to be A/W at their core

1:23:00 – 1:40:44               Are you a Christian?  –   NWG reveals a childhood experience of attending many different churches of different denominations and finding one common thread:  Anti-Whitism.  Being White-Positive was taught to be a ‘sin’.   Jason concludes that although he is open to God, he has yet had the experience of Divine intervention appearing to reveal a supernatural truth! 

                                                Key points:      ● We all need a real understanding of the way the real world works…an understanding of the human condition    ● Big error people make is misattribution:  “Feeling is not thinking.”

                                                Jared George responds @ 1:30:46:   “No.  I am not a Christian.”   The Social vs. Theological distinction.  Jared makes an eloquent case for the importance of a spiritual life that reflects our Bio-Spirits, instead of some ancient desert religion, while also acknowledging the cultural influence of Christianity on peoples of European descent.

1:41:03 – 1:42:06               NWG on the Bio-Spirit of Western kind as it relates to Christianity:   We have made things our own, as is the case with Christianity. 

1:50:49 – 1:58:04               NWG and Jared George on Sleep  –  Listen to your body.  Most people need between 6-9 hours per night to function properly.  Also, sleep is needed to imprint learning.

2:06:43 – 2:16:30               Safest way to Invest & Participate in WWB without being Doxxed:  Use a pseudonym; use a VPN.  And remember, the Government already KNOWS who you are!

2:16:47 – 2:18:37               Jared George on the Womanly Art of Home-making:  A woman’s love is manifest in her care of her family and her home.  This is truly an art, and will be appreciated for a lifetime by all those who are on the receiving end of it. 

                                                Key points:      ● The devoted home-maker nourishes the body and soul of her family  
● Mrs. Horst of the Going Free Community embodies this virtue!

2:18:40 – 2:20:35               “Excuses are for Losers”   –    NWG & Jared share the standards they set for themselves to do the right thing; to be heroic & to not make excuses.   Live a life without regret.  

2:20:41 – 2:25:04               There is no such thing as ‘Hatred’:  The concept of ‘Hatred’ is an incorrect characterization of ‘Anger’ or ‘Rage’.   Anger – and rage – when fueled with love for our People, will ignite you with a fire that never dies!

2:26:03 – 2:27:16               Jared George on ‘Hatred’:   Study our history and the inexhaustible wealth of our stories about our history.

2:27:57 – 2:28:24               NWG on the Curative Contagion:   “Anger is a virtue when it protects the Innocent.”

2:29:05 – 2:34:38               No Support Shaming:   Give support & appreciation to our content creators, artists, and all who are working for WWB.  THIS is where we should be putting our money!

2:38:43 – 2:45:33               When Anti-Whites Attack:    Always come back two-fold!  Develop a never-give-up attitude and strive for GLORY. 

2:51:33 – 2:55:06               Jared George & the Upward Spiral:  “Life is in the details.”  Working for WWB gives us patience and respect for our White brothers & sisters.    

                                                Key point:      ● Always carry yourself nobly & display your best optimal self

2:55:45 – 3:02:10               Black-pilling versus White-pilling:  An effective way to wake up Normies or doing the enemies work for them? 

                                                Key point:      ● Too much Black-pilling engenders apathy, defeat & despair.  You are tainted by exposure to constant negativity. 

3:05:43 – 3:08:38               Jared George Closing Remarks:   “This work (for WWB) is a blessing in my life.”

3:08:39 – 3:09:41               NWG Closing Remarks:   “The first year of a new Western Sunrise.”



10-13-19  –   Going Free | No White Guilt | How to Handle Being Doxed | Girl Wishes to Live Alone as Adult

19:48 – 20:44      Thank you Lovely Porridge for the Channel Saving Info!  –  Lovely Porridge helped keep the channel safe from the Anti-Whites by reaching out to NWG with potentially channel saving info….  Porridge is the originator of the video contest, last message to Western Civilization, with assistance from Jared George.              

20:45 – 23:58      An Anti-White, “B”, reaches out to Jason:   –  As a result of back-and-forth exchanges with NWG, “B” has decided that a special monument she is creating will have quotes featured from White people, instead of virtue-signaling with quotes from Non-Whites.  “B” is currently in a very anti-White milieu.  Even so, she is getting healthier & continuing her healing with Going Free.

24:27 – 26:26      Acknowledgements & Announcements:   Recognition especially to Cultural Oncologist and Luke Mason, as well as Synthicide.  Synthicide’s music is currently back on YouTube.  Cultural Oncologist is working on a playlist of infamous Anti-White speeches rewritten as White-Positive.

26:27 – 31:47      NWG Shares Pictures of Falconry:  A fascinating glimpse into the Sport of Kings, and the exceptional beauty & majesty of the Harris’s Hawk.   NWG, in the true spirit of Westernkind, is a staunch friend and defender of nature and all her beautiful creatures, and shares more of his conservation activities.

                                Key point:      ● Harris’s hawks are exceptional creatures, with an instinct to want to work with humans & have amazing agility. 

31:48 – 35:12      Happy Columbus Day!   Recognition & Applause to “Julie”, who has completed a years of commitment to creating banners for NWG for each holiday of the calendar and has done beautiful work.

35:33 – 44:17      Columbus Day —  A White People’s Holiday:   NWG explores some interesting hypothesis behind whose land this really is.  Perhaps Columbus was simply re-taking that which was already ours!

44:19 – 51:18      Fall of Western Man – A book by Mark Collett:    Support our People!  Reject support-shaming & road-blocking.  NWG reads a passage from the book….

                                Key point:      ● We need our own ADL      

51:34 – 53:54      The Solutrean Hypothesis:   The Solutrean hypothesis posits that a population derived from the Solutrean culture of Western Europe may have crossed the North Atlantic Ocean along the edge of pack ice that extended from the Atlantic coast of France to North America during the Last Glacial Maximum.

1:02:21 – 1:05:06               Support Shaming:    Organizational entities exist for every race & are lauded and praised & recognized as a moral good with one exception  —- those for White people.

1:05:11 – 1:07:42               Women in the White-Positive Sphere:    A plethora of women in the Going Free movement!

1:08:41 – 1:11:32               NWG on the Majesty of Nature:    NWG recounts the experience of the thrilling site of a Bald Eagle while on a river outing.  The majesty of nature speaks directly to our Bio-Spirit.

1:11:40 – 1:33:25               A Little Girl Announces:  “When I grow up, I want to live alone.”  –   A mother in the WP Sphere who is raising her daughter with great care & to love our people finds her child has somehow still been infected with MP’s.   Many female lives & souls are WRECKED by the anti-Whitism that targets them with the lure of a false & hollow freedom.

                                                Key point:      ● Women are NOT made happy by larping as men; it leads to a life of depression & despair   ● The sexual market value of a woman is dictated by nature; a female has a short window of opportunity in which to attract a partner    ● The ability to pair-bond with a man is diminished by the number of sexual partners a woman has    ● It is a cruel lie that women can have ‘fun’ now and settle down later; it simply doesn’t work that way.  As a woman is used up by the world – and she WILL BE – she will grow increasingly unattractive, bitter, anti-male & undesirable.   This is a hard truth; but it is a fact.   ● Women In the WP sphere-  we will give our daughters the OPTION the A/W’s seek to deny them; a lifetime of fulfillment surrounded by her children, grandchildren &  people who love her     ● There will be women who are the exception and even so do not choose the path of family fulfillment; we need to direct them to a path of serving our people – rather than letting the Anti-Whites ruin them!

1:34:48 – 1:41:14               Teachers & the Anti-White Agenda:   Those who teach our children are put through intense Anti-White programming in order to acquire a teaching certificate & credentials… Even so, some are heroically resisting the A/W agenda.  Most, however, are not. 

                                                Key point:      ● Important note about children & a little girl who announces she wants to live alone when she grows up.

1:41:20 – 1:42:22               Christian Schools can be the most Anti-White of All!   –  Parents cannot be hands-off even if their children are in a Christian School environment.  Some of the curriculum in these schools is virulently anti-White.   It is essential to be as vigilant as if your children were in a public school.

1:43:25 – 1:50:03               A note on Comment Moderation – The A/W’s OWN the Platforms:    NWG asks all to please be patient & understanding and defer to the decisions made by Mods in the Chat.   They have to be hyper-alert to any potential violations that will get the channel get shut down. 

                                                Key points:      ● The A/W’s purposely keep rules vague to engage in a form of psychological warfare     ● The Mods are aware of YouTube rules & tactics that commenters may not be aware of   ● We want to keep conversation in the Chat productive so that it is welcoming to newcomers    ● You will NOT be singled out for unfair/personal mistreatment –  even the Mods are moderated by NWG!

1:50:54 – 1:56:08               Destructive Anti-White Messages in Country Music:    Anti-male messages that encourage alcohol abuse and are aimed at WHITE people; especially White men.

                                                Key point:      ● Jason shares a personal anecdote on dating from his personal life.

2:01:50 – 2:06:50               A Community Member turns away from a path of Anger & Potential Violence  –  A community member has turned away from considering an act of violence, out of frustration & rage, to the positive and empowering path of Going Free.  He has started working to improve himself and now wants to have a family.   “If you want to get back at the Anti-Whites, serve White Well-being; serve Going Free.”

                                                Key points:      ● Our people are goaded & encouraged by the A/W’s  to take a destructive path of violence, as it will only further inflict harm on White Well-being  — Don’t allow yourself to be used as a tool, as fodder, for the Anti-Whites!     ● Do this by shifting the CONTEXT.

2:22:39 – 2:24:55               Foreign Bio-Spirits will inevitably recreate their own Environments  –  You will only be safe if you belong to a PEOPLE.  There are no more places left to run to…

2:25:57 – 3:21:19               How to Handle Doxxing:    Lives are ruined when A/W’s expose people in the WP Sphere for a social lynching.  This is done to strike fear into those who are White Positive & an attempt to get us to silence OURSELVES.  The key to survive a doxxing is to prepare yourself in advance! 

                                                Key points:      ● Anyone who is a Heretic, anyone who are not Anti-White enough, is potentially a target of the  A/W’s     ● Do NOT dox anyone in the Chat   ● One of the most daunting aspects of being doxxed  is the ambiguity – the fear of the unknown   ● There is no shame in anonymity; we need everyone to be able to work for WWB in whatever way they can    ● You can lessen the fear of being doxxed by preparing yourself in ADVANCE.

                                                Prior to Being Doxxed:    ● Anticipate & plan for being doxxed     ● How will you respond?       
1) Make a plan as though you will be doxxed   2) Make a list of people you can reach out to in the WP sphere       ● Plan for doxxing now because you will not be clear-headed after it happens
● Prepare a response plan for your employer   1) Have an ‘excuse’ prepared that will enable you to keep your job  2) Make sure you have ‘evidence’ in place now to back you up   ● Remember, not everyone loses their job — we only hear about the ones who do    ● Create a list of jobs below your competency & training level so you are less afraid of losing a job – and less likely to lose it     ● Don’t live at the limit of your paycheck – start a dox savings account    ● Take advantage of the Social Welfare programs    ● If you live in a heavily Anti-White area, take a look at finding a place where you will not be recognized

                                                Take Steps to Prevent Yourself from Being Doxxed  –  @ 2:50:16:     ● Use a nom de guerre – use a nickname or a fake name      ● Use a VPN      ● Delete your real info from public websites that everyone has access to  — these are the sites the A/W’s use for doxxing.  Take the time & effort to do this!    ● Don’t tell any of your ‘normie’ friends & family about your alter-ego, who you are on-line; it is not safe to dox yourself even to people who you think have no interest.  ANYONE could sell you out for the dominant dogma   

                                                Prepare Yourself Emotionally   –    @3:00:48:    ● Especially important for women; keep in mind that you could be doxxed     ● Remember that A/W’s mostly go after the big-name targets; to make an example of them & to instill fear     ● Even the A/W’s do not have enough resources to go door-to-door & dox everyone who is White-positive…. Keep a sense of perspective.

                                                Don’ts — What NOT to do if you are Doxxed   –   @3:04:23     ● Don’t panic; don’t come unglued      ● Don’t be ignoble:  Don’t apologize & don’t beg for forgiveness.  YOU are in the RIGHT.  An apology is like blood in the water & it is NOT going to get you a reprieve!  There is no such thing as a ‘part’ heretic.   ● Don’t publicly or privately make yourself into an Anti-White.  No one respects a traitor.    ● Do NOT denounce the WP sphere  –  There is no redemption from the Anti-Whites     ● Don’t have overblown fears that you or your house is going to be immediately attacked.  You are probably not going to have your face on the six o-clock news!   ● Don’t break any of the laws of the A/W Regime    ● Don’t be afraid that everyone you know will condemn you for being White-positive; some will agree with you, some will be afraid to do so publicly 
● Don’t isolate yourself mentally or physically; if you are at a desperate point, reach out to a suicide hotline or some other resource available to you    ● “Don’t allow the Anti-Whites to push you into the ultimate White flight.”     ● If you decide to disappear  — If you quit — Do NOT moralize or universalize your decision. 

The Do’s:   If you stay  —  Don’t browbeat others with your dilemma.  YOU choose if you’re going to be a coward or a hero!

3:29:42 – 3:36:18               The Power of the Lexicon of Going Free if you are Doxxed:   You will be safer in your standing with your employer & in your community if you are about loving our people & not a Hollywood stereotype as portrayed by the Anti-Whites.

3:37:12 – 3:40:06               Concerns about Identity & VPNs:  The Feds are going to know your identity anyway!  Your concerns about doxxing need to be directed to the Anti-Whites who will use the easily available information out there to identify you… That information is where to focus your efforts.

3:42:39 – 3:53:50               The Do’s – What to Do if you are Doxxed:  STAND FIRM.  You are on the moral high ground.  You are doing the right thing by serving WWB.     ● DO reach out to friends in the WP sphere  
● Decide if you will serve WWB publicly, behind the scenes, or in the shadows    ● Quitting is NOT an option; don’t be a coward    ● Doxxing is a TERRORISTIC ACTIVITY – Once it no longer works, it will STOP.  

3:54:20 – 3:56:59               Tortious Interference:   Seek redress.  Be knowledgeable of the legal recourse that you have; and be sure your employers know you know your options! 

                                                Key point:      ● Be a FANTASTIC employee and you will be less likely to lose your job after a doxxing — be a White person!

3:58:18 – 4:00:46               NWG shares a positive comment by ‘Hunt’:   The power of working within the frame of Going Free.

4:05:04 – 4:06:02               NWG Closing Summation remarks.


10-8-19  – Going Free | No White Guilt | Jared George | Isolationism—Support Shaming—Road Blocking—Sabotage

7:08 – 11:24        A Big Welcome to those who are new to the channel  –  NWG  welcomes those who have come over to the NWG channel after the ‘dust-up’ about Millennial Matt from this past Sunday’s show with Clarion Wakefield.     In the meantime, Millennial Matt has reached out to Jason to clarify his position.   Unfortunately, some of Matt’s supporters have sought to sow hostility.

                                Key points:     ● The White-Positive (WP) sphere is truly ‘diverse’ & variegated; different communities are often unaware of other communities with very similar viewpoints & a lot of overlap   ● Even some non-Whites have come to the Channel     

11:24 – 19:12      Special Thanks to Community Members Actively Participating in the Work of Going Free – NWG gives warm & heartfelt special thanks to all who are helping with his work, especially behind the scenes.  A special mention is given about one of our People in New Zealand, Phil Arp, who has been imprisoned simply for sharing a video of an atrocity … Phil is a wonderful member of our Community who was frequently on the NWG streams and the Poseidon streams; and he has a wife and children who, along with him, need our support.   Please reach our on Twitter, GAB, etc., with information about Phil. 

                                Key points:      ● Still some problems with contact page on the website; please try to contact via the NWG Collectibles store, or on Twitter, etc.    ● Plans for playlists on NWG website of the special contributors who are created music, videos & memes     ● Special shout-out to Mrs. Horst!  A great example to our young women — and all of us — in raising a beautiful family of White-Positive children while still being active in the Going Free Community  

19:15 – 23:00      Jason shares Positive Testimonials form Community Members:   “I could fill five pages with the heartfelt comments I’ve received since Sunday.”    The dialectics & lexicon of Going Free are saving people from the horrors of White Noir; the devastation of a lifetime of having no identity.

23:01 – 26:06      Althaea Promethiea the Twitter Champion!   –    NWG reads from Althaea’s tweets as she came to the defense of NWG and our GF community, responding to Trolls & detractors. 

31:40 – 1:17:40  Re-cap of the Timeline of Events since Sunday’s Stream With Clarion:    NWG recounts events that have unfolded re Millennial Matt after Clarion’s passionate discussion of ‘quitters’ in the movement  — specifically the case of Millennial Matt.    This stream provoked an instant reaction from Matt’s followers.  Many engaged in spurious attacks on Jason’s character while impugning the contributions of those who are Going Free.   Very revealingly, many of the attackers used Anti-White slurs…. Matt has not denounced these attacks.   NWG to Matt’s followers:  “I forgive the friend’s of Matt for their vicious, anti-White attacks on my character.”

Key points:      ● A distinct difference between being an isolationist and the necessity to leave an area that has become dangerous due to Non-Whites and Anti-Whites.  The difference is surrendering the territory to fight another day, versus a strategic withdrawal to safety to gather strength to mount another battle    ● We need Global Interconnectivity in the White community; a Great White Ring around the world.  We will not be safe if we are isolated from one another in individual redoubts —  the Zimbabwe approach!   
● Matt followers engaging in Adult Tantrums and blaming others for their mistakes & for following bad advice    ● Matt followers admonishing people to get off social media —  from their social media accounts they are still on!    ● Hanlon’s Razor:   “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”    ● Avoid the Virtue Trap:  we can’t outbreed the non-Whites   ● Know them by their fruits – Judge those in the WP Sphere by their deeds   ●  You can’t win in the Anti-White moral system!!  

Support Shaming:  Criticizing a Leader for getting financial support from followers of their work…. This is the tactic of saboteurs & A/W’s who have no problem with non-Whites giving millions of dollars of support to groups that represent their interests, (such as the ADL & the NAACP) but balk at WP content creators who are sacrificing their time, talents – their lives – receiving humble sums of token support from those who appreciate their work.   Non-Whites NEVER to this to those working for THEM. 

                                                “The tree that is never pruned grows ugly and weak.”  ….If working for WWB and supporting
                                                those who are doing the work is too hard for you — Please just LEAVE.

1:18:10                                  Jared George brought into the show

1:21:33 – 1:21:48               The Joker movie is Anti-White!    –   Community member comments that the movie portrays the White main character, The Joker, as a loser with a non-White girlfriend —- and that all the people he kills are WHITE.

1:22:15 – 1:26:10               From the Gates of Hell to the Road to Prometheus:   Dan from Australia’s testimonial about giving up drink & bad food as a result of Going Free — White Flighting into alcoholism, junk food, and the ultimate White Flight of suicide is a result of all the MP’s we are infected with.  The power of GF is literally saving lives!  Tall Kevin also adds the comment that it is obvious the A/W’s want us to destroy ourselves….

1:28:56 – 1:29:40               ‘Thank You for Your Service’  –   We salute our People who serve in the military because they are fighting for Western Civilization.  We salute their courage, bravery in battle, and the ideals of Westernkind that they take a stand for.  

                                                Key points:      ● They are acting in service for the defense of our People    ● It’s not about support for the Power That Be, that manipulate foreign policy & start wars for their own interests.

1:30:30 – 1:32:38               The Ultimate Act Of White Flight:    Community member “Edgar Allen Poll” gives a brave testimony of his own inner battle….”I was hanging by a single thread; a love for our people.”

1:33:17 – 1:35:18               Your donations work directly for WWB:   Going Free is not a profit center.  All contributions go directly into the work of NWG. 

Key points:      ● People decry the power of groups like the ADL & then support shame NWG, a struggling figure who is sacrificing his life for White Well-Being.

1:37.15 – 1:39:00               A Dramatic Testimonial from a GF Community Member going by the name “Jason”:  Small repayment for the blessing that is White Well-Being…  A former opium addict & Cuckservative has been influenced by the work of NWG & The Golden One to pull himself of the pit of White Noir.

1:38:59 – 1:40:34               Jared George Opening Remarks

1:40:35 – 1:44:41               Jared George announces plans for the future in collaboration with NWG:  We are on the verge of something new & big.  “We will grow into this publicly.”  Jared discusses briefly the TAP (The After Party) origin story.  

                                                Key points:      ● Tuesday nights will be a regular feature & will include the announcement for TAP guest of the week    ● Different kinds of programming are coming – may do a call-in show.

1:44:42 – 2:01:31               Jared George addresses different aspect of the WP sphere & Millennial Matt:  The  White-Positive sphere is quite large, and not everyone is aware of what other leaders & activists are doing and saying; even what positions they hold in common, or differ on. 

                                                Key points:      ● Different Content Creators take different angles; some even just for shock value, to break the PC programming — and there is value in that approach.  Attacking the hypocrisy of the A/W Regime with meme posting, sh#t posting      ● Meme culture is different than the power of building a WP community – Many of our young men have not had positive male role models  

2:05:34 – 2:05:52               Recommendation of the work of Way of the World.

2:05:53 – 2:08:52               Jared George on “The Joker” movie:   The movie engenders different reactions; but it is basically about a psychologically sick guy.

2:08:59 – 2:10:28               NWG on Coffee:   Make that tea, for Jared George!

2:11:28 – 2:12:24               Using the Lexicon of Going Free with Friends, Family & Strangers:  A constant tug-of-war against Meme Pathogens.

2:13:40 – 2:14:28               Jared George asks for input for a Print-on-Demand T-Shirt supplier  –   Preferably based in the USA, who will be amenable to working with political dissidents.  Needed for T-shirts, mugs, and other merch.

2:15:20 – 2:19:28               “My parents are Anti-White, and my sister is on the wrong path….”   –   Jason & Jared discuss guiding those closest to us, especially our young people, using the MC’s and GF lexicon to re-shape their thinking.  “Teaching them how to see makes it impossible for them to close their eyes.”

                                                Key points:      ● Stress to your sister/friend/loved one that they are valuable as a person; and that you love them     ● What are the behavior norms that are to be expected from a 16-yr-old girl?   ● If you believe you are from a wretched people, you don’t know your own value

2:19:31 – 2:33:01               NWG & Jared George on another approach – Fear/Negative Motivation:    Sometimes the best approach to take with a loved one is to scare them straight.   Women know on a biological level that they are inherently vulnerable; and if you point out that of COURSE strangers are going to be nice to them….. right up until the moment they are raped…. they will understand this on a visceral level.

2:37:46 – 2:41:23               People in our Community who go without & make personal sacrifices to contribute to WWB:  Tactics like support-shaming & road-blocking undermines their sacrifice.

2:41:44 – 2:49:58               Jared George:  The internet is THE tool of Communication   –  Our on-line community is a REAL community.  We are growing deep roots & have a big vision here; we are just getting started!

                                                Key point:      ● Put out your best work, and you will attract people to you

2:49:59 – 2:54:06               NWG Responds:  Do your due diligence and be mindful of your Reputational Investment.  A sterling example is Jared George who did the hard work on himself first before starting his channel putting his face out in public.

3:00:59 – 3:21:23               The Joker —  A victim up until the moment he became a monster  –  NWG reads and deconstructs an A/W article reviewing the movie, written by CNN A/W typist Jeff Yang.   NWG & Jared discuss the A/W nuances. 

                                                Key point:      ● ‘Joker’ is Anti-White programming for our young White males    ● Young White men as a group realize they are being harmed & yet are denied their grievances and told the REVERSE is true   ● WE BUILT WESTERN CIVILIZATION

3:24:38 – 3:26:06               NWG Closing Words of Inspiration:   …”Be someone’s light; Be someone’s better tomorrow!”


10-6-19      Going Free | No White Guilt | Clarion | Dreadlock Hate Hoax and Baby Food | Excuses to Quit

12:37 – 18:37      Excuses for Quitting  –  NWG  early on predicted that the “Alt-Right” was a fad; and that like all fads, it would pass.  One thing that has not passed, and is a growing trend, is the exponential growth in the White-Positive Sphere.  In response, the Anti-White Regime is struggling to ‘hold back tomorrow.’  

                                Key points:     ● There will be ups & downs – don’t set yourself up for failure   ● We need the message of Going Free to be at the helm, steering us towards White Well-Being     ● This is not a contest between Nationalism & Globalization    ● Whatever our actions, the A/W’s will maintain the fictional narrative that our movement is about “hate”

20:14 – 26:24      NWG gives thanks to Community members who are helping with the work of Going Free – And details plans for upcoming features that will enhance the NWG website to strengthen & grow our Community.

28:15 – 30:10      NWG Reaches 17,000 Subscribers!  –  Even with all the suppression, censorship & shadow-banning, the NWG audience continues to grow as more & more people come to the message of Going Free. 

                                Key points:      ● Imagine how big the Channel would be if it were being recommended and NOT being suppressed!   ● We only grow stronger from the oppression and opposition – physically, mentally, & spiritually   ● We are only getting started!!

30:19 – 31:49      We are all Working Class People here; making sacrifices go Going Free  –  Mr. Pie is not here!  Super-chats giving testimonials to the power of the Dialectics of Going Free.

                                Key point:      ● Nobody here is rich:  the sums given are a testament of the love of our People.

33:07 – 35:29      Tips For Flyer Drops :  Go with the powerful & unapologetic message — NO WHITE GUILT.   The recent Wenatchee flyer drop was a triumph! 

                                Key points:      ● Avoid including websites & imagery that is antiquated or easily tagged by the authorities as blatantly offensive  –  Always appeal to the sensibilities of normal White people    
● One simple idea –  A leaflet with the No White Guilt wording & website & with the striking imagery of the ‘Born Guilty’ book cover on it

36:34 – 38:43      Is your phone listening to you??  –  Yes!  Big Brother Google is spying on you.

44:14 – 48:48      Trump Says…..”Blacks Built America”:  Donald Trump lies to further the Anti-White Narrative  –    This LIE is an enormous insult to all of Westernkind and an utter fabrication!  Blacks have never built Western Civilization.  Western Civilization exists in the tangible world because it exists in the Bio-Spirits of Westernkind.   Only WE can be US.

                                Key points:      ● The United States was 90% White up until the 1960’s    ● Blacks no more built this civilization than did the oxen who plowed the earth; they were merely a minor tool used to carry out the vision of Westmen.

53:13 – 58:06      Visa Free Travel for Poland:   Will this be good for the United States?  Bad for Poland?? 

Key points:      ● Poland is a Nationalistic country, and with the inflow of money from the U.S. will become subject to the destructive A/W pressures it has largely been protected from    ● Visa free travel will make it easier for A/W’s to travel to Poland & spread the degeneracy of A/W agendas like homosexual activism, etc.  

58:24 – 1:00:58                  Crazed Anti-Whites treat as serious the disturbed rant “We must eat the Babies!”  –  How WE profit from it:  Strategic Opportunism….  Making the most of events that happen in the world around us; and, bending the rules to our advantage. 

Key Quote:     “The highest genius in strategic opportunism, what we are going to be doing here, is to use the money, the investments (of time, cash, talents, efforts) by other people serving other objectives – to make that work for us.”

1:01:49                                  CLARION WAKEFIELD ENTERS THE SHOW                            

1:03:49 – 1:08:50               Making White-Positive Art – Art that serves White Well-Being:   Does not have to have a  blatantly WP message…. It simply is White Positive in spirit, and in tune with our Bio-Spirits!  The only pre-requisite is that the creator of it serves WWB.  Recommendation of the work of Jeff Winston and the White Art Collective.

                                                Key point:      ● WP art is a vast spectrum of creativity:  sculpting, painting, digital animation, music, poetry, paintings, drawings, photography, calligraphy…. Even acting skits, film, etc.

1:10:11 – 1:10:26               NWG words upon turning over to Clarion:   “We are building a People here, out of a deracinated Race…We are re-building Western Civilization.”  Not everyone is going to make it through the bottleneck. 

1:11:18 – 1:15:00               Clarion’s White-Positive Facebook Page Deleted:  The platform claims her content is “White Nationalism”.   Clarion, undaunted, is doing her own important & powerful work for the people in her home-school circle, and for all of us in the W/P Sphere!

                                                Key point:      ● Clarion has undertaken the composition of a WP European History Class for her home-schooling group and is creating video & audio clips for parents and children alike.  Her plans are to turn this into a Channel of W/P History that will be an invaluable resource for our people.

1:16:10 – 1:22:29               Clarion on Millennial Matt a/k/a Zoomer Matthew:   After getting ‘doxxed’ the content creator decided to quit — to retreat to his own personal & spiritual redoubt and leave us all to do the fighting for him.  Clarion, repulsed by his cowardice, eloquently describes this kind of capitulation & retreat as “a complete cancer in our movement.” 

                                                 Key Quote:     @ 1:18:09 – 1:20:53 Clarion reads the revealing final Tweets of @ZoomerMatthew

1:24:08 – 1:27:45               NWG Responds to Millennial Matthew Tweets & retreat:   “This is not a one-off… It happens again & again. They want an excuse to be a LOSER; and that’s what they are!”

                                                Key point:      ● After coming to the truth, what kind of person then turns their back on it??
● We MUST criticize behavior that is harmful to our people; this is not being the morality police

1:29:16 – 1:42:43               Clarion re-enters with an eloquent sermon on Zoomer Matthew:   “This is more important than one individual.”    This kind of ignoble quitting spreads like a cancer.   

                                                Key points:      ● The greatest harm done by the quitter, is that they advise our people that they can have a future if they just quit and go back to accepting the A/W Narrative —- WE DON’T have a future if we QUIT.     ● You cannot build a security fence around yourself that will be strong enough to keep the Anti-Whites out…. What about your children & grandchildren?  What about all of our children??    ● Having a life & a future is mutually exclusive, if you turn your back on the TRUTH.   

                                                “At some point you will have to take a stand and stop running.  Either you, or your children, or your grandchildren will be forced to take a stand ….And better YOU than THEM.”

1:43:00 – 1:55:04               NWG Epic Rant – Responds to points Clarion made on Zoomer Matthew:   “Quitting is never acceptable.   And it is a shameful thing to do!”    “It is your DUTY to preserve what has been handed down to us…. To preserve the flame; and to keep it as clean and safe as possible.”

Key points:      ● Your only hope for safety is in this Community for WWB — that is IT.  
● The way we protect each other is by circling the wagons….

1:58:18 – 2:04:39               NWG –  Foundational Points on Our Bio-Spirits:   Only WE can be US.  The spirit of Westernkind was not given to you randomly, as if in a lottery.   Western Civilization is our inheritance; it was handed down to us because OUR PEOPLE created it!  We must maintain it; or it is lost forever.

2:10:50 – 2:17:06               Clarion on ‘Retreat Matthew’:   If you must surrender — just disappear!  Don’t try to make quitting some “noble path”… And, don’t try to take other people with you!! 

                                                Key point:      ● Everybody needs a break from time to time; but, the only excuse to take a break is to strengthen yourself to come back refreshed & ready to continue the fight. 

2:17:11 – 2:20:50               NWG Responds to Clarion’s Points on Quitting:   Emphasizes the powerful meme she has evoked; that of handing a ticking time-bomb to your children when you quit the fight for WWB. 

2:23:33 – 2:25:30               Ladies:  Make sure your life means something!   Sacrifices for WWB and the meaningful life it will give you.

2:30:51 – 2:34:07               NWG:  There is no better place for self-improvement than the GF Movement  –  We are all infected with Meme Pathogens (MP’s); and only by attacking the MP infections within yourself will you ever stop the downhill trajectory of White Noir.  “You are the hand of God!”

2:35:56 – 2:37:08               NWG on Sportsball:   The psychological gelding of our men who wear a Non-White’s name on their back.

2:37:55 – 2:40:14               (cont’d) – NWG on Going Free is your best bet for self-improvement:  Nobody else is attacking the disease…. You must attack the MP’s to begin getting stronger. 

                                                Key point:      ● GF is a life-long process —- There is no “gone free”; you are always “Going Free”

2:42:46 – 2:47:43               NWG offers Inspiration with Testimonials of Going Free  –  We swim daily in a poison of Anti-Whitism.  Many of our people attempt escape by White-Flight into drink, drugs, etc.  

2:48:28 – 2:53:13               Dreadlock Hate Hoax:   Hate hoaxes are a way to imprison us all to the MP that we are an evil People.               

                                                Key points:      ● Hate Hoaxes are another way MP’s are created & communicated to our people 
● Hate Hoaxes cast our people in the role of the Villain    ● This is not about politics; this is about our SURVIVAL

2:53:21 – 3:04:03               Clarion on Dreadlock Hate Hoax:   “We have all been prosecuted by each Hate Hoax.”
These hoaxes are an anti-White contagion; and when inevitably debunked, the harm has already been done.  The damage is exponentially multiplied by the fact that few people ever hear the news of the retraction.   People who falsely accuse need to be held accountable!

                                                Key points:     ● Victims of the Hoax are chosen because of their race —  Media trumpets the race angle initially; but then hides the race element in the retraction   ● Hoaxes feed the fuel of Anti-White violence against us & put us ALL in danger   ● Inevitably, the defenders of the Hoaxer will call for “healing” and “forgiveness”, while sticking the knife in once again by stating that although this particular incident didn’t happen, “we all know these things happen all the time”

3:04:07 – 3:21:23               NWG on Dreadlock Hate Hoax:    NWG reads & gives analysis of the newspaper account of the Dreadlock Girl Hate Hoax.  “Hate Hoaxes are the norm; and these Hate Hoaxes become Hush Crimes. “

There are two kinds of Hate Hoaxes:
1) Anti-White fabrications to make-up Racism 
2) Individuals trying to get out of trouble by playing the Race Card and making themselves the object of sympathy. 

                                                Key points:     ● News articles about the Hoax (which if it had happened should have been no more than a playground incident) were trumpeted by the media & appeared around the world
● Police in the locality holding-up the Anti-White Narrative   ● How would a little White girl have been treated if she had FALSELY accused two non-White classmates of holding her down & cutting her hair??   ● The falsely accused White boys will STILL be prosecuted & persecuted for this incident — even though it did not happen   ● This Hate Hoax will be mouthed as truth by Anti-Whites and repeated over & over again as evidence of Racism against Non-Whites

3:32:53 – 3:35:46               NWG responds to E. Michael Jones characterization of …”What is a White person?”

                                                MP:    What is a White Person?
MC:    We’ll use YOUR definition; the one that you use when you discriminate against us and use to persecute us!

                                                Key point:      ● When responding to an Anti-White, re-field the subject matter to where White People are the ones being discriminated against & harmed by the Anti-Whites.

3:36:46 – 3:37:23               Jason & The Legendary Golden Fleece:   A Community Member recasts NWG as the hero who will, with the rest of us Argonauts, travel a long, long way to recapture our destiny! 

3:45:14 – 3:45:55               Perceived Past Racial Injustices vs. Physical Violence against White People:  Media silence.

3:46:00 – 3:46:56               Punish the Liars!   –  To the same extent as the person initially accused would have been.

3:48:16 – 3:52:48               You don’t have to be Perfect to join the fight for White Well-Being:  All are welcome who want to participate in WWB.  NWG anecdote on not being perfect.

3:52:58 – 3:57:03               The Troll Awards  –  An Oscar-worthy performance by an Anti-White at a recent AOC event, stating “we have to eat the babies”.   The real story, the big take-a-way, is that everyone in the room took her seriously and gave her earnest, attentive support. 

3:59:25 – 4:02:16               NWG & Clarion on an MP from Elementary School:  “This land is your land.”  MP’s are absolutely everywhere!


10-4-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | An Immodest Proposal AOC Acolyte “Eat the Babies!”

1:20 – 2:25                           Video of AOC Acolyte at town-hall style meeting implores:  “We have to eat the babies!”
Unhinged leftist in viral video from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez/ “AOC” (the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district) plays in blurred format (to avoid channel censorship)

2:20 – 6:58                           NWG enters the Video:  –  Jason/No White Guilt (NWG) gives thanks to everyone who joined the stream last night (Part 1) and helped spread the word with tweets, memes, etc.  

                                                Key points:      ● Regardless of the motive behind an incident like this, if it is real of just a great troll, we need to get out front and spread the message of Going Free & be part of whatever goes viral     ● It is a very high-level caliber of strategy to use the motives, initiatives and acts of other groups & actors —regardless of their motives — to our benefit & to serve our own purposes    
● Highest level of strategic game theory & something that has not been done before in the White-positive (WP) sphere   –   This is the difference of Going Free

7:00 – 10:00                        NWG reads aloud from a book by Dr. Jonathan Swift:   –  Written in the early 1700’s, “A Modest Proposal”, by Jonathan Swift.

                                                Key points:      ● If this woman was a troll, it was an award-winning performance!    ● Whether or not she was, if someone had come into the WP sphere and said something equally crazy, NO ONE would have given her legitimacy, whereas  AOC & her audience did  

10:03 – 12:01                      We hit a home-run last night with the AOC incident  –  Let’ get out in front of everything like this from now on!

                                                Key points:      ● The genius move is to take the effort they put into achieving their aim and goals and turn it to use for our benefit to serve White Well-being


10-3-19                 Going Free | No White Guilt | AOC Acolyte “We Need to Eat the Babies!” Part 1 of 2

15:40 – 29:07                      Tucker Carlson show on Fox News Interrupted with Special Video:    –   The madness gets worse every day.   Anti-White, Non-White AOC  —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th District — had been holding a town-hall style audience participation event earlier in the day speaking on anthropogenic (man-made) climate change when a zealous Anti-White in the audience burst out with ,“we have to eat the babies” to save the plant.  This deranged individual was taken seriously by AOC and the crowd!  

                                                Key points:      ● Anti-Whitism (Anti + White+ ism) is a mental illness; and Anti-Whitism dominates all the governments, news & entertainment of the West   ● Opportunity to shape conversations with friends, family & strangers as everyone will be talking about this   ● This crazed woman was probably not a troll  –  Anti-Whites (A/W’s) really are this crazy!     ● People of this ilk are being wielded against us & against Western Civilization by the A/W’s who are in control     ● Climate change has religious-like adherents pushing “global solutions for global problems” – A phenomenon which at its heart is Anti-White   ● A/W’s push forward mentally ill children & other sick individuals who are impossible to attack    ● World’s most egregious polluters, like India & China, are making ZERO effort to control emissions or cut-back on pollution 

31:15 – 35:50                      Anti-Whites & their Child representative Greta NOT traveling to India or China to lecture them!  
MASSIVE polluters are never forced to cut back their reckless pollution nor are they pressured to control their populations.  Instead, they want to take the wealth from our children and our nations, and to destroy livelihoods and standard of living. 

                                                Key points:      ● The end of the world via some collapse has predicted many times  –  And the deadline passes each time     ● This does not deter the A/W’s from continuing to make predictions & tout new predictive models  

37:01  –  39:14                     Insane Anti-Whites really do say such insane things as, “We have to eat the babies!”  –  Whether or not this woman was a troll, anyone with experience with A/W’s can attest that they truly do say & hold such extreme positions and opinions.    NWG:  “Award-winning troll or AOC acolyte – you decide!”

Key points:      ● We need our people and the ‘normie’ Republicans to see this video & NWG tweets about this so that they can see what kind of people they are really up against    ● A/W’s will come up with any insane justification they can to achieve their objective  — Which is Infliction of harm on Western Civilization & Westernkind      

40:00 – 47:14                      Unhinged Woman addresses AOC  & everyone else in the room with ‘Eat the Babies’ Message:   Woman mentions Swedish scientist who has said we should all become cannibals as a means of reducing population, pollution, etc.,  to somehow save the world.   This is not going to be enough, she asserts, as she takes off her jacket to reveal a t-shirt proclaiming, “Save the Planet – Eat the Babies”.   

                                                Key points:      ● This incident is both extremely hilarious & extremely serious  –  These are the kind of people who want to destroy our children with gender confusion & destroy everything White people built. — and THEY are in charge!     ● Everyone in that room, including AOC, took this woman SERIOUSLY     ● Is it such a big step from being able to abort babies right before they are born to eating them once they are born? 

50:42 – 58:30                      This is an all-hands-on-deck Scenario –  NWG gives talking points for discussing AOC ‘Baby-eater’ Acoloyte:  –   This will be headline news; it is an opportunity to shape the conversation using the proven lexicon & dialectics of Going Free

                                                Key points:       ● People like this deranged woman are foot-soldiers for the Anti-Whites  – Given carte blanche to come into our communities and unleash chaos and destruction.  They hate Western Civilization   ● NWG:  Ask not what Western Civilization can do for you; ask what you can do for Western Civilization    ● Great Thunberg – becoming a Jesus-like symbol for the Anti-Whites  

1:09:31 – 1:25:06               (cont’d) NWG Talking points for AOC ‘Baby-eater’ Acolyte:   Be sure to emphasize that this woman is not at all unusual for the A/W’s, she is not just some random insane person.  Everyone in the room at the AOC event took her seriously & listened respectfully  – And that is one of the most telling aspects. 

Key points:       ● Typical Anti-White….Nothing extraordinary about this person    ● All the people in the room gave her their grave attention; took her seriously     ● These are the same people who say that  all White people alive today should be expected to make amends for every imagined past misdeed  –   but that the brother of a rapist today is not held accountable for the sins of his brother      ● Anti-Whitism attracts the insane  –  It is an ideology that automatically draws people who are unhinged to it & they become more unhinged while they are a part of it    ● At the heart of Anti-Whitism is jealousy and envy of Westernkind      ● White, or Non-White, A/W’s who feel they are not a part of Westernkind, that they are in some way ‘lesser’ than it, then name themselves as ‘victins’ of Westernkind  –   And therefore they see themselves as having a legitimacy to revenge     ● Anti-Whitism is the pretext  — the MIS of pretext – The moralization, intellectualization & sentimentalization of the A/W doctrine    ● Anti-Whites can’t get at who is really in charge so they attack the avatar of Western Civilizaiton; ordinary White men, women & children    ● Anti-Whites are now in positions of power in all Western governmental bodies    ● When A/W’s are amongst themselves, they say many things that we are not supposed to hear  

1:32:21 – 1:35:08               Question from a commenter:   What are the real threats to the environment?    –  Serving White well-being means we care for the environment.   Caring about the environment is best served by being good stewards of our local environments.  NWG also addresses using the lexicon of Going Free so that you are powerful & win on the rhetorical battlefield:  “We don’t call them ‘Leftists’; whatever they call themselves, we don’t give a damn —- they’re Anti-Whites!”

                                                Key points:       ● When we recapture our destiny, we may find new & innovative ways to mesh a high living standard with a pristine environment   ● Crony capitalism that exploits Third World labor, which has no ecological controls or standards, is the gravest threat to the environment

1:35:10 – 1:37:21               The Great Poseidon in the chat let’s NWG know:  –  AOC is blaming “the Right” for making fun of “a sick woman”.  

                                                Key points:      ● AOC is referring to “evil Right-wingers”  –  She means White people.   ● She’s calling the woman “sick” now, when in reality her reaction at the time was to take this person seriously.   There was no change in the expression on her face when this person said “eat the babies  ● If this kind of thing is said at a public event, imagine what is said in private 

1:37:28 – 1:38:30               Another Commenter on the Environment:  –    95% of the world’s plastic pollution has been found in 10 rivers in Asia, Indiana & Africa; not in the West!

                                                Key points:      ● In the West there are heavy penalties for pollution  – Third World has no regulation     ● EPA, IRS, etc., endlessly fine & prosecute violators, while the elite Anti-White super-rich & those in control of Western Civilization can flout the rules

1:38:41 –  1:39:59              NWG’s appearance of the JF channel & the reaction of a mentally disturbed person  –  NWG appeared on JF’s (Jean-François Gariépy) channel, the Public Space, and got a troubled response from JF’s wife.   NWG discusses an attitude of grave concern for the truly ill. 

                                                Key points:      ● The one thing you do not do with a disturbed individual is nod in assent, agree with them & give validity to their delusion 

1:44:29 – 1:45:38               When a person is hearing something that is truly ‘not right’ you can see it on their face:  – 

Key points:      ● AOC is a person who never hesitates to express her emotions via facial expression    ● AOC’s only concern was when the person would not stop talking so that she could respond to her  & regain control of the event

1:46:17 – 1:49:15               NWG announces the video stream will now move over to the “Gardening with NWG” Channel  –  To continue discussion & play video of the AOC incident.

                                                Key points:      ● White erasure is happening in (the former) Rhodesia & others parts of the world and the Anti-White media remains SILENT about it as our people go through HELL   
● Make jokes & memes about how insane AOC & others are – i.e., her assertion that the world is about to end in 12 years – and that they are insane enough to believe things can be turned around by “eating babies”  


9-29-19   Going Free | No White Guilt | TRUMP IMPEACHMENT | And the Past Week

14:55 – 20:17                      Using the Lexicon of Going Free:     …..”Jason, it doesn’t matter what you say; the Anti-Whites are still going to call you a Racist-Nazi-White-Supremacist!”  NWG responds:  Of course the A/W’s are going to say that!  This is not about caring what they think….We are trying to reach the millions of White people with normal sensibilities.   The lexicon of GF will be the absolute last refuge of safety for our people.

Key points:     ● The moment the Anti-Whites try to make caring for our people an indefensible position, a criminal matter, the game is OVER!   ● The Lexicon & Dialectics of GF are about doing what WORKS.

25:35 – 28:54                      We are Always on a Job Interview With our White Family:    The A/W’s lead Normies to except those in the White Positive (WP) Sphere are going to be criminal, crazy, evil, scary people.  Be who we actually ARE – We are NORMAL White people!

                                                Key point:     ● We live in an age that has the ability to call our love for our people “hate”.   Those who take a stand now will be seen as the courageous ones!

33:30 – 38:32                      The Right to Self-Defense & the Balance of Power:    There is only one effective tool for self-defense in the modern era – and that is the firearm. 

                                                Key point:     ● It is only because the United States still has the right to self-defense are our Brethren in European nations still being treated with a modicum of decency, even as their rights are completely eroded.  If we lose our right to self-defense, they will be completely oppressed.

51:22 – 54:36                      Winning With Going Free:    Those who make it through the bottleneck we are currently going through, will be the very best of our people.

55:15 – 1:05:38                  Donald Trump Impeachment Threat:    First the Russia Hoax; now the Ukraine Hoax.   NWG discusses the energy the media is creating by blowing up a conversation Trump had with Ukraine.  NWG discusses:

                                                Key points:     ● The folly of the White Ethno-state idea    ● NWG on Drug use & abuse, and thought experiments on drug legalization   ● We cannot have lucid debates about any issue in the West because of the built-in anti-Whitism masquerading as ‘political correctness’

1:06:17 – 1:09:32               Individual Righst vs. the Right of Others:  More discussion of recreational drug use & drug abuse.

                                                Key points:     ● We want our community to be LUCID   ● We will have more freedoms after we recapture our destiny; until then, all discussions are superfluous   

1:09:58 – 1:12:09               More Discussion on Drug Use:    Substance use & abuse; we are a movement of Redemption…. Even those currently ensnared in drug use are welcome in the WWB movement. 

                                                Key points:     ● In the W/P Sphere, we allow people to fall short of perfection – Purity spiraling is the death of WP movements    ● We are all imperfect in some way.  We all have scars.

1:12:28 – 1:18:19               Trump Impeachment / Ukraine Hoax:   A re-run of the Russia Hoax.  Trump will most certainly not be impeached; at least, almost certainly not removed. 

                                                Key points:     ● Republicans are using this hoax to take in record fund-raising     ● With the 2020 election looming, Trump will of course start saying things to appeal to his base – while doing little or nothing. 

1:20:18 – 1:33:58               NWG Predicted the Treason & Censorship that would be the result of a Trump Presidency:  “I immediately knew this was a joke of a Presidency; simply, a much edgier Bush.”   Perhaps Trump himself manipulated this entire “crisis”??

                                                 Key points:     ● Trump calls for more legal immigration than ever before, cementing our demographic decline    ● Slavish support for Israel    ● NWG predicts this Ukraine impeachment talk will all blow over & result will be Trump staying in office    ● Biden & malfeasance    ●  The charade of the U.S. giving money to manipulate other nations….No country in the world is poorer in the United States – we are trillions of dollars in debt!

1:36:47 – 1:37:16               NWG insights from behind-the-scenes in the Bush Administration:   A key strategy was trying to bring non-Whites over to the Republican side.  NOT about working for the interests of White People.

1:37:51 – 1:39:11               Don’t waste time & energy trying the read the minds of the Powerful – Trump, celebrities.  Use your time and energy to work for WWB.

1:39:59 – 1:42:00               NWG on favorite authors:    Don’t worry about having the ‘right’ books on your bookshelf.

1:43:28 – 1:45:30               NWG on Gardening with NWG:     I am a real person; with passions and hobbies.

1:46:44 – 1:48:29               The Propagandists of the A/W Regime’s News:   Reporters react to No White “Guilty” flyers.

1:49:06 – 1:51:09               Needed:  Video Clips of NWG Streams   –    Plans for artist playlists, video clips, on NWG Channel.

1:55:53 – 1:56:58               NWG Inspiration & Motivation:    “You are the real heroes…speaking Truth to Power; Love to Hatred.”

2:00:44 – 2:06:28               Leaflet/Flyer Drop:   Another heroic and successful flyer drop by unknown parties, uses the powerful language of “No White Guilt”!  Anti-Whites let the ‘cat out of the bag’ by being horrified by the concept that White people can refuse to feel White guilt.   

                                                Key points:     ● An act of White Supremacy?  A/W’s over-react by calling out a “bias incident response team”    ● One man, Wenatchee Valley Chief of Police, dared take a stand for rationality by stating that no crime had been committed    ● Again it is important to emphasize:  we don’t care what the A/W’s think – what matters is how our people receive the message! 

2:07:36 – 2:09:55               New York City Law sets fire to the Constitution:    Heretical language can now get you fined up to $250,000 (!) for being not anti-White enough!

                                                Key points:     ● The initial version of a law is always most mundane…Rest assured it will be interpreted as broadly as possible to inflict harm on WWB    ● Red Flag laws:  another area of over-reach that will likely be decided by the Supreme Court.  In the meantime, many of our people will be hurt and/or destroyed.

2:10:42 – 2:26:25               Comment Section on Leaflets/Flyers:     Before the comment section of the newspaper in the locality of the flyer drop was shut down, the comments were very telling.  People are angry and FED-UP with being White-Guilted!   A BIG SALUTE and a round of applause to the leafleters!

                                                Key points:     ● Fliers that have a message of love & redemption for our people can literally save the life of someone who receives it    ● Blind-sight; Vagues; and the daily White flights into fantasy, escape, drug abuse, and the ultimate White flight of suicide

2:26:46 – 2:28:19               Flyers & Leaflets – What works?

                                                Key points:     ● Make up your own version; include No White Guilt & other WP websites
● Don’t select words, symbols and websites that perpetrate Anti-White caricatures

2:28:50 – 2:38:33               Sharing Community Messages:   Red-pilled versus Going Free  –  Lives are being saved every day in the Going Free movement!   NWG shares personal messages received from members of the rapidly growing community for WWB.

2:38:47 – 2:45:08               This Week’s Topical GF Streams:     ● Jordan Peterson; excuses & the White flight of the hyper-individual    ● Chimerical dolls put out by Mattel to destroy normal childhoods –  This is not about profit; propagandizing is the real goal     ● Soldier arrested for discussing bombing  –  You cannot wage war against the United States.   You will be CRUSHED.    ● DHS Document on White Nationalist ‘terrorism’  –   You will be safe in the Going Free Community   ● Justin Trudeau –  On not being anti-White enough for all time.

2:47:31 – 2:51:28               MP:     We all Bleed Red      
MC:      It’s not the similarities that make us the same; It is the differences that make us different …   Also, pedophiles, snakes and rats bleed red too.

                                                Key points:     ● The concept of ‘universality’ is the skeleton key by which the Anti-Whites open up everything    ● Different Bio-Spirits create very different Civilizations

2:55:28 – 2:56:53               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  Be one of the drops of H2o that form that mighty wave….

3:00:14 – 3:00:56               A closing shout-out to Community Member Tall Kevin – In his own words, listening to NWG stream while working-out on the treadmill —  instead of being passed-out & drunk.  Going Free is changing lives & saving lives!


9-24-19 Going Free | No White Guilt | Soldier Arrested for Discussing Bombing

6:30 – 14:40                        Soldier arrested for discussing bombing:  –  A couple of days ago, the DHS revealed to the public that they are going to classify White Nationalism; White Nationalist speech; pro-White speech; as “targeted violence” under the rubric of “Terrorism”.  A person can end up on no-fly lists & other restrictions to their rights and freedom of movement long before they are ever arrested for anything specific.       

                                                Key points:     ● The Going Free (GF) Community is in what will be the last refuge for White-positive people  –  The difference is the focus on the love for ourselves rather than the misdeeds of other groups    ● We will be safe in this framework because the moment the A/W’s create a context in which caring for our own well-being is unacceptable, everything in that context will become untenable  — and jeopardize the control of the Anti-Whites across the West    ● Using the old terminology & symbolism of White identity is becoming increasingly dangerous as it becomes demonized; possibly even criminalized   –  These will be the ‘markers’ they use to target you; red-flag you

15:50 – 22:59                      Believing – or not – In Anthropogenic l Climate Change:  –    It is an article of faith among the Anti-White groups pushing the climate-change agenda.  Avoid debates with these people, as it will get you nowhere and waste your time.  Focus instead on the child abuse being inflicted on the obviously very mentally ill, handicapped young girl (Greta Thunberg) by the A/W’s who are pushing her forward as the mouthpiece of this agenda.

                                                Key points:     ● When discussing with others, point out the calculated move by the A/W’s to use a child whom it will be virtually impossible to criticize  –  Use this as a segue to talk about hush crimes, hate hoaxes, etc.   ● Futility in debating the fine points of climate-change data which has no real impact on out lives & the information about which is filtered though A/W Narrative   
● If the issue is pressed, you can mention the ongoing massive scale pollution of China & India, the main polluters of the world    ● Also point to the greatly increased footprint of the ‘border crossers’ who consumed very little in their home countries and now each contribute to a larger carbon footprint   ● NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) on Twitter:   When to respond and when to ignore Anti-White tangents  –  When A/W’s can’t be helped; ignore them, and move on. 

23:00 – 29:12                      Debates in the White-Positive (WP) Sphere on the Possibility of a ‘Civil War’:   Some talk on the fringes about violence.  We reject violence, or that any good could come from violence.  We want no innocent people harmed.  We do want the repeal of Anti-White rules, policies, & control that inflict harm on us.

                                                Key points:     ● Many are saying that a Civil War is inevitable, or hint that the U.S. Govt. is ripe to fall & that Conservatives have all the guns so would prevail in a conflict   ● This is a fantasy; the fantastic musing of children!  There is no way a group of individuals can bring down or even harm the U.S. Govt.    ●  If you are talking to someone about violence on the internet you are probably talking to law enforcement  –  And you are going to get arrested!    ● Increased censorship is the only result that will be the outcome of this kind of thinking

40:01 – 1:06:54                  NWG reads from article:    –  “Kansas soldier accused of giving out bomb-making instructions talking about attacks”.     PFC Jarrett Smith was charged with plans on how to make bombs triggered by cell phones.   Also, NWG on the “Islam is right about women” fliers  –  Good for a laugh, for culture jamming, but little else   

                                                Key points:     ● Likened to “weapons of mass destruction” using same language as DHS Hearing did to invoke terrorism    ● Targeted Violence can also mean language that they determine is violence    ● The military is NOT “on our side” … These are isolated individuals who hold viewpoints in opposition to the Anti-Whites    ● Law enforcement sets up ‘traps’ in on-line communities, often co-opting trusted individuals in that community to use for entrapment   ● If you are discussing violence on-line, the person you are discussing it with is probably wearing a badge   ● You are not doing anything for our people if you are studying how to make a bomb instead of focusing on spreading the Curative Contagion (CC) of Going Free in comment sections & with friends, family & strangers    ● Mentally ill individuals are ensnared easily and then used as a pretext for stopping potentially harmful  individuals    ● The FBI will fabricate evidence and dilate the law as necessary to achieve the “proof” to support their case   ● The desired effect of all the publicity is to frighten anyone who cares about White Well-being    ● NWG on the entrapment of Matt Hale – Never say anything (or post anything) that you would not want read before a judge & jury  ● Always clarify anything you say that could be misinterpreted  –  And if someone mentions violence in your presence, you must tell them to stop or you ask them to leave!

1:07:38 – 1:13:38               Troublemakers seek to sow division:  –  Efforts are ongoing to divide & weaken those in the White-positive sphere.  Bad actors throw gasoline on already existing disagreements to drive a wedge between us. 

                                                Key points:     ● Set aside your differences with others in our Community until we recapture our destiny  –  Right now we are in a battle for our very SURVIVAL   ●  Speaking out only for ancillary issues that aren’t quite as heretical as working for WWB is a form of cowardice

1:18:00 – 1:19:30               Possibilities for an “Eden-esque” Future:   –   We reject infantile opposition to Globalism.  All the potential that can be envisioned with a ‘Great White Ring’ around the Earth & the ingenuity of our people has resulted in astounding progress; and we will continue to move forward! 

                                                Key points:     ● The only question on ‘Globalism’ is do we vector it for our well-being, or does it get vectored for our ill-being 

1:20:15 – 1:22:57               ‘Legitimate’ Prepping Scenario:  –  Preparing for outages that last for legitimate time-spans, such as natural disaster & other temporary disruptions in the supply chain, is a very good idea.  It is wise to be prepared as long as you are not going to unrealistic lengths to prep for a disaster scenario that you would be unable to survive long-term anyway.   

                                                Key points:     ● Jared George (The Great Order) and NWG plan upcoming streams on legitimate prepping     ● We need Civilization; and we need to be a part of it   –   You can’t survive a real societal collapse   ● The value of technology  –  Just be sure it’s not the Anti-Whites babysitting your children via television, tablets and other electronic devices  

1:30:07 – 1:34:23               Big Round of Applause & Appreciation to D.B. Cooper!   –    D.B. Cooper of the Going Free community has very generously donated $100 to purchase copies of No White Guilt’s books to go to our people in South Africa.  We are all working class people here, and every donation made is immensely appreciated. 

                                                Key points:     ● NWG speaks to the suffering of our White brothers and sisters in South Africa and details a graphic video recently on twitter of a White man being brutally murdered by ordinary non-White South Africans  –   NWG:  “This is not the ghetto; this is what happens when Westernkind turns their country over to Anti-Whites.  This has always been the case, and will always be the case.”    

1:35:02 – 1:36:40               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:   –   Reach out to the ones you love; don’t let them go without telling them you love them…. And, one of the best ways you can do this is by helping them Go Free!


9-22-19    Going Free | No White Guilt | DHS Document on White Nationalist “Threat” Analysis 1 |
 Justin Trudeau

17:06 – 22:48                      A Note on Comments in the Chat Section:  –   The purpose of the Going Free streams is to spread the Curative Contagion (CC).  When making comments, please put out your best presentation of yourself…put on your ‘interview’ clothes and language.  “You are being interviewed by newcomers to the channel.”

Key points:     ● Agent provocateurs & trolls show up to spread dissent in the comment sections to say things that bolster the Anti-White narrative     ● You are ‘safe’ here, working for the good of our people

25:41 – 29:00                      The use of Pseudonyms in the White Positive (WP) Sphere is evidence of how much we are being Censored & Persecuted:  Puts the lie to the A/W Narrative that White people’s interests are at the top of everything… “We’re the only community that has to behave this way.”

29:39 – 30:37                      We are in a Race Against Time:  Evoking the image of sand running through an hourglass, NWG urges that we must work as vigorously and tirelessly as the A/W’s are working against us.

33:19 – 41:54                      Islam is Right about Women Leaflets:  Culture jamming experiment pitting two of the groups inflicting harm on WWB against each other.  Proves they are not actually united; their unity is only superficial.  They just have a common victim that they name Oppressor – thusly gaining the moral right to self-defense!

Key points:     ● Feminism and Islam are antithetical to each other   ● Deeper issue revealed in leaflets is that Islam detests women — and the A/W’s know this!     ● As they have no true unity, eventually the various A/W’s will turn on each other

45:43 – 49:33                      Spreading the Curative Contagion (CC):  The Lexicon and Dialectics of GF healing our people of anti-Whitism. 

 Key points:     ● In retrospect GF will seem like it was the obvious solution all along   ● Uses the best ideas that best serve our interests

52:53 – 53:28                      ‘White Guilt’ as a Verb:  The Anti-Whites goal is to ‘white-guilt’ us into submission.  The phrase ‘No White Guilt’ focuses your audiences attention on what is really happening & who is being victimized.   “There’s no White guilt like German White guilt.”

55:17 – 1:04:45                  Freedom of Speech Has Limits:   Constructive comments in the Chat require very specific protocols to keep it constructive & to keep the channel up.   A YouTube channel is like a person’s digital home; and you can, and will be, thrown out for violating the rules of the house! 

                                                Key points:     ● Don’t take it personally or retaliate against the channel if your comments are moderated; “Patience is a necessary sacrifice.”    ● A salute to loyal followers  –  For loyalty to be worthwhile, you must be giving it to someone and something worth of loyalty.

1:05:05 – 1:24:46               Trump and Mr. Pie (PewDiePie)  –  They are NOT /our Guys!  It is a dangerous delusion to think people such as these, in positions of power, are somehow secretly signaling or dog-whistling to us when their words & actions show quite the opposite.  …”He can’t come right out and say it, but; He’s doing all he can; His hands are tied”, etc.

                                                Key points:     ● He’s/she’s secretly /Our Guy/ becomes an excuse to do NOTHING, as you ‘trust the plan’   ● There IS no plan; this is ‘loser’ thinking! 

1:26:22 – 1:31:52               Book News:   New NWG Book, “It’s a Comedy, Dammit!”   Other new releases out from The Golden One, Marcus Follin, “Dauntless”; and a recommendation for the White People’s Quarterly

                                                Key point:     ● Aromatic books:  “Some books smell better than others!”

1:37:30 – 1:42:07               Justin Trudeau  –  Effete & Effeminate Prime Minister of Canada:  Black-face, dark-face, attention-seeking stunt in his 30’s, turned into opportunity to inflict harm on White Westernkind. 

                                                Key points:     ● The A/W Narrative is a story; a story that has no basis in reality.  Therefore, you cannot argue the A/W’s out of their Narrative.    ● Events that support the A/W Narrative are written in the skies  —  Events that refute or contradict the A/W Narrative are buried down the memory hole     ● There is NO DISCRIMATION against Non-Whites in Canada!  This incident is another social lynching by an A/W Tribunal    ● Non-Whites can say anything they want about White people — ANYTHING.  And nothing happens to them.

1:42:37 – 2:04:50               Justin Gender Fluid Trudeau:  Did he don the dark-face to harm Non-Whites??   Clearly, Trudeau is an attention-seeking, self-serving, villainy-signaling Anti-White….The PERFECT titular head for Anti-White Canada.        

                                                Key points:     ● Trudeau clearly fetishizes Non-Whites and did not wear the dark-face to make fun of, or oppress Non-Whites     ● Non-White Fragility:  They can’t comprehend that we are not always thinking about THEM  

  1. Trudeau is not going to resign, or otherwise punish himself:   The recompense, the atonement, is to inflict more harm on Westernkind and Western Civilization.  The punishment is to be borne by us….not by Mr. Trudeau!
  2. Retroactive Punishment:  This has already begun across the West.  You have to be Anti-White enough for all time to be on-the-right-side-of-history.

2:13:25 – 2:14:58               NWG Inspires:  “We do not become strong without embracing the struggle.”  Recapturing out Destiny is the only struggle that is worthy of your life.

2:17:57 – 2:22:17               Building Community Networks:  The challenges of going IRL.

2:22:37 – 2:24:06               A Different Interpretation of Christianity:  Christians in the Movement…

                                                Key points:     ● Is it ‘their’ God?    ● Culturally Christian

2:27:17 – 2:29:05               Message to the White Anti-Whites:  This is going to be a “people of color thing”!  POC’s are pushing away their A/W White “allies”… NOBODY likes a Traitor!   After the POC’s order them to the back of this bus, they will be ordering them off the bus.  Or under it. 

                                                Key points:     ● Disrespect for Whites is growing in the A/W Sphere    ● Trudeau’s debacle will cause the POC’s to demand even more from their A/W White “allies”.

2:35:11 – 2:36:21               NWG Mini-Rant on Black-Pilling:  You don’t win by being saturnine…

2:42:49 – 2:47:27               DHS Document on White Nationalist Threat:  Document declares White Nationalism to be a “Major national security threat”.  

                                                Key points:     ● Document is a joint effort of the Brookings Institute and the Heritage Foundation    ● Brookings Institute is vehemently Anti-White   

2:48:13 – 2:51:12               Conservatism in the United States:   Artificial opposition that prevents our people from healing and coming to WWB.   

                                                Key points:     ● ‘Conservatism’ maintains the status quo    ● Creates the false illusion of a viable opposition to the so-called progressives

2:51:34 – 2:55:21               The Spectacle of (Conservative) Candace Owens:  Why is a Non-White woman brought out by the Civ-Nats to talk about White Westernkind? 

                                                Key point:     ● Because the U.S. Govt. doesn’t want to hear what WE think about WWB.

2:55:41 – 3:26:42               DHS Document on WN Terrorism Threat:  They cannot allow the Narrative that they use to control us, be undermined by the threat of Heresy.   “We will be the very last ones that they will subject to this kind of treatment; because it will change everything they rely on to control this country, the United States.”

                                                Key points:     ● A/W entities outside the DHS – ADL, SPLC — no doubt had major input  
 ● Language used throughout is not neutral as would be expected in a policy document — It is emotional and hyperbolic    ● DHS doc trying to wed the speech of those who care about WWB with violence and the act of TERRORISM   ● Targeted violence:  your words, comments, can now be defined as “targeted violence”   ● “Targeted violence” is the first step to prosecution & the basis for being added to ‘lists:’  No travel lists, Red-Flag lists, etc.   ● DHS doc represents a pivot from what was the stated purpose of DHS — external threats – to what many say was their purpose all along:  The oppression of those who oppose the Anti-Whites who run this Country
● White Nationalist, White Supremacist, etc., all mean WHITE PEOPLE!!   ● DHS doc likens this classification to ISIS …connected globally via the internet with no centralized physical location
● “Conspiracy theories about Ethnic Replacement” —  DHS criminalizing the TRUTH….. Hate Facts, Conspiracy Facts    ● This trajectory will lead to increased censorship and will continue to ramp-up after Trump leaves office    ● You will be safe here!  You will not be criminalized because we are not using the language of the Anti-Whites    ● What matters to us is the love for and defense of our people – We are building culture and families here! 

3:26:47 – 3:34:06               DHS Document:  “This is a Hate Hoax of Monumental Proportions!”   DHS drawing the noose of suspicion around the necks of every White man, woman, and child. 

                                                Positive Truths Revealed by DHS Doc:     ● The FEAR of the Regime is what we see in this Document —  They are attempting to hold back tomorrow!   ● As White people, we need order & justice.   And the A/W’s know we are starting to look elsewhere for it    ● Predictive technology the Regime has access to reveals more and more White people are waking up

3:34:53 – 3:36:53               White Replacement / White Erasure  –    More and more people are talking about censorship. 

                                                Key points:     ● Conversation can be “targeted violence”

3:39:11 – 3:40:52               MP:     White Nationalist, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi…. Those are extremists!
MC:     Those are just code words for WHITE PEOPLE…. They mean us; they mean YOU!!

                                                “Hate has no Home Here” —- Actually means, White people have no home here!  “Hate” is also code for White people.

3:42:39 – 3:43:03               MP:    “We are a Nation of Immigrants.”              
MC:     You cannot be an Immigrant to something that is inside of you!

3:43:51 – 3:45:44               Erasure of Borders:  As the moral tapestry of the Nation changes with mass immigration, we will eventually end up with a Society in which the severe victimization of White people will be allowed.  The law is already being dilated to inflict harm on us. 

3:49:37 – 3:52:03               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  No threat, no amount of persecution, will stop me from standing up for White Well-Being …. I’m going all the way to the end for WWB!”


9-15-19    –    My Eyewitness Account of 9-11-01 | PewDiePie | Going Free | No White Guilt

8:08 – 11:58        Building Competence in the Lexicon of Going Free:  –   Increases your PTP – Potential to Power.  Introduce the GF Lexicon the way you would jargon of any kind:  Use the word or phrase, explain what it means, and then use it again throughout the conversation.  Use the Lexicon regularly to build up competence.

                                Key points:     ● Second Edition of ‘Going Free’ will have more nuts-and-bolts info on the Lexicon 
● The first and most critical error most are making is using the language that was given to us by the Anti-Whites — including in your own internal dialogue!  You will ALWAYS lose when you do this.  The anti-Whites will ALWAYS define themselves as the “good guys” with their lexicon   ● Re-field the discussion to the GF Precepts and BE INTRACTABLE.

13:40 – 15:33      On Today’s Going Free:  Eyewitness account of September 11, 2001 —  NWG was working on Capitol Hill.  This very personal account is not speculation; it was experienced first-hand.

                                Key points:     ● Great care must be used in this discussion to avoid censorship and having the NWG channel deleted as 9/11 is a very sensitive & important topic to the A/W Regime.   ● A full re-telling of the account is in the NWG’s book, ‘Born Guilty’ – although Jason fears that if the censorship becomes much greater, he will have to remove that portion from the book.

15:35 – 16:25      All Going Free Streams now available in MP3 format for download:  –   This was a HUGE task and NWG offers “A BIG thank you to Ann!!”

16:43 – 20:35      NWG Teases story of 9/11 Eyewitness Account from Capitol Hill:  NWG has also witnessed a tornado during a daily commute, while stuck in traffic on a bridge in the D.C. area…. “A terrible spectacle!”

25:13 – 30:21      Subscribe to the White Art Collective:   They feature art from throughout the White Positive sphere that will nourish the soul.  Spend your energy on something valuable.  Dump the garbage media (simple pleasures for simple minds) and tune into something uplifting.  “Why listen to gossip about people you don’t know?  It makes your soul sick!”

33:16 – 35:32      Huge volume of people reaching out to NWG at the website contact page:   There is an amazing transformation taking place. ..  People are coming in vast numbers to Going Free.  This is a movement that will last for the ages.  “We are going to be that vehicle — We will take a deracinated race and turn them into a PEOPLE.”

35:34 – 36:45      Reach out to NWG if you have the skill of clipping out video segments from Going Free streams for NWG to post across all platforms… “Serve a cause that is the only cause that can ask for your life.”

                                Key point:     ● Small token gift will be offered; and the larger reward is serving a righteous cause!

37:03 – 38:06      Jonny Scythe’s Video of NWG oration:  “Why We Will Win!”  –   Powerful video created by taking a segment of a NWG oration and adding background music.   All are encouraged to get creative and participate.  “Going Free is not about being a spectator; it’s about being a participant.”

40:01 – 45:27      We are a Global Movement for White Well-Being:  One global White ring, united.  We are a single Bio-spirit.  White Well-being Globalism versus Nationalism.

45:33 – 46:32      Continue to spread the word about the Minotaur of Rebellion Video – “Mommy will I always be White?”  This is the kind of video that will hit every Normie/Vague right in the heart!

                                Key point:     ● We need this video to go VIRAL.  There will be a great many White parents out there who have seen this pain in their own children. 

47:51 – 48:59      Trump fires John Bolton:   Don’t waste time and energy on speculation. 

                                Key point:     ● The continuity of the agenda is not going to change – no matter WHO is in the role

50:44 – 51:56      New comedy skit video by Jared George and Philosiphicat:  ‘Land of the Free Shipping’.  These two are a scathingly hilarious and smart comedy team!

52:25 – 54:35      We attract the Best of Our People:  Talented people of many varied skills reaching out to NWG to contribute their time and expertise.   Going Free is something new & different & EFFECTIVE.

1:04:15 – 1:09:42               NWG Shares a Heartwarming Letter – Community Testimonials:   A letter from a Community member who used the example of Charlottesville to illustrate “hate hoaxes” and “hush crimes” to her Civ-Nat husband.  She got him to move towards WWB!  

                MP:        For every Diversity hire —    
MC:        — there is a Diversity FIRE.  (And not just a diversity fire; but not getting the job, not getting into a school, etc.)

Key points:     ● We ALL have scars from the abuse of the Anti-Whites    ● You may not recognize MP’s in yourself until you reflect on them in hindsight… Don’t be frustrated by this.  You are learning& will be better prepared in the future. 

1:15:50 – 1:23:13               Disagreements, Even Intense Arguments in Going Free Are Okay – As long as we are all working  
towards White Well-being.   “We all have to bend our knee to WWB in the end.”

                                                Key point:     ● Learn from every situation – You only gain when you LEARN.   “Sometimes I’m right; and sometimes I learn.  Sometimes I win; and sometimes I learn.”

1:25:52 – 1:27:10               You Don’t Have to be White to Support White Well-Being:  We welcome all here, regardless of their immutable physical characteristics.

                                                Key point:     ● Countless White people support Non-White Well-being; surely we can count on a large number of Non-Whites supporting WHITE Well-being!

1:29:20 – 2:04:23               YouTuber PewDiePie Announces $50,000 Donation to ADL  –   And retracts it in face of back-lash.   Anyone who thinks this was a ‘troll’ of the ADL are fools!   “We know them by their fruits…”   When it comes to leaders, we love them or loathe them based on their latest deeds.    !

Key points:     ● Mr. Pie, fearing censorship and social lynching, offers a vague reason for withdrawing offer instead of using his position and platform to offer a scathing denunciation of the ADL — Who are censoring his fellow YouTubers!    ● Mr. Pie is a parvenu — a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth, influence, or celebrity    ● It must be taken into consideration  that Mr. Pie is a newlywed, and his wife will not want to be socially ostracized  
● $50,000 is a pittance to the ADL – and to PewDiePie.  But it is a massive fortune to those working for White Well-being!

2:08:26 – 2:10:42               PewDiePie is Fiddling While Rome Burns!  –  NWG Mini-Rant  –  His children will not be protected

2:12:39 – 2:14:55               Wealthy donors must step-up and support WWB at some point:  We are all facing destruction; and if they need to donate anonymously, it is time!  The Anti-Whites will destroy them as well.   

2:15:44 – 2:18:35               NWG on Circumcision and Self-Determination:  Erring on the side of “Liberty”, not “Liberalism”!

2:19:58 – 2:20:41               NWG Inspiration:  “Everything I have is from our people; so, I give back to our people.”

2:24:10 – 2:24:59               A Future in Hell – Actual Hell – awaits them!  –  NWG Mini-Rant  –  Can you honestly say you love your children and your grandchildren if you are not working for White Well-being?  A future in hell awaits them if we do not recapture out destiny! 

2:26:03 – 2:27:06               Going Free – Helping people to heal, to stay sober, and to produce children.

2:27:59 – 2:32:30               Meeting Skepticism when sharing what you have learned in the WP Sphere:  Normies will react with skepticism and even disbelief when encountering facts & ideas that the Regime’s Media has completely ignored.   The key is to re-field their position to one of presumed ignorance; scoff at them for not being in the know.

                                                MP:        “That’s not real; I haven’t heard anything about that!”
MC:        “You are only listening to the mainstream news?? “You are a blinkered fool! ”

2:39:32 – 2:40:56               A Hate Hoax is a crime against an entire Race of People  –   The social lynching of White people.

                                                Key points:     ● If something confirms that Anti-White Narrative, it is written in the sky    ● If something contradicts the A/W Narrative, it is buried down the memory hole – Then it becomes a Hush Crime.

2:41:08 – 2:42:07               What is a REAL Hate Crime:   Blaming and White-Guilting an entire race of people!

2:47:06 – 2:48:41               NWG Eyewitness to 100+ People going to their deaths on 9/11/2001 – An indelible image.

2:51:19 – 3:14:59               NWG Personal Account of 9/11/2001 – A deeply moving and absolutely mesmerizing re-telling of NWG’s first-hand, eyewitness account of the terrorist attack that hit the Pentagon that day.  After waking up late the morning of 9/11, having spent the night working on WWB, Jason saw the news accounts and knew immediately it was a giant coordinated attack.  Some details cannot be shared on a public platform, but are available in NWG’s book, ‘Born Guilty.’   “What I saw that day, no one else has mentioned.”

                                                Key point:     ●   What does all of this mean for our people?   It means that if we do not recapture our destiny, the future 9/11’s will make this one look like child’s play!!


9-8-19 Healthy VS Unhealthy Perspectives | Why Don’t We Mur— More White People | Going Free | NWG

7:38 – 8:50           Clothes Make the (Working) Man :  –   NWG on the mental acrobats when working both blue-collar and white-collar jobs – sometimes concurrently!   Dressing ‘mentally’ for the different kinds of work, and the mental switch in the way you treat your clothing, and the different way of comporting yourself.

9:25 – 9:44           “We are going to make a People out of this Race!”  –  We are the ones who get through the ‘bottleneck’…We will be better, stronger, smarter people after the ideological battle to reclaim our Destiny.  We WILL reclaim all that is ours.

10:25 – 13:19      Bonus Content for those materially supporting the work of NWG:  Jason reveals a blurry photo that is but a preview of the “thank you” reveal of his work space  for those sharing their time, talents, or monetary support to the work of White well-Being. 

                                Key point:     ● A Community member in the chat humorously remarks of the blurry photo, “It looks exactly the way I imagined it!”

15:47 – 17:21      How to Approach the Roadblocks the Anti-Whites Put in Front of You:   Treat it like a game — a game you are going to win.   Perhaps, a complex Mensa puzzle…

19:21 – 21:53      We are NOT going to lose:  “Our Destiny is fated; it is written in the stars!  We just have to fill the roles and perform the duties, and our destiny is OURS.”

                                Key points:     ● We are Westernkind – the people who have stepped foot on the moon.   With all the technology that WE built.     ● We should take great PRIDE in our accomplishments – Always correct people:  These are not the accomplishments of “humankind” ….These are the accomplishments of the WHITE MAN.

21:59 – 24:15      Arguing with Anti-Whites:  Those coming from a place of weakness & submission to the A/W Narrative will not make it through the coming bottleneck.. Those will not be the people who win the day.

                                 Key points:     ● Be as intransigent as the Anti-Whites are!    ● Make them come over to OUR ‘field’ 
(re-fielding); make them argue on OUR Precepts.

24:47 – 25:42      Anti-White Governments in Europe blocking the content of Going Free:  The time has come to acquire VPN service; in the meantime, change your location setting to someplace outside of the UK or EU.

26:39 – 28:32      WE are the People who are Actually Diverse:   ALL White People are Amazing!  Non-Whites don’t add to diversity — they detract from it, with their monochromatic coloring.

                                Key points:     ● Many different hues of Westernkind; variety of eye & hair color    ● Anti-Whites are never good at math…or anything.  They can’t even determine what sex they are!

29:17 – 30:29      One thing Non-Whites DO Add to Diversity:  Diseases once eradicated, or unheard of in Western Civilization, are becoming rampant in the Western World.  

                                Key point:     ● NWG on the importance of getting regular health check-ups & maintaining peak health

30:50 – 32:12      NWG on Telegram:    Subscribe to receive alerts &  to stay in touch with the Community for when there is a new wave of censorship.

35:27 – 40:26      VPNs:  If you are uncomfortable with VPNs –  Virtual Private Networks — GET comfortable with them!

                                Key points:     ● VPNs described    ● At some point in time this will become a necessity    ● Advise that it is not a good idea to use a free VPN service

42:15 – 44:13      Wedding your Anger with your Love for our People:   The Anti-White video to be discussed, ‘Why don’t we murder more White people’ drives us to do more than ever before to work for WWB.  “You can always do more than you think you can.”

                                Key points:     ● We are being subjected to a psychological warfare    ● Anger is the most powerful  motivator!

44:42 – 46:47      We must be a Connected Community; a Community of Participants  –   Interconnected, sharing information, and sharing plans.

46:56 – 48:17      Viral Video of a group of Non-Whites attacking a White Individual:   This sort of attack is rampant, and is rapidly increasing. 

                                Key points:     ● The Anti-White Narrative – How you understand the world & interact within that context      ● Take that rage & wed it to your love for our People

48:58 – 55:47      Plans for clipping Going Free streams into specific CC’s:   Everyone has different needs, and are indifferent places on the journey to Going Free.  Video clips will be available to pinpoint a specific topic for others to share with friends, family and comment sections.

                                Key points:     ● Video clips will be available across all platforms for ease in sharing   ● Anyone with the ability to download & clip out portions of videos, please contact NWG

57:16 – 59:14      Share Well-Being Art:  Submit your videos, orations, poetry, art, sculpture.  Plans in the works for all art that celebrates White Well-Being to be displayed and shared on the NWG website.

59:31 – 1:00:38                  Title of Anti-White Movie:   ‘Why don’t we Mortal [murder] more White People?’   An extremely hateful Anti-White movie released with zero censorship.   “When we recapture our destiny — ‘sorry’ won’t be good enough!”

1:01:49 – 1:02:22               All are Welcome who support White Well-Being!   Regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion… all are welcome.    

Key points:     ● We are not the stereotype created by the Anti-Whites    ● We are not participating in the Anti-White Narrative; we are writing our OWN story!

1:04:47 – 1:05:26               New Comedy Novella by NWG:  “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”  –   Available in print, digital, and signed copies also available at No White Guilt Collectibles.

1:06:18 – 1:06:58               Reality is Immaterial to the Anti-Whites:  All that matters to the A/W’s is maintaining the A/W Narrative.

                                                Key point:     ● White people are the protectors of nature & animals.

1:10:40 – 1:17:58               Lifting Our Spirits:  Going Free testimonials from our Community                  –  There will come a day when we look back and see that right here, right now, this was when it all really started

                                                Key point:     ● In today’s Anti-White society, White people live in fear of being socially lynched by an Anti-White tribunal.

1:19:22 – 1:22:49               White Well-Being Testimonials  (cont’d)   Tale of the Crucible from ‘Born Guilty’… “According to them, I was a monster!”

                                                Key points:     ● The striking cover of ‘Born Guilty’   ● Refusing to bend a knee to Anti-Whitism  
● Fearing the smear

1:24:35 – 1:26:07               White Well-Being & Christianity:   Today what we have is a “diseased version” of Christianity; a misinterpretation of Christianity

                                                Key point:     ● Working for WWB will not drive you away from your Christian faith   ● Harm to White Well-being is “Anti-Christian”   

1:27:00 – 1:30:54               Why some content creators get shut-down while others don’t:  The key is the ‘poison pill’. 

Key point:     ● Content creators who promote either hopelessness or violence are allowed to continue operating because they are serving a purpose for the Anti-Whites.   ● Like a dog being trained with a ‘clicker’, serving the same function as anti-White artists who were on the CIA  payroll during the Cold War:  to weaken and destroy Western Civilization and Western kind.

1:33:20 – 1:36:37               White Well-Being Testimonials:   The dizzying spectacle of Going Free for the first time.  “Like a fish swimming in water, that can’t see its own environment.”

Key points:     ● It is a physical shock to your system when you realize the true state we are in as a People   ● Some people become physically ill as they awaken   ● “Blind sight” – When you sense something isn’t right, but can’t quite articulate it     ● Our children are being indoctrinated at very early ages by A/W MPs.

1:37:38 – 1:40:06               Reaching more of our Young Men:  Getting out of gamer channels & into White Well-Being –  Young White men will bring industry and intelligence to our Community. 

Key points:     ● MGTOW – These men are reaching out for something as well   ● Blaming Western Civilization for everything is the work of the Anti-Whites     ● A/W’s try to turn our young men against us.

1:40:39 – 1:42:07               Guerilla Information Campaign:   New tactic for flyering… Photoshop the cover of ‘Born Guilty’ onto your literature; it is not illegal in most states to mail it to houses in neighborhoods.

                                                Key point:     ● Ideas and precautions for leafleting activism

1:45:11 – 1:46:44               WASPS Documentary takes an Anti-White, Anti-Male Perspective:  Female pilots in the United States during World War Two, who were allowed into the U.S. Military are presented as unjustly oppressed.   We must not allow the Anti-Whites to decide what the Narrative of our Story will be.  We must NOT be players in their story.  We are writing our OWN story.

1:47:42 – 1:49:42               WASPS  (cont’d):   NWG on documentary with Anti-White perspective, that female pilots in the U.S. in World War Two were mistreated — denied something —  in Western male military institutions that women could have had no part of if men had not allowed them in!  

                                                Key point:     ● Healthy versus unhealthy perspective… Salubrious versus deleterious.  We should view everything this way!  

1:52:50 – 2:11:14               WASPS   (cont’d)  –   “You can never surrender enough.”   White males treat women better than any men on earth; period.  White men ALLOW women to participate in all spheres of public life.  In the case of the WASPS, males in the military made a process to let women in.   As with non-Whites, everything women have was GIVEN to them  — as a gift — from White MEN. 

Key point:     ● The Anti-Whites take the munificence of White men and twist it into a distortion of reality, wherein the recipient of the gift is somehow being victimized, oppressed or discriminated against. 

2:11:19 – 2:17:59               Why Don’t We Murder More White People  –  Anti-White hate propaganda movie, billed as an “examination of Whiteness”.    The word “Whiteness” is used by the Anti-Whites to mean “oppression by White people”. 

                                                Key points:     ● Movie was funded by the City of San Francisco, The National Endowment for the Arts, and other ultra-wealthy members of the A/W Regime…. Is this seriously the little guy standing up to The System??    ● Anti-White, non-White individual responsible for creating this monstrosity was given a title, funding and a PAYCHECK —– from the System!!

2:18:30 – 2:19:31               A Hero in the WWB Community is purchasing & sending NWG’s books to our People in South Africa.   NWG will be purchasing half of the books as a donation in-kind. 

2:19:35 – 2:24:45               Embrace Your Culture Billboard:  The message on the billboard is embellished with ‘Nativce American’ art….  Anti-Whites strip us of our identity but push the idea of the culture of non-Whites as laudatory.   “You are not going to find harmony in the Bio-spirits of alien People.”

Key points:     ● Whites suffer from epidemic-level substance abuse and suicide    ● We must embrace our culture to protect ourselves & our identity.

2:29:30 – 2:49:31               The Truth:  There is no ‘Hypocrisy’ – There is no double-standard – There is only one standard.   And it’s Anti-White!    Every move by the Anti-Whites is meant to undermine and inflict harm on Westernkind and Western Civilization.   

                                                Key points:     ● “It’s Okay to be White”  to the A/W’ Narrative is confirming that you are saying    It’s okay to always by the Antagonist…The White Devil     ● There is no other argument you can make until you write your own story!

                                                The world beyond our immediate lives is a story-line.  It is the Narrative that is presented to us by the A/W Regime and the A/W elites.  The A/W Narrative is articulated to us by all the government institutions, and entertainment, business, industry, education – system wide.  “This is not reality.  They live by a Fiction.”

Key points:     ● The first step towards Going Free, is recognizing what seems to be hypocrisy in the Anti-White Narrative.  However, you will see there is no hypocrisy once you understand the real motive   ● Anything that confirms the A/W Narrative is written in the sky — Anything that refutes the A/W Narrative is buried down the memory hole    ● We are creating a Counter-Narrative….We create our own story!     ● It is a matter of willpower more than anything – Be intractable!

2:53:00 – 2:58:20               What is Happening in the Real World is Irrelevant to the Anti-White Narrative  –  “There is no arguing the author of their story out of the conclusion they will write into it. “ 
NWG offers words of encouragement to young people who are still in the school system.

                                                Key points:     ● You are not alone!     ● Look to our heroes of old to find purpose and meaning in your life   ● Don’t fear the ‘smear’     ● Come to our Community & BE that next generation of Heroes    ● Do NOT go down the path the Anti-Whites have planned for you.

2:59:20 – 3:02:13               A Word To Home-Schoolers  –   State controlled exams required to pass educational milestones will require teaching your children to regurgitate the Anti-White Narrative.   Counter this by teaching your children, whether home-schooled or not, the REAL truth about history, slavery, WW2, the War for Southern Independence….  Give them the ability to discern and empower them with the whole truth.

3:08:08 – 3:13:00               NWG on Balkanization:  Peaceful separation is not going to happen!  The Regime will never willingly hand over control to a group of individuals. 

                                                Key points:     ● Incrementally the U.S. will become a Third-World nation as rampant crime & corruption take hold    ● The A/Ws will continue to hold on to power & manage the decline
● Sensible prepping is different than stockpiling ammo and living in a hole in the ground

3:13:03 – 3:14:58               Samantha Fox / Advised NWG of Leaflet Drop News  –    Samantha Fox tunes in from her sick-bed with pneumonia; an example of the fortitude of our Community.

3:15:01 – 3:15:40               Mark Collett launches Patriotic Alternative Political Party  –   Recent Nationalist Conference in the U.K. was a HUGE success.

3:16:43 – 3:19:54               The Truth is So Far from the Anti-White Narrative it is Dizzying!  –   Extreme physical reaction not uncommon when coming to the Truth, as discussed earlier. 

                                                Key points:     ● MP’s (Meme Pathogens) are an infection in your brain; you can’t delete them.   MP’s undermine all you do, all your potential,  until you Go Free     ●  When you first start going free, you may only recognize a few MP’s in yourself.  As time goes on, you will become aware of many more.    ● Structural Interpretive Mandate – Is attached to an MP.   The SIM is what you are supposed to think about the MP; what you are supposed to think about the people who hold the MP; and what you are supposed to think about the people who do not hold the MP.   

3:22:39 – 3:25:23               Teachers in our Community who don’t teach the Anti-White Narrative –  Inoculating our Children against Anti-Whitism.  “The 200+ IQ level method.”

3:26:50 – 3:34:00               NWG Mini-Rant:  “Quit the endless quibbling – Get on board with the process that works!”

3:34:39 – 3:39:58               Taking the ‘Glorious Pill’:   Message of What it Means to be a Man  –  The core of Masculinity is the drive for Glory!    Not a Romance with Death…

                                                Key points:     ● Committing atrocities is NOT a path to Glory; it is just and excuse to get out of doing the hard work    ● Hurting innocent people turns you into a Villain – which is exactly what the Anti-Whites want to you to be!  

3:42:55 – 3:45:41               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:   “I already know them; all of Westernkind is my family… I just have yet to shake their hand.”

3:46:08 – 3:47:01               The Intent & Purpose of Willpower  –   PTP:  The Potential to Power

3:50:05 – 3:51:53               Closing Farewell until the Next Going Free


9-4-19   Salute to the White Wellbeing Information Warriors | Leafleting Triumph | Going Free | NWG

4:23 – 6:55           Leafleting Victory for White Well-Being!  –   Victorious Information Warriors have achieved a victory on the information battleground. 

                                Key points:     ● Message of leaflets vindicated the message of White Well-being and Going Free    
● Note of caution to participants:  Do not publicly admit to this achievement.  The Regime will make up laws with which to prosecute you.

7:24 – 16:30        This is an Information War:   –  “Today is a magnificent day!”

                                Key points:     ● Community member Samantha Fox broke the news to NWG  late at night of the leaflet drop; she had heard the report of Red Ice Radio Weekend Warrior   ● Please always share information & breaking news – others may not have heard it   ● Information on leaflets brings the message of Redemption for those who are not yet Going Free    ● If you exercise your right to free speech with leaflets, do it legally and in a “non-threatening” way – The Anti-Whites will move heaven & hell to find a reason to press charges against you     ● If you become embroiled in the legal system you will LOSE
● Don’t be afraid to pass out leaflets!   Just don’t announce your plans to the world.

16:34 – 17:30      No White Guilt vs. It’s Okay to Be White:   –   Why is No White Guilt a game-changer compared to the flaccid “It’s Okay to be White”

                                Key point:     ● There is an infinite difference….You must think in terms of seeing what is coming over the horizon.

18:34 – 19:30      Poseidon is able to stream Going Free on V-Live.

19:30 – 20:12      Faith in Fliering/Leafleting:   –    Now with the lexicon of Going Free this tactic is extremely effective.

20:39 – 23:19      NWG on the Second Amendment:   –   It’s not about guns…It’s about your right to self-defense!

Key points:     ● It is this right to self-defense that holds Soviet-style times-ten tyranny in check    ● If Americans lose the right to self-defense, we will see Gulags and Death Camps all across the Western world.

26:33 – 28:45      Poseidon is NOW streaming this Going Free on V-Live:    NWG Mini-Rant – “For every platform I am censored from, I will join TWO MORE!…AND get back on the one I was censored from!”

28:47 – 29:19      Everyone is Welcome to Serve White Well-Being:   –   Given the huge number of White people who are serving the well-being of Non-White people, there should in turn be a very large number of non-Whites serving WHITE Well-being!

33:12 – 34:26      Recalling the Good Old Days of YouTube:   –   Algorithms were created to recommend material to people based on their viewing habits & interests.   YouTube has destroyed that model to serve the Anti-Whites; therefore, we must bring new people over by “word-of-mouth” in comments sections, social media, etc.

38:21 – 42:23      Why is our Community Under Siege?   –   It is not just because we care about WWB; it is because there is no poison pill in the message of Going Free.   Content creators who give the message that there is nothing we can do to reverse our situation, are allowed to survive & even thrive even though breaking the rules.

                                Key points:     ● Content creators are being “trained” — wittingly or unwittingly — to create material that creates a sense of hopelessness or futility in our people    ● Like with the CIA support of Anti-White artists, the incentive structure is so far removed from Content Creators that they may not even be aware it exists! 

42:43 – 43:22      Big SALUTE to Leafleters!   –  Their powerful choice of language has upset the Regime in a way that is very different from the pro-White messages that have hit the news before.

43:26 – 46:01      New Picture Appearing in Stream at NWG’s Studio:   –    New comedy novella by NWG, “It’s a Comedy Dammit!”

                                Key points:     ● New edition of Going Free available very soon    ● The new release will be affordable & portable in an e-book format will allow for updates as new information is compiled.

48:20 – 48:49      We are not the Cartoon Villains the Media wants us to be!

49:40 – 52:54      Changes Coming to NWG Website:  –   Care must be taken in the appearance of “organizing” activities…. The anti-Whites are always looking for a visible target to take down.

                                Key points:     ● Possible plans include downloadable leaflets that we create after brainstorming on the most powerful & effective language    ● All care must be taken that everything is lawful, because the Anti-Whites are a poison and will seek to destroy our work.

55:08 – 57:10      NWG as a Meme of Neo of the Matrix:  –   A story of a Jason, a Starbucks and a flock of crows….
”You look like you just walked out of the Matrix!”

57:15 – 58:22      Precautions when Printing & Distributing Fliers:  –   Never put anything illegal or intentionally intimidating on a printed paper you are distributing. 

                                Key points:     ● Printers now come with a built-in mechanism that inserts a ‘hidden’ serial number … Not a worry unless you become the focus of a law enforcement investigation     ● Don’t worry too much!  Just use precaution.

58:24 – 1:01:08     News Broke on Red Ice Radio’s Weekend Warrior Show, NWG alerted by Samantha Fox:  –  “My heart       absolutely sang…for the good deed done by the heroic effort of the Leafletting Heroes!”

Key point:     ● As a community, we are all valuable.  We are a family; and we will form a circle to protect one another, like those wagon trains in days gone by.

1:01:50 – 1:02:18               Back to the Matrix:  Neo or Agent Smith??   –    NWG on working on Capitol Hill.

1:02:54 – 1:05:13               Financial Support Greatly Appreciated:   –   NWG on wage inequities that advantage the anti-Whites.   “I know how hard it is to come by a dollar.”

Key points:     ● NWG from a Blue-collar background    ● Worked both Blue-collar & White-collar jobs— at the same time.  

1:05:52 – 1:10:20               The Leafleting Victory — What Happened?  –   The power of the message “No White Guilt” at the top of the leaflet & list of websites that oppose Anti-Whitism.   Discard the Anti-White term
‘anti-Whiteness’  ….  “People will advise you to go see a Doctor for that (Anti-Whiteness); there are creams for that.

Key points:     ● Discussion of the Anti-White term: ‘Whiteness’  –  This term was invented by the A/W’s on has an inherently Anti-White meaning.  Instead, use ANTI-WHITISM.     ● Post leaflets & fliers in a LEGAL place    ● Do not “go public” with your activity   ● NWG disclaimer of any involvement in or pre-knowledge of the Leafleting.

1:10:30 – 1:12:37               Never let them make you censor yourself!   –  “I always want to acknowledge the heroes who are doing the hard work!”

                                                Key points:     ● Heroic people put their time, money & effort into this deed     ● An element of fear had to be overcome to accomplish this; the fear of being Socially Lynched   ● Officialdom will over-react, asserting the pretense of law to intimidate you from engaging in free speech.

1:12:59 – 1:15:27               NWG Writes the Prescription for the Dialectics of Going Free:   –   Whether or not you fill the prescription is up to you!             

                                                Key points:     ● ‘Whiteness’ is an A/W word that means not only White people — It means OPPRESSION    ● A/W’s have written REAMS of material defining ‘Whiteness’ as Oppression
● We all learn as we go in the GF Community; our community will not berate you for things you simply didn’t know.

1:15:30 – 1:19:01               NWG on Standing Up for Others –   NWG as a young person defended others from bullying victimizers at his Junior High School.   This lesson carries forward for all of us.  “I will stand between the Anti-White Bullies and those being Bullied!”

                                                Key point:     ● A REAL man does all he can to avoid a fight.  And then, only fights when he has no alternative.  “Then he fights fast, and he fights to WIN.

1:20:31 – 1:22:02               Do not use the Language ‘Others’ use to describe you:  –  On the use of the memes “goy” , “shekels”…  “That is not the language of Westernkind.”

                                                Key points:     ● When you use the terms of Others, you make yourself a character in someone else’s story.     ● We define ourselves; we write our OWN story    ● If someone uses the memes to be edgy, irreverent, humorous.… More power to them.

1:23:43 – 1:28:10               “Well-Being Art” –  The Cultural Creations of White Well-Being:   It belongs to us — It is OURS!

                                                Key points:     ● Train yourself in the lexicon of Going Free – Then transition into active participation.   Take action!    ● NWG plans a special insider look at his workspace as a token of thanks to those who are supporters.

1:28:45 – 1:33:29               Anti-Whites Losing Their Minds: “Hate is invading our communities!”  We think they doth protest too much….

                                                Key points:     ● Hate hoaxes –  Leaflets that, suspiciously, bolster the A/W Narrative will be shown & detailed in reports    ● With the No White Guilt message leaflets, the reporting only shows the “community response” of those who are Anti-White.  This is an attempt to try to maintain control of the Narrative   ● The A/W’s show their hand by describing White-Positive language in the fliers as…..”chilling, disturbing”; and advise calling the police!     ● The reaction of Lana & Henrik @ Red Ice on “No White Guilt” versus “It’s okay to be White”.

1:37:54 – 1:44:13               Reaction of the A/W’s to Leaflet’s Powerful Message:  –  “This is no different than any religion; that is why we are treated as Heretics!”

                                                Key points:     ● A/W lobotomized muppet ‘reporter’ named Chase … His brain working overtime to come up with something he can say in response to the leaflet’s message to articulate the Anti-White Narrative.    ● Getting a reaction at a ‘Diverse” sandwich shop – Diverse mean less White people…No White people…White Erasure    ● Bernie Sanders vile Anti-White video: “Declare war on racism and White supremacy.”    ●  IMPORTANT:   White Well-being  is White supremacy to the Anti-Whites….

                                                MP:     “Hate has no Home Here” 
MC:     “Hate” =  White people who are not Anti-White.  They are saying White people have no home here.

1:45:10 – 1:47:58               (cont’d)   Reaction of the A/W’s to Leaflet’s Powerful Message:   Cucked loser reporter, Chase, shaking with anger & rage; because, he is being forced to see whathe truly is.

                                                Key point:     ● Newspapers reporting on the leaflet drop complained to their readers that fliers were advocating for “White Well-being”….  How does this sound to the ears of Normies?

1:48:17 – 1:53:46               Why Don’t We Murder More White People?  Because Anti-Whites control the means of communication, they are able to disseminate the A/W Narrative.  This A/W Narrative is a story in which WE are cast as the villains; as Evil.   This is part of the story, and never goes away.

                                                Key points:     ● This is not something we as a people can atone for.  It is a deliberately constructed storyline in which we, Westernkind, always have been and always will be the Bad Guys    ● The story casts us as the Victimizers for something we did not do —- To people who were not victimized!   ● Anti-Whites take events from the real world and:   1) Bury those events that contradict the A/W Narrative, or:  2) Embellish & write in the skies those events that affirm the Anti-White Narrative.

1:54:02 – 1:59:48               Getting to the Fulcrum of the Matter – The Epiphanic Moment: “The moment you say “No White guilt’, you have re-fielded & re-focused their thoughts on their own Villainy!”  And the Anti-White story falls to pieces…

                                                Key points:     ● Anyone who cares about WWB is reduced to a 2-dimensional character in the A/W Narrative    ● When you say “It’s okay to be White”, you are still the Villain of the story; and are just engaging in verbal trickery   ● When you say “No White guilt”, you force the A/W’s to see themselves; you force them to defend the position that you SHOULD feel White guilt.

                                                MP:     Virtue-signaling
MC:     Villainy-signaling

1:59:49 – 2:01:53               NWG Vindicated Rant:   The success of the Lexicon of Going Free

Key points:     ● Rejecting the Regime’s verbage     ● The Lexicon of GF topples the A/W’s off their perch and recasts them as Villains !

2:01:59 – 2:04:36               NWG on What Works:   –   If you care about White Well-being, fill this prescription!  “My objective is to always end up at the right conclusion.”  

                                                Key point:     ● The language of WWB:  simple, direct, no strange/controversial imagery. 

2:05:30 – 2:07:30               Cautionary Note on Making Leaflets & A Monumental Salute to the Information Heroes:     Use discernment in the websites you choose to recommend or include on materials for distribution.   Take care to select sites that are acceptable to normal sensibilities, with Normie-friendly verbage that would be acceptable in polite conversation.

                                                Key point:     ● Your communications should contain no threats & nothing to intimidate other groups

2:09:40 – 2:10:02               NWG Inspired Rant:  Have No White Guilt!  –   Force the Anti-Whites to take the positions of the Victimizers that they are.

2:10:14 – 2:12:39               Be Heroic in Chats & Comment Sections:   Let’s take the message of Going Free out into the World …..Don’t let any of these people intimidate you.  “We stand behind you.  Rest assured; I am unmovable!”

2:13:38 – 2:14:51               Striving for Glory:  Living and Dying as a Hero   –  The core of masculinity is not a romance with death; it is a striving for heroism and glory.

2:16:18 – 2:18:16               A Hero in Our Community:   Community member reaching out to our people who are living under persecution in South Africa with the message of Going Free, by purchasing a quantity of NWG books for them.

2:19:19 – 2:21:42               NWG Closing Inspired Rant:  The success of the message of Going Free.  Tapping into the truth of who/what we are. 


9-1-19 To Be a Man – The Secret Core of Masculinity | Modern art is CIA Weapon | Going Free | No White Guilt

2:00 – 2.49           It’s a Comedy, Dammit!  –  New book by Jason Kohne (No White Guilt), bringing humorous works to the White-positive sphere.   White-positive arts & creations providing a broad spectrum of content.

3:08 – 5:00           The Male/Female Dichotomy:  –  Making sense of the concept of the different inner core of men and the inner core of women.  Avoid error amplification.

                                Key points:   ● What does it mean to be masculine today?   ● What does it mean to be a man or woman of Westernkind?

11:30 – 12:44      (earlier discussion resumes)  [It’s a Comedy Dammit]  –  We are not the 2-dimensional people are enemies paint us to be.

                                Key points:   ● The Anti-Whites paint us as monsters…flat characters with no humanity
● By dehumanizing us as a group, that makes it okay to exploit, punch, imprison, even kill us

15:40 – 16:26      (breaks, resumes)  [It’s a Comedy Dammit]  –  Available in e-book format at No White Guilt Collectibles

19:05 – 20:37      The Role of Women  –  Empowering our People as a Whole:    A fundamental misunderstanding of human nature has become the norm today; a misunderstanding so fundamental, it is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.  

22:44 – 24:11      The Massive Misunderstanding of the Human Animal: – “Communism works well in theory, but not in practice”…..NO!  Communism does not work at all!!  Period!

                                Key point:     ● “We cannot continue to allow ourselves to be handicapped by concepts that undermine our understanding of the world.  Because if we build on erroneous concepts, we are building a faulty edifice that will CRUMBLE – because the base was flawed from the very beginning.”

25:38 – 27:59      Anti-Whites Go After Hoosier Organic Farmers:   Red Ice interview & staying positive using the Curative Contagion (CC) in the face of the Anti-White onslaught.

                                 Key point:     ● Spreading the CC of Going Free:  1) The lives of 2 members of our community have been turned around with the power of the CC & Going Free   2)  White-positive humor, poetry, art, gardening, pet rescue, empower and uplift us as a community

28:05 – 32:30      What Does it Mean to be a Man?   –  When does a boy become a man?   The radix; the root, the core of the being in males of Westernkind is purely for/and of men of our race.

                                Key points:     ● The flowering of manhood is not based on an arbitrary number of his years on earth  
● The inner core of a man, the outward focus, striving for glory – are non-existent in women
● The root understanding of the core of manhood is incomprehensible to women, except for perhaps an academic understanding   ● Masculinity requires over-riding the natural objections of women when a man answers the call to sacrifice everything in pursuit glory

40:12 – 40:58      NWG on Marketing Ideas: –  Plethora of ideas are waiting in the works; we are a rapidly growing community!

41:00 – 42:21      Second Edition of Going Free is Almost Ready:  –  “We will become the body of gravity that pulls all things into the work we are doing!”

                                Key points:     ● The new edition has just been sent to the publisher & is being worked on now
● The new edition is packed full of updated & useful info   ● Plans to take calls during GF streams

43:01 – 44:00      Keeping the Chats Positive & Productive:  –  New people are always checking in; what will they see in the chats?   Will they feel this is a positive, mature community they want to be a part of? 

                                Key points:     ● Anti-Whites appear in the chat to try to scare off new people   ● A/W’s attempt to create comments that will retroactively incur strikes to our channel

48:34 – 49:20      Recent Appearance by Ash Donaldson on TAP:  –  Writer of White-positive children’s books, “Blut and Boden, a Fairy Tale For Children of European Decent.”

55:20 – 1:02:56     Masculinity is hated by the Modern World —- when it is WHITE Masculinity!  “Men will become men again; and, that’s how we’re going to win!” 

                                Key points:     ● What the Regime really fears is men becoming men again    ● Black men are celebrated for their masculinity – though some non-Whites will be collateral damage in the war on masculinity
● Women have a natural, inward looking fear when males speak of stark realities & needed action
● Stonewall Jackson & other heroes of the War for Southern Independence are key examples of true masculinity –  Study them to light/re-ignite the inner masculine fire!

1:07:24 – 1:11:30    NWG on Lessons My Father Taught Me: –   Most of the lessons NWG’s father taught were conveyed without saying a single word… by example, he taught the basics of being a man.  “He was supportive of me behaving like a man – even though I was a boy.

                                Key points:     ● NWG father was supportive without hesitation, but did not offer verbal indulgence & praise   ● There was tension in the household because of the repercussion of NWG’s fights for WWB at an early age    ● Parents were Patriots; they believed in Fairness

1:12:44 – 1:13:51     NWG on Parents:  –  They were not Anti-Whites

1:15:16 – 1:41:08     The Core of Manhood is Glory!   –  Brief discussion of fundamental disagreement with thesis of Ash Donaldson’s book, ‘From her Eyes: A Doctrine’.   “Women are bound up with life; for a man, his greatest romance is with death.”

                                Key points:    ● The willingness to lay down one’s life for one’s people is antithetical to women – And it is the very core of masculinity…. the reaching for eternal glory    ● Today’s ‘battle’ is an informational battle; the battle for hearts and minds

1:41:15 – 1:47:00      The Danger of Living in a Matriarchal Society:  –  When does a female become a woman? – When she embraces her core identity; which is, an inward focus.  This is not an outward focus, like that of a man’s embracing of struggle & hardship to achieve Glory.  A fundamental imbalance occurs in a matriarchal society, which is what we have today, where women control men.

Key points:    ● BOTH women and men are essential…complementary…but fundamentally different   ● Women insure survival by looking inwardly; to reproduction & safety   ● Men insure survival by looking outwardly.    ● It is natural that a woman wants the focus of a man to be on HER; the survival of her and her offspring   ● Men today are failing to say NO to women; and are thereby NOT doing their job as MEN.

1:47:36 – 1:48:13               (cont’d)    To have strong families, men must start saying NO to women….

Key point:    ● You have to be a man and say, NO.  I’m going to do what I must anyway, even though you don’t want me to.

1:50:15 – 1:51:39               The Moment a Boy Becomes a Man:  –  When tales of heroic strength bring a tear to his eyes, as he hears the call to Glory for our race, for defending his people – THAT is the moment he is a MAN. 

Key points:    ● It is the GLORY that we fight for that is the core of manhood   ● Some males will NEVER become men!

1:54:39 – 1:57:52               Augustus Invictus for President:  –  Be careful of your Reputational Investment.  Are we grasping for any rope to pull us up from the ledge? 

Key points:    ● Running an informational campaign can be useful    ● By what means do you provide support for an outsider candidate?    ● Can be a tool for getting out the word for WWB ● You do not want to seem like you are out-of-step with the norm

1:59:15 – 1:59:45               Why Not Kill Whites?  –  Name of a new film, that could only be made in an Anti-White America!

2:00:20 – 2:00:47               What Does an Unbroken Woman Want?   –  A REAL MAN!

Key point:    ● Real women want a man who is masculine; a good provider; family oriented; and protective & fearless of both family & his people.

2:02:12 – 2:05:20               The Masculine Desire for Glory:  –  The ineffable voice that calls White men to Glory.  The SAME call to Glory that calls men to other heroic & ordinary deeds.

Key points:    ● The call to Glory is NOT a death wish   ● Delineates the key difference between men & women; between men & boys    ● Woman’s call to Glory is the inward focus of reproduction  

2:07:53 – 2:08:55               Living as a Man:  –  The idea that a man longs to be alive in a moment of Glory is inscrutable to women.

                                                Key point:    ● Today the War is on the Rhetorical Battlefield

2:10:16 – 2:18:02               NWG’s Spirited Debate with Ash Donaldson:  Unequivocally debunking the idea that Women have a magical connection to Gods and/or Spirits.   Clarifying certain points of this fundamental misunderstanding of Human Nature.

                                                Key points:    ● This Woman-as-Magic theory is simply a transferring of ‘Feminism’ onto our past history & legends    ● Males should not “subjugate” women; but they are never to be ruled by them    ● Women alone are not “life”; women AND men are the producers of Life!    ● The use in legend & lore of women as connected to God was nothing more than the Propaganda of the day  … and was used in the same manipulative way as War Propaganda

2:18:10 – 2:19:28               Uxorodespotism:  –  We should be using this word, because it is ABSOLUTELY  the case all over the West today… The word means Wifely Tyranny.  And is a DISASTER for our survival!

                                                Key points:    ● NO woman decides what it is to be a MAN   ● NO real man serves a woman like some sycophant    ● Woman are merely the fertile soil; nothing grows until the seed is planted by the man

2:21:50 – 2:24:35               (cont’d)   The Misunderstanding about Women  –  The idea that Women have some sort of special or natural contact with the “Gods” or Spirits, throws completely off balance the natural, complementary roles of Men and Women.

                                                Key point:    ● Gynocentrism – putting all the focus on Women & their inward focus occurs because Men are not doing their job as Men!

2:28:59 –  3:07:48              Modern Art as a CIA Weapon:  –  How the Agency used artists & musicians to push an Anti-White Agenda onto a Public that found Modern Art & the avant-garde repulsive!  This was justiifed under the guise of undermining Communism during the Cold War…It played no role in the Cold War; but it played a significant role in destroying Western Civilization.  No one alive today has known a single day without Anti-Whitism & that is why we are ALL infected with White Noir.”

                                                Key points:    ● Vast sums of money were spent to push & promote “art” and “artists” who would infect us with the Anti-White MP’s     ● The pretext for this was the Cold War; as far back as the 1950’s and 1960’s they were already infecting us with Anti-Whitism    ● The reason the CIA chose Modern Art to infect us with, instead of something uplifting like a new Renaissance, is BECAUSE it is Poison!    ● The Big Lie:  This ‘artistic’ movement could be held up as a positive thing, an illustration of how “free” America is   The Big Truth:  The Soviet model this was purported to counter was a strait-jacket for artistic freedom — there was NO need to create an alternative!     ● The New American Art is not American AT ALL   ● Those who objected to the Program were derided as Conspiracy Theorists (sound familiar?)    ● Through countless such endeavors, the CIA was founded with the idea that it would infect us with a Spiritual syphilis  
● The Novelty Fallacy – to the Anti-Whites, everything New that is Anti-White is GOOD   ● The forces of Communism and the Anti-White smearing of Andrew McCarthy   ● Rich & powerful Anti-Whites helped fund this A/W Art push because they fundamentally agree with this infliction of harm   ● Congressional Committee for Cultural Freedom  –  “Devoted to Freedom of Expression”…. As long as it is an ANTI-WHITE expression!

3:07:55 – 3:12:05               Beauty is a Virtue that is as Important as Truth & Justice:  –  The reason Abstract Art was pushed  on our people is precisely because it is GARBAGE.  When you look at it, you feel nothing…  “By removing Beauty, you are one step closer to removing Truth & Justice from our Civilization.”

                                                Key points:    ● Modern art is Spiritual Syphilis …It does not harmonize with, or speak to, the souls of Westernkind    ● Modern art is celebrated because everyone can create something ugly; it is the art form of equality   ● The creators of this ‘art’ and also of ‘pop culture’ are praised and elevated; and as the public embraces their work, so they embrace the creator of if who is lauded in the media.  And thus they embrace the degenerate poisonous message.   ● Celebrity culture/worship is a fabricated celebration; it is part of the Anti-White Agenda.

3:12:15 – 3:15:46               Tying it All Together:  –  How the CIA’s manipulation of the populace relates to YouTube.   Why are some content creators socially lynched, and all their work burned to the ground, while other are left unscathed?

                                                Key points:    ● Any content that EMPOWERS you, rather than DEMORALIZES you, will be suppressed and censored!     ● The Anti-Whites want you to conclude that there is nothing you can do to stop your Victimization    ● The key question is, “Does what the content producer is doing help, or does it hinder, the Anti-Whites?”

3:16:33 – 3:20:38               The Anti-Whites are Training Us with Clickers:  –  We can be ‘trained’, just like dogs are with a clicker, to have a fatalistic mind-set. 

                                                Key point:    ● Those who promulgate the idea that the only answer to our Oppression is to either do something violent, or burrow in like Craven and give up, will be allowed to continue operating even while flaunting the arbitrary “rules” that get White-positive creators
de-platformed and banned.

3:20:31 – 3:20:59               Message to anyone who has any of the Syphilitic Modern Art:  Set it one fire; Video it; and share why you are doing it!

                                                Key point:    ● Keep your eyes open for the current filth they are pushing on us NOW!

3:25:02 – 3:25:52               Censorship of Our Artists:  We will create a New Renaissance with the movement for White Well-Being!

3:29:44 – 3:33:07               NWG on Accessing the Inner Core of your Masculinity:  –  The pursuit of ineffable Glory;  Listen for that Voice; and, heed it when it comes.

                                                Key points:    ● How to break bad habits:  create a new, contradictory habit     ● Be ready to forgive yourself for errors; and immediately start over again   ● Nurture the flame within yourself; give it your purposeful attention   ● This will lead you to behave as a man in all you do

3:40:49 – 3:44:00               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  “To all our guys out there…Become a man if you’re not already one! ”

                                                Key points:    ● The Anti-Whites NEVER rest – Don’t allow them to train you like a dog ! 
● Women serve their own core purpose when they focus inwardly; understand this, but do not be ruled by it!  ● Today’s world doesn’t ask you to do anything that brave…Reach for you inner glory!


8-25-19 Rebutting AntiWhite Podcaster & Children’s Movies | Going Free | No White Guilt |with Clarion Wakefield

11:00 – 14:22      What’s Wrong with Me??  –   Ask yourself instead, “What’s right with me?”  It is human nature to give inordinate attention to the things that are going wrong….  “Our objective right now is not to plant the flag of our victory on the lawns of the Capitols across the West!”

                                Key points:     ● Our victory will be achieved by moving the context     ● A small change in the environment can utterly change the Context

14:33 – 19:24      Ram Z  Paul & Tiina from Happy Homelands:  –  Relaxed, amiable & outspoken; courageously creating great White-positive content!

                                Key points:     ● Tiina especially reaching out to our Young Women on making decisions in an Anti-White world   ● Consumerism is a bottomless emptiness; you can never purchase or consume enough to fill the void in your life    ● The life that will bring you the most meaning – Finding a mate, and creating a strong family   

22:37 – 25:25      NWG Premiere Video with Althea:  Heresy Asylum   –   NWG’s submission to new video contest that was conceived by Lovely Porridge & Jared George..….If you had the opportunity to make one video before you were silenced forever, what would it be?

                                Key points:     ● Anyone can enter the contest & contribute a video    ● Keep your contribution short, pithy &  punchy

25:40 – 33:04      Way of The World YouTube Channel Arbitrarily Banned:  –  Also banned the Iconoclast, the Duke of Durham on Facebook….many others.  Deleting accounts; banning books  — This is a CLEAR indicator the Anti-Whites are losing control of the Narrative and are WEAK.

                                Key points:     ● Peer-to-peer communication undermines the A/W’s because people are no longer completely isolated and no longer feel ALONE….(The empowerment of realizing:  “I’m not the only one who thinks/feels this way!”)     ● It may be the case that the A/W’s are serving an important purpose for us by culling the WEAK among us.

36:24 – 36:46      All of our Ideas, everything White, is being Pathologized by the Anti-Whites:  –  This allows the anti-Whites to circumvent having to make arguments that counter our positions.  Censorship also serves this function.

                                Key points:     ● The Anti-Whites pay people to surveil & delete White-positive accounts    ● This also serves to give the impression that everyone disagrees with W/P content

36:48 – 47:00      Minotaur of Rebellion Video, “Mommy, will I always be White?”   –   A Tour de Force!    Share the video everywhere you post comments; no freeloaders – spread the word!

                                Key points:     ● YouTube has deleted a channel that shared the video    ● Ask others to contemplate:  “Why are our children being taught to hate themselves?”

49:20 – 52:05      Children’s Movies:  Movies like Toy Story contain anti-White Messaging  –  Share the experiences you have with the Community.

                                Key points:     ● If you must take your children to these movies, prepare them in advance with a list of the anti-White messages they will see in the movie    ● Children will see you as a genius for being able to predict what will happen   ● Children will be taught this way that their parents, their people, are special because they know what goes on in the world

52:11 – 1:00:40          Clarion Wakefield Enters the Show:  When contexts are altered, new opportunities are presented!

Key points:     ● A recent setback led to the opportunity to teach history to children in her community in a White-positive way    ● Why is the West destroying itself?   ● Clarion reveals to her group how the WW2 Narrative is used as a starting point for destroying Western civilization

1:01:59 – 1:05:45                The Religion of WW2:  –  The World War 2 Narrative is an anti-White religion.  It is a shroud
                                                 of death for our people, denying us the right to self-preservation.                         

Key points:     ● It afflicts the most patriotic & good-hearted of our people    ● Equates those who resist anti-Whitism to ‘Nazis’    ● What actually happened during that period of history is totally irrelevant to the process of moving forward and Going Free; don’t waste time & energy trying to reform the WW2 Narrative or historical figures from that time

1:05:46 – 1:09:15                Red-Flag Gun Laws:  It’s not about the guns – It’s about denying you the right to self-defense.  “There is only one tool with which you can defend yourself in a world where guns exist.”

Key point:     ● “Red Flag” is just the most recent label laid on top of legislation that has been written for years, and is waiting to be enacted   

MP:  The Right to Keep & Bear Arms        MC:  It’s about your right to Self Defense!

1:11:30 – 1:13:41               Tyler Wingate:  Led down the path of Anti-Whitism to the ultimate Victimization

Key point:     ● We are all similarly victimized every day in the world created & built by our Ancestors for us

1:16:38 – 1:19:10               Taking Personal Responsibility:  Change your focus from “blame” to taking responsibility  —
And you will become so much more powerful!

1:21:05 – 1:22:02               The Crime of Heresy:  It is not being Anti-White Enough  –  It’s not what you say; it is not the words you use.  The real crime is committing heresy to the Anti-White Regime

1:22:11 – 1:27:15               Two Community Members Saved by Going Free:   And two White babies born to people brought together by Going Free!

                                                Key point:     ● Nat-Connect, Way of the World & Laura; bringing people together who are looking for a community

1:27:48 – 1:31:07               The Jealousy of Anti-Whites and some Non-Whites is Self Imposed — NOT our fault:   Their self-imposed feelings of victimization enable them to call themselves victims, for which they blame White Westernkind and Civilization.

1:32:00 – 1:35:28               Clarion & NWG discuss their reactions to an Anti-White podcaster’s rebuttal:  The rebuttal was in response to a video by NWG & Clarion about protecting our children from A/W influences

                                                Key points:     ● Clarion’s takeaway:  she is left with the impression that he (podcaster) probably thinks he’s not anti-White    ● Same things he wants for his people, we want for our people
● He clearly does not see that the things we want for our people are the same things.

1:35:42 – 1:45:22               An Unbridgeable Gap:  Clarion on the poisonous idea that our People should not have White babies. 

Key points:     ● The Black community says how important it is that they have dolls that are representative of their community….that look like them  —  but cannot see the problem of little White girls being given dolls that do not represent our People     ● The Black Pill:   Even outwardly positive non-Whites are so infected with anti-Whitism that they don’t even realize they’re Anti-White

1:45:37 – 1:46:56               The Fatal Error of the Civ-Nats:   –  Projecting onto others what is inside of us as Westmen. 

Key point:     ● This leads to a fundamental misunderstanding of the different bio-Spirits of Non-Whites

1:48:27 – 1:55:10               Your Average, Typical Anti-White:  –  Podcaster reveals he is a typical, vicious anti-White under his mask of joviality.

Key points:     ● He means all harm to us; in all ways    ● He masks deep jealousy & envy in false pretexts and double standards     ● What is particularly insidious about this individual is his rotund, happy, jolly, pleasant smile & voice     ● There is no mutual understanding with this anti-white Podcaster; he seeks to inflict harm     ● We are a glorious people – and yet, a sick people, who do not want to “hurt the feelings” of a pleasant non-White like him.

1:55:11 – 1:57:02               How Do we know this Podcaster is Anti-White?

Key points:     ● He refers to White Well-being with an anti-White slur – “White Supremacy” & says nothing about the harm to our children NWG & Clarion were discussing     ● He does this because he needs to cast himself as the victim to justify inflicting harm on us….Morally, Intellectually & Sentimentally  (MIS Pretext)

1:59:30 – 2:01:25               (breaks)  [resumes]  Podcaster considers White Supremacy to be “Evil” – and equates it to White Well-being – therefore, he is concluding that White Well-being is EVIL.  The opposite of White Well-being is White Ill-being.   This gives him the pretext that it is moral and good for him to inflict harm on our well-being.

2:02:20 – 2:09:30               Not naming the anti-White Podcaster:  Bringing attention to his persecution of us will only give him undeserved traction. 

Key points:     ● He is purporting that White people are evil by nature     ● He is being fundamentally dishonest about the discussion NWG & Clarion were having about protecting our children    ● The fact he cannot dispute is that churches are giving non-White dolls to White children & this has been proven to cause White women to choose not to have White babies  — That means White Erasure!!

2:09:44 – 2:16:00               We Really Need to Have a Conversation About Race:   The issue here is not just non-White baby dolls… The Narrative is moving beyond that to constant virtue-signaling that mothering White babies is ‘White Supremacy’.  Clarion discusses a video that went viral a few years ago wherein two little White girls were given non-White dolls for Christmas.  “This is inflicted on our children to malform them.”

Key points:     ● The viral  video of the innocent reaction of two little girls was met with overwhelming condemnation, as if these girls had obvously been raised to be ‘racist’  ● Our girls & young women are being given the message that they are “better people” if they mother non-White babies

2:17:30 – 2:22:07               Forcing the Anti-Whites to Admit they mean harm to White Well-Being:   How can they possibly justify that it’s wrong for our little White girls to have White dolls and produce White children??  “When they mean harm to any White family, they mean harm to your White family.”

2:19:49 – 2:21:56               How To Train Your Dragon 3 – NWG Mini-Rant:    Last female White dragon impregnated by a Black dragon… A movie that injects blatant anti-White MP Infections.  “The only thing that matters is whether or not Westernkind gets erased from that page!” 

2:22:08 – 2:25:55               Anti-White Podcaster Rebuttal (cont’d):   –   Podcaster objects to more White babies.

                                                Key points:     ● He mocks the infliction of foreign Bio-Spirits upon our people    ● He paints us all as wholly evil    ● He complains about his having to learn about our White Founding Fathers in the nation he is living in!    ● He has ZERO gratitude  –  He is all about grievances

2:26:44 – 2:29:03               Clarion:  We are 100% White Positive – 100% about White Well-Being!    We are ZERO percent who A/W Podcaster says we are.  Her conclusion, “He is Anti-White whether or not he thinks he is.”

Key points:     ● Our community is NOT focused on other people; We are not “anti-”other people   ● Nothing we stand for or are working towards can be legitimately opposed by anyone who is legitimate

2:29:25 – 2:35:02               How the Anti-Whites See Us:  “They don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks!  He wants to erase us!  And we’re worried about his feelings??

                                                Key point:     ● Anti-Whites project onto us what is instinctive in them; ethnocentrism … When they are control, they will have their own kind in all positions of power.  And they will absolutely run everything to their benefit!

                                                MP:  White People control everything

                                                MC:  Anti-Whites control everything !!

2:35:25 – 2:38:47               “White Folks Don’t Have It Together”:  –  On every level of our civilization, Whites are being taught that we are EVIL.  Our children are being taught to hate themselves.  Suicide & drug abuse rates are exploding.  A/W Podcaster and his ilk think WE control everything; but, still things are going so badly for us.  WE control NOTHING.  The Anti-Whites DO.

                                                Key points:     ● What he is making clear is that his people WILL have their act together when they are in control; and will teach their people to love themselves & take care of their own  
 ● He is being disingenuous, because he knows very well that any White person who works openly in any institution for White Well-Being will be doxxed, fired, and condemned for Heresy
● At the same time, any Whites working for the well-being of HIS people will be lauded & promoted

                                                MP:  White People control everything

                                                MC:  Anti-Whites control everything !!

2:38:57 – 2:39:22               [Summarizes the above points]

2:39:30 – 2:41:06               Anti-White Podcaster’s Misattribution of Reality:   He will not admit that Anti-Whites dominate Western Civilization, not “White People”.   Because if he admitted that, the Pretext of his being a victim would no longer apply and he would be deprived of his ability to inflict harm on Westernkind and Western Civilization.

                                                Key point:     ● There is one group that it is legal to discriminate against – and that is OUR group

2:41:21 – 2:45:38               Clarion:  The A/W Podcaster says we are “Fearful…Full of fear.”  “If I were ever a fearful person, it certainly isn’t now!  We are preparing now for victory!”

                                                Key points:     ● He is assuaging his own fear    ● The only White people he has a problem with are those who are waking up & Going Free     ● Clarion is part of a White-positive Community that meets regularly and is growing together.

2:47:50 – 2:50:59               Question to NWG:  Do you consider the term “People of Color” to be a MP? (Meme Pathogen)  Yes!  By labeling non-Whites ‘people of color’ they are labeling us “colorless”… bland, boring, invisible — nonexistent.

                                                Key point:    ● The term “People of Color” dehumanizes us – It excludes us from humanity!

2:52:39 – 2:53:40               WE are the Majority Opinion:   –   You are a member of a global, growing Community!  “Recapturing our Destiny will become as simple as flipping a light switch.”

                                                Key point:    ● Recent studies show that millions of people hold views that are aligned with the Alt-Right.

2:54:03 – 3:01:37               (NWG Epic Rant) Common Characteristics of Anti-Whites:  –   Anti-White Podcaster believes that if we don’t like what are children are being taught in school, then we can just “move to a White state”.

                                                Key points:    ● EVERY state/area was a WHITE area — Until we invited non-Whites in!
● The INGRATITUDE is akin to inviting a homeless person into your home; who then proceeds to tell YOU how to live there

3:01:55 – 3:07:00               A Righteous Fury for Our People:  –  Typical Anti-White Ethnocentrism.  

                                                MP:  A/W Podcaster says we are “obsessed” with his people

                                                MC:  We are FOCUSED!  And focus is a virtue when it protects the Innocent!

                                                Key point:    ● NWG sees over the Horizon to where the Anti-Whites are leading us – and they are leading us to White Genocide; to White Erasure.

3:07:12 – 3:12:28               The Most Heinous Thing about the A/W Podcaster:  He states, “It’s time for White Supremacy to fall.”  And he equated WS with White Well-being…. So what he is saying, is that it is time for WHITE PEOPLE to fall!

                                                Key points:    ● A/W Podcaster says White people have done “endless harm”   ● He is saying your very DNA must go – YOU must go   

3:12:40 – 3:14:30               A/W Podcaster:  “Black Folks Got Next!”  –   … As if Westmen STOLE this from his people!  NO.  We CREATED Western Civilization!  And then allowed these people in!!

                                                Key point:    ● He is revealing that when his People are in power, they are going to serve their own people — 100% of the time.

3:14:50 – 3:19:04               NWG:  “There is no fear in me; I am resolute!  I am the White guy that WILL stand up for our people.”

Key points:    ● We invented all the tools, inventions, medicine, institutions and creature comforts that Non-Whites vote with their feet to voluntarily come to   ● Multi-racialism does not work    ● We have lost our Freedom of Association

3:22:00 – 3:32:59               Clarion on Meme Pathogens in Anti-White Children’s Movies:    The framing has all become Anti-White; “It’s insidious; it’s everywhere.”

Key points:      ● The trend in movies now is in teaching children to ignore natural differences – and obvious dangers    ● Teaching our children that nature can be defeated with “kindness” and “good intentions”    ● We are to the point where those who refuse to ignore reality are ‘thought criminals’    ● Movies are teaching our children that by going against nature they can live in a Utopia.  This is dangerous – and meant to inflict harm on our children

3:33:00 – 3:34:50               Children’s Movies  (cont’d):  –  Anything that undermines our ability to protect, sustain, and advance ourselves is Anti-Whitism.  

Key point:    ● Messaging is telling us to stop having White children – specifically to bring about White Erasure.

3:35:40 – 3:36:18               Endorsement of

3:40:40 – 3:44:30               How To Train Your Dragon 3:  (resumes)  –  Black dragon impregnated last White female dragon… “It’s in the script.  Why?  Because the movie is Anti-White.”  

                                                Key points:      ● Don’t take your children to see this garbage!    ● If you must go, for whatever reason, prepare your children in advance by predicting & listing all the Anti-White tropes that will be in it     ● Never forget:  “It is the hand that rocks the cradle that will determine the fate of our people.”

3:44:39 – 3:45:52               There is no ‘Double-Standard; It is one Anti-White Standard!  –   The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Whites:  “The only standard is that which allows them to inflict harm on Western Civilization.”

3:47:30 – 3:51:45               White people who say they “don’t hate White people” — They “just don’t care if we exist or not.”   Ask them:  “Are you that indifferent to the survival of other races??”

                                                Key points:    ● This type of individual is either suffering from White Noir or they are vehemently Anti-White    ● Do not waste your time engaging this kind of person; move on to the next who might be receptive to the message of Going Free.

3:52:00 – 3:55:30               Clarion on the Masculine Response to Despicable A/W Behavior:  “The only moral position is to want us to survive as a people.”   The objective goodness of what we are doing with Going Free.

3:55:35 – 4:00:20               NOTHING will Assuage the Anti-Whites Who are our Victimizers!  –   The Cuckservatives attempt to build bridges & will ALWAYS fail — Because they never speak to the real motivation of the Anti-Whites.

                                                Key point:    ● The A/W’s are motivated by jealousy & envy of White Westernkind;  We cannot ‘fix’ this in them!

4:00:48 – 4:01:50               A Very Appropriate Cartoon is Shared in the Chat:   A member of the Community shares in the chat a cartoon of a psychiatrist watching a Black child choosing a Black doll & calling it healthy…. And then observes a White child choosing a White doll & calling it ‘racism’.

4:02:00 – 4:02:58               There was No “Civil War” – It was the War for Southern Independence:   –   Or the War of Northern Aggression.   The South was seeking succession; the same as our country did when it was formed in succeeding from England.   The South was brutally invaded by the North.

4:03:58 – 4:10:50               Toy Story 4:  –  A Mother reaches out to NWG with some insidious Anti-White Narrative she picked up on in the movie Toy Story 4 when she took her children to see it.    Some disturbing insights:  A White doll is rejected by a White girl who looks like her.  The White girl is cold, mean & indifferent towards her.   Then, a non-White child, who has been injured, embraces the rejected doll & the doll ‘learns’ they were “destined to be together”. 

                                                The MP that is inflicted, the lesson is:  The White child doesn’t want you – but the non-White child does.

                                                Key point:    ● Other innocent-seeming movies like, Frozen & Little Mermaid, are also slipping in anti-Male messages.

4:11:10 – 4:15:07               Clarion Responds:  The main character in the Toy Story movies, “Woody”, is written to have a romantic interest in the Little Bo Peep toy-lamp character who wore traditional Little Bo-Peep garb.  She has now been made into a sort of caped-crusader feminist character.   Clarion does recommend the first Angry Birds movie as being very Red-pilled.

4:15:22 – 4:16:33               Point out the Anti-Whitism you see in Movies:   Reach out to the Community and help others protect their children & families and Go Free from these insidious MP’s.

4:22:22 – 4:26:47               NWG & Clarion Closing Remarks:   On How to Train Your Dragon 3 & other A/W movies aimed at our children. 

                                                Key points:       ● Clarion notes that she reads the Chat after the show & always learns something new     ● In retrospect you may realize A/W tropes that you completely missed in movies you previously watched   ● No matter how tuned in you are to White Well-being, you are always still learning to Go Free

4:26:51 – 4:31:42               Clarion & NWG on the Courage in giving your testimony in an Anti-White World:  “We are all trying to reclaim what was stolen from us; and what was stolen from us is the knowledge that WE ARE A PEOPLE!”

                                                Key points:    ● No one likes to admit that they’ve been ‘bamboozled’   ● It is Empowering to admit these things!    ● We have all been in an Anti-White World since BIRTH   ● Our identity has been STOLEN from us   ● There are some benefits to being in a White-Positive echo chamber; we can learn from and encourage each other.


8-18-19  The Decisive Antiwhite Weakness and Important PWR News | Going Free | No White Guilt

18:00 – 21:16      Breaking through the Censorship:  …”Suicide is the ultimate White flight.”… We must break through the censorship barrier to reach the people who desperately need it!  “Censorship prevents this message of love, truth, and healing — this message of redemption.

                                Key points:   ● Many of our people are on a precipice; sick with White noir   ● In 60-120 seconds, Victims become monsters when driven to desperate acts when they see NO WAY OUT ● WE are responsible for bringing them back! 

22:50 – 27:21      Circling the Wagons:  “You are a blessed person; you are a remarkable person; You are from a MAGICAL people — THAT is the true story of Westernkind!”

                                Key points:   ● Sharing that you are/were on a bad path is an act of courage – because in that moment of sharing, you are accepting responsibility   ● You are not entirely to blame for being on that path  
● We are a movement of Redemption!

28:00 – 34:53      The Anti-White Elites are Very Afraid:  “They are predicting our victory if they cannot prevent us from coming together as a people.”  We define that Victory as recapturing our destiny.

Key points:   ● The Anti-Whites (A/Ws) pay people to mount a coordinated psychological attack on our new content creators, focusing most heavily on our women who are much more vulnerable   ● The fear of social lynching causes many to give in to the tidal wave of pressure    ● For those who can stick it out, suddenly one day it all just disappears – proving that it is a coordinated, concerted effort

36:40 – 37:28      The Sickness that is White Noir:  White Noir manifests in many ways, an acid eating away at the soul and undermining lives and the very will to survive.

                                Key point:   ● White Noir makes it impossible for those suffering from it to think of themselves as being part of something larger; as being part of a People.

39:32 – 40:21      HB 2014 – Follow Him on Twitter!  HB2014 is making video clips of NWG’s inspired oratories, adding music, and posting them to Twitter

42:00 – 43:39      The Soil is Getting Richer for our Message:  “WE are the ones who will survive the bottleneck!”

                                Key points:   ● There are a great many people we need to reach … This can be done using the lexicon of Going Free, White Well-Being videos, teaching MP’s and MC’s, White-Positive art, etc.            ● When we bring our people in, we can then build a People out of our Race.

48:47 – 54:36      Salvini, Richard Gere, Fallacies & Hypocrisy:  A caller asks about Italy’s leader, Salvini, telling Richard Gere that Mr. Gere can take in the refugees, if he wants to help them so badly – INSTEAD of the Italian taxpayers shouldering the burden!  “Let it be the Anti-Whites who have to suffer!”

                                Key points:   ● Anti-Whites try to trip-up our message by falsely comparing apples to oranges & simply reveal instead that they are Anti-White   ● Border crossers are NOT coming into Italy to make the country & society better  

55:45 – 57:12      (cont’d)  [Anti-White Arguments/Accusation of Hypocrisy]  –  “Don’t vote for me to give up MY Civilization – If you want to give up yours, be my guest!”

1:01:58 – 1:13:34     PWR News:  What’s going on with Mark Collett & Patriotic Weekly Review – Mark Collett, fierce advocate, outstanding White-Positive content creator, and veteran of the WP movement, has come under fierce attack after a highly controversial debate on YouTube with Jewish elites.  The anti-Whites have chosen the most absolutely cruel & vulnerable moment to attack – right as Mark and his partner are welcoming the birth of their first child. 

                                Key points:   ● NWG will be hosting Mark Collett’s show, Patriotic Weekly Review, on NWG’s channel for the time being – And will be sharing all super-chats with Mark during this time   ● Make no mistake – this is an attack on Mark’s innocent baby girl.  If Mark & his partner cannot provide for her, and innocent baby will suffer.  THIS is how evil our Victimizers are!  “This beautiful little angel is their target!”

1:14:53 – 1:17:34     On the Oratorical Battlefield, We will Never Be Alone:  When one of ours is under attack, we will show up like a Detachment from another Battalion.  This is what we will do for one another GLOBALLY – A pat on the back, a helping hand; even with different languages, we know that on those oratorical battlefields won’t ever be alone…The moment we feel defeat creeping in among us, the bugle will sound….. And comrades will show up from Italy….from France….from Norway – THAT is the great global White ring that I’ve been talking about!”

1:21:13 – 1:22:03     The Objectives of the Anti-Whites:   “Anti-Whites derive no greater pleasure than inflicting harm on Westernkind.” 

                                Key point:   ● Even non-Whites like Jessie Lee Peterson are smeared with the same A/W slurs if they express White-positive sentiments – to arrive at the same Anti-White Conclusion we are subjected to

1:23:59 – 1:24:40     Born Guilty:  The book by NWG speaks a universal message for all Westernkind – Because around the world we have ALL been subjected to the same anti-Whites messages and experiences.

1:27:30 – 1:31:05     Anti-White Super-Chats:  NWG further addresses the false comparison of aiding Italian citizen victims of an earthquake as compared to not letting in refugees who have ZERO claim on Italy… “We do not want their alien Bio-Spirits, after achieving numerical courage, transforming our beautiful Italy into something ELSE.”  

                                Key Quote:   “Italy is ours; Western Civilization is ours – and it will REMAIN so.  We WILL recapture our destiny.  We will not allow others to come in and transform our societies into something that reflects their Bio-Spirits.”

1:36:00 – 1:37:12     We’re going to have to work for this victory.   Get out on the field and participate; each person in their own way.   “We have to make a people out of this race again!”

1:44:50 – 1:49:26     Stand Your Ground:   The Anti-Whites use the concept of “privilege” to deny us our rightful inheritance.  Always look past the pretext and straight to the Anti-White element in the argument they are making.  “As though we don’t deserve to inherit as much as we bequeath!”

Key points:   ● A mind is a terrible thing to waste – Why there was never a United White College Fund   ● BLM:  Why the Anti-Whites are not okay with “All lives matter” – it would undermine their ability to inflict harm  

1:49:35 – 1:51:30               Be Fluid —  Be Protean:   “Not another inch!  We have our own sea to split”.  When the                                
Anti-Whites attempt to erase us by tearing down our statues and our culture, call on the power of your Bio-Spirit and move no further

Key point:   ● As long as WE exist, all of Western Civilization will continue to exist.  We will rebuild all that has been torn down!

1:55:15 – 1:58:12               Purposeful Blindness:  Our victimizers make every effort to keep us ‘blindfolded’  to the trouble that is being brought into our midst with mass immigration & the promotion of degeneracy.  “It doesn’t matter what they look like, what their immutable characteristics are; what matters to us is that they are Anti-White.”

 Key point:   ● MP:  It is said that Whites don’t need any special representations because so many of those in powerful positions in the government & corporate boardrooms are White.   MC:  Not a single White person at any level of power represents us — all the Whites in power are ANTI-WHITE.

1:59:20 – 2:03:28               A Letter from Cathy:  Using Lexicon of Going Free will be an absolute game-changer in the effectiveness of your activism —- Tapping into your soaring potential!

2:17:53 – 2:20:21               NWG Mini-Rant – Anti-White Attack on the Innocent Newborn Child of Mark Collett:   The inability to identify those who are actually the most victimized members of our community – the pain of OUR own children – THAT is how sick with White Noir we have become as a people….”OUR babies matter; OUR lives matter!!”

2:21:14 – 2:23:19               Intentional Character Assassination by the Anti-Whites:  “Not only is there not intellectual honesty in an Anti-White, but there isn’t even a shred of decency or morality in an anti-White.”

                                                Key points:   ● The A/W’s use slanderous labels calculatingly to intentionally destroy lives – An Advocate for White Well-Being is titled “racist”….”hater”.   ● Don’t make the mistake of projecting your morality into the body of a monster!

2:24:48 – 2:27:08               The Anti-White’s Move to Erase Everything we Do:  The move is on to erase White names from buildings and schools, to erase White achievements, and to erase our discoveries…”They will write us right out of the history books!”

                                                Key points:   ● Our indebtedness to Westmen – Each of our lives is infinitely easier than those who came before us     ● A fictitious history will be overlaid to cover up the truth of White civilizational creation in the places where we fail to recapture our destiny

2:29:24 – 2:36:40               U.S. Segregation Laws & Self-Segregation:  Self-segregation is natural & obvious at all levels of society.     MC:  Integration, multi-racialism, diversity are “dis-synergistic” – We are always less than the sum of our parts.

                                                Key points:   ● Segregation laws were not to prevent people from coming together; the purpose was to preserve Western Civilization   ● Why does Integration have to be forced if it is so beneficial & harmonious?  ● We have lost our freedom of association  ● When harm in inflicted on poor Whites, why is this never part of the discussion?     ● Western Civilization is our house – We have opened it to non-Whites, and are met only with contempt at any limitation of access to OUR home….”All of our charity is seen as not good enough.”

2:36:42 – 2:40:33               A Diversity Executive Calls it Quits:  NWG shares a testimonial of a man who climbed the ladder in corporate America and was compelled to teach Anti-White diversity courses to new employees.   His livelihood & standard of living depended on his performance — this is what happens every day in corporate America.

                                                Key points:   ● It can appear that so many people are against us we can’t possibly win – But often this is just an appearance… Many people are being PAID to be anti-White!   ● White people are given group responsibility & group punishment for each and every White person throughout history.  With non-Whites, this is completely flipped:  they are always just ‘individuals’, NOT held to any group responsibility

2:41:37 – 2:43:24               Tim Wise – Sick, Anti-White Clown:  Viciously anti-White monster who is pushing for our destruction.   And his own.   “Let them devour him and his family FIRST.”

2:43:46 – 2:45:18               Ethno-State of Mind:  A reasoned response to those who lost their Reputational Investment on the “White Ethno-state” meme

2:51:44 – 2:52:32               Forced Integration:  Integration doesn’t happen naturally. 

                                                Key point:   ● Jewish people have survived as a people because of thousands of years of NO assimilation

2:55:13 – 2:57:40               Anti-Whites Have a Fatal Flaw:  The implications of anti-Whitism are understood by the A/W Elites .

                                                Why or  how are the disparate groups that form the Anti-White federation, with their mutually conflicting bio-Spirits, able to unite? 

3:05:06 – 3:07:09               Be a Real Man – Go to a Barber, not a “hair stylist”!  “My father taught me almost every single one of his lessons without saying a word.”  

                                                Key points:   ● Many of our men have not been taught how to be a real man   ● Embrace the masculine; give up your ease & comfort, push yourself every day  — Be the man that only Westernkind is able to be!

3:15:44 – 3:17:07               (cont’d)   [Anti-Whites Have a Fatal Flaw:]  The mutually contradicting agendas of the Anti-Whites.

3:17:19 – 3:20:19               (cont’d)   [Anti-Whites Have a Fatal Flaw:]   The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend?   The Anti-Whites don’t have enemies – they have a VICTIM.

                                                Key points:   ● The differences of the Anti-Whites are NOT reconcilable

3:20:21 – 3:21:19               (cont’d)   [Anti-Whites Have a Fatal Flaw:]    Here is the Reason:   The reason the Anti-Whites are able to unite is because they have a common VICTIM that they name ‘OPPRESSOR’… And as self-identified ‘victims’ the A/Ws gain the right to self-defense.

3:23:05 – 3:30:14               (cont’d)   [Anti-Whites Have a Fatal Flaw:]    What does all this mean for us?  Their Unity is only an Illusion – there is no unity.  And this has earth-shaking ramifications! 

                                                Conquest Conflagration:   

  1. Some percentage of anti-Whites will begin to perceive that they have achieved victory of Westernkind and that they now RULE.  At that moment – they will turn on each other!  
  2. If we unite as a people, at that moment we can easily reclaim our destiny — “The united White race will take back what’s OURS!”
  3. If we do not unite as a people, the A/W elites will manage the ruins, on until total collapse.

3:31:29 – 3:34:03               When the Anti-White Elites Turn on Each Other:  It will be the same intensity as the gang wars of the non-Whites we see in the streets now.

                                                Key points:     ●We don’t have to wait until they turn on each other   ●The most perilous moment for the anti-Whites is US coming together again as a people just as they reach the culmination of their victory/power grab   ●We don’t need the entirety of our race to reclaim out Destiny – just those who will make it through the ‘bottleneck’ 

3:39:10 – 3:34:42               NWG on ‘Context’:   When we unify as a people, the ring of power will be there for US to take back!  “The Anti-Whites will get nothing but fair treatment from us at that point…And that is the last thing they want!”

3:41:23 – 3:43:54               NWG Mini-Rant:  “Our Victory has been written in the Stars!”

                                                Key points:     ●It’s not about ‘chance’ – this is game theory.  The victory is our for the taking     ●We don’t have to win over the non-Whites; we only need to overcome the Anti-Whites!

3:44:39 – 3:46:26               Teach your Brothers & Sisters; Teach your Children:   We ARE a people.  We have ALWAYS been a people.  We will always BE a PEOPLE!

3:57:35 – 3:59:02               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  “Our greatest speak through YOU!”



5:00 – 5:17           “When the anti-Whites censor me, I always retaliate by spreading the footprint on which my message reaches!” – NWG

13:00 – 18:01      Never underestimate the power of your efforts – Your testimony may have a colossal effect for White Well-being (WWB).   Samantha Fox & her highly effective legal leaflet distribution.

                                Key points:   ● Anti-White governments selectively prosecute White-positive (WP) messages as “littering”, while small businesses, etc., blanket the area with flyers and are never prosecuted   ● Check local & state ordinances carefully before you leaflet or sticker (and remember:  plausible deniability!)

24:16 – 25:37      Sharing the Curative Contagion (CC):  Many heartwarming messages received from those who are Going Free (GF) and helping their family & friends Go Free!

                                Key points:   ● Spreading something so unique & original is Revolutionary – Very few people “get it” at first; there will be many ‘naysayers’    ● After GF achieves a certain level of success EVERYONE will finally jump on, as if it was the obvious path all along

26:10 – 26:17      “As long as I have breath in me & vocal chords over which to pass that breath, I won’t be stopping!” – NWG

26:48 – 29:25      WINNING:  Summoning the energy for WWB – As the anti-Whites come after you, come to censor, silence & destroy our work; look at it as a CHALLENGE! 

                                Key point:   ● To win, you must think: “I’m going to win” – not, “I don’t want to lose!”

34:45 – 39:37      Censorship in the aftermath of the recent shootings :  NWG had already been banned in Europe; transmission is illegal.   GF is a movement of redemption – it has the power to free you; and that is what the anti-Whites fear most! 

                                Key points:   ● Content creators advocating violence are still permitted to operate – This should be all the evidence you need to stay away from anyone advocating violence   ● Anti-Whites are paying close attention to them — and close attention to YOU if you are in their audience   ● The ‘Hal Turner’ case & his FBI handlers

40:00 – 46:01      (cont’d)   [Censorship after Shootings]  –    YouTube “Strikes” for sharing links; “spam, scams, or other deceptive practices…”  for simply sharing LINKS of other content creators

                                Key points   ● Censorship of the GF message of love & redemption reveals the true agenda of the Anti-Whites – inflicting harm on WWB and on our CHILDREN    ● Support the White People’s Quarterly  

46:13 – 50:13      (cont’d)   [Censorship after Shootings]  –    YouTube “Strikes”:   No uploading videos or live-streaming “for 7 days…”  No resolution possible for those who are not “YouTube Partners”??

                                Key point:   ● Get behind our WP content creators – Add your voice to the protest!

52:19 – 52:48      What a telling situation; that we have to be so careful about protecting our identities – even our nicknames – from the Anti-Whites, for fear of character assassination & social lynching

                                Key point:   ● This situation reveals who is really in power – and it is NOT those who are White Positive!

52:50 – 56:06      In response to censorship, NWG is now on 7 new platforms – and will reach even more people

Key point:  ● We will defend what is ours, but REJECT the idea that any good will come from violence    ● New study shows “24 million Americans” share alt-right views – People are looking for the message; they need to be able to find the messenger   

59:54 – 1:12:58    Taylor-Garza Study:   Tens of millions of Americans Share ‘Alt-Right’ Attitudes The number is probably more like 50 – 75 million!!

Key points:   ● A quarter of all Whites say that what happens to other White people in this country affects them “a lot”   ● The Bradley Effect:  Most people will hide what are considered “racist” views from surveyors & officialdom even when assured of anonymity – therefore, the actual number is MUCH HIGHER    ● This also illustrates the real terrorism going on in our nation – the fear of being uncovered as a Heretic – being socially lynched by an Anti-White tribunal for not being Anti-White ENOUGH

1:18:39 – 1:20:12   (cont’d)   [Taylor-Garza Study]  Great news in a week of Anti-White views:  More & more people are        
                             maturing socio-politically & coming to WWB.  Going Free is the path that leads to WWB.

1:20:14 – 1:21:37               Warning for Content Producers – Get your money out of payment processing accounts NOW

1:21:53 – 1:22:50               On Money & the Redistribution of Resources – The thought processes of Anti-Whites

Key points:   ● Are Anti-Whites stupid?  They have no understanding of how economies and civilizations work    ● WE BUILT THIS – We did not steal it from non-Whites!

1:23:37 – 1:26:57               (cont’d)   [Advice to Content Creators]   “Never build or trust in a Redoubt” – We need to be “everywhere and nowhere”….

                                                Key point:   ● The Anti-Whites have too much wealth & power for us to build a redoubt against – We must think “other-dimensionally”

1:27:40 – 1:29:43               “Enemies” versus “Victimizers”:  The word “enemy” implies the parties have equal ability to inflict injury – We have ZERO ability to inflict injury on our antagonizers

                                                Key points:   ● We DO have a path to victory; it is subtle & brilliant & involves investing our reputations in the right processes to reach our objectives

1:37:15 – 1:38:40               Epstein Found Deceased – YouTube censoring “conspiracy theories” about the subject

1:42:58 – 1:46:30               NWG mini-rant: “It is an act of DEFIANCE every time we put one foot in front of the other”

Key points:    ● Impoverishing us & silencing us is to prevent us from speaking the TRUTH – and an admission of inflicting harm on us & especially on our children   ● The point of inflicting this harm on WWB has never been about anything but being anti-White  

1:47:27 – 1:51:35               The anti-Whites have constructed an edifice of anti-Whitism that is motivated by JEALOUSY and  a hatred of Westernkind – This is not some kind of ‘master plan’:    “You don’t need anything more than the template of anti-Whitism, through the context in which that template is applied, to achieve White Erasure.”

                                                Key points:    ● The anti-Whites are not sitting around in a giant boardroom plotting; they simply do ALL things to inflict harm on us:  kneeling, tearing down our statues, re-writing our history

1:52:22 – 1:58:04               Epstein – Anyone surprised he was found dead?   Don’t go down a conspiracy rabbit hole:  You’ll just look & sound crazy!  CAUTION against spreading speculative, wild theories

Key points:    ● A very powerful person can only be taken out by very powerful people; the details are irrelevant   ● What IS important – YOUR REPUTATION; which will be colored by the kind of information you spread around.  Once information you spread is discredited, YOU are discredited in your circles of influence

1:58:20 – 1:59:40               (cont’d)  [Epstein]  Your Reputational Investment – Don’t talk about things that will make you seem less credible to your audiences; because if they think you are a ‘kook’, they will not listen when you have something IMPORTANT to say!

Key points:    ● Discussing ‘conspiracy theories’ does NOTHING for WWB!   ● Understand the jungle; the way the world works (re Epstein):  “No one yields that level of power to anything but FORCE.”

2:00:05 – 2:03:13               NWG Mini-Rant:  Drag Queens –  In the UK, a man dressed as a woman was at a library reading to children — and showing them sexualized ‘dance’ moves…”twerking”.  WITH the approval of the anti-White Regime.

Key points:    ● How did we get here??  What comes NEXT??   ● Started with this ‘community’ demanding that they be ‘tolerated’… and then that they have their own ‘space’… What’s next??

2:03:20 – 2:05:22               More Good News:  Increasingly, anti-White (A/W) Whites are being forced into the background in all non-White anti-White activities – They don’t want White people being seen out front….. Get to the back of the bus, Whitey!

Key points:    ● The A/W Whites are doing this for the reward – for the virtue signal    ● We don’t need to win over A/W Whites – We just need them to be INACTIVE

2:09:38 – 2:14:46               Bankruptcies for White People are Skyrocketing – Why this is fantastic news:  White families will start looking for an ALTERNATIVE as the system no longer works for them.  Anti-White elites can manipulate perception – perception is ‘reality’ to most, not actual reality.  WE have to convey the reality of how bad things actually ARE…It’s ALREADY bad enough!

Key points:    ● ‘Worse’ is better only when there is a real alternative – WE need to be that alternative   ● The anti-Whites are not going to allow America to go easily

2:15:16 – 2:15:56               Boycotts – We don’t yet have the ability to focus a boycott of A/W corporations effectively

2:15:59 – 2:17:27               Trump Betrayal – A Prediction:  If things begin to slip, and it looks like he won’t win re-election, he will do a 180-degree reversal, and turn on the true conservatives/Patriot of this country; and put the blame on THEM.

                                                Key point:    ● Judging by the direction he has been going, he will probably take on as many anti-White policies as he can leading up to the final hours in the election cycle

2:18:50 – 2:19:50               (cont’d)  Trump Betrayal – Shift in rhetoric; recently blamed his crowd of rally supporters for the “send her back” chant… after HE had primed them for it by his words & deeds

2:19:52 – 2:23:17               NWG Epic Rant:  Anti-White Non-White Fencer, “Race” – Olympic level fencer displays anti-White behavior … kneels during the National Anthem… to show DISRESPECT & to INFLICT HARM on Westernkind and Western civilization.  We are told the moral thing to do is to live without a people, and to celebrate the non-Whites for living life as members of a TRIBE.

                                                Key points:    ● That’s WHY THEY KNEEL – This is not a mere ‘protest’, or their right to ‘free speech’  ● This is NOT a matter of respecting their right to their own opinion – “Don’t have empathy for people who don’t have empathy for you!!   ● The primary motivation is ENVY; which informs their identity of anti-Whitism    ● Kneeling is a type of virtue-signaling for the anti-Whites  

                                                The heart of the matter is:  Standing for the flag is not about standing for the corporate, Anti-White American Regime; WE stand for the flag because we are respecting the bravery & the sacrifice of all our ancestors – It is about respect for our ancestors & what they built for US with their blood, sweat, tears & paid for with their lives!

2:33:30 – 2:34:15               NWG Mini-Rant:  Good times make weak men –  We are in a phase of ‘hard times making strong men’.  “As long as we live, the anti-Whites will have an adversary… As long as we live, there will be a shield-wall in defense of our people, of our children…As long as we live, there will be a defense against the victimizers of our people”!

2:34:53 – 2:42:32               Reputational Investment – The investment you make in the thought leaders & content creators you follow has massive ramifications for you… Your reputation is of infinite value – you must guard it with your LIFE!

                                                Key points:    ● What is Reputational Investment?  — It is when White-positive people repeat what a thought leader in the WP sphere says, to their own circles of influence   ● YOUR reputation is on the line when you repeat to friends & family what a thought leader says; you are giving it your stamp of approval, endorsing it 

2:44:03 – 2:52:18               (breaks –resumes)  [Reputational InvestmentAn Immensely Important Warning:  In the WP sphere, some content creators will spread misinformation/disinformation intentionally… To get attention; to get a larger audience

                                                Key points:    ● Content creators aren’t always saying things because they really believe them –  some just want to give an edgy ‘take’   ● Don’t become a ‘GHOST’; one of those to whom no one will listen anymore about anything, because they have lost ALL credibility with their friends, family & circles of influence

2:57:55 – 3:04:52               An example of losing Reputational Investment – The ‘Yang Gang’

                                                NWG Mini-Rant:  These carnival barkers are the media equivalent of ‘yellow journalism’!

                                                Key points:    ● If you’ve burned your reputation to a heap of ashes…You’ll just have to find new friends; because now you’re a Ghost!

3:06:33 – 3:07:42               MP:   When you are accused by others of being “obsessed with “this Going Free stuff”

                                                MC:  “I am FOCUSED; and focus is a virtue when it protects the innocent!”

3:08:11 – 3:11:24               The Importance of Verisimilitude in Protecting Reputation Investment:   The appearance of being real or true…. How simple & direct is the explanation?  If an idea, meme, theory, or any explanation sounds good, but is too complicated to repeat; do not burn your reputation on it! 



2:15 – 4:24           Cutest Puppy EVER!  NWG, friend and staunch advocate of the animals, gives a brief cameo to a puppy he is getting prepared for its forever home.

4:50 – 5:51           Whites People’s Quarterly – The beautiful first edition

                                Key point:   ● Great White-positive (WP) creations in a beautiful publication that is suitable for all audiences, along with WP companies & advertisers, supports and elevates our community’s values

7:34 – 8:45           Significant & successful IRL meetings – For many people in the WP sphere, Going Free (GF) is a completely new approach that they have trouble wrapping their head around…”the question-mark face”

9:20 – 18:59        (breaks then CONT’D)  [Significant & Successful IRLs)  –  The “old” way of spreading the WP message was leaflets, newsletters, books… With the advent of the internet, a powerful new tool was introduced but the message remained the same – opinions, discussing double-standards & oppression, etc.  The problem with all the old methods is that they are only momentary; they provide no escape from the Anti-White Regime.  The NEW way to move forward is Going Free!

                                Key points:   ● Going Free is an easy set of lessons that negate the Meme Pathogens (MPs) inside of you & disrupt the anti-White precepts    ● One you learn the GF lessons, you have it for life – and you can share it in all your circles of influence.  This exponentially spreads the Curative Contagion (CC)

19:10 – 20:48      YouTube Censorship of WP content – Deleting Heretics for not being anti-White ENOUGH!  Note to YouTube:  sharing the links of other content creators is NOT spamming!

27:29– 29:25       Showing courage when the anti-Whites attack you – James Edwards (The Political Cesspool radio show) is a MODEL of courage to emulate!

                                Key points   ● If we all responded with the lion-like attitude of Mr. Edwards, the anti-Whites would have to give up character assassination as a tactic    ● It is more difficult for women accused of heresy;  women evolved throughout time to go along with the status quo, or faced almost certain death

30:10 – 30:41      Donald Trump’s anti-White press conference fiasco in the aftermath of the shootings:  A treasonous train-wreck of malfeasance

31:10 – 37:20      (breaks then CONT’D)   [Donald Trump Treason]  –  Was Trump Ever Legit??    NWG on the predictability of the way the anti-Whites would react to the rise of Trump

                                Key points   ● Trump should have put a stop to the obstruction of his policies on day one via a National Emergency – IF he had been serious about carrying out his stated agenda & campaign promises   ● Trump immediately capitulated when he got into office, and MAGApedes continuously make excuses for him – 5D Chess, anyone?    ● “He’s really with us; he just has to play the game”  — His press conference shows he actually holds the OPPOSITE position of what he ran on!    ● “There is no law in Western civilization when the law is not applied uniformly to EVERYONE – Anti-Whites walk / White Positives thrown in prison  

38:05 – 42:08      NWG EPIC TAKEDOWN OF TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF TRUMP PRESS CONFERENCE:   While Trump was talking about the “evil White race”, how many anti-White non-Whites raped, murdered, beat, maimed, brutalized or in some other way victimized a White??

                                Key points   ● Trump LIED to the American people who elected him & is siding with the anti-Whites – and he is still not anti-White ENOUGH for them!    ● Good people are being misled by this Circus Clown who is more loyal to Israel than to the people who ELECTED him

42:11 – 45:06      Trump’s Circus Act:  

  1. He used the language of the Anti-Whites – This legitimizes anti-Whitism!  He used the terms “racism, bigotry, White Supremacist”… And, “HATE” – which he only applied to WHITE people

45:55 – 1:01:20       (breaks then CONT’D)   [Trump’s Circus Act]  –  “No politician can name the White”…..Still undecided about Trump?   The first President of Israel has severed all ties with you!

Meme Curative (MC):   Every single crime committed by non-Whites against White people is a HATE CRIME

  • Trump didn’t give a condemnation of “HATE” in general during the speech – He gave a condemnation of OUR PEOPLE specifically.
  •  “Cultural change is hard” —- SO DEAL WITH IT – Advises the President who was elected to PREVENT cultural change!!  What about OUR inheritance ??!
  • Instead of battling social media tryants, Trump said he will ALIGN with them!  

Key points   ● Trump’s recent social media summit was a king-making exercise to which no one  in the truly White Positive movement was invited – none of our people were there   ● Trump says the internet is a DANGEROUS avenue to radicalization which will not be ignored by his Adminstration    ● Trump is advising the Department of Justice to develop tools to “detect” mass shooters before they strike  

1:02:00 – 1:08:09   (breaks then CONT’D)   [Trump’s Circus Act] 

  • Most frightening part:  Donald Trump has instructed the DOJ to create legislation that will enable                                               the implementation of PRE-CRIME LAWS
  • Develop mental health legislation to allow INVOLUNTARY CONFINEMENT – Trump conflated caring about WWB to mental illness and “HATRED”… “Mental illness pulled the trigger”… Trump proposes locking up heretics for not being anti-White ENOUGH
  • Red Flag Laws – Trump calling for “rapid due process” to take away our right to self defense.  The point here is not ‘gun control’ – the point is self-defense.   A gun is a TOOL that allows you to exercise your RIGHT to self defense

 1:09:59 – 1:15:35      Red Flag Laws – Isn’t this what Hillary Clinton would have done if elected??  Mass murderers and those committing “HATE crimes” will be “SWIFTLY EXECUTED”

Key points   ● Break in our traditional right to privacy:  confiscate weapons, deny the right to purchase firearms, and involuntary confinement for heresy   

1:15:44 – 1:22:12               The Victimized become Shooters, and only then are they Monsters – Young men (or women) who become “Monsters” were victims of the anti-Whites – BLUDGEONED by anti-White MPs constantly; a lifetime of self-hate, GUILT, and White Noir

                                                Key points   ● These young men ‘snapped’  — Lay the blame at the feet of DONALD TRUMP

1:22:25 – 1:28:02               What Happens Next?  — “We are living in the jungle; not the nursery”

Some of our people, who are not yet Going Free, will feel MORE White guilt & will fall deeper into White Noir.

Seeing the Light – The good that can come from this tragedy:  The “blind sight”, the good instincts, of many of our people will kick-in as they see how the Regime has handled this crisis

Key points   ● Our entire community is being blamed for the acts of one or two individuals; this will cause the scales to fall from the eyes of those who have been blindly unaware     ● The cynicism of those of us who are Going Free will harden like a stone; and there will be NO going back for us    ● Trump will inevitably be throwing us another bone – But we KNOW it’s over for the Regime

1:31:07 – 1:34:52               Gardening with No White Guilt – From censorship to being executed for PRE-CRIME! 

Key points   ● You cannot have ‘pre-crime’ without first broaching the subject  
● The introduction of the concept is to test for resistance to it – how much push back will there be?    ● This is about the right to SELF DEFENSE    ● Remember:  It is TRUMP doing this – not the Democrats

1:35:38 – 1:39:08               Using the Trump Betrayal to Reach out to Others for White Well-Being – Using the socio-political energy to reap as much as we can in the WP sphere…… “It’s like investing; you can make money on the way up & on the way down”

Key point   ● Use the Trump phenomenon that arose in the last presidential election to a completely different end – do it in the reverse!

1:39:52 – 1:43:00               Consistency in using & spreading the lexicon of Going Free – We are going with what WORKS!

1:56:51 – 1:59:26               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:    The one positive that will come from the shootings is the way in which the Regime has revealed itself as anti-White…. The way Trump handled this will open the eyes of many.  “If it is immoral to fight for and to serve White well-being, then is moral to DESTROY us!

                                                We are not alone – WE STAND TOGETHER!



13:46 – 17:28      This is a DIFFERENT kind of White Positive Movement! – “What we are creating here is hard for people to wrap their heads around!”

                                Key points:   ● This is a new model … a set of words & arguments that can be spread from person to person – A Curative Contagion (CC)  ● In Going Free we REJECT the language of the Anti-White Regime….
”You can’t win using the words and language of the Anti-Whites; they are crafted for you to LOSE!”

17:44 – 19:53      Sharing the New Ideas:  “Selling” & human relationships – In human relationships, winning is not about who is right; it’s about who is willing to be the most “bullheaded”,  the most willing to push & push until they get what they want…Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

20:51 – 24:40      What should be our ethnic name?  What do we call ourselves? – We are “Westmen” or “Westernkind”  (Westmen as individuals; and as a whole, Westernkind).

                                Key points:   ● We need to be a ‘global people’ who celebrate our differences   ● This is a new kind of ‘globalism’ – Individualism will defeat us!

26:10 – 29:05      How to Live a TRULY Meaningful Life – A Life Worth Living!  “Let your spirit shine as bright as the sun!”

                                Key point:   ● We are living in a world of decay – don’t live like a jellyfish absorbing it all!

34:38 – 40:59      NWG on talking to others in the cause for White Well-Being (WWB) about the uniqueness of our Going Free (GF) community – The individual testimony of “G” arrives at a key moment; and the  meaningfulness & power GF has given him in his life.

                                Key point:   ● We are all on the way to being the best we can be!

43:20 – 44:00      The Desire & Passion of NWG in Communicating the GF Message – “If I can communicate it to you so that the CC can spread & spread, I will have fulfilled my destiny.”

45:34 – 47:26      NWG Mini-Rant:  This work of GF must get done to give our people hope; to bring them love and truth – to give them something to LIVE for.

                                Key point:   ● The vacuity we see in the shooters’ eyes is their soul STOLEN from them by the Anti-Whites – There is nothing left in their eyes; no life there.

52:10 – 53:57      Those who turn into violent, broken people are FIRST victimized by the Anti-Whites —  It starts with the child abuse inflicted on our young White children by the Anti-White Regime.  The A/W message is: “YOU are EVIL, because YOUR PEOPLE ARE EVIL”

54:05 – 1:05:45    (breaks then resumes)  ….[Anti-White Child Abuse Leads to Shooters]  – Violence being pushed as a solution to our young men; Suicide is the ultimate White flight

                                Key points:   ● The Anti-White child abuse that starts in schools, carries over into the University & the workplace – It is not only legal to discriminate against Whites; it is considered the highest moral thing to do!     ● Message about those pushing the idea that we must act now; violently if necessary – They are selling you your own destruction!  “It’s not ‘almost over’, ladies and gentlemen; it’s been OVER for one hundred years!”

1:07:23 – 1:07:58               NWG INSPIRED RANT:  We will succeed because of the spirit of ALL of our endeavors – “Wrapping our world in a “great White ring”!

1:19:18 – 1:20:52               How We Endure – “You endure because you have something to fight for; you have something to LIVE for; you have something to DIE for!”

Key point:   ● You couldn’t be ANYTHING else but the Bio-Spirit of Westernkind – Our Bio-Spirit is the ‘God’ we bend a knee to!

1:21:02 – 1:23:36               What Gets Us to Tomorrow – Many people in the WP movement read the news; give edgy takes; philosophize & speculate.…ALL this is a WASTE of time UNLESS they bring it home to WWB – we MUST recapture our destiny!  

Key point:   ● “Know them by their fruits” – Judge others in the movement by what are their latest deeds for WWB

1:24:32 – 1:28:26               NWG INSPIRED RANT:  “No cage for the White race — We are the people that will never be caged!”  

Key points:   ● We have lost so much of the value & potential of our people; to wars, to degeneracy   ● GF reaches down into your heart; and lifts you off your knees

1:30:49 – 1:35:43               The Shootings:  Our beliefs are parroted by those broken & lost, violent actors, which makes it harder to spread the CC of WWB among ‘normies’ & ‘vagues’

                                                Key points:   ● Because we are such a noble & empathetic people; we are very long-suffering 
● Mentally unstable – and stable people – sometimes ‘snap’ under the pressure of the anti-White Regime   ● If this were any other race of people being victimized as we are – there would be 5 of these shootings per day!   ● Suicide is the ultimate White flight

1:35:49 – 1:38:25               Remember the Ultimate Fuel —  Anger paired with Love for your People!

                                                Key point:   ● Recommended sources for great takes on the news from WP sources….Poseidon, Henrik & Lana at Red Ice, James Edwards at The Political Cesspool

1:39:04 – 1:42:40               NWG’s IRL Meeting – The GF Community is becoming a center of gravity that no one can deny:  “We are fighting to change the context!”

                                                Key point:   ● The proof of the concepts & evidence of GF success is visible  ● More & more people are coming in to WWB with different & varied talents

1:43:50 – 2:00:10               The Shootings – Causes:              

  1. Censorship:  People without a voice can’t speak out; and find whose who speak for them SILENCED…”The blood of the victims is on the hands of the CENSORS”
  2. Character Assassination:   The lives of those who are heretics to Anti-Whitism are routinely destroyed… and the purpose of this is to intimidate ALL of us into silence
  3. Donald Trump:   He was put into office by WHITES – by Westernkind – to save us from the ongoing Anti-White & non-White transformation.  And he has done NOTHING!

2:00:57 – 2:05:06               NWG LRYICAL RANT:   “Someone, somewhere, is suffering right now…thinking there is no hope
for our people”.   Message to the Anti-Whites on the evil they have put forth to silence us.

2:06:07 – 2:13:24               (cont’d)   [Shootings]  – Violence is endemic in a multi-racial society – The wasted genius & energy of our people.

                                                Key points:   ● We REJECT violence – It hurts WWB    ● Our hope is not in politics – it is in Going Free!

2:15:45 – 2:20:36               NWG Closing Inspired Rant:    It is easy to get down…The sick people who carry out acts of violence were victims until the moment they became killers.  WE did not do this to them – these were the desperate acts of persecuted souls, drive to violence after being mercilessly White-guilted.   …”Do I have to be White all my life??”

                                                Key points:   ● Senseless, idiotic violence does not sound “senseless” to desperate people with nothing left to live for   ● People who are on the brink can be pushed by Govt. assets & fall into the Anti-White trap   ● This Empire will not fall easily – A lone gunman will ALWAYS LOSE



2:18 – 4:29           NWG (Jason) Gives Words of Thank to Supporters – “We are culling the talents of the best people in the White positive sphere.”

                                Key points:   ● The ‘honor roll’ of all contributors acknowledged in streams  ● The talents of many fine people are being utilized in the cause of White well-being

4:31 – 5:22           Today’s Topic – NWG will be talking about the child abuse that is being inflicted on our White children by the ant-White Regime we are living in.  “It is long since time to put our collective foots down and not allow this child abuse to continue – “It is impossible to hate one’s past, and one’s people, without hating one’s self!

                                Key points:   ● WE are on the moral high ground here  ● We will NOT teach our young White children to hate their past   ● We WILL teach our children about their heritage & to celebrate who & what they are

9:04 – 11:10        Spreading the Message of White Well-Being – “We are in a war of ideas; a war of words.”

                                Key points:   ● There is no need to ‘hide’ these ideas for fear they will ‘frighten’ people – this is something different   ● We URGENTLY need to recapture our destiny – Going Free (GF)rapidly spreads the Curative Contagion (CC)    ● As you help others heal and GF, you simultaneously heal YOURSELF

11:50 – 17:11      Reject Anti-White Conclusions – Western civilizations are no longer societies of ‘haves’ & ‘have not’s’. We are now in a country of societal imbalance: ‘producers’ & ‘parasites’ – ‘workers’ & ‘voters’.

Key points:   ● This illustrates an obvious conflict of interests    ● This imbalance is being pushed by the anti-Whites’ desire to inflict harm on Western kind   

22:04 – 30:10      The Fad of Adopting Non-White Children:  The TRAGEDY that results – “It is NOT our duty to save non-White peoples from their own decisions in life!”

                                Key points:   ● Our duty is to our own kind    ● How many White people adopted non-Whites while needy White children suffered horrific childhoods of abuse & the resulting ruined adult lives?  
● Media portrays non-White child adoption as a noble & enriching thing – for Whites 
● Putting aside your own to care for others is a sickness; it is a symptom of White Noir
● The Colin Kaepernick effect:  we see ZERO evidence of gratitude from non-White children

30:59 – 33:38      NWG expresses deep & abiding gratitude for monthly financial support and to those who donate in super-chats & other ways

                                Key points:   ● Knows personally what is like to have nothing financially   ● ALL contributions are going towards work that is something new & truly revolutionary – a vehicle by which to recapture our destiny

35:52 – 36:36      (cont’d)  [Creating Something Truly Special]   Learning from past failures to create something that will truly make a difference for our people

                                Key point:   ● This is something the anti-Whites will not be able to destroy!

38:46 – 39:43      Materialism has been foisted onto our people as a way to fill the holes in their lives & souls

                                Key points:   ● Our identity has been stripped from us & this leaves a gaping hole  ● Materialism is provided as the ‘answer’ to the emptiness & leaves our lives devoid of meaning

40:35 – 43:08      We do NOT run from the Fight –  Honor what the generations before us gave us!
“Our individual safety is achievable only through the well-being of our people

                                Key points:   ● There has been too much White-flight – it is time to fight for what is OURS  ● Reposition yourself to ‘higher ground’ if you must for personal safety    ● “Cravens” are those who selfishly  hoard their money & supplies and hide away in a bunker instead of joining the fight of our community   ● WE will be the ones who survive to pass our genes on

44:38 – 47:13      “No more upholding of universal ideals that harm our people.  NO MORE sacrificing the body & flesh of our people on the altar of our ideals!”  We need to be sophisticated enough as a community to take a couple of different positions on every single issue to serve WWB.

                                Key points:   ● Our bio-Spirits seek ‘objective truths’ to apply universally outside ourselves – this is unique to OUR people   ● We must enshrine a new Virtue:  If it serves WWB it is good; if it harms WWB it is evil

56:00 – 1:02:30  Tommy Robinson – “We are only as good as our most recent deed for While well-being.”  Praise for Tommy when he is putting himself on the line to defend our people from anti-White non-Whites – Cursing Tommy when he does harm to WWB

                                Key points:   ● You cannot serve two masters, as Tommy attempts to do with a pro-Israel Civ-Nat position   ● This criticism  is not about Tommy’s supporters

1:02:32 – 1:07:33     The biggest criticism of Tommy R – His INDEFENSIBLE position on Charlottesville:   Tommy Robinson said if he had been in Charlottesville that day (in 2017), he “would have fought against the Nazis”.  Meaning our people — US! 

                                Key points:   ● Our people were in Charlottesville protesting against White ERASURE   ● What happened that day was a HUSH CRIME – The city of Charlottesville conspired to create a riot by ordering their police to stand down   ● This has all been PROVEN in an independent study called the Heaphy Report  
● Describing blue-collar people such as Tommy as of lesser intelligence is an anti-White SLUR

1:07:40 – 1:11:57    (cont’d)  [Tommy Robinson]  – Tommy R interview with Sargon of Akkad attacks & slurs Mark Collett
“When you repeat anti-White slurs, you uphold the doctrine of anti-Whitism.”

                                Key point:   ● Tommy brags about calling out White Positive people in his Civ-Nat group & physically assaulting them   ● Civ-Nats are socio-politically immature & DESTROY nations

1:15:56 – 1:20:53     (cont’d)  [Tommy R . Atttack on Mark Collett Video]  Civ-Nats are infected with the Anti-White WWII Religion –  1) Nazis = Absolute EVIL   2) And THEY cared about White people ! 

                                Key point:    ● Adherence to the anti-White WWII religion is used an a tool across all entities in the West to inflict harm on Whites & to PREVENT organizing and caring for WWB   ● There is NO such thing as multi-racial Nationalism  

1:21:00 – 1:26:51               (cont’d)  [Civ-Nats & the anti-White WWII Religion] – “At least we’re not speaking German!” …  We are all infected to some extent with the anti-White WWII Religion

                                                Key points:   ● Don’t fall for the idea that to stand up for our people is to be a NAZI – this is why young people in our movement try to remake the image of the WWII German National Socialists into something they can stand up for   ● For the average White, the image of “Nazis” cannot be reformed    ● Overcoming the WWII religion is not about rehashing historical fact – It is about MOVING FORWARD

1:26:52 – 1:30:47               (cont’d)  [Civ-Nats Attack on Mark Collett] – The way forward :  Civ-Nats are a threat to our survival

                                                Key points:   ● You will NOT save a nation with multi-racial Nationalism   ● This does NOT mean destroying other races – We seek a return to TRUE ‘freedom of association’    ● It is a coward’s choice to adopt anti-White principles as a means by which to defend our nations & our people

1:31:44 – 1:35:04               (resume)  [Sargon of Akkad interviews Tommy R / Attack on Mark Collett] – “Gatekeepers”
T.R. News & Civ-Nats:  This model , which has been rejected by Mark Collett, is bleeding members to the White-positive sphere

                                                Key points:   ● To continue to put White people in a box of “evil” for caring about our people is an anti-White move   ● Reject the artificial WWII/Nazi template – You don’t have to redeem/reform the Nazis to stand up for White well-being!  

1:35:18 – 1:36:35               (cont’d)  [Civ-Nats] – Civic Nationalists must mature socio-politically to Go Free

                                                Key point:   ● Demographics are destiny – There is no denying this reality

1:36:42 – 1:38:18               (interjection) – [Tommy R/Sargon video]  NWG mini-rant: “Tommy was punching a Nazi before it was cool”   Whites who talk like this  …..joking about sucker-punching “Nazis”….  DO NOT care about White well-being

1:40:10 – 1:43:29               (resumes)   [Civ-Nats]  –  We still honor the sacrifices of patriots and veterans of wars who thought they were fighting for our people:  They did not die in vain if we can save Western kind

Key point:   ● Coming to WWB for Patriots & Civ-Nats is more transformative than is it for an anti-White who comes to WWB…”It is like a child who still believes in Santa Claus coming to see the light”

1:43:53 – 1:49:52               (cont’d)   [Tommy R]  –  Tommy R welcomes “everybody” into his big Civ-Nat tent.  EVERYONE is                                                      also welcome in WWB, but no preferential treatment is given

Key points:   ● Non-Whites never organize to help suffering Whites  ● Litmus test:  Non-Whites, if they are TRULY your friend, will follow you over to White well-being

1:57:35 – 2:01:34             (resumes)  [Tommy R]  –  Unethical attacks were made on Mark Collett using material from Mark’s distant past; a mischaracterization of his current positions.

                                              Key point:   ● Tommy slandered ALL of us in the WP movement with anti-White SLURS

2:01:52 – 2:03:04             The Destruction Wrought to Western Civilization by Civ-Nats – Civ-Nats think ideas are more important than the people that have them. 

                                              Key point:   ● Those who can never stand up for White people & Western kind have caused us to lose our cities, our universities, and control of our governmental institutions

2:07:10 – 2:10:16             Our History has been ‘Bowdlerized’… Our so-called ‘History’ books have been written and edited by the anti-Whites – This WILL be changed when we regain control of our destiny

                                                Key point:   ● We have been severely misled; Our real enemy is our anti-White Victimizers

2:13:32 – 2:16:03               President Trump’s social media summit – “The Civ-Nats are like a skipping record”… Our people become disillusioned & give up.  THAT is the purpose of Civic Nationalism

Key point:   ● The real purpose of the summit was ‘king-making’ – That is the reason none in the WP movement were included

2:22:50 – 2:27:17               A Philosophical look at Capitalism – Capitalism in its current form is detrimental to our People

Key points:   ● Every economic matrix can be used to inflict harm on our people depending upon who is controlling   ● We are cyclical creatures and we will develop cyclical systems & governments that will serve us at all times

2:27:34 – 2:28:18               “In a world where the ultimate power is cash; he who prints the money is most powerful – you know them by their fruits”

Key points:   ● Control of the economy is not a ‘conspiracy theory’   ● We must be as intelligent, cunning, and crafty as a people as are our Victimizers

2:29:27 – 2:31:41               Anti-Whites endeavor to destroy people by casting doubt upon them with smear tactics:  “Are you still beating your wife”

                                                Key point:   ● Undermining the work of WWB is an attempt to divide us

2:32:01 – 2:33:51               A Dramatic Turning Point – Anti-Whites attempting to cast aspersion on the GF Stream:  “why not just answer the accusations?”  NWG Answers:   “Because it’s the question of an anti-White!”

                                                Key points:   ● Questions of doubt are used to create suspicion & disunity among our community ● People are getting involved in many ways, using their time & talents, in the work of Going Free & THAT is the proof of our work! 

2:34:34 – 2:36:23               (cont’d)   [Anti-Whites casting doubts & aspersion]  –   A Confident Response from our Community & A Great Learning Opportunity:  “Don’t fall for the saboteurs; our confidence will NOT be shaken!”

                                                Key point:   ● One of the main tactics of the Anti-Whites is undermine our financial support

2:37:38 – 2:39:51               (cont’d)  [Anti-Whites casting aspersions on the work of Going Free]   NWG mini-rant – We will not have Gresham’s Law in the chat .. ‘Bad money chases away good’ & bad conversation chases away GOOD

                                                Key point:   ● NWG’s history of service in the cause of White well-being

2:44:19 – 2:45:29               NWG Inspired Rant:  Your talent & time can be used for the work of White Well-Being  –  “We are the butterfly forming inside the cocoon… Something new and original that the anti-Whites have NO chance against!” 

2:47:07 – 2:48:12               (resumes)  [NWG inspired rant]   A Turning Point in our Story  –  Very Important Message:  Avoid the tactics the anti-Whites use to destroy our unity.   ”We demonstrated something Herculean to the anti-Whites tonight!”

2:51:10 – 2:52:10               When the anti-Whites Challenge the Existence of White People:  “What is your definition of White people?”  ANSWER WITH:  1)  What is YOUR definition?  We’ll use THAT   2) The Group that it is legal (and moral) to discriminate against —  THAT is who is White

Key points:   ● Anti-Whites use this question to assert that we have no claim to existence   
 ● Force the conversation onto your field; ‘re-fielding’ the argument into an area where the anti-White is forced to define White people by way of the VICTIMIZATION of White people

3:09:00 – 3:11:45               NWG gives sincere gratitude for the turning point tonight in our community

                                                Key points:   ● The GF community expresses sincerity, love, passion & truth – We are with the cause of WWB  ● We all want the fulfillment of the full potential of our young people – especially our young White men

3:12:13 – 3:12:42               Another Anti-White Hit Piece —  Compares NWG to Revilo P Oliver & Dr. William Luther Pierce

3:13:09 – 3:15:30               [break]  Appreciation of those who work & struggle and still contribute to the work of GF – “The little you can give has more meaning than a million dollars from a billionaire…. Even if you have nothing to give but a kind word and a thank you.”

3:15:43 – 3:26:15               (resumes)  [Another anti-White Hit Piece – Revilo P Oliver & Dr. Pierce]  –  What they, the anti-Whties, attempt to do with character assassinations

                                                Key points:   ● Anti-Whites conflate NWG with everything ever said by Oliver & Dr. Pierce    
● The purpose of this conflation is to divide & conquer   ● ALL heroes have stains; there is nothing to gain by rejecting anyone in the White-positive sphere   ● What we ARE is for White Well-being; reject slurs that attempt to define White-positive people as being the sum of everything about everyone else in the White-positive sphere

3:26:25 – 3:28:52               (cont’d)  [What anti-Whites do with character assassinations]   –  The Conflation Trick:  an attempt to equate a person to the totality of the worst ideas of the worst people

                                                Key points:   ● Be ready to respond in kind with character assassination:  “You cannot be better than your victimizer when it comes to defending yourself against them!”

3:29:27 – 3:30:13               NWG Inspired:  “THIS is a moment for US – We are the good guys!”  We will create out own story; our own book; our own Narrative

3:31:40 – 3:32:06               (resumes)  [NWG Inspired  –  This is a Heroic Night]  Our community united tonight & rejected the Anti-Whites attempt to divide our community

3:35:24 – 3:40:00               IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  The U.S. Govt. has redefined what it means to be a ‘White Supremacist Organization’ or a ‘White Supremacist Terrorist’ – The term now includes Mestizos who fight for La Raza & Reconquista

                                                Key points:   ● Hispanics/Mestizos have long been classified as “White” for crime stats; greatly reducing their representation by inflating the White numbers – thus, studies & stats are BOGUS
● The Narrative is now that our WORDS lead to violence – They will be prosecuting US.

3:40:26 – 3:41:03               European listeners & the need for VPNs – European governments are blocking content of NWG and others in the White-positive movement.  VPNs & secret browsers are becoming a necessity to access content.

3:41:49 – 3:45:02               (cont’d)  [VPNs ]  –  Virtual Private Networks allow private access to ‘blocked’ websites by allowing you to use a server in a country that does NOT block the White-positive sites

                                                Key point:   ● You will soon need a VPN to access any material that is not anti-White, due to the increase of ‘hate speech’ laws and ‘thought crimes’

3:45:05 – 3:55:50               Tyler Wingate – The “Hush Crime” that took place in Detroit….A fender-bender that lead to the savage beating & murder of a young White man by a non-White.  This was clearly a ‘hate crime’ motivated by HATRED of Western kind.

                                                Key points:   ● Hush crimes contradict the anti-White Narrative & are buried – If a crime upholds the anti-White Narrative, it is reported 24/7; it is written in the sky     ● Tyler Wingate may have been an anti-White BLM (Black Lives Matter) member – We must view this individual “both” ways & use it to fuel our anger for WWB    ● If Wingate was an anti-White, we take the view that the only justice there is in the infliction of  harm on Whites is that an anti-White, White be the victim rather than a White-positive White  ● In either view, we use our anger as FUEL to fight for White Well-being

3:56:00 – 3:58:32               The Connection of the Tyler Wingate Story to the anti-White child abuse Tweet – If Wingate was an anti-White, it is because he was infected with the disease of anti-Whitism as a child.

                                                Key point:   ● Wingate would not be dead if he had not been infected with the MP’s that made him shun his own culture & embrace that of the non-Whites, putting himself in harm’s way

4:00:10 – 4:00:35               We are open to ALL who believe in the cause of White well-being

Key point:   ● Many anti-White, Whites have been brainwashed – Many of them are just sick; not evil.

4:02:50 – 4:11:06               NWG Epic RantChild Abuse of White Children illustrated in the Tweet of an anti-White Black Woman.  The anti-White child abuse that is inflicted on our young, innocent children is the worst kind of TORTURE – and simply would not be tolerated in any other people!

                                                Key points:   ● A little girl asking “am I always going to be White”, and then breaking down in a tantrum of despair, is really asking “am I always going to be GUILTY??”   ● Our children are being taught to hate themselves – and so they cannot help but hate our people & our culture

4:11:19 – 4:14:12               NWG Inspired Epic Sign-off:   Tonight was a Glorious Night – A Historic Night
”We have come together like never before!”



2:22 – 2:45           Too much equality at YouTube!  Jason /No White Guilt (NWG) opens with the sabotage and
censorship  — or it is incompetence – at YouTube.   The perils of too much Diversity:

                                “When you have equality, you can’t have excellence.”  

                                MC (meme curative):  ….”And eventually, you can’t even have competence.”

4:35 – 5:54           We have a rapidly growing community – more and more people are coming to the cause of White Well-being (WWB).    Comments & questions received on the NWG contact page are greatly appreciated and will be responded to.

6:20 – 10:33        Proof of YouTube manipulation of subscription numbers.

12:44 – 13:39      A special ‘thank you!’ to those who are listening to the stream in replay.

13:40 – 16:12      Conversation with a CivNat (Civic Nationalist).…How discussing the massive censorship with CivNats and “normies” is a powerful tool to help them mature socio-politically.   

Key Point:  ● Most people have no idea of the level of censorship that is going on, because it has not affected them yet.

16:27 – 18:14      “White People’s Quarterly”… NWG recommends an excellent White-positive publication that has recently featured snippets of his work from ‘Born Guilty’, and also poetry by the Great Order.  The publication is visually vivid and suitable for general audiences.

18:23 – 20:41      Sharing the smashing success of Going Free – Empowering  the White-Positive community around the world :  The genius of our people has created the technology that is now a powerful  tool for spreading the curative contagion (CC) !

                                Key Point:  ● The new edition of ‘Going Free’ is coming soon; and will have exciting enhanced features!

22:12 – 23:09      Health & Well-being of our People:  Fitness tip – our children, our little boys, should not be lifting weights!  (use body weight instead).

23:28 – 24:19      [Censorship discussion] (continued) – The temptation of the forbidden:  Using discussions about censorship to peak interest in our message. 

26:56 – 31:30      [Censorship discussion] (continued) – Anti-Whites sit in the corporate boardrooms of the West, and wield the levers of power to inflict harm on us.  The mischaracterization of WWB as “EVIL” is as monstrous as any brutal crime!

                                Key point:   ● The spectrum is not “Left / Right” — it is “Up / Down “  — it is “Good / Evil”

34:43 – 35:35      Trump & ‘The Squad’ – On cucking; and,“simple pleasures for simple minds”.

37:58 – 38:30      TODAY’S  TOPIC:   NWG teases the topic for today’s show & reveals that it will work for everyone – and motivate through the good time & bad times.  It will NOT be as simple as turning on a light-switch; it will take effort but will provide you with a powerful fuel !

39:20 – 44:04      Developing the social skills to use in the work of Going Free – Teaching & practice are the best ways to learn.

                                Key points:   ● You will need a pseudonym & a VPN  ● Spread the word on the CivNat & normie-Conservative forums and discussion boards  ● Practice IRL with strangers if you are in a ‘safe’ space

45:21 – 48:00      INSPIRING RANT:   NWG on winning hearts & minds – no special talents; just tenacity and heart.  “There is no courage without fear; heroism is overcoming fear!”

                                Key points:   ● Wanting something with the whole of your heart will help defeat nervousness & self doubt  ● Do the right thing – This IS the right thing!

48:12 – 49:55      NWG on veganism:  Special focus on women & nutrition – Nutritional dangers for aging women.

49:57 – 54:07      [Nutrition/Veganism]  (cont’d)  Key points:   ● The mistake of the false emphasis on calorie counting      ● The importance of protein – How to avoid the “sloppy skinny”

54:18 – 55:19      NWG on the power of vocabulary & word choice.

                                Key point:   ● Complicated words can hamper effective communication

56:31 – 1:00:34     Conversation with an anti-White in a coffee shop;  on the Constitution.

                                MP (meme pathogen):   The Constitution should be a ‘living document’.

MC:   There is already a process for changing the Constitution; it is a difficult process to ensure that the document is not changed to reflect the social & political whims of the day.

Key point:   ● The contradictory positions the anti-Whites take   ● When anti-Whites want the document to be rigid & unchanging, and use it to inflict harm on WWB.

1:00:41 – 1:04:06     The term “White supremacy” is an anti-White MYTH –  ‘White supremacy’  is a precept created to undermine the well-being of White people.   By inserting a mythological abstraction into your mind, the WS precept intends to be impossible to disprove.

Key points:   ● Reject the anti-White abstractions:  “show me the White supremacy in Affirmative Action; in television advertising, etc – WHERE is the evidence of this ‘White supremacy’ ??  ● Ask why they are using the language of White oppression; “Why are YOU so anti-White ?)

1:04:15 – 1:04:25               The South Africa Constitution – “Amendments of anti-Whitism”

1:04:34 – 1:05:38               [SA Constitution] (cont’d) —  Genocide Watch Level 8:  Persecution.

1:06:09 – 1:07:15               Words of WWB to a Recovering Addict – NWG shares a powerful & inspiring story of a member of our community who was motivated by White Well-being to defeat addiction.                

1:08:30 – 1:11:12               Well-being Art – Exciting plans for an artist’s wall on the NWG website, including WWB music & videos, as well as a revolving art display.  

                                                Key point:   ● Keep it “Promethean” – avoid Hollywood stereotypes and imitations

1:11:34 – 1:15:55               ‘Shout-out’ to community members who are working on exciting new features for sharing GF streams:  mp3’s & video clips are in the works.  Special thanks to NWG’s Chief Digital Engineer.

1:24:03 – 1:16:48               Community testimonials – The humbling & heartwarming stories of HOPE. 

                                                Key point:   ● The knock-on/chain effect of amplification – what each one of us does, spreads out and reaches others, building & building as the curative contagion spreads:  “We can each be that one little H20 in that tsumani !”

1:24:05 – 1:25:43               [What we each can do ] ( summation by NWG)

1:27:42 – 1:30:15               Immigration & the harm to our bio-Spirits:  “You do not change the essence of a thing by moving it into another environment”.

                                                Key points:   ● Moving non-Whites into our communities does not make them Western kind  — they are not “us”  ● When non-Whites have numerical diffidence — they mirror us.  When non-Whites achieve numerical superiority – they ERASE us  ● ALL people need a home that reflects their own bio-Spirit; that which is within them.

1:30:33 – 1:31:04               “Diversity” and the infliction of harm:   The anti-Whites demand we—and especially our children – celebrate all cultures; but then demand that we despise out OWN.   

1:31:28 – 1:33:01               No more Glorification of Individualism – We will only survive as a COMMUNITY.

                                                Key points:   ● Don’t stay in an unsafe environment; keep your family safe   ● Hiding away in a bunker will NOT be a viable strategy for survival; it is simply selfish!

1:38:20 – 1:41:03               NWG INSPIRES: “The Blood of White Titans Runs in All Our Veins!” 
The process of going free will give you inspiration & strength to be a better and more powerful ‘you’.

1:43:35 – 1:51:01               NWG responds to a hypothetical disingenuous question:   “Aren’t the miscegenation commercials harmful to the non-Whites too??”   —  Different methods will be used to handle the different motivations of anti-Whites & trolls versus ‘vagues’.

                                                Key points:   ● The common thread in miscegenation commercials is that they ALL portray race-mixing WHITES out of existence!!

1:52:04 – 1:53:34               NWG’s reaction to Richard Spencer’s controversial CNN appearance, where Spencer was asked to respond  to Trump’s provocative tweets about ‘The Squad’, the non-White, anti-American, anti-White Congresswomen.  The tweets were widely slammed as “racist”; a point which Spencer indirectly validated. 

                                                Key points:   ● “Racism” is the supreme word of White oppression.   Never speak to the anti-Whites with their vernacular – you will lose every time!!

1:53:40 – 1:55:32               NWG’s suggestion for a different, powerful & effective approach for great friends in White well-being, Henrik & Lana at Red Ice, responding in a video to Tommy Robinson’s asylum plea. 

2:00:19 – 2:04:37               [Red Ice – Tommy Robinson video]  (cont’d) – The mistake in their approach is having the conversation on the anti-White’s terms.  They are addressing, in each point, the anti-White premise. 

Key points:   ● Tommy’s request for political asylum is NOT the issue  — The debate is actually about WHITE ERASURE   ● This is not an ‘apples & oranges’ conversation – Don’t let the anti-Whites call you a hypocrite!

2:08:22 – 2:09:15               NWG INSPIRES on keeping perspective – “Our movement is growing!!  Every day we get stronger; and things are conspiring for our success!”

2:11:23 – 2:13:49               Healthy, happy families are a Curative Contagion (CC) — “HOPE is how we improve White birth rates!” 

2:14:07 – 2:15:27               NWG discusses the Jeffrey Epstein scandal:  The Regime has total control; and any trial will be bogus.  We will never get the names of those who were really behind all of this.

2:17:39 – 2:18:45               Measuring growth in the movement – growth or atrophy?  We are GROWING!

2:19:00 – 2:22:44               [Measuring growth in the movement]  (cont’d)    Key point:   ● This is a movement of redemption!

2:24:25 – 2:27:39               The Poland-as-our-Savior meme – Never again do we put our faith in any political entity!

                                                Key point:   ● Combat the halo effect —  Those working for WWB are GOOD.  Those doing work that is anti-White are BAD. 

2:28:26 – 2:29:00               NON-VIOLENCE is the WINNING strategy – “You don’t go onto a battlefield where you have no chance of winning!”

Key point:   ● Those who resort to violence will be CRUSHED by The Regime.  

2:33:02 – 2:37:22               MAIN TOPIC:   THE MOST POWERFUL FUEL FOR HUMAN MOTIVATION –   The most powerful fuel for human motivation is LOVE !   Tapping into that resource will recapture our destiny.

                                                Key points:   ● ‘Love’ in this context does not refer to the Hallmark version!  ● Freeing our people from anti-Whitism will free the powerful Western spirit that is in each one of us                ● ‘Love’, when not coupled with the key ingredient,  has an immense weakness; it leads to melancholy & depression

2:37:46 – 2:39:44               [Most Powerful Fuel for Human Motivation]  (cont’d) —  NWG EPIC RANT:  Love becomes a great power only when it is wed with great passion – and that passion is ANGER !! 

                                                Key points:   ● Anger is the passion that drives love & gives it the flame of life   ● The anti-Whites want to turn you away from anger because it is such a powerful motivator 

2:41:22 – 2:42:27               (resumes)   [NWG  Epic Rant on Love fueled by Anger]

2:42:45 – 2:46:18               NWG INSPIRATIONAL RANT:  How do Most People Respond to Anger?  —   They internalize it!   THIS is White Noir… 

Key points:   ● Internalizing anger is where it causes the most harm    ● The stress of burying anger leads to self-destructive behavior & habits   ● Internalized anger causes us to lash out at those closest to us   ● Anger stems from Meme Pathogens

2:46:27 – 2:53:29               How to Win:  Love Fueled with Anger –  The thing that makes us most angry is anti-Whitism; and we see it literally EVERYWHERE. 

                                                Key points:   ● Anger brings a great energy   ● Exert your willpower to turn your Anger into Action —  Each time you feel hopeless, absorb some more of the anti-White Narrative & use that to refuel your Anger   ● With that Fuel , make a plan – every time you feel that Anger —  plan  the NEXT thing you are going to do to fight for our people!!

2:53:42 – 2:55:17               Swallowing the Black Pill – STOP swallowing the Anger; turn your righteous Anger into ACTION!

2:55:22 – 2:56:40               “The word ‘HATE’ is an anti-White slur !  

                                                Key points:   ● We don’t use the language of our oppressors   ● “Hate” is an improper view of Anger   ● Anger will eat you up —  IF you don’t put it to use!

2:59:22 – 3:00:18               Go Free from the burden of oppressive stress  —  turning internalized anger into action.

3:01:29 – 3:03:31               NWG’s CLOSING MESSAGE & INSPIRATION:  The power of Love fueled by Anger

                                                MC:  “Anger is a virtue when it protects the innocent”

3:07:38 – 3:09:30               (cont’d)  NWG closing message of inspiration for our Community

 NWG’s Mission Statement:

My hope is to bring purpose, safety, and happiness to Westernkind. My concern is with the harm that has been and is inflicted by antiwhites on Westmen (as individuals and as a whole, i.e. Westernkind). My objective is to bring healing, empowerment, and inoculation to my people – white wellbeing. Dignity for all, even whites.



2:28 – 2:41           Jason /No White Guilt (NWG) announces subject of today’s Going Free Stream, “White’s Don’t Exist/ White Erasure”.

5:41 – 7:11           NWG addresses the censorship/banning shutting down of the popular Xurious White-Positive Fashwave Music.

7:12 – 7:39           NWG responds to a Superchat on the topic of attending church.

8:19 – 9:33           White well-being is discussed as a concept & a shorthand term of “well-being” is introduced as a descriptor for works of music, art, etc. that are White positive… Example:  well-being music, for Xurious Fashwave music.

10:23 – 12:15      NWG addresses the subject of Superchat comments by nefarious elements who wish to bring harm to our community & the ill intent of making it appear members of our community are not appreciated.  NWG also explains his honor code, and sharing Superchats with guests.

12:17 – 17:42      The importance & psychological power of music as a soundtrack to a resistance movement and why the anti-Whites go after it:  the universal power of music without lyrics, that can be shared across all White positive communities, in all countries.

17:40 – 22:15      “Border Crossers” as a censorship acceptable term for the illegal alien invaders & the impotent Trump threats for mass deportation round-ups being portrayed by the media as a genocidal expulsion.  NWG also reports on the the Antifa terrorist attack on a government facility — with a rifle and incendiary devices — and how these radical anti-Whites  are whipped into a frenzy by the proxies of the Regime to carry out personal attacks on the White positive community.

22:26 – 29:12      NWG discusses White-positive art as a way to be a hero to our people; as opposed to the hatred of our people White-positive creators would have to embrace for commercial success.

29:34 – 32:49      NWG answers in the affirmative the Superchat question:  “Are Black on Black crimes that go unreported by the MSM also ‘hush crimes’?”  Hush crimes are anything that undermine the anti-White narrative.

34:56 – 37:21      The corruption of one of the most popular forms of music for our people, Country Music, is discussed.

37:39 – 39:36      Gresham’s Law:  Bad money drives out good – and the application to anti-White infiltrators who attempt to subvert and destroy our community.   Trolls will NOT be tolerated!

39:36 – 40:54      Creating our own platforms to get around media censorship.   We are in a guerilla information war.  Key point by NWG:  Heresy is simply when you’re not anti-White enough!

41:33 – 43:06      Sunday Going Free streams are planned to be ongoing.  The goal is empowering our community to spread going free in conversations, forums, comments sections.

44:2451:10      No welfare, no question,  for White men!  Also, the false Left/Right paradigm.  The spectrum to use is now Up/Down:  this is how we solve the power balance.  What brings White well-being is GOOD; what harms it is SHAMEFUL.

54:27 – 59:57                      Iconic picture/print that appears in the background of NWG streams as a symbolic representation of Going Free is revealed.

1:01:18 – 1:08:51               Individualism.  How benefits accrue to non-White Communities at our expense, and how acting as Individuals we have NO protections.  Individualism is innate in our people; “we have become renters in our own lands.”  

1:11:17 – 1:12:30               Cottage industries that help Border Crossers exploit our vague laws.

1:13:27 – 1:16:53               ‘Guilt by Association’ as an anti-White, divide & conquer trick.  Endorsing people who are working for White well-being, based on what they are doing NOW.   Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and William Luther Pierce are explored as examples.

1:18:49 – 1:22:12               NWG considering running for public office, in the service of educating the masses and spreading the curative contagion of Going Free!

1:22:28 – 1:25:30               People who are in the public eye and believe in White well-being; can they be used strategically?

1:26:25 – 1:30:10               Exercising the use of lexicons & dialectics to gain proficiency; and the power of positive testimonials.

1:30:39 – 1:32:21               “Paying Tribute” – how our resources, taxes, and creations are used to benefit OTHER communities.

1:36:10 – 1:41:52               Global objectives of the anti-Whites, and how non-White children are used as a pretext to inflict harm on Western kind.

1:42:34 – 1:45:38               Has Roush reformed?  Preying on vulnerable White women by White men actually undermines our White men.  “Be a gentleman – be a MAN!”    

 1:46:40 – 1:48:16              The mind-blowing insights of helping others GO FREE!

1:50:42 – 1:53:40               Teachers struggling to be White-positive in the education system; empowering student and staying in a defensible position.

1:59:22 – 1:59:51               The term “Chthonic”; and the new business entity, ‘Entropy’.

2:00:52 – 2:01:33               A new anti-White article, “Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy” (by anti-White scum, Nicholas Powers), as a topic for an upcoming stream.

2:02:24 – 2:07:36               “Who’s White” ?? (MAIN TOPIC).  The Jared Taylor interview with Fareed Zakaria…How to respond to those who ask this question –  What the anti-Whites are actually saying is:  There are NO White people.     KEY POINTS: 

1) We say we exist; that’s ALL that matters.

2) When asked “who is White”, say  “We’ll use YOUR definition”  — or “Who is it legal to                  discriminate against?  That’s who is White!”

3) The people who are expected to feel guilty – THAT is who is White.

4)  Who can be excluded in the aim of Diversity?  THAT is who is White.

2:08:19 – 2:19:47               ‘Definition of White’ as a device to confuse and distract for the purpose of arriving at the conclusion that there are no White people. 

                                                KEY POINT:  YOU CANNOT HAVE A ‘MIXED’ PEOPLE IF THERE ARE NOT WHITE PEOPLE.

2:22:38 – 2:27:12               National Geographic article on skull fragments found in Greece:  the ongoing attempt to use scientific/archeological findings to attempt to deny the existence of White people. 

2:27:19 – 2:29:46               The Solutrean Hypothesis – it’s a fact!   

2:29:57 – 2:31:16               NWG further discusses the National Geographic article.  KEY POINT:  We are no longer single cell organisms as we originated; what matters is what is here today.

2:31:21 – 2:34:45               Meme Curative for ‘there are no White people’:  It is not the similarities that make us the same; it is the differences that make us different. 

2:34:50 – 2:40:05               KEY POINT:  The endeavor to say “there are no White people” is used as a device to get the population to believe there is nothing to PROTECT; and to justify the infliction of harm & injury on Western kind.  Also, the non-Whites are defined as victims, so that they are thereby granted the right to self-defense.

2:41:01 – 2:42:00               Meme Pathogen:   Diversity is a Meme Pathogen that means fewer White people!

2:43:19 – 2:43:56               The reporting in the media of crimes committed by non-Whites is said to harm their communities.  Reporting on crimes committed by Whites is used to DEMONIZE our communities.

2:52:26 – 2:53:40               Meme Curative – Diversity Hires & Diversity Fires:  No White people need apply.

2:57:20 – 2:58:40               ‘Lord of the Rings’ as a White-positive movie representative of men of the West.



 2:38 – 3:28          Jason /No White Guilt (NWG) announces the subject of today’s Going Free Stream, CRITIQUING TWO ANTIWHITE ATTACK ARTICLES, in which he deconstructs articles by two anti-White propaganda typists:  Luke O’Brien of Huffington, “Twitter Still has a White Nationalist Problem”; and Cross-Eyes on the Right–  “Jason Kohne:  Apartheid Was Akin to Letting a Homeless Person in Your House and Restricting Their Bathroom Usage”.   Also a quick refresher on the meaning of “skim” versus “peruse”. 

11:30 – 14:06      Potential  plans for White-positive community-friendly hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia; developing  the magical elements of comradery and  fellowship in the process of Going Free.

14:23 – 15:10      Discussion continued of plans for WP community hikes…

19:04 – 21:55      Jewish vs. White; and intellectual dishonesty:  Examples:   Jeffery Epstein and Albert Einstein.  Describing people as “Jewish” for laudatory reasons, and “White” for purposes of demonization.  The selective  word usage reveals the motives & intellectual dishonesty of the person making the description. 

23:01 – 23:56      PhilosophiCat :  Her series on Julius Evola,  and the exciting work she is doing on her YouTube channel that provides deep insight into out Bio-spirits. 

24:04 – 24:51      Discussion returns to Jewish vs. White (Jeffery Epstein)

24:55 – 29:20      Way of the World (WOW) & Laurel – The “Nat-Connect” project that is connecting White Nationalists with others in or near their location.  The psychological importance of knowing that you are not alone, and that you are part of a growing community.  The power the anti-Whites wield by portraying us as outnumbered, and by isolating us from one another. 

31:28 – 40:41      Jack Hwite’s Ballad of a SkyKing | White Wellbeing Community Vids, as White-positive (WP) art. Discussion of the melancholy of White Noir;  the broken heart behind gallows humor. 

Key Points:    ●Diversity Hires & Diversity Fires; discrimination against Whites is legal & socially       sanctioned   ●Networks we have built over generations are no longer available to us  ●Non-whites are enriched at our expense – especially that of our young White men.

41:49 – 43:35      “Suicide is the ultimate White-flight”.

43:55 – 46:01      Nature and the Bio-spirit of Western kind:  conservation and the love of nature of our people.  The glory of our people and the indefensible genocidal attempt to invalidate our existence with the question, “Who’s white?”.

46:24 –  47:26      The ‘blackening’ of the Little Mermaid and other White characters is an attack on our culture and heritage.  It is White Erasure.

47:46 – 50:26      NWG’s thoughts on the recent Jared Taylor and Fareed  Zakaria interview on CNN.  The error of using politeness in the face of an anti-White pretext: 

Key point:   ●Anyone asking “Who is White” is revealing themselves to be a genocidal monster.  

51:43 – 54:25                      Creating new paradigms in the cause for White Well-being.  We must all be constantly engaged and participating to stay ahead of the anti-Whites. 

56:06 – 58:07                      Discussions with anti-Whites – The new moral structure of speaking to the anti-White as the  victimizer/abuser that they are; and speaking differently to “Neutrals” and to each other.

1:00:28 – 59:34                  Prometheus Rising:  willing ourselves into existence.  We are the living cells –the sparks! —  that will give the fire to the rest of our community and Go Free!

1:00:40 – 1:04:38               “Debates” with anti-Whites.  No real debate is possible with someone who is morally & antithetically opposed to White Well-being.  Force them to reveal they are anti-White.

1:06:40 – 1:10:35               “There is no running from this” – retreating to the front lines.  We must draw a ‘line’, and stop ceding territory to the anti-Whites and non-Whites.  Emphasis on the difference between ‘strategic ‘ retreat, or reposition,  to safety in heavily diverse and non-White areas.  Redefining what it means to be a “coward.”   Courage is victory by any means!

1:11:34 – 1:14:47               IRL is where the real revolutions occur!  Travels with NWG in Virginia…

1:15:35 – 1:18:46               Translating the lexicon of Going Free into other languages.

1:19:09 – 1:22:05               Meme Pathogens:  we retain every MP we have ever been infected with – and we will be infected with NEW MP’s as they are developed by the anti-Whites.  MPs are in seeded in the subconscious mind and cannot be deleted. 

                                                The MP floods the conscious mind with the Precept and the SIMS:   the Structural Interpretive Mandate:  What you are supposed to think & feel when you hear the precept (MP); and what you are supposed to think & feel about those who hold it, as well as those who oppose it.

                                                The strategy of Going Free:  “CCD”-ing.  *Confront   *Challenge  *Dispel

                                                Create a COUNTER-TRIGGER to neutralize & address the MP each time it is triggered. 

1:22:07 – 1:25:06               The Greatness of our White women!  What has been done to our White men and women? 

Key points:   ● This does not mean feeding the vanity of our White women   ●White women give birth to White men !  ●Give our women a better choice than the anti-Whites have given them.

1:25:20 – 1:29:12               The process of Going Free – continued.  The earlier in life a MP infects us, the more it will have power over us.  Inoculating against future MPs with the” CCD”-ing process & unleashing or capabilities!

1:31:08 – 1:33:44               “Well-being” as shorthand for “White well-being”.   This compound word is our adjective indicator that an art form, or body of work, etc. serves White Well-being.  Example:  Well-being poetry. 

1:35:53 – 1:36:43               The word ‘racist/racism’ —  is an anti-White slur.  Do NOT use it.  Key point:  The definition of the word is no longer the dictionary definition – It means what the Regime says it means!

1:37:51 – 1:38:31               Disneyland Duel – The brave new multi-racial world!

1:38:33 – 1:47:44               Tommy Robinson & his “Shalom” documentary.  The 200 IQ way of undermining the “halo effect” used by the anti-Whites:  Good versus Bad is a false equation.   Judge by the fruits they produce!  Celebrate the ‘good’ and hate the ‘bad’ in any individual movement personality

                                                Judge each person by what they are doing for our people;  we care about “us” – first and foremost.

                                                Key points:    ●The elites make a ‘king’ out of ‘pawns’;  they back certain figures to put in front of us as a great leader as a means of leading us astray  ●The figure is used to gather our loyalty, only to subvert & undermine us in the end by causing division. 

1:48:08 – 1:53:08               (continued)  The way to influence our leaders:   they know we will shun them if they sell us out, no matter what all good they have done for us. 

                                                We no longer serve the person – We serve the cause!  

1:59:22 – 1:53:38               Overcoming MP’s  —   Meme Pathogen:  ‘We are a Nation of Immigrants’  Meme Curative: “We are not a nation of Immigrants, because Western Civilization is only in US!”  And the “race is only skin color” MP. 

1:59:34 – 2:02:08               NWG predicts an inevitable new anti-White MP:  “Majority-Minority” … When whites become the numerical minority (are we already?)  in the USA, the anti-Whites will inevitably begin to refer to us as the “Legacy Majority”.  

                                                Key point:  (Meme Curative)  When we become an absolute minority, minority rights will become a thing of the PAST!

2:04:47 – 2:02:30               The efficacy of politics in the West – Do not give your money & time to politicians.  Give your time & money to White Well-being instead!  Vote if you choose to, for whomever you consider the least-worst.

                                                Key points:   ●All Western politicians are a continuity of the SAME agenda; even a supposed outlier like Trump.  ●“Accelerationism” is a foolish concept:  We have no concept of how long the Regime will be able to remain in power – no matter how bad the suffering of our people becomes.    

2:06:55 – 2:13:22               Brown children suffering versus the suffering of our White children.   MP: “Don’t you care about the poor children/people suffering in war-torn areas??”  MC:  How can you (anti-White) turn anyone away??  Do we bring them all here, and destroy ourselves in the process ??  Why would you (anti-White) want to harm OUR children & people ??  Why would you (anti-White) send your aid over the heads of millions of suffering people in OUR country??  Is it okay for OUR people to suffer? 

                                                Key points:   ●Billions are suffering around the world — OUR suffering is JUST as important as that of a non-White person  ●We love our family more than we love other families – there is no “hate” in that equation.

2:14:30 – 2:19:48               Ilhan Omar and anti-White Legends:  Fabricated anti-White Narratives that become not only legend, but the basis for fame, fortune, legislation, and social & political policy.   Hoaxes that are written into stone – and history – to inflict harm on Western kind.

                                                Key point:  ●anti-White hoaxes when discovered are defended on the basis that…”we all know things like that happened, even if this specific event didn’t actually happen.”    Or, “it seemed real to me!” 

2:23:45 – 2:24:36               NWG on the glory of the West – “WE WILL SAVE IT!”

2:25:10 – 2:27:16               The censoring of No White Guilt Collectibles.  And, on being a heretic – not anti-White enough!

2:28:09 – 2:31:15               Fighting the anti-Whites:  If they bring fire – you bring INFERNO !  Why Conservatives and Civ-Nats are harmful to our cause; and always lose.

                                                MC:  You cannot have more virtue than your victimizer; or you’ll lose.  Every time.

2:34:45 – 2:33:42               Why do the anti-Whites need to censor?  If they lose control over our thoughts, they lose control over our actions!

2:34:51 – 2:40:33               NWG on the Great News:  The pressure the anti-Whites are putting on us is creating Diamonds!   Our reaction to censorship every time is going to be GREATER action!

2:40:55 – 2:42:31               “Going Free” business cards; a powerful , effective and practical new way to spread the word about  Going Free and the No White Guilt website, and  a great new tool for reaching out to others.

2:45:18 – 2:43:44               The sickness of e-celebrity worship; White Noir.

2:48:33 – 2:48:49               VPN’s & following each other across all platforms to stay in touch with our community as censorship increases. 

2:49:20 – 2:50:26               The power of the phrase “No White Guilt” – refuse to be White-guilted!

2:51:41 – 2:55:43               MAIN TOPIC —   NWG deconstructs the first of two anti-White hate pieces.  NWG Deconstructs article by Anti-White typist , Luke O’Brien of Huff-Compost, “Twitter Still has a White Nationalist Problem”. 

                                                Key points:   ● Any position that is not anti-White is considered “evil” and “extreme”                     ● ‘Progressive’ is another word for anti-White  ●What is healthy for us is considered “unhealthy: by the anti-Whites  ●Anti-Whites pathologize our love for Western kind. 

2:56:43 – 3:02:36               (continued) The Revolution is eating its own.  The persecution will continue to advance of those who are deemed “not anti-White enough”. 

                                                Key point:   ● “Nazi” is now used to simply to mean you are a heretic; not anti-White enough.

3:03:07 – 3:03:55               (continued) Writing fiction as ‘News’ – The propaganda tool of using speculative fiction to insinuate that a person is having a certain thought and then reporting it as FACT.  This is what passes for ‘news’!

3:04:32 – 3:05:08               (continued)  The purpose of maintaining the illusion of ‘free speech’ on Twitter.

3:06:07 – 3:07:11               NWG on Dr. William Luther Pierce – Support those who support White Well-being.

3:11:00 – 3:11:55               Anti-White misrepresentation of White positive figures – How the anti-Whites use the worst ever statement a person makes to represent the entirety of their worldview.

3:12:30 – 3:13:13               MP:  “Put yourself in their (a non-White’s) shoes..

                                                MC:    Don’t have sympathy for those who have no sympathy for YOU

3:19:15 – 3:23:16               Standing your ground when attacked by anti-Whites – Grow from it !

                                                Key points:  ●If caught in a circular word game, just keep repeating:  “why are you so anti-White?”  ●The use of anti-White slurs proves your opponent is anti-White
●  Attacks by anti-Whites also proves their immorality ●Hatred of White people is about jealousy and a mistaken revenge       

3:24:29 – 3:27:06               (continued)  Envy/Jealousy of Western kind.  “This is just about jealousy” – MC for putting an end to the mocking laughter of the anti-Whites.

3:28:35 – 3:33:42               (resume)  Luke O’Brien anti-White typist – Misrepresentation of NWG’s work.

                                                Key points:  ●O’Brien equates Going Free to White Supremacist beliefs & refuses to call it what it really is  ●O’Brien says that ‘White guilt’ is not even a ‘thing’; it doesn’t really exist ●O’Brien is signaling to the anti-Whites that NWG is a target; and, therefore they have implicit permission – implicit DUTY – to attack him

3:34:00 – 3:35:14               (continued) For Every Diversity Hire there is a Diversity Fire.  Diversity equals less White people.

3:35:24 – 3:36:57               (continued) Anti-Whites frame everything White-positive as evil.

3:41:15 – 3:48:20               MAIN TOPIC —  Second Article :  NWG Epic take-down of Cross-Eyes on the Right.  Anti-White typist hit-piece,  “Jason Kohne:  Apartheid Was Akin to Letting a Homeless Person in Your House and Restricting Their Bathroom Usage”.   Recent Simon Roche interview on The After Party described as “Fictional White Genocide” (!)

                                                Key points:  ●Media is applying pressure to hide from our people what is happening in South Africa:  persecution of White South Africans on the basis of their race.  ●Genocide Watch organization has determined South African genocide is currently a 6 or 7 on a scale of 10.
●We must recapture our destiny or history will re-write our genocide as a peaceful event and eventually ERASE IT (and us).

3:48:35 – 3:50:39               (continued) Unite the Right (UTR)  2017 – Charlottesville – is rewritten every time it is mentioned and portrayed more hyperbolically at each re-telling.  It has now been written into history as a “deadly White Supremacist rally that ended in violence.”  

                                                 Key points:  ●Charlottesville will be resurrected as needed again & again to stoke fear and to provoke violence against us.

3:53:20 – 3:54:58               (continued)  The fallacy of the anti-White Narrative:  Whites somehow just ‘showed up’ and hoarded all the resources & power positions of these non-existent nations for themselves, at the expense of the peaceful, prosperous non-Whites.   The fact is, there were NO countries/nations  on land masses occupied by ‘Black’, and ‘Brown’ & ‘Red’ people before White people showed up!

3:55:43 – 4:01:34               (continued)

                                                Key points:  ●White people are unique in that they “bring up” the conquered peoples of the lands they settle, rather than slaughter them into oblivion as other races historically did.  ●The health, birthrates, standard of living, and literacy of conquered non-Whites increased VASTLY in every land that as “Colonized” by Western kind. 

4:01:36 – 4:08:12               Nation of Immigrants fallacy versus the TRUE Builders & Maintainers of Civilizations        

4:08:50 – 4:22:11               NWG EPIC CONCLUDING RANT  “You won’t get dust; you’ll get diamonds!!”  —
The DEFINITVE refusal of the infliction of WHITE GUILT on us :
 Point by point refutation on the myths of slavery, oppression and the REALITY that created the most privileged Black people on the face of the earth —  who were given EVERYTHING by WHITE PEOPLE!                                



5:21 – 9:45           BORN GUILTY –  Jason Kohne’s (NWG) personal story & testimonial is one of the many features in the literary tour-de-force that is his new book, ‘Born Guilty’ .  Various captivating devices are employed to take the reader on an inspiring whirlwind journey.

                                Key Points:  • Experimental literature   • Over 200+ illustrations  • Specially built-in brain teaser that will at first appear like a publishing mistake (clue:  follow the alphabet!)   • The Crucible – A book within the book that relates NWG’s very personal story of coming to the cause of White Well-being (WWB) at a very young & formative age; and the life-long, formative effect on his character and the direction & drive of his life. 

9:47 – 11:25        [Born Guilty]  (cont’d)   “Prometheus Rising” – A lyrical, mytho-poetical piece that provides a template; a lens – or a tool – through which to understand the world.

13:10 – 14:08      The journey of Going Free (GF) – A cure for what ails us, our people, and our communities.

14:11 – 15:19      Adopting the language of Going Free:  using the linguistics; learning to effectively use the “jargon”.

                                Key Points:  • Tailor your language to your audience    • Speak to people who are new to the concept of GF with words that are commonly known as you simultaneously introduce GF terms & dialectics

18:24 – 20:08      Special dedication to ‘Eyes on the Right’ – Every dollar raised during this stream will be used in the service of White Well-being in response to the smear piece by this “talentless typist”! 

20:33 – 23:36      Smear tactics employed by anti-Whites, like ‘Eyes on the Right’ – The aim of hit pieces on sites like ‘Angry White Men’ is not about exploring areas of disagreements of opinion:  the purpose is CAREER AND CHARACTER ASSASSINATION!  

                                Key Points:  • The use of the person’s name instead of their chosen pseudonym, seeking to destroy the individual   • The same pain centers that light up in the human brain when feeling physical pain are the same pain centers that light up when a person is OSTRACIZED!  

30:52 – 32:06      The work of NWG/Going Free is the OPPOSITE of the anti-White Hollywood stereotype – We are coming from a place of love for our people, caring for WWB, and sharing the message with our family & friends.

                                Key Point:  •  Simply expressing concern for White people is now considered HERESY — Simply expressing concern for WWB is an act of bravery

33:46 – 37:51      Increasing censorship & the need for VPNs – All indicators are that in the very near future, a VPN will be needed to access ANY opinion that criticizes The Narrative of the Regime…even critical movie reviews!

                                Key Points:  • European governments are already censoring No White Guilt content   • Change your location setting to USA as a work around

38:08 – 40:12      The entertaining, exciting and EMPOWERING tools in the books ,“Born Guilty” and “Going Free”.

                                Key Points:  • Once you have the tools, you no longer need the individual NWG — This is NOT about a cult-of-personality    • “Reputational Investment” –  avoid investing your trust in e-celebrities who do not have a sincere belief in what they are espousing & who change their belief system on a whim

41:13 – 42:19      NWG Inspiration:   The Victory of Recapturing our Destiny —  Our reciprocal hope & energy – we all fuel each other!  …”The closer we get to the mountaintop, the greater the storms will seem.”

42:46 – 45:24      The Low IQ Pretexts of ‘Eyes on the Right’ and other anti-Whites

                                Key Point:  • It is transparent & obvious what their agenda is – inflicting harm on Whites.

46:13 – 53:25      Weighing the personal risks of speaking out against our fate if we do nothing.   It is an act of BRAVERY to be heretical in an anti-White world!

                                Key Points:  • Do not be just a receiver of information – we must ALL get involved  • Begin in small, subtle ways   • Create a pseudonym and practice the GF lexicon on-line   • There are plenty of ways to get involved behind the scenes

55:42 – 57:58      NWG Rant:  The EXTRAORDINARY harm anti-White talentless typists like ‘Eyes on the Right’ inflict in seeking to destroy people’s lives & causing them to lose their livelihoods – It should be a CRIME !

                                Key Point:  • Anti-Whites seek to deprive your and your CHILDREN of the means for survival

1:00:18 – 1:02:00               The Curative Contagion (CC) of Going Free is getting the attention of the anti-Whites – They aare frightened by the effectiveness & the power of the rapidly spreading message!

Key Points:  • The reality of our movement DEFIES Hollywood stereotypes  • The momentum of GF is too great to be reigned in now

1:02:55 – 1:04:48                The Importance of Art:  Cleanse yourself of the MP’s to access something truly great within you – something mystical & magical !

Key Points:  • A common thread runs through the bio-Spirit of Westernkind.    • REJECT the old anti-White symbols of the masses and create something beautiful & White-positive

1:06:46 – 1:08:38               [WP Artists]   (cont’d)   —  “Artists are not anti-White; artists are starving — and the anti-Whites will PAY them, if they create anti-White art…”   The false creation of “celebrity”.

                                                MP:  Diversity Hires = Diversity Fires

                                                Key Point:  • Celebrities / “Stars” are merely the TOOLS that make their handlers wealthy

1:09:14 – 1:10:01               Newsflash to ‘Eyes on the Right’ —  White Well-being is NOT about harming other groups!

1:11:44 – 1:13:36               NWG Inspires:  “The Hidden Garden” of WWB – In the decaying gardens of Western civilization, “white roses are starting to bloom”.

                                                Key Points:  • These roses have THORNS – they are not delicate flowers   • You will never heal the hole in your heart & soul until you take up the cause for WWB

1:15:26 –1:16:01                The Great Value of small, heartfelt donations – It’s not the amount you give; it is the meaningfulness to YOU of the gift you give

                                                Key Point:  • Big donors to anti-White causes place no personal meaning on their gifts.

1:16:12 – 1:16:25               [Sacrifices – Donations]  (cont’d after brief break)

1:17:55 – 1:20:03               [Sacrifices – Donations]  (cont’d)

                                                Key Points:  • The sacrifices we make that no one ever knows about are the most meaningful     • The things you didn’t do are the most harmful to you & will be the things you regret

1:22:37 – 1:24:32               NWG Rant:  “We are the REAL revolution” – WE are the ‘scrappy underdogs’!

                                                Key Points:  • Real revolutions are not artificial creations by holders of power   • We don’t make the anti-Whites the ‘bad guys’ – THEY make themselves our victimizers   • Why do they hate us?  Because of who we ARE!

1:26:00 – 1:28:10               Who is ‘Eyes on the Right’?  “Angry White Men” works to DESTROY lives & ostracize White-positive people by mischaracterizing them as evil.   This grants implicit permission for the more unhinged anti-Whites to engage in violence to physically harm the ‘target’.

                                                Key Points:  • WWB is seeking to harm no one; we just want dignity for OUR people  • The anti-Whites are the sick ones – WE are healthy!

1:28:43 – 1:30:41               Possible future show on animal rescue volunteering – The love Westernkind has for animals.  Those who work for WWB are not the stereotype created by the anti-Whites.

                                                MC:  Hollywood isn’t History!  Many are infected with the MP’s of Hollywood’s false version of history.  MP:  “But, I saw it in this movie… or that show…”  MC:  Hollywood isn’t reality!

1:32:03 – 1:33:09               The impact each individual can have – Learn the power of Going Free, and pass it on!

1:33:24 – 1:36:10               Discussion of the upcoming Second edition of Going Free – Ebook format will make it more accessible.   And a discussion of “White flight” and why ‘Diversity’ never works.

                                                Key Point:  • Foreign bio-Spirits, no matter how outwardly benign, are still FOREIGN & have a harmful impact on WWB  

1:45:17 – 1:57:16               MAIN TOPIC:  MacKenzie Lueck; the brutal slaying of a young, White woman by a non-White

                                                NWG offers words of respect & regret for all that has been lost —  Memoriam to a life tragically & brutally taken. 

Key Points:  • THIS WAS A HUSH CRIME – this was an obvious ‘hate crime’ that goes against the anti-White Narrative  • The non-White was an example of the type of immigrant who is lauded; “merit-based” —  here LEGALLY on  student visa   • Our decapitated leadership is wasting all the investment it could be making in our own people & putting us in harm’s way simultaneously

1:57:28 – 1:58:08               [MacKenzie Lueck]  (cont’d)  — Why the perpetrator was referred to as a “Salt Lake City man”

1:58:40 – 2:00:35               {Interjection} – Who cares if immigrants are all smart, productive & great people – they make our environments uncomfortable for us and their presence leads to WHITE ERASURE

                                                Key Point:  • The priority should be the welfare of those who CREATED this country

2:01:46 – 2:08:39               [MacKenzie Lueck]   {breaks then resumes} – News as FICTION.  Reality is SUPPRESSED when it doesn’t fit the anti-White Narrative.         

                                                 Key Point:  • Media molds reality into a script that upholds the anti-White Narrative

2:09:28 – 2:10:54               MP:  Race is just a social construct       MC:  Okay —  we are White people; we’re going to form a social construct; and, we’re going to SURVIVE

                                                Key Point:  • The dialectics of Going Free will either force a retreat, or will force the victimizer to come clean as an anti-White genocidal monster

2:10:55 – 2:13:33               “No more MacKenzies!”   What was lost?   A tribute to what she suffered.

                                                Key Point:  • MacKenzie had no doubt been exposed to anti-White MP’s and would have been fearful of appearing ‘prejudiced’ & would have ignored the danger signs and appropriate situational cautions

2:15:13 – 2:16:00               NWG Condolences to the family of MacKenzie – Heartfelt & eloquent words of loss.     

                                                Key Point:  • Heartbreaking acknowledgement that her family will no doubt ‘disavow’ any recognition of their loss by our people…& Forgiving them for condemning us for heresy

2:16:23 – 2:18:57               [MacKenzie Lueck]  (cont’d) – This was a Hush Crime

                                                MC:  Point out to others that they probably didn’t hear about it….because it’s a Hush Crime

2:19:39 – 2:20:40               Anti-White Talent-less Typists Mischaracterizing NWG – “We will not be intimidated by smear campaigns!”

2:21:19 – 2:21:42               (cont’d)  Never let them sully who you are:   Be a hero for Westernkind !

2:23:21 – 2:24:53               Anti-White Erasure at Nike –  The Betsy Ross flag is now an unsuitable ‘hate” symbol

                                                Key Point:  • Don’t accept the anti-White pretext – the intent is WHITE ERASURE  • Everything from us, by us – of us – will eventually be ERASED in the name of anti-Whitism

2:26:03 – 2:28:02               NWG Rant:  How the Revolution Ends – Eventually, it eats its own… ESPECIALLY anti-White White people!

2:30:05 – 2:33:41               Antifa – Andy Ngo & The ‘Battle’ of Portland  — Civic Nationalism (CivNat) is a DEAD END; it’s so-called leaders will lead you to destruction!

                                                Key Points:  • “Equality” is just an anti-White pretext   • Anti-Whites want the inversion of all things  • CivNats have a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature – either because they are politically immature or they are imbecilic 

2:33:50 – 2:38:15               NWG EPIC RANT:  Antifa Tactics – Do Not Accept the Anti-White Pretext for White ERASURE

2:38:50 – 2:40:01               [Epic Rant – Resumes]  — Rabid Individualism is IDIOCY!  “Individuals will always be defeated in a land of Tribes!”

2:41:19 – 2:44:00               Individualism is on our Genetics – Our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness; we must make strides to work TOGETHER.  As a community!

                                                Key Points:    • Advocate for WWB – “I am White positive”    • We are motivated by love for our people; our truly righteous anger powers us forward

2:44:37 – 2:45:52               [Antifa Violence – Andy Ngo/Portland]  (resumes) – Police in Portland were ordered to ‘stand-down’, just as the police in Charlottesville were at Unite The Right 2017.  

                                                Key Points:    • This is the trend in cities across America as they are increasingly dominated by anti-White regimes   • This is no longer the land of the free; this is an anarcho-tyranny

2:45:57 – 2:51:04               [CIV-NATS]  (resumes) – A VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE:   A move is on to label Antifa as a ‘terrorist group’.  Simultaneously, “Conservatives” are attempting to conflate Antifa as “Nazis” and “White Supremacists”…  There will be move to label US as Antifa; and WE will be the ones prosecuted as terrorists

Key Points:    • Antifa gets a ‘free pass’ and is lauded by the media – we are demonized by all           • Civ-Nat leaders are serving an anti-White Agenda – If you are in a Civ-Nat group, LEAVE the dead end path & come to WWB and Going Free

2:52:22 – 2:53:38               White Noir – A devastating example…”The physical, mental & spiritual sickness in our people..”

2:59:33 – 3:02:09               [White Noir]  (cont’d) – A spiritual disease caused by the MPs we are infected with – “If you follow anti-Whitism  to its logical conclusion, it means all things are IMMORAL  that serve our well-being; and all things are MORAL that serve our ill-being.”

Key Points:    • We are a naturally loving & caring people; this has been subverted & exploited by MPs, and manifests in us caring more about harm done to non-Whites than harm done to  our own   • We have a fear of being ostracized for committing heresy – for not being anti-White enough

3:07:38 – 3:09:52               Message of Inspiration from NWG on being in the cause for WWB:  “We WIN here – we have BIG victories here!    All the money raised in today’s stream was done in the name of ‘Eyes on the Right’!        

3:09:56 – 3:13:50               The Big Reveal:  The truevisage of ‘Eyes on the Right’ is shown on-camera by NWG

Key Point:  • The talentless, anti-White typist is officially re-christened as “CROSS EYES ON THE RIGHT”        



7:25 – 9:21           YouTube censorhip & Censorship by European Government Anti-White elites – “Learn how to ‘fish’ and then you can teach OTHERS to fish”

                                Key point:   ● The power of the message is in the Going Free (GF) dialectics – the elites want to prevent the spread of the Curative Contagions (CC)

9:50 – 16:27        Introduction of key GF lexicon:   MP = Meme Pathogens    MC = Meme Curative

                                MP :    Anti-White precepts and the accompanying ideas & perceptions that flood your consciousness automatically when you hear them –  i.e., “Diversity is our greatest strength” – what you are conditioned to think and feel about those who hold the precept, and what you are conditioned to think and feel about those who are in opposition to it

                                Key point:   ● This is an AUTOMATIC process – We are all infected with MP’s that will affect us for the entirety of our lives

                                MC:     The Curative that GF teaches you as a way to inoculate yourself against the anti-White pretexts –  i.e., in response to:  “Diversity is our greatest strength” —  you respond:   “Multi-racial societies NEVER work; throughout history they ALWAYS end in conflict “

                                Key point:   ● MC’s establish the GF pretext that allows you to WIN every time

20:00 – 22:42      European Govt. Censorship of NWG streams – Streams are blocked in European countries after a short delay… Get a VPN and/or change your ‘location’ setting to the USA or some other country that doesn’t block content

                                Key point:   ● More & more content will be blocked/shut-down in the very near future – Be prepared!

25:53 – 30:37      An insider’s view of how things REALLY work on Capitol Hill – NWG’s experience in the secret meetings behind closed doors in the halls of power… Appealing to your elected Reps & flooding phone banks is a futile exercise – politicians are NOT on your side!

                                Key points:   ● Taking over the Republican party is NOT going to happen – this is a dead-end strategy      ● Changes in immigration & demographics are foisted on us DESPITE our objections   ● Civ-Nats must mature socio-politically & embrace WWB (White well-being)   ● Things YOU CAN DO:  distribute leaflets, spread the word on forums; do all things legally!

31:24 – 34:10      How to Wake Up others to Going Free:   Talk about mass immigration — Talk about “US” – cast your discussion in terns of OUR well-being, OUR jobs, OUR culture, OUR survival… Keep the focus on US.

                                Key point:   ● Even if immigrants provided enormous benefits to ort societies (they do NOT) they still change OUR environments to reflect their bio-Spirits once they achieve numerical courage – This is detrimental to OUR bio-Spirits

34:45 – 38:18      The Case of Singapore – Why ‘Diversity’ NEVER works!  …We don’t have a “multi-cultural society” – we have a MULTI-RACIAL society… “A cancer patient can be given treatment; but the only cure is for the cancer to be GONE.”

                                Key points:   ● Multi-racial societies may appear to work for a short time; but they require a massive structure of Governmental control & an ever increasing level of TYRANNY   ● White people are being used as a scapegoat upon which to cast all blame as things become increasingly contentious

39:27 – 40:09      New Payment Methods – The anti-Whites ‘silence’ us financially because they have LOST the debate!

42:24 – 47:06      (cont’d)   [No Such Things as Multi-Culturalism]   A Harsh tyranny of rigid enforcement  is required to keep a multi-racial society functioning, because conflict is INEVITABLE

                                Key point:   ● It’s not a simply matter of IQ differences– Different races have different bio-Sprits  

47:17 – 48:25      Laminated bookmarks with a simple message & the NWG website on it, to put in library books; especially in colleges – An indirect method that allows discovery rather than direct confrontation:   “You can’t teach a man anything; he has to discover it for himself”

48:31 – 52:52      NWG Defines the Concept of “Bio-Spirit”  …Is it like a ‘folk consciousness’?  Our bio-Spirit is something inside of us; not something outside of us that we tap into – “It doesn’t exist if WE don’t exist!”

                                Key point:   ● Bio-Spirit is the ORIGIN – It is the deepest part of a person/ of a people

53:15 – 58:22      Replacement of Whites by non-Whites in Jobs  — NWG Inspired Rant

                                Key point:   ● When it was the “low level” jobs being taken over by non-Whites, no one protested!

1:03:55 – 1:07:35       Why Use of the Term “White Genocide” is so Ineffective – The power of using the term “White Erasure” instead

                                Key point:   ● The term “genocide” evokes in ‘normies’ & ‘vagues’ images of emaciated bodies & mass graves, and will be met with much resistance– By the time you explain what you are talking about, you have already lost the argument!   ● The term “White Erasure” is instantly understandable and totally undeniable – Everyone can see it happening all around them!

1:08:00 – 1:08:46               [break – resume]   (The above discussion of White Genocide vs White Erasure breaks briefly &
then resumes….

1:10:40 – 1:11:50               A brief foray into the Manufactured Sixties Revolution – The US Govt facilitated the entire thing

Key point:   ● Our system of Government was conquered in 1913 with the instituting of the Federal Reserve system

1:15:15 – 1:16:43               How Do We Recapture Our Destiny?  The power of being active in the cause for WWB

1:17:21 – 1:17:47               [break – resume]   (The above conversation ‘Recapture Our Destiny’ breaks then resumes)

1:19:18 – 1:22:49               NWG discusses the term Meme Pathogen (MP)… “It is a sickness in your heart; it is the distress; the guilt – it is White Noir”

                                                Key point:   ● The lexicon of GF is a verifiable, winning concept

1:24:55 – 1:25:30               IRL Meetings – How do we meet like-minded people without being socially lynched??

                                                Key point:   ● When we are hauled before anti-White tribunals – for being Heretics – we are being socially lynched for being not anti-White ENOUGH

1:25:50 – 1:31:56               [break – resume]   (The above conversation about IRL Meetings breaks then resumes)  “If we didn’t have to be brave, we wouldn’t have the chance to be heroic!”

                                                Key point:   ● “Know them by their fruits”; judge the veracity & sincerity of others by their behavior, by their deeds    ● Don’t have any conversations in the cause for WWB that you wouldn’t want played in a courtroom

1:32:55 – 1:36:40               The Evidence of a Bio-Sprit— “There is no such thing as ‘instinct’”… “Different instincts create different environments”

                                                Key point:   ● Differences in the races are obvious & verifiable

1:44:38 – 1:45:39               It’s okay to be ‘down’ – It’s NEVER okay to give up Hope!

                                                Key point:   ● We have virtue & truth on our side – the lexicon & dialectics that will WIN!

1:48:01 – 1:54:45               On Finding a Mate Who is Not too Anti-White —  Most people are ‘vagues’ & will virtue signal that they are anti-White.  If someone says things that are virulently anti-White, RUN AWAY!

                                                NWG Note to our Men:  Be honorable with women – be a REAL man

1:55:00 – 1:56:16               NWG Message of Love, Hope & Redemption:  “Going Free gives you access to the blood & spirit of the genius within you!”

2:06:05 – 2:18:13               MC:  “Heresy”  –  When you are socially lynched in an anti-White tribunal, call it “Heresy”… Define it as being persecuted for not being anti-White enough!

                                                Key points:   ● Frame arguments & discussions in the way that benefits us –  What the regime calls “racism” & “hate crimes” is simply heresy   ● It is not that  ‘someone’ is being protected from you; YOU are being victimized for not being anti-White enough!

2:23:46 – 2:24:49               The Power of Habits – “MP’s are an anti-White lesion”…Once in place, MP’s are carried out unconsciously in the mind; MP’s create an automatic response to anti-White precepts

2:30:56 – 2:34:14               A Global White Unity – We must come together as a ‘global’ community; a global mindset.

Key point:   ● The ‘globalism’ we OPPOSE is the anti-White globalism created by the anti-White Elites

2:36:25 – 2:37:28               The Power of Working Together as a Team for WWB

2:38:25 – 2:41:24               The Empowering Lexicon of Going Free –  The terms pro-White &  White Nationalist have been thoroughly demonized & are now equated with Nazi, KKK.   Use WWB terms like “White-positive”

2:47:20 – 2:51:25               NWG Inspired Rant:  Saving lives & giving hope – putting an end to suicide; the deep psychological wounds inflicted on our people

2:52:02 – 2:55:07               Beware of Deceivers in the WP Movement – “We are only as good as what we are doing for WWB right now”

2:57:19 – 3:10:50               Secret Live of Pets 2:   A Mother teaches her children to Go Free –  The optimal situation is to not allow your children to be exposed to anti-White media or to other children who consume it.  In the instances where it is unavoidable, it CAN be a powerful teaching tool that will instill confidence & White-positivity in your children and make you a HERO in their eyes!

                                                Key points:   ● List all the predictable anti-White tropes that will be in the movie in advance & discuss them with your children before watch the media   ● Emphasize that all these anti-White tropes, the character’s motivations, happen because they are IN THE SCRIPT    ● After the movie or show, ask your children to identify the tropes you had listed   ● Your children will be AMAZED at your powers of perception & they will feel smarter for being let in on the know

3:12:52 – 3:15:26               The Art of Persuasion — In discussion with others, you have a very limited time in which to persuade someone on a topic; don’t spend the time quiveling over ‘terms’ and definitions

3:16:00 – 3:17:04               NWG Mini-Rant on a Classroom Hero – Testimonial from a member of the GF Community about the bravery of his son at school

3:24:09 – 3:33:43               (resumes)   [Secret Lives of Pets 2]  –  Disney & Nickelodeon propaganda – Ghetto music, ghetto voices, and ghetto behavior is forced on our children through anti-White media as safe & the non-White thugs are portrayed as heroes, and the “good guys”

                                                Key point   ● The deadly danger of this inversion-of-reality propaganda to our girls & young women

3:33:50 – 3:38:30               NWG Mini-Rant:   County Music – The insidious use of Country Music to HARM our people – ESPECIALLY OUR MEN!  County Music appeals to a broad segment of our people; and instead of it being used to empower our people, it is used to eviscerate us!

                                                NWG Note to out Men   ● Country songs attempt to geld our men into thinking they must acquiesce to the will of a woman or they have nothing to live for   ● NEVER let a woman define you – NO woman decides what a MAN is!!

3:41:40 – 3:43:37               Anti-White Movies are made by Anti-White MONSTERS

3:43:40 – 3:49:00               Debating & Blood Sports – “You can’t debate someone who has a different morality or objective than you”….  Debates with anti-Whites are nonsense! 

                                                Key point     ● Reject every conclusion that is anti-White!  ● NOTHING an anti-White says can invalidate our right to EXIST!  


5-25-19                 The Power of Your Subconscious & MP Infection | Going Free | No White Guilt

3:00 – 5:19                           100,000 ‘Border Crossers’ entering our country each month:  –  Don’t think for one moment that this is some unusual number and the first time this has happened — or, that it hasn’t been happening all along!  It is in the interests of the Anti-Whites (A/W’s) to convince us that there is just a trickle of harmless babies & families entering our country.   

                                                Key points:     ● We have been given the same number of illegal aliens in our country for the past 15 years!   ● Conservatives & Civ-Nats are easily duped by verbal reassurances on immigration –  In fact, the real numbers are probably much, much HIGHER than estimated
● In the early 1960’s citizens were convinced that the shift of immigration away from Europeans to Third Worlders would just be a small number and would not change the demographics of our country  – We can see how wrong that was in the transformation of our nation   ● Don’t listen to the A/W’s’; just observe the outcomes  – “Know the tree by the fruit it produces.”

6:16 – 13:13                        What is an “MP Infection”?    –   MP is a Meme Pathogen that is locked inside your subconscious mind.  This is a key concept of NWG’s (No White Guilt/Jason) concept designated the “AAP” – Archetypal Alignment Protocol – that he has created called “Going Free”.  The powerful & proven concept of the lexicon and dialectics of Going Free (GF) is a way to free oneself of the Anti-White (A/W) brainwashing.   An MP is an Anti-White precept, such as “diversity is our greatest strength”, and the required belief system that you are supposed to hold in association with the precept:    > what you’re supposed to think about those who hold the precept   > what you’re supposed to think about those who oppose the precept   >your thoughts and emotions relative to the precept itself, and to those who agree or disagree with it.

                                                Key points:     ● You have imbibed unconscious thought processes associated with MP’s over the course of many years – This causes you to automatically engage in a tug-of-war with yourself when you hear a Meme Pathogen   ● This is why it’s so hard to engage in an argument with an Anti-White  –  You are simultaneously wrestling with your own social conditioning    ● MP’s undermine every single aspect of your life – physical, mental & spiritual.

22:07 – 25:25                      Memorial Day:   –    For those of us in the cause for White Well-being it’s about more than just observing & respecting those lives lost… These are OUR people; this is OUR country; OUR inheritance.  White people created this country of, by & for White people. 

                                                Key points:     ● Countries are more than just a land mass  –  Countries exist in the people before they exist in the real world    ● No debating with the A/W’s about nature  –  Man can change anything he wants, but Nature is the fount from which all reality comes.  We accept reality!

25:27 – 29:22                      The Genteel Nature of White People;  A big part of the reason why we are in this situation  –   “Trying too hard & hurting the point”:  A typical dismissal by a White person who is afraid of standing up for White Well-being. 

                                                Key points:     ● The belief that we have to operate by a set of ‘rules’ worked well when we were dealing only with our racial brethren, who lived by the same rules   ● Whites are especially handicapped by the idea that we have to be so careful & delicate around non-Whites    ● These ideas are antiquated and no longer work  –  They have FAILED    ● Conservatives are an example of this type  of thinking; that you have to always talk ‘around’ the subject because some people might get offended   

30:35 – 36:54                      Using MC’s (Meme Curatives) on Classmates & Colleagues:  –   Example of a Meme Pathogen:  You can’t speak powerfully on a subject, or you are “angry” or a “hater”…. MP:  ”You’re all so angry.”  

                                                Key points:     ● Anti-Whites never criticize fellow A/W’s for being angry and hateful, when they clearly are so    ● The word “hate” in the socio-political context now means “hateful White person”  –   “Hate” is now part of the language of White oppression (like “racist”)      ●Don’t try to defend the word “hate”  –  When you hear it, flip it to the word “anger”   ●MC:  Anger is a virtue when it protects the Innocent   

44:07 – 46:56                      We are the Message!  –    Make it clear to your friends and family that you are the kind of person who is always rational & always improving, always moving forward.

                                                Key points:     ● You don’t have to be an expert at everything, just always be learning; know a little about a wide range of topics    ● You don’t have to rich; take care of yourself and your things so that you will be improved as a person  –  Be a billboard for White Well-being  

56:03 – 1:02:20                  Being a Man does not mean just knowing how to fight…Although, you should know that too:  You don’t have to go overboard.  To become a man, you should engage in physical contests; a struggle of wills. 

                                                Key points:     ● Being healthy & positive is a result of serving White Well-being   ● We are in a very real struggle  –  We are facing White Erasure.   Something vital & wild is unleashed inside of you when you realize this & embrace the reality of our struggle    ● This is the body’s natural response, a rejuvenating element that puts it in it’s most fit state to survive  ● Your spirit is unleashed into the wild when you leave the ‘nursery school’ of the West     ● NWG:  “It either makes you more human, or more than human by releasing it”     ● When we are enclosed in the ‘safety’ of the A/W West, something switches off genetically & makes us less than what we are

 1:04:01 – 1:10:44              Meme Pathogen (MP):  “The youth always rebel; and go against what their parents stood for”  –  NWG: if that were true, then all our current generations should have rejected the Anti-White ideology, because our parents embraced it!   Also, NWG speaks to the “Boomer” meme…

                                                Key points:     ● There is nothing ‘natural’ about youth wanting to destroy all that their parents built  –  This is a new Anti-White phenomena   ● Tell your children what they are going to see out in the world from the Anti-Whites, and they will believe in you as someone wise & sagacious  
● In natural circumstances, youth want to emulate their parents – not destroy them    ● NWG on Boomers:  “We do not divide ourselves by generations; we only divide ourselves by who is serving WWB, and who is not.”  NO Boomer hate in Going Free!  

1:10:52 – 1:20:02               It’s not just White People in South Africa; It’s OUR people in South Africa:  –   We are a single people with many countries, forming a White ring that goes all the way around the earth.                 

                                                Key points:     ● We started as a single White tribe; we defeated all that sought to defeat us 
 ● We fell from grace with “Individualism”    ● The only people A/W non-Whites hate more than White people are their White ‘allies’  –  NWG:  Every healthy person despises a  TRAITOR     ● You will not be safe as a White person if you are an individualist    ● Diversity means less White people; it mean no more of YOU    ● African culture endlessly shoved down our throats 

1:20:55 – 1:24:00               Memorial Day – We remember & Honor our Fallen Warriors:   When we remember, when we observe Memorial Day, we remember proud young men who fought  through their fears.  We remember & we affirm:  “NEVER AGAIN !”   Say it at every gathering you are at.  Never again will we fight for interests & well-being other than our own.  Never again will we fight our White Brothers and Sisters for a cause, or a war, or for some other race or foreign nation at the behest of Anti-Whites. 

                                                Key points:     ● No war with Iran for Israel!   No more mutilated bodies & exposure to the horrors of war & never recovering form it!   No more White blood!    ● Honor and remember our fallen and their sacrifices

1:29:18 – 1:31:57               What we Honor on Memorial Day is the Heroism of our People   –   We don’t honor them because they marched under a certain flag, or whether or not the cause was just.  We honor their courage and their lives; because that is what is valuable to us. 

1:48:18 – 2:25:04               The Power of Your Subconscious & MP Infections:   –   Entertainment is the most powerful means of infection by Meme Pathogens (MP’s).   We are also infected with MP’s by a host of other means, including education.   We are bombarded with TV screens everywhere & the message is virulently Anti-White.   When we watch entertainment, we lower our natural defenses.  We throttle our conscious mind – which is the part of the mind that examines for truth and falsity.   Entertainment lowers our defenses; suspends disbelief; suspends critical judgment.   Fictional fears learned from entertainment then translate into very real fears out in the physical world.  The fears are triggered automatically from your subconscious mind by what you ‘learned’ from the entertainment you imbibed.  In attempting to overcome the subconscious mind, you are fighting with a part of yourself that doesn’t know the difference between reality & fiction. 

                                                What is the conscious mind:   –   The highest level of who we are; the part of the mind that is YOU.   The subconscious mind is most easily understood as ‘auto-pilot’.    It uses the information that you have learned, and it lives your life for you.  An example of this is how you can operate your automobile without giving it a thought.  The human brain turns repetitive tasks like breathing, walking, even driving over to the subconscious mind to conserve mental energy and computing power.               

                                                Key points:     ● NWG has created the lexicon of Going Free from experience & observation of what works versus what has been defeated time & again by the Anti-Whites.  NWG:  “You must go with what works….. You have to be slavish to what works if you are ever going to control your Destiny!”    ● Don’t look to movies for your heroes – Heroes in movies are almost all Anti-white.  The real heroes of today are regular people, right here in the GF Community   ● ‘Heart’ is more important than anything; tenacity, desire, passion — Heart.   Everyone can access that; and that is how you make your life matter!  

2:29:06 – 2:43:56               Why we turn the majority of our lives over to the subconscious mind:  –   We turn as much as we can over to our subconscious mind because it doesn’t require any effort.  It does require extraordinary effort to ‘overwrite’ something the subconscious has ‘learned’.  The subconscious cannot tell fact from fiction; therefore, it is extremely susceptible to infection by Meme Pathogens (MP’s) by way of entertainment where the conscious mind is intentionally throttled.   This is how MP’s work; it is brainwashing.  How to confront MP’s – CDD: Confront, Challenge & Dispel.   

                                                Key points:     ● The earlier MP’s are seeded in our brains, and the more memories that get laid on top of them, the powerful the thought (the MP) becomes  –  And the more powerful it becomes in forming who you are    ● MP’s can come from other sources, but entertainment is the most powerful source & is all-pervasive in our culture    ● A habit is nothing more than a subconsciously driven thought or behavior; it takes an immense amount of effort to override something that the subconscious mind is pushing – that is why it is so difficult to defeat MP’s   
● The ‘reality’ we invest in fictional characters – Why does a certain character do a certain thing? — Because it is in the script!  But people talk about what a character does as if it were a real motivation   ● Identifying with the lives of fictional characters as though they are real is BRAINWASHING    ● Fiction is the ‘real world’ to a majority of our people; i.e., “White privilege”, which does not exist in the real world   — The A/W delusion is the real world to them 
● The only way to be a ‘good guy’ in the A/W narrative is to destroy Western civilization    
● The Anti-White script ends in White Erasure..   NWG:  “We can’t modify this script; we can only get off these pages and write our own stories.”   ● It is far more important to be careful of what you put into your head (consume) as entertainment than it is to be careful of what it is you put into your mouth as food    ● We didn’t evolve to consume television as hyper-reality; the human subconscious brain evolved in a way that it cannot tell the difference from fiction & reality. 


5-11-19:                Clarion & I on Who is White – Katie McHugh – Mother’s Day to Go Free | Going Free | No White Guilt

00:40 – 2:00                        Happy Mother’s Day:   –  And a special remembrance to all the Mother’s who are  no longer with us.     

13:10 – 17:40                      Spreading Usage of the Lexicon of Going Free (GF):  –  A commenter has heard Erik Striker using some of the lexicon of GF.   Mr. Striker, who appears on The Right Strike & Mike, is a prolific activist with “hot-hot-hot” takes.  No White Guide (NWG/Jason) also gives a shout-out & an invite to the guys of TDS to come on the show in future; Sven, Mike Enoch, & Alex McNabb.  NWG discusses the hyper-individualism that turns one of our greatest strengths into a weakness; the genetic disposition Westmen have towards individualism.  A/W’s have exploited this quality into a weakness to be turned against us. 

                                                Key points:       ● Jordan Peterson & his doctrine of individualism for White men – Is he a snake oil salesman?    ● No hyper-individualist doctrine has ever survived – We will only have our individual well-being by way of our entire group’s well-being   ● Radical individualism always loses to a group dynamic.   NWG:  “In a world of groups, individuals are always conquered.”

17:45 – 38:32                      NWG brings Clarion Wakefield into the show:   Clarion introduces herself & notes her appreciation of the positive spirit that is the culture in the NWG community & comments.  Clarion:  “I have been a mother for 15 years; Mother’s Day is a special time for our people to honor.”

NWG key points on Mother’s Day :       ● Education of women has a negative correlation to the production of children    ● White women in our ideal world would have options  –  Our young girls are not being given a choice and are given a negative picture of motherhood    ● Encourage our girls to have children young; get education later    ● Women ‘larping’ (from the reference ‘live action role play’) as men during the best years of their life & peak sexual market value   
● Strong families make us a strong nation    ● Anti-White (A/W) denigration of motherhood has a deleterious effect on women; leads to harmful irreversible decisions    ● Go Free –  Teach your children how the A/W’s try to harm families & then they will see it for themselves out  in the world.  You children will see you as ‘all-powerful’ for knowing this; and not think that you’re just saying “No” to everything. 

Clarion’s key points on Mother’s Day:      ● White people are high investment parents & end up having less children …  “I wish we’d had many  more children!”     ● A/W Narrative on having children:  “If you really love children, you won’t have too many to take care of.”  –  Clarion:  “Have a lot of babies, ladies; because they’re amazing!”   ● Model for your children how special being a mother is; show both sons & daughters how honorable motherhood is   ● The A/W messaging we get is that children are a burden & motherhood is tiresome; so A/W’s focus on Mother’s Day is of women ‘escaping’ for the day from the ‘drudgery’.

39:43 – 46:25                      Commenter asks:   “How did the White race come to be?       NWG:  “Science has become just another religion.”  Science continues to argue over where anything has come from.   Much is still unknown.

                                Key points:       ● “The God of the gaps”; unknown things are later ‘filled in’ with articles of faith, “God did it”;  and then taken as fact     ● The ‘missing link’ discovery was later & quietly debunked   ● Those who disagree with science today are considered troglodytes, heretics  –  And then the science changes a few years later   ● We can’t say with certainty where the White race came from  –  But at some point we were a single tribe, and we were against all the world  –  And we PREVAILED!   NWG:  “We conquered all that sought to conquer us! 

49:10 – 54:00                      Clarion on When the White race started: “What really matters is that at one time we were a single people and we need to become that again!”  Clarion is a traditional Anglican $ started out in her youth at an Evangelical church.  Became a Christian as an adult & a more traditional Christian as she became connected to the traditions of our people. 

Key points:       ● Clarion on Christians & Pagans and divisive infighting — “We’re White; we need to be building bridges, not burning them!    ● Reclaim the traditions of early Christianity

55:39 – 1:12:46                  Buzzard Feed (Buzz-Feed) article on Katie McHugh:  –  A Cautionary tale of trusting people in the movement.   

NWG key points :       ● Katie McHugh is clearly in poor health….she looks like a corpse; and these people are mocking her     ●  Katie McHugh is an example of how there is no placating the anti-Whites  –  She is not Anti-White enough for them,  even though she has turned to being an Anti-White. 

Clarion key points :      ● Clarion:  The phenomena of people deserting to “get out before it’s too late” – people leaving the movement & expecting to make money off of it, and get in the good graces of the A/W’s     ● Katie McHugh ‘ratted out’ everyone, even before this article.  She was working as a ‘source’ before she left the movement     ● Make sure you know how people came into the movement & what they have been doing since they’ve been here before you trust anyone     ● ‘Edge-Lords’ and those who join the movement just for titillation and then get bored    ● There are serious consequences to being who we are  –  Katie McHugh fell apart as soon as the negative consequences came     ● Katie was not here for White ‘positivity’ – She was obviously nor ideologically committed & she cashed in by turning traitor 

1:16:13 – 1:20:18               Clarion on her current work & contact info:     Plans  to have a YouTube channel by the end of the month called ‘Take Up Your Oar’ …”When the wind will not serve you, push against the (anti-White) current.”

NWG on religious doctrine:  Only as good as the people who interpret it   –  Do not use any of the individual ideologies to divide us.  Whites are not & will not be a mono-culture; we will have room for many ideas & different hues when we recapture our destiny. 

1:20:42 – 1:23:01               A question in the Comments:   “Why are the countries that made up the former Soviet Block not as Anti-White as Western Societies?  How were they able to preserve their cultures?”
NWG responds:   The ideology of the Communist system was protecting their people from the degenerate “openness” of Western societies.  We in the west are given the illusion of freedom; a prison of the mind, which is worse. 

Key points :        ● Closed society prevented  MP’s from influencing and infecting their people
 ● As communists were losing  control economically & militarily, they sought to control their peoples lives more & more     ● With minds uninfected by the Anti-Whitism (anti + White + ism) of the West, when the iron curtain fell it was easy for the people to remember their culture & heritage  –  It had not been erased from their consciousness   

1:23:06 – 1:50:22               (Cont’d)  Discussion of Katie McHugh:     Katie is a traitor to all her people, and Buzz-Feed’s ‘morality’ is that even though Katie is a good little traitor, even though she has sold her soul to the devil, it’s still not enough for the Anti-Whites.  Clarion & NWG discuss McHugh’s leaking of emails….even those from people who were asking how they could help her.  Clarion has no sympathy for her; naming her  ”Traitor Katy”.   NWG –  She is indeed a traitor, but has sympathy for her obviously poor health. 

NWG key points :       ● Dr William Luther Pierce;  ‘We want the best!’    ● In the rise of Donald Trump, a lot more people came to the cause – People can seem genuine and be mentally challenged, misfits    ● We attract some people who are dysfunctional, cranks who don’t get along with the world  –  Good people see this & don’t want to be a part of it      ● You have to be smart about who you’re talking to; keep people at a distance, maintain layers of trust    ● Will the leader/content producer be stable under fire?   ● Imagine every single statement you make getting read before a judge before you speak it

Clarion key points :      ● Young people like to be edgy; don’t say anything you wouldn’t say publicly     ● Using racial slurs becomes too easy in private company & will eventually happen in public  –  Don’t use ‘naughty’ words!

1:51:39 – 1:53:43               Dealing with trolls on social media:    We are sales people for WWB; here to help others mature socio-politically.   If you can reply to a troll in a way to serve WWB or use them as an example with others, do so.    If it is someone who is vehemently A/W, don’t waste your time – just block them!

1:53:58 – 1:58:48               NWG responds to a flier:    NWG breaks down the A/W illogic, and advises to NEVER use the term “reverse-racism”, “racist”, or “racism”.   Those saying that Whites are solely responsible for slavery are living in a FANTASY world!! 

2:00:11 – 2:07:13               Reaching those who are not A/W but just don’t care deeply about WWB:  – You have to be the message.  Be filled with the energy and the power of WWB. 

                                                NWG Key points:       ● Talk about all the good things, the GLORY of the West.  NWG:  “People want nothing more in their lives than something truly valuable to live for.” 

Clarion key points :      ● Being positive is so important for our people –  When people see too much trauma, they just tune out    ● Frame things in terms of the framework of OUR story; our people, our history     ● Give people the opportunity to see what is in our Bio-spirit & it will speak to them.  “Remind people why we matter & then they’ll want to fight for us.  Because we’re good people.”

2:14:10 – 3:10:13               Who is White?  –   NWG on perspective from conversations he has been having about “who is white?”  This can be a sticky subject; it difficult for a lot of content creators.  

NWG key points :       ● Anti-Whites use this question to try to undermine White Wwll-Being, asking where exactly is the line between White & Non-White?    ● Three Questions:  1) at what percent of admixture does non-White DNA make someone Non-White?  2) How ‘mixed’ can someone be and still be allowed or permitted to mix with Whites?  3) If a non-White is in the service of WWB, they would not want to reproduce with us and inflict White erasure on us —  Wouldn’t that mean the person with Non-White admixture is then not White? 

Clarion key points :      ● Three Questions:  1) Do you look White?    2) Would you be targeted in a race riot?  (From the Milwaukee race riots:  “He White!  Beat his ass!”)   3) Would you be run out of a space for people of color only?   ● Clarion’s standards/threshold:  First threshold:  Anyone who looks white and wouldn’t be accepted as a person of color –   Second threshold:  Assuming that others identify you as White, that you have to identify yourself as White and White alone  –   Third Threshold:  Do you have some kind of non-White get out of jail free card?   If you can be legally discriminated against, then you’re White   ● Everything is so anti-White & the White community is so small; why have people who are multi-racial diluting it?   ● It’s also how people in the community feel around you   ● Every pay-off, every societal incentive, is for identifying as & being NON-white!  

NWG Clarification:      ● The debate over a ‘goal’ rather than a ‘state’ –  A goal is active; a state is passive.  The work for WWB is active.     ● We do not have the power and luxury to worry about this right now  –  Focus on the challenges that are right in front of us   ● White is more than a set of genetic markers –  It is our spirits, our Bio-Sprits.   The projection of our Bio-Spirits is Western Civilization & Western Culture    ● On serving WWB:  It can be taken up by our people and used anywhere in the Western World –  Going Free empowers our people psychologically and culturally.

3:12:45 – 3:20:52               Clarion & NWG with final thoughts on “Who is White?:     NWG clarifies his position of who is White in our current context versus the situation when we regain control of our destiny &can offer incentives.  Endless debates about what admixture percentage is acceptable is only going to turn-off/frighten away the majority of Whites with normal sensibilities. 

3:25:10 – 3:26:19               Commenter asks:  What about  “Ashkenazi” Jews:  –  “They call themselves White; By your standards, are they not White?”  NWG responds.

3:26:40 – 3:29:51                “Time and conflict are eventually going to decide for us who is White.”  –   The only people who will end up on our side are those who have skin in the game.

3:30:22 – 3:42:26               Clarion on the difference between work & family associates  –   Those who have a “get out of White-Jail Free Card’ are always going to be a liability; why get entangled with them now?  Clarion:  “If you can ever identify as not-White, I think it’s (your involvement) is dangerous to the movement and the hearts of the people in it.  I’m not being a purity spiral-er.”  
NWG’s response:   “White people don’t like the idea of second-classing someone because of immutable characteristics.” 

3:45:19 – 3:48:03               NWG mini-rant on counter-productive “Who is White/Who is Whiter” purity spiraling:  ..”How valuable is it to be White if you’re anti-White?”

3:51:05 – 4:02:33               NWG & Clarion thoughts on Mother’s Day:     Use every single opportunity to reach friends, family & strangers…  Especially on this special day.   Talk about hush crimes.  Also, tips on dealing with anti-White family members:   “The time for niceties is PAST!”  

4:03:10 – 4:06:00               NWG Closing Message of Inspiration:  Use the word “Westernkind”.   We are so much more than just a skin tone! 


4-24-19:                                What are the Meme-Pathogens Destroying Your Life | Going Free | No White Guilt

5:56 – 6:59                           Using the Lexicon of Going Free:   –  We use the term “Anti-Whites”.  Do not call our Victimizers by the terms they use, or by other terms that confuse who & what they really are.   Use the term “Anti-White” in general conversation.  

                                                Key point:      ● To communicate in the most powerful way use the Lexicon of Going Free, be scrupulous in your use of language.   

8:29 – 11:26                        Question for NWG (No White Guilt/Jason):  –  Should we use the term Anti-White in Europe?  Or, would it be better to say “Anti-German”, “Anti-English”, etc.  NWG responds:   No – we don’t want to re-open long standing animosities that exist in Europe among some countries. 

Key point:     ● The attack by the A/Ws (Anti-Whites) is not on the “English” or the “Germans” –  We all know that the attack is on WHITE people. 

11:29 – 16:11                      “White Erasure” versus “White Genocide”:  –  The term “White Genocide” is complicated to explain to those who are not highly politically aware.  You will lose your audience trying to explain why genocide does not necessarily mean concentration camps and emaciated bodies.  “White Erasure”, however, is completely obvious and everyone can see it happening in real-time. 

19:53 – 27:14                      Effective Use of Agitprop:  –   NWG discusses plans for fliers; possible downloads of samples to use at the No White Guilt Collectibles website.  Ideas are welcome of what would be the most powerful& effective messaging.  Jason also discusses the ongoing battle of censorship:  “Censor me from one platform, and I join two more!”  

                                                Key points     ● Ideas for t-shirts, hats, & bumper stickers  –  Be a billboard for White Well-being; start a conversation    ● Podcasts of all the No White Guilt streams are now available on Spreaker    ● When attacked &censored by the A/W’s the only proper response is to take it up a notch!

28:24 – 30:20                      What Victory looks like Today:  – The malaise our people experience is a reaction to all the injury inflicted upon us, and what appears to be a lack of progress.  NWG:  “Victory today is not planting a flag on the lawns of our Victimizers”.   Victory today is shifting the context to give us more opportunities. 

                                                Key point:     ● There is nothing to be black-pilled about  –  Every effort you make by working for WWB (White well-being) helps to shift the context. 

33:05 – 35:30                      Focusing on the Current Context:  –  Clear focus on the hurdles in front of us in required.  Contemplating violence against the governments of the West is “suicidal” & extremely counter-productive; it harms all of us in the White-positive sphere deeply when someone attempts violence.

                                                Key point:     ● Focus on bringing this message of Going Free, love & redemption, to friends, family, and strangers

36:15 – 41:25                      NWG on the Practicalities and Limitations of ‘Prepping’:   –  It is wise to prepare for a limited, natural disaster type situation, which would result in an interruption of the availability of basic necessities.  Beyond that, it is not possible to prepare for long-term survival; and prepping becomes counter-productive.  

(Discussion of ‘prepping’  breaks briefly at 38:34 and resumes at 39:39)

                                                Key point:      ● You will not be able to survive indefinitely holed up in a bunker someplace

43:00 – 50:49                      Christianity has been defeated by International Finance:  –  NWG discusses the Notre Dame Cathedral & possible Anti-White agendas at work to corrupt it’s rebuilding.  Will it be remade into a temple to multi-racialism? 

                                                Key points:      ● Two forms of power in human society:  1) Faith of what can be &  2) The ability to exchange via currency, obtained by one’s labor or ideas, for what one desires to acquire    
● A/W’s defeated Christianity a long time ago  –  And now the church interprets Christianity through an Anti-White lens.

52:10 – 55:00                      Introduction of the main topic of today’s Going Free stream  –  Meme Pathogens (MP’s):    First NWG addresses Atheism & his experiences seeking a church that would not be Anti-White.

                                                Key point:      ● NWG:  “I am not an atheist; 100% I believe there is a creator.”

57:26 – 59:36                      Meme Pathogens (MP’s):  –   The word “meme” was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book, “The Selfish Gene”.   It refers to ideas, beliefs, and behavior patterns which spread from person to person through a society, in a manner analogous to the transmission of genes.  A “pathogen” is anything that can cause sickness.  A sickness interferes with the functionality of a living organism.

                                                Key points:      ● Jason (NWG) coined the term “Meme Pathogen” to refer to the Anti-White precepts with which you & your loved ones have been infected, and are constantly in the process of being infected.  We are bombarded with MP’s daily, and infected with them from the very beginning of our lives.    ● The Trump election campaign of 2016 was fortuitous in spreading the word “Meme” so that it became commonplace & people knew what it means   
●  Much of the information covered here is in the 1st edition of NWG’s book, “Going Free – and all of it will be in the 2nd edition

59:40 – 1:01:10                  Reforming May Day & Reforming Christianity:   A commenter suggests we do socially beneficial activities as a group to reform May Day  & NWG envision how Christianity could be reformed by sewing White Well-being into all aspects of it, as has been done with Anti-Whitism.   

Key points:      ● White People made Christianity what it is….It doesn’t exist without the Western mind     ● The only proper view of Christianity is through the lens of White Well-being

1:01:15 – 1:06:35               Some examples of common Meme Pathogens:  –  ● Westmen are hateful; either consciously or unconsciously, or both     ● That White people are uniquely wicked   ●That we are morally inferior       ● That we are intellectual thieves   ● That we are predators, corrupters, persecutors
● That we are exploiters and colonizers    ● That we are solely responsible for slavery   ●That we owe all of our achievements to Non-Whites   ● That we have no culture   ● That we don’t EXIST

                                                Inescapable Conclusions of the General Themes of MP’s:  –  Meme Pathogens are a very intelligent way of controlling human behavior; MP’s work like a computer circuit board ….
And are programmed so that all of the possibilities you could arrive at serve Anti-Whitism.  That is how MP’s are so insidiously effective!  Also, further discussion of the corrupted Church.  

                                                Key points:     ● Focus for the lack of achievement & failures of Non-Whites is blamed on  imaginary phenomena like “White Privilege”    ● More deeply ingrained MP’s:   White people are not a people; Non-Whites are intrinsically virtuous; White people are the only people who are deemed ‘guilty’ of the ‘sins’ of our forefathers

1:06:49 – 1:10:25               The MP (Meme Pathogen) is the Anti-White ‘Precept’;  — but the Precept is not the only element of the MP:   –    An MP is broken into two halves:  1)  The precept itself — such as, Whites are responsible for slavery  —  2) And the SIM:   The Structural Interpretive Mandate.  The SIM tells you what you are supposed to think about the precept — And more importantly, what you are supposed to think about those who agree with it; and what you are supposed to think about those who disagree with it.              

1:10:40 – 1:19:11               Commenters in the ‘chat’ provide examples of MP’s:   –   NWG also explains how MP’s are sometimes delivered in constellations, in which one MP legitimizes, validates, & reinforces the other MP(s).  MP’s rely on circular reasoning– which is a fallacy, faulty logic, but works very effectively on the human brain.  Single MP’s work very effectively on children; as we grow into awareness and maturity, constellations of MP’s are powerfully effective on adults.  NWG explores the MP of “Whites are uniquely responsible for slavery” & adds others to the list. 

                                                Key points:     ● We do not use the words or terminology of White oppression – Don’t use the language of our victimizers    ● We have to build counter-triggers for MP’s because you cannot erase them once they are rooted in the subconscious mind

1:24:16 – 1:47:54               Doing the Work of Going Free:  This is something completely different   –  Going Free (GF) is a cultural, spiritual psychological, approach to heal you psychologically.  MPs also cause you to make bad and even dangerous decisions in life.  The more MP’s you discover, the more you realize you have.  MPs also have a massive deleterious effect on your health. 

Also discussed is a Powerful & Deadly MP:    The MP that you existed before you were born; and your soul was randomly assigned to your body.   This makes our race & our identity something that is nothing more than chance, and undermines EVERYTHING about White Well-being.  Your Western birthright is not “luck”!   NWG:  “You cannot be anything other than what you are!”

Key points:     ● NWG:  “You have a great and glorious spirit in you; you are a member of Westernkind!”     ● “Easter worshippers” being killed  –  ‘Hush crimes’ when attacks on churches & cathedrals go against the A/W narrative    ● Christianity is still the religion of the White race   ● Corrosive Sunday school songs that are filled with Meme Pathogens

1:48:28 – 2:18:47               Discussion continues of various MP’s (Meme Pathogens)  –   NWG reviews the concept of Meme Pathogens.   A Meme Pathogen is an anti-White precept, such as “Whites are uniquely responsible for slavery”.  Attached to the precept is something called a SIM (Structural Interpretive Mandate).  The ‘SIM’ tells you what to think about the precept; what to think about those people who agree with it –  And most importantly, what to think about the kind of people who disagree with it. 

                                                How to identify MP’s :  “Seeing the snake amongst the leaf litter”   –   The Meme Pathogen is the Anti-White precept; however, the precept is not the only element of the MP.    Begin your own list of the MP’s that come to your mind.  The first one you think of will be the ones that you are most infected with.  You will also remember MPs that come from other times in your life that caused you to make mistakes in life.

                                                More examples Meme Pathogens that contain A/W Precepts:   ● dumb blonde jokes  ● red-heads have terrible tempers    ● white people can’t dance    ● we all bleed red    ● Polish jokes
● being afraid in a non-White area is racist   ●we are a nation of immigrants  

Key points:     ● The way to combat Meme Pathogens is to develop counter-triggers to the MP’s  – These are Meme Curatives (MC’s) which will be a topic in am upcoming GF stream    ● If you can become healthier by reducing stress, then you can become healthier by reducing Meme Pathogens    ● Angrily stop people who use MP’s –  they are insulting you as a White person
● Keep a running list of MP’s – Tweet & GAB them to raise awareness of MP’s to others  

What has been the effect of MP’s on us as a People:     ● NWG:   “We don’t build Notre Dame Cathedrals anymore.”    ● Parents with low expectations of us because of MP’s    ● Liberate yourself with this Curative Contagion (CC):  “There is a Galileo inside each of you!”    ● What you put in your head is more important than what you put in your mouth

2:20:45 – 2:22:42               NWG closing message of inspiration:   “You will be empowered by coming to White Well-being….Keep it Promethean.”

                                                Key points:     ● No hyper-individualism here in Going Free; we are the family of Westernkind


4-17-19 Europe Censors my Content | The Holocaust of the West – Notre Dame | Going Free | No White Guilt


0:05 / 2:11:24 Going Free in Europe – VPN.

0:15 / 2:11:24 Greetings to Chat Members. 

0:51 / 2:11:24 Opening Comments. Proof of Concept and Censorship in Europe. 

3:25 / 2:11:24 Anti-White Doctrine and their effort to Deny Whites the Antidote and Tools to Spread White Well-Being. 

5:07 / 2:11:24 Overcoming Censorship Roadblocks and Victory. 

6:30 / 2:11:24 Share, Spread the Word and Reach Out.

7:02 / 2:11:24 Greeting To Chat Members Continued. Change Country Location.

7:40 / 2:11:24 Crowd Sourcing Knowledge to Circumvent Anti-White Censorship.  

8:32 / 2:11:24 Greetings to Members Continued. Super-chat: Red Ice Member.

9:18 / 2:11:24 Reminder to Tag when making Suggestions or asking Questions in Chat.

10:00 / 2:11:24 Super-chat: Honourable Man can not be Defeated Even in Death. UK Member.

10:30 / 2:11:24 The Global Phenomena of White Well-Being. Nationalism and Unification of Diverse Groups will Not Suffice. The Anti-Whites have demonstrated that the Anti-White Doctrine is a Threat to their Domination.  

13:04 / 2:11:24 Interaction with Chat Members and suggestions to Purchase Jason’s books.

13:36 / 2:11:24 Super-chat: VPN set to Hong Kong. Share How You Avoid Censorship of White Well-Being Streams in Chat.

14:07 / 2:11:24 If in Europe, Share with other Europeans how you are able to Access Content.

14:31 / 2:11:24 Brits can Access NWG Videos via TOR. Streaming is accessible but not archived Videos.

15:00 / 2:11:24 Reaction garnered when Using the Lexicon and Dialectics comparable to throwing water on an Electrical Panel and watching it Short Circuit.

16:21 / 2:11:24 YouTube Settings Change Your Location to a Country outside of the EU.

17:04 / 2:11:24 Ryan O.: Jason’s Streams Come just when He Needs Them.

17:22 / 2:11:24 How Jason Responds to Anti-White Rhetoric.

17:51 / 2:11:24 Recent Interview with Dr. Duke is Gone.

18:30 / 2:11:24 Feeling Defeated because Jason has been Censored in the UK. Jason responds that his Confidence has gone through the Roof.

19:15 / 2:11:24 Two Countries in the EU do have access. VPN Example: Open VPN, open New Tab, choose Iceland load video to see if it Plays. Get Back to Jason with Results.

20:32 / 2:11:24 Jason’s Books NOT yet Banned on Amazon. Or You can Go to to acquire books.

21:03 / 2:11:24 Why Would Europe Ban Jason? Because Jason’s message undermines their control of Your Mind.  

22:45 / 2:11:24 Meme Pathogens. Do Not Debate them on any of their Anti-White Pretexts. If they Arrive at an Anti-White Conclusion, Reject their Argument and ask Why They are So Anti-White. Reject Anti-White Conclusions. 

25:01 / 2:11:24 Changing Location from UK to US Works.

25:13 / 2:11:24 Dr. Duke’s video has been deleted from YT, but is available on Bitchute. (see link below)

25:44 / 2:11:24 Status of Dr. Duke’s Video Library.

26:15 / 2:11:24 Stream is Available in the UK via Firefox with no VPN.

26:48 / 2:11:24 Viewing fine from Malta with no use of VPN or change of Location.

27:06 / 2:11:24 Dr. Duke and Jason’s video deleted from Dr. Duke’s Website. Jason will be uploading all video’s that have been taken down.

27:52 / 2:11:24 Video is Uploaded, but in ‘Limited” State.

28:17 / 2:11:24 Stream Visible, but Not Videos.

28:26 / 2:11:24 Can Europeans view, stream and videos, while using a VPN? Which Browser’s are Viewer’s Using?

29:07 / 2:11:24 Another Happy Purchaser of Born Guilty.

29:51 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Harken to White Erasure. 

30:04 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Iceland and Finland can view Videos and Streams. Russia is also Shadow-banned. 

31:53 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Keep Up the Good Work! Europeans returning to future Streams will need to check their options, e.g., Browser, Location and VPN.

32:24 / 2:11:24 Conformation Firefox is Enabling People in Europe to View the Stream.

33:13 / 2:11:24 Swede Concerned about Purchasing using Online Book Outlets. Jason suggests purchasing directly from his Shop, who ships worldwide.

33:49 / 2:11:24 Outthinking Censorship.

34:03 / 2:11:24 Other Races Legitimizing Our Movement?

34:15 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: No Videos in Denmark, but can View Stream using Google Crome.

35:04 / 2:11:24 Jason’s Interviews being placed in Limited State on all Channels?

35:30 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: The channel of “Der Volkslehrer” (German) aloud got put into limited state and they also closed his Bank Account. 

36:14 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: How Would you Respond to these Anti-White Comments?

37:01 / 2:11:24 So far it seems only Jason’s Interview is Censored.

37:27 / 2:11:24 Share Stream!

37:47 / 2:11:24 “Der Volkslehrer” Won the Dispute with YT, but Bank Account remains Closed. Christian Group had their Bank Account Shut Down.

38:35 / 2:11:24 Best of the White Positive Sphere. 

39:12 / 2:11:24 Black Career Criminal “Randomly” Targets, Landen Hoffman,

 White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America.

40:23 / 2:11:24 As a Family We All Have Skills to Contribute to White-Wellbeing. We are an actual Movement, a Family of People who are Tackling the Obstacles that keep us from Capturing our Destiny.  

41:42 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat:  Huge Increase of the term Anti-White on normie Twitter. They Can’t Shut it Down. When you encounter Normie’s using our Lexicon make sure you tell them where to get more information, e.g., Jason’s Books, Channel and Website. Extend a Helping Hand, don’t just leave them Stranded and Floundering on their own. Help Them Go Free!

42:39 / 2:11:24 Archiving Jason’s Videos.

43:07 / 2:11:24 Is not Landen Hoffman’s attack an Anti-White Hate Crime? If Trump had a Little Boy he would look like Landen.  This could have been your Child, you should be Outraged. 

48:36 / 2:11:24 Applause and Going Free in the EU.

49:06 / 2:11:24 Contact Jared George, Streaming of TAP to go Forward in the EU.

49:44 / 2:11:24 Support from Chat Members.

49:58 / 2:11:24 How is Landen currently, please report in the Chat. Why is this not being reported in the National News? If it was a Black Child it would be Headlined in International News. This is a Hush Crime.

52:16 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Every donation is a Treasure.

53:41 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: The enemy’s #1 agenda is to prevent us from becoming race-realists. Once we ALL agree on the truth, things will change fast! 

54:14 / 2:11:24 Share the Stream!

54:31 / 2:11:24 Landen, in Serious, but Stable Condition.

54:55 / 2:11:24 Logical Fallacy spouted by NPCs and Anti-Whites that this could Not have been Predicted. Argument: we may be harmed by Y, does not follow that increasing our chances of harm by X. If near the Hospital set-up Vigil, Photograph and Share.  

1:00:18 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Remember to Share the Stream.

1:01:00 / 2:11:24 Spreading the Message. New and upcoming items to purchase at the Shop, i.e., stickers.

1:01:44 / 2:11:24 Empowering Yourselves with the Tools in ‘Going Free,’ then Reaching Out.

1:02:26 / 2:11:24 Never Use the MP Multiculturalism, instead use Multi-Racialism. Multiculturalism has always led the Race- and Civil War.  

1:05:52 / 2:11:24 Multi-Ethnic rather than Multi-Cultural? 

1:06:54 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: The Claim that any Foreigner can Adopt our Culture. State of Diffidence until the Achieve the Courage of Numbers.  

1:08:16 / 2:11:24 Go Fund Me for Landen Hoffman. 

1:09:29 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Bless Landen Hoffman.

1:10:06 / 2:11:24  Chat Comment: Economics is our strength, if we pull ALL our wealth out of the (((system))). Then move to recruit the farmers, its a WIN, VICTORY, CHECKMATE.

1:10:20 / 2:11:24 Removing the word “Holocaust” from Episode Title.

1:10:40 / 2:11:24 Thank you for the Invite. 

1:11:12 / 2:11:24 Jason Compelled to Hyper-drive in the Cause of White Well-Being when hearing about the attack upon Landen. A Sleepless Night. A Day of Infamy: 2019-04-13. 

1:14:49 / 2:11:24 Notre Dame Burning to the Ground an Example of White Erasure. A Symbol of our Beauty, Character, the Expression of our Bio-Spirit. 

1:17:10 / 2:11:24 Just a Building and it is White Supremacy to Care. They Know that to Destroy what we Cherish separates us from what brings us Harmony. 

1:20:15 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Is anyone else here old enough to have seen Paris before I looked like Beirut?

1:20:44 / 2:11:24 Comment from Chat.

1:21:01 / 2:11:24 Racial is a More Powerful Term.

1:21:12 / 2:11:24 Nine Words.

1:21:36 / 2:11:24 Share the Stream.

1:21:50 / 2:11:24 Macon stated, “at Least no one Died, it will be rebuilt.” We Can’t Even Ask whether or not this was Terrorism or We Will be Censored. The Strength of Equality. 

1:30:45 / 2:11:24 This May have not Happened if France had not imported Millions of Anti-White Non-Whites. What will happen Next: Deflection, White Nationalists at Fault. 

1:31:44 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Macron states, “Diversity Will Rebuild.” 

1:32:11 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: For Landen and All White Children, We Must Go Free. 

1:32:55 / 2:11:24 Super Chat. No Comment.

1:33:05 / 2:11:24 Mystery Figure Walking across Gallery.

1:33:42 / 2:11:24 Martin Sellner’s video taken Down. We can’t Question the Anti-White Regime.

1:34:21 / 2:11:24 Accidental Fire.

1:34:50 / 2:11:24 Man in a White Turban and Robe.

1:35:05 / 2:11:24 Keep an Eye on Who can Freely Discuss Notre Dame and Not be Taken Down.

1:35:17 / 2:11:24 We are All being Demoralized, Petty Differences should Not Divide Us.

1:35:30 / 2:11:24 Best Channel for the Cause of White Well-Being.

1:35:53 / 2:11:24 Missed a Super-Chat.

1:36:12 / 2:11:24 Macron states, “Rebuilding will be a Multi-Racial Project.”

1:36:44 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: LBTQ+ Agenda is both Anti-White and as a tool to Deconstruct Foreign Traditions and Mores.

1:37:48 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: “Can we even mention what an integral and unique part of our Western Bio-Spirit it is to value and protect other race‘s and other religion‘s historic and religious symbols and monuments?”

1:39:19 / 2:11:24 Super-chat: A Symbol of the Western Spirit being Broken.

1:40:17 / 2:11:24 Continued: What will happen Next: Deflection, Speculate that White Nationalists at Fault, and Multi-Racial Rebuilding. If deemed intentional act of Arson on behalf of Anti-Whites, the cry will be ‘Not All Non-Whites.’

1:41:40 / 2:11:24 What More Are They Going to Take? 

1:42:05 / 2:11:24 Heathen Traditionalist quoted from ‘Born Guilty’ King’s Battle Speech on Twitter.  

1:46:31 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Multi-Culturalism is a Death Cult for Whites.

1:47:06 / 2:11:24 $300!! Super-Chat from Qbek

1:47:51 / 2:11:24 Anti-Whites Filling the World with Hatred Against Our People. Notre Damn Symbolic of Setting Our Soul on Fire.

1:49:26 / 2:11:24 WhiteDate – White People Dating Site:

1:49:37 / 2:11:24 The Phone Call. EU has Censored All of your Content! What could be the Reason for this Action?  

1:53:11 / 2:11:24 Qbek, Thank you for your $300 Investment. Thank you Everyone Here for Contributing and Spreading Our Message.

1:53:30 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Doris makes $50 Investment. Notre Dame was built over 800 years ago, yet the Wheel was nowhere to be found in Subsaharan Africa.

1:54:26 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Struck by both the Burning of Notre Damn but also the 

stories of Landen Hoffman and Aaron Dugmore who committed suicide after enduring Anti-White bullying. 

1:55:02 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Thank you for your Investment in White Well-Being.

1:55:32 / 2:11:24 They Have Lost the Argument of Ideas and Fairness. They have Lost and Thus they Resort to Silencing us via Censorship. 

1:56:17 / 2:11:24 That Fateful Monday when Venmo made it clear that they are Against White Well-Being. List of Anti-White Well-Being Organizations, Individuals, Businesses, etc., on Jason’s Website.

1:58:22 / 2:11:24 There is No Stopping Us and We Will Get Our Message Out there by all Means Possible.

1:59:20 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: After everything that has happened to us – let us never forget the amazing progress that we have already made and how powerful our message is. This year truly is the year of the First European Sunrise! Hail Victory!  

2:01:19 / 2:11:24 Monday I Saw My Soul Set Alight. YT Deleting over One Dozen Videos. Proof Positive that We are on the Right Track.  

2:02:34 / 2:11:24 Share the Stream.

2:03:04 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Seeing Red Donates Twice.

2:03:18 / 2:11:24 Share in Chat What Ideas do You Have, or What We Can Do Our Message to a Broader Audience? Alternative Means to Accessing Video Content and Live Streams. 

2:04:41 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Video Reference. 

2:04:52 / 2:11:24 I’m A Son of Western-Kind. 

2:05:42 / 2:11:24 Spred this info Far and Wide, Especially to Our European Brother’s and Sister’s who are now being Denied Access to the Message of White Well-Being.

2:06:20 / 2:11:24 Sharing a Heart Warming Message from a Viewer, who after watching and applying what he’d learned in the video “How to Raise Children White Positive with Clarion.”  

2:11:19 / 2:11:24 Closing Comments. Let’s Go Free!

Clip Suggestions:

3:25 / 2:11:24 Anti-White Doctrine and their effort to Deny Whites the Antidote and Tools to Spread White Well-Being. 

5:07 / 2:11:24 Overcoming Censorship Roadblocks and Victory. 

7:40 / 2:11:24 Crowd Sourcing Knowledge to Circumvent Anti-White Censorship.  

10:30 / 2:11:24 The Global Phenomena of White Well-Being. Nationalism and Unification of Diverse Groups will Not Suffice. The Anti-Whites have demonstrated that the Anti-White Doctrine is a Threat to their Domination.  

21:03 / 2:11:24 Why Would Europe Ban Jason? Because Jason’s message undermines their control of Your Mind.  

22:45 / 2:11:24 Meme Pathogens. Do Not Debate them on any of their Anti-White Pretexts. If they Arrive at an Anti-White Conclusion, Reject their Argument and ask Why They are So Anti-White. Reject Anti-White Conclusions. 

29:51 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Harken to White Erasure. 

39:12 / 2:11:24 Black Career Criminal “Randomly” Targets, Landen Hoffman,

 White 5-Year-Old Boy, Throws Him Off 3rd Floor Balcony at Mall of America.

40:23 / 2:11:24 As a Family We All Have Skills to Contribute to White-Wellbeing. We are an actual Movement, a Family of People who are Tackling the Obstacles that keep us from Capturing our Destiny.  

41:42 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat:  Huge Increase of the term Anti-White on normie Twitter. They Can’t Shut it Down. When you encounter Normie’s using our Lexicon make sure you tell them where to get more information, e.g., Jason’s Books, Channel and Website. Extend a Helping Hand, don’t just leave them Stranded and Floundering on their own. Help Them Go Free!

43:07 / 2:11:24 Is not Landen Hoffman’s attack an Anti-White Hate Crime? If Trump had a Little Boy he would look like Landen.  This could have been your Child, you should be Outraged. 

54:55 / 2:11:24 Logical Fallacy spouted by NPCs and Anti-Whites that this could Not have been Predicted. Argument: we may be harmed by Y, does not follow that increasing our chances of harm by X. If near the Hospital set-up Vigil, Photograph and Share.  

Multiculturalism has always led the Race- and Civil War.  

1:05:52 / 2:11:24 Multi-Ethnic rather than Multi-Cultural? 

1:06:54 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: The Claim that any Foreigner can Adopt our Culture. State of Diffidence until the Achieve the Courage of Numbers.  

1:11:12 / 2:11:24 Jason Compelled to Hyper-drive in the Cause of White Well-Being when hearing about the attack upon Landen. A Sleepless Night. A Day of Infamy: 2019-04-13. 

1:14:49 / 2:11:24 Notre Dame Burning to the Ground an Example of White Erasure. A Symbol of our Beauty, Character, the Expression of our Bio-Spirit. 

1:17:10 / 2:11:24 Just a Building and it is White Supremacy to Care. They Know that to Destroy what we Cherish separates us from what brings us Harmony. 

1:21:50 / 2:11:24 Macon stated, “at Least no one Died, it will be rebuilt.” We Can’t Even Ask whether or not this was Terrorism or We Will be Censored. The Strength of Equality. 

1:30:45 / 2:11:24 This May have not Happened if France had not imported Millions of Anti-White Non-Whites. What will happen Next: Deflection, White Nationalists at Fault. 

1:31:44 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Macron states, “Diversity Will Rebuild.” 

1:32:11 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: For Landen and All White Children, We Must Go Free. 

1:42:05 / 2:11:24 Heathen Traditionalist quoted from ‘Born Guilty’ King’s Battle Speech on Twitter.  

1:49:37 / 2:11:24 The Phone Call. EU has Censored All of your Content! What could be the Reason for this Action?  

1:54:26 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: Struck by both the Burning of Notre Damn but also the 

stories of Landen Hoffman and Aaron Dugmore who committed suicide after enduring Anti-White bullying. 

1:55:32 / 2:11:24 They Have Lost the Argument of Ideas and Fairness. They have Lost and Thus they Resort to Silencing us via Censorship. 

1:59:20 / 2:11:24 Super-Chat: After everything that has happened to us – let us never forget the amazing progress that we have already made and how powerful our message is. This year truly is the year of the First European Sunrise! Hail Victory!  

2:01:19 / 2:11:24 Monday I Saw My Soul Set Alight. YT Deleting over One Dozen Videos. Proof Positive that We are on the Right Track.  

2:05:42 / 2:11:24 Spred this info Far and Wide, Especially to Our European Brother’s and Sister’s who are now being Denied Access to the Message of White Well-Being.

2:06:20 / 2:11:24 Sharing a Heart Warming Message from a Viewer, who after watching and applying what he’d learned in the video “How to Raise Children White Positive with Clarion.”  


4-12-19                 All You Need To Know About The “White Nationalism” Hearing | Going Free | No White Guilt

0:01 – 3:39                           Reason for the House Judiciary Committee hearings & The ‘Gift’ they gave us:   –  NWG (No White Guilt/Jason) lays out a step-by-step expert analysis of the hearings.

                                                Key points:     ● The most accurate depiction of the hearings is that it was the House Judiciary Hearings against WHITE IDENTITY    ● The real purpose of the hearings is to persuade the populace to accept extra-legal and even illegal steps against those in the White-positive sphere     ● They are most concerned about the perceptions of the White middle-class, because the White middle-class of America still represents a power that is greater than that wielded by the Anti-White elites   ● They want the middle-class to accept the revocation of the rights of White people by convincing them that White identity is a “National threat.”    ● An “urgent crisis” justifies unusual measures     ● A/W’s need the theater of Law and order’ because White middle-class people crave order and are unsettled by blatant tyranny    ● The risk to the A/W’s is if White people revoke their allegiance to their authority and look elsewhere for leadership

3:40 – 5:44                           Who and What the Anti-Whites seek to Persecute:   –   The Anti-Whites who control the Regime (The A/W power structure of elites that currently controls all Western nations) do not oppose “White Supremacy”.  Nor do they oppose “White Separatism” or “White Nationalism”….. What they oppose is WHITE PEOPLE.  

                                                Quote from the Hearings:  “White Identity groups have a history of oppressing racial, religious, and ethnic minorities and promoting violence.” 

                                                Key Points:      ● The A/W’s are making White Identity synonymous with oppressing racial and religious groups and promoting violence.   So it follows that it is MORAL to oppose White Identity.      ● They seek to invalidate the truth.  To invalidate reality.  We are a People.  We have interests.  And we oppose violence.  

5:45 – 7:10                           Several layers of the Anti-White Narrative are sewn deeply into that disingenuous concept:  –  The hearings reveal a narrative that is now a ridiculous farce —  The narrative that there is still White racial and political hegemony, and that White people are in control of it & organize our societies to benefit ourselves.  Our complete absence of power could not have been made more obvious than by the very existence of these hearings, in which we had zero representation.

                                                Key Points:      ● Never use the word “minority” relative to Non-White people…. The term makes Non-Whites appear to be in a vulnerable state, which elicits sympathy and deference from White people.  White people themselves are a tiny minority of the global population & rapidly becoming minorities in the countries we created. 

7:11 – 9:00                           All of this reveals a “Powerful Treasure” for us:   –   The Anti-Whites that run the powerful & censorious tech companies and dominate our governments, and they have the unlimited means and direct access by which to look into what our people are communicating, thinking & saying, by way of our social messaging, texts, reading & viewing habits, and even our conversations…. And their predictive tools are revealing that the vast majority of White people do NOT want to lose control of their nations and become a minority in their own countries; nor are they willing to live as a despised minority among non-Whites, whose presence is antithetical to our Bio-Spirits.

                                                NWG Concluding Message of Inspiration:  Take heart in this revelation; tomorrow belongs to us!”


4-10-19                 House Judiciary Committee Plots White Erasure | Going Free | No White Guilt

2:35 – 5:54                           Judiciary Committee on “White Nationalism would have banned the Founding Fathers!  –  Federal Reserve entity that came into being in 1913 has a stranglehold over our system of governance.   NWG: “In a world where goods and services are exchanged for currency, he who prints the currency is a veritable God!” 

18:02 – 21:35                      The Anti-Whites want us in despair:   –  NWG, a high school and college athlete, uses a sports metaphor to describe the “focused but flexible” approach we must take to recapture our Destiny  –  “You can’t go in with an attitude of hoping you won’t lose; because, you will.  You have to WANT to win.”

                                                Key points:     ● Be flexible in what winning will look like when we get there  –  Don’t get bogged down in the details of contexts that may never materialize   ● We have to go forward wanting White well-being  (WWB) every day 

22:05 – 25:01                      Very real concerns and some irrational fears:   There is a hidden, silent majority of people who share the sentiments of those of us in the White-positive sphere, but are terrified of being found out by an Anti-White (A/W) tribunal…Will they be ‘doxxed’ and lose their jobs just for subscribing to the NWG channel?

                                                Key points:     ● If the Anti-Whites really want to find you, they will    ● You are safe here in the Community of Going Free

25:48 – 29:04                      NWG discusses further his life in sports as it applies to the White-positive (WP) sphere:  Stay focused on the goal.

30:39 – 34:14                      The Different Approach of Going Free:   NWG’s Going Free (GF) series is not a channel that just shares new & opinions.  What we do here is focus on saving Westernkind and recapturing our Destiny. 

                                                Key point:     ● GF is a psychological and cultural approach that undermines the Anti-White ideology our people are infected with, which are called Meme Pathogens (MP’s)

34:18 – 35:30                      Do not call Democrats ‘Liberals’:  –  The House Judiciary hearing on “White Nationalism” is being held by ANTI-WHITES, regardless of the label they chose for themselves. 

38:46 – 39:47                      We will be the People who survive…..

41:05 – 47:50                      “The Regime” is a single Anti-White entity:  –  The A/W’s hold the pinnacle of power in the WP sphere and form a single anti-White edifice.

48:35 – 55:14                      Inspirational History Lesson from NWG:  –   Remembering the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ and honoring our ancestors, Jason relates an anecdote from that period that is illustrative of the sense of pride we should all have:  ”There stands General Jackson like a stone wall.”

Key point:     ● Jordan Peterson trying to prevent our young men from taking pride in our accomplishments and those of our ancestors

1:02:30 – 1:05:02               We need leaders who are strong men like Andrew Jackson:   –   NWG:  “We don’t need another television personality like Trump.”

1:05:03 – 1:06:09               When an area becomes too dangerous for you as a White person:  –  NWG discusses strategic withdrawal from an area when it becomes unsafe for you and your family.  If you are at all able to relocate, move.  “This is not surrender”, but is instead a survival tactic. 

1:08:18 – 2:12:06               Hearings on “White Nationalism”:  –  The hearings have calculatingly redefined “White Nationalism” as something that is an infliction of harm on all Non-Whites, rather than its true meaning of White people who desire to live and work around other White people, separately from Non-Whites, and to preserve our culture and political systems that were created by and for US.  NWG: “It (the hearings) makes your identity an infliction of harm.”  White identity groups are portrayed as a National security threat.  Our multi-racial society has been created by the Anti-White elites and the resulting problems are being blamed solely on White people – while the vast majority of the problems are created by NON-WHITES.  The conclusion of the hearings is that YOU are the problem! 

                                                Key points:     ● Key question the hearings seek to determine is what will the White, working Middle-class of America put up?  The hearings seek to create the perception that “White Nationalism” is an “urgent national crisis”… Therefore, officialdom would be warranted in using extraordinary measures against this “threat to the nation”.   A “threat to nation” rises to the level of terrorism, natural disaster, and world wars   ● The hearings also calculatingly conflated so-called “hate crimes” with White Nationalism    ● Using the Lexicon of Going Free:  there are negative connotations attached to the term “pro-White” –  Use “White-positive” instead 
● Candace Owens, a non-White, was put forward by gelded “Civ-Nats” to be the push-back against the hearings.  Candace Owens CANNOT speak for White Well-being.  A very limited congruence of the interests she was espousing, with our interests, is an illusion that she is “on our side.”   ● Candace Owens being shown as the face of our interests also reveals the second-class status of Whites & the state of deep White Noir of all those who believe the opinions and suffering of White people are ILLEGITIMATE.   That our concerns are only valid if they are espoused by a Non-White   ● Candace Owens also perpetuates the ridiculous notion that Black people vote “Democrat” out of “fear” – Black people are benefiting from the Anti-White system at OUR expense, and will only start to vote “Republican” when that party starts to offer them more free stuff!    ● NWG on the “White Ethno-state” – We are nowhere close to this; stay flexible in what recapturing our destiny will look like… Don’t focus on a specific goal     ● The hearings used bogus statistics and employed the ‘equivalency fallacy’

2:14:16 – 2:16:05               Using the Lexicon of Going Free:  Use “White Erasure” – Not “White Genocide”  –  Most people envision concentration camps, emaciated bodies, and mass graves when they hear the word “genocide”…. A road-block goes up in their mind:  “Where are the bodies?”   White Erasure is something everyone can see and feel happening right in front of them, in every sphere of our societies. 

2:19:00 – 2:28:29               Using the Lexicon of GF – Hearings on White Nationalism:   –   Terms like Liberals, Democrats, etc., are all subsets of the superset that is ANTI-WHITES.  There is no such thing as a “Libtard” .. And do not use the terms our enemies use to describe themselves.  Also, never say “minority”, which is a term with the built-in inference that these are people in need of protection.  WHITES are a tiny percentage of the global population… If anyone needs special protection it is we.

2:28:36 – 2:34:59               Hearings on White Nationalism (cont’d):  –  There was no one on the panel that represented “us”.  Because the hearings were not MEANT to represent us in any shape, form or fashion!

                                                Key points:     ● Who was the audience these hearings were attempting to speak to?    ● These hearings were meant to reach normal White Americans and turn them against US   ● The only flaccid push-back (other than Candace Owens) was a spouting of vague American platitudes, such as the value of “free speech”, delivered with a heavy dose of Anti-Whitism 

2:37:08 – 2:35:17               NWG:  “Dogs also bleed red….Does that make them the same as us”?  –   A Meme Curative (MC) to counter the MP (Meme Pathogen) that “we all bleed red.”  NWG responds:  “It is not the similarities that make us the same; It is the differences that make us DIFFERENT.”   Also, an audio version of “Prometheus Rising”, a novel within the book “Born Guilty” by Jason Kohne (NWG) is being planned.

2:37:30 – 2:39:59               Are ‘Kangaroo’ courts in our future?  –  NWG further discusses the importance of use “White Erasure” instead of “White Genocide”.    Jason:  “I’m going to be rigorous, like a drill sergeant.”  It’s important to use the GF Lexicon correctly for you to be most effective.

2:40:00 – 2:54:09               Motivation for Anti-White Hearings:   –  A/W’s want to make arguments that will persuade normal  White normal sensibilities, and calm their concerns, so that normal people do not become upset and lose their perception that law & order still prevail.  This is a necessary step in order to engender momentum for extra-judicial measures.  That is because this one group still wields more power than the Anti-Whites can counter without upsetting their entire agenda.

                                                Key points:     ● Message to those like Candace Owens who would consider themselves our “allies”:   When you live by the dictates of anti-Whitism you are guilty of Anti-Whitism
● Many of our people feel they have no other recourse than some form of White-flight; be it escape into addictions and distractions, or the ultimate White-flight, suicide   

2:54:46 – 3:04:08               NWG concluding message and words of Inspiration:  –   The anti-White Judiciary Hearings revealed something to us we could never have discovered on our own:  Even with all their massive wealth & power and methods of control, the Anti-Whites revealed that they know tomorrow is OURS!

                                                Key points:      ● “White Erasure” also includes what is being done to our history, our institutions, and all that Westernkind has created and accomplished. 


3-29-19 How to Teach Our Children to Choose White Mates | Mounting Censorship | Going Free | NWG | Clarion Wakefield

00:19 – 5:14                        Why are White People the only people who are unsettled by teaching their children to chose White mates? :    White people – and only White people – are ‘nervous’ about teaching their children to do the right thing; to choose a White spouse and produce White children.  Why is it considered perfectly legitimate for every other group of people to do so, celebrated as a matter of fact, but considered risque’ for White parents?  The reason, No White Guilt (NWG – Jason) explains, is the MP’s (Meme Pathogens) that make it a forbidden topic. 

                                                Key points:     ● Rabid anti-Whites will ‘out’ themselves with an immediate & visceral reaction when it is suggested that White people should choose White partners    ● NWG:  “We MUST do so, if we are going to perpetuate ourselves as a people!”

6:17 – 12:09                        NWG on Censorship:   Facebook claims it has banned “White Nationalism” and “White Separatism” on its platform….What it has really banned is White people getting together and talking amongst themselves. 

                                                Key points:     ● Do not use the A/W (Anti-White) words of our oppressors!  Call things what they actually are:  We are White-positive, not “White supremacist”    ● The purpose of the banning is an attempt to prevent us from forming a Community — something that is celebrated and lauded in every other group.

15:03 – 22:05                      NWG introduces Clarion Wakefield:  –  “I’m a Mother, a Housewife, a Wife, a Home-schooler, a Christian, and a racially conscious White woman.”  Clarion is the Admin of the alt-Right Facebook page and is planning to start a YouTube channel soon. 

                                                Key point:     ● There is a force greater than the Anti-Whites; it is we the normal, law-abiding, contributing members of our community – And that is why they have to censor us!

22:32 – 23:13                      Our Bio-Spirits & the Harmonization of our Environments:  –  Multi-racialism never works.  We area fed-up with living in a state of conflict around people who are not like us.

28:02 – 40:52                      Jared Taylor – Letter from the Zurich Airport:  –   Great elder and gentleman of the White-positive sphere and founder of the unrivaled website, American Renaissance, has been detained while attempting to enter Europe to give a speech and is banned from Europe until 2021.  This was done at the behest of Poland, whom many in our movement have been looking to as a salvation.

                                                Key point:     ● NWG:  What does this tell you about who is really in charge??  White people are no longer in control of the countries we created — the Anti-Whites are.  And our societies are not being run for out benefit, but rather to our destruction.

44:37 – 51:36                      Clarion Wakefield on Facebook banning and censorship:  –  The New York Times, ADL & SPLC posit that White people don’t exist (!)….. “There are no White people”….  Therefore, they reason, it is illegitimate to form a group based on White identity.  (They slander us repeatedly, and then deny we exist)  The only reason Whites would form a group, according to our Victimizers, is to dog-whistle “White Supremacy”.

                                                Key point:     ● Clarion:  This is an attempt to disallow us from seeing ourselves as a People.  Basically, it coming down to we are not allowed to talk about ourselves as White people.

51:37 – 54:21                      NWG on Hate Crimes, Hate Hoaxes & Double Standards:  We are in a Cold War that is starting to go hot.   White men have not been ‘in charge’ during the lifetime of anyone alive today.  White people have been dispossessed of all that we created.

55:59 – 1:01:43                  NWG & Clarion resume discussion of Censorship:  –  And, will the detention of Jared Taylor shock some of our people awake? 

                                                Key points:    ● Numbers are being throttled on all platforms… Number of subscribers, followers, etc.    ● Even with mass censorship, there has been an explosion of dissident Right sites

1:02:37 – 1:07:03               A commenter asks NWG:  Is there anything contructive we can do within the political system?  –
NWG responds with insight gained from his time working on Capitol Hill:  Politicians are in office to serve only themselves; they only care about you for the second or two it takes you to vote!

                                                Key point:    ● Politicians serve only those who run the media and those who finance them… No one who behaves otherwise can get elected to public office     ● No one who is inside the system can effectuate change – The best way they can help us is to give us information

1:09:56 – 1:10:56               No “Boomer” blaming nonsense in the cause for White Well-being:  –  No generational nonsense!   What’s YOUR excuse for not stopping what’s happening right now?  “Boomers” no more had control over what was happening than you do over what is happening today. 

                                                Key point:     ● There are only two groups into which we divide people in Going Free:  If you serve White Well-being, you are a good guy; If you are anti-White, you are a victimizer!

1:11:23 – 1:18:43               Jason’s Vimeo account arbitrarily deleted for having …”a mean-spirited vibe.”  –  Terms of service are so amorphous it could be virtually anything.  Social media platforms are not actually against “White Nationalism” or “White Supremacy” – they are actually against White PEOPLE.

1:19:21 – 1:23:29               NWG & Clarion discuss Jared Taylor banned from Europe:  –  “It’s a deep sorrow; absolutely despicable.”

1:26:00 – 1:27:35               Clarion on banning:  –  When will they do away with the veneer of fairness?  “Eventually it will be, “Just because you’re White.  You don’t get to be here.” 

1:31:04 – 1:46:48               How to teach & encourage our children to choose White mates:  –  Clarion discusses how White families are bound tightly together by a common Bio-spirit. 

                                                Key points:     ● Weak bonds of multi-racial families & difficulties experienced by multi-racial individuals who have no clear identity; tragic and unnecessary difficulties that result from selfish choices to miscegenate    ● Clarion urges careful consumption of media and monitoring of programming children are exposed to

1:48:30 – 1:51:11               NWG on Miscegenation & White Erasure:  –  The quickest way to effectuate White Erasure is to convince White to take non-White mates and miscegenate themselves out of existence.

                                                Key point:     ● As a people we can endure and rebuild everything EXCEPT our erasure.  If our Bio-Sprits go, all of Western Civilization goes.

1:55:56 – 2:07:21               NWG & Clarion on raising White-positive children:   –  NWG counsels giving even very small children simple feedback to instill appreciation of Westernkind; i.e., ‘happy face’ or frowning face’.  Clarion speaks to the importance of having White baby dolls for our little girls to model motherhood with, noting it has long been emphasized that it is essential that non-White girls have dolls that “look like them” to instill a love of their people & themselves.

2:14:28 – 2:19:30               NWG continues:  Teaching children to choose White mates  –  Point out the beauty and accomplishments of our People to your children whenever & wherever you see it.   If you teach them well, this will be something they naturally value and want to emulate.

                                                Key points:      ● Your children are being propagandized no matter how careful you are with what they consume and this must constantly be countered    ● Use the word “Western” the way the Jews use the word “kosher” –  Define everything for your children through the lens of OUR people!

2:19:31 – 2:23:20               NWG reads a passage from “Born Guilty” on “Westmen” and “Westernkind”:   –  The lexicon and dialectics of Going Free were created by Jason.  “We are more than White people; we are ‘Westmen’…We are members of ‘Westernkind’… A manifold people united by a single spirit.”

2:32:22 – 2:28:24               The Nine Words (Inspired by the Twitter powerhouse Althea):  –  “Atonement cannot be made for a grievance never committed.”    Clarion:  “Use the 9 words when people want to White-guilt us…don’t spend time arguing with people who hate us.”

                                                Key points:      ● White Guilt leads to White Noir; a sickness of being infected with Anti-White MP’s    ● As White people we are cast as the ‘bad guys’ in the A/W Narrative

2:30:02 – 2:43:23               NWG continues:  How to teach your children to chose White mates  –  Mixed children equal the end of the White race. 

                                                Key points:      ● Teach children our glorious history   ●  A cue from the Jews:  teach your children that there is no act more shameful than to harm another White person (with the exception of Anti-Whites)   ● Follow from that to teach that marrying a non-White is inflicting great harm our People    ● Clarion responds on the hardships faced by mixed-race couples and their children

2:43:42 – 2:45:52               Thoughts on Jordan Peterson:  –  NWG responds to a question in the chat, about taking credit for the accomplishments of our ancestors… “Why is Jordan Peterson trying to deny me a people??”

Key point:     ● We should take great pride in the accomplishments of our ancestors — and preserve all they created.  Western Civilization is OUR inheritance!

2:49:53 – 2:53:25               Honoring our Ancestors:  –  Breaking our lineage is the most selfish thing we can do.  Clarion gives her final thoughts on raising children to be White-positive. 

2:53:59 – 2:55:55               Closing Message of Inspiration from NWG:   Soul-stirring oratory by Jason to uplift and inspire; 
”I am a member of a great and glorious people! So, I can conquer anything that is in front of me…All of the Glory of the West in me…Is in YOU!


3-27-19                 Why No Yang and UBI – No One Will Save Us But Us | Going Free | No White Guilt

8:36 – 12:10                        Great Message of Success – The New Energy of White Well-being:   –  You may be hesitant in the beginning to use the Lexicon and Dialectics of Going Free (GF) with friends, family and strangers, as it is alien & different from anything we were taught growing up and you are unsure of how people are going to react to the message. 

                                                Key points:     ● The concepts of ‘diversity’ are starting to become very visible; more people are waking up & will be open to listening    ● Our children are being taught in anti-White schools that the only difference in the races is ‘skin color’… The difference between the races is NOT skin deep…  Skin color is a superficiality that has nothing to do with the Bio-spirit within!  

12:20 – 20:45                      Yang Gang / UBI Phenomenon:   –   Do not look to politicians or other individuals to be our ‘saviors’.  We have to do the hard work ourselves. 

                                                Key points:     ● There is a big difference between actively supporting a candidate versus using something they said to advance our objectives towards out goal of recapturing our destiny
● Supporting for Yang or any politician is delusional – You are setting yourself up to be betrayed and humiliated    ● Context change – As Going Free spreads across a wider & wider segment of the population, the context will change and new possibilities will open up

21:15 – 26:30                      Yang Gang – A Temporary Psychosis:   –   All politicians will let you down.   You were not betrayed; your error was trusting in them in the first place.

                                                Key point:     ● We can do more with 100 solid men and women than the teaming hordes of anti-Whites can do with 10,000 losers! 

31:48 – 39:41                      NWG on the feasibility of UBI (Universal Basic Income):   –   Implementation of UBI is infinitely impossible….There are Herculean tasks that would have to achieved before it could be implemented.   

                                                Key points:     ● We do not have the time to ‘fantasize’  –  We need to focus on the challenge that is before us    ● We are Prometheans – Masters of our destiny!

39:55 – 46:28                      Why is Yang discussing “White” issues?   –    ‘Carnival barking’; Yang needs to get the attention of voters and will no doubt ‘walk-back’ these statement. 

                                                Key point:     ● Trump voters referred to as “problems” to be taken care of….NWG: “Sounds like a threat to me!”

47:17 – 52:23                      Yang’s Dog Whistles to his supporters:   –   Candidate Andrew Yang presents himself as the solution to solve the ‘problem’ that got President Trump elected.   NWG also discusses economics and the efficacy of UBI

                                                Key points  ● What about Yang’s mentions of  White people?  Dueling messages are a con-man’s game    ● American Asians:  the young are mostly anti-White while the older admire and appreciate Western culture and wonder why Whites are allowing it to be destroyed

52:51 – 57:04                      IRL Meetings:  How do you form groups with like-minded people without being infiltrated.  NWG also discusses the futility of putting your faith in a politician or ideas of overthrowing the government:  “Our objective is to spread this Curative Contagion (CC of Going Free) and change the context that we are in.”

                                                Key points:     ● Have your meetings in a very public space    ● Park away from the location; leave your car a distance away so that it cannot be identified and then walk to the location  
● Anything that can be interpreted as a threat of violence or a criminal statement is an immediate RED FLAG.  You must report threats of violence to law enforcement or you, too, will be complicit in illegality.

57:30 – 58:46                      The Basis of all Anti-Whitism  (Anti-White + “ism”):   –  Jealousy and envy of Western Civilization and Westernkind is the basis of all anti-Whitism.   NWG: “Admiration and envy turns into hate.” 

59:10 – 1:03:02                  Universal Basic Income – UBI:    NWG gives the most basic reason why UBI won’t work… It’s a non-starter in our current context.  The number of insurmountable objects that would have to be overcome to ever enact it put it effectively in the realm of fantasy.  “We don’t have the time or luxury to fantasize; it’s the real world we have to live with.”

1:03:25 – 1:05:19               The Runaway Ideology of Anti-Whitism is leading directly to Perdition:  –   A question for all our ‘leaders’, those who are ruling over us in Western Civilization:  Why are they all so anti-White that they want to erase all the countries and cultures created by White people?? 

1:07:10 – 1:12:13               Direction in the White-positive (WP) Sphere:  – “If we’re going to get from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, we have to all have the same ‘Z’.”  NWG discusses internet “blood sports” and the nature of debate, and considers that these were not actual debates as the participants didn’t have the same objectives. 

                                                Key points:     ● Going Free is more than a conversation; more than another set of ideas – GF dispenses with the antiquated methods that have failed again & again in the past   ● Only White people put the interests of other people first

1:12:50 – 1:13:50               One of the best way to reach those in your circle of influence:  Share these GF videos – “You don’t have to try to say all these things yourself!” 

                                                Key points:     ● Try-out the lexicon & dialectics of GF on strangers first, if you are too hesitant to try it on friends and family    ● The important point to emphasize is:  We like everyone; but, we LOVE our own people   

1:13:52 – 1:15:58               The Fantasy Discussion of UBI:  –  NWG continues discussion on the insurmountable assumptions that would have to be worked through before UBI could be achieved.   “We have to have the same objectives to move forward.”

1:17:43 – 1:19:36               NWG’s testament of stewardship of money donated:  “Every single dollar, penny, and pence is invested in White Well-being — I don’t spend a single penny on me!” 

                                                Key point:     ● NWG:  “I have a (day) job.  This is my vocation, my ‘calling’!”

1:20:40 – 1:21:36               White people who are on the Yang-gang:  “They are begging an Asian man for scraps!”…  This is not how a Promethean man or woman, those who are the best of Westernkind, behave.

                                                Key point:     ● We as Westernkind stand on our own two feet and make our victories happen – That is how we win!

1:21:54 – 1:29:31               Crony Capitalism vs. White family-owned businesses:  –  A commenter wonders what will happen to White businesses that get doxxed for being White-positive.  NWG responds:  “No government in the West is going to take care of you.  Not a single White person who is alive today has ever lived under a government that cares about White people.”

                                                Key points:      ● White people are taxed and regulated to death   ● You need to prepare yourself in advance for the possibility of doxxing and have a back-up plan  –  The Federal Govt. of the U.S. is not going to help you!    ● One of the most dangerous elements of UBI:  “It would seal the mouths of White people” who are already afraid to speak-up for fear of losing their jobs, livelihoods, social standing and even their friends and families

1:31:19 – 1:33:15               UBI would further dispossess the honor & dignity of White people:  –  NWG gives one insurmountable reason to reject UBI … “I am a MAN; a man of the West.”  A powerful statement on living and dying with your head held high in honor or your ancestors who gave you everything that you are.

1:33:29 – 1:48:39               NOTHING is free!  How would UBI be paid for?   –   The Government gets its money from 3 places:  Printing it, borrowing it, taxing it.  NWG does the math on the cost of UBI & the reality for White people.  Also, NWG gives a devastating sidebar discussion on Our Greatest Ally, Israel”  “This is a master/slave relationship with the tail wagging the dog!”

                                                Key points:      ● The fallacy of propertarianism and black-letter law:  White people like to think this kind of plan would work; we like rules and order.  NWG: “This is not how the jungle – the real world – works!”    ● Look for the noose of government control to tighten as we get closer to recapturing our destiny.

1:50:38 – 1:55:52               UBI (cont’d)  Where would the money for UBI come from?  –  Discussion on socializing the resources of our country and where that would inevitably lead.

                                                  Key points:      ●  Humans are cyclical beings –  Our governments in the future must be malleable   ● It is a given that wealthy people network and work together to gain control; this is not a “conspiracy theory” , it is a fact

1:55:53 – 2:00:04               A commenter asks:  “What do you think about ‘Gays’ – Homosexuals”  –  NWG is asked, “are conservative gays afraid of pro-Whites?”   NWG responds; we have to allow people to be ‘human’.  The ideal situation is man/woman/child as a unit; but we will fall short of perfection as human beings.

                                                Key points:      ● We do have homosexuals in the White-positive sphere    ● If homosexual individuals support WWB, they are WELCOME; as is everyone who supports White Well-being
● Lurid sexual displays and pushing of such an agenda are NOT serving WWB  

2:00:05 – 2:03:36               UBI (cont’d):  Making use of natural resources to support society  –   Nationalization of resources always starts out with very good intentions; where it ends up is Venezuela.  The pilfering of natural resources is a short-sighted strategy. 

                                                Key point:      ● Each successive Govt. under such a system must continuously promise more and more to remain in power, and can never cut back without risk of overthrow or uprising

2:03:40 – 2:07:04               UBI (cont’d):  Yang supports massive immigration:  –  How do you prevent inflation when you disperse large sums of money into the populace?  By radically increasing immigration!

                                                Key point:      ● NWG discusses the effect UBI would have on the economy, inflation and immigration

2:08:20 – 2:12:02               Voting is NOT the Solution:   –   The system is totally rigged against us.  Beware though of false dichotomies.  Using the system versus civil war is not the correct way of viewing our current situation.  NWG discusses the psychological approach of spreading the CC (Curative Contagion).

                                                Key point:      ● There are some Anti-Whites who are too sick to be helped by Going Free – don’t waste your time on them

2:12:04 – 2:13:43               Yang’s Platform   –  Yang is against the right to self defense.  Yang currently will evoke White People’s issues, but eventually will not be allowed to continue doing so, or he will be labeled a ‘Nazi’.   What about automation?  By 2030 many jobs will be obsolete.

2:16:24 – 2:22:23               The False notion that UBI would enable White women to stay at home:  –  NWG gives a brief master class on Inflation and Automation. 

                                                Key point:      ● Some of our people get on the Yang-gang out of nihilism

2:23:45 – 2:25:48               The ‘Welfare State’ is an effective UBI already in operation:  –  NWG discusses the current inflated prices that the White majority is already paying due to the massive welfare state in Western countries, housing & college being two major examples.  White people are funding this system without benefiting from it. 

                                                Key point:      ● There is not panacea anywhere – and there never will be 

2:26:43 – 2:32:43               A Note on Voting:  –   If you feel you must vote out of some civic duty, by all means vote.  But do not fool yourself that any politician is going be the answer.  “No more ‘hoping’.  Get up on your feet and make it happen!”

                                                Key points:      ● None of the politicians who can win are going to be someone who will serve White Well-being    ● Efforts by our people to get Trump elected  –  What if all that time, energy & effort had been put into working for WWB?

2:32:45 – 2:39:13               UBI (cont’d) & Natural Resources:  –  White people are the ‘natural resource’ that other races of people live off of.  NWG also discusses automation and the misattribution of massive job loss to advances in technology.  In actuality, there is a small net loss; and almost the same number of new jobs are created.

                                                Key points:      ● If you are in a position to train or employ people, help our people – who will bear the brunt of the change and receive NO help from the government.  We have to take care of each other!    ● If you are in a job that will be automated, you have to get out in front of this and start getting trained for a new line of work   ● Whatever your situation, as a White person, be aware that U.S. Govt. will not help you or take care of you

2:39:49 – 2:41:16               Context & the Recapturing of Our Destiny:  –  Chaos before order; we are only thinking in terms of our current context…. This will NOT be the context in which we recapture our destiny.

2:44:27 – 2:50:46               Regulation of Social Media:  –  A Yang supporter comments that Yang wants to regulate social media like a public utility.  NWG responds that at this point in the process, the Yang campaign is seeking to gain attention and such statements will never be translated into action.

                                                Key points:      ● Why would the Democrats – or any party – allow the ‘lock’ they have on the control of social media to be taken away?    ● When has regulation every worked out for us?
● The only ones who can save ‘us’ is US!

2:50:49 – 2:56:24               NWG on the Philosophy of ‘Non-Participation’:  –   Escaping/protesting the system:  “The Anti-Whites are NOT going to just leave you alone!”  The answer for us is to reach as many people as we can who have the normal sensibilities of the vast majority of White people.

2:58:15 – 3:00:32               NWG on ‘White Noir’:  –   How to reach our people who are suffering from White Noir with a message of healing love and renewal.

3:01:25 – 3:06:36               (cont’d)  Non-Participation in the System  –  “Starving the system…”

3:07:23 – 3:09:05               Yang versus ‘Someone else’:  The false dichotomy –  “We are for White Well-being; we are for what works!”
Key point:      ● The human brain has two hemisphere, which is a factor in our perception  that leads us to false assumptions in our thinking

3:09:06 – 3:14:44               UBI and the Welfare State:  –  The current welfare bureaucracy will never be removed…And will only balloon with massive immigration, fraud, costs, and will eventually lead to the loss of the freedom of speech for White people.  No benefits for Heretics! 

3:19:47 – 3:20:32               The Spirit of Westernkind: – “Westmen need challenges in order to have a sense of being alive!”

3:21:08 – 3:26:21               A Discussion of I.Q.:   –   Some of our people support Yang because he is Asian and has a slightly higher I.Q.   NWG: “I.Q. is not the dividing line…Our Bio-spirit is !”  If a White person has an Asian-level IQ, they do not become an Asian. 

                                                Key points:      ● IQ is not what separates the races of man – what separates us is our different instincts…Bio-spirits    ● Our instincts projected into our environment is ‘culture’   ● Just because someone is intelligent does not mean they are  ‘right’

3:28:18 – 3:30:16               NWG on Health & Fitness:  –  The ‘halo effect’; Be the message…. Be neat, clean, well-groomed and fit.  Upcoming streams will address health and fitness.

3:30:20 – 3:36:06               “You’re anti-White.”  — “No, you’re anti-Black!”:  Deflection and people who are vehemently anti-White. 

Key points      ● Stay on course – you set the context   ● With truly Anti-White people who aren’t receptive to your message, just move on! 

3:36:38 – 3:41:41               (cont’d) Discussion of High I.Q’s:  –  Intelligence is very complex to measure; it’s not like height.

3:43:26 – 3:45:22               I.Q. and the ‘J.Q.’:  –  Jewish people do not get their power and strength as a people from their I.Q.  They get it from thinking in terms of group interests. 

                                                Key point:      ● Jews share an ideology that welds them together as a People

3:27:46 – 3:58:54               Some final thoughts on intelligence:  –  What does intelligence ‘look like’?  Why have some members  of the White-positive sphere embraced serious handicaps like Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome as part of their identity? 

                                                Key point:      ● The hero is in YOU!


3-20-19 White Shooter – Nonwhite Shooter – Yang Gang – Accelerationism | Going Free | No White Guilt

Streamed live on Mar 20, 2019

The correct answer if law enforcement seeks to question you.

22:00 – 23:49

Health & fitness practices and staying on track.

25:02 – 28.54

Understanding the RAS (Reticular Activating System) in regards to editing one’s own writing.

30:55 – 32.38

Movies, characters & motivations.

40:22 – 47:47 or 49.26

Monologue from The After Party (TAP), in 4 parts.

Part 1

We reject the infliction of harm on all innocent people.

52:19 – 54:35

Part 2

Anti-white hands are covered in blood.

54:56 – 58:20

Part 3

Victims of oppression

58:50 – 1:00:05

Part 4

Condemnation, guilt and punishment for ALL white people.

1:08:04 – 1:10:31

Italy terrorism incident with school bus and 51 children….hush crime.

1:28:00 – 1:31:00

Anti-white reporting of terrorist investigation in Netherlands…..hush crime.

1:34:00 – 1:39.00

Why the commonly used statement “We need to start a public conversation” is anti-white.

1:39:26 – 1:41.11

A white pill for relief.

1:41:35 – 1:44.23

Thoughts about the possibility of peaceful repatriation in the future?

1:44:35 – 1:45:55

Thoughts about propertarianism?

1:47:48 – 1:48.52

Why are there white shooters?

1:48:53 – 2:01:26

Yang Gang (not about UBI) & thoughts about the concept of acceleration.

2:03:00 – 2:18:15

Oppositional Entity explanation.

2:14:40 – 2:18:15


3-13-19 How to Raise Children White Positive | No Yang Gang | Going Free | No White Guilt | Clarion Mar 13, 2019


0:02 / 2:48:25 Switching Stream Instructions.

1:36 / 2:48:25 Greetings to Chat Members, Glitch Banning and Incompetence.

3:28 / 2:48:25 Anticipation of White Well-being Content being Thwarted by Platforms.

4:53 / 2:48:25 Live-streaming Functions Fail while Preparing to Go Live.

5:17 / 2:48:25 Welcome to another episode of “Going Free,” and opening comments.

6:35 / 2:48:25 Brief run down of MP Pathogen. 

7:12 / 2:48:25 Chat request expansion of Meme Pathogen definition. Inoculation of MPs. 

9:20 / 2:48:25 Please spread the word by sharing the stream.

9:34 / 2:48:25 Yang Gang Snipet from TWOTAR

9:57 / 2:48:25 Thought Leaders in the White Positive Sphere, the Yang Gang trend and White Noir

12:00 / 2:48:25 Mainstream Political Parties Endorsing Candidates they know they can Undermine. Juvenile and MP inflicted minds fall for trendy solutions.  

13:45 / 2:48:25 Primary Discussion Today: How to Raise Children White Positive Way.

13:56 / 2:48:25 Clarion and the second edition of “Going Free.”

14:27 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Best Channel for Intellectual Discussion of White-Wellbeing.

15:12 / 2:48:25 Dialectics and your Children and Feedback from Parents.

15:52 / 2:48:25 Clarion’s Introduction. Going Free recommended for her Teenager.

17:39 / 2:48:25 Clarion’s Homeschooling Journey.

18:25 / 2:48:25 Clarion’s Participation in Bringing the Going Free Message to Others.

19:40 / 2:48:25 Clarion and Moving into the Public Sphere. Mother, Traditional Marriage and Assisting in the waking up of our People.

15:52 – 19:40 Clarion 

20:01 / 2:48:25 The Application of Dialects in Clarion’s experience. Returning Guest to share her wisdom and experience.

20:36 / 2:48:25 Asking Questions Directions.

21:30 / 2:48:25 Reading Super-chats from last weeks episode.

21:46 / 2:48:25 Super-Chats: Supporting White Well-being Financially.

23:03 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Folk Tithing 

24:05 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Supporting White Well-being.

24:44 / 2:48:25 Young Children in Private or Public School taught to fight against their groups well-being.

26:10 / 2:48:25 Clarion’s thoughts on teaching children Hip-Hop Music. 

28:10 / 2:48:25 Teacher’s infected with MPs teach what is Promoted as Culturally Cool. 

29:29 / 2:48:25 Mom’s observing the Class Room in Real Time. Non-White Music played over the course of their observation. 

30:30 / 2:48:25 Parents Noticing the Culture Promoted to their children vis a vis Institutionalized Education. Indoctrination to see others as Culturally Superior. 

33:46 / 2:48:25 Get this Message out of Parents, share this stream and message via your social media portals.

34:08 / 2:48:25 The Rhetoric that Everyone is the Same, but non-Whites are Better at Everything.

35:13 / 2:48:25 Question from Phoenix Fire. How to contact Clarion.

35:56 / 2:48:25 Question about College Seniors.

36:02 / 2:48:25 Eugenics a War Time Trope. Choose what is Good for our People. 

40:44 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Revisionism vrs Honour.

41:03 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Troll dollars.

41:24 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Good Friend of the Show and Community.

41:49 / 2:48:25 Clarion: The Insidiousness of what Appears to be Innocent. Tragic Framing. Being a Teacher in a now Migrant Town in Small Town America.  

48:17 / 2:48:25 Even if we were able to Escape to a Utopia, generations have been infected with self-hatred. Keeping them inoculated and uninfected. 

50:14 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Folk Tithe to NWG. 

50:36 / 2:48:25 Motherhen on upcoming TAP.

51:00 / 2:48:25 When Jason took his first stand against Anti-Whitism. 

52:22 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Recurring Numbers.

52:36 / 2:48:25: Super-chat: What do you think of Andrew Yang.

53:48 / 2:48:25 How to talk to your children without scaring them?

54:24 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Age Appropriate. How do we speak to our Children about MP and Anti-Whitism?  

57:28 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Strip Mall Example. Advertising Posters highlighting Whites in Interracial Relationships. 

59:09 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Reading Greg Johnson’s White Manifesto with their 9 year old. If you don’t indoctrinate Your Children Someone Else Will. Never Let Your Enemy Educate Your Children ~ Malcolm X.  Be the Calm in the Storm.  

1:02:23 / 2:48:25 The Misnomer, and MP, of Rebellion. Only You can Prepare Your Children for the World. Allowing your Children to become Foot-Soldiers of our Enemies. 

1:07:14 / 2:48:25 With very Young Children model your Dsigust with Body Language.

1:08:31 / 2:48:25 Teaching Your Children and not putting them in Harms Way. Be the Authority Figure for your Child. 

1:10:18 / 2:48:25 Question. Live in 98% White area but the music taught is that of non-Whites.

1:10:52 / 2:48:25 Jason and Clarion: You cannot Escape by Moving, Curriculums and MP infected teachers are Everywhere. 

1:14:50 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Sending Your Children into a Burning Building and Hoping they won’t be Incinerated. 

1:15:15 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Anti-White Environment. Black History Month at a High End Private School. No Guilt Like Rich White Guilt.  

1:17:49 / 2:48:25 Clarion: No Escape to be had in Private Schools.

1:18:42 / 2:48:25 Understanding Homeschooling. Children in Public School are Desperate for Attention. Change in Children’s Behaviour (misbehaving in Public School) due to Home-Schooling. Home School is not “Ma and Pa Ingalls House on the Prairie.” 

1:22:08 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Home Schooling Avoids having to unindoctrinate

your Children Day in and Day out.

1:22:49 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Home Schooling in the Only Option for White Children. 

1:23:14 / 2:48:25 The Only Thing your Children will Learn at Public School is how to Cower and Surrender. White Children Taught that their Hopes and Dreams are less Meaningful. Do Not choose to Expose your Children to Psychological Harm. 

1:26:27 / 2:48:25 Time to Start Families and Have Children? 

1:28:14 / 2:48:25 Our Men need to leave Boyhood behind and become Men.

1:28:53 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Sister with a non-White Doll. Disgust worked. 

1:29:26 / 2:48:25 Discourage Anti-White Meme Pathogens, e.g., Mixed Race Unions.

1:30:28 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Fundamentalist Christian Parents who Home Schooled and didn’t allow access to Internet, etc. Christianity attacked because it is considered the White Race’s Religion.

1:31:46 / 2:48:25 Be an Adult and call out Anti-Whitism. Would you shirk your Duty in the face of Embarrassment? 

1:35:55 / 2:48:25 Fervent Anti-White Christians. If Only One Child is Saved.Anti-Whistism is Coming to Every White Worldwide.  

1:39:32 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: $50.00 A Great supporter of “Going Free.”

1:39:58 / 2:48:25: Show Underrated and should have many more Subscribers. If our Message wasn’t so Powerful we would not be Throttled.

1:41:13 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: My Ancestors didn’t fight for our Future just for My Christian Son’s to Hate Themselves. 

1:41:57 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Scholarly Christian Understanding for Nationalism.  

1:47:58 / 2:48:25 Taking Back Christianity. Purchasing and Occupying the Heights of Power. This is the Real Revolution! 

1:50:49 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Christianity offered NO other Options besides Don’t. Out witting the Anti-White Narrative by Arming your Children with Arguments based in Logic and Reason.  

1:53:01 / 2:48:25 Antifa Son compelled to realize he was Anti-White.

1:54:29 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Yang Quote. White Nationalism please not Apply.

1:55:28 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Black Santa. If Children are gullible enough to believe in Santa, how much easier to convince them They are Evil.

1:57:14 / 2:48:25 Recap: Putting Your Children in Harms Way. Stopping Anti-White Conclusions in their Tracks. 

2:02:24 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Recap: Family Goals. A Whole and Healthy Family. Cohesion in the Family, Community and Environment. How a Hero is Made. 

2:05:01 / 2:48:25 Our Children’s Greatness is Being Thwarted by Meme Pathogens… for now.

2:06:24 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Censoring.

2:06:49 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Children Must be kept away from Mass Media and Hollywood. Preview all Videos prior to allowing your children to view them.

2:07:25 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Christians don’t care about Demographic Shift.

2:07:50 / 2:48:25 Clarion: The Spiritual Battle is reflected in the Material World. Christian’s Disobeying by Not Dealing with the Times they are Living In. 

2:10:21 / 2:48:25 Christian’s Making Excuses… it’s all in God’s hands. Are you not to be a Child of Your Father in Heaven and manifest His Will here on Earth?

2:13:19 / 2:48:25 We Need our Men on Their Feet!

2:14:05 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Christian’s who believe Being on Their Knees is Enough. Sell Your Cloak and Purchase a Sword. 

2:15:18 / 2:48:25 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. Either Get of the Way or Get Shoulder to Shoulder with Us. 

2:17:49 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Keep up the Great Work!

2:18:04 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Amen, NWG.

2:18:09 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Thank you!

2:18:19 / 2:48:25 Comment; Let’s Make This Happen.

2:18:23 / 2:48:25 Comments from Chat. Ostracization to Serve White Well-Being.

2:19:26 / 2:48:25 Retorting Christians.

2:19:37 / 2:48:25 Reading Born Guilty.

2:20:18 / 2:48:25 You’re the Best of Your Kind. History Will Condemn the Cowards.

2:21:18 / 2:48:25 Yang Gang and White Noir. Gun Buy Backs. Reparations. Carnival Barking. 

2:22:54 / 2:48:25 UBI Will Control our Speech, Thought and Actions. Impermissible Opionion Will Revoke Your UBI. 

2:26:31 / 2:48:25 Free Speech is over once comes UBI.

2:28:21 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Race the Final Arbiter of Everything. White Nationalism a threat to what it means to be American. His and Our Children’s Interests are Mutually Exclusive. 

2:33:15 / 2:48:25 Yang Gang Meme Imbecilic.

2:34:10 / 2:48:25 UBI will not Replace Welfare. 

2:36:22 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: AI Replacing Our Jobs.

2:36:55 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Homeschooled and Happy to Help Others on this Path.

2:37:17 / 2:48:25 Jason running for Politics.

2:37:41 / 2:48:25 It is Our Rise Up Moment. Worse is Not Better.

2:38:44 / 2:48:25 UBI won’t be accessible to Illegal Immigrants. 

2:39:54 / 2:48:25 Living off UBI. Prices Rise Commensurately. 

2:41:07 / 2:48:25 Put an End to Yang Gang Stupidity.

2:41:33 / 2:48:25 The Ignorance of Believing White Salvation will be Delivered by a Non-White.  

2:43:52 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Read Going Free. First Rule of Salesmanship: Know Who Will Never Buy.

2:44:54 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Closing Comments Yang Gang. We Already Know What Kind of Man Yang is.

2:46:32 / 2:48:25 Next Collaboration with Clarion will include: How Men and Women can meet each other, start romances, engage in courtship, and how to treat each other in Service to White Well-Being.

2:47:09 / 2:48:25 Closing Comments. Gratitude for Members in the Chat, Super-chats, and the Mods who foster Healthy Discussion and Debate. See You All Again as We Go Free.


Suggested Clips:

7:12 / 2:48:25 Chat request expansion of Meme Pathogen definition. Inoculation of MPs. 

Undermine. Juvenile and MP inflicted minds fall for trendy solutions.  

15:52 – 19:40 Clarion 

26:10 / 2:48:25 Clarion’s thoughts on teaching children Hip-Hop Music. 

28:10 / 2:48:25 Teacher’s infected with MPs teach what is Promoted as Culturally Cool. 

29:29 / 2:48:25 Mom’s observing the Class Room in Real Time. Non-White Music played over the course of their observation. 

Institutionalized Education. Indoctrination to see others as Culturally Superior. 

36:02 / 2:48:25 Eugenics a War Time Trope. Choose what is Good for our People. 

Being a Teacher in a now Migrant Town in Small Town America.  

48:17 / 2:48:25 Even if we were able to Escape to a Utopia, generations have been infected with self-hatred. Keeping them inoculated and uninfected. 

54:24 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Age Appropriate. How do we speak to our Children about MP and Anti-Whitism?  

59:09 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Reading Greg Johnson’s White Manifesto with their 9 year old. If you don’t indoctrinate Your Children Someone Else Will. Never Let Your Enemy Educate Your Children ~ Malcolm X.  Be the Calm in the Storm.  

1:02:23 / 2:48:25 The Misnomer, and MP, of Rebellion. Only You can Prepare Your Children for the World. Allowing your Children to become Foot-Soldiers of our Enemies. 

1:08:31 / 2:48:25 Teaching Your Children and not putting them in Harms Way. Be the Authority Figure for your Child. 

1:10:18 / 2:48:25 Question. Live in 98% White area but the music taught is that of non-Whites.

1:10:52 / 2:48:25 Jason and Clarion: You cannot Escape by Moving, Curriculums and MP infected teachers are Everywhere. 

1:14:50 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Sending Your Children into a Burning Building and Hoping they won’t be Incinerated. 

1:15:15 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Anti-White Environment. Black History Month at a High End Private School. No Guilt Like Rich White Guilt.  

1:18:42 / 2:48:25 Understanding Homeschooling. Children in Public School are Desperate for Attention. Change in Children’s Behaviour (misbehaving in Public School) due to Home-Schooling. Home School is not “Ma and Pa Ingalls House on the Prairie.” 

1:22:08 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Home Schooling Avoids having to unindoctrinate

your Children Day in and Day out.

1:22:49 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Home Schooling in the Only Option for White Children. 

1:23:14 / 2:48:25 The Only Thing your Children will Learn at Public School is how to Cower and Surrender. White Children Taught that their Hopes and Dreams are less Meaningful. Do Not choose to Expose your Children to Psychological Harm. 

1:31:46 / 2:48:25 Be an Adult and call out Anti-Whitism. Would you shirk your Duty in the face of Embarrassment? 

1:35:55 / 2:48:25 Fervent Anti-White Christians. If Only One Child is Saved.Anti-Whistism is Coming to Every White Worldwide.  

1:41:57 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Scholarly Christian Understanding for Nationalism.  

1:47:58 / 2:48:25 Taking Back Christianity. Purchasing and Occupying the Heights of Power. This is the Real Revolution! 

1:50:49 / 2:48:25 Super-chat: Christianity offered NO other Options besides Don’t. Out witting the Anti-White Narrative by Arming your Children with Arguments based in Logic and Reason.  

1:57:14 / 2:48:25 Recap: Putting Your Children in Harms Way. Stopping Anti-White Conclusions in their Tracks. 

2:02:24 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Recap: Family Goals. A Whole and Healthy Family. Cohesion in the Family, Community and Environment. How a Hero is Made. 

2:14:05 / 2:48:25 Clarion: Christian’s who believe Being on Their Knees is Enough. Sell Your Cloak and Purchase a Sword. 

2:15:18 / 2:48:25 God Helps Those Who Help Themselves. Either Get of the Way or Get Shoulder to Shoulder with Us. 

2:41:33 / 2:48:25 The Ignorance of Believing White Salvation will be Delivered by a Non-White.  



3-6-19 Q&A Use “Hate Hoax” and “Hush Crime” to Win Debates | Going Free | No White Guilt

Expanding Circles of Influence

5:45 – 11:03

Thoughts about Roosh V and his Philosophy

47:25 – 56:07

Be a Man! 

58:49 – 1.00.50

What can be done to assist White South Africans

1.01.20 – 1.03.17

Definition of Hate Hoax

1.25.48 – 1.26.04

Explanation of Hate Hoax with Examples

1.27.54 – 1.37.29

The Ferguson Effect

1:44.49 – 1.46.59

Definition of Hush Crime

1.56.20 – 1.57.04

Discussion of the Power of Hush Crimes being Debunked

2.00.37 – 2.12.48

Powerful Final Words

2.17.30 – 2.18.29


2-28-19 Supply Chain Attacked by Antiwhites | Going Free | No White Guilt

Beginning – 8:52

Notes on the attacks and aftermath of being de-platformed from StreamLabs

Disappointment, things to keep you from getting down.

Get a book of different types of birds in your area (outdoor pets), same thing with plants, educational

8:35 – 20:44

Anti-White tabloid news sources/articles, “Eyes on the Right” – trying to get Amazon to burn books, What’s the unifying factor?  The unifying characteristic is that we all care about the wellbeing of White people in one shape or form. These individuals don’t oppose White supremacy, the oppose White people. 

20:45 – 24:38

Examining their arguments: Anyone who subscribes to moral code that White suffering is moral – that is a sick individual.  Basic Christian Morality.  Is the act fit with our basic moral principles and does it serve White wellbeing? 

24:39 – 40:10

February 17, 2019: Article of Eyes on the Right, titled “Angry White Men,” in which the author is attempting to convey is that White people are angry if they are passionate.  Purpose of the article: attack/break the supply chain (i.e. Streamlabs) because undermines White wellbeing. Intentionally demonized term (White nationalist). Never taken the term. Linking to something that’s already been demonized by an anti-White audience.  Symbols, acts, already associated with White Nationalism. 

40:13 – 1:06:40

Part II: “Angry White Men” article: acknowledges White wellbeing.  The message is resonating with people.  Superchat: Making it illegal to boycott/criticize Israel. Explore rehabilitating the word “nationalism.” Dig into our souls and go free.  Son is anti-White (Antifa) with Communist tattoo.  For the first time, he was getting through to his son.  Author of the article uses real name instead of pseudonym.  Eyes on the Right has to trick people.  Guilt by association.  How does it work and what does it do to us?  Prevents us from working together, divide and conquer.  Never refer to non-Whites as minorities.  Personal preferences to the attraction of other races.  Currency.  Enough is enough.  That is what they are afraid of.

1:06:44 – 1:27:08

Part III: Eyes on the Right objects to those who would like nothing more than to produce White babies.  Interracial unions.  Refers to me by name because he’s saying, “go find me.”  Race war.  Let them know that an anti-White is being exposed.  Tens of thousands of rapes are totally immaterial to author.  Two women set on fire.  Hush crimes.  No more downplaying these online communities. 

1:27:09 – 1:42:52

If reversed, the anti-Whites would be saying that this is a war.  The author is telling people that White Wellbeing is receiving a supply chain that needs to be shut down.  Thank you to every one of you who invests financially, time and talent into me.  The investments that you give during the After Party are split.  This isn’t about getting rich.  It’s about valuing the cause of White Wellbeing.  Tokens of appreciate from our community.  Author is giving me the opportunity to say thank you to all of you.  Superchats (NPC, Edward Gonzalez asks whether Spaniards can support Whites, Celtic asks “do we know who anti-White is or where he is?”).

Curt Doolittle: not sure if that person is up for debate, no animosity.

1:42:58 – 1:59:00

Part IIII: What did Eyes on the Right accomplish?  Our objective is White wellbeing.  Streamlabs is just the name of the company so the CEO Ali Moytz (?) was a conspirator.  What did they undermine?  What was lost?  They undermined our message of redemption and the suffering of our people.  All the broken homes because we can’t reach family members.  Fired from jobs.  Depressed and committing suicide.  Eyes on the Right and Jared Holt.  They both know there are psychotic anti-Whites in the streets. 

1:59:01 – 2:08:45

The civic norms are done in multi-racial environments.  Frank Raymond, guest on show in future.  Response to Jared Holt and Eyes on the Right: Pity the both of you.  You are both sick with anti-Whiteism.  Nothing more bleak and ugly than trying to destroy a group of people.  But this is a movement of redemption.  Give up on anti-Whiteism and your empty souls.  Anti-Whiteism will pay you more for being a good little anti-White.  You won’t be remembered as agents of destruction.  Message to Ali: Do the right thing and reinstate my account.  Mass twitter campaign to reinstate account. 

2:08:51 – 2:22:35

Superchats.  Another tabloid story by two anti-White typists.  Analisa and Justin: “There’s a Disturbing Amount of Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist Materials on Amazon”  — They brought attention and now books are being banned/burned.  Born Guilty: “It’s been liked by David Duke, therefore it’s evil.”  Same exact message applies to these two authors. 

2:22:36 – 2:37:25

Any statements or questions or any missed chats.  Increased name calling when anti-White is used.  Escalated tantrums and eventually surrender internally and externally.  Don’t back off.  Is something is anti-White – say it.  Almost 300 people watching.  Heading over the Great Order’s channel to continue conversation.  Be mindful of the language that you use.  The Great Order has appeared.  Recap: taking small steps in the right direction, take care of wildlife in your community.  Don’t just leave trash on the ground.  Feed corn husks to squirrels.  Another recommendation, get a bird book and mark off all the birds you see in your yard or flying over your house.  Feeders and birth bath.  Reconnect with nature and take care of the animals within your community.  Please share it with all of your circles of influence.  Thank you for taking the time to help mod the stream.  Thank you all. 


2-8-19 How to Defeat the Charge of Racist Q&A | Going Free | No White Guilt

Hello to the chat   0:40 – 1:30

Summarizing the Q&A   1:33 – 2:50 

Discussing Anti-Whitism   2:50 – 2:54

Giving credits   2:54 – 3:10

How to conduct the streams w/ various ideas (Philosophicat)   3:10 – 4:18

Darryl’s email: Molding the new term anti-White   4:20 – 5:02

Audio/video check, Social media posting, Reach more people   5:50 – 7:31

Topic reminder anti-White and anti-Whiteism (specifically addressing charge of racism)   7:32 – 7:44

Weaponized Concepts, Use of new vocabulary   7:45 – 11:51

Using terms in professional world (social exclusion, outcast)   11:52 – 18:40

Using specific verbiage, Root of the problem, “ism” as a concept, System of morality   18:41 – 28:29

Using term anti-White, testimonies, Winning the debate, Introducing verbiage   28:30 – 41:21

Anti-Whiteness vs anti-Whitism, Avoid oppressive language   41:10 – 49:00

Empowerment, Delivery of the term with family/children, Commercials   49:27 – 56:32

Self-care, Successful verbiage   56:33 – 59:38

Censorship, ‘glitch banning’ & Video technology   59:40 – 1:05:13

Super chat, Talking to family members who are anti-White   1:05:15 – 1:07:51

Gentile, Reasons for using anti-White   1:07:57 – 1:13:10

(Super chat) White privilege, Faces of the anti-White, “ism” cult   1:13:52 – 1:21:41

Race mixing, Recruitment   1:21:42 – 1:27:49

Racist, Race war, Christianity, Charity of illegals over Whites, Prometheum   1:28:00 – 1:38:44

Agent Smith, Crows, Matrix, & Starbucks Story   1:39:07 – 1:40:54

Spreading awareness around strangers, International application   1:41:00 – 1:45:50

Autographed books, Thanking PhilosophiCat, Moderators, Self-help books   1:46:00 – 1:50:39

Danish currency, Children using anti-White at school   1:50:42 – 1:58:03

The Four Objections, Content producers, Audiobook, Subscribers   1:58:04 – 2:06:37

Responses/considerations, Converted/receptive, Context, Audience   2:06:39 – 2:10:37

Rebuttals (Denial, embracing, sarcasm, & educate), Craft the conversation, RC   2:11:02 – 2:21:11

Organizing online, Acceptance, Western kind   2:21:12 – 2:24:21

Embracing   2:24:22 – 2:27:29

Personal call from boss   2:27:30 – 2:29:54

Thank you for being anti-White & other responses/reactions   2:29:55 – 2:37:37

Sarcasm, Mocking the word anti-Whites w/ audience   2:37:38 – 2:42:57

Reject and Educate, Point the hypocrisy, Admitting anti-White in outcome   2:42:59 – 2:45:24

Battle of Will, Homework, Types of responses when using anti-White publicly   2:45:26 – 2:51:27

Chat, Ensuring techniques stay strong across languages (adopt and apply)   2:51:28 – 2:56:11

Problematic non-White groups, Put ourselves at the center of White Well Being, Anecdote 2:56:12 – 2:58:22

Wrap up (where to use the term), Goodbye   2:58:23 – 2:59:05


2-4-19 Drop “anti-whiteness” and Reject Civil War | Going Free | No White Guilt

0:05 / 2:23:06 Welcome to another episode of “Going Free,” and opening comments.

1:42 / 2:23:06 Concept and Predictions regarding White Well-being

2:41 / 2:23:06 Where does the idea of a ‘civil war’ come from?

3:38 / 2:23:06 John Mark on TWOTAR

4:38 / 2:23:06 Being in the Movement and the Establishment and John Mark continued.

6:42 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Thank you.

7:51 / 2:23:06 Coming together as a New Ideological led group to face increasing hostility.

10:04 / 2:23:06 The Doctrine of anti-whitism.

12:20 / 2:23:06 Repudiate all Violence and Illegality 

13:35 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Health and Diet | Super-chat: Safety

15:12 / 2:23:06 Civil War, Kurt Doolittle, Propertarianism, Southwestern USA

16:55 / 2:23:06 Prediction: The Civil War/Sabotage will destroy the cause for White Well-being.

21:37 / 2:23:06 Answering Questions from Chat

22:08 / 2:23:06 Defining War and Power | Middle East and Vietnam Case Study

24:39 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Civil War

25:00 / 2:23:06 Oppositional Entity and Allegiance.

26:09 / 2:23:06 Civil War between Antifa and Right Wing Groups.

26:54 / 2:23:06 Proud Boys, Antifa and Government Bias

28:07 / 2:23:06 Moving the Civil War Goalpost | Wishful Thinking.

28:49 / 2:23:06 Preparing or Advocating Civil War

29:26 / 2:23:06 No Chance of Civil War or Sabotage. Why is this idea given credence?

30:06 / 2:23:06 What does us Winning look like to you. 

30:22 / 2:23:06 Why has the idea of Civil War been embraced so quickly?

31:11 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: No Solutions Offered.

31:42 / 2:23:06 How do we change the context? How do we win hearts and minds?

32:32 / 2:23:06 Accelerationism with no organizing Entity to turn to.

33:37 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Clarity and Purpose.

34:05 / 2:23:06 Why the idea of Civil War has caught on so quickly? Cowardice or Courage? 

42:03 / 2:23:06 Escapism and the belief in Civil War.

42:43 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Hollywood Physics.

43:17 / 2:23:06 Resisting is Futile, Building is the only Option.

44:08 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Advice to College studends and Youth. Diabetics of White Well-being.  

48:30 / 2:23:06 What Victory looks Like This.  

50:26 / 2:23:06 Fait Accompli.  

53:46 / 2:23:06 How it’s Going to Happen.

55:30 / 2:23:06 The Pernicious idea of Civil War. The belief that sabotage will result in a positive outcome.

56:45 / 2:23:06 The Great Danger.

58:08 / 2:23:06 White Nepotism.

58:28 / 2:23:06 Misplaced Action and the idea of Propertarianism.

1:00:30 / 2:23:06 Subjective Models, Utopianism and Promethianism. Start with Yourself.

1:04:02 / 2:23:06 Robbing yourself of the Right Questions. Legitimacy of Oppression.

1:06:31 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Build Community.

1:07:19 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Social bonds are your bug out plan.

1:07:40 / 2:23:06 Eminence of civil war and False Flags and Persecution without Prejudice.

1:09:45 / 2:23:06 Superchat: Hallmarks of Good Character.

1:11:52 / 2:23:06 Violence will not Produce a Positive Yield. 

1:16:22 / 2:23:06 No Good will come from Violence and Will Harm our Cause. 

1:17:59 / 2:23:06 Last Warning to those who Promote Illegality and Violence.

1:21:44 / 2:23:06 Movement of Redemption.

1:22:37 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Discussing Conflicting Plans to reach Objectives and Law-fare. 

1:28:12 / 2:23:06 Dialectics of Freedom.

1:29:06 / 2:23:06 False Flags, Law and Order.

1:31:14 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Subversives.

1:31:50 / 2:23:06 TWOTAR being shut down.

1:33:11 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Favourite Stream!

1:33:27 / 2:23:06 Phone Call Break. 

1:36:58 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Postive Solutions.

1:37:56 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Pints of Wisdom.

1:38:10 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: No message.

1:38:20 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Collection of Tools to defeat Meme Pathogens.

1:40:47 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Perpetuating the Fantasy of an Easy Fix.

1:45:47 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Ideological and Physical Proximity.

1:48:04 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Community Members. Coffee.

1:49:13 / 2:23:06 Ideology Practiced by Anti-Whites. Anti-Whiteness. 

1:50:31 / 2:23:06 Marketing Objective.

1:51:41 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Welcome to the Community.

1:52:04 / 2:23:06 Objective and Anti-Whiteness.

1:52:23 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Inspiring Message.

1:52:53 / 2:23:06 While will Anti-Whiteness Undermine our Objectives? What is Whiteness? Beauty is the Cure. 

1:59:14 / 2:23:06 Regime has defined Whiteness as Oppression and Exploitation. Anti-Whitism. 

2:02:30 / 2:23:06 Recap: Anti-Whitism not Anti-Whiteness 

2:03:37 / 2:23:06 The Spectrum and Trap of Alt-Right and Alt-Left 

2:08:53 / 2:23:06 Resolute Men and Women Defending Truth 

2:09:50 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Unlearning and Breaking through Propoganda 

2:11:11 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Enabling Jason to spend more time on White-Wellbeing.

2:11:42 / 2:23:06 Identifying as European Americans or Western Kind? 

2:13:23 / 2:23:06 Anti-Violence 

2:13:47 / 2:23:06 Sacrifice for our People

2:14:27 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Thank you.

2:14:35 / 2:23:06 We are Promethean’s. White-Nationalism demonized.  

2:16:37 / 2:23:06 Mention of Violence in Chat.

2:17:15 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: No Message.

2:17:10 / 2:23:06 Decades of Planning.

2:17:44 / 2:23:06 Endings with “Phobia.”

2:19:22 / 2:23:06 America belongs to Native Americans? 

2:21:40 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Thank you for your investment in White Wellbeing.

2:21:55 / 2:23:06 Closing Comments.Request for topics to be covered to be placed in comment section.

2:22:54 / 2:23:06 Super-chat. Thank you for a Fantastic Show!

2:23:04 / 2:23:06 See you on the next episode of Going Free.

– END –

Suggested Clips:

30:06 / 2:23:06 What does us Winning look like to you.

34:05 / 2:23:06 Why the idea of Civil War has caught on so quickly? Cowardice or Courage? 

44:08 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Advice to College students and Youth. Diabetics of White Well-being. 

48:30 / 2:23:06 What Victory looks Like This.

50:26 / 2:23:06 Fait Accompli. 

55:30 / 2:23:06 The Pernicious idea of Civil War. The belief that sabotage will result in a positive outcome.

1:11:52 / 2:23:06 Violence will not Produce a Positive Yield.

1:16:22 / 2:23:06 No Good will come from Violence and Will Harm our Cause. 

1:22:37 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Discussing Conflicting Plans to reach Objectives and Law-fare. 

Beauty is the Cure.

1:59:14 / 2:23:06 Regime has defined Whiteness as Oppression and Exploitation. Anti-Whitism.

2:02:30 / 2:23:06 Recap: Anti-Whitism not Anti-Whiteness 

2:03:37 / 2:23:06 The Spectrum and Trap of Alt-Right and Alt-Left 

2:08:53 / 2:23:06 Resolute Men and Women Defending Truth 

2:09:50 / 2:23:06 Super-chat: Unlearning and Breaking through Propoganda 

2:11:42 / 2:23:06 Identifying as European Americans or Western Kind? 

2:14:35 / 2:23:06 We are Promethean’s. White-Nationalism demonized. 

2:19:22 / 2:23:06 America belongs to Native Americans? 

– END –


1-30-19 How to Defeat the Charge of Racist – General Discussion | Going Free | No White Guilt (1:54:51)

Introduction: Charge of Racist & Racism  

2:00 – 10:30

Anti-White slurs, tribunals, psychological fear 

10:32 – 11:30

Questions for the chat:

Why have we been able to defeat “racism” as a slur? 

How do you handle the charge of racism?

11:31 – 15:48


Denial (weak, pathetic, spineless)

16:00 – 22:52

Embrace charge of racism, formula, “Go Free”

What happens when you embrace the charge of racism? 

Thankful for the logo, Is it immoral to fight for White wellbeing?

Do not debate vicious anti-Whites unless there is an audience.  Speak as though you are persuading online and offline.

Looking for new authority structures.

22:53 – 25:57

Different scenarios/approaches, sell White wellbeing to brothers and sisters

22:58 – 29:30

Superchat with DB Cooper

Are Western demographics beyond repair?

Prometheus Rising (series of lessons, how to identify and handle them).

Demographics can get a lot worse.  Depressing, demoralizing, winning people over to our side.

There is nothing that we cannot overcome!  Overcoming obstacles.

29:56 – 32:05

Before NoWhiteGuilt, mods Jared Taylor

Junior High School and International Club (no Germans or E. Europeans)

Celebrating our people and our culture.

32:05 – 35:20

Method of Education

Educate the person and tell them what racist actually means and how it’s used.

Skeptic community reemerging, Viewing our White brothers and sisters as prospects.

35:23 – 37:53

Paradigm shift for the White cause – becoming a new people. 

What is our goal?  It’s not to go backwards in time. To become a new people!

Empowerment and emboldening YOU.

37:54 – 41:05

You lose when you go into deep scientific explanation.

Our objective is to persuade our brothers/sisters. Ask the right questions.

Educate and then reject. 

41:05 – 49:33

Jordan Peterson serving as a gatekeeper. Molyneaux. 

White collar/Blue collar folks. 

Who has tried sarcasm?

What does denial do?  What do all of these 4 approaches have in common?

People in your family will try to White guilt you, social clubs will do the same, family members will try to White guilt you.  Fallacy of what everybody else thinks.

49:35 – 53:00

Superchat, sharing stream, liking, thank you to HB2014

Expanding the community, friend and follow each other.  Share the info.

Denial, Embrace, Educate & Reject, Sarcasm: What do they have in common?

53:02 – 57:05

How to handle White privilege.

Demand that they prove it.  When did we receive something for nothing?  It is a superstition.

StreamLab by Poseidon, He and Spartan Warrior Queen doing fantastic work.

No way to prove White privilege and institutional racism.  Ask for the mechanism.

Denying racism means consenting to their terms.

57:06 – 1:08:15

Denial (by consenting, you accept meaning and power.  Already lost).  Argue another day.

Conservatism/CivNatism – wash that garbage off.  StreamLabs.  Use our lexicon.  When you embrace, they hear that you hate illogically.  Creating own methods and tactics combating Anti-Whites.

1:08:21 – 1:30:54

Comments on power and where it comes from.  The power resides in body of our people.

Concept of racism is left intact with all 4 approaches. 

Is a civil war a possibility?  No, there will not be a civil war.  Why?  If one is imminent then we have to be thinking as individuals.  Does nothing beneficial for our people. 

Boxing techniques when jumped.  Asking the right questions.  Courage enables the individual to make the decision to join an entity.  What does this country do to people who physically resist?  Murder everyone and write a history that glorify the acts!! 

Superchats.  Military coup.  Internment camps/jail for dissenters.  Economic collapse.  Wishing is not a proper winning strategy.  Powerlines, sabotage to infrastructure… doesn’t build the White community. 

1:30:57 – 1:53:22

Born Guilty.  We need a homeland.  Moving into proximity with each other. 

Solutions: Defeat it with another concept.  Inventing a brand new word, carry some measure of power.  Alien and recognizable, carry measure of its own power, magnifiable, countervailing, invalidate.  The concept is anti-White and anti-Whiteism.  Try it and watch as the anti-White retreats.  Take on the name that you invent for yourself.  A word that even though it was not in the dictionary it could be understood by our people.  Walk away with your head held high.  Use it passively, aggressively.  Tell me about the success you’ve had or the struggles you faced relative to these conversations. 


Closing and thanks to the moderators.